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“It shook my entire house!” Explosions in the sky as more minor quakes hit Idaho!

01 DEC 2017 (01:55 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Azar 1396/12 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/14 Ren-Zi 4715

On 30 NOV 2017, just before 13 hours after midnight (that’s just before 1pm for those of you who insist on using a 12 hours clock to track the 24 hours in a day) the area around Soda Springs, Idaho, was hit by yet another 3 magnitude earthquake.

Ever since September southeast Idaho has been hit with low magnitude quake ‘swarms’, possibly due to petroleum exploration.

But in the south central part of the state, in the Twin Falls area, people have been reporting unexplained sounds of explosions, or “booms”.  Many say it sounds like the booms are coming from the sky, but one woman saw a smoke cloud rising from across the Snake River: “It shook my entire house! It freaked me out. …..It looked like it came off the ground and was slowly dissipating and rising. It was yellowish or maybe even greenish.”– Sara Bloss, as quoted by Twin Falls Times-News

The National Weather Service said there were no big cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes. Idaho Department of Transportation swore they had no road construction projects in the area.  The U.S. Air Force at Mountain Home refused to comment about a ‘secret bombing range’.  Interestingly, according to local news media these Skyquakes happen at the same time every year.

Apparently nobody in the Twin Falls area speculated that it could be petroleum exploration.  Perhaps it’s because a professor from Boise State University claimed there were no seismic registrations.  In mid-November a lawsuit in Oklahoma revealed that a former university professor was being bullied not to make a connection between increased quakes and petroleum exploration/fracking: “Researchers have linked the spike in the number of earthquakes in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and other states to the underground disposal of wastewater from oil and gas production. Holland said he was reprimanded for helping publish a peer-reviewed journal article on how to cope with such earthquakes.”-Associated Press

For November, Oklahoma continued to be plagued by fracking quakes: Yukon earthquakes linked to fracking well

Numerous small earthquakes recorded in northern Oklahoma

“researchers are certain the quakes are a result of fracking practices of the oil and gas industry”

Two earthquakes rattle Oklahoma town

Earthquake swarm leaves Oklahoma residents unsettled

To get an idea just how many quakes The Gem State of Idaho experiences on a daily basis, visit Earthquaketrack.com.  According to the website, Idaho has experienced 919 earthquakes in the past 12 months!

WestVirginiaPublicBroadcasting: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water

Fracking quake swarm hits east Idaho?

Update, 11 SEP 2017:  U.S. Geological Survey reports as of 10 SEP 2017 more than 260 earthquakes rocked Caribou County, Idaho!  The USGS believes the quakes will continue but gave no reason why. A professor at Idaho State University claims the swarm quakes are “a whole series of aftershocks”.    USGS quake data is higher than reported by University of Utah, which operates its own seismograph stations independent of the USGS.

03 SEP 2017 (22:38 UTC-07 Tango 06) 13 Sharivar 1396/12 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/14 Ji Yu 4715

A swarm of earthquakes that hit an area east of the rural east-Idaho city of Soda Springs (at least 58 in less than 24 hours) fits the M-O of what the U.S. Geological Survey calls Induced Earthquakes caused by the oil industry’s hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

The individual quakes ranged in magnitude of 2.5 to 5.3, beginning in the late afternoon on 02 SEP 2017 and continuing until late afternoon the next day.   The same area was hit by quakes in October 2016.

In 2016 the Idaho Department of Lands swore that no fracking was taking place in The Gem State, or at least no applications for fracking had been submitted.   Even local news media blow off the skyrocketing quake swarms as signs the supervolcano Yellowstone is coming back to life.  However, I’ve been tracking these swarms for a few years and noticed they coincide with the resumption of petroleum exploration, including fracking.


2016:  Wild Idaho Tide Rising, Forced Oil Pooling near homes, schools and hospitals is Death




2014: UNEXPLAINED & INCREASING IDAHO EARTHQUAKES CAUSED BY FRACKING?  “In 2012, your asshole ‘elected’ state officials not only legalized fracking but banned your local governments from banning fracking! The new law was co-written by a lobby group called the Idaho Petroleum Council.” 


Idaho Statesman: Idaho has become an oil-producing state

DATA.GOV: Idaho Oil and Gas Exploration Wells

PBSNewshour: Earthquakes triggered by fracking, not just wastewater disposal

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Fracking causes earthquakes

NewScientist: How fracking caused earthquakes in the UK

2011: Temporary Idaho rules for hydraulic fracturing gas wells

“industry plunged…we weren’t needed anymore” : U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, January 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss announcements and shutdowns for January 2017.

Greek owned shipping giant Toisa, and 23 affiliates, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection blaming low volume of petroleum shipments.

Alabama: Beaulieu America shutting down its 30 years old carpet fibers factory, 375 jobs lost by the end of March!

California: In Petaluma, Enphase Energy eliminating 60 jobs by the end of March.  National Distribution Centers issued a shutdown WARN for their Chino operations, 102 jobs gone by the end of February!  Armor All/STP shutting down their Pleasanton ops by the end of March.  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs, at least a dozen jobs gone by the end of March.  In San Diego, tax-sucking General Dynamics owned National Steel & Shipbuilding suddenly laid off 844 people, blaming the U.S. Navy!  In Santa Ana, GKN Aerospace ChemTronics laying off 15 employees by the end of February, despite getting a state taxpayer funded $10-million USD tax-break for being energy efficient!

Florida: Mundy Maintenance eliminating 123 jobs at its Ascend Facility at Pensacola, by the end of March!  At Orlando International Airport, Aircraft Service International eliminating 125 jobs by the end of March!  General Electric (GE) Aviation laid off 33 people in Clearwater.  In Miramar, Swiss Watch suddenly eliminated 129 jobs!

Georgia: HVAC company Carrier shutting down their Smyrna factory, 64 jobs lost to consolidation and outsourcing!

Illinois:  Japan (Nippon) based rail-car maker Nippon Sharyo eliminating 1-hundred jobs in Rochelle!  Local news media implied it was due to repeated failures of Nippon Sharyo rail-cars to meet OSHA standards, which is interesting because Nipponese trains are considered the best in the world. Honeywell eliminating 69 jobs in Metropolis due to “…significant challenges of the nuclear industry globally and the oversupply of uranium…”

Iowa: Cedar Rapids based industrial products maker Apache restructuring and warning of layoffs due to “an unfortunate situation”.

Kansas: British empire Canada owned Bombardier eliminated 45 Learjet jobs in Wichita as part of their 2016 announced plan to kill 7-thousand jobs in North America!  In Salina, Philips Lighting laid off 32 factory employees, in an effort to increase efficiency.

Kentucky:  What automotive industry recovery? Despite being called the “Most American made car” by Nipponese (Japanese) news media, and despite threats by Donald Trump, Toyota announced it will go forward will plans to eliminate 648 jobs at its U.S. HQ in Erlanger!  Supposedly the positions are being moved to Texas as were planned for back in 2014.

Michigan: General Electric (GE) Aviation laid off 74 people in Grand Rapids.  Delta Industrial Valves shutting down their factory in Niles, 56 jobs lost by June.  What automotive industry recovery? Luxembourg based farm vehicle maker SAF-Holland shutting down two Michigan factories, hundreds of jobs lost over the year as work is consolidated to other factories!  The world’s largest supplier of automotive interiors, China owned Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, laying off 321 Michiganders in April!   To show you how ignorant your local politicians are congressman Dave Trott stated “Today’s announcement by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors further underscores the continued resurgence of our domestic automotive industry.”  Detroit based General Motors (GM) eliminating 625 Canadian jobs! Canadian labor unions blame NAFTA saying those jobs are being moved to Mexico: “The CAMI announcement is a shining example of everything wrong with NAFTA, it must be re-negotiated!”-Jerry Dias, Unifor National

Missouri: Manac Trailers USA shutdown its factory in Kennett without warning, 92 jobs lost “immediately”!  Local news media reported that many employees are single parents.  To add insult to injury Manac Trailers admin told a local city mayor that the shutdown was due to “lack of workforce in the area”!  Can you say “Bullshit”?

New Jersey: Comcast Cable issued a shutdown WARN for its West Deptford logistics center, 88 jobs gone by June.

New Mexico: Eclipse Aerospace suddenly laid off employees at its aircraft factory, but refused to say how many, blaming: “…current and anticipated orders over the coming months and to prepare for the future Project Canada development and launch.”

New York: In Long Island, LogistiCare eliminating 158 non-emergency response jobs by April, due to loss of state taxpayer funded contract!  Mass produced jewelry factory Samuel Aaron issued a shutdown WARN for its Mount Vernon ops, 42 jobs lost by April due to the sale of the company.  Duane Reade issued a Shutdown WARN for its Maspeth Distribution Center, 214 jobs lost by the end of May due to lack of business!  PCX Aerostructures issued a shutdown WARN for its Ronkonkoma ops, 45 Empire State jobs lost due to the company moving to Texas.  M&G DuraVent eliminating 54 jobs in April (that’s more than half its employees) due to crashing sales.

Ohio: What automotive industry recovery? In Lordstown, the dreaded mass layoffs by Detroit based General Motors (GM) began,  more than 1-thousand-2-hundred people jobless as the third shift at the Chevy Cruz factory is eliminated supposedly due to low sales! However, local news media pointed out that GM began shipping Chevy Cruzes in from Mexico last year, claiming they couldn’t keep up with U.S. demand!   After 54 years Iddings Trucking now chapter bankrupt busted due to the oil industry fiasco:We went from five or 10 drivers to clear over 1-hundred. Then beginning in 2014, the fracking industry plunged and we weren’t needed anymore. We had one of our larger customers call and cancel business with us because we weren’t needed. I’d say we laid off 1-hundred truck drivers…..”-Nick Loeber, co-owner

Oregon:  In Portland, Commercial Aircraft Painting Services issued a shutdown WARN, 186 jobs lost by the end of February due to the contract with Boeing being canceled!  Air Products & Chemicals laid off 21 people in Hanover.  According to local news media, this is the second layoff since September 2016.  The factory is down to 83 employees, but at one time had 2-hundred!

Pennsylvania: In Williamsport, Andarko Petroleum eliminating 52 jobs by mid-April.  Schott Glass warning of layoffs due to increased competition.

South Carolina:   Boeing is begging 6-hundred employees to ‘voluntarily’ quit (buyouts)!  APEX Tool laying off 170 people in Sumter County, by the end of March!  Local news media reminded their audience that APEX Tool killed jobs in Texas and Arkansas when it consolidated operations to South Carolina in 2014.  Company admin decided to end production of its Armstrong and Allen brand of tools, supposedly due to lack of demand: “This is not manufacturing that is moving anywhere else, it is not going to another facility. We are not going to be selling these products.”

Texas: National Instruments warning of layoffs due to a 2% drop in sales last year.  Fort Worth based golf club maker Ben Hogan now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, despite a supposed rebound two years ago. Local news media reporting that the factory is now staffed with a skeleton crew of only ten employees! The golf company owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-rent and licensing fees!  Forbes Energy Services now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, due to the oil industry fiasco.  The value of Forbes Energy Services stocks crashed by 58%!  Swift Energy revealed it will eliminate 56 petroleum industry jobs when it emerges from bankruptcy.  San Antonio furniture maker KLN Manufacturing shutting down, 40 jobs lost by the end of February. The company focused on taxpayer funded sales to government agencies, as well as universities and hospitals.

Washington:  In Keyport, U.S. tax-sucking British empire based BAE Systems eliminating 59 jobs by the end of March.   Boeing is begging an undisclosed number of engineers to ‘voluntarily’ quit (buyouts)!

Wisconsin:  River City Distribution shutting down their Watertown operations, 107 jobs lost in March: “The closure has been promp­t­ed by the company’s decision to sell substantially all of its assets…”-official company statement

For the second, and most likely final time, EBR (Erik Buell Racing) Motorcycles ceased operations.  In 2015 the motorcycle maker employed 170 people in East Troy.  The company was sold-off in 2016 to Liquid Asset Partners, who in turn put the motorcycle maker up for sale, again.  This time nobody wanted to buy it, or sell its bikes: “This difficult decision was based primarily on EBR facing significant headwinds with signing new dealers……The combination of slow sales and industry announcements of other major OEM brands closing or cutting production only magnified the challenges faced by EBR.”

Mining/Industrial/Logistics December 2016: “WE DO NOT ANTICIPATE ANY MEANINGFUL RECOVERY”

U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, January 2017: ” I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, IT’S KILLING ME” MASSIVE MACY’S MELTDOWN AS 10,000+ JOBS KILLED?

Hawaiian cows bombed by Fukushima radiation! Highest skin cancer rate & government lies connected to Idaho?

11 June 2016 / 23:30 UTC-07 Tango 01 (23 Khordad 1395/06 Ramadan 1437/08 Jia-Wu 4714)

Belgium: Yet more problems with troubled Tihanga 2 nuke plant (which was supposed to be shutdown in 2015): “An electrical motor that turns a steam turbine in a non-nuclear part of the site broke down.”-Serge Dauby

Canada: Reports say the Canadian government has reversed course on shutting down the Whiteshell/Pinawa nuclear site in Manatoba. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has frozen the decommissioning and has apparently decided to leave underground reactors in place and simply pour concrete over everything: “Essentially, it has become too difficult and expensive to dismantle and dig up the radioactive waste at the Pinawa site, and the result is the province will wind up with a de facto nuclear waste facility.”

Finland: In 2020 the northern country will begin burying nuke waste for the first time.  They plan to bury 5-thousand tons of nuke waste for at least 100-thousand years.  The initial cost to taxpayers to build The Hollow is $4-billion USD!  Imagine the cost to maintain it, they must expect their economy to boom in order to provide the tax revenues to support The Hollow.

India: The U.S. Obama regime is supporting India’s plan to join the international Nuclear Suppliers Group: “In practical terms, there is nothing extra that the NSG will give India other than a seat at the nuclear high table.”-Rakesh Sood

Italy: The prime minister of the the U.S. led NATO member revealed plans for Italy to abandon its anti-nuclear weapons policy, and will allow the U.S. Obama regime to maintaining a nuclear arsenal in the Latin country (despite Obama’s promise seven years ago that the U.S. would stop exporting nukes), all in the ironic name of nuclear security: “Thank you President Obama. Italy is fully determined to follow through with its commitment for nuclear security.”-Matteo Renzi, Italian prime minister commenting on the basing of new U.S. B-61-12 nuclear bombs in Italy

Japan:  Five years later several people are breaking the news media silence on cancers caused by the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi disaster. A 21 years old woman with thyroid cancer is begging the rest of her neighbors to get screened for cancer. She’s one of 173 young people to reveal they have cancer that according to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation says can only be caused by a nuclear disaster.  News reports say the 21 years old woman is hiding her identity because victims of Fukushima Daiichi who go public are actually attacked by supporters of the nuke industry!  In the nuclear disaster areas skyrocketing cases of children with thyroid cancer are making local news, however, the neo-imperialist ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ government of Japan blames the increased child cancer rates on increased cancer screenings, not radiation! Even the Fukushima Medical Association flat denies the increased cases of thyroid cancer in children could be caused by radiation contamination!   News media revealed that the government is actually dragging its feet on cancer screenings, at least 38% of the victims of Fukushima Daiichi have yet to be tested for radiation contamination!

Micronesia: 70 years after the U.S. nuked the shit out of Bikini Atoll its still too radioactive for people to return: “People dream of going back to Bikini Island, but there’s an ugly history of people returning too early and getting sick. I couldn’t get clear answers, even in scientific literature, on whether these islands were, in fact, radioactive or not.”Emlyn Hughes, Columbia University

Sweden: Government administrators have voted to build ten new nuclear power plants. At least four will be built to replace four of Sweden’s nine older nuke factories: “This is a traditional Swedish compromise.”-Ibrahim Baylan, Ministry of Energy

United States: A shipment of plutonium and weapons grade uranium from Japan was delivered to Savannah River Site in South Carolina and weapons lab Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee.  So far nobody has explained why Japan had been storing massive quantities of weapons grade material in violation of its own laws and international laws.  It was revealed that Japan was convinced to hand it over due to its lax security of nuclear facilities: “The removal of the material from Japan represents a significant accomplishment in our broader global nuclear security efforts to secure highly enriched uranium and plutonium worldwide.”-Lieutenant General Frank G. Klotz, U.S. Department of Energy

In California “There is 89 times the amount of radiation at San Onofre as was released at Chernobyl, [Southern California Edison] spends millions of dollars each year distorting the truth. It’s a smoke-and-mirrors show they put on for the public while they cut costs to increase their profits.”-Rita Conn of Secure Nuclear Waste commenting on spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

Reports out of The Aloha State reveal that only one week after Fukushima Daiichi blew up radiation was detected in the air over Hawaii.  That same year the University of Hawaii at Manoa began collecting water samples to establish a baseline cesium level.  Researchers say since then elevated cesium levels have been detected around Midway Island and the west coast of North America.  But what’s more worrisome is that cesium is showing up in the milk of dairy cows on Hawaii: “The Department of Health monitored precipitation and the atmosphere and also milk. They found positive hits in all of these.”Henrietta Dulai, University of Hawaii researcher who admitted her own cesium testing conflicts with the state Department of Health’s test results

The Idaho state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden claims he will defend the 1995 nuclear waste agreement between The Gem State and Washington DC, despite the fact that ‘elected’ state and federal lawmakers are pushing to bring more nuke waste into Idaho. The Idaho Statesman revealed that the federal government repeatedly violates the 1995 agreement. This comes as it’s been revealed that since November 2015 clean up crews from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) have been investigating why a Snake River Plain Aquifer monitoring well, near Highway 20, is contaminated with tetrachloroethylene. Efforts are now underway to clean up the contamination. And of course that news arrived as news that between 2001 and 2005 Idaho had the most people die from skin cancer than any other U.S. state!
Idaho’s neighbor The Evergreen State had the highest rate of skin cancer in 2008! Both Idaho and Washington are home to huge nuclear laboratories.

“About 700,000 people drink water from the Kentucky River, which runs through the city of Irvine. Last year, Irvine received 4 million to 10 million pounds of concentrated, radioactive fracking residue from Advanced TENORM Services LLC, which further concentrated waste from Virginia-based Fairmont Brine Processing.”-Leslie Bruner

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission rates Massachusetts’ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station as one of the three worst in the U.S. (all three are operated by the same company, Entergy).   Pilgrim is supposed to be decommissioned starting in 2019, however local news media revealed “Entergy does not have enough money to decommission now. Entergy has about $900 million in Pilgrim’s Decommissioning Trust Fund (DTF). Entergy estimated that the total cost (if the work started in 2014) to clean-up Vermont Yankee, a smaller reactor than Pilgrim, would be about 1.243 billion dollars. Pilgrim’s DTF is about 350 million dollars short, even if work started today. By the time that the work is actually done, the shortfall likely will be in the billions.”

The fat-ass Christie regime in New Jersey is allowing the aged Artificial Island nuclear power plant to continue operations for another five years, and interestingly is not requiring the construction of cooling towers.  It’s all about the politics of global warming and taxpayer funded (socialist) job creation: “Nuclear plays a key role today and also in the future in meeting New Jersey and America’s clean air goals. These goals can’t be achieved without carbon free nuclear power. Just as important is the economic impact of the 1,800 jobs we supply and the millions of dollars we spend each year on goods and services right here in New Jersey.”-Joe Delmar, PSEG Nuclear

The Department of Energy (DoE) gave the green light to restart ‘cold operations’ at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico,  more than two years after the mixed-nuke waste explosion.  The DoE is paying the Land of Enchantment $74-million USD compensation for the WIPP disaster.

In Washington DC “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quietly issued proposals …to allow radioactive contamination in drinking water ….equivalent to 250 chest X-rays a year.” Yet another study saying cell phones cause brain cancer, this time it’s the federal government.  After spending $25-million taxpayer dollars funding the study through the National Toxicology Program it was concluded that “radiofrequency radiation (RFR) at frequencies and modulations used in the US telecommunications industry” was connected to “…RFR exposure and the neoplastic lesions…”

“we’re not taking care of our own people, that’s bullshit!” Local Sheriff blasts big government! Idaho water standards nixed for Fracking? : U.S. Job Losses & Closings 05 – 06 June 2016

Incomplete list of U.S. job loss announcements and shutdowns.

Circle of Blue reports that since 2010 there’s been an average increase of 48% in municipal water rates across the U.S., despite a 22% drop in residential water use since 1999!   In other words, to make up for citizens actually conserving water (like they’ve been told to do, for decades) cities have lost money and are jacking up rates!

Financial website WalletHub says Mississippi has the worst economy in the United States, followed by Arkansas, Maine, New Mexico, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama.  WalletHub based their results on analysis by six economists (not main stream media ‘analysts’ posing as economist).

Alabama: In Northport, after 22 years educational supply store Learning Experience shutting down, the owners want “more time for ourselves…and our grandchildren.” 

Idaho: Due to a lawsuit, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is withdrawing its approval for the way Idaho measures toxic arsenic levels in water (the EPA’s decision to let Idaho ‘christian lawmakers’ ignore arsenic limit regulations seems to coincide with  state ‘officials’ quietly allowing natural gas fracking operations).  It sounds similar to what happened in Flint, Michigan: “EPA violated the Clean Water Act when it allowed arsenic levels in Idaho waters that are up to 1,000 times greater than the agency has determined are acceptable for this toxic chemical.  EPA placed political expediency over human health protection.– Nina Bell, Northwest Environmental Advocates

Illinois: In Chicago, Georgia packaging maker WestRock issued a layoff WARN, 173 jobs gone due “to market conditions”.   Pony Tools revealed they laid off 61 people back in mid-May.  Aramark Educational Services laid off 297 people after the University of Chicago canceled the food service contract!  In Orland Park, Positive Connections lost a school bus contract, 77 jobs lost.  In Naperville, Centrad Healthcare lost a contract, 162 jobs gone between now and November!   In Bedford Park, Northstar Aerospace lost their contract, 226 jobs gone by the end of the month!  British empire United Kingdom based electronics company Laird Technologies shutting down their Schaumburg factory, eliminating 53 jobs  by July.  In Elgin, design company Southern Graphic Systems issued a shutdown WARN, 30 jobs gone by the mid-July.  In Edwardsville, wholesaler United Pet Group issued a layoff WARN, 48 in-house employees unemployed by mid-August due to their jobs being contracted-out.  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, 65 jobs gone by the end of the month.

Maine: Twin Rivers Paper Company shutting down paper machine 3 at its Madawaska mill, 49 jobs gone by July.  It’s the result of $12-million USD in upgrades to make the paper mill more efficient.  In Bangor, House of Brides shutdown without warning last week, local police flooded with complaints from customers who paid for undelivered services: “It is not clear at this time what the outcome will be, but rest assured we are looking into the reported incidents.”-Bangor police

Michigan:  The residents of Flint already pay the highest water rates in the U.S., soon their rates will double due to the incompetence of past ‘elected lawmakers’.  Rowe Professional Service says the cost of replacing the water system in Flint will be at least $214-million USD, and take 50 years to do it!  The pissed-off Sheriff of Genesee County blames an incompetent authoritarian government for escalating violent crime through lead poisoning: “The crime rate in Flint, for the last 10 to 15 years has been high, number one per capita of violent crime… This crisis…wasn’t created by a natural disaster, people created it.  They put dictators into Flint, they called them emergency managers. One of the emergency managers signed over the Flint River without all of the safeguards built in. Now they’re all pointing their fingers at each other, but the lesson has got to be that you cannot take government away from the people.   ……this is America? We’re giving money to Iraq….Afghanistan and we’re not taking care of our own people, that’s bullshit!”-Robert J. Pickell, in the documentary Fighting for Flint  

New York: Experience Works issued a shutdown WARN for their Cortland Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), due to “lack of funding”.

North Carolina: What automotive industry recovery?  Germany owned truck maker Freightliner laying off 8-hundred people in Gaston County, due to crashing sales!  In Hickory, after 70 years eccentric Berndt’s store shutting down due to increased competition.

Oklahoma: Oil field company Seventy Seven Energy chapter 11 bankrupt busted and turning itself over to its bond holders, due to $1-billion USD in debts.

Oregon: What automotive industry recovery?  In Portland, Germany owned truck maker Western Star laying off 170 workers due to crashing sales!   More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise; it was revealed that last month’s 784 layoffs by computer chip maker Intel were the largest ever mass layoff in Oregon’s history!  Local news media says several hundreds more are expected to lose their jobs by the end of the year.

Texas: In Pampa, Hastings books-video-music shutting down due to not being able to meet corporate’s profit expectations, 28 jobs gone by September.

Virginia: ObamaCare literally killed an ambulance company.  Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambulance suddenly shutdown over the weekend due to not being paid boo-koo Medicare reimbursements for services rendered.  50 jobs gone.   Under Virginia’s version of ObamaCare, Medicare must pre-approve such services!

Wisconsin:  Ameridrives Power Transmissions issued a shutdown WARN for their Green Bay factory, 37 jobs lost by November.  The maker of parts for heavy duty “off highway” vehicles is joining the rest of unAmerican corporate America in consolidating operations.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification.

I found a 2010 AFL-CIO analysis (titled The Public Availability of WARN Notices: Lack of Accessibility and Disclosure…) which proves what I’ve been suspecting in my search of state WARN notices; most states are not complying with federal WARN regulations and are not publicizing or tracking mass layoffs.

Former employees who receive severance are not counted as unemployed!

Employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance: “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Study proves Fracking destroys your drinking water, main stream news ignores it!

01 April 2016 (12:28 UTC-07 Tango 01) 13 Farvardin 1395/22 Jumada t-Tania 1437/24 Xin Mao 4714

“This is a wake-up call!”-Dominic DiGiulio, Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

Yesterday, Stanford University published the results of their study on drinking water in a Wyoming town afflicted by the oil industry’s fracking operations.

The Stanford case study points out that “only one industry is allowed to inject into underground sources of drinking water”; the petroleum industry.

The researchers had to file Freedom of Information Act demands to get the data they needed.  The data concerns the Pavillion Fields in Wyoming.  The data was originally collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, then for some reason the EPA turned the data over to the pro-mining industry government of Wyoming (the oil industry is technically part of the mining industry).

The state of Wyoming has bee releasing tids-n-bits of data, but not the damning evidence that fracking is destroying the aquifer.

The conclusion of Stanford’s case study is that the drinking water cannot be used, and that the entire Rocky Mountain area could lose its precious aquifers: “Geologic and groundwater conditions at Pavillion are not unique in the Rocky Mountain region. This suggests there may be widespread impact to underground sources of drinking water as a result of unconventional oil and gas extraction.”-Dominic DiGiulio

USGS restates: 7 million Americans at risk of man-made earthquakes

The First Official Map of Human-Induced Earthquake Hazards

Natural Resources Canada confirms: Many Man-Made Earthquakes in Western Canada Can Now Be Linked to Fracking

Blind Bat News: Fracking causes Oklahoma quakes, ironically shuts down oil wells! 

Blind Bat News: Proof Fracking uses radioactive material!

Blind Bat News: Unexplained & increasing Idaho earthquakes caused by secretly authorized Fracking?

Saber Rattling against China about territorial claims? Once again it’s about the oil, the huge oil reserves right underneath China! It’s why China is on the warpath against Uygur Muslims!

11 June 2015 (01:12 UTC-07 Tango 01)/21 Kordad 1394/23 Sha’ban 1436/25 Ren-Wu (4th month) 4713

“China is where all the growth in oil, gas and coal is going to be coming from.”-Lin Boqiang, PetroChina consultant

“China is the third country to achieve shale gas production capacity after the U.S. and Canada.”-Zhai Gangyi, Oil & Gas Resources Survey Center

For years we’ve been told China has no petroleum, but a new oil survey says otherwise.

The China Shale Gas Resources Survey says China is sitting on 25-trillion cubic meters of natural gas.  That’s 6-trillion more than what the United States is sitting on!

The Chinese government is already spending millions of USD developing the shale fields.  China’s state-owned Sinopec is already extracting the gas: We produce 20 to 40 cubic meters of shale gas every day. That meets just about 50 thousand household’s energy demand for one day.”-Ouyang Liming, Jianghan Oilfield 2nd Shale Gas Platform

Analysts point out that most of China’s shale petroleum is inside mountains, and China does not have the water resources that the United States has.  However, Chinese scientist are trying to create waterless fracking technology.

So what part of China has the most petroleum?  Why, the very region where China is stealing land from the native Uygur Muslims.

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is being turned into a massive energy hub.  Not only does it have the most natural gas, it also has the most oil and coal of all the territories controlled by China.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that 40% of China’s petroleum reserves are in the Uygur region.

By the end of this year Uygur natural gas production is expected to hit 30.5-billion cubic meters.  There’s so much natural gas in the area that U.S. based General Electric (GE) is building nine small-scale LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plants.

Not only is the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region sitting on a lot of oil, but according to PetroChina consultant Lin Boqiang “…all the imported resources from Central Asia, oil and gas, go through Xinjiang and then get distributed from there.” 

This massive new oil production and transportation system is what President Xi Xinping is talking about when he mentions “The New Silk Road”.

Operation Pacific Pathways: Obama preps for war with China

Ebola? More likely it’s about all that new found oil

Who buys Islamic State oil? Israel, Jordan, Turkey, United States

ready to invade Syria… It’s about the oil! 

Yemen? It’s about the oil! 

Africa? IMF says it’s all about the oil, baby!

Another $1.3-billion for Afghan oil!

Red Horse, Leviathan & the real reason for War with Iran!

White Horse, Black Horse & controlling the international oil market (the Beast).

More proof it’s about the Oil, not civilians, in Libya 


U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 19 – 21 April 2015: “Re-fracking” 39-thousand + oil jobs gone, as companies hoard Black Gold! ObamaCare kills six hospitals with one blow!

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

California:  God can’t stop Obama Care from killing off six Christian run hospitals in one fell swoop! Bankrupt Daughters of Charity Health System tried to sell-off six hospitals but nobody wanted to buy, so now at least 280 healthcare workers will become unemployed!  Administrators stated that the current layoffs will barely “restore our hospitals to break-even status financially” due to Obama Care insurance reimbursement cuts.  To make matters worse, and guarantee a total hospital system shutdown, government Obama Care administrators have told ten insurance companies to stop sending their customers to Daughters of Charity Health System!  Riverbed Technology issued two layoff WARNs for June, saying 160 people will become jobless!  After more than 50 years San Francisco’s iconic Capp’s Italian Dinners Family Style shutdown. The owners blame the greedy landlord and legalities with insurance for their closure.  Also in San Francisco, Apollo Education issued a WARN saying 60 people will be laid off in June.  In Bakersfield, oil field service company Halliburton laid off 14 people without warning. In Milpitas, SanDisk issued a layoff WARN for June, saying 61 people will be let go.

Florida: Albertsons issued a WARN saying they will shutdown their Clearwater grocery store in May, 86 jobs lost.

Maine: British empire Canada based AIM (American Iron & Metal) Development USA has begun layoffs in what will finally be the end for the Bucksport paper mill and power plant.  The failed mill and power plant was sold to the Canadian owned AIM in January, for $60-million USD in cash, now the latest news reports say there is only 13 employees left.  This is interesting because last year local news reports swore AIM was going to continue operating the power plant, but employees pointed out the power plant ran directly off heat generated by the paper mill’s natural gas boilers.  AIM administrators now say they’ve realized it is too expensive to operate the former paper mill’s boilers just to generate electricity, so they’re considering  shutting it all down.

Maryland: California based tax-sucker Jacobs Engineering Group announced they will eliminate 104 jobs at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, blaming lack of taxpayer funding!

Minnesota: Ohio based biomedical and natural gas company Chart Industries issued a WARN saying 65 people at their Owatonna factory will become jobless in June. That’s on top of the 50 people recently laid off in Wisconsin.  Administrators blame “A significant decline in orders” as well as “dynamic energy prices and the stronger U.S. dollar”.

Missouri: What automotive industry recovery?  The country’s largest car hauler, Jack Cooper Transport, issued a WARN saying they will layoff 95 people at their Claycomo op, in May.

New York: In Niskayuna, school bus company First Student issued a shutdown WARN for July, saying 62 people will become unemployed.  Beverage distributor Windmill Distributing reminded state employment administrators that they are shutting down in May,  638 jobs lost!  It’s the result of their merger with Manhattan Beer.  In Bethpage, Goya Foods issued a shutdown WARN for July, 57 jobs lost.  In Auburn, air conditioner maker Daikin Applied reminded state administrators that they are about to begin their 6th round of layoffs (in July).  Once the shutdown is complete more than 3-hundred jobs will be lost!  In Elmsford, after 21 years the Fairview Golf Center shutdown.  The property was sold for big bucks to FedEx.

North Carolina: Raleigh’s last registered bed-and-breakfast, The Oakwood Inn, shutdown after 31 years. The owner blames “illegal” competition from internet company Airbnb saying “If I have to [be licensed], why don’t they have to do it? And if they don’t have to do it, then I shouldn’t have to!” 

Ohio:  In Short North, after ten years the Surly Girl Saloon shutdown, the owner indicated that demand for such a bar in Short North is crashing.

Pennsylvania: Snack maker Pepsi/Frito-Lay announced they will eliminate 7% of jobs at their Williamsport factory.  It’s part of Pepsi’s ongoing plan to slash and burn operating costs (jobs).  Crappy clothing op American Eagle Outfitters announced they’re shutting down their Warrendale distribution center in July, 2-hundred jobs lost!   Administrators have been planning the shutdown for the past two years, which shows you how much confidence they have in the ‘recovery’.

Tennessee: In Chattanooga, after three years fitness center Thrive Studio shutdown.

Texas: US Steel has already laid off hundreds of people across the U.S., now The Lone Star State is about to lose 1,404 US Steel jobs!  The WARN shows that all the jobs lost are related to supporting the oil industry.  Houston based Halliburton revealed that since the beginning of the year it has eliminated 9-thousand jobs!  In an interview with investors Halliburton president Jeff Miller admitted that oil companies are ‘stashing oil’ in 4-thousand undeveloped wells, and are preparing to begin “re-fracking” operations.  Another Houston based oil company, Baker Hughes (in the process of being taken over by Halliburton) announced they will now layoff 10-thousand 5-hundred people in North America! Earlier in the year they said 7-thousand people would be laid off, but administrators say reduction in oil field services has been bigger than they estimated (and don’t forget that the takeover by Halliburton will create a lot of redundant jobs).  A report by fuelfix says the top three oil field service companies in the U.S. (Schlumberger, Halliburton & Baker Hughes) have laid off a total of 39-thousand 5-hundred people, so far!  4th largest (according to fuelfix) Weatherford International is laying off 8-thousand!

15 – 18 April 2015: “a time of unprecedented and rapid change”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Government & Corporate Incompetence: Ohio suffering mass earthquakes, officials blame Fracking. Not the first time; Arkansas blamed Fracking on increased quakes back in July

“The earthquakes will trickle on as a kind of a cascading process once you’ve caused them to occur. This one year of pumping is a pulse that has been pushed into the ground, and it’s going to be spreading out for at least a year.”-John Armbruster, Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

On New Year’s Eve, Ohio had a 4.0 quake.  It’s part of many quakes the state has suffered since March 2011.  Now state lawmakers are banning the energy industry’s practice of Fracking.

Energy companies inject chemically heavy water, under extreme pressures, deep into the ground.  It releases natural gas from shale. The gas is used mainly for the oil industry’s hydrogen cracking process, which makes fuels cleaner burning.

For a long time it’s been claimed that fracking pollutes underground water sources, but the industry has successfully fought off such claims.  Another claim is that it could cause earthquakes.

Now, seismologists with the U.S. Geological Survey have testified to Ohio officials that the state’s unusual quake activity is directly related to fracking wastewater injection.

In July, the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission banned  fracking wastewater injection, because of increased earthquake activity.

Energy companies doing the fracking are taking their wastewater and injecting it deep into underground sand deposits, to get rid of it.  Scientists say the problem is that the companies have overshot the underground sand beds, and are basically pressurizing fault lines.

Occupy America! Diesel disparity in Idaho. Gas prices way down, Diesel way up. Blame increase in U.S. exports! Blame pricing games! Warning for California. Fracking really for fuel production. Grow your own!

In eastern  Idaho, the difference between the price of one gallon of regular gasoline, versus diesel, is now a full one dollar.

Phillips 66, next to the Bannock County court house, Pocatello, Idaho

On November 19, the average price, in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area, hit $3.18 per gallon for regular gasoline, and $4.18 for diesel.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (USEIA) says gas prices are falling, in general, due to the usual seasonal drop in usage.  I’ve never seen it drop by this much, here in eastern Idaho.  Back in May, the average price was $3.65 per gallon, and it stayed that way through most of the summer.  In the past two or three months the price has dropped almost 60 cents.

The USEIA also says regional fuel refining has a lot to do with prices, but back in September I discovered that PADD 4 gasoline production was being kept below demand. The latest data on PADD 4 gas production shows that, after months of keeping it around 290 thousand barrels per day, regional refineries are now pushing out more than 324 thousand barrels per day.  This is why gas prices, in the Rocky Mountain area (PADD 4) are, or should be, dropping.

In California it’s a different story.  The latest gasoline price survey shows the average price around $3.54 per gallon, with many areas paying $3.79.  California taxes are one reason for the higher prices, but the other reason is that California refines its own fuel, and the refineries are in trouble.

According to the USEIA, despite having the third largest refinery industry in the country California’s refineries are maxed out, there’s just too many people driving too many vehicles.  The USEIA is warning of a fuel price catastrophe in California: “California refineries need to be running near full capacity to meet the State’s gasoline demand. If more than one of its refineries experiences operating problems at the same time, California’s gasoline supply may become very tight and prices can soar. Even when supplies can be obtained from some Gulf Coast and foreign refineries, they can take a relatively long time to arrive due to California’s substantial distance from those sources. The farther away the necessary relief supplies are, the higher and longer the price spike will be.”

Regarding the rising cost of diesel fuel, it looks like some of what I warned about back on November 5 is coming true.  Bottom line; around the world diesel production is down, while international demand is going up and up.

The latest reports on diesel commodity prices show a slight decrease.  The decrease is so small that the global increase in demand for diesel will still cause pump prices to go up.

And how does the global demand affect us here in the U.S.?  According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), most diesel fuel produced in the Untied States is actually being exported to other countries (a 37.6% increase, in both diesel and gasoline exports, in the past year).  That means less diesel for the domestic market.

Diesel fuel is part of the “distillates” family of fuels.  In the U.S. ultra low sulfur diesel is referred to as “Distillate Fuel Oil 15 ppm (parts per million) and under of Sulfur”.  According to USEIA records, ultra low sulfur production, in the United States, varies between 3.2 million and 3.6 million barrels per day.  Now realize that international demand has gone up, and that U.S. refineries are exporting much of their diesel.  Since overall production is remaining in the 3 million to 4 million barrels per day rang, that doesn’t leave much for us.  The result is diesel prices will continue to go up, until U.S. distillate refiners greatly increase production.

For those of us in the Rocky Mountain (PADD 4) area, the USEIA shows an up and down pattern for “Distillate Fuel Oil 15 ppm (parts per million) and under of Sulfur”.  From March through May, diesel production was stuck at about 160 thousand barrels per day.  By the end of July it increased to 195 thousand barrels per day.  Since the end of August it’s dropped, to 185 thousand.  That explains why diesel pump prices in the Rocky Mountain area are going up.

But here’s one more reason, and one that many diesel fuel users have speculated on; the high pump prices of diesel is an attempt by producers to make a bigger profit, since they’ve actually been keeping gasoline pump prices artificially low.  A Reuters article states just that: “This in turn crimps diesel output until the cost of the fuel gets high enough to offset losses from additional gasoline sales.”

The Reuters article explains, not very well, that ultra low sulfur refining requires hydrocracking, a process involving hydrogen.  It’s also used for gasoline.  The problem is that many refineries in the U.S. can not produce both diesel and gasoline.  This might explain the swings in production; one month gasoline production up, and diesel down, the next month it’s reversed.

The push for fracking natural gas, is actually for the fuel refining industry, because it turns out that using the hydrogen in natural gas is a good cheap way to conduct hydrocracking in fuel refining.

Eventually more diesel will be produced, because of the global demand.  Several companies in the Gulf Coast area have invested billions of dollars to build new refineries to extract the hydrogen from natural gas to hydrocrack new diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel users should really look into making their own biodiesel, even though you could get into trouble with the Federal and State tax collectors, as well as the EPA.  Here’s some links:  Backwoods Home Official BioDiesel Home BioDiesel Diesel Master JR Whipple (good for moonshine too, remember diesel is a distillate) There plenty more sites on the internet about making your own diesel, do the research.