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“THE DREAM HAS ENDED….The good guys don’t always win.”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, November 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss WARNings and store shutdowns made or announced in November 2017:

Department store Bon-Ton (with HQ operations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) announced it will shutdown a minimum of 40 stores by the end of 2018, affecting hundreds of jobs, supposedly due to never ending crashing sales.  But wait, somehow the corporation was able to come up with $2-million USD in ‘retention bonuses’ for its executives!  Can you say “bullshit!”?

What automotive industry recovery?  After 93 years Benny’s Home & Auto Stores Famous for Low Prices ramped up its shutdown of all 31 stores, and one distribution center, across Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, at least 715 jobs gone by the end of 2017!

Alaska: In Juneau, after 22 years Lisa Davidson’s Boutique shutdown, the owner blaming “A shift in how I wanna spend my time…”

Arizona: In Tucson, after 23 years ‘retro’ clothier Hydra announced on Facebook it was shutting down after Xmas.

 California: Right after publically committing itself to helping the hurricane ravaged residents of Puerto Rico, 85 years old San Francisco based law firm Sedgwick LLP killed itself!  Sedgwick offices across the U.S. shutting down between now and January 2018, hundreds of jobs gone due to a failed attempt to merge with a competing law firm!  After ten years, independant movie theater operator Cinefamily shutdown due to employees alleging the company bosses routinely sexually harass them.  Despite a strong online presence (website, Facebook, smartphone applications, etc), teen clothier Styles for Less is now bankrupt busted with as much as $50-million USD of debts!  Retailer Robert Talbotts laying off 37 people at its Monterey store in January 2018.  In San Diego, after 125 years (surviving numerous recessions and The Great Depression) jeweler Jessop’s shutdown due to nobody in the family wanting to continue the retail operation.  In Santa Barbara, after 30 years vintage costume (some dating to 1870) shop Victorian Vogue shutdown, the owner blaming the loss of sales on the shutdown of the nearby Brooks Photography Institute, whose students accounted for half of Victorian Vogue’s sales.  Build-a-Bear Workshop finally notified the state that it shutdown its Anaheim store, 72 jobs gone back in September. 

Colorado: In Denver, Second Spin record-CD shop forced to shutdown in January 2018 because the “landlord decided to venture into something else.”

Connecticut:  In Ridgefield, after eight years Bise Fashionable Finds shutdown because the owner is moving to North Carolina to take over a bigger store.  In New Haven, after 21 years Sassy Beauty Supply shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.

Florida: Disney suddenly laid off more than 145 people at its various resorts in the U.S., despite the fact that Disney’s resort parks are the only part of the corporation with growing revenues!  Insurance service provider Patriot National eliminating 250 jobs as part of a plan to let creditors take over the failing business!  Janitor service Mundy Maintenance and Services eliminating 54 jobs right before Xmas. Assurant Valuations eliminating 62 jobs by March 2018.

Georgia:  Department store Belk shutting down its Phipps Plaza Mall ‘flagship’ location, 144 jobs gone sometime in 2018!  In Valdosta, after seven years Red Door Records announced on Facebook it’ll shutdown after Xmas.

Idaho: In Rexburg, after 46 years Targhee Sports shutting down in January 2018, as well as Duck Creek Pawn, the co-owners of the stores blame a “bad business deal” that’s forcing them to sell the land the stores are on.

Illinois: P.R.O.U.D. (Pontiac Redeveloping Our United Downtown) shutting down its Illinois Marketplace Store, apparently they’re not that united because “… it was no longer financially feasible to continue the store.”  In Dixon, after 25 years Downtown Sports shutting down after Xmas, due to the death of one of the owners.  Also in Dixon, after 18 years Super Dollar Store shutdown saying “The numbers are just not there.”  In Alton, after 165 years (surviving numerous recessions and The Great Depression) Goulding’s Jewelers shutting down so the current 70 years old owner can retire, who said “…I’m kind of worn out finally, and the business changing. Amazon is taking over the world. And, of course, the local economy is suffering.”  What automotive industry recovery?  In Rockford, after 56 years vehicle retailer Gary Carlson Motors is for sale and will shutdown after Xmas.  Office Specialists shutdown its store in Kewanee as part of its plan to focus more on internet sales.  Department store Lord&Taylor issued a shutdown WARN for its store in Skokie, 119 jobs gone by the end of April 2018!  Bankrupt Maurice Sporting Goods issued a layoff WARN for its Northbrook location, 104 jobs gone right before Xmas!

Indiana: On Facebook the owner of Fun F/X blamed online competition for his Grape Road store’s demise.  It’s ironic because Fun F/X has its own website, where it will continue to do business. Tuesday Morning shutting down its close-out store in the Highland Grove plaza due to losing its lease.

Iowa: In Des Moines, after 122 years (surviving numerous recessions and The Great Depression) ‘everything’ shop H.B. Leiserowitz shutdown, blaming the final straw on competition from big box stores, but their sales slowdown started when cameras went digital.  In Ames, after nine years Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe shutdown and is for sale to help pay for the owner’s retirement.

Hawaii: After 37 years bankrupt busted Island Air is now dead, at least 423 jobs in Hawaii gone!  An aviation ‘expert’ blames the airline’s demise on its switch to larger aircraft which “…forced them out of their niche market…….and forced them to go head to head…” with bigger airlines.

Kansas: Topeka based shoe retailer Payless announced “additional steps” starting with an additional undisclosed number of layoffs.  Burlington (formerly Burlington Coat Factory) shutting down its store in Topeka’s West Ridge Mall this Winter.  Also in Topeka, the Ramada West Hotel suddenly shutdown blaming an extremely weak off-season tourist market which caused the property to be sold-out from under the hotel’s feet, 30 jobs suddenly gone.  Tuesday Morning shutting down its close-out store in Andover in January 2018, due to lack of sales. In Halstead, after almost 30 years Shear Image Hairstyling shutdown so the owner could retire.

Kentucky: In Louisville, home decor-clothing store Gifthorse shutting down in December because the owners are moving away.

Louisiana:  In Bossier City, after 33 years guitar seller The String Shop shutting down by January 2018, the owners saying “Been fighting for about a year and a half to keep it going and it’s time. …music industry…is dying out.”

Maryland: In Silver Springs, after 43 years Roadhouse Oldies Make Your Own CD shutdown, the owner lamented “People who were actively accumulating music, albeit records or cassettes or CDs or whatever, are no longer accumulating stuff.”  In Annapolis, department store Lord&Taylor shutting down its store at Westfield Annapolis mall, 141 jobs gone by April 2018!  Lacrosse equipment retailer LAX World suddenly shutdown all its brick-n-mortar stores, and abandoned its HQ, after getting hit with numerous lawsuits from landlords and suppliers.  Bon-Ton issued a shutdown WARN for its store in Hagerstown, 47 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  What housing market recovery?  First Guaranty Mortgage issued a WARN for its Frederick location, 82 jobs gone by the end of January 2018.

Massachusetts: In Norwell, after 70 years Garden Craft Center shutdown so the owners can retire.

Michigan: Contracted trash collector Diva Disposal suddenly went chapter 7 bankrupt dead, customers say they got no warning and trash is piling up!  In Woodhaven, after 40 years Skateland is now for sale and could shutdown in December.  In Royal Oak, after 83 years Chinn Jewelry shutting down, the property for sale, with the owner blaming “…a combination of the economy…the internet, increased expenses, decreased revenues.”  In Grandville, after more than 80 years Richard Engels Jewelers shutting down when the inventory is gone, the owner is moving to Florida.  In Grand Rapids, god powerless to stop the internet from shutting down ‘his’ christian Eardmans Bookstore. Christian book printer Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company says it’ll focus solely on internet sales.

Minnesota: Minneapolis based Target shutting down 12 additional stores across nine U.S. states by the end of 2017. Target administrators claim their new store openings cancel out any old store shutdowns.  In Rochester, Hight & Randall Ltd. Personal Jeweler announced on its website it is shutting down, to be replaced with “something new in 2018.”

Missouri: Now dead law firm Sedgwick LLP issued a shutdown WARN for its Kansas City office, 75 jobs gone by mid-January 2018.  It should be noted that Sedgwick LLP recently announced efforts to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.  Also in Kansas City, after more than 40 years the Gold’s Gym in the Westport district suddenly shutdown without any warning to customers.  However, local news media said customers expected the shutdown as customer service rapidly went down the toilet.  In Warrensburg,  after 61 years B&B Auto Supply shutdown because “We’ve seen many changes in the industry and in ourselves … and with those changes in mind, we’ve decided it is time to focus on our health and retirement.”  In Springfield, after 25 years CD Warehouse shutdown, blaming the shift to digital (despite the fact that CDs are a type of digital platform).

Montana:In Great Falls, after 30 years Forsyth Paint and Decorating shutting down, the owners saying “We’re wearing out.”

New Hampshire: After 29 years consignment shop Two Flights Down shutdown.

New Mexico: In Portales, after 62 years Woody’s Jewelry shutdown because the owner ‘burned out’.

New York: Bon Ton shutting down its department store in Massena by the end of January 2018, due to not renewing the lease.  Also in Massena, after 65 years the owners of Cornell’s Dry Cleaning saying of their multiple locations that “we’re shutting everything right down” by mid-December.  What housing market recovery?  Too Big to Jail Capital One issued a shutdown WARN for its Melville mortgage ops, 26 jobs gone by March 2018.  In NYC, after 53 years Matt Umanov Guitars shutting down in December, Matt says “Commercial rents went up. People left. The community left, and tourism came in.”  Also in NYC, Too Big to Jail Morgan Stanley laying off 29 people between March and June 2018.  NYC based and troubled clothing retailer J.Crew revised its U.S. store shutdown list upward to 50 stores, due to what is now an obvious death spiral in sales.  250 J.Crew jobs were already killed earlier in the year, the increase in store shutdowns means more than 3-hundred additional jobs will be lost!  In Latham, after 39 years Northeast Music, Inc. halting brick-n-mortar ops and going online only (because they believe the hype about online sales killing brick-n-mortars, when by 2017 online sales accounted for only 15% of retail sales in the U.S., and state level internet tax collections prove it).  In Brooklyn-NYC, Apogee Retail issued a shutdown WARN for its Unique thrift store, 58 jobs gone by the end of January 2018.  Also in Brooklyn-NYC,  Red Lantern Bicycles shutdown blaming never ending rent increases: “So we just decided we’d finish out the year and not go through another winter and call it quits now before the next increase kicked in.”-Brian Gluck

North Carolina: What housing market recovery? Landlord Platinum Properties is now chapter 7 bankrupt, and most likely dead.

North Dakota: In Fargo, after 99 years of selling shoes Shu by R&G shutdown because the owner wants to retire.

Oregon: In Portland, after 46 years The Real Mother Goose Fine American Craft shutting down its store on South West Yamhill the day before Xmas, due to the landlord conducting a radical remodel that is forcing all the tenants to leave.

Pennsylvania: Too Big to Jail California based Wells Fargo finally notified the state of its shutdown of its operations in Bethlehem, 468 jobs now gone!  After six decades Stout’s Mower Service shutdown with the owner explaining “I am 76 years old”.  Mormon Mitt Romney’s co-founded wunderkind Staples shutting down its location in Greenwich. Tellingly local news media called the Staples store “Another large store in the Pittsburg-area…” (Staples is by no means a large store)  In York, York Wallcoverings shutting down its sole factory operated 27 years old retail store, when the inventory is gone, blaming the way people now shop.

South Dakota: Celebrity Hotel & Casino now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Tennessee: Memphis based retailer Fred’s suddenly laid off 90 employees right before Thanksgiving as part of a plan to become more competitive, local news media speculated it was just the beginning of more layoffs.  In Memphis, FYE-Spin Street Music shutting down when the lease expires in January 2018, because even sales of Japanese anime and manga items have crashed!

Texas: In Victoria, after 24 years Torin Bales Fine Jewelry announced on Facebook that its shutting down.  What housing market recovery? In Plano, Too Big to Jail Capital One eliminating 950 mortgage related call center jobs as part of its plan to get the hell outta the mortgage lending and home equity business!

Vermont: In Montpelier, after several decades Onion River Sports and The Shoe Horn both forced to shutdown because they are no longer able to get debt financing to buy their inventories!

Virginia: Elder-Beerman shutting down its decades old department store in Vienna, by the end of January 2018.  In Bluefield, after about 20 years Joann Fabrics Crafts shutting down when the inventory is gone, local news media says no reason was given.

Washington: In Seattle, after 42 years Zanadu Comics shutdown for “hundreds” of reasons, the obviously pissed owner adding on his Facebook post  “THE DREAM HAS ENDED….The good guys don’t always win.”  Also in Seattle, after 1-hundred years (surviving numerous recessions and The Great Depression) Crown Hill Hardware shutting down due to a death in the family, which is forcing the sale of the property.

West Virginia: Goodwill suddenly shutdown its thrift store in Wheeling, saying the landlord did not want to renew the lease. Department store Belk shutting down its Morgantown location, 39 jobs gone in March 2018.  In South Charleston, after more than 36 years Village Floral shutting down so the 83 years old owner can retire.

Wisconsin:  In Stevens Point, Mitchell Piano Works shutting down after Xmas, a different music store will take its place.  In Wisconsin Rapids, Heid Music shutting down after Xmas, it is moving to Stevens Point.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification




Dumbing Down the U.S.A., November 2017:“CLOSING WAS THE ONLY OPTION.”


U.S. government shenanigans, November 2017: “THE PEOPLE…WILL NEVER, NEVER FIND A BETTER JOB…”

U.S. food crisis, November 2017:  “SORRY FOLKS THE END HAS COME FOR THE PIG.”

ObamaCare ACA death spiral, November 2017:“SEVERAL SYSTEM AND CONTROL FAILURES”


“an unforeseen change”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, November 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in November 2017:

Internet based WebMD laid off about 170 people after being taken over by vulture capitalist KKR-Internet Brands!

Online news media outlets Washington DC focused DCist, New York City & Chicago focused DNAinfo and eight city focused Gothamist suddenly shutdown, basically because the billionaire owner refused to recognize his New York employees’ new union!

Deutschland based electrical engineering giant Siemens announced it will eliminate 6-thousand-9-hundred jobs globally, including 1-thousand-8-hundred jobs in the United States!  Administrators blame “The power generation industry is experiencing disruption of unprecedented scope and speed. Renewables are putting other forms of power generation under increasing pressure.”

Arkansas: Communications company Windstream Holdings laid off 11 people as part of consolidation operations.

California: After only two years General Electric (GE) Digital already eliminating 148 jobs from its relatively new software development ops in San Ramon! NerdWallet suddenly laid off 53 people for failing to make the internet financier profitable.  Brocade Communications eliminating 308 jobs after Xmas, due to being taken over by BroadCom! BuzzFeed eliminating 1-hundred jobs due to missing revenue goal! AutoDesk eliminating 1-thousand-150 jobs as it radically changes its business model!  San Jose based TechShop suddenly died,  suddenly shutting down all ten U.S. locations on 15 NOV 2017! Is it because membership with TechShop was reported to cost $1-thousand USD?  Verizon’s Oath Inc eliminating 90 jobs in Sunnyvale in January 2018.  Also in Sunnyvale, Infinera Corporation suddenly laid off 73 people. Sunnyvale based Yahoo laid off 560 people in the British empire’s United Kingdom!   Los Angeles based Fullscreen suddenly laid off 25 people and will halt its streaming service in 2018.  San Rafael based TellTale Games eliminating 90 jobs in January 2018,  in an effort to be more competitive.  After four years San Francisco based ‘hearables’ maker Doppler Labs now dead due to lack of sales.  Prysm Visual Workplace (Prysm Inc) issued a shutdown WARN for its San Jose location, 148 jobs gone by the end of January 2018!  Membrane switch manufacturer Nelson-Miller issued a shutdown WARN for its Los Angeles ops, 127 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Florida based Citrix Systems eliminating 97 jobs in Santa Clara, in December.  Collection Technology eliminating 13 jobs in January 2018.  Symantec continues killing jobs, this time 46 people jobless by December. C.T. Mac eliminating 154 jobs in Orange and Riverside counties, in January 2018!

Colorado:  After 20 years internet based Door to Door Organics food delivery service shutdown without warning, vaguely blaming “recent events in our industry”The Denver Post laid off seven people. Almost brand new online news media outlet Denverite already eliminating jobs, saying “journalism is a tough industry”.

Connecticut: Disney owned, Bristol based ESPN eliminating an additional 150 jobs!  In Norwalk, GE (General Electric) Digital issued a layoff WARN, 80 jobs gone at the end of January 2018.

Georgia:  The gov’na announced that taxpayers are being forced to pay an additional $35-million (on top of the $58-million) USD for a massive cyber security/cybercrimes unit campus in Augusta.  The second largest radio station operator in the U.S., Cumulus Media, now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, due to $2.4-billion USD in debts.

Idaho: Clearwater Research issued a WARN, 101 jobs in Boise gone right after Xmas!

Illinois: Honeywell made a sudden announcement saying it must halt nuclear power/weapons production at its Metropolis factory, 170 jobs gone before Thanksgiving due to lack of sales!  NBC Sports Chicago suddenly laid off 12 people.

Louisiana: Monroe based CenturyLink suddenly laid off 165 employees, blaming “redundancies”!

Maryland: Digital news outlet owner Tronc suddenly shutdown its Baltimore City Paper.

Michigan: The Detroit News wants employees to voluntarily quit (buyouts) right before Xmas, in preparation for “a tight budget in the year ahead”.

New York: Magazine publisher Condé Nast laid off seven GQ employees, including digital editors, and is halting Teen Vogue hardcopy printing, killing at least 80 jobs.  Massachusetts based  API Technologies shutting down its Fairpoint ops, 61 jobs gone by February 2018.  B&H Foto and Electronics shutting down its Navy Yard Facility ops, 239 jobs gone by February 2018, due to the company moving to New Jersey!  Capacitor maker AVX Corporation  shutting down its Olean Advanced Products factory by February 2018.  Online based New Media News issued a shutdown WARN, 74 jobs in NYC gone by February 2018.

North Carolina:  The evil Carlyle Group owned, and now schizophrenic, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) laid off 12 InfoTech employees, and is laying off an undisclosed number of HR employees, as part of off-shoring of jobs to an unnamed European location, while at the same time claims to be hiring “hundreds” of new employees.

Ohio:  Quad-Graphics shutting down its ‘junk mail’ advertisement printing ops in Columbus, 116 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Government InfoTech contractor CGI Federal issued a WARN, 64 jobs in Cleveland gone by January 2018.

Oregon: Microsoft increased the number of jobs being eliminated at its Wilsonville operations to 125! Microsoft is eventually shutting down its Wilsonville Surface Hub ops and moving most of the work to China.  In Portland, Jive eliminating 18 jobs after Xmas.  SureID-Fortior Solutions issued a WARN, 25 jobs gone by the end of January 2018 “due to an unforeseen change in business circumstances”.

Pennsylvania:  After only ten years making LED bulbs Appalachian Lighting Systems now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Spirited Media laid off five people due to lack of revenues.

Texas: In San Antonio, government InfoTech contractor CGI Federal eliminating 169 jobs!

Washington:  Seattle based Runic Games suddenly shutdown by its owner Perfect World.  Seattle based Amazon shutting down its Amazon Fresh grocery service in at least nine U.S. states!

Washington DC: Construction industry database publisher Hanley Wood laid off at least 16 people.  Reports that Washington City Paper is for sale.

Wisconsin: Automotive database ‘integrator’ Authenticom eliminating at least 55 jobs by February 2018, due to legal battles with competitors.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017: “SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL PRESSURE”

“sorry folks the end has come for the pig.”: U.S. Food Crisis, November 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of November, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

A new study says rain spreads diseases to crops: “While the importance of rain for providing water and nutrients to plant life is well-understood, it also contributes to the dispersal of microscopic pathogen particles.”-American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics

Alabama:  Piggly Wiggly shutting down its grocery store in Cullman, about 30 jobs gone by Xmas due to the undisclosed “decision of the owners.”

Arizona: In Scottsdale, after only six months El Panzon y Frida shutdown without warning or explanation, an unnamed employee revealed the shutdown plan to local news media!  Apparently The Grand Canyon state is experiencing a locust infestation: “I’ve never seen anything like this. At first, there were a few. And then you realize day after day there’s more of them.”-Dianna Isaacson, who says her plants looks like a bunch of skeletons

California:In Sacramento, after 50 years bar Distillery was sold-off and suddenly shutdown.  Outback Steakhouse suddenly shutdown its restaurant in Goleta, blaming the landlord for jacking up the rent (this location was not on the February Outback shutdown list).  Cal Pacific Specialty Foods suddenly shutdown its operations in Moss Landing, 323 jobs gone right before Thanksgiving!  Dole issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Watsonville, 140 jobs gone by mid-January 2018!  Tyson laying off 70 people in San Diego, in January 2018.  Specialty Commodities (owned by food giant Archer Daniels Midland) issued a shutdown WARN for its Stockton location, 63 jobs gone in January 2018.  In Paramount, Latitude 45 Catering shutting down, 33 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Fruit tree grower L.E. Cooke issued a shutdown WARN for its Visalia ops, 278 jobs gone by mid-January 2018!  Restaurant operator Saddle Ranch Universal issued a mass layoff WARN, 124 people in Universal City jobless by January 2018!

Colorado:  After 20 years internet based Door to Door Organics food delivery service shutdown without warning, vaguely blaming “recent events in our industry”.

Florida:In Orlando, expensive ‘farm-to-table’ Nova Scratch Kitchen suddenly shutdown due to lack of sales.  Hurricane Irma reduced the citrus crop by as much as 70%, which is significant when you realize that The Sunshine State can supply up to 49% of the citrus for the entire United States!

Idaho: After 28 years in Chubbuck, it was revealed that restaurant Taquiera La Costa suddenly shutdown because the immigrant owner failed to become a legal resident/citizen and had to move back to Mexico.  He swears he’ll be back when his ‘paperwork’ is approved.  In Pocatello, after eight years locally run restaurant Efresh-The Gathering Place suddenly shutdown, the owner blaming the sudden escalation in corporate big-box restaurants: “There were so many restaurants that came into town really quickly and people decided to go there and just being a local little business, we felt that hit.”-Emily Fisher, interviewed by KIFI

Illinois:  In Chicago, after 11 years, and recently reporting $19-million USD in sales, popular steak joint Primehouse shutting down in December, apparently due to the landlord James Hotel.  After 52 years Chicago Brauhaus shutting down in December.  In Bellevue, bbq joint Righteous Pig shutdown, the Facebook post simply said “sorry folks the end has come for the pig.”  In Champaign, after two years Brixx Wood Fired Pizza shutting down, 30 jobs gone in December because “We don’t have the volume of customers that we needed to stay viable.”   Farmers blaming stunted corn and soybean crops on the Enbridge Southern Access Extension oil pipeline. 

Indiana:  Police owned Cops & Doughnuts suddenly shutdown their one year old South Bend location, the day before Thanksgiving, an unnamed manager blamed lack of sales. In Hebron, after more than 50 years Patz’s Market finally shutdown following years of online reviews that said it looked deserted.  Aunt Millie’s Bakeries announced it will shutdown its Fort Wayne bakery, 91 jobs gone between now and April 2018 due to “excess capacity and costs” (which is code for too much inventory and not enough sales).   Also in Fort Wayne, after only one year restaurant The Golden shutdown.  In Lafayette, after 50 years Pizza King in the Jefferson Square Shopping Center shutdown, the owner says despite being busy after school hours “… it’s a lot cheaper just to shut it down.”

Iowa:  In Sioux City, after 99 years Coney Island shutting down by the end of the year due to a failed attempt to sell the popular hot dog joint.  After 75 years The Supervisors Club (supposedly an elite club for John Deere employees) shutting down due to lack of members (probably because of all the Deere layoffs).  ICON Ag & Turf issued a layoff WARN, 83 people in Ireton jobless by January 2018.  Mike Naig, state Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, reported “Dry weather, particularly in southern Iowa, stressed crops and did negatively impact yields in some areas.”

Kansas: In Wichita, after five years Ernie Biggs Chicago Style Dueling Piano Bar shutdown.  In Topeka, after 31 years Pepe & Chela’s shutdown because of “an opportunity” the owner couldn’t pass up.  In Manhattan, after a recent name change The Hut shutdown: “… the volume just hasn’t been what it should be.”-Bud Cox, co-owner

Michigan: In Bay City, after 14 years Sweet Boutique & Chocolate Lounge shutdown, the owner credits getting an Idaho Spud Bar from the Idaho Candy Company for giving him the idea to open his shop, however, he says with the way things are “now is the time” to shutdown.  In Farmington, after 50 years Dan’s Giant Submarine Sandwiches shutdown so the surviving co-owner can retire.

Minnesota: In Saint Paul, restaurant Como Dockside announced on Facebook that it is forced to shutdown the day before Thanksgiving.  Duluth Homebrew Supply announced on Facebook its sudden shutdown, they couldn’t renew the lease which is $2,690 USD per month.

Montana: Flathead Lake Brewing shutting down its Woods Bay taproom and brewing facility after Xmas, so the owners can focus on their Bigfork location. In Valier, after 29 years restaurant The Lighthouse shutdown.  India hitting Montana pea farmers with a 50% import tax!

Nebraska: In Omaha, Willy Theisen’s Paragon Dundee shutdown saying “We just didn’t get the traction we needed.”

New Jersey: In New Brunswick, after 30 years Old Bay Restaurant shutdown.  Sales were so bad that Kimchi Smoke II suddenly shutdown its five months old Montclair location, despite the lease being in effect for at least two more years!

New York: Hannaford announced it is shutting down its grocery store in Massena, 62 jobs gone by July 2018 due to lack of profits.  In Buffalo, after 68 years wholesaler Willowbrook Farms suddenly shutdown, 22 jobs gone because the family owners don’t want to continue the business.   Green Planet Grocery shutting down its three years old Cicero store once most of the inventory is gone. Bohemia based Vitamin World is now dead, shutting down 124 stores and selling off the remaining 210, at least 1-thousand-478 jobs gone! In Schenectady, after 11 years Cella Bistro shutdown due to health problems with the family owners.  Terrafina issued a shutdown WARN for its snack factory in Bronx-NYC, 109 jobs gone by February 2018!  Restaurant Associates lost its contract with Barclays Executive Dining Room, 37 jobs gone right after Xmas.  In NYC, restaurant Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina shutting down, 98 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  Tops Markets issued a shutdown WARN for its grocery store in Wappingers Falls, 83 jobs gone by February 2018.  State agricultural commissioner Richard Ball warning of an Asian insect that could destroy crops: “If left unchecked, the spotted lanternfly can wreak havoc on some of our state’s largest and economically important crops…..  including grapes, apples, hops and forest products.”

Ohio: Fusian shutting down its restaurant near Ohio State University, as part of a plan for growing the chain.  In Hamilton, Alexander’s Market & Deli shutdown because the owner doesn’t have the time for it.  In Sandusky, after 42 years Kreimes Cardinal Grocery shutdown because of the family owners’ health problems.  France based food service contractor Sodexo issued a WARN, 30 people in Cleveland jobless right after Xmas.

Pennsylvania: In Dallas, after 17 years Olde House Cafe shutdown after the property was sold to Misericordia University.  In West Nantmeal, Wyebrook Farm shutting down its restaurant after Xmas.  In Craley, after 86 years Barry’s Country Food Market shutdown the day before Thanksgiving, the frustrated family owners told customers “times have gotten too tough.”  In Washington, after more than 50 years restaurant Peppino’s shutdown, the property is for sale.

South Dakota: Corn, soybeans and grain sorghum harvests are expected to go down by 5%.

Tennessee: Spaghetti Warehouse suddenly shutdown its restaurant in Memphis.  It’s still going on, tobacco crops failing and again state inspectors blame contractors for improper herbicide spraying One tobacco farmer says he lost more than $400-thousand USD as a result. 

Texas: Irving based Dairy Queen franchise owner Vasari chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down at least 23 of its 70 Dairy Queens in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, blaming oil industry layoffs and destruction caused by hurricanes.  Grocery giant Kroger suddenly canceled its contract with a  warehouse operator in Keller, 690 jobs gone a week after Thanksgiving! Kroger is now contracting with Penske Logistics for its warehouse operations.  In Dallas, restaurant Sambuca shutting down its McKinney Avenue location because for years the landlord refused to fix ongoing problems with the building, even after being sued.  In Longview, after four years Bootlegger Grill shutdown without warning after failed attempt to sell it: “The problem is there is an oversaturation of restaurants in the Longview market. Nobody wanted to purchase a restaurant.”-Chris Cline, owner

Texas fruit growers are worried about this year’s warmer than average winter forecast: “The trees are not able to set leaf buds or flower buds normally and that can lead to problems. It can also lead to little or no fruit sap.”– Steve Huebner, peach and plum famer

Virginia: In Altavista, after many decades Vista Food Market shutting down, 23 jobs gone in December.  Blaming the “natural business cycle” Not Your Average Joe’s shutdown its 11 years old Lansdowne restaurant. Farm Fresh shutting down its store on Arthur Way, in Newport News, right after Xmas due to lack of profits.  Firefighting themed Halligan Bar & Grill shutdown two of three locations without warning, one had been open for only 90 days, and the other had already been closed officially for remodeling but not anymore!  For some reason the co-owners suddenly decided to retire!

Washington: Seattle based Amazon shutting down its Amazon Fresh grocery service in at least nine U.S. states!

West Virginia: FoodFair shutting down its 13 years old store in Huntington, 30 jobs gone because “Unfortunately, the market conditions have deteriorated…”

Wisconsin: In Milwaukee, after more than 20 years restaurant La Fuente shutdown without warning.  British empire Canada based Saputo shutting down its cheese factory in Fond du Lac, 126 jobs gone by May 2018!  University of Wisconsin says carbon emissions actually increase when crops are grown for ethanol production.  Colder than average temperatures are preventing crops from necessary drying, some farmers reporting that the ground is already freezing which could prevent them from harvesting.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


“The people…will never, never find a better job…”: U.S. government shenanigans, November 2017

Incomplete (i-e ‘Tip of the Iceberg’) list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for November 2017:

Alligations of sexcrimes by your ‘elected’ officials not only revealed a now no longer secret federal taxpayer funded hush fund (Congress paid $17 million in settlements. Here’s why we know so little about that money), but even State’s have their own state taxpayer funded sexcrimes hush funds (“State governments’ practice of spending taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against legislators and staff has created an uproar…”)!

Alabama: A U.S. Army Reserve officer from The Heart of Dixie spending four years in prison, and forced to pay-up $4.4-million USD, for selling Chinese made caps and backpacks to U.S. Army Recruiting Command which requires such items to be made in the United States. According to the court documents, the officer got three federal government contracts worth $6.2-million for the recruiting items, which he falsely claimed were made in the United States.

Alaska:  According to the Rain Coast Data/Southeast Conference, state government jobs declined by 720 from 2014 to 2017.

California:  “We have rapists in this building. We have molesters among us. There are perpetrators, enforcers and enablers in this building, and … a lot of us know who they are. We find out through that whisper network. People do talk, they just don’t come forward.”-Christine Pelosi, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, talking about The Golden State’s government system

California’s electricity rates are still 50% higher that the national average, despite claims that mandating renewable energy sources would bring costs down.  This as the state Public Utilities Commission predicted that Southern California Gas Company will fail to meet customers’ needs this Winter.

Colorado:  State agencies warning people getting healthcare assistance for their children from a federally funded program to prepare to get nothing, because the federal government halted funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Connecticut: According to U.S. Government Spending, state government tax spending has outpaced the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), since the 1990s!

Florida:  Federal taxpayers giving The Sunshine State at least $615-million USD to help recover from Hurricane Irma. Local news media pointed out that there is currently no plan on how to distribute the money and predicted most of the money won’t get to those who need it.

Georgia:  The gov’na announced that taxpayers are being forced to pay an additional $35-million (on top of the $58-million) USD for a massive cyber security/cybercrimes unit campus in Augusta.

Idaho: Recently appointed (not elected) state-level senator from Idaho Falls, Tonny Potts, was revealed to have gone chapter 7 bankrupt busted back in March. Potts was appointed to his senator job by Right to Work (you over) gov’na Butch Otter in October.  Current state level representative Ryan Kerby got a slap-on-the-wrist for committing a criminal act while he was superintendent for School District 372 (aka New Plymouth School District).  According to the Professional Standards Commission’s review, Kerby “willfully or deliberately” submitted a falsified teacher qualification report.  Kerby can challenge the slap-on-the-wrist letter of reprimand.     More court proven cases of voter fraud as a man who lost his ‘right’ to vote (due to being on criminal probation) somehow voted in this month’s elections.  Ada County elections employees warning that the three years old Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program doesn’t work, for a simple reason: “We learned the hard way that there are many people who share names and birth dates across the country.”-Phil McGrane, Ada County chief deputy clerk

Idaho Statesman: Idaho is sharing your private voter data (even though it promised not to)

Illinois: Cook County’s new budget calls for the elimination of 321 jobs due to a failed tax on soda-pop, starting in December: “The people should really wonder what kind of government we are when we are laying off this many people at this time of year. The people losing their jobs will never, never find a better job than the one they’ve lost.”-Larry Suffredin, county commissioner

Louisiana: The state’s First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that the gov’na cannot issue an executive order protecting homosexuals working for state government from discrimination, harassment and firing based on their sexual thing.

Michigan:  Local taxpayers in the Evart area are pissed about Switzerland based Nestlé’s request to increase its use of local water to 794-million liters (210-million U.S. gallons) yearly.  The water is then sold as bottled water under various Nestlé brands at huge profits.

Mississippi: The state administered SNAP (commonly called food stamps) is under federal investigation for submitting fake food stamp claims.

Missouri: The current federal tax bill might save state taxpayers  $1-billion USD by affecting something called ‘rolling conformity’ of standard deductions at the state level.  State tax collection officials refused to comment to local news media as to what the state government would do to make up the difference.

Montana: The Treasure State could lose $30-million USD in federal taxpayer funding if the current federal tax plan becomes law.  The loss would come from changes to ObamaCare-ACA and mining royalty payments.  To offset the possible loss Montana politicians are thinking about jacking-up state taxes.

New Jersey: A taxpayer funded Bergen County animal shelter had a Catholic bishop bless the animals, and is now facing a lawsuit over 1st Amendment violation.

New York:  Voters in The Empire State overwhelmingly voted against a Constitutional Convention.  Such a thing could end the United States as we know it.  British empire United Kingdom owned, U.S. taxpayer funded, Luxfer Magtech halting its manufacture of U.S. Department of Defense Meal Ready to Eat ‘flameless’ ration heater at its factory in Riverhead, 60 jobs gone by February 2018 due to production being moved to other factories.

North Carolina:  After several years of ‘mistakes’ the state is now accused of owing federal Medicaid $41-million USD due to overpayments.   It’s been revealed that the Office of State Human Resources does not keep records of government employees disciplined for sexual crimes.  The state Department of Health and Human Services took-over mental health provider Cardinal Innovations for giving former executives millions of dollars in taxpayer funded severance.

Ohio:  An audit revealed that over the past ten years $3.4-million USD in payments to the state government never made it into government accounts, because of criminal taxpayer funded government employees: Time and again rogue employees have successfully robbed governments because they were entrusted with total, unchecked control over fiscal operations. It’s time for more administrators to take up shields and involve themselves in the defense of their financial resources.”-David Yost, state auditor

Oklahoma: State taxpayers have been paying for politicians to buy promotional items like key chains, stress balls and T-shirts, up to $58-million USD worth every year!  It’s called ‘swag’ by insiders and gov’na Mary Fallin issued an executive order banning it.

Pennsylvania: Evil for-profit prison operator The Geo Group laid off 51 people at the Coleman Hall prison.

Puerto Rico:  The island territory, which provides relatively little in national tax revenues, wants $94-billion USD in national taxpayer funding to deal with the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Maria. Hell, even the States are struggling to pay for things with both state and federal taxpayer funding, so where is all this extra natural disaster recovery funding coming from?

Tennessee:  Developers working for Japan’s Toyota and Mazda want taxpayers to fork-over an additional $72-million USD to complete the Memphis Regional Megasite, which has already cost $144-million in state taxpayer funding!  Toyota and Mazda claim they’ll hire 4-thousand people once the Megasite is finished!  At what point does state taxpayer funding outweigh tax revenues created by jobs in an industry that no longer provides steady long-term employment?

Texas:  State Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) spending at least 60-thousand tax dollars to get rid of an estimated several hundred sewer rats at their Austin HQ.  The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) questions the payment because state agencies are supposed to go through the TFC with any building maintenance problems, which the HHSC did not.  Veteran Texas cops began operation Government Crime Stoppers, aimed at politicians!  Whistleblowers can get up to $10-thousand USD for ratting-out politicians who commit crimes: “We’re looking for corrupt government officials, which has been a problem throughout the state. ….Twenty-five years ago I was hoping for something like this.”-James ‘Perry’ Huckaba

Utah: A state resident was sentenced to two years in federal prison after he was caught stealing $3.4-million USD in U.S. Army equipment at Dugway Proving Grounds.  The stolen medical equipment and vision devices ended up with U.S. wholesalers and retailers.   Youth suicide in the Mormon dominated state approaching record levels, four times faster than the national average according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The CDC study also indicated that the three official anti-suicide programs in Utah are not working.

Washington: King County Superior Court ruled that Seattle’s left-wing-liberal income tax solely on wealthy people is illegal: “The city knowingly violated several laws in imposing this tax.”-Brian T. Hodges, attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation

It should be noted that the tax system in Washington is considered the most repressive in the United States for poor people, meaning poor people pay a higher percentage of tax than rich people.

Washington DC: The federal government admitted that a U.S. citizen is being detained in Iraq by the U.S. Department of Defense, without legal recourse!

West Virginia: China Energy is making a 20 years $84-billion USD investment into petroleum operations within the state, and state and federal (Team Trump) government leaders refuse to give any details about it, or how it came to be.  The state Division of Corrections shutdown a 34 years old prisoner work-release center supposedly due to fire code violations.  Kanawha County Magistrate Jack Pauley pled guilty to charges of making court decisions that resulted in two men dying!  Judge Pauley told the court he made the decisions in haste in an effort to expedite court cases.  His punishment could be a slap-on-the-wrist 45 day suspension!

Wisconsin:  After spending years driving away good paying jobs, Right to Work (you over) Scott Walker now wants taxpayers to spend $7-million USD to bring good paying jobs back

Governing.com: Sexual Harassment Investigations Are Kept Secret in Wisconsin, and That’s How Lawmakers Want It.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans, October 2017: “WHO’S PROFITING…?”

ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, November 2017: “SEVERAL SYSTEM AND CONTROL FAILURES”

Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., November 2017: “CLOSING WAS THE ONLY OPTION.”

“It shook my entire house!” Explosions in the sky as more minor quakes hit Idaho!

01 DEC 2017 (01:55 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Azar 1396/12 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/14 Ren-Zi 4715

On 30 NOV 2017, just before 13 hours after midnight (that’s just before 1pm for those of you who insist on using a 12 hours clock to track the 24 hours in a day) the area around Soda Springs, Idaho, was hit by yet another 3 magnitude earthquake.

Ever since September southeast Idaho has been hit with low magnitude quake ‘swarms’, possibly due to petroleum exploration.

But in the south central part of the state, in the Twin Falls area, people have been reporting unexplained sounds of explosions, or “booms”.  Many say it sounds like the booms are coming from the sky, but one woman saw a smoke cloud rising from across the Snake River: “It shook my entire house! It freaked me out. …..It looked like it came off the ground and was slowly dissipating and rising. It was yellowish or maybe even greenish.”– Sara Bloss, as quoted by Twin Falls Times-News

The National Weather Service said there were no big cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes. Idaho Department of Transportation swore they had no road construction projects in the area.  The U.S. Air Force at Mountain Home refused to comment about a ‘secret bombing range’.  Interestingly, according to local news media these Skyquakes happen at the same time every year.

Apparently nobody in the Twin Falls area speculated that it could be petroleum exploration.  Perhaps it’s because a professor from Boise State University claimed there were no seismic registrations.  In mid-November a lawsuit in Oklahoma revealed that a former university professor was being bullied not to make a connection between increased quakes and petroleum exploration/fracking: “Researchers have linked the spike in the number of earthquakes in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and other states to the underground disposal of wastewater from oil and gas production. Holland said he was reprimanded for helping publish a peer-reviewed journal article on how to cope with such earthquakes.”-Associated Press

For November, Oklahoma continued to be plagued by fracking quakes: Yukon earthquakes linked to fracking well

Numerous small earthquakes recorded in northern Oklahoma

“researchers are certain the quakes are a result of fracking practices of the oil and gas industry”

Two earthquakes rattle Oklahoma town

Earthquake swarm leaves Oklahoma residents unsettled

To get an idea just how many quakes The Gem State of Idaho experiences on a daily basis, visit Earthquaketrack.com.  According to the website, Idaho has experienced 919 earthquakes in the past 12 months!

WestVirginiaPublicBroadcasting: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water

“Fix it, Jesus, fix it!”: U.S. Christian Rapture, November 2017

Incomplete (tip-o-the iceberg) list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian (western christian calendar) month of November 2017.


California: Despite having the strictest anti-2nd Amendment laws of any U.S. state, god was still powerless to stop a shooting at the Saint Alphonsus Church.  In San Francisco area, more competition for ‘christians’ as ex-google executive Anthony Levandowski is founding a ‘church’ where members can worship a computer created Artificial Intelligence God!  In Oakland, god powerless to stop a man from being stabbed to death outside the Union Baptist Church.  In San Luis Obispo County, proof the economy ain’t recovered as the Mountainbrook Church raised $9-thousand for the local Food Bank Coalition.  The British empire based Salvation Army shutting down its East Avenue thrift store operation in Chico after Xmas, blaming crashing sales and skyrocketing rent/utilities.  In Fresno, New Harvest Church announced it will shutdown its child-care-center right after Xmas, vaguely blaming financial reasons.

Florida:  In Seminole Heights, the fourth victim of the serial shooter was a church volunteer who was shot in the back as he walked to a meeting with his church pastor.  Food insecurity is so bad in Citrus County that New Church Without Walls reporting it has 20 truckloads of food on its way: “We’re getting trucks three times a week, but we need some place to put it. What I’d really like is something like the old Kmart or an empty store. We need it now….They’re on their way.”-Doug Alexander

Georgia: Police responded to a near-riot at the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, over the firing of the pastor and misuse of church money.  Members were shouting “Fix it, Jesus, fix it!”, as police arrived and kicked everybody out.

Idaho: The pastor of Candlelight Christian Fellowship is endorsing the Mormon politician Raul Labrador.  Raúl Rafael Labrador once said “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”  Candlelight Christian Fellowship could face investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for openly endorsing a political candidate, according to Robert Tuttle, professor of law and religion at George Washington University Law School.

Illinois:  The Woodford County Sheriff arrested a man who threatened to shoot-up a church in Peoria because he was kicked out. Law enforcers told local news media they didn’t know why the man was kicked out of the church, the man is not being charged with a crime, instead he was placed in a mental facility.  It was a pastor of another church that reported the man to police.

Indiana: God powerless to stop burglars from targeting several vehicles in the parking lots of Bethany Church of the Brethren and Nappanee Missionary Church on 05 NOV 2017.  Then on 12 NOV 2017, vehicles in the parking lot of Sugar Grove Church were targeted.

Iowa: Easter Seals of Iowa issued a layoff WARN, 33 people in Des Moines jobless right after Xmas.

Kentucky: In Lexington, police responded to a near-riot at the Southern Acres Christian Church after members were told that “a known suspect took $100,000 from the church fund and exercised control over those funds with the intention to deprive the church thereof.”

Louisiana: An illegal immigrant is now living in the First Grace United Methodist Church in New Orleans, for fear of being deported.

Maine:  Kennebec Community Church and Feed My Starving Children begged for food donations, not for economically struggling ‘Mericans, but for people in other countries!

Maryland: Faithless church leaders in Carroll County attended an “active shooter” class put on by the local Sheriff.

Michigan:   It was revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into threats made against the Masjid Bilal Mosque, Westminster Presbyterian Church, and a third unnamed religious house, after a toiletry bag containing a gun and a map were discovered in Dearborn Heights.  The map had religious houses marked as “targets”.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Kensington Church, in Troy, from getting suckered by a con-artist.  It worked like this; a man sent a donation check for $4-thousand-5-hundred USD, then said ‘oops, I meant it to be for $45′,  so the church sent him a refund check for the difference.  It turns out the original donation check was fake!  In Grand Rapids, god powerless to stop the internet from shutting down ‘his’ christian Eardmans Bookstore. Christian book printer Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company says it’ll focus solely on internet sales.  In Wayne, New Hope Baptist Church hit by vandals, yet again according to local news media.  I think a possible problem is that the church is located in a vacant Burger King building, which is currently being remodeled.

Minnesota: After 151 years Brooklyn United Methodist Church shutting down at the beginning of January 2018.  Blame The Rapture as there are only 48 official members left, however, the pastor blames “The younger generation of Brooklyn’s congregation has, for the most part, moved away, and those who are left are dealing with issues related to old age and poor health.”

Missouri: In Kansas City, the 1-hundred years old Westminster Congregational Church is now a furniture store.  Apparently the church had been declared an eyesore and people wanted it torn down.

Nevada: Taxpayer funded Lyon County School District facing a lawsuit for blocking Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley from distributing religious material on taxpayer funded school property (in violation of the 1st Amendment).

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Peter’s University Hospital from suddenly eliminated 108 jobs in order to “remain competitive”!  Presbyterian founded Westminster Choir College suddenly laid off 33 people and revealed the school might be transferred to the control of an ‘Asian’ institution, and if that fails then the 91 years old school will shutdown.

North Carolina:  Former members of the controversial Word of Faith Fellowship say a 2005 court agreement is failing to protect children from being abused by church officials.   Buncombe County’s Tourism Development Authority is being accused of violating the 1st Amendment by giving the Haywood Street Congregation a $75-thousand USD taxpayer funded grant.  Providence Baptist Church was hit by vandals that accused the church of being anti-homosexual, the pastor swears he has never made any anti-homosexual comments.

North Dakota: Two men were “dragged out” of the River Church, in Dickinson, for protesting a female pastor.  One witness said the men were pointing out the lack of Biblical references in the female pastor’s sermon.

Ohio: A man was found, shot in the chest, in the Center Christian Church parking lot.  The man is alive, but so far police don’t know who he is, they suspect its the result of illegal drugs.

Oklahoma: The great-grandson of the founders of the Rhema Bible Training College pled guilty to being the Broken Arrow shooter.  God powerless to stop the sudden (without warning) shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Gregory’s University, supposedly due to a sudden change in federal taxpayer funding rules from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): “The USDA came up with a new rule last week, never before heard of, to say, ‘Oh, you’re not eligible until the next census’.”-Michael Scaperlanda, university president

Pennsylvania:  Doing something that many people don’t think about when it comes to poor people, for the second year in a row First Presbyterian Church of Allentown bought shoes for people who rely on the Dubbs Memorial Community Center-Daybreak program: “It’s like Santa went to my house already.”-Gladys Arroyo, Daybreak user

Rhode Island: A Ford van used by Saint Patrick’s Church to  help homeless people, and to make deliveries to food pantries, was stolen and then ‘totaled’.  Church volunteers say they used the van to help feed more than 2-hundred families: “It’s almost impossible to do what we need to do without our van.”-Marlyn Batista

Tennessee: After 140 years ‘god’ powerless to stop ‘his’ Tennessee Baptist Convention from excommunicating ‘his’ First Baptist Church of Jefferson City for hiring a female reverend!

 Texas: God powerless to stop a known crazyman from killing nine people in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs After the shooting the ‘christian’ dominated U.S. Air Force admitted that it failed to report the shooter’s criminal/mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which would have prevented the man from buying guns.  In response to the shooting, the Williamson County Sheriff conducted an “active shooter” class at the Celebration Church in Georgetown. A female Cy-Springs High School history teacher is accused of having sex with a student and doing drugs (ain’t that why it called High School?), according to the complaint the teach and the student would meet at a ‘christian’ Chick-Fil-A for their trysts.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Abilene Christian University from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs as part of its attempt at “…lowering student debt and the cost of delivering a quality higher education, while increasing affordability…”

Utah:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the most powerful of several LDS organizations) accidentally revealed secret Handbook 1 church administration rules, but then quickly removed them from the internet when the mistake was discovered.  Handbook 2 is considered de-classified for public viewing.  Imagine Dragons’ mormon frontman Dan Reynolds executive-produced a new documentary about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ homosexual policy, its called Believer.

Washington: ‘Christians’ voted in favor of parking lots over helping homeless people. In Seattle the members of the University Unitarian Church voted to remove three houses used to help homeless people and replace them with a parking lotLocal news media pointed out the University Unitarian Church’s decision comes at a time when the city is dealing with a homelessness “crisis”

Washington DC: The Archdiocese of Washington (DC) suing the DC Metro which refused to run a promotion about Xmas.  Ignorant church leaders said there was no reference to religion, forgetting that Christmas is a stolen ‘Pagan’ Winter Solstice holiday modified for a specific religion called Christianity.  The equally ignorant First Baptist Church joined in protest of the DC Metro anti-Xmas, pro-1st Amendment, decision.

West Virginia: It was revealed that during the ‘christian’ motivated Civil War (southern christians used the Bible to support slavery and northern christians used the Bible to oppose slavery, proof the Bible can’t be relied upon) the Claysville Church opened it doors to both Union and Confederate soldiers.

Wisconsin: This happens every friggin’ year, baby Jesus stolen from a church nativity scene.  The latest incident happened at a church in Mensha, the statue (idol) is more than a hundred years old.  Local ‘christian’ police are so upset about it they’ve issued an all-points bulletin (aka BOLO).

U.S. Christian Rapture, October 2017: “THEY SAID…WE WERE SINNERS!”

“No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“several system and control failures”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, November 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in November 2017:

Employees with Israel based drugs pusher Teva Pharmaceuticals reporting that ‘thousands’ of its U.S. employees are about to be laid off, Teva administrators refused to answer questions from the news media.

Israel based, but U.S. stock market listed, Protalix BioTherapeutics eliminating 50 jobs due to decreasing Israeli taxpayer funding.

Internet based WebMD laid off about 170 people after being taken over by vulture capitalist KKR-Internet Brands!

Arizona: Insurance company United Healthcare eliminating 381 military Tricare jobs after Xmas, due to expired taxpayer funded contract!

Arkansas: Drugs maker Cantrell Drug Company now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, blaming government regulations.

California:  Pacific Alliance Medical Center issued a shutdown WARN for Los Angeles, 685 jobs gone a week before Xmas!  Medicare-Medicaid manager SynerMed eliminating 626 jobs in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, in January 2018, possibly due to “several system and control failures within medical management and other departments.”!  Avanir Pharmaceuticals issued a layoff WARN, 73 jobs gone by mid-January 2018.  Actelion Pharmaceuticals issued a layoff WARN, 34 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  Less than a month after shutting down, ‘crisis consultants’ are working to bring Tulare Regional Medical Center back from the dead, starting with job application/interviews at the end of November.  Amgen eliminating 121 drug research jobs after Xmas, in the name of “efficiency” Genentech eliminating 128 drug making jobs after Xmas, blaming increased competition!  It was revealed that Orchard Hospital suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of employees at the end of October, due to lack of money.  Despite massive layoffs across the U.S., Long Beach based Molina Healthcare reported it lost $97-million USD in its 3rd quarter, and even issued a WARN saying 44 jobs in Long Beach will go away after Xmas. 

Connecticut: Conduent State Healthcare eliminating 102 jobs by mid-January 2018!   Bristol Myers Squibb conducting another round of layoffs, this time 29 people in Wallingford jobless sometime after Xmas.  Blair Manor Nursing Home and Ellis Manor Nursing Home both issued WARNs, an undisclosed number of jobs being eliminated starting in January 2018.

Delaware: UnitedHealth eliminating 138 jobs after Xmas, due to losing the contract to manage the state’s Medicaid program!

Florida:  After 14 years GulfCoast Surgery Center now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to as much as $10-million USD in debts, and only $50-thousand, or less, in assets.  Diabetic supply companies Arriva Medical and American Medical Supplies both shutting down their Florida operations, 182 jobs gone after Xmas, possibly in connection with both companies being taken-over by Abbott Laboratories!

Georgia: Washington County Regional Medical Center suddenly laid off 27 people as a result of a new management contract with a Utah based company.

Idaho State Journal Pic

Idaho: One month after issuing a mass-layoff WARN, the SafeHaven care center in Pocatello mysteriously burned to the ground.  The residents were evacuated, but the building is a $2-million USD loss.  Fire inspectors say the fire was not arson, but are calling for a review of national fire code.  The fire started in the attic of the building, apparently in an area where no fire sprinkler system was required under current national fire code. Last month SafeHaven issued a WARN saying 117 people in Pocatello were losing their jobs!   

Illinois: Cook County Health and Hospitals System eliminating 34 jobs as part of much bigger county-wide layoffs (321 in total)!  It’s been revealed that state taxpayers owe billions of dollars to healthcare providers, and currently state administrators are putting taxpayers even deeper into debt by getting loans to pay-off about $9-billion USD in unpaid Medicaid bills! 

Indiana: Dearborn County Hospital laid off 25 people and shutdown 36 vacant jobs due to “Changes in healthcare related to advances in technology, a shift toward outpatient procedures, shorter lengths of stay and numerous other factors…”  Drugs maker Eli Lilly revealed that in September more than 2-thousand-3-hundred employees accepted bribes to voluntarily quit (buyouts)!

Iowa: AmeriHealth Caritas eliminating 4-hundred jobs as part of its exit from Iowa’s Medicaid program!  Community Support Advocates issued a WARN, 26 jobs in Des Moines gone by mid-December.

Kentucky: Louisville based health insurance company Humana eliminating 2-thousand-7-hundred jobs across the U.S.!  This is on top of the 1-thousand-5-hundred employees who voluntarily quit (buyouts) in September!

Massachusetts: Harrington HealthCare System suddenly laid off 23 people right before Thanksgiving, due to an $8.2-million USD loss. 

Michigan: Taxpayer funded Brookhaven Medical Facility shutting down after Xmas due to lack of county taxpayer funding to fill the growing multi-million dollar debt hole.  Now former Michigan State University and U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar pled guilty to multiple charges of sex crimes.

Mississippi: University of Mississippi Medical Center shutdown its Madison wellness center, saying the rent was too high.

Missouri: Saint Louis based SSM Health eliminating more than 3-hundred jobs across four states!

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Peter’s University Hospital from suddenly eliminated 108 jobs in order to “remain competitive”!  In Branchburg, ImClone Systems eliminating 77 jobs in January 2018.

North Carolina: Rite Aid shutting down its nearly four decades old drug pushing operation in Marion, ten jobs gone in January 2018 supposedly due to not being able to afford to renew the lease.  The evil Carlyle Group owned, and now schizophrenic, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) laid off 12 InfoTech employees, and is laying off an undisclosed number of HR employees, as part of off-shoring of jobs to an unnamed European location, while at the same time claims to be hiring “hundreds” of new employees.

North Dakota: The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board got 154-thousand U.S. tax dollars to enroll people in North Dakota’s ObamaCare ACA, but for some unexplained reason signed up only 67 people!

Ohio:  OhioHealth eliminating 19 jobs as part of its consolidation of child therapy programs.

Rhode Island: Providence based Care New England lost $47-million USD for its fiscal year 2017, which ended in September.

South Carolina: AnMed Health suddenly laid off 94 people and shutdown 65 vacant jobs, blaming mandatory investments into digital records keeping!

South Dakota: The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board got 200-thousand U.S. tax dollars to enroll people in South Dakota’s ObamaCare ACA, but for some unexplained reason signed up only one person!

Washington DC:  It’s been revealed that at least 16 groups (aka ‘navigators’) claiming to help people sign-up for ObamaCare ACA got paid big taxpayer bucks for enrolling less than 1-hundred people, at a cost to taxpayers of $5-thousand USD per sign-up!

West Virginia: Mylan Pharmaceuticals suddenly laid off an additional 3-hundred people as part of its ongoing “restructuring” operations announced last year!

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral October 2017:“BUSINESS AS USUAL.”

“closing was the only option.”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., November 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

The nonprofit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities used federal data to compile a list showing that 29 U.S. states whose state taxpayer funding of education is still below their funding levels prior to the 2008 Recession.  However, cuts to education funding actually began before the Recession: “Your ability to invest in your schools is severely limited by those decisions of the past, before the recession hit. And it continues to have an important impact.”-Michael Leachman, interview with news media

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, November 2017:

Alaska:  Fairbanks North Star Borough School District suffering long term Disappearing Students Syndrome.  Local news media reported that enrollments are down for 2018.  In 1998 enrollments peaked at 16-thousand-431, today there are 13-thousand-643 students, which could force the district to shutdown schools.

California: In San Francisco, after 25 years Thidwick Books shutting down after Xmas.  Zuckerburg funded (partly) hi-tech driven, expensive private school AltSchool shutting down its Palo Alto campus, and more campuses could be shutdown due to the fact that administrators are spending more money than they’re taking in (just because you’re a hi-tech geek doesn’t mean you know how to handle money).  Parker School Uniforms issued shutdown WARNs for four locations, taking place right after Xmas. Non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Santa Ana campus, 29 jobs gone after Xmas.  The state Attorney General suing Ashford University-Bridgepoint Education, accusing them of illegal marketing, sales and debt collections.

Colorado: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Colorado Springs and Thornton, 53 jobs gone.

Connecticut:  A stranger rescued an autistic elementary student after he wandered off the campus of Vance Elementary School: “I just went out the front door.”-student to local news media

Florida: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Wyotech-Everest University campuses in Tampa, Ormond Beach and Orange Park, at least 306 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Georgia: Atlanta Metropolitan State College suddenly laid off 18 employees right before Thanksgiving.  Also, vacant positions will not be filled and equipment repairs/replacements will not be made, due to a 10% drop in enrollments from last school year.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Atlanta West campus.

Idaho: Enrollment in public schools is slowing down, except where immigrants/refugee populations are on the increase, like in Twin Falls and Boise areas.  Even with immigrant/refugees coming into the state, this school year’s total statewide enrollments were only 581 higher than last year.

Indiana: After 37 years of supporting Purdue University, University Spirit shutdown, the owners saying “With the retail and campus landscape changing on a national and local basis with Amazon and other internet options, closing was the only option.”  In Porter, non-profit Discovery Charter School discovered that $60-thousand USD in fundraising revenues and electronic transactions are now missing.  Local police say school administrators know who did it and efforts are being made to get justice.

Maryland: Carroll County School District halting field trips to Baltimore due to escalating city violence (this is the third year in a row that 3-hundred+ people have been murdered in the city).  Project Baltimore revealed that 13 schools in the city of Baltimore had not a single student that was considered proficient in math, and nine out of ten ‘black’ male children can’t read!   And Baltimore City Public Schools is warning that four more schools could be shutdown by the end of the school year, due to what I call DSS, and poor academic performance.  A volunteer sports trainer at Gwynn Park High School now facing criminal charges after sending a nude pic of himself to a female student.

Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Boston suddenly laid off 36 people the week before Thanksgiving, and reduced work hours for remaining employees due to ongoing “financial and operational challenges”.  In Taunton, a three years old was left on a preschool bus for several hours before anybody noticed.  It was only after the school called the parents to question why he was absent that they decided to check the bus! 

Michigan: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Southfield campus.

Missouri: Saint Louis Community College warning that their new budget could result in at least 95 jobs being eliminated, due to crashing enrollments and taxpayer funding.   The state government now facing two lawsuits for holding illegal closed door meetings in an apparent coup attempt, regarding leadership of the state education system.

Nevada: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Henderson campus.  Taxpayer funded Lyon County School District facing a lawsuit for blocking Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley from distributing religious material on taxpayer funded school property (in violation of the 1st Amendment).

New Jersey: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Plainfield campus, 41 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Westminster Choir College suddenly laid off 33 people and revealed the school might be transferred to the control of an ‘Asian’ institution, and if that fails then the 91 years old school will shutdown.

New York: New York ‘listed’ RYB Education New World Kindergarten was accused of drugging children in China, however, Chinese news media now says those parents who made the accusation have retracted their statements.  NYC Department of Education, Hicksville School District, and Rockville Centre School District, all suddenly canceled their taxpayer funded contracts with Baumann Bus Company, 232 jobs suddenly affected!

Ohio: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Gahanna campus, 31 jobs gone after Xmas.  Ontario Police Department accuses a high school band leader of rape, investigators say it does not involve students.   A mom, her daughter and goddaughter arrested after allegedly attacking a school official at Linden McKinley High School.  Two school bus drivers punished (unpaid suspension) for ‘making out’ in front of students getting on a school bus in Kettering City.

Oklahoma: God powerless to stop the sudden (without warning) shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Gregory’s University, supposedly due to a sudden change in federal taxpayer funding rules from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): “The USDA came up with a new rule last week, never before heard of, to say, ‘Oh, you’re not eligible until the next census’.”-Michael Scaperlanda, university president

Oregon: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Tigard campus, 29 jobs gone right after Xmas.  The state Department of Education admits that Tribal Nations-Native American’s are graduating at lower rates, failing more exams and getting into more trouble than non-Native Americans. Native American Debbie Austin blames the U.S. education system which continues to outright lie about The First Nations: “Our children need to know that is not true. They need to know who they are and where they came from.”

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Pennsylvania: Students at Cheltenham High School apparently videoed themselves having sex, then shared it with junior high students on social media, school officials told local news media they haven’t seen the video despite many parents seeing it.  East Stroudsburg University warning of mass layoffs due to flat-lined enrollments and increasing operating costs, resulting in the university being short by at least $5.8-million USD.  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech-Blairsville campus, 73 jobs gone right after Xmas.  At least 45 teachers in Harrisburg quit in protest of escalating student violence, which prompted the superintendent to warn of a “different type of support that is needed.”

South Carolina:Berkeley County School District bus driver arrested after allegedly assaulting a ‘special needs’ student.

Texas: Hurricane Harvey directly affecting property tax payments across 60 counties, which in turn directly affects local taxpayer funding of schools.   After only three months on the job the state Special Education Director was suddenly fired, after complaining about the Texas Education Agency (TEA) awarding a no-bid contract to a company that ‘mines’ data on disabled students!  However, the TEA says they fired the Director for covering up sex crimes against disabled students!  A female Cy-Springs High School history teacher is accused of having sex with a student and doing drugs (ain’t that why it called High School?), according to the complaint the teach and the student would meet at a ‘christian’ Chick-Fil-A for their trysts.  A now former Director of School Finance Operations Region 16 Education Service Center pled guilty to a charge of possession of child porn.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its five campuses across The Lone Star State.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Abilene Christian University from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs as part of its attempt at “…lowering student debt and the cost of delivering a quality higher education, while increasing affordability…”  In Amarillo, after more than 60 years of supplying local teachers A&D Bookstore shutdown: “There are too many people using their computers and not buying things from stores. Therefore, we just don’t have enough business.”-Elnora Dennis, owner

Virginia:  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Chesapeake and Woodbridge.

Washington: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Tacoma and Everett, 74 jobs gone right after Xmas.

Washington DC: A local TV station discovered that teenagers are allowed to graduate Ballou High School despite not attending for most of the year.   WJLA reports that students who had unexcused absences for more than three quarters of the school year were somehow able to graduate.  

Wisconsin: Appleton based Book World announced it is done, shutting down all 45 stores across seven U.S. states.  But get this, the administrators blame their brick-n-mortar operations demise on internet competition, despite the fact that Book World has a website (www.bookworldstores.com)!

Wyoming: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech campus in Laramie.

Dumbing Down October 2017: “I’M BEING BULLIED!” “HE WAS SHOOTING AT TRUMP!”

“There was no severance…we were just fired!”: U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in October 2017.

Federal government data proves what truck drivers have been complaining about for years, the reason there’s a driver shortage is because trucking companies are paying less and less every year: “If you look at the federal data, a truck driver in 2006 was actually making more than he or she would be making in 2016 if you factor in the cost of living.”-Chip Cutter, LinkedIn, interviewed by CBSNews

 California:  Oil giant Chevron warning of yet more layoffs in the San Joaquin Valley, a 26% reduction by early 2018.  In Berkeley, after 24 years furniture maker The Wooden Duck shutting down in time for Thanksgiving, blaming the landlord for doubling the rent.  France owned Schneider Electric eliminating 15 jobs in Clovis, right before Xmas. Wholesale distributor Essendant shutting down its Whittier center, 123 jobs gone right before Xmas!  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs, this time 84 people becoming jobless between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Pacific Steel Casting issued a shutdown WARN for its Berkeley ops, 106 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Iron furniture maker Murray’s Iron Works issued a shutdown WARN for its City of Commerce location, 46 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  St. john’s Knits issued another WARN, 72 jobs gone before Xmas as part of its plan to outsource the work to Mexico (on top of the 130 jobs already lost to Mexico during Summer).   What automotive industry recovery?  Pickup truck tonneau cover maker Laurmark Enterprises-BAK Industries issued shutdown WARNs for its Chatsworth and San Fernando operations, 261 jobs gone before Xmas!   Electric car maker Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major U.S. production problems with its latest vehicles, or that it’s focusing on production in China?

Colorado: Snowboard maker/seller Bomber Industries-Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters now chapter 7 bankrupt dead, the new owners blamed too much debt financing and lack of sales.

Florida: West Coast Transport Service now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.  Pre-Cast Specialties eliminating 252 jobs between December 2017 and January 2018!

Georgia: AR-15 maker Daniel Defense admitted it made a undisclosed number of “significant layoffs” due to crashing sales (before the Las Vegas shooting), one industry news report said 1-hundred people were let go without warning, an unnamed employee said “This was very unexpected. All of us were handed a blanket packet that explained everything. The paperwork didn’t even have my name on it. All they said about my job was that my position was being eliminated. There was no severance package, we were just fired!”

Idaho:  The biggest electric utility company in The Gem State, Idaho Power, is demanding customers fork-over $220-million USD to pay for a new hydroelectric dam on the border with Oregon! 

Illinois: Commercial printer Patterson Office Supplies issued a layoff WARN, 83 jobs gone by November.  Neovia Logistics issued a shutdown WARN for its Des Plaines ops, 109 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Fabick Machinery Company issued a shutdown WARN for its wholesale ops in Marion, 29 jobs gone by December due to crashing oil-mining industry sales.

Indiana: Connecticut based Harman International Industries shutting down its Crown Audio factory in Elkhart, 50 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  What construction industry recovery?  After 113 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions), demolition company Martin Enterprises shutting down in March 2018, blaming it on ten years of crashing business saying “We’ve never really bounced back from the recession and then finding drivers and the right people here in the office to fit has been rough. You add all those things together and it just doesn’t make for a good business.”

Iowa: Cedar Rapids based Rockwell Collins eliminated 124 Iowa jobs in the past 12 months, plus hundreds more outside the state!  Those layoffs are not in connection with the current pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies, which is causing new layoffs, a lawsuit has been filed to stop the sale.

Louisiana:  Netherlands owned Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) suddenly laid off 90 people, blaming a variety of things including Hurricane Harvey.

Massachusetts: In Westfield, after 60 years aerospace manufacturing contractor Berkshire Industries shutdown without warning,  the remaining 80 (of the 150) employees suddenly unemployed, no reason was given!

Michigan:  What automotive industry recovery?  Penske-Automotive Component Carrier lost its contract with General Motors (GM), 60 jobs gone in time for Xmas.  In Grand Rapids, automotive supply chain company Dematic issued a mass layoff WARN, 204 jobs gone by New Year’s, on top of the 255 jobs lost back in July!   GST Autoleather now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Minnesota: Paper maker UPM Blandin shutting down a production line, 150 jobs gone by the 1st quarter of 2018 due to a global crash in sales!   In Waseca, Quad Graphics (Brown Printing) shutting down its operations after Xmas, local news reports say at one time the operation employed 750 people!  

Montana: Simms Fishing Products eliminating at least a dozen jobs as it outsources work to a contractor in Washington, administrators blame “the cost of land and building” in Montana.

New Mexico: Recently formed, Albuquerque based, ONE Aviation already warning of mass layoffs as it ends production of its EA550 personal jet.  ONE Aviation is now focusing on developing a new personal jet called Project Canada. 

New Jersey: In Union, jewelry maker Tessler & Weiss eliminating 150 jobs right after Xmas!

New York: Remington Arms announced that sales are so bad (pre Las Vegas shooting) that it will begin furloughing employees at its Ilion factory, in an attempt to keep inline with market trends.  This is on top of the 55 jobs killed last month.  AVX Corporation-Olean Advanced Products shutting down its factory in Olean, date “to be determined”.   Global Brands issued a shutdown WARN for its fashion warehouse, 49 jobs gone right after Xmas.

North Carolina:  Unnamed employees revealed Rockwell Collins plans to offshore at least 130 Winston-Salem jobs to the Philippines, it might be connected to the pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies!  Hydro Extrusions-Sapa Extrusions  warned of mass layoffs due to a drop in orders, but didn’t say how many people would lose their jobs.  DuraFiber Technologies now chapter 7 bankrupt busted, already shutting down factories, more than 4-hundred jobs gone so far!  Diverse manufacturer Lord Corporation announced it will begin eliminating jobs worldwide in 2018, due to global market conditions.

Ohio: Furniture maker American Signature issued a layoff WARN, 13 people jobless by December.  Plastics maker Spartech-Polyone laying off 57 people in Greenville “due to a change in business circumstances”.   Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems eliminating 55 jobs in Akron as part of its plan to move jobs to Mexico.  Industrial mill service provider TMS International issued a shutdown WARN, 99 jobs in Middletown gone due to loss of contract.    What automotive industry recovery?  Fiat-ChryslerFCA Transport shutting down its Toledo transportation terminal, at least 92 jobs affected by February 2018.  Emission controls maker Faurecia Clean Mobility laying off eight people right after Xmas.

Oregon: After 128 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) the new owners of West Linn Paper Company decided to shut it down, no explanation to hundreds of employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

Pennsylvania: Dura-Bond eliminating 180 jobs in Steelton, by Thanksgiving, blaming it on crashing pipe orders from the oil industry!  Germany owned Akustica issued a  shutdown WARN for its Pittsburgh location, 54 jobs gone by October 2018.   Johnson & Johnson issued a shutdown WARN for ops in West Chester and Wayne, 297 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Japan owned but Switzerland based Metalor Technologies issued a shutdown WARN for its Export location, 121 jobs gone right after Xmas!  What construction industry recovery?  Deluxe Building Systems issued a shutdown WARN for its Berwick ops, 154 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Tennessee:  Italy based eyewear maker/distributor Luxottica Retail North America issued a mass layoff WARN, 208 jobs in Memphis gone right after Xmas, due to crashing sales!

Texas:  Vistra Energy shutting down two additional coal fired power plants, 650 jobs gone due to cheaper competition by natural gas power plants!  Dynergy warning of massive layoffs, as a result of being taken over by Vistra Energy.

Washington: The new owners of Columbia River Logistics (same as West Linn Paper Company) decided to shut it down, no explanation to the employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

West Virginia:  Italy owned plastics maker M&G Polymers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Wisconsin: Johnson Controls announced it will eliminate an undisclosed number of jobs, local news media say unnamed sources put the number of people to be laid off at 150!  Spartech-Polyone Designed Structures shutting down its factory in Ripon, 70 jobs gone in 2018 due to “a change in business circumstances”.  U.S. Paper Converters shutting down its Appleton operations, 52 jobs gone by New Years due to state officials bringing in foreign operations with taxpayer money: “For the third time in less than two months, the Paper Valley has been hit hard. At a time when the state is set to spend billions to lure a foreign company, our heritage and core industries are being gutted without explanation or without concern from our state leadership. This is not just about the loss of fifty jobs, but fifty families, men, women and children being thrust into difficult times and during the holiday season. It is high time we focus our time, resources and money on Wisconsin industry and Wisconsin jobs. Paper is our heritage, and it must be our future.”-Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, September 2017: “MARKET TURNDOWN, INDUSTRY-WIDE”

“significant financial pressure”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in October 2017:

Finland based Nokia announced it gave up on its virtual reality camera project and will now kill at least 310 jobs, some of which are in the United States!

Arkansas:  Wehco Media suddenly laid off 86 people due to an “economic necessity”.

California:  Finland based Nokia issued a layoff WARN for its Sunnyvale location, 72 jobs gone a few days before Xmas (see above). Edmunds.com issued a layoff WARN for its Santa Monica location, 60 jobs gone before Xmas.  YesVideo.com issued a shutdown WARN for its Santa Clara location, 99 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Redwood City based Electronic Arts (EA) shutting down its Visceral Games, an undisclosed number of jobs lost. Redwood City based Shopkick suddenly laid off about 30 people due to a new operating ‘model’.  Venice based Snap (aka Snapchat) suddenly laid off 18 people due to crashing sales. Santa Clara based Intel eliminating an undisclosed number of finance jobs in 2018.    Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major production problems with its latest vehicles?  Former SolarCity employees reported to local news media that the mass firings at Tesla resulting in SolarCity’s Roseville office being shutdown (on top of the 250 previously announced layoffs), unnamed SolarCity employees say no performance review was ever made by Tesla!    Disney-ABC Television began a major restructuring which will include mass layoffs.  Industry news reports say Disney-ABC has eliminated hundreds of jobs since 2010.  Media company Whalerock Industries revealed it laid off about 30 people without warning in September, yet the company also claims it will add 25 jobs within six months.   Point.360 now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Despite having a website, San Diego based Carvin Audio announced on Facebook that it was shutting down after 70 years of musical sounds, no explanation given.  Electro-optics maker NeoPhotonics warning of future layoffs due to crashing sales in China.  Apple suddenly slashed its Asian made parts orders, for its iPhone 8, by half because iPhone 7 still outsells iPhone 8, and Apple is about to release iPhone X!

Connecticut: Disney/Hearst owned Bristol based ESPN will layoff an additional 60 people by the end of the year.

Idaho: In Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  Most of the grant money will go towards retraining existing employees.

Illinois: Chicago Tribune eliminating an undisclosed number of employees due to “significant financial pressure”.

Indiana:  In Indianapolis, Technicolor laying off 85 people right before Xmas, and shutting down an office before the end of the year. 

Massachusetts: Video game maker Disruptor Beam laid off at least ten people despite recently getting $8.5-million USD in funding.

Missouri: In Kansas City, finance and healthcare tech support company DST Systems warned of across the board layoffs.

New York: Xerox shutting down its Webster distribution center, 135 jobs gone by March 2018!  In Rochester, communication device maker GE MDS laying off 89 people in January 2018.  Japan owned electronic metals company Oak-Mitsui laying off 20 people in January 2018.  In NYC, tech company Main Street Hub issued a shutdown WARN, at least 108 jobs being lost to The Lone Star state of Texas right after Xmas! Iconic Time magazine killing an additional 2-hundred jobs (despite having a website) just in time for Thanksgiving!  Complex Networks conducting mass layoffs as a result of it being taken over by Verizon and Hearst in 2016.  Without warning NYC based Verizon-Fios canceled service to five million people for the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, over a contract dispute!  Warner Music shutting down its NYC location by September 2018.    Bloomberg Media suddenly laid off 11 people in its distribution unit. NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  

North Carolina: Florida based Citrix suddenly laid off about 40 people in Raleigh, despite advertising for job openings.  Local news media say many of the laid off employees had recently been hired, and some actually took pay cuts to get the job!  Morrisville based Lenovo confirmed it suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people globally.

Ohio:  Turning Technologies eliminating 20 jobs due to millions in lost revenues after the loss of several ‘higher education’ clients.

Oregon: California based Symantec warning of future layoffs at its Springfield location, apparently due to consolidation operations.

Pennsylvania:  Advertising company Ketchum shutting down its Pittsburgh operations in early 2018, 60 jobs lost to consolidation to New York City.

Texas: Call center contractor Convergys laying off 406 people at its Lubbock center!

Virginia:  The Virginian Pilot asking for 10% of employees to voluntarily quit, otherwise involuntary layoffs will take place.  The newspaper is also going to outsource print production.  Tax-sucking General Dynamics shutting down an InfoTech office in Alexandria, 92 jobs gone right before Xmas.

Washington:  Advertising company Hacker Group issued a couple of WARNs, 82 Seattle jobs gone in December.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, September 2017: “WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO ECONOMICS”