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Stop your bitchin’! Female pilot tells you why she flys MAFFS

24 April 2017 (15:03 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Ordibehest 1396/26 Rajab 1438/28 Jia Chen 4715

“The U.S. Forest Service has always been a strong partner with the Department of Defense when it comes to firefighting. This is probably one of the clearest examples of the benefits of using military aircraft in a civil support role and the U.S. Forest Service is the agency that does it the best. The U.S. Forest Service and the four airlift wings within the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve have really figured it out, with everything from logistics to funding, to execution, to standardization and the direct result is we save American lives and property using military crews and equipment in a civil support role. We’ve really built a strong partnership with the U.S. Forest Service over the last 44 years.”-Colonel Bryan Allen, Air Expeditionary Group

MAFFS training in Idaho concluded on 24 APR 2017, with a total of 121 sorties, 124 flight hours & 373,900 gallons of water dropped!

Video interview with Captain Melissa Emmett on Gowen Field, Idaho, 22 APR 2017:

“We have recognized the benefits to combine training periodically for operational consistency and standardization, not only with the air wings but for our personnel, as well. The compelling reason to do a combined training again this year was the integration of the 152nd Airlift Wing, from Reno, into the MAFFS mission. We know we have a window of opportunity to get Reno proficient. The speed to that proficiency is important. When you have this kind of setting, with all four wings together, it provides a more complete setting to meet that objective.”-Kim Christensen, U.S. Forest Service

Video interview with Staff Sergeant Kelsey Herzfeld on Gowen Field, Idaho, 22 APR 2017:





Obama assassinates U.S. female reporter for revealing true origins of Islamic State

What does it take to maintain a flying military firetruck?

23 April 2017 / 23:49 UTC-07 Tango 06  (03 Ordibehest 1396/26 Rajab 1438/28 Jia Chen 4715)

Susan Kett of U.S. Forest Service, David Lafon of North Carolina Forest Service and Robert Wheatley from CAL FIRE, on the flightline at Gowen Field, Idaho.

Technical Sergeant Miguel Corona, 146th Maintenance Squadron California National Guard, inspects the flight deck of a C-130J at Gowen Field, Idaho.

Tech. Sgt. Kye Dudley, 146th Maintenance Squadron California National Guard, inspects main wheel wells of a C-130J at Gowen Field, Idaho.

Senior Airman Santos Casaus operates ground generator that will provide electrical power to a sleeping C-130J, Gowen Field, Idaho.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Perez inspects the prop of a C-130J at Gowen Field, Idaho. If oil is leaking from the prop hub the whole propeller assembly must be replaced.

Even transports use HUDs (Heads Up Display). Airman 1st Class Alexis Carranza inspects the HUD inside a C-130J at Gowen Field, Idaho, 20 APR 2017.

Tech. Sgt. Miguel Corona inspects an oxygen mask inside of a C-130J.

Fire in the Hole! USAF Staff Sgt. Kelsey Herzfeld, assigned to the Wyoming Air National Guard’s 153rd Airlift Wing, preps to connect the MAFFS nozzle to one of two Wyoming Air National Guard MAFFS C-130H. The work was done before leaving for Idaho. The Wyoming Air Militia has been flying MAFFS missions since 1975.

Nevada “High Rollers” C-130H follows a USFS spotter plane over western Idaho, 21 APR 2017.

A MAFFS unit being installed in a C-130H. Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System can dump 3-thousand gallons of water in five seconds!


MAFFS bombs Idaho!

23 April 2017 / 18:41 UTC-07 Tango 06  (03 Ordibehest 1396/26 Rajab 1438/28 Jia Chen 4715)

Staff Sgt. Benny Romero, 146th Airlift Wing, California Air Militia, inspects the C-130J’s main landing gear on Gowen Field, Idaho, 20 APR 2017.

MAFFS 9 (C-130H) of 152nd Airlift Wing, Nevada Air Militia, east of Boise, Idaho, 21 APR 2017.

Video of MAFFS practice water drops in western Idaho, 22 APR 2017:

MAFFS 2 and MAFFS 5, from Air Force Reserve’s 302nd Airlift Wing, Colorado, on Gowen Field, Idaho, for USFS training.

MAFFS 3 (C-130H) of 153rd Airlift Wing, Wyoming Air Militia, somewhere east of Boise, Idaho, 21 APR 2017.

MAFFS 8 (C-130H) of 152nd Airlift Wing “High Rollers”, east of Boise, Idaho, 21 APR 2017.




Idaho conducts massive MAFFS training, in preps for hot wildfire season!

20 April 2017 / 18:27 UTC-07 Tango 06  (01 Ordibehest 1396/24 Rajab 1438/25 Jia Chen 4715)

“We look forward to this joint training with our military and civilian partners. Training together with all four MAFFS wings alongside U.S. Forest Service and other wildland firefighting agencies here in Boise provides a significant opportunity as we prepare for another challenging wildfire season.”-Colonel Bryan Allen, Air Expedition Group

California National Guard C-130J flies by a Nevada National Guard C-130H during Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System training at Gowen Field, Idaho

MAFFS=Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System

More than 4-hundred state National Guard and federal Reserve personnel from California, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming arrived in Gowen Field, Idaho, for a week of U.S. Forest Service training: “MAFFS have played a critical role in wildfire suppression for more than 40 years by providing surge capacity when commercial airtankers are fully committed or not readily available as they frequently are during periods of high wildfire activity.”-Kim Christensen, USFS

C-130 aircraft from three National Guard units and a U.S. Air Force Reserve unit arrive at Gowen Field, Idaho, 20 APR 2017

“Dude!”, 2013 Wyoming militia MAFFS drop:

2013 Wyoming MAFFS load up:

2013 California militia MAFFS drop:


“the economy went into the dumpster” “Technology has taken over”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, February 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in February 2017:

Alabama: Birmingham based Regions Bank shutting down 27 offices across the U.S. “based on traffic, volume, proximity of other branches, profitability, and other factors.”  After 40 years Jewels by Rose shutdown, the retiring owner revealed how her mother, the founder of the store, learned about jewelry: “She started learning about jewelry from her World Book Encyclopedia at home.”-Donna Jowers, current owner

Arkansas:  After 25 years Cheap Thrills thrift store shutdown with no explanation.

 California: Vernon based clothing retailer BCBG Max Azria Group finally revealed it must shutdown 120 brick-n-mortar stores across the United States. Having a website can’t stop clothier Nasty Gal from suddenly shutting down brick-n-mortar stores in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, 98 people laid off without warning.  Brisbane based bebe (aka Bebe Stores) shutting down 25 stores due to a sudden and unexpected crash in clothing sales (yes, they have a website).  Hat seller Valley CAPS shutting down its Stockton location, 34 jobs gone by mid-April. Clothier VF Outdoor shutting down its ops in Alameda, 52 jobs lost by mid-April. Parking lot and transportation service company SP Plus suddenly shutdown their Glendale operations, 84 jobs lost. LPL Financial issued a layoff WARN for its San Diego location, 133 jobs lost by mid-April!  In Pomona, after 83 years Coates Cyclery shutdown, the owner blamed his own suppliers for competing with him on the internet, and said bicycle service work doesn’t pay enough to keep them in business!

Connecticut: In Stamford, British empire based Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) issued yet another layoff WARN, ten jobs lost in April.  Retailer Benny’s suddenly shutdown one of its five locations in the state, local news media say the local retailer has been in business since 1924.  Consignment store Cedar Chest shutting down its Branford location in March, due to not being able to renew the lease.

Florida:   In Tampa, Powerhouse Gym shutdown its Channelside location, blaming rent increase and lawsuits. Law firm Binder&Binder shutdown its Tampa office, 75 jobs lost.  In Bradenton, after 67 years Pierro’s Jewelers shutting down as soon as the inventory is gone.

Georgia: Cartersville Jewelry Exchange shutdown three locations.  The owner is going back to running just one store saying “There’s more to life than money…”   In Columbus, after 74 years iconic five stories tall Raymond Rowe Furniture shutting down as soon as the inventory is gone.  Video Warehouse shutdown its Valdosta store.

Idaho: Burley based King’s Variety continues its slow death spiral, announcing it will continue shutting down stores.  King’s is down to just 19 stores across six states: “The retail climate has radically changed in the past decade….Brick and mortar stores need feet and faces to survive as we have salaries, rents and other costs to cover. Unfortunately for us that is not the current landscape.”

Illinois:  In Chicago, United Airlines WARNed it will layoff 3-hundred people starting in April, as part of its restructuring plan!  In Chicago, California based clothier GAP shutdown its store on North State Street.  State Farm insurance issued a layoff WARN for Bloomington, 78 jobs gone by the end of April.

Indiana: In Evansville, Combs Landscape and Nursery shutting down so the owner can focus on other projects.  In Indianapolis, after three years VeloWorks Urban Cyclery shutdown.

Kansas: Topeka based shoe seller Payless warned that it is in negotiations with creditors that could result in as many as 1-thousand store shutdowns!

Kentucky: Having a website can’t stop clothier Nasty Gal from shutting down its distribution center in Sheperdsville, 70 jobs lost in April.

Louisiana: After 70 years the Alexandria Golf & Country Club shutdown due to lack of dues paying members.

Maine: Dying Radio Shack shutdown a store in Bucksport.

Maryland: After 62 years La Plata TV & Appliance shutdown.  After 36 years Carpenter’s World of Music shutting down by April: “Ever since the economy went into the dumpster and the competition of the internet, it just hasn’t been fun.”-Ken Carpenter

Michigan: In Kalkaska, after 39 years Cornell’s Crossing Hallmark shutting down by the end of March.  The country’s largest retail christian chain store is now dead.  After 85 years Family Christian Stores shutting down all 240 stores, 3-thousand jobs lost by the end of April! Instead of blaming god, Family Christian Stores admin blamed their fellow christians for crashing sales!  In Kalamazoo, after 45 years Alfred E. Bike shutting down as soon as the inventory is auctioned off.  The auction is being held on the internet.  In Bay City, after 117 years (surviving The Great Depression) Utermalen’s Furniture shutdown, the owners say sales never recovered from the crash of 2008.

Minnesota: 56 years old Saint Paul based ‘outdoors’ store Gander Mountain began shutting down and liquidating stores across the U.S.  Local news media said company administrators are refusing to explain, or say how many stores will shutdown.

Missouri: What automotive industry recovery? In Frederickstown, Barrett Jensen shutdown after 20 years of vehicle sales, the property has been used to sell cars all the way back to The Great Depression. In Kansas City, after 51 years Swirk Jewelry shutdown, the owner lamented “There used to be a lot of family owned stores here. There used to be a drug store, grocery store here. Today there is very little of that still here. A lot of the restaurants are chain stores…..it’s just different.”  Grandview based U.S. Toys shutting down five of its remaining six brick-n-mortar stores in April, to focus on the internet: “Our retail stores have been impacted by the economy, and people shifted to online shopping…..It’s gotten to the point where from a profitability standpoint, it didn’t make sense to keep our [brick-n-mortar] stores anymore.”-Seth Freiden, CEO

Nebraska: In Columbus, J’s Hallmark gift store shutdown for “multiple reasons”.

New Jersey: In Mount Laurel, PHH Mortgage eliminating 33 jobs in March.  Wayne based Toys’R’Us suddenly eliminated 250 corporate jobs, blaming crashing sales!  In Brick, after 27 years Bob’s Video Time shutdown, the owners admitted they should’ve shutdown two years ago.

New York: In Vestal, after 46 seasons ski store Cliff House shutting down when the current ski season ends, the owner wants more time with his ill son.  In Gloversville, True Value Hardware shutting down, local news media says no details were released.  In Elmira, after eight years Hills,Valleys & Streams shutdown “due to lack of slaes” in the past two years.  The owners swore over and over to local news media that sales “were great” until two years ago.   In Potsdam, Misty Hollow arts & crafts shutting down by the end of April: “Times were different 25 years ago. That’s the bottom line.”-Karen G. Sidletsky, owner

North Carolina: Mooresville based home improvement retailer Lowes laid off 430 HQ employees and another 95 corporate ‘support’ employees elsewhere! This is on top of last month’s announced plan to kill 2-thousand 4-hundred full time jobs at stores and distribution centers across the United States!  In Winston-Salem, The Other Half gallery shutting down in March.  The Sanctuary of Davidson artisan gift store shutting down in March, not sure if you can blame the internet because loyal customers were notified by email.

Ohio: Maumee based agribusiness and farm retailer Andersons shutting down all four stores, laying off 920 people by the end of April!  It’s blamed on millions of U.S. dollars in losses over the past eight years.  In Geneva, after ten years pet store The Green Leash shutting down in March.  Your Home by Goldsteins Furniture shutting down a store in Boardman, the building is being sold.  In Madeiro, after ten years La Silhouette Lingerie shutdown.

Oregon: Happy Knits shutdown its brick-n-mortar store in Portland (Happy Knits has a website).  Clothier Lucy Activewear now dead after after being absorbed by troubled competitor The North Face. It’s unknown how many Lucy Activwear stores will be shutdown: “Just in the last eight years, the growth in competition has really been intense from a lot of brands….Our intention is to have them closed by the end of 2017 or very early 2018.”-Dawn Dzedy, Lucy Activewear

Pennsylvania: In Waynesboror, after 39 years Schier’s Furniture liquidating and shutting down, the owner says he can no longer compete.  After 27 years Polo Ralph Lauren shutdown its store in Philadelphia.  In Carlisle, after 43 years Midway Skating Center sold-off and shutting down due to “the high costs associated with maintaining such a large facility and the increasing pressure on young people’s time”.

South Carolina:  In Charleston, after six years upscale women’s clothier Rapport shutdown saying “We don’t have enough business to make it practical to continue to operate.”

Tennessee: In Chattanooga, after more than 25 years River City Bicycles shutdown blaming “the purchasing habits of today’s consumers”.

Texas: Despite a slight uptick in profits at the end of Gregorian year 2016, Plano based U.S. retail icon JCPenney says as many as 140 stores could be shutdown by May, and on top of those employees losing their jobs due to the shutdowns, apparently an additional 6-thousand employees will be offered voluntary buyouts (bribes to quit)!  In Plano, Forex Capital Markets eliminating 56 jobs in April, blaming federal regulators.  In Grapevine, Fidelity Investments laid off 98 people.    Seaway Bank & Trust failed, assets turned over to the State Bank of Texas.  In El Paso, after 13 years bowling alley Fiesta Lanes shutdown due to financial problems.  After years CC’s Discounts shutting down its store in Abilene. You shouldn’t blame the internet because after all they posted the following on social media: “The industry has become a market of great competition and increasing difficulties in meeting my obligations to employees and customers.”

Vermont: Decades old Brownsville General Store suddenly shutdown, a real estate agent revealed that store was out up for sale the month prior.

Virginia: In Blacksburg, after 14 years Mad Dog Boutique shutdown despite pleas from potential customers to stay open, the owner saying she can no longer compete.  God powerless to stop ‘his’  British empire based Salvation Army from shutting down its Waynseboro thrift store, due to lack of sales.  The Bristol Mall GameStop shutdown.  Clothier Misty Mountain Designs also shutdown its Bristol Mall location, the owner blames Sears: “The decision to close the mall location was made when Sears announced they were closing……I contacted management to find out if they had anything coming behind Sears …..it feels as though they’re considering the mall for another type of use.”-Sue Smith

Washington: Too Big to Jail Bank of America shutting down its Bremerton office in November.

Wisconsin: In Madison, after “90 wonderful years” Mallatt’s Pharmacy & Costumes shutdown.  Local news media reported that the pharmacy portion of the store actually ceased ops back in October.  The owner said he’s focusing on his Homecare Pharmacy operations.  In Milwaukee, Zita’s Bridal Salon shutting down by April, after 90 years of being one of the “most exclusive” women’s clothing stores in Wisconsin.  Jeri’s Hallmark in Valley View Mall shutdown.  In Wauwatosa, after almost 80 years The Map Store shutdown: “Technology has taken over……So much of our customers don’t need us anymore, they have a cell phone. Technology is devastating. It was a blessing for creating maps, but not for selling them.”-Jan Swain, owner

Retail/Banking/Service sector January 2017: “I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, IT’S KILLING ME”


Dumbing Down the U.S., February 2017: OBAMA KILLS 200 COLLEGES!

U.S. Tech communications breakdown, February 2017: “REDUCE STAFF…BY 30%.”

U.S. Mining/Industry/Logistics layoffs, February 2017: “INVOLUNTARY SEPARATION PROGRAM”




WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification.

I found a 2010 AFL-CIO analysis (titled The Public Availability of WARN Notices: Lack of Accessibility and Disclosure…) which proves what I’ve been suspecting in my search of state WARN notices; most states are not complying with federal WARN regulations and are not publicizing or tracking mass layoffs.

Former employees who receive severance are not counted as unemployed!

Employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance: “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Obama Legacy: Death of ‘Outdoors’ stores, and don’t blame the internet!

11 April 2017 (15:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 22 Farvardin 1396/14 Rajab 1438/15 Jia Chen 4715

Independently owned ‘outdoors’ store Element Outfitters shutting down its 2nd brick-n-mortar store in Pocatello, Idaho.  But don’t blame the internet, they have a website. (elementoutfitters.com)

Element Outfitters, Yellowstone Avenue (aka U.S. highway 91) Pocatello, Idaho

Soon to shutdown Element Outfitters on Yellowstone Avenue (aka U.S. Route 91) Pocatello, Idaho

The original Element Outfitters, towards the south end of town, will continue to operate.  The owners say the economic situation is such that they must consolidate operations to become more efficient.

Interestingly a local news report ignorantly (perhaps lazily) blamed “e-commerce”, failing to mention that most brick-n-mortar stores also have websites that sell merchandise.

Michigan based MC Sports went bankrupt in February of this year, and is shutting down all 66 stores.

Last year the largest ‘outdoors’ chain died.  It was called Sports Authority and it too had a website.  In fact, in its bankruptcy it was revealed that not only did its brick-n-mortar sales crash, but so did its e-commerce sales.  Administrators said there was too much competition for both brick-n-mortar ops and internet ops.  By the end of 2016 Dick’s Sporting Goods took over the remaining Sports Authority operations.

In April 2016, Vestis Retail Group killed off Sports Chalet and then sold off its other outdoors ops Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob’s Stores.  They had websites too.

The owner of now dead California based clothier Wet Seal, Versa Capital Management, took over Bob’s  and Eastern Mountain Sports.  Then suddenly in February of this year (shortly after killing off Wet Seal) Versa began quietly killing off Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob’s Stores.  Versa is bankrupt and some reports say it might be sold-off to British empire based retailer Sports Direct International.

In February of this year, VF Outdoor announced it would shutdown its four years old ‘sustainable’ outdoors and  clothing product HQ in Alameda, California, killing 52 jobs by April.  One of the outdoor clothing brands associated with VF Outdoor is The North Face.  VF Outdoor is a division of North Carolina VF Contemporary Brands, which also announced it would kill off nearly 1-hundred manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles and Vernon, California, by April.

Just like with the U.S. apparel industry blaming too much competition (both on and off the internet) for its demise, so too is the related outdoors retail sector. And just like the apparel industry death spiral, the outdoors industry death spiral began under the watch of Barack Obama. 


Dollar General secretly executes Dollar Express & Family Dollar!?! Another blow to Chubbuck?

09 April 2017 (17:23 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Farvardin 1396/12 Rajab 1438/13 Jia Chen 4715

In my routine reading of state WARN (Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification) listings I discovered massive listing for Dollar Express shutdowns.  I’ve also found local news reports revealing that Family Dollar stores are also being shutdown.  This is connected to the takeover of Family Dollar by Dollar Tree in 2015, and the takeover of Dollar Express by Dollar General just days ago.

Is the Chubbuck, Idaho, Family Dollar about to bite the dust?

On 30 MAR 2017, Dollar Express notified Idaho Department of Commerce that its store in Emmett was shutting down.

In 2014 I wrote how Family Dollar was being sold to a company called Dollar Tree.   I also wrote how New York based Yankee One Dollar went out of business, blaming jacked up employee insurance costs due to ObamaCare. And in 2013 I reported how Idaho based Honk’s $1.00 suddenly died and was shutting down. Initially Boise news media claimed that no Honk’s stores were shutting down, until days after BlindBatNews posted the evidence, then the Boise main-streamers finally reported the shutdowns!

To get the takeover of Family Dollar approved, the federal government required Dollar Tree to sell-off more than 3-hundred stores.  Those stores became known as Dollar Express in 2015 under ownership of a vulture capitalist company called Sycamore Partners. At the end of March of this year Sycamore Partners quietly sold them to competitor Dollar General, who immediately began shutting them down.

Dollar General’s sudden takeover and shutdown of Dollar Express (not to be confused with car rental company Dollar EXPRESS) is interesting because in 2016 Dollar General administrators said they were about to embark on a massive expansion program.  The sudden shutdown of Dollar Express will kill 2-thousand-7-hundred jobs! That’s according to news media in the state of North Carolina, where Dollar Express is headquartered.

But wait, at the same time news reports are popping up around the country revealing that Family Dollar stores are shutting down as well.  A Family Dollar in Saint Louis, Missouri, and one in Saranac Lake, New York, are shutting down by the end of June.  It turns out that many of the Family Dollar stores sold-off in 2015, to create Dollar Express, were allowed to continue operating under the Family Dollar name!

What this looks like to me is a complicated game that the top U.S. ‘dollar’ store operators are playing with federal regulators, in an attempt to create a monopoly.  Many analysts say which Family Dollar stores will shutdown depends on if there is another dollar store nearby.   Keep in mind that dollar stores target poor people, yet because poor people don’t have enough money to support the dollar store industry desperate dollar store owners are trying to create a monopoly, it’s proof we’re in a depression not a recovery. Thousands of dollar store employees have lost their jobs since the U.S. dollar store wars began in 2013 (under the rule of Barack Obama)!




Rue21, Hi-Tech retail fail! Another blow for Chubbuck?

06 April 2017 / 20:07 UTC-07 Tango 06 (18 Farvardin 1396/10 Rajab 1438/11 Jia Chen 4715)

Rue21 issued a massive 4-hundred store shutdown list, Idaho will lose two stores, click here for the list.  To find out which store is closing click on your state, then click each city listed, the stores that are closing will have “Closing Store” posted above the location name.

Will the relatively new rue21 store in the Pine Ridge Mall be forced to shutdown?

Will the relatively new rue21 store in the Pine Ridge Mall be forced to shutdown?

Unnamed sources inside rue21 told main stream news media that the ‘teen’ clothing retailer is about to go bankrupt, and has hired counselors who specialize in shutting down and/or selling off brick-n-mortar stores.

In Chubbuck, Idaho, the Pine Ridge Mall has a large rue21 store.  The store opened only four years ago. It never seems to have a lot of customers.

Other main stream news media reports say rue21 has massive debts and failed to make loan payments.  Suppliers have even stopped shipments of new clothes for fear of not being paid.

At the beginning of this year rue21 created new executive positions, claiming they would “propel the company forward”.  Last year rue21 was described as being the largest fast growing fashion retailer in the United States, apparently that was a lie.

Don’t blame the internet, or hi-tech, rue21 has a website and uses the latest retail tech platform called Aptos.  The use of hi-tech resulted in rue21 winning the Gold Award for Customer Engagement, just last year!

Last year’s technology upgrades were an attempt to revive the clothing seller, obviously technology failed.



Snake River Militia (?) spends taxpayer money building hospitals in Central America!

05 April 2017 / 20:14 UTC-07 Tango 06 (17 Farvardin 1396/09 Rajab 1438/10 Jia Chen 4715)

Former National Guardsmen from Montana, now Army Reservists (but still wearing the patch of Idaho based Snake River Brigade), are in the Central American country of Belize building hospitals and schools under a U.S. Southern Command sub-operation called Double Head Cabbage.

Former Snake River Brigade member Sergeant Ramon Firestone, from Montana, measures a 2×4 for use in making roof supports in Belize

Belize was once a colony of the British empire, called British Honduras, gaining so-called independence in 1981.  In 2006 oil was discovered in the area known as Spanish Lookout.

Double Head Cabbage is part of a larger operation between United States and Belize, called Beyond the Horizon 2017.  Beyond the Horizon will provide free medical help to the people of Belize, at U.S. taxpayer expense!

Specialist Troy Hanson, from Montana. Defense Department reports say he’s with Army Reserve, but note the National Guard Snake River Brigade patch on his sleeve.

Interestingly the personnel from Montana claim to belong to a federal Army Reserve unit, yet they wear Idaho National Guard’s Snake River Brigade (116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team) patch (see pics above).

The Army Reserve unit the personnel claim to be from is known as the 672nd Engineer Company.  I discovered that the 672nd was deactivated back in June 1959, but reactivated in September 2008.

The Montana reservists are wearing the National Guard patch on their right sleeves to indicate they were deployed to a combat zone with the Snake River Brigade.  Recently rules were changed concerning the wearing of the ‘combat patch’.  For a long time the size of the unit you deployed with, how long you were deployed in a combat zone, and whether or not Congress actually declared war, determined the wearing of the combat patch.  Another problem has been that some brigade level commanders actually banned the wearing of combat patches.  The wearing of the combat patch is voluntary.




‘Zombie’ Payless shoes suddenly shutters 400 stores! Another blow to the city of Chubbuck?

04 April 2017 (16:20 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Farvardin 1396/07 Rajab 1438/08 Jia Chen 4715

“…with the immediate closure of nearly 400 underperforming locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and work to aggressively manage the remaining real estate lease portfolio either by modifying terms, or evaluating closures of additional locations.”-Payless statement, 04 APR 2017

Despite Donald Trump running The White House, the Obama regime initiated apparel industry death spiral is ramping up.  Discount cheap-o shoe seller Payless suddenly ‘died’ today after filing for bankruptcy.

4-hundred U.S. stores forced to shutdown immediately!  The thousands of remaining stores around the world will undergo ‘managed’ shutdowns!  (click this link to the official shutdown list)

Payless is officially not dead, but should be considered a zombie retailer as executives struggle to keep the company going: “This is a difficult, but necessary, decision driven by the continued challenges of the retail environment, which will only intensify. We will build a stronger Payless for our customers, vendors and suppliers, associates, business partners and other stakeholders through this process. While we have had to make many tough choices, we appreciate the substantial support we have received from our lenders, who share our belief that we have a unique opportunity to enable Payless — the iconic American footwear retailer with one of the best-recognized global brands — to remain the go-to shoe store for customers in America and around the globe.”-Paul Jones, CEO

Payless in struggling Pine Ridge Mall, employees swear they've been told no shutdown for them

Payless in struggling Pine Ridge Mall, employees swear they’ve been told no shutdown for them

However, the Payless ShoeSource employees at the struggling Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck, Idaho, swear they are not being shutdown.  They claim that corporate administrators say the Chubbuck Payless is actually making money.

In related news, the Payless store in Pocatello, Idaho (which was quietly shutdown back in October 2016), was supposedly shutdown because of landlord/tenant problems, not lack of sales.


U.S. RETAIL/BANKING/SERVICE SECTOR COLLAPSE, JANUARY 2017: Kansas based Payless shoe seller suddenly laid off 110 HQ employees!  Elsewhere, another 55 Payless employees were suddenly dumped.  Local news media say laid off employees were given no notice and were escorted out by security guards!

 U.S. RETAIL/BANKING/SERVICE SECTOR JOB LOSSES, OCTOBER 2016: Payless Shoes shutting down three stores in Illinois, right after Thanksgiving, blaming “landlord issues”.


U.S. JOB LOSSES & STORE CLOSINGS, JANUARY 2013: Payless Shoes HQ in Topeka, Kansas, laid off 45 people and eliminated 97 vacant positions. New owners of Payless say the job cuts are an effort to keep the company operating.