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“everything is financial”: U.S. Government Shenanigans, February 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for February 2017:

Alaska: Taxpayer owned Alaska Railroad Corporation laid off 31 people and eliminated 29 positions, blaming an un-recovered economy for creating a forecasted loss of $4.9-million USD for 2017.

Arizona: Marana Hooters restaurant shutdown not by protesters, but by a $148-million USD state taxpayer funded road project.  Local news reports say the road project will block both access points to the restaurant.

California: Taxpayers in the city of Covina forced to pay to re-develop a former Kmart property into a housing project and bus terminal! Tax sucking maker of parts for inflatable boats, Wing Inflatables, warning that 1-hundred jobs in Arcata could be lost, if they don’t win a multi-million USD tax-sucking contract from the U.S. Navy for Special Warfare Boats!   Washington based port operator Puglia Engineering suddenly backed out of its deal to take over a former British empire BAE pier in San Francisco, 184 jobs suddenly gone!  Administrators blame the U.S. tax-sucking British empire’s BAE for selling them a pig-in-a-poke as they discovered $9-million USD in damages to the pier caused by BAE!  Local news media reported that under BAE the pier employed more than 2-hundred people.   Tax-sucking Rockwell Collins issued a WARN, 44 jobs in Irvine lost by the end of April.

Colorado:  Missouri based prescription ‘benefits’ company Express Scripts shutting down its call center in Pueblo, 320 jobs lost by the end of April!  City leaders say Express Scripts still owes local taxpayers $2.8-million USD that was loaned to the prescription company, and never mind that Express Scripts also got about $3-million in tax incentives to build a call center in Pueblo!

Idaho: In the overwhelmingly christian (Mormon) dominated south eastern part of The Gem State, some christians actually campaigned against Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas’ planned homeless shelter in Pocatallo! After a local Muslim doctor started the financial ball rolling in favor of the homeless shelter (waking up true local Christians who had money to donate), a group of christians went to the city council to point out that the Sublette Street property was not zoned for “transitional housing”.  The Mormon dominated city promptly revoked the temporary operating permit.  Pastor Big Momma commented to local news media that she’s taking this as a sign that god has a better location in mind.

Iowa: The state Department for the Blind eliminating ten jobs in March due to massive taxpayer funding cuts over the next two years.

Kentucky: Privately run but taxpayer funded probation and parole company Kentucky Alternative Programs lost its contract with Boyle and Mercer district courts due to failing to meet new rules established by the state supreme court.

Maryland: Baltimore based, evangelical founded, World Relief warning of layoffs across the U.S. due to the new President of the United States of America Donald Trump.  You see, christian founded World Relief gets paid by federal taxpayers according to how many refugees they take in.

 New York:  U.S. Army contractor L3 Technologies laid off 44 people, other employees are being transferred to Mississippi, due to cuts in taxpayer funding.

Ohio: Enginetics issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Eastlake, at least 28 jobs lost by July. Enginetics’ main customer is the tax-sucking U.S. military.

Nebraska: In Omaha, after only two years Grane Whiskey Dispensary shutdown. Local news reports say the owner is fighting legal claims over alleged unpaid taxes concerning a different booze business.

Pennsylvania:   CNX Coal Resources-Consol Energy laid off 2-hundred people due to a state Environmental Hearings Board restriction!    Soda pop seller ShopRite laying off 3-hundred people because sales crashed by 50% due to the city of Philadelphia’s 1.5 cents per ounce tax (on top of existing food taxes)! New Jersey based Canada Dry Delaware Valley eliminating 20% of its jobs in Philadelphia, because their soda sales crashed by 45%, again, due the city of Philadelphia’s 1.5 cents per ounce tax (on top of existing food taxes)!

South Carolina:  Tax-sucking maker of fabric armor, DuPont-Kevlar, shutting down its six years old factory in Berkeley due to lack of sales.  Local news reports say DuPont claimed to have invested $500-million USD in the factory, but is now consolidating the work to other factories, resulting in 113 jobs lost in Berkeley County!

Tennessee: After only one year and U.S. taxpayer funded incentives to build a $22-million USD factory in Kingsport, British empire Canada owned Pure Foods now chapter 11 bankrupt busted!  The company also promised to hire 275 Tennesseans, but local news media reported that food production at Kingsport was suddenly halted in October 2016 after the Canadian owners suddenly decided to consolidate operations.

Texas: In Plano, Forex Capital Markets eliminating 56 jobs in April, blaming federal regulators.

Vermont:  It was revealed that state tax collectors forced Flanders Market/North Tunbridge General Store/Chelsea’s Pizza House to shutdown in November! The owner of the stores re-opened them in December after settling the taxes, but then suddenly shutdown them all down in January/February, saying “Everything is financial”.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans January 2017: EMINENT DOMAIN KILLING MOM-N-POPS!

The Great Reneger: Trump fails after tens weeks in The White House!

16 April 2017 (01:15 UTC-07 Tango 06) 27 Farvardin 1396/19 Rajab 1438/20 Jia Chen 4715

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, September 2016

Since Donald Trump began his U.S. presidency, U.S. ‘police actions’ around the world have increased.  (Trump Flip Flops……War Spending Now Priority)

“Right after his election I said that all will depend on how quickly the existing machine of power will break Trump’s election pledges. It needed ten weeks. …..the [Trump] administration has proved its extreme dependence on the opinion of the Washington establishment, which the new president criticized so strongly in his inauguration speech.”– Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia




“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!” 

Alabama Militia defends Kuwait at U.S. taxpayer expense!

16 April 2017 (00:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 27 Farvardin 1396/19 Rajab 1438/20 Jia Chen 4715

“We have six-gun trucks in first platoon and six gun-trucks in second platoon…..In the event that we had to escort a convoy with all of the assets that we have we would have a total of 12 securing the entire convoy.”-1st Lieutenant Kolby Jarquin

Alabama National Guard’s 1670th Transportation Company, now deployed to Kuwait, conducted live fire convoy defense training: “In Alabama we do not have the ranges like this, so we are taking advantage of the Udairi range complex out here, to be able to conduct this training.”– 1st Lieutenant Kolby Jarquin

According to U.S. military data, Alabama militiamen fired at 11 targets using M2 .50 caliber (12.7mm) and M240 .30 caliber (7.62mm) machine guns, burning through approximately 5-hundred rounds per vehicle.

The newly developed convoy defense live fire range will now be used by future Area Support Group Kuwait units.

Washington Militia shoots the ‘shit’ outta their two-forties!

Washington National Guard aviation units conducting live fire training with their M240 machine guns:

The ‘240’ is also used by infantry and on ground vehicles like the M1 Abrams.  The machine gun was originally designed back in the 1950s by Fabrique Nationale in the NATO co-founder country of Belgium (called the FN MAG). It uses  7.62x51mm (.308) NATO ammunition.  The United States began using its version (called M240) in 1977.


Operation Jupiter : New TB killing deer & beef cattle!

13 April 2017 / 19:38 UTC-07 Tango 06 (25 Farvardin 1396/17 Rajab 1438/18 Jia Chen 4715)

“I can’t explain how this is moving around.  My concern is it is moving in something.”-Bret Marsh, Indiana State Board of Animal Health

In the United States, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health warning of what appears to be a new type of Bovine tuberculosis (TB) hitting both wild deer and domestic cows.

Supposedly Indiana’s cattle industry was TB free from 1984 until about nine years ago.  U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) testing revealed that the most recent cases of Bovine TB in wild white-tailed deer and domestic cattle are of the same strain of TB.  Also of interest is that one raccoon also tested positive for the same TB strain.

The particular strain of Bovine TB first popped up in 2008 in domestic cattle in Indiana. In 2009 the first wild deer case was found, also in Indiana, and it has spread across the United States.  Since then thousands of cattle and several types of wild deer and elk have been culled.

Last month South Dakota’s Game Fish and Parks Department discovered a herd of cattle infected with TB (the first time since 2011), they will be culled at U.S. taxpayer expense (the USDA will compensate the farmer).  Even the cows that tested negative will be killed.

In February this year the USDA identified cows from Nebraska as being infected.  It was also revealed that infected cows were found in feed lots in Nebraska and South Dakota in November 2016.

Bovine TB is considered the most infectious across animal specie, but I’ve discovered that until 1994 Bovine TB was considered rare in wild animals. Michigan Department of Natural Resources says until 1994 only eight wild deer were documented to have the disease. However, for some publicly unexplained reason, in 1995 Michigan required that wild deer killed by hunters, or found dead, had to be tested for the disease.  Since than not only have deer been found infected but so have elk, black bear, bobcat, coyote, opossum, raccoon, and red fox (‘You big dummy!’ No not that Redd Foxx).

Michigan’s domestic cattle industry is also being hit.  Earlier this month the USDA confirmed that a cow in Newaygo County tested positive.   A study by Michigan State University concluded that the main culprit in the spread of Bovine TB are salt licks set out by cattle ranchers.  Basically the wild deer come onto the farms at night to lick the salt, then move on during the day.  They pick up the TB from the domestic cows and then spread it across state lines.

The country of New Zealand reporting great progress in fighting Bovine TB.  In the Gregorian year of 2000 there were at least 7-hundred documented cases in deer and cattle.  Today the Operational Solutions for Primary Industries reports that there are currently 41 cases.

In the country of Ireland it’s reported that from the 1st quarter of 2016 to the 1st quarter of 2017 at least 2-thousand 8-hundred cases of Bovine TB were confirmed!  Interestingly wild deer are being blamed (even though it’s actually domestic cattle who should be blamed) and the Manor Kilbride Deer Management Project is demanding that hunters be allowed to kill-off as many as 50-thousand deer just in the tiny county of Wicklow!  Local news reports revealed that cattle farmers are blaming the deer for the TB epidemic in the hopes of freeing up more grazing land for their domestic cows.

In the United Kingdom, the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales and County Hall is demanding an elk cull, not because they have Bovine TB but to find out if they do!   Turns out that the elk roam on private lands and are not required to be routinely tested, as domestic cows are required to be.


Operation Jupiter : Raccoons hit with unknown disease? Spreading like wildfire!

13 April 2017 (16:33 UTC-07 Tango 06) 24 Farvardin 1396/16 Rajab 1438/17 Jia Chen 4715

“We do this every year, but this year it’s been an epidemic.”-Jerry Harrison, Alcoa County Animal Control, Tennessee

Since the end of March there’s been a sudden increase in sightings of diseased raccoons in the United States and Canada.

In Tennessee, skyrocketing cases of raccoons being culled due to unknown (so far) disease.  According to animal control employees the average number of sick raccoons put-down in a year is about three, but in Alcoa County they euthanized 18 raccoons just in the month of March!

The symptoms displayed are similar to canine distemper or rabies.  Distemper is not a threat to humans, but rabies is, so as a precaution all sick raccoons are being killed until USDA test results reveal what is making them sick: “Most of the time, it’s going to be distemper, and it kind of mimics the rabies, the tremors, things like that. It’s probably going to be distemper, but we won’t know until the testing is done.”- Eddie King, Maryville  County Animal Control

The problem with canine distemper and rabies is that symptoms are similar; being out in the open during the day, no fear of humans, trembling, foaming at the mouth, walking in circles.

I was surprised to discover that some U.S. states treat raccoons as if they are the source of disease.  Raccoons are unknowing spreaders of disease, but the disease doesn’t start with them.  Canine distemper can be blamed on dogs brought to the Americas by European settlers.  Rabies was first identified more than 4-thousand years ago by the ancient Egyptians, it too could have been spread to the Americas by European settlers and their farm animals.  This is more historical proof that immigration is a bad thing for native specie.

Reports of sick raccoons are coming out of Alabama as well.   Social media reports by residents of the city of Homewood reveal numerous sightings of sick raccoons. One raccoon was killed and is undergoing testing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is warning the public of all the various diseases that raccoons can unknowingly spread, after a raccoon was found sick with rabies.

In Virginia, towards the end of March a woman in Arlington was attacked by a raccoon while she was sitting on her back porch.  She said the animal came “out of nowhere” and bit her leg. She received rabies vaccinations as a result.  Just today, reports out of Newport News say another raccoon tested positive for rabies.

In South Carolina, a veterinarian broke-up a fight between one raccoon and three dogs earlier this month, this week test results showed the raccoon had rabies.  Interestingly the vet said other than trying to fight three dogs the raccoon showed no signs of being sick.

The true vector of disease isn’t the raccoons, but the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that love to suck animal’s blood (humans are animals, take that you filthy animal Donald Trump for calling al-Assad an “animal”).

In British empire Canada, the Province of Ontario warning of increased cases of rabies in raccoons.  Significant considering there hasn’t been a documented case of raccoons with rabies in many parts of Ontario for the past ten years!  Rabies can be spread through saliva. Manager of Health Protection for Public Health Services, Jessica Morris, warned “Once the virus…..hits the brain…it’s essentially too late…”




National Guard responds to chemical attack(?) in Arizona!

07 April 2017 (01:50 UTC-07 Tango 06) 18 Farvardin 1396/10 Rajab 1438/11 Jia Chen 4715

Arizona first responders and National Guard suit-up for toxic gas situation at animal hospital

On 06 APR 2017, employees at an animal hospital in Gilbert, Arizona, thought they smelled a gas leak.  When the fire department investigated they claim to have found a toxic gas “hazmat situation” and ordered an evacuation of the Arizona Veterinary Specialists clinic.

The National Guard’s 91st Civil Support Team was called in, as well as surrounding municipality’s HAZMAT teams.   Apparently first responders called it a hazmat situation because they determined it was not a gas leak, but they were not able to identify what was in the air.

Entering the Hot Zone in Level-A suits

14 dogs and one cat were evacuated, most were connected to medical equipment.  Local news media said the first dog brought out was in critical condition, but didn’t say if it was due to the toxic gas. Veterinarians who checked out the animals after evacuation don’t think the animal’s conditions are connected to the hazmat situation.

Local news media say the employees, and the fire crews that responded to the 9-1-1 call, were checked for contamination.  Finally, investigators determined the toxic gas was ethylene oxide, a chemical used to sterilize medical equipment.

Ethylene oxide is a flammable colorless gas with a sweet odor, and is also used to make toxic bug spray.



Pittsburgh asks Army Reserve for water!

“How much purified water can one of your water purification units produce to distribute to the public?”-City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety

04 APR 2017 meeting between Pittsburgh admin and U.S. Army Reserve commanders

Just days ago the city of Pittsburgh asked the U.S. Army Reserve 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) to provide logistical information about water purification.

Not much info has been made public about the meeting, other than city administrators are concerned about the loss of city water services due to a potential ‘disaster’.