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Obama Legacy: China kicks America’s Ass in jobs for Africa!

19 March 2017 (15:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Esfand 1395/20 Jumada t-Tania 1438/22 Gui Mao 4715

“China ranks the 7th in terms of project numbers in Africa, but it created the most jobs, which is unexpected by many people.”-Jeremy Stevens, Standard Bank Group

During the last two years of the Obama regime China has become the number one creator of jobs on the African continent, despite billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent by the evil USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and USAfriCom (United States Africa Command).

At an economic meeting last week (in Kenya) it was revealed that in the past two years China has created nearly 30-thousand jobs in Africa!  Last year the U.S. based World Bank admitted that despite propaganda from the Obama regime, 93% of Chinese companies in Kenya are hiring Africans.  (interesting that China is doing so well in Barack Obama’s paternal homeland of Kenya)

Why is China so successful and the U.S. not?  Simple, China is spending its taxpayer’s money on creating jobs while the U.S. spends money on so called disaster relief and supposedly fighting ‘terrorism’.  At this past Friday’s economic meeting in Kenya African leaders stated that job creation is all they’re looking for from foreign investments. In other words they want butter, not guns.

But lets not put all the blame on Barack Obama, last week Donald Trump quietly banned one hundred Africans from attending a economic forum here in the U.S.  To add insult to injury, the economic forum was focusing on trade with Africa!

Kenya to drop U.S. dollar for Chinese Yuan

 Trump slashes financial aid to Kenya’s health sector in budget proposals





“a streamlining of operations.” : ObamaCare (ACA) Death Spiral, January 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, January 2017:

Arizona: In Tucson, mental healthcare facility La Frontera Arizona laid off an additional 30 people, less than a month after laying off 22 employees, due to funding cuts: “They do more than just give medications and things like that. They are there for support and without that, we are not going to have anything.”-Jennifer Dobbertin, patient

California: San Francisco based digital mental health therapy op Joyable laid off 20 people as it shifts from targeting individuals with anxiety to providing employers with a service to treat their stressed out employees (is anybody going to treat the 20 people who lost their jobs with Joyable?).  Palo Alto based blood tester Theranos issued a layoff WARN, 150 jobs gone by March as part of its plan to ‘commercialize’ their MiniLab service!  Bio-tech/DNA testing company Counsyl laid off 24 sales employees, apparently no reason given.  In Newport Beach, Pacific Life Insurance issued a layoff WARN, 95 jobs gone by mid-March. In Santa Barbara after 70 years one of the last independant pharmacies, L.M. Caldwell Pharmacists, shutdown. The family owners officially retired, but implied that ObamaCare was the final straw saying that at one time there were 45 mom-n-pop pharmacies in the elitist city.  MemorialCare issued a mass layoff WARN, eliminating 422 jobs between now and the end of March at its hospitals in Long Beach, straight-up blaming ObamaCare: “Like many hospitals in California and nationwide, we are experiencing much higher costs, decreasing reimbursement and increasing numbers of government-sponsored patients.”-John Bishop, ceo

Connecticut:  Drugs maker Bristol Myers Squibb eliminating 29 jobs in Wallingford by the end of March, as part of their plan to shutdown operations by 2018.

Florida: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist owned Florida Hospital Medical Group from outsourcing 67 jobs to a cheapo contractor.  In Miami Beach, Oceanside Extended Care Center finally revealed to state employment admin that they killed 235 jobs at the end of December!  Healthcare and social assistance company Fluor Federal Solutions issued a WARN, 120 jobs in Gainesville gone by the end of February!  Florida Institute for Cardivascular Care issued a WARN, 109 jobs gone by the end of March!

Illinois: Buffalo Grove based nursing home operator PrimeSource Health Care Systems shutdown and took 179 jobs across three states with it!

Indiana: Indianapolis based drugs maker Lilly USA (Eli Lilly and Company) eliminating 485 jobs after their new Alzheimer’s drug failed!

Kansas: In Prairie Village, after 60 years Bruce Smith Drugs shutdown due to the greedy landlord.

Kentucky: In Lexington, the EMW Women’s Clinic shutdown due to the state government refusing to renew their license.

Massachusetts:  Israel based medical rehab ReWalk Robotics warned of layoffs in Marlborough because of revenue loss caused by ObamaCare’s (ACA’s) “…national insurance reimbursement policies for all eligible spinal cord injury exoskeleton users and device development for stroke victims.”  Merrimack Pharmaceuticals getting the hell outta the cancer drugs business, announcing it is selling off its drugs to a French company and eliminating 320 U.S. jobs!

Michigan: Flint based drugs pusher Diplomat Pharmacy warning of nationwide layoffs, but refuses to give details, saying ObamaCare is forcing them “…to make difficult decisions and change the way we work.” 

New York: In Long Island City, ambulance service LogistiCare Solutions issued a layoff WARN, 158 jobs gone due to losing their taxpayer funded state contract!

North Dakota:  God powerless to stop CHI Saint Alexius from killing 52 jobs in Bismark. Administrators blame ObamaCare for not reimbursing the true costs of healthcare.

Oregon: The Jackson County Health & Human Services warned of as many as 2-hundred layoffs, mainly mental healthcare workers, supposedly because of a contract dispute!  In Eugene, after 20 years Pain Consultants of Oregon shutdown “…due to staffing and financial issues.”

Pennsylvania:  Pocono Medical Center conducted yet another round of layoffs, but didn’t give numbers.  In December they laid off 60 people.  They blamed ObamaCare for creating a  “competitive health care landscape….and the ongoing trend of cases shifting from inpatient to outpatient care.”

Texas: ObamaCare forcing Memorial Hermann Health System to ‘restructure’, resulting in the elimination of 112 jobs!  God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Baylor Saint Luke’s Medical Center to kill more than 2-hundred jobs in The Lone Star State!  In Houston, the MD Anderson Cancer Center eliminating more than 1-thousand jobs, through a combination of forced retirements, voluntary buyouts and outright layoffs (80% of job cuts through layoffs)!  MD Anderson administrators blame ObamaCare for hundreds of millions of dollars in losses! Austin based bio-testing/medical device maker Luminex laid off more than 50 people as part of their take-over of a competitor in Illinois.  Mission Regional Medical Center shutdown its women’s sexual assault operations and laid off 40 people, calling it “a streamlining of operations.” 

Virginia: Drugs pusher Walgreens shutting down their Clarendon store on Wilson Boulevard by the end of February.  No reason was given, but local news media suspect jacked-up rent.

Washington: Spectrum Health finally notified state employment administrators that they shutdown 19 locations across the state, back in December!

Wisconsin: Insurance company Northwest Mutual warning of mass layoffs in the “hundreds” despite spending $450-million on its corporate HQ!  California based drugs maker McKesson Pharmaceuticals eliminating 67 LaCrosse jobs after being fined for violating the Controlled Substances Act (failing to detect and report suspicious drugs orders).  Officially the jobs are being lost due to consolidation of drugs trafficking, I mean distribution ops.



Facebook joins forces with evil ‘christian’ inquisition machine G4S!

05 March 2017 (15:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Esfand 1395/06 Jumada t-Tania 1438/08 Gui Mao 4715

A G4S advertisement posted in Mexico says Facebook will let you know if the government is watching you, but who is watching Facebook-G4S?

In January 2017 Facebook suddenly switched to a new data collection contractor for all its data centers around the United States; evil G4S Security Solutions (aka Rent-A-Thug, aka Shadow CIA).

BlindBatNews has well documented how evil the so called christian founded and run G4S really is, from providing lax security at U.S. nuclear power plants to running covert prison torture operations at locations around the world!

The Canary: G4S lobbied the BBC to drop a damning documentary and it worked

The Electronic Intifada: Fourth UN agency in Jordan dumps G4S

MintPressNews: Shadowy Global Security Firm G4S Guarding Dakota Pipeline As Protesters Attacked By Dogs

Fox News: Former G4S employee “…complained to his superiors several times about Mateen [aka Orlando Shooter] but they refused to take action because….. Mateen was Muslim.”

Luxemburger Wort: “…heavily armed men attacked the headquarters of the security company G4S in Gasperich.”





“It’s getting tough out there.” : U.S. Food Crisis, January 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of January, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Alabama: In Huntsville, after 15 years Little Paul’s BBQ shutdown.

California: Real Mex Restaurants suddenly shutdown 14 Chevys Fresh Mex eateries for lack of profits, news media reported that not one employee was notified, each restaurant averaged 40 employees!   Dole shutting down their packaged foods ops in Stockton, according to the employee’s union 30 jobs lost due to crashing sales.  For-profit food delivery service Munchery laid off 30 people in San Francisco, after being accused of wasting food.  In Los Angeles, after 80 years Gill’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream forced to shutdown by the impatient/greedy owners of the Original Farmers Market.  Also in San Francisco, decades old restaurants Kuletto’s, Sushi Boat and Lori’s Diner all shutdown by the new owners of Union Square.  In Oakland, after six years restaurant Hawker Fair shutting down because the property was sold to an ‘investment group’.  Leftist Michael Moore promoted Alvarado Street Bakery eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs across The Golden State due to “a very competitive market.”  Moran Foods shutting down their Los Angeles ops, 35 jobs gone by February.  Morton Salt shutting down their Newark ops, 70 jobs gone by April. TGI Fridays shutting down a restaurant in Yorba Linda, 42 jobs gone by March.  CKE shutting down a restaurant in Carpenteria, 25 jobs lost by March.  In Walnut Creek, after 39 years Crogan’s Sports Bar & Grill shutdown due to a conspiracy by local police and city administrators: “…the city has made in clear that they have very specific ideas in mind for what Walnut Creek should be and Crogan’s no longer fits into their narrative. Ultimately, we have been forced to closed our doors.”

Colorado:  Idaho based but evil Cerberus owned Albertsons shutdown one of their Grand Junction grocery stores and is renaming another store Safeway.  It’s all part of the evil plot started in 2015: ALBERTSONS-SAFEWAY MAKES “BILLIONS IN PROFITS” YET PAYS EMPLOYEES WELFARE WAGES!







Arkansas based Walmart shutting down one of their stand alone grocery operations in Denver, known as Walmart Neighborhood Market, 95 jobs lost by the end of March.  New Jersey based Pinnacle Foods shutting down a Boulder Brands food factory and eliminating as many as 73 jobs by March.  Production is being moved to Arkansas.  In Louisville, after 98 years the Blue Parrot restaurant shutdown, the owner for the past 47 years said “I’m tired of cooking and washing dishes.”

Connecticut: Liquid Lunch shutdown their Milford location after ten years of soups and sandwiches.

Florida: In Gainesville 40 years old Burrito Brothers Taco joint shutdown, the family owners blame crashing sales on a massive  construction project. They even tried raising money on social media to save the eatery, but got barely a fraction of what was needed.  In Orlando, after ten years the Citrus restaurant shutdown by the new owners who claim they’ll open a different restaurant.

Georgia: After about four years Buca di Beppo shutdown their Augusta Mall restaurant, no reason given, some employees got short notice.

Hawaii:  Once again GGP strikes again, this time Nitrogenie ice cream shop in the Ala Mona Center being forced to shutdown after less than a year!  After more than 15 years Pinky’s Pupu Bar & Grill suddenly shutdown after a wave of negative Facebook comments about the food being too expensive for it’s lack of quality.

Illinois: Frozen food maker Luvo issued a shutdown WARN for their Schaumberg ops, 59 jobs lost by the end of February.  In Chicago, Goose Island Beer Company laid off 51 people under the guise of remodeling their restaurant.  In Bedford Park, food service contractor Aramark laid off 65 people after suddenly losing their contract.  Arkansas based Walmart shutdown its Presidential Towers Walmart Neighborhood Market. Now called a “farm to fork fiasco” Geneseo based Alexander King Farm now chapter 12 bankrupt busted after failing to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of beef and pork to customers who already paid!  A leaked internal email revealed that Texas based Whole Foods is shutting down their store in Evanston, by mid-March: “We are nearing the end of our lease term and we have decided that the investment required to remain in this location does not warrant the continuation of our business.”-leaked internal email

Indiana: In Huntingburg, Cool Beans Cafe-Milk Parlor shutdown after four years, it’s now for sale.  Marsh Hometown Market shutting down at least one grocery store in Indianapolis saying they can’t afford to  renew the lease.  Local news media revealed the grocery store chain is in trouble financially having missed rent payments and failing to pay suppliers.  Bourbon Street Distillery shutdown after 15 years of booze and food making, it’s up for sale.  Restaurant Dandy Inn shutdown after 40 years of Irish bia.

Iowa: SpartanNash shutting down their Wholesale Food Outlet store in Muscatine, in February, due to not being able to find a buyer before the lease expired.  After 31 years restaurant Marion Maid Rite shutdown.

Kansas: Wichita based franchise operator Capital Pizza Huts now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, no word on any restaurant shutdowns, apparently the restaurant operator employs thousands of people across several states.  In Wichita, after 35 years Charlie’s Famous Burgers suddenly shutdown, local news media reported that the popular eatery was put up for sale a few months ago.

Kentucky: In Newport, the owner of EI8HT BALL Brewing shutting it down so he can focus on distilling bourbon instead.  In  Louisville, Hillbilly Tea restaurant shutdown not even a year after its grand re-opening, supposedly the owners are now focusing on restaurant supply. In Lexington, JDI Grille & Tavern shutdown without warning as a result of an ongoing lawsuit between the family owners!

Maine: Horton Specialty Foods shutdown their 18 years old Public Market House location, apparently because of the new owners of the Market.

Maryland:  Dave White’s Pittsville Dinette shutdown, the owners told the public “It isn’t fun anymore.”

Michigan:  Battle Creek based Kellogg eliminating 250 mainly corporate level jobs, as part of its ongoing Project K job killing operations, I mean Project K restructuring! 

Minnesota: In Saint Cloud, Gold n Plump poultry processor being forced to layoff 30 corporate level employees by its new Colorado based owner Pilgrim’s Pride.

Missouri: More than one thousand jobs lost as Earth City based grocer Save-A-Lot shutting down all operations in California and Nevada, starting in February: “After rigorous review and analysis, Save-A-Lot has announced the company’s decision to exit the California and Nevada markets. This decision will impact 13 corporate locations, a retailer-owned store and our Rancho Distribution Center.”  

In Saint Louis, Atlas Restaurant shutting down in February due to jacked-up rent.  In Kansas City, Apple Market shutdown their Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard grocery store, local news media say no reason was given but discovered several health code violations.  And after 30 years upscale Houston’s restaurant at the Country Club Plaza shutdown due to the California owners not liking the demands of the property owner: “Despite good faith efforts on both sides, an agreement to extend our tenancy at the Plaza could not be reached with the Lessor. Details surrounding infrastructure improvements that sought to temporarily close the restaurant proved to be insurmountable.”

Montana:  In Missoula, after 45 years Tower Pizza shutting down by the end of Spring, the long time owners didn’t say why but promised a big pizza party on the last day of business.   

New Hampshire: In Concord, after 15 years Chandler’s Cake & Candy Supplies shutdown because of jacked up operating costs, and it’s also too expensive to move the business: “We didn’t think we’d close this way, but I couldn’t justify paying that much more.”-Sue Chandler

New Jersey: ACME Market shutdown their Burlington grocery store due to “under-performance”.  Local news media say it’s the second grocer in-town to shutdown in the past 12 months.  General Mills began eliminating 338 jobs at its Progresso Soup factory in Vineland!  The factory is being shutdown.   Atlantic Cape Community College began eliminating jobs within its Culinary Arts department due to the massive shutdowns of Atlantic City casinos (like the one Donald Trump co-owned).

New York: Uno Pizzeria & Grill shutdown their Destiny USA location without warning, no reason given.  Grocery chain Price Chopper suddenly shutdown their store in Menands claiming it’s too small to compete.   British empire’s Australia based Gloria Jean’s Coffees shutdown their Staten Island location.  The Gloria Jean’s corporation blamed it on the franchise owner for not renewing the lease.  In Scarsdale, the 1-hundred years old owner of the 50 years old Candy n Cards shut it down.  In Nyack, 30 years old ‘health food’ store Sweatpea’s Market shutting down by the end of February. In Manhatten-NYC, after 25 years restaurant China Fun shutdown by city regulations: “The state and municipal governments, with their punishing rules and regulations, seems to believe that we should be their cash machine to pay for all that ails us in society.”-note found taped to restaurant door

In NYC, restaurant Annisa shutting down after 17 years due to jacked-up property taxes.  The owner says her property tax has been jacked-up by a sinful $80-thousand USD: “I always wanted to have a restaurant that takes care of its employees…..But I can’t do that anymore.”-Anita Lo

North Carolina: After six years Tribeca Tavern shutdown their Falls of Neuse Road location.  Arkansas based Walmart shutting down a Charlotte Walmart Neighborhood Market, 95 jobs gone by March.

Ohio: The Columbus Fish Market shutdown its Crosswoods location, local news media reported that the Texas based corporate owner refused to explain why.  Jolly Pirate Donuts shutdown their Grove City location, news media reported that it’s the second Jolly Pirate Donuts to shutdown in The Buckeye State.  Cookery seller Williams-Sonoma shutdown their ten years old Columbiana store.  Giant Eagle shutting down three grocery stores by March.

Oklahoma: After more than four decades iconic Route 66 BJ’s Pit Stop shutdown due to big box chain stores hustling in.

Oregon: Zupan’s Markets shutdown its 20 years old Belmont District grocery store.

Pennsylvania:  In York, after five years upscale Park Street Pantry shutting down by the end of February due to the owners having full time jobs elsewhere.  Discover Teas shutting down their location in the Village Shops at Kingsmill, as part of plan to consolidate stores.  Weis Markets shutting down their decades old Williamsport grocery store on West Third Street, saying it’s too small to properly upgrade, 50 jobs affected.  In Macungie, after 65 years Willows Family Restaurant suddenly shutdown by the new owners who have “other plans for it.” In Scranton, after 43 years Heil’s Bar shutdown.  After 34 years Verona Village Inn restaurant shutdown because “We have lost our lease for available parking and will not be able to operate as a viable restaurant.”

Rhode Island: Doherty’s Lakeside Ale House-Tiogue Tavern suddenly shutdown despite an extensive remodel last year. The owner, depressed after waiting for business to pick up, said “… the tax man and the banks wait for no one.” 

Texas: In El Paso, after 55 years Charcoaler Drive-In shutdown, the owner admitted he wanted to shut it down since last year “for personal reasons.”   In Schulenburg, after 88 years Frank’s Restaurant to shutdown in Autumn, the property was sold to a developer.  In Austin, after 60 years El Gallo shutdown due to jacked-up property taxes.  Local news media checked and discovered that in 2015 the property tax was $16-thousand-337 USD but then jumped to $28-thousand-877 in 2016!  Dallas based Chili’s laid off 80 corporate and regional employees and warned of more layoffs as part of their new restructuring plan.  Without warning the owners of Rick and Carolyn’s Burgers and Fries shutdown one of their three restaurants in Abilene.  Local news media say no reason was given.  In Dallas, exotic beer seller Bottle Shop shutdown after six years due to unrealistic city parking projects: “Greenville is not the same street as it was when we opened. …..the parking isn’t really conducive for retail business, i.e: You can’t just park, run in and get a growler filled or grab a six pack and get outta there without having to valet park or walk half a mile.”-Stephanie Roethlisberger, now former general manager

Virginia: Buffalo Wild Wings shutting down its 20 years old Charlottesville location.  Company administrators say they can’t afford the new lease, but claim they’ll open a new joint as soon as they can find an affordable location.  In Richmond, Dog & Pig Show eatery shutting down in February, the owners promised their customers they would return with a new food joint.  Less than eight months after opening in Ashburn, Texas owned Hail & Hog Kitchen and Tap now chapter 11 bankrupt busted!  In Roanoke, after ten years pub Annie Moore’s shutdown, the owners claim they’re moving to a new location.  Internet based Relay Foods shutting down two distribution centers due to merger with a competitor. Local news media were only able to confirm that more than 48 people will lose their jobs.

Washington: Idaho based but evil Cerberus owned Albertsons shutting down a grocery store in Richland, and two stores in Spokane, by the end of February supposedly because of crashing sales.  In Liberty Lake, after only a year Bellacrosta Bakery and Fine Foods shutdown, the owners saying they’re “on hiatus to regroup”.  In White Center, after eight years Big Al Brewery shutdown. The owner,  Alejandro Brown (who quit his regular job to start the brewery), complained about skyrocketing competition by revealing a 35% crash in sales, saying “It’s getting tough out there.”  Local news media report that the city of Seattle, alone, has as many as 40 craft breweries!

Washington DC: Hawk n Dove bar chapter 11 bankrupt busted for failing to pay taxes.

West Virginia: In Brushfork, a small Save-A-Lot grocery store shutdown, 11 jobs lost with no reason given.  Local news revealed the property lease with Save-A-Lot is still valid.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, December 2016: “…SALES HAVE BEEN DOWN 50% THE PAST FOUR YEARS…”

Obama Legacy: Who’s the biggest drug pusher? Obama!

26 February 2017 (05:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 08 Esfand 1395/29 Jumada l-Ula 1438/01 Ren Yin (2nd month) 4715

“In the past two, two-and-a-half years, we have had about a 3-hundred-% increase in the drug-related overdose ambulance runs. And the prevalence of opiate addiction in this area continues to increase.”-William Denham, medical director for the Maysville, Kentucky, emergency services

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this.”-Robert Anderson, CDC

During the last years of the Obama regime the number of people killed by prescription drugs in the United States set records, finally beating out the number of people killed by guns.

Keep in mind that the data the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gets is purely voluntary and not all states report timely (or even accurate) data, which means the number of drug deaths could be much higher (I suspect that my ex-wife-mother of my children’s death by RX was not reported to the CDC by authorities in Idaho, and my children learned that Red State Idaho has laws protecting the healthcare industry from lawsuits).

Even with the fact that data provided to the CDC is voluntary, death by RX surpassed death by gun by 16-thousand 152 in Gregorian year 2015!  A side note, death by vehicle accident also surpassed death by gun.

Just last week, obviously anti-Trump PBS Newshour reported that RX is now the number one killer of middle aged ‘white’ people, and they inadvertently revealed that under the Obama regime opioids have become so prevalent that they’re cheaper than booze: “In many areas, it’s cheaper to get high on heroin than it would be to get drunk.  ….drug poisonings have become the biggest source of preventable premature death. So, for example, there are more drug poisoning deaths than car crash deaths. And that’s quite recent.”-Christopher Ruhm, economist



Here’s just some of the BlindBatNews reporting on the Obama regime’s False Flag Drug War games:


World War 3, North American Front: United States ‘THE’ drug lord in Mexico’s drug war 

U.S. led NATO biggest drug dealer in the World? Amphetamines, it’s what Islamic State does!

The New Great Opium War Game: Myanmar now second largest producer of opium! Interesting correlations between opium production in Afghanistan and Myanmar (called the United States)!

U.S. Marines & sailors turn out to be drug dealers and gun runners! 

Employees at U.S. military helicopter factory doubled as prescription drug dealers 

United Police States of America: TSA, local cops working for prescription drug dealers, you sure the U.S. is safer now than before 9/11/2001? 


The Emerald Isle going Green with Ganja?

22 February 2017 (12:24 UTC-07 Tango 06) 04 Esfand 1395/25 Jumada l-Ula 1438/26 Ren Yin 4715

The Republic of Ireland is one step closer to legalized marijuana use for medical treatments.

The Ministry of Health issued guidelines (Cannabis for Medical Use — a Scientific review) for ganja use, which include eight recommendations by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.  But don’t think just anybody can fake a medical problem to take a toke, the guidelines also state that ganja users must be under direct supervision of a healthcare provider.

But meanwhile, in neighboring United Kingdom a political party that’s been pushing for the legalization of Mary-Jane just got fined; the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol group has to pay the equivalent of $29-thousand USD for failing to report required political party finance reports for two quarters in a row.

“…GIVE US SOME BREATHING ROOM…” as Alaska reports big tax collections from legalized Mary-Jane






“…sales have been down 50% the past four years…” : U.S. Food Crisis December 2016

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of December, 2016: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Arizona: In Phoenix, Jobot Coffee & Dining shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.

California: Gourmet grocery store Bristol Farms notified the state that it will shutdown its  San Francisco location, 82 jobs gone by the end of January 2017.  Also in San Francisco, after 30 years popular restaurant Kuleto’s issued a shutdown WARN, 103 jobs lost by January 2017 due to a “management decision”!  Restaurant Ozumo finally notified the state that it shutdown its Oakland restaurant, 45 jobs lost back in November.  Bacon-n-beef burger joint Slater’s 50/50-24356 Swartz Burgers- 8009 Day Burgers-61 N Raymond issued mass shutdown WARNs for several locations, 698 jobs gone by February 2017!  In Lodi, School Street Bistro shutdown after 15 years so the family owners can take care of their parents.  After 47 years in Los Angeles, iconic Norm’s restaurant on Pico Boulevard shutdown by the property’s new owners.   In San Diego, after 70 years Anthony’s Fish Groto shutdown due to the landlord refusing to renew the lease.  In Berkeley, after 20 years upscale Cafe Rouge shutdown, the owners claimed they couldn’t find enough competent employees.

Colorado:  In Glenwood Springs, Big Daddy’s Sports Bar shutting down the day after New Year’s Day, the owners said the number one reason was “family”.

Connecticut: After seven years La Petite France shutting down by mid January 2017, the owners saying “it’s time for us to move on.”  After 30 years Lincoln Culinary Institute-Connecticut Culinary Institute shutdown due to failing to meet tougher U.S. Department of Education rules demanding proof that graduates actually find decent paying jobs. The Roger Sherman Inn and restaurant shutdown by the new owner, a property developer.

Delaware: Restaurant Lula Brazil shutdown due to the owner’s health problems.

Florida: Poultry processor and shipper Wayne Farms issued a layoff WARN for 13 employees. Interestingly the state lists the food logistics company as “manufacturing”.  In Lake Worth, Hoffman’s Chocolates shutdown due to “…sales have been down 50% the past four years…”, six jobs lost.

Georgia: Buffalo’s shutdown their 19 years old restaurant in Athens.  The restaurant was for sale but the landlord suddenly banned anymore restaurants from setting up shop in that location.

Hawaii: After less than a year the Magnolia Bakery suddenly shutdown it’s location in the General Growth Properties (GGP) owned Ala Moana Center mall.

Illinois: In Buckstown, the new owners of iconic Feast restaurant shut it down so they can chop-up the building into smaller retail spaces.  Hershey’s announced it will shutdown it’s Chocolate World store off of North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  In Galesburg, after 88 years New China Cafe shutdown. The second owners claim they’ve the menu has been unchanged since the 1940s, maybe that’s why sales have crashed: “We’ve been hanging by a thread for the past three years. The city’s trying to bring the economy back, but there are no factories; it’s mostly retail and chain restaurants, and we can’t compete.”-Melinda Kilgore, co-owner

Indiana: In Indianapolis, after 82 years Italian joint Milano Inn shutdown, 65 jobs lost due to the owners wanting to retire.  The owners say they’re trying to sell the property and hope any new owner will re-open the restaurant.

Kansas: In Wichita, TLC Muffins shutdown after 30 years.  One of the co-owners was hurt in an accident and they had to put everything up for sale, but only the equipment and property was sold, nobody wanted the bakery operation.

Maryland: In Bel Air, after 42 years Friendly’s Restaurant & Ice Cream shutdown “… effective immediately.”

Massachusetts: For the second time this year Boston based bar management software developer BevSpot laid off employees.  Reports say BevSpot’s entire ‘outbound’ sales department was canned due to low sales to restaurants and bars.  Boston’s Rattlesnake Bar & Grill went chapter 7 bankrupt busted, shutting down after 26 years.  Friendly’s Restaurant shutdown their Chicopee distribution center, about 50 jobs lost to a contractor.

Michigan: In Port Huron, ThumbCoast Brewing Company shutdown blaming taxpayer funded city construction projects for creating “…challenges that we’ve faced throughout 2016, especially those which had (a) significant impact on revenue during the months of May and June, have finally caught up with us and we can no longer move forward.”

Minnesota: Sausage joint Prairie Dogs shutdown their Minneapolis location, on Lake Street, saying “Our demographic was not the Millennials that live around here.”  Golden Valley based food producer General Mills announced it will eliminate 6-hundred jobs in 2017!  It’s the result of ongoing restructuring of the company, local news media reported that since 2014 General Mills has eliminated 5-thousand jobs globally!  Cookery seller Williams-Sonoma announced it will shutdown it’s store in the Mall of America, in early 2017.

Missouri: In Columbia, after 40 years Country Kitchen shutdown due to not being able to afford a new lease.

Montana: In Helena, after five years Fusion Grill shutdown with only three days official notice to employees, but then it suddenly shutdown one day early!  The owners of the restaurant gave no reason for the shutdown and refused to talk to local news media.

New Jersey: Toms River Diner shutdown after 45 years.  Panera Bread shutdown their Westfield location, apparently because the bakery didn’t meet the corporate “standards”.

New Mexico: Texas based RedBrick Pizza Kitchen Cafe warning they will shutdown their Farmington location if sales don’t pick up.  The local franchise owners say they’ve pumped money into major repairs, then sales crashed.  They blame it on a sudden explosion of new restaurants opening in the area.  In Albuquerque, after 27 years Ko Palace shutdown so the owner can retire.

New York: JFK International Airport Terminal 7 food service company HMS Host issued a shutdown WARN, 122 jobs gone by March 2017 due to contract suddenly being canceled!  Cafe Pushkin Central issued a shutdown WARN, 70 jobs gone by the New Gregorian Year.  In Oneida, cookware and dinnerware maker EveryWare issued a shutdown WARN with periodic layoffs taking place between February and May 2017.  In Brooklyn NYC, Gorilla Coffee shutting down its 97 5th Avenue location, local news reports say the company has been planning to shut it down since 2013.  In Manhattan NYC, after 79 years Carnegie Deli shutdown despite public protests from customers and employees, and despite one former employee claiming to have made an offer to buy the restaurant, and despite a 2015 grand re-opening ceremony by NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. According to a statement by the owners it’s no longer worth it to run a business in The Big Apple.  In NYC, after 18 months the Will Ferrell themed Stay Classy Bar shutdown due to being overly successful, the owners claiming that from now on they’ll run temporary “pop-up” operations across the country.  After 11 years the Cake Shop music venue shutdown due to long term problems including not enough money to pay bills.  In Watkins Glen, after 50 years Mister Chicken shutdown due to the owner’s health problems.

North Carolina:  In Wake Forest, after 20 years the Old English Tea Room shutdown, the owners said they couldn’t make enough money to justify the amount of time they put into it.  In Greensboro, after five years Beans Boro Coffeehouse shutdown on Xmas Eve, the owner said the stress of running a business outweighed his sales.  Food & drink container maker Ball shutting down their factory in Reidsville, 150 jobs lost by mid-2017!  In Winston-Salem, after 12 years Flashback Smoothies & Grill shutdown so the owner can focus on his marketing business.

Ohio: Cincinnati based grocery chain operator Kroger wants 2-thousand employees to voluntarily quit and is offering bribes (buyouts) to make it happen!   It’s blamed on declining sales, which began at the end of 2015.  Kroger also shutting down its money losing (for the past 20 years) Walnut Hills store on McMicken Street, 81 jobs gone by March 2017.  In Steubenville, after 12 years Aubrey’s Bakery shutdown, the owners of the successful business said “We are feeling the wear and tear on our bodies. And we want to leave the bakery on a high note.”  In Franklinton, after 71 years restaurant Florentine shutdown without explanation.

Oklahoma: After 33 years in OK City, Pioneer Pies shutdown due to the owners not willing to agree to the new lease.

Pennsylvania:  Wolfgang Candy shutdown their North York retail sales outlet, blaming crashing sales ever since 2013. Erie County Farms grocery store shutdown after going chapter 7 bankrupt. In Erie, after 62 years Taki’s shutdown so the owner could retire.  Despite being made famous by Barack Obama, Five Guy’s shutdown their York burger joint on Loucks Road, with no explanation.  In Hopwood, after 68 years grocer Adrian’s Market shutdown so the owner can retire.  One customer was quoted by local news as saying “It sucks!”

Rhode Island: Cafe-bakery Au Bon Pain shutdown, the owners blame crashing sales on the city of Providence for forcing potential customers to pay for parking!  Local news reports say it was the third business to shutdown as a result of the new city parking meters!

South Carolina: In Columbia, Eric’s San Jose Restaurante Mexicano shutdown without warning to employees.  Local news media say the owner refuses to comment about it.  The Atlanta Bread Company shutdown one of three West Columbia locations and revealed they will eventually shutdown the other two locations in early 2017.

South Dakota: In Mitchell, CherryBerry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar shutdown due to lack of customers willing to serve themselves.

Tennessee: In Brentwood, bridal shop-bakery supply shop Sugar Drop shutdown, the owner is dedicating herself to the foundation she created after her son was killed in Afghanistan.

Texas: In Dallas, ice cream shop Cow Tipping Creamery shutdown after only nine months, the owners blame the location.

Virginia: In Waynesboro, after ten years Big Apple Bagels shutting down by the end of January 2017. The owners spent the last two years trying to sell their business but nobody was interested, and then the lease expired.  Martin’s Food Markets announced they are shutting down four more grocery stores, at least 4-hundred jobs lost by February 2017!  It’s blamed on the sale of the stores to a competitor.

Washington: In Spokane, Anthony’s Beach Café shutdown, apparently due to a failed marketing gimmick.

Washington DC: After four years Grassroots Gourmet shutdown their Bloomingdale bakery on Xmas Eve.

Wisconsin: In Brookfield, after nine years Joey’s Seafood and Grill shutdown, the owners said they couldn’t afford to renew the lease.  In Milwaukee, Breugger’s shutdown their North Water Street bagel joint.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, November 2016: “…LEAN TIMES FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD.”


Obama Legacy: Who’s the biggest gunrunner of them all? Obama!

21 February 2017 (02:41 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Esfand 1395/24 Jumada l-Ula 1438/25 Ren Yin 4715

“The U.S.A. supplies major arms to at least 100 countries around the world — significantly more than any other supplier state.”-Aude Fleurant, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

According to new data the past eight years of the Barack Obama regime saw global weapons sales increase by 8.4%, with the United States being the leader of the pack (despite claiming a reduction in arms sales).

On top of that, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports that during Obama’s last year as President of the U.S., weapons sales saw an increase that exceeded 2010 arms sales levels (again this is despite the U.S. claiming a reduction in weapons sales).  In fact, weapons sales during Obama’s last four years in office were the highest since the undeclared ‘Cold War’ ended in 1990, so much for Obama winning his now laughable Nobel Peace Prize.

You can tell who the real terrorists are by how many weapons they’re distributing throughout the world.  The top three international weapons sellers are United States (about 33% of sales), Russia (23%) and then China (6.2%).  The top three buyers of Obama regime weapons were Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.  Don’t get mad at Iran, that unfairly sanctioned country accounts for a piddly 1.2% of international weapons purchases.





Dumbing Down U.S.: ObamaCare is the Affordable Care Act, you Dummies!

09 February 2017 (16:48 UTC-07 Tango 06) 21 Bahman 1395/12 Jumada l-Ula 1438/13 Ren Yin 4715

The Morning Consult survey (published by New York Times) discovered how stupid U.S. citizens have become regarding ObamaCare-Affordable Care Act (ACA).

35% think ObamaCare-ACA is two separate policies, or they aren’t even sure what it is!   The survey also showed that the younger and poorer an adult is the more ignorant they are of the mandatory healthcare program!

And here’s something interesting, people who call themselves republicans are the most likely to understand what ObamaCare-ACA is!  Is this why they’re so adamant about repealing it?   Amazingly 45% of respondents didn’t known that republicans were trying to repeal it!

By the way, there are plenty of examples showing that ever since Barack Obama coined the term ObamaCare the general public has been totally confused about it.


Dumbing Down the U.S., December 2016: “THIS IS A BOMB DROPPED ON US!” “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

Obama Legacy: “…a severe recession…”

09 February 2017 (16:19 UTC-07 Tango 06) 21 Bahman 1395/12 Jumada l-Ula 1438/13 Ren Yin 4715

On Nightly Business Report oil analyst John Kilduff essentially bitch-slapped the Obama regime’s optimistic claims about the economy (and despite reports that “Obama has presided over America’s biggest oil boom ever“), specifically using demand for oil as a gauge of how bad the economy was during the last few weeks of the Obama regime: “…it had reached such a low level……in demand that you would see during a sever recession.”

The crashing oil industry began under Obama’s watch, but Trump regime haters take heart, Kilduff also warned that economic and environmental policy changes in China could result in a huge shutdown of industry causing demand for world oil production to crash by 900-thousand barrels per day!  Meaning it’s likely the oil industry crash caused by crashing demand, which is caused by people and industries not having enough money to buy oil products, which is a sign of a suck-ass economy,  will continue under Tump.