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Marines guilty of endemic violence! Ghosts of my father & grandfather!

11 NOV 2017 (04:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Aban 1396/21 Safar 1439/23 Xin-Hai 4715

Couple of U.S. Marines found guilty of crimes; a Drill Instructor, and a General!

On 10 NOV 2017, a military jury found a Iraq occupation vet, and Drill Instructor (DI), guilty of punching, kicking and choking U.S. Muslim recruits in his charge, one of those U.S. Muslims killed  himself.  The DI was reduced down in rank to private, lost his pay and will spend ten years in a military prison: “Felix was accused in more than three dozen criminal counts of being a central figure in an abusive group of drill instructors at Parris Island that came to light after the March 2016 suicide of one of the three Muslim-American recruits Felix targeted.”-Associated Press

Does anybody remember the U.S. Marines Afghanistan pissing contest, back in 2011?

Now-retired USMC General James Amos found guilty of ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ (UCI) regarding the incident, and as a result the conviction of a Marine sniper involved in the Afghan urinating case has been thrown out.  The court ruled that General Amos used his authority to illegally influence events surrounding the case, and to focus the investigation unfairly on one particular sniper.  Investigations into the UCI by General Amos also included his chief legal adviser, and a Major who resigned from the USMC.

The UCI case against James Amos is considered unprecedented in USMC history.  But USMC violence is not unprecedented, its endemic.

My paternal grandfather is a prime example of a hardcore Marine whose only response to difficult situations, real or imagined, is to fight your way through.

O.G. Hutchins  spent 30+ years in the USMC, serving in World War Two, Korea and Vietnam.  He also served as a DI and recruiter.  He was so hardcore that after his forced retirement he furnished his bedroom in his Jackson, Mississippi, home with wall and foot lockers, a hammock for the bed, and a huge Marine Corps flag covering one wall.

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

I remember one night in a drunken rage he broke a bowl made from walnut shells and began crying about it, saying it was made by one of his buddies in Vietnam.  The next morning he accused me of breaking it, and my father had to intervene to stop hm from beating me.

This wasn’t the first time my father stood up to his father.  In the 1950s, while my grandfather was stationed at Yermo, in California, my father tried to protect his mother from being beaten and got beat himself.  My grandmother could take being beaten by my grandfather, but seeing her son get beat was too much for her. She not only got a divorce but got a California arrest warrant issued for my grandfather.  The Marine Corp protected him from arrest by shipping him outside The Golden State (which was typical back then).

But my father is guilty of being an abuser as well, yes he was a Marine.  My father was a USMC BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) gunner for two years, before transferring to the U.S. Air Force in the early 1960s (you could do that then).  Strangely, after the mid-1970s incident where my grandfather wanted to beat me for his breaking of his Vietnam buddies’ bowl, my father started abusing me whenever he got drunk. This lasted until the early 1980s when he tried to do it in front of some of my high-school friends.  He grabbed me by the neck, made a fist with his free hand, and ordered me to call him ‘sir’.  I looked him in the eyes, then looked at my friends, then back at my father and said “No.” and added “Go ahead.”  Realizing there were witnesses he angrily backed off.

For a few years my mother didn’t believe me about my father’s abuse, until one day he did it in front of her.  I believe that’s what finally lead her to divorce him, she began to fear him and claimed during the divorce trial that he threatened to kill her.  She told me afterwards that she stayed in the marriage for as long as she did because she thought he loved his children, until he tried beating me in front of her.  I have a sister and brother, but for some reason I was the only one he was abusing (as far as I know, I don’t communicate with my siblings), what used to be called a Whipping Boy.

It was after my parents’ divorce that paternal grandmother revealed the abuse at the hands of my grandfather.   While my father and grandfather were both Marines there’s a major difference between them; my grandfather was honest about who he was, my father was a coward.  My grandfather openly told people how he felt about them, how he hated ‘blacks’, how he hated Asians more than blacks, how he hated anybody who wasn’t a Marine (when I told him I joined the Army he cursed me, but later on after I got married and joined the Air Force he forgave me because he was happy at the chance of becoming a great grandfather).

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

My grandfather honestly told me how, during World War Two, they would murder Japanese PoWs (Prisoners of War) and get away with it by claiming the PoWs were trying to escape (its legal to kill PoWs if they’re attempting to escape).  They would unlock the PoW cage at night, and when the first prisoner opened the cage the Marines would open fire, on everybody in the cage.

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

He also told me how they would kill women and children, and then blame the Japanese.  There are plenty of reports of the U.S. military trying to help civilians on the islands they were capturing, one way was to drop leaflets telling civilians to surrender themselves to the U.S. forces.  My grandfather said many times, at night, civilians would approach their front lines and try to cross the barbed wire only to be shot down in a hail of bullets as everybody in the unit would ‘open up’ with everything they had.   He said in the morning all you’d see were the bodies old people, women and children hanging the wire.  But he was unphased because he was tired of pulling the bodies of his dead buddies from burned out tanks (he was a tank commander).  The reason why the civilians approached at night was because the Japanese army had orders to shoot any civilian that tried to surrender (the Japanese army was terrible at night operations), but the Marine Corps reported that the civilians were being used as human shields by the Japanese army to probe U.S. defenses.

My grandfather had similar stories about Korea and Vietnam.  He was brutally honest.  My father was the opposite, a bold faced liar.  He was still a ‘racist’, hated a lot of religions (he was raised Lutheran), would complain about government corruption yet as a civil servant joyously took part in ripping off taxpayers (he would actually brag to me about the latest gadget he acquired from the Air Force, without the Air Force knowing about it, or put in for every taxpayer funded education convention when he was a member of the Hesperia school board).  My ‘black’ hating father could convince ‘blacks’ in church that he was ‘on their side’.  At home my father would yell about corporate executives and politicians ruining the country, but then in public, when confronting them he suddenly became the biggest ass-kisser I ever saw!  I think one reason my father started abusing me was because even as a child I was calling him out on his dishonesty (especially on government corruption and his civil service ‘crimes’, and his lies to black church members).  My grandfather would never do that, instead he would risk getting arrested for assaulting people for being ‘in violation’ of his personal beliefs, he admitted to me that the reason he became a Marine was to get away from what he saw as a ‘corrupt’ civilian world.

While my father and grandfather were polar opposites regarding living an honest life, they were both Marines and both dealt with stressful situations with violence, because that’s how a Marine is made. Or is it?  Is it possible that the United States Marine Corps attracts people who are already violent?  It should be noted that even before O.G. Hutchins joined the Marines in the late 1930s he had a history of violence, even being shunned by the larger Hutchins clan of Mississippi because of it.  Education could be a factor, my grandfather made it through only junior-high, as a result he could never find decent paying work, even back then.   My father was always a high achiever; an Eagle Scout, high scoring high-school graduate and a ‘letterman’, even getting an Associates Degree from Victor Valley College while working at Edwards AFB in the 1970s.  Yet my poorly educated grandfather was the honest one, my high achieving father was a liar.

A couple of years before my grandfather’s death he had been barred from every VFW (Veterans Foreign Wars) post in the Jackson area, for causing fights (and he was in his late 60s/early 70s). He openly hated anybody who “wasn’t a Marine” or wasn’t ‘white’, at least I can respect him for living his brutal life openly and honestly, especially since the highest academic education level he achieved was junior-high.

Unit Citations, O.G. Hutchins:  “The officers and enlisted men of the First Marine Division, Reinforced…..1942…..forced landing assaults….on Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambogo, Florida and Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands….”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces at Peleliu and Ngesebus…September 15 to 29, 1944.”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces…Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Islands…..1945.”

“…for outstanding and heroic performance….  ….September 1950, the First Marine Division…..recaptured Inchon City.”  

“For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea….October 1950.” 

“For extraordinary heroism….against enemy aggressor forces in the Chosin reservoir and Koto-ri area…..December 1950.”

“For extraordinary heroism….in Korea….April…May…June…September 1951.”

“For extraordinary heroism….against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong forces in the Republic of Vietnam from 8 March 1965 to 15 September 1967……   Third Marine Division (Reinforced)…”




2012:  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, U.S. generals and even Obama facing investigation and War Crimes trials by International Criminal Courts 



Bush Jr & Blair found Guilty of War Crimes by International Court!


“Retail is not a job or a career…” “this year…would be our last year”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in October 2017:

Alabama: In Homewood, kids clothier Sash & Beau shutdown.  In Vestavia Hills, after five years Fancy Goods Variety shutdown.

Arizona: In Mesa, after 38 years Bubbles of Joy-Groovie Ghoulie’s Costumes shutdown: “Last year was not good. It was not the best so we decided this year that it would be our last year.”-Mary Faber, owner

Arkansas:   In Fort Smith, after 77 years Midwest Sporting Goods due to the death of a co-owner.

 California:   Seven years old kitchen/bath fixture retailer PIRCH issued a shutdown WARN for its store in San Diego, 78 jobs gone a couple weeks before Xmas. It should be noted that PIRCH announced in September it would shutdown all its stores outside of California.  Florida based SeaWorld eliminating 79 jobs in San Diego, right before Xmas.   Solar power financing company Renovate America laid off 76 people in San Diego, and another 1-hundred nationwide! In May, Renovate America (the largest solar financing company in California) laid off 108 people.  In Santa Rosa, an unprecidentedly fast wildfire destroyed several stores.   Also, the Santa Rosa Plaza shutdown due to smoke from the fire, 120 retail shops shuttered until things clear out.  Investment company National Planning Holdings laid off 163 people in El Segundo!   Too Big to Jail Capital One issued a layoff WARN for its San Francisco ops, 132 jobs gone in January 2018!  San Francisco based clothier GAP claims it had to shutdown at least four stores in the area due to smoke from the wildfires.  In Kenwood wildfire destroyed the Fountaingrove Inn and a Hilton Sonoma Wine Country Hotel.  In San Jose, after 62 years Mosher’s Men’s Clothing shutting down due to the owner’s health problems.  In Orange, after 14 years Copperwood Artware shutting down so the owners can retire.  In Bakersfield, the owner of Regency Lanes Bowling Center went chapter 11 bankrupt busted, however, management at the bowling alley claim they will be remodeling, not shutting down.  France based clothier Louis Vuitton shutting down its store in Hollywood, right after Xmas.  ATA Retail Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Hayward location, 74 jobs gone right before Xmas. Engineering services company Jacobs Field Services issued layoff WARNs for its Carson ops, 176 jobs gone right before Xmas!  In Laguna Beach, Andersen Hotels shutting down its Hotel Laguna, 121 jobs gone right before Xmas!   South Africa based Swissport ending airport operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, 348 jobs gone in December!

Connecticut:  Hotel operator Marriott eliminating 107 jobs in Stamford right after Xmas!  British empire based Too Big to Jail RBS (Royal bank of Scotland) 43 jobs in Stamford right before Xmas.

Delaware: In Middletown, after 69 years W.D. Hatton Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair shutdown, the 94 years old owner said “It wasn’t because business was slowing. It was continuous. Sales were going up. I just got pretty old and got tired, too much repairs!”

Florida:  In Winter Park, after 18 years the Doggie Door shutdown.  Jacksonville based department chain store Stein Mart suddenly laid off 48 HQ employees, due to losing $9.3-million USD.  Ritz-Carlton South Beach officially eliminating 281 jobs due to damage by Hurricane Irma, the hotel has been shutdown since 08 SEP 2017!  Hawks Clay Resort officially laid off 260 people, blaming it on damage by Hurricane Irma!  Since the hurricane hit the resort the employees had been receiving ‘hurricane pay’.  After 72 years Burgess Paint Supply shutdown so the owner (who says his ‘wife’ is the store) can retire.  Orlando based SeaWorld suddenly laid off 350 people across the U.S., as part of its plan to reduce costs by $40-million USD!  ValueOptions Federal Services eliminating 115 jobs by May 2018!  Professional Surveys of Pinellas eliminating 182 jobs by mid-November!  Sitel Operating Corporation eliminating 178 jobs by December!

Illinois: Furniture seller Land of Nod eliminating 25 jobs as part of consolidation ops.   OfficeMax shutting down its Springfield store on West Iles Avenue in time for Thanksgiving, “As part of the three-year strategic plan announced in August 2016″.  In Jacksonville, after ten years sexist female only fitness center Curves suddenly shutdown and now for sale, to fund the co-owners’ retirement.  Office services company Conifer Revenue Cycle Solutions issued a layoff WARN, 34 jobs gone by November.  Marketing consulting company Direct Energy issued a shutdown WARN for its Buffalo Grove location, 98 jobs gone by March 2018, due to consolidation ops.  Too Big to Jail Capital One issued a mass-layoff WARN for its Rolling Meadows ops, 452 jobs gone between December 2017 and April 2018, no reason given!

Indiana: What construction/real estate industry recovery? House flipper Chart Properties now bankrupt busted, local news reports say more than 120 customers are ‘screwed’!

Iowa: Hotel operator Sheraton laying off 30 people in Iowa City right after Xmas.

Hawaii: Island Air now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to legal problems with the company that leases aircraft to the airlines.

Kansas: The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia failed, assets turned over to Conway Bank.  In Shawnee, after almost 40 years Fun Party and Wedding Services shutdown so the owners can retire.

Kentucky: In Shelbyville, after 90 years Biagi’s Appliance shutdown.  In Lexington, after 56 years Howard-Knight Tall & Big clothiers shutdown because the 85 years old owner wants to retire.  Texas based Dignity Memorial suddenly shutdown its 1-hundred years old Barbour and Son Funeral Home in Tollesboro.

Louisiana: In Shreveport, after 66 years Toy Fair shutting down after Xmas, it’s for sale, the owner says he wants to focus on his other business. Pennsylvania based clothier David’s Bridal shutting down its ten years old store in Alexandria by mid-December, as part of plans to shutdown U.S. stores and open new stores in Canada.  After 88 years Vermilion Oaks Golf Club suddenly shutdown, and as proof the economy has not recovered the operators said “Golf is a luxury income business, and not a lot of people have a luxury income right now.”

Maryland: In Hagerstown, after more than 40 years Charlene’s Hair Gallery shutting down right before Xmas, the Christian owner wants to spend more time volunteering at her church.

Massachusetts: After 61 years Country Curtains killed off by stockholders, all 19 stores shutting down, assets being sold-off due to millions of dollars in losses since 2015, 360 jobs gone!  

Michigan:  In Midland, after more than 50 years Meier Camera Shop shutdown, the owners moved back to Traverse City.  Pennsylvania based clothier David’s Bridal shutting down its ten years old store in Fort Gratiot by mid-November, as part of plans to shutdown U.S. stores and open new stores in Canada.  OfficeMax shutting down its store on east Columbia Avenue in Battle Creek, in time for Thanksgiving.  Also in Battle Creek, after 66 years Jim Hazel’s Citgo & U-Haul shutdown and sold-off.   In Dearborn, after more than 50 years iconic Wonderland Music shutdown.

Minnesota:  In Duluth, without warning Lake Superior Zoo eliminated 12 jobs due to lack of cash.    In Minneapolis, after 19 years music venue Triple Rock Social Club announced on Facebook it will shutdown in time for Thanksgiving.  In Fairmount, after 53 years Enderson Clothing shutting down: “Retail is not a job or a career, it’s a lifestyle and I’m fortunate it’s been good to me and I’m capable of retiring and I’d like to take advantage of it.”-Brian Sandberg.

Missouri: After more than 50 years Ferguson True Value Hardware shutdown, blaming crashing sales dating back to 2010 and damage caused by riots in 2014.  Central Bank of Boone County shutting down Columbia Mall branch by the end of January 2018, due to lack of business.  In Saint Louis, after 86 years Oak Hill True Value Hardware shutdown, the building is being turned into apartments.

Montana: In Great Falls,  after 22 years Lakota Woman Pawn & Trading Post shutting down at the beginning of November, due to the owner’s ongoing health problems.

Nebraska:  In Omaha, the Shopko in the Frederick Square Shopping Center, as well as the OfficeMax at Shadow Lake Towne Center, both shutting down anytime between now and Xmas.

New Mexico: Los Alamos National Bank laid off 26 people, blaming it on high labor costs.

New Jersey: In Maplewood, after only two years Shenanigans Toys announced on Facebook it shutdown, the owner saying “Please shop locally. The extra trip it takes you around the parking lot means a store can last for another day and it’s employee’s will continue to have work.”  In Chatham, after 34 years clothier D.J. Craters shutting down after Xmas.

New York:  Bankrupt law firm Binder & Binder continues killing jobs, this time 190!  Insurance and military law firm White Fleischner & Fino issued shutdown WARNs for its NYC offices, 59 jobs gone by the end of January 2018.   Bath & Body Works issued a shutdown WARN for its NYC location, at least 56 jobs being consolidated to Ohio in Spring 2018.  Furniture seller Ethan Allen shutting down its ten years old Staten Island store, no official reason given.  Employment agency LaborTemps issued a shutdown WARN for its Jamaica location, 48 jobs gone right after Xmas.

North Carolina: Morganton Music Center announced on Facebook its shutdown.  What automotive industry recovery?  After 25 years Edenton Motors shutdown after failed attempts to sell the dealership, 27 jobs gone.  In Asheville, after 45 years Kim’s Wig Center shutting down right before Xmas, supposedly to be replace with a beer joint sometime in 2018.

Ohio:  In Dayton, a FedEx Office shutdown, no reason given.

Oregon:  In Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival laid off an undisclosed number of employees due to having to reduce next year’s budget, which was the result of having to cancel several plays this year because of the smoke from all the wildfires.  In Portland, after 127 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Helen’s Pacific Costumers shutdown.

Pennsylvania:  BB&T shutting down the Susquehanna Bank HQ in Lititz, 82 jobs lost as a result of BB&T’s 2015 take-over of Susquehanna Bank.  Too Big to jail California based Wells Fargo shutting down its Leigh Valley call center, 460 jobs gone!   In Wyoming County, after 57 years Ken Mar Home Furnishings shutting down so the owners can retire.  Christian founded Walmart shutting down its 14 years old store in Bristol Borough, an 197 jobs gone right before Xmas!  In East Stroudsburg, after 33 years jewelry seller Liztech shutdown due to the death of the owner’s husband: “He designed a beautiful platform for me to dance on and in any direction that I wanted……without him, I just never get to make jewelry anymore.”-Jill Elizabeth

South Dakota:  Bettor Racing now chapter 7 bankrupt busted due to failing to repay two Tribal Nations more than $10-million USD.

Texas: In Houston, after 67 years Frankel’s Costume announced on its website it is shutting down after Xmas, due to the property being sold to a developer.  In Abilene, after 73 years Busch Jewelers shutting down when the inventory is gone.  In Amarillo, after 90 years Buck’s Sporting Goods shutdown, the owners blaming competition with big box and online stores for causing “our retail business had been declining over the last 10 years.”

Vermont: In Belmains, Depression Era variety store Randolph’s shutdown, the owners blame increased competition for causing “the lack of good steady flow of foot traffic”.

Virginia: Magic Mart shutting down its decades old store in Abingdon, apparently the property where the store is located is co-owned by a property developer and the taxpayers of Abingdon.  There are plans to turn the area into a mega shopping center-sports complex at taxpayer expense.  In Arlington, after 75 years Belmont TV shutdown, officially because the owner retired, but he also revealed that “By 2008-09, so many electronic companies were going out of business. It was a deeper problem for all of us than the recession.”

Washington: The Bellingham Herald revealed that Whatcom County is in a retail death spiral.  In normal years the county averages 90 new store openings, but since at least 2015 new store openings have been a little more than half that, and then you have to throw in all the shutdowns like JCPenney (pending)Kmart (pending), Macy’s (pending), Wet Seal, Teavana, Family Christian, Radio Shack, Rue21 and Sears Hometown.  What real estate industry recovery?  Mortgage insurer Northwest Trustee Services eliminating 25 Bellevue jobs right before Xmas.  Foreclosure Expeditors Initiators issued a layoff WARN for its ops in Bellevue.  Commercial real estate law firm RCO Legal eliminating 12 jobs in Bellevue right before Xmas. Also in Bellevue, Realty in Motion issued a layoff WARN, 27 jobs gone right before Xmas.

Wisconsin: In Madison, after more than 40 years shoe seller Cornblooms shutting down: “I’m not blaming the mall or the internet or construction. Like anything else it was a cascade. It’s a business and sadly we didn’t make our numbers.”-Jeanette Riechers, owner

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification




Dumbing Down the U.S.A., October 2017: “I’M BEING BULLIED!” “HE WAS SHOOTING AT TRUMP!”


U.S. government shenanigans, October 2017:“WHO’S PROFITING…?”


ObamaCare ACA death spiral, October 2017:“BUSINESS AS USUAL.”


“There was no severance…we were just fired!”: U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in October 2017.

Federal government data proves what truck drivers have been complaining about for years, the reason there’s a driver shortage is because trucking companies are paying less and less every year: “If you look at the federal data, a truck driver in 2006 was actually making more than he or she would be making in 2016 if you factor in the cost of living.”-Chip Cutter, LinkedIn, interviewed by CBSNews

 California:  Oil giant Chevron warning of yet more layoffs in the San Joaquin Valley, a 26% reduction by early 2018.  In Berkeley, after 24 years furniture maker The Wooden Duck shutting down in time for Thanksgiving, blaming the landlord for doubling the rent.  France owned Schneider Electric eliminating 15 jobs in Clovis, right before Xmas. Wholesale distributor Essendant shutting down its Whittier center, 123 jobs gone right before Xmas!  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs, this time 84 people becoming jobless between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Pacific Steel Casting issued a shutdown WARN for its Berkeley ops, 106 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Iron furniture maker Murray’s Iron Works issued a shutdown WARN for its City of Commerce location, 46 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  St. john’s Knits issued another WARN, 72 jobs gone before Xmas as part of its plan to outsource the work to Mexico (on top of the 130 jobs already lost to Mexico during Summer).   What automotive industry recovery?  Pickup truck tonneau cover maker Laurmark Enterprises-BAK Industries issued shutdown WARNs for its Chatsworth and San Fernando operations, 261 jobs gone before Xmas!   Electric car maker Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major U.S. production problems with its latest vehicles, or that it’s focusing on production in China?

Colorado: Snowboard maker/seller Bomber Industries-Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters now chapter 7 bankrupt dead, the new owners blamed too much debt financing and lack of sales.

Florida: West Coast Transport Service now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.  Pre-Cast Specialties eliminating 252 jobs between December 2017 and January 2018!

Georgia: AR-15 maker Daniel Defense admitted it made a undisclosed number of “significant layoffs” due to crashing sales (before the Las Vegas shooting), one industry news report said 1-hundred people were let go without warning, an unnamed employee said “This was very unexpected. All of us were handed a blanket packet that explained everything. The paperwork didn’t even have my name on it. All they said about my job was that my position was being eliminated. There was no severance package, we were just fired!”

Idaho:  The biggest electric utility company in The Gem State, Idaho Power, is demanding customers fork-over $220-million USD to pay for a new hydroelectric dam on the border with Oregon! 

Illinois: Commercial printer Patterson Office Supplies issued a layoff WARN, 83 jobs gone by November.  Neovia Logistics issued a shutdown WARN for its Des Plaines ops, 109 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Fabick Machinery Company issued a shutdown WARN for its wholesale ops in Marion, 29 jobs gone by December due to crashing oil-mining industry sales.

Indiana: Connecticut based Harman International Industries shutting down its Crown Audio factory in Elkhart, 50 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  What construction industry recovery?  After 113 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions), demolition company Martin Enterprises shutting down in March 2018, blaming it on ten years of crashing business saying “We’ve never really bounced back from the recession and then finding drivers and the right people here in the office to fit has been rough. You add all those things together and it just doesn’t make for a good business.”

Iowa: Cedar Rapids based Rockwell Collins eliminated 124 Iowa jobs in the past 12 months, plus hundreds more outside the state!  Those layoffs are not in connection with the current pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies, which is causing new layoffs, a lawsuit has been filed to stop the sale.

Louisiana:  Netherlands owned Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) suddenly laid off 90 people, blaming a variety of things including Hurricane Harvey.

Massachusetts: In Westfield, after 60 years aerospace manufacturing contractor Berkshire Industries shutdown without warning,  the remaining 80 (of the 150) employees suddenly unemployed, no reason was given!

Michigan:  What automotive industry recovery?  Penske-Automotive Component Carrier lost its contract with General Motors (GM), 60 jobs gone in time for Xmas.  In Grand Rapids, automotive supply chain company Dematic issued a mass layoff WARN, 204 jobs gone by New Year’s, on top of the 255 jobs lost back in July!   GST Autoleather now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Minnesota: Paper maker UPM Blandin shutting down a production line, 150 jobs gone by the 1st quarter of 2018 due to a global crash in sales!   In Waseca, Quad Graphics (Brown Printing) shutting down its operations after Xmas, local news reports say at one time the operation employed 750 people!  

Montana: Simms Fishing Products eliminating at least a dozen jobs as it outsources work to a contractor in Washington, administrators blame “the cost of land and building” in Montana.

New Mexico: Recently formed, Albuquerque based, ONE Aviation already warning of mass layoffs as it ends production of its EA550 personal jet.  ONE Aviation is now focusing on developing a new personal jet called Project Canada. 

New Jersey: In Union, jewelry maker Tessler & Weiss eliminating 150 jobs right after Xmas!

New York: Remington Arms announced that sales are so bad (pre Las Vegas shooting) that it will begin furloughing employees at its Ilion factory, in an attempt to keep inline with market trends.  This is on top of the 55 jobs killed last month.  AVX Corporation-Olean Advanced Products shutting down its factory in Olean, date “to be determined”.   Global Brands issued a shutdown WARN for its fashion warehouse, 49 jobs gone right after Xmas.

North Carolina:  Unnamed employees revealed Rockwell Collins plans to offshore at least 130 Winston-Salem jobs to the Philippines, it might be connected to the pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies!  Hydro Extrusions-Sapa Extrusions  warned of mass layoffs due to a drop in orders, but didn’t say how many people would lose their jobs.  DuraFiber Technologies now chapter 7 bankrupt busted, already shutting down factories, more than 4-hundred jobs gone so far!  Diverse manufacturer Lord Corporation announced it will begin eliminating jobs worldwide in 2018, due to global market conditions.

Ohio: Furniture maker American Signature issued a layoff WARN, 13 people jobless by December.  Plastics maker Spartech-Polyone laying off 57 people in Greenville “due to a change in business circumstances”.   Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems eliminating 55 jobs in Akron as part of its plan to move jobs to Mexico.  Industrial mill service provider TMS International issued a shutdown WARN, 99 jobs in Middletown gone due to loss of contract.    What automotive industry recovery?  Fiat-ChryslerFCA Transport shutting down its Toledo transportation terminal, at least 92 jobs affected by February 2018.  Emission controls maker Faurecia Clean Mobility laying off eight people right after Xmas.

Oregon: After 128 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) the new owners of West Linn Paper Company decided to shut it down, no explanation to hundreds of employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

Pennsylvania: Dura-Bond eliminating 180 jobs in Steelton, by Thanksgiving, blaming it on crashing pipe orders from the oil industry!  Germany owned Akustica issued a  shutdown WARN for its Pittsburgh location, 54 jobs gone by October 2018.   Johnson & Johnson issued a shutdown WARN for ops in West Chester and Wayne, 297 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Japan owned but Switzerland based Metalor Technologies issued a shutdown WARN for its Export location, 121 jobs gone right after Xmas!  What construction industry recovery?  Deluxe Building Systems issued a shutdown WARN for its Berwick ops, 154 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Tennessee:  Italy based eyewear maker/distributor Luxottica Retail North America issued a mass layoff WARN, 208 jobs in Memphis gone right after Xmas, due to crashing sales!

Texas:  Vistra Energy shutting down two additional coal fired power plants, 650 jobs gone due to cheaper competition by natural gas power plants!  Dynergy warning of massive layoffs, as a result of being taken over by Vistra Energy.

Washington: The new owners of Columbia River Logistics (same as West Linn Paper Company) decided to shut it down, no explanation to the employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

West Virginia:  Italy owned plastics maker M&G Polymers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Wisconsin: Johnson Controls announced it will eliminate an undisclosed number of jobs, local news media say unnamed sources put the number of people to be laid off at 150!  Spartech-Polyone Designed Structures shutting down its factory in Ripon, 70 jobs gone in 2018 due to “a change in business circumstances”.  U.S. Paper Converters shutting down its Appleton operations, 52 jobs gone by New Years due to state officials bringing in foreign operations with taxpayer money: “For the third time in less than two months, the Paper Valley has been hit hard. At a time when the state is set to spend billions to lure a foreign company, our heritage and core industries are being gutted without explanation or without concern from our state leadership. This is not just about the loss of fifty jobs, but fifty families, men, women and children being thrust into difficult times and during the holiday season. It is high time we focus our time, resources and money on Wisconsin industry and Wisconsin jobs. Paper is our heritage, and it must be our future.”-Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, September 2017: “MARKET TURNDOWN, INDUSTRY-WIDE”

“significant financial pressure”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in October 2017:

Finland based Nokia announced it gave up on its virtual reality camera project and will now kill at least 310 jobs, some of which are in the United States!

Arkansas:  Wehco Media suddenly laid off 86 people due to an “economic necessity”.

California:  Finland based Nokia issued a layoff WARN for its Sunnyvale location, 72 jobs gone a few days before Xmas (see above). Edmunds.com issued a layoff WARN for its Santa Monica location, 60 jobs gone before Xmas.  YesVideo.com issued a shutdown WARN for its Santa Clara location, 99 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Redwood City based Electronic Arts (EA) shutting down its Visceral Games, an undisclosed number of jobs lost. Redwood City based Shopkick suddenly laid off about 30 people due to a new operating ‘model’.  Venice based Snap (aka Snapchat) suddenly laid off 18 people due to crashing sales. Santa Clara based Intel eliminating an undisclosed number of finance jobs in 2018.    Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major production problems with its latest vehicles?  Former SolarCity employees reported to local news media that the mass firings at Tesla resulting in SolarCity’s Roseville office being shutdown (on top of the 250 previously announced layoffs), unnamed SolarCity employees say no performance review was ever made by Tesla!    Disney-ABC Television began a major restructuring which will include mass layoffs.  Industry news reports say Disney-ABC has eliminated hundreds of jobs since 2010.  Media company Whalerock Industries revealed it laid off about 30 people without warning in September, yet the company also claims it will add 25 jobs within six months.   Point.360 now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Despite having a website, San Diego based Carvin Audio announced on Facebook that it was shutting down after 70 years of musical sounds, no explanation given.  Electro-optics maker NeoPhotonics warning of future layoffs due to crashing sales in China.  Apple suddenly slashed its Asian made parts orders, for its iPhone 8, by half because iPhone 7 still outsells iPhone 8, and Apple is about to release iPhone X!

Connecticut: Disney/Hearst owned Bristol based ESPN will layoff an additional 60 people by the end of the year.

Idaho: In Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  Most of the grant money will go towards retraining existing employees.

Illinois: Chicago Tribune eliminating an undisclosed number of employees due to “significant financial pressure”.

Indiana:  In Indianapolis, Technicolor laying off 85 people right before Xmas, and shutting down an office before the end of the year. 

Massachusetts: Video game maker Disruptor Beam laid off at least ten people despite recently getting $8.5-million USD in funding.

Missouri: In Kansas City, finance and healthcare tech support company DST Systems warned of across the board layoffs.

New York: Xerox shutting down its Webster distribution center, 135 jobs gone by March 2018!  In Rochester, communication device maker GE MDS laying off 89 people in January 2018.  Japan owned electronic metals company Oak-Mitsui laying off 20 people in January 2018.  In NYC, tech company Main Street Hub issued a shutdown WARN, at least 108 jobs being lost to The Lone Star state of Texas right after Xmas! Iconic Time magazine killing an additional 2-hundred jobs (despite having a website) just in time for Thanksgiving!  Complex Networks conducting mass layoffs as a result of it being taken over by Verizon and Hearst in 2016.  Without warning NYC based Verizon-Fios canceled service to five million people for the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, over a contract dispute!  Warner Music shutting down its NYC location by September 2018.    Bloomberg Media suddenly laid off 11 people in its distribution unit. NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  

North Carolina: Florida based Citrix suddenly laid off about 40 people in Raleigh, despite advertising for job openings.  Local news media say many of the laid off employees had recently been hired, and some actually took pay cuts to get the job!  Morrisville based Lenovo confirmed it suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people globally.

Ohio:  Turning Technologies eliminating 20 jobs due to millions in lost revenues after the loss of several ‘higher education’ clients.

Oregon: California based Symantec warning of future layoffs at its Springfield location, apparently due to consolidation operations.

Pennsylvania:  Advertising company Ketchum shutting down its Pittsburgh operations in early 2018, 60 jobs lost to consolidation to New York City.

Texas: Call center contractor Convergys laying off 406 people at its Lubbock center!

Virginia:  The Virginian Pilot asking for 10% of employees to voluntarily quit, otherwise involuntary layoffs will take place.  The newspaper is also going to outsource print production.  Tax-sucking General Dynamics shutting down an InfoTech office in Alexandria, 92 jobs gone right before Xmas.

Washington:  Advertising company Hacker Group issued a couple of WARNs, 82 Seattle jobs gone in December.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, September 2017: “WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO ECONOMICS”

“shockingly closed until further notice”: U.S. Food Crisis, October 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of October, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.


Nothing to cry about: Onion crop yields in Idaho and Oregon are 30% smaller compared to last year, resulting in less of a supply, causing a doubling of prices for consumers (50 pound bag yellow onions now averaging $10, last year it was $5.50).  The smaller harvest is blamed on the weather.

Arizona: In Phoenix, after 60 years Park Central Deli shutting down in time for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, due to the lease not being renewed by the new landlord.  After 18 years the Phoenix Alice Cooper’stown restaurant suddenly shutdown.  Cornbread Ventures-Z’Tejas now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and at least four restaurants immediately shutdown.

Arkansas: Walmart shutting down its Neighborhood Market grocery store in Little Rock, 1-hundred jobs gone before Thanksgiving!

California:  Ice cream maker Nestle Dryers-Häagen-Dazs laying off 896 people at its Bakersfield and Tulare factories!  The Los Angeles Museum of Ice Cream issued a shutdown WARN, 114 jobs gone right before Xmas! ‘High-end’ eatery Bouchon Beverly Hills issued a shutdown WARN, 137 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Food supply company KeHE Monterrey Provisions issued a shutdown WARN for its San Diego ops, 91 jobs gone at the beginning of December.  In West Sacramento, after 57 years King’s Restaurant shutdown.   In Santa Rosa, unprecedentedly fast moving wildfire destroyed a Arby’sMcDonald’s, Puerto Vallarta and Applebee’s.  In Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma shutdown its cookware store due to lack of employees, caused by the wildfires (at one point 3-hundred people were reported missing).  Several wineries were destroyed by wildfires, some vineyards survived.  In the wildfire area the Sweet T’s and Cricklewood restaurants, and Willi’s Wine Bar, burned down.  In San Francisco, after 17 years themed Rainforest Cafe shutdown.  In Alameda, after 25 years Gold Coast Bistro and Bar shutdown, the upset owners saying “…we didn’t have a choice”, the property owner kicked them out.   In Saratoga, after 47 years Gene’s Fine Foods shutdown after the aged owner failed to find a buyer for the popular grocery store: “I was very shocked because this store was doing good! We felt like we were going in the right direction.”-Jeremy Jercha, now former assistant store manager

Colorado: In Old Colorado City, 2South Food + Wine Bar suddenly shutdown because “The owners have decided to go a different direction…”.  Denver based restaurant chain Romano’s Macaroni Grill now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, after shutting down 37 of 116 restaurants.  The loser CEO blamed “younger consumers”.

Connecticut:  In New Haven, restaurants Thali Too and Oaxaca Kitchen shutdown, both owners blaming too much competition.  In New Milford, after more than 20 years Bank Street Coffee House shutdown by the landlord (MLST Investments), who refuses to explain why.

Florida: At Universal Orlando, Emeril’s Tchoup Chop shutting down, 66 jobs gone right after Xmas.  In Naples, after eight years Daniela’s shutting down so the owner can spend more time with her family.  Mosaic Fertilizer eliminating 430 jobs right after Xmas!

Illinois:  In Decatur, CherryBerry announced the sudden shutdown of its Nelson Park restaurant on Facebook.  In Chicago, after three years the owners of pasta joint Charlatan announced on Facebook they were shutting it down, the only reason given was that it was “time for new adventures”Johnny’s Grill and Mezclaeria Las Flores shutting down at the beginning of November.  In Frankfort, after ten years Kernel Sweetooth shutdown due to the greedy landlord having new plans for the property.

Indiana:  Chapter 11 Bankrupt busted Marsh shutdown its last grocery store in Anderson, despite executives claiming they filed bankruptcy to keep their remaining 44 stores open.  In Lafayette, Pizza King shutdown its 50 years old Jefferson Square location, a disgruntled employee telling local news media “it’s a lot cheaper just to shut it down.”

Iowa: Switzerland based Nestlé laying off 56 people at its food factory in Waverly, by the end of 2018, as part of Nestlé’s global streamlining plan.  Ferrara Candy Company issued a shutdown WARN for its Creston candy factory, 215 jobs gone right before Xmas!

Kansas: In Shawnee, after four years castle themed restaurant Renee Kelly’s Harvest shutdown.

Kentucky: In Lexington, after nine years upscale The Julep Cup shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.

Massachusetts: In Lynn, after only one year White Rose Coffeehouse shutdown, the owner blaming it on harassment after her daughter called police “bullies” on social media and refused to take part in an apparently mandatory ‘coffee with a cop’ program.

Michigan: Kroger shutting down its Gratiot Road grocery store in Saginaw, 92 jobs gone before Xmas.  In Interlochen, after 35 years Ric’s Food Center shutdown, the owners blamed it on a radical change in the economy.

Minnesota: In Minneapolis, after 32 years Lucia’s Restaurant shutdown after months of ownership changes led to reports of employee abuse in the name of turning a profit.  In the same city, after 46 years Pepitos Mexican Restaurant shutdown due to crashing sales since 2008 and the owner’s health problems.  In Rockford, after 50 years cake decorating retail supplier Sweet Pans Shoppe shutdown due to the death of the owner.  In Duluth, after more than 20 years How Sweet It Is Cakes shutdown due to a “significant decline in sales”.   Brazil based poultry processor Pilgrim’s Pride shutting down its new factory in Luverne, 2-hundred jobs gone between Thanksgiving and Xmas, due to Pilgrim’s Pride’s takeover of competitor GNP in January!

Mississippi: In Meridian, Vowell’s Marketplace shutting down due to the greedy ‘out of state’ property owner refusing to make necessary upgrades, 40 grocery jobs gone by Thanksgiving.  In Brandon, after 20 years Nichols-Boyd Pumpkin Patch shutdown due to property upkeep that now exceeds the rewards of running a pumpkin patch.

Missouri: In Saint Louis, Supervalue owned Shop ‘n Save grocery store in Gravois Plaza shutting down in November.

New Hampshire: After 107 years Marelli’s Fruit & Real Estate shutdown its store in Newmarket, local news reports say at one time there were five stores, now there’s only one.

New York: Animatronic pizza joint Chuck E. Cheese’s suddenly shutdown its Wallkill location, blaming the greedy landlord.  In NYC, 100 Sardines Management issued a shutdown WARN for its Lupulo restaurant, 55 jobs gone days before Xmas.  KBFK 52 shutting down its Bar Americain, 96 jobs gone in January 2018. Orange Brands Management and 7th & Barrow issued a shutdown WARN, 81 jobs gone after Xmas.  Centerplate at Saks Fifth Avenue New York City shutting down its Fifth Dining, 57 jobs gone after Xmas.  NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  In Colonie,  after 106 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Ryan’s Farmers Market shutting down and for sale because “The business is just not what it used to be.”  In Horseheads, after five years Birdland Brewing shutdown due to the owner’s health problems.

North Carolina: In Asheville, the owner of Frostbite Ice Cream Bar shutdown one of his popular operations due to his health problems.  In Charlotte, Catch on Seafood’s shutdown, the owner blaming never ending city road projects for causing a 60% crash in sales.   In Davidson, after being for sale for the past two months Healthy Home Market shutdown, 27 jobs gone.  In Raleigh, after less than two years BBQ joint Bare Bones shutdown, not due to lack of sales but because of the cost to operate the restaurant: “The market loved the food and the atmosphere, but the sheer size of the space didn’t allow it to become profitable.”-Gaurav ‘G’ Patel, owner

Ohio: In Columbus, booze filled chocolate maker/seller Le Chocoholique shutting down its seven years old retail ops to focus on wholesale only.  It should be noted that the retail operations replaced a failed Starbucks.  In Lima, after 25 years Just Ducky’s Gourmet Coffees, Foods & Unique Gifts shutdown due to ongoing road construction: “It really did destroy my business. It truly did.…People couldn’t get to me.”-Ducky Allen, owner

Oregon:  In Portland, The Commons Brewery shutting down right before Thanksgiving, apparently it’ll be replaced with a California based brewery sometime in 2018.  After 1-hundred years of Summer sales Beebe Farms shutdown, the owners saying “It was not going to be a profitable venture to keep the farm going at this point.”

Pennsylvania: Ohio Valley Bistro’s shutting down its TGI Friday’s at the Pittsburgh Airport, 23 jobs gone two days after Xmas.  In Whitehall, after 11 years Granny Schmidt’s Bake Shop shutting down at the beginning of November, so the owner can retire.  In Pittsburgh, James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy shutdown because of complaints about the loud jazz music (despite $25-thousand USD in soundproofing).  In Grove City, after six years Save-A-Lot shutting down in time for Thanksgiving.  Taggart’s Orchard shutdown after 32 years so the owners can retire.

Tennessee: Maryville based financially troubled chain restaurant Ruby Tuesday sold-off for $146-million USD.  Over the past two years Ruby Tuesday shutdown more than 1-hundred restaurants.

Texas: In Austin, Austin Java Co shutdown its North Lamar Boulevard location, supposedly this is part of a plan to open four new locations.

Vermont:  In Shelburne, the owners of Bijou Fine Chocolate posted a notice on the door saying the shop is now “shockingly closed until further notice”, apparently due to financial problems between the owners.

Virginia: In Newport News, Bella’s Restaurant shutdown without warning, and without refunding money to customers who had reserved the eatery for upcoming events.

Washington: In North Seattle, Cafe Racer suddenly shutdown, the owner blames a 2012 shooting for causing crashing sales.

Wisconsin: In Manona, after five years restaurant Las Islas Del Mao shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.  In Green Bay, after more than 50 years Willow Street Bakery shutdown, the owners blame insurance companies saying “The industry has just gotten too hard to be in a small business…..   This last insurance increase was the straw that broke the camel’s back…”.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


USAF failed to comply with law, enabling Texas church shooter!

07 NOV 2017 (02:02 UTC-07 Tango 06) 16 Aban 1396/17 Safar 1439/19 Xin-Hai 4715

Many anti-2nd Amendment nuts once again call for more laws, refusing to recognize that existing laws were ignored by the United States Air Force!  The man who attacked the Sutherland Springs church in Texas had a criminal military background, that under current U.S. law should have been passed onto the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) but was not.  That info would have prevented the man from buying guns legally.  The ‘christian’ dominated U.S. Air Force claims it is investigating to find out why they didn’t comply with federal law.

The openly anti-2nd Amendment PBSNewsHour reported that witnesses said the Texas church shooter was dressed in black and wearing a skull mask on his face.   This type of ‘uniform’ is typical of what was seen during the U.S.-EU-NATO backed coup in Ukraine.

U.S.-EU-NATO backed Ukrainian personnel, from the first year of the war (2014-2015)

Usually, during wars the symbol of the skull has been used mainly by right wing/nationalist groups/units.  The skull has also become the symbol of some U.S. mercenary organizations (legally called military contractors, or security contractors), especially the group known as Craft International.

Also, the shooters in the 2015 San Bernardino, California, incident were described as wearing military style tactical clothing.  Witnesses also insisted there were at least three shooters, all men, contrary to what the official police report said.

Similar witness reports were made during the recent Las Vegas, Nevada, shootings.  Initially even police on the scene described multiple shooters (I remember from reading their own ‘live’ social media posts, which law enforcement administrators later denied that such posts were made).  The official timeline of events repeatedly changed in the days afterwards.  And what’s the true reason why a hotel security guard, supposedly key in the establishment of the timeline, went missing for days before suddenly appearing on a TV talk show!  Many witnesses posted on social media their own video reports challenging the official series of events. Also, Why Did the Islamic State Claim the Las Vegas Shooting?

Ever since the War on Terror began, mass shooters in the U.S. have used the same inefficient low power assault rifle based on the old (and crappy) Vietnam era AR-15/M-16.   The mainstream news media, and even police-state cops, call the weapon “high-power”, I’ve shown before that it is not a true high-power weapon.


2015 Study: Since 2010 at least 944 California cop guns have been stolen, or just disappeared, including fully automatic guns (machineguns) and 40mm grenade launchers!  Some recent murders in California involved stolen police guns! 








Gun Ban Fail: California anti-gun laws fail to stop Cop from having his own guns stolen!

06 NOV 2017 (15:41 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Aban 1396/16 Safar 1439/18 Xin-Hai 4715

Perhaps because of strict anti-2nd Amendment laws California cops are now being targeted by gun thieves.

It’s been revealed that on 03 NOV 2017 a San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputy lost his shotgun, rifle, ammunition and bullet-proof vest when thieves broke into his ‘unmarked’ cop car while he was attending a meeting held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Local news media intimated that the deputy failed to follow rules about ‘locking down’ guns in his car, despite being a deputy for 15 years.

This is not the first time California cops had their guns stolen.  In 2016 the Bay Area News Group published the results of their investigation into thieves targeting California cops’ guns.  The report is titled Disarmed and dangerous: Officers across the Bay Area and state are losing firearms at an astonishing rate — and the consequences can be deadly.

List of stolen San Jose Police Department weapons, just in 2010

Since 2010, 944 cop guns have been stolen, or just disappeared, including fully automatic guns (machineguns) and 40mm grenade launchers!  Some recent murders in California involved stolen police guns! 

Fox19 Ohio, 2013: Why police are getting their guns stolen

Local10 Florida, NOV 2017: 5 arrested for selling stolen guns

IndyStar Indiana, OCT 2017: Hand grenade, police badges stolen from Lawrence home

California gun ban fail, USAToday, SEP 2017: LA Rams’ Ethan Westbrooks arrested with stolen gun

California gun ban fail, EastBayTimes, SEP 2017: Police officer has guns stolen from car in Oakland




Gun Ban Fail: Strict California anti-gun laws fail to stop another church shooting!

06 NOV 2017 (15:04 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Aban 1396/16 Safar 1439/18 Xin-Hai 4715

California has some of the most strict anti-2nd Amendment laws of any U.S. state, yet the laws didn’t stop a church shooting in Fresno.

On 05 NOV 2017, a man and woman were shot and killed behind the Saint Alphonsus Church.  Police say it was an upset estranged husband who shot and killed his wife and her boyfriend.  The shooter apparently admitted to the deed in text messages to his daughter, right before killing himself.




Gun Ban Reality Check: Assault Rifles already banned in California! Shooter was mental health employee! 








Texas lawman charged with using a Gun during Road Rage incident!

06 NOV 2017 (14:37 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Aban 1396/16 Safar 1439/18 Xin-Hai 4715

More proof you can’t trust law enforcers with guns; in Corpus Christi a Texas judge charged with threatening people with a gun during a road rage incident.

District Judge Guy Williams pled not guilty on 04 NOV 2017, to charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which allegedly took place in April.  The trial is set for March 2018.

The judge posted bond, but then learned posting bond meant giving up his Right to possess guns: “Y’all are going to require that I give up all my firearms, even in my household?   ……I’ve had violent threats levied against me, so y’all are leaving me at home without protection.”-Guy Williams

Gun armed civilian stopped Texas mass shooter, not the police!

06 NOV 2017 (03:28 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Aban 1396/16 Safar 1439/18 Xin-Hai 4715

“He just hurt so many people, he affected so many people’s lives, why wouldn’t you want to take him down?”-Johnnie Langendorff, helped gun-armed civilian stop a crazy church shooter

You can hear the anti-gun nuts going crazy, but the church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, wasn’t stopped by police-state cops, he was stopped by a civilian armed with a gun!

The shooting took place in a town with a population less than 7-hundred, with no city police force.  If a cun-armed civilian hadn’t intervened the crazy-church shooter could have killed everybody in the church.  KIVI: “Were it not for a local resident who tackled the gunman, the deadliest shooting in Texas history could have claimed even more lives.”

Johnnie Langendorff described (on video) to The Washington Post how he saw the crazy-church shooter exchanging gunshots the gun-armed civilian, then hope in his SUV and take-off.  Langendorf gave the as yet unnamed gun-armed civilian a ride and they chased down the church-shooter.





DON’T BLAME GUNS! BULLIED SHOOTER DERANGED BY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS? Since 1988 there have been 32 mass shootings at schools where the shooters were on prescription drugs, and those are just the cases where it was made public.