U.S. military leads the way to energy independence

09 JUL 2017 (16:20 UTC-07 Tango 06) 18 Tir 1396/14 Shawwal 1438/16 Ding Wei 4715

Video report showing U.S. Army and Air Force efforts to save taxpayer money by becoming more energy independent in Colorado:

Not just in Colorado, but the USAF is testing a hybrid electric and battery powered mobile dock system for C-5 maintenance at Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex in Georgia:  “…new mobile lift platform that is able to move and shift as maintainers move around an aircraft, eliminating the time required of traditional hard stands. Direct methanol fuel cells provide on-board battery charging, thereby enabling around-the-clock maintenance operations.”

November 2016: U.S. Army Harvesting Energy through Humping

June 2016: Massive Detrick Solar Array Only Fraction of Army’s Renewable Energy Capacity

150 years, Montana Militia!

Fort Harrison, Montana, open house 08 JUL 2017.

150th Anniversary Montana National Guard:

90th Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment, 19th Special Forces, Montana Army National Guard parachute on Fort Harrison, Montana, 08 JUL 2017.

19th Special Forces, Montana Army National Guard, prep to jump 08 JUL 2017.

Oklahoma Militia responds to chemical attack

Operation FakeBuster : Facebook joins NATO!

06 JUL 2017 (12:40 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Tir 1396/11 Shawwal 1438/13 Ding Wei 4715

Earlier this year U.S. led NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) joined with Facebook in creating a fake-news operation under the guise of fighting fake-news.  The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence employed 28 people in the eastern European country of Latvia to create operation Fake Buster:

Fake Buster is supposedly a Facebook game (also available as an application for your smart phone) that teaches dumb Facebook users how to tell real news from fake.  If you understand the history of propaganda (fake-news) then you’ll realize that the most prolific  perpetrators of fake-news are governments and their official main stream news media.  Can you really trust a Fake Buster app created by NATO?

Hi-Tech Fail: Climate Change biggest threat to Billion Dollar Weapon Systems!

World War 3: NATO occupies Eastern Europe!

06 JUL 2017 (12:01 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Tir 1396/11 Shawwal 1438/13 Ding Wei 4715

U.S. river crossing in Hungary.

Under the guise of defense against Russia, and still claiming there is no Cold War, U.S. led NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has occupied eastern Europe with thousands of troops.  In the official video report NATO leaders try to justify their actions:


U.S. led ‘Lightning Operations’ center at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania.

The U.S. Army also leads an annual NATO war game called Saber Guardian.  This year its focus is in the eastern European countries of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Video report on U.S. Army logistical convoy from Germany to Bulgaria:

1775th Military Police Company, Michigan Army National Guard, preps for convoy ops in eastern Europe. The convoy route runs from Germany to the Black Sea.

Many of the U.S. troops occupying eastern Europe are state militia (National Guard) personnel.   Video report on Ohio National Guard taking part in Saber Guardian river crossing in Hungary:

Another U.S. occupation of eastern Europe operation is called Operation Atlantic Resolve.  This year Romania combined their Open Gates air show with Operation Atlantic Resolve:

NATO gets bigger, welcome Japan!

2016: Snake River National Guard M1A2 SEP, Live Fire Romania!

World War 3: NATO Germany & France form permanent EU military alliance!

God is Evil: Israel directly controls USS George H.W. Bush! So much for Independence Day!

06 JUL 2017 (10:53 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Tir 1396/11 Shawwal 1438/13 Ding Wei 4715

“It’s the first time in history that a head of state had the opportunity to address the members of the ship.  It was an extraordinary moment.  I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be an American.”-David Friedman, U.S. Ambassador to Israel

While you’all ‘Mericans were gettin’ ready to celebrate your supposed Independence Day, on 03 JUL 2017, in an unprecedented moment, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came aboard the USS George H.W. Bush and gave a speech to USN personnel.  Never before has a leader of a foreign country given a speech to U.S. military personnel!

The Israeli delegation were given a personal tour of the ship by Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell and Captain Will Pennington.  The USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77) was sent to Israel “to enhance U.S.-Israel relations as the two nations reaffirm their continued commitment to the collective security of the European and Middle East Regions.”  (note that Israel is considered a defender of Europe, after decades of denying that it is actually a European colony)

God is Evil: U.S. UN ambassador meets with Israeli terrorist Lieberman

God is Evil: Unprecedented speech to U.S. Congress by Benjamin Netanyahu 

Chemical Attack? Oklahoma Militia responds!

Suiting up for Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Radiological (CBRN), also known as Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC).

On 27 JUN 2017, the Oklahoma National Guard’s 63rd Civil Support Team responded to a hazardous chemical spill in Weatherford, they completed their mission successfully.  It was all in a day’s training:


Join Militia, Drive Truck



Join Militia, Drive Truck


Virginia National Guard’s 329th Regional Support Group used M915 and M1088 tractors to haul trailers during their Annual Training (AT) in May of this year, proving they’re Ready to Roll:

Virginia Militia M1088 hauling boats for the U.S. Navy.

138 vehicles were involved in the ‘real world’ AT mission. They traveled nearly 204-thousand-387-kilometers (127-thousand miles) hauling nearly 216 U.S. tons.

The 329th Regional Support Group was deactivated in 1996, but was brought back to life ten years later, in 2006.

Red Neck ObamaCare Fail: U.S. Army deployed on Economic Mission in Texas!

24 JUN 2017 (13:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Tir 1396/29 Ramadan 1438/01 Bing Wu(6th month) 4715

In the ‘right-wing’-conservative-Christian-oil-rich state of Texas the United States Army has been deployed on an economic mission in an area known as Colonias.

It’s a joint operation with Texas A&M University known as Colonias Innovative Readiness Training.  Not only are infrastructure problems being dealt with, but, and despite the advent of ObamaCare (ACA), free medical clinics are held for Texas who still don’t have ObamaCare mandated health insurance!

U.S. Army-Texas A&M free dental service in Web County, Texas.

Free taxpayer funded eye exams in Web County, Texas.

But this isn’t the first time the U.S. Army has been called in to help supposedly fiercely independent Texans. In 2016, a free clinic in Rio Grande Valley was swamped by people who are not benefiting from ObamaCare. 

Red Neck Fail: Saudi Arabia takes over Texas oil supply?

Red Neck Fail: Turkish Tankers take Texas!


Red Neck Fail: Texas Caribbean Xmas theme park built with Chinese labor!


Hi-Tech Fail: Climate Change biggest threat to Billion Dollar Weapon Systems!

24 JUN 2017 (13:05 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Tir 1396/29 Ramadan 1438/01 Bing Wu(6th month) 4715

“Depending on the weather, it can severely degrade if not stop the mission. Depending on what’s going on, you could have turbulence so severe that it prevents aircraft from flying or dropping bombs.”-Staff Sergeant Caleb Custer, USAF 380 Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight

The United States Air Force has inadvertently revealed the biggest threat to their taxpayer burdening billion and trillion dollar weapon systems; radical weather!

USAF weather-personnel at an undisclosed location in the Middle East.

Climate change is real, but the Earth has always undergone severe, sometimes catastrophic climate change, and at times when there were no humans on the planet.  Whether the radical weather is caused by humans, or just part of the planet’s cycle, it drastically affects those hi-tech aircraft: “Without a legal weather brief, the aircraft could not even get off the ground…. ….It is one of my biggest frustrations with this job. It can go from beautiful to completely horrible in the blink of an eye with no warning whatsoever.”-Master Sergeant Randy Jones, USAF weather operations flight chief

USAF personnel employ Tactical Meteorological Observing System.

Radars need to breath. USAF personnel changing an air filter on portable Doppler weather radar in Qatar.

Hi-tech USAF rain gauge (Tactical Meteorological Observing System) in Qatar.

USAF Tactical Meteorological Observing System deployed to North Dakota.

Hi-Tech Fail: Aptos user Rue21

Texas special forces ‘weathermen’ para-dive into Lake Worth!


Islamic State Fail: Video shows attempt to launch drone in Syria

Gun Ban Fail: ‘Terrorist’ strikes using low-tech weapons!

Hi-Tech Fail: Idaho’s low tech paper ballots ranked one of most trustworthy for U.S. elections!

Self Drive Car Fail! Uber breaks the law in California!

Hi-Tech Fail: Japan joins the Dumbing Down crowd!

False Flag: Military loses 1,000+ high tech devices in one year!

Climate Change? The Nose Knows!

That High Tech agreement you signed onto just took away your Rights!