More proof God is evil: Israel bombs UN school, as UN inspection teams arrived! Jews call children “terrorists”! Christian Red Cross working with Israel to destroy hospitals! news media vomiting lies!

22 July 2014 (17:01 UTC-07 Tango)/24 Ramadan 1435/31 Tir 1393/26 Xin-Wei 4712

“We have no place to hide!  No place for the children and the women! They are inhumane! They are acting like an animal; they are targeting every home and family in Gaza!”-Basman Alashi, El Wafa Hospital

Alashi (Elashi), the director of El Wafa Hospital, [...] Continue Reading…

More proof God is evil: Pope of Anglican Church caught drugging up her own race horse? Bush family connection!

22 July 2014 (15:47 UTC-07 Tango)/24 Ramadan 1435/31 Tir 1393/26 Xin-Wei 4712

It’s been revealed that the Queen of England’s race horse, Estimate, failed a drug test last month.   Buckingham Palace officials claim the failed drug test was the result of contaminated feed!

This is not the first time the Queen has been involved with illegal [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings 19 – 22 April 2014: “This is a dangerous plan…” “Families are moving away…” ObamaCare kills city jobs & jacks up local property taxes! McDonald’s shutting down?

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns.

Alabama: The John Essex School shutting down before next school year.  Student population has dropped to less than 100.  School officials say families are getting the hell out of the country: “The enrollment just kept dwindling. This is the trend….Families are moving away and the families aren’t as big [...] Continue Reading…

World War 3 Afghanistan, 09 – 12 July 2014: Coca-Cola making U.S. National Guard sick? More proof U.S. government killing off National Guard vets!

Ghor Province: In Char Sada District, official government sources report that hundreds of Mujahideen took control of the district for a few hours, before being pushed back.

Helmand Province: In Nawzad District, Afghan National Army (ANA) reported a new battle with Mujahideen.  At least 18 people killed, so far.

Herat Province: In Kohsan District, six Halo Trust de-miners were [...] Continue Reading…

More proof God is evil: Israeli sniper shoots Palestinian civilian, trying to rescue his family, twice! New poll shows most U.S. Christians support genocide by Jew!

22 July 2014 (22:25 UTC-07 Tango 21 July 2014)/24 Ramadan 1435/31 Tir 1393/26 Xin-Wei 4712

Video shot by a human rights group, International Solidarity Movement, shows a Palestinian civilian desperately searching for his family, after they were bombed by Israel.

He’s calling for them and then he’s shot by an Israeli sniper.  As rescuers try to reach [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Civil War Chicago, 14 – 18 July 2014: Feeble minded citizens beg their almighty God to stop the shooting!

“Just be with us, God. We need you now. We need you now like never before!”-unnamed, and weak willed Christian woman at scene of shooting, not realizing that most of Chicago’s politicians, cops and even gangbangers consider themselves Christians

Incomplete list:

3900 block of West Gladys Avenue: 11 years old girl killed by stray bullet.

2000 block of [...] Continue Reading…

More proof God is evil: Israeli soldiers are U.S. citizens!

20 July 2014 (15:17 UTC-07 Tango)/22 Ramadan 1435/29 Tir 1393/24 Xin-Wei 4712

A live reporter from Gaza Strip stated that the Israeli soldiers, killed by Palestinian Mujahideen, were carrying U.S. passports!

Is this proof that Academi/Blackwater/Xe Services is working for Israel?  Or does it show that the Israeli government must rely on U.S. Jews to fill [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings 16 – 18 April 2014: “We have a perfect storm….” No more La-Z-Boy? Entire city council proves itself corrupt by secretly killing jobs! More damned ObamaCare job cuts resulting in denied healthcare access!

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns.

Arkansas: In Hot Springs, the Lake Catherine Footwear factory laying off 56 employees over the next six months.  Company officials say the layoffs are permanent.  The suck ass company is joining other unAmerican companies in moving jobs outside of the country: “Economic forces in the international shoe industry [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart closing update 16 July 2014: The “future” is store closures!

“Closing stores is going to be part of our future.  I’d rather do fewer closures rather than more, but the world has shifted.”-Eddie Lampert, Sears Holdings

Another 100+ jobs lost in Detroit, Michigan, come October!

200 jobs lost in Ohio as another Kmart shuts down!  The store will permanently close in early October.

A 48 years old Washington Kmart shutting [...] Continue Reading…

Fukushima-WIPP-Radiation update: Proof WIPP bigger than reported! More reasons to stay out of the sunlight! Terrorist attack in California! U.S. funding shutdown exposes 500-thousand people to radiation! Radioactive trucks on U.S. highways? More reasons to avoid Japanese cars!

16 July 2014 (00:22 UTC-07 Tango)/18 Ramadan 1435/25 Tir 1393/20 Xin-Wei 4712

Cars coming out of Japan are still radioactive, according to government officials in Russia and the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.

This year Kyrgyzstan has impounded at least 70 cars from Japan, for being radioactive.  Russia has impounded 132 Japanese cars at the port of Vladivostok, [...] Continue Reading…

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