Warren Buffett to kill off $1-billion worth of jobs, because he “likes them”! Welcome to Zero Based Budgeting, the wave of the future?

26 March 2015 (15:45 UTC-07 Tango 01)/06 Farvardin 1394/05 Jumada t-Tania 1436/07 Ji Mao 4713

“…these are brands that I like 30 plus years ago and I like them today, and I think I like them 30 years from now.”-Warren Buffett, after merging his Heinz with Kraft and then announcing $1-billion USD in job cuts

Yes, [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart update, 25 March 2015: Proof Illinois taxpayers bailed out Sears! Sears Hometown gets remodeled! Property developer kills off Kmart replacement!

In 2014 there was word that a vacant Michigan Kmart would be replaced with a World of Beer store, not no more.

The News Herald reports that World of Beer has changed its mind about moving into the Woodhaven Kmart.  Local city administrators assume that World of Beer and the property owner couldn’t agree on [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 27 – 28 February 2015: “We have not been spared…” “…1,200 plus employees may not be getting a paycheck.” Obamacare at it again! More BS in the oil sector! Harassing A-hole debt collectors soon to join unemployment line!

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

An east coast health insurance company is killing jobs, no thanks to Obama Care.  Highmark laid off almost 1-hundred people in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia!  Administrators admit that since Obama Care went into effect they’ve actually lost customers, so much so that they have to make drastic cuts! [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart closing update, 20 March 2015: New York rebuild center shutting down? Florida Kmart going down! Georgia Kmart going down, but Sears denies it!

In Longmont, Colorado, plans were unveiled for a Kmart property that’s been vacant for the past five years (before I started this shutdown list).  It sounds ‘racist’ to me but local city and retail administrators are calling it 11 acres of “Latino Marketplace”.  Plaza Medina will be the new name and will offer retail and [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 23 – 26 February 2015: “The shop was losing so much money…” “…a huge drop in sales…” “…the economy has dictated.” “…makes it financially impossible…”

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

California: Once again Boeing issued several WARNs, this time at least 94 people will be laid off by the end of April.  Due to the hostile take over by Cerberus Albertsons, Safeway issued several more WARNs saying at least 132 people will lose their jobs in Pleasanton [...] Continue Reading…

More Economic Decline: Pathetic turnout for east Idaho Mayor’s last ditch effort to save Postal Processing Center!

17 March 2015 (16:10 UTC-07 Tango 01)/26 Jumada I-Ula 1436/26 Esfand 1393/27 Ji Mao 4713

Only one city council seems concerned with the shutdown of east Idaho’s only mail sorting and processing center; Pocatello.  This is despite the fact the closure will affect all of eastern Idaho!

What’s worse it seems that even the residents of [...] Continue Reading…

More Economic Decline: East Idahoans oblivious to shutdown of their only Postal Processing Center!

16 March 2015 (08:22 UTC-07 Tango 01)/25 Jumada I-Ula 1436/25 Esfand 1393/26 Ji Mao 4713

“I thought it was just a rumor.”

“They’ll just move the work to Clark Street Post Office.”

“There’s a Postal Processing Center here?”

These are most common responses I got from talking to fellow east Idahoans.  18 April 2015 is the last [...] Continue Reading…

Corporate Evil: USPS & Staples continue ‘trial’ deal to run Post Offices!

14 March 2015 (16:28 UTC-07 Tango 01)/23 Jumada I-Ula 1436/23 Esfand 1393/24 Ji Mao 4713

“The United States Postal Service is a wonderful national treasure, enshrined in the Constitution and supported by the American people. Without any taxpayer funding, the USPS serves 150 million households and businesses each day, providing affordable, universal mail service to [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart closing update, 10 March 2015: Montana city losing, yet gaining Sears store? After 13 years abandoned Kmart finally has new tenant!

In Tennessee, a woman was caught trying to walk out of a Kingsport Kmart with an entire jewelry countertop display case.  Police say it had $9-thousand USD worth of earrings in it.  Store employees say the woman was so brash that she openly cut a security cable with wire cutters before putting the display case [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 19 – 22 February 2015: “It absolutely killed us…” ObamaCare kills off 191 years old company! “There’s money here….but the future is a question.” “We will truly miss you.”

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

Arizona: Local news media claiming the biggest employer in the Grand Canyon State, Asarco mining company, will layoff 160 people  in Pinal and Gila counties!  Asarco administrators blame the layoffs on an 80% crash in the price of copper.

California:  Iconic Frederick’s of Hollywood announced it must shutdown [...] Continue Reading…

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