U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 06 – 08 March 2015: “…our resources will be used more productively elsewhere…”

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

Netherlands based grocery store chain Ahold announced it will shutdown support offices in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  At least 120 jobs lost!  Administrators said it was the only way they could keep their food prices low for shoppers.

Germany based software developer SAP announced it will kill off 22-hundred jobs around [...] Continue Reading…

Albertsons Vons Safeway update, 21 April 2015: Vons going down in California! Walgreens jumps ship! Closings hit Florida & Canada! Joins government data collection operations!

“It is going to get worse before it gets better!”-Mitchell Marks, College of Business at San Francisco State University

“If their favorite store is Albertsons, and the FTC’s [Federal Trade Commission] decision is to close their local Albertsons store, consumers are going to look around.”-Dale Achabal, Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University

It’s been revealed [...] Continue Reading…

Walmart suddenly closes 5 U.S. stores, kills 2200 jobs overnight! Is it because the employees went on strike?

18 April 2015 (17:54 UTC-07 Tango 01)/28 Farvardin 1394/29 Jumada t-Tania 1436/30 Geng Chen 4713

“Everybody just panicked and started crying!”- Venanzi Luna, a Walmart store manager in Pico Rivera, California

It’s been revealed that Walmart shutdown five stores, without warning, on 13 April 2015.  About 22-hundred employees are now unemployed!

The stores are located in California, [...] Continue Reading…

More Economic Decline: New owner of Pocatello’s Polysilicon factory gives up, starts chopping up the former Hoku Materials factory!

17 April 2015 (15:57 UTC-07 Tango 01)/27 Farvardin 1394/28 Jumada t-Tania 1436/29 Geng Chen 4713

“We did a worldwide marketing effort to sell the plant. We obviously wanted to find a user.  It’s a damn shame!”-Mark Fleischauer,  JH Kelly senior vice president, Idaho State Journal interview

After a little more than a year, the winning bidder for [...] Continue Reading…

Food Crisis: No more McDonald’s, Japan style? 131 restaurants shutting down due to lack of food?

17 April 2015 (15:23 UTC-07 Tango 01)/27 Farvardin 1394/28 Jumada t-Tania 1436/29 Geng Chen 4713

“I regret that today our company is not performing to the expectations of our customers, our stakeholders or our employees. Our number one priority is to do everything we can to continue to enhance our food safety and quality systems and rebuild [...] Continue Reading…

More Economic Decline: East Idaho Mail Handlers ‘involuntarily’ escape the Hotel California!

15 April 2015 (16:54 UTC-07 Tango 01)/25 Farvardin 1394/24 Jumada t-Tania 1436/27 Geng Chen 4713

On 14 April 2015, Pocatello’s Gateway Processing Center Mail Handlers were given this notice of work “release”. Note that the letter is dated “April 10, 2015″. Why did administration wait until the 14th to hand out [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart closing update, 15 April 2015: The shutdown of another Kmart called a “good sign”!

Wisconsin losing yet another Kmart.  The store will shutdown by the end of June, rendering 103 people unemployed.  Alderman Craig Wilson actually called it a “good sign” of economic development.

In Michigan, reports say the abandoned Roseville Kmart is being torn down, and will be replaced with a $15.6-million USD Kroger grocery store.  The city gave [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 04 – 05 March 2015: Another debt collector bites the dust! Capitalism blamed for killing off Lifestyle Lift! Obamacare to cause “more change than we’ve seen in the past 75 years combined.”

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

What real estate recovery?  Internet based commercial office space seller 42Floors laid off at least 14 people in the cities of New York and San Francisco.  The company halted its commercial real estate brokerage ops and will focus on providing internet searches and listings only: “Over the past few [...] Continue Reading…

More Economic Decline: Confusion reigns over east Idaho Postal Processing Center shutdown!

14 April 2015 (18:42 UTC-07 Tango 01, 13 April 2015)/24 Farvardin 1394/23 Jumada t-Tania 1436/26 Geng Chen 4713

So far no written shutdown notice has been issued for east Idaho’s Gateway Postal Processing Center, only verbal warnings that it will take place on 18 April 2015.  There are consistent reports from the contracted truck drivers, [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart closing update, 13 April 2015: More proof Sears Holdings is making money by killing jobs!

I’ve written about this in the past, and it’s happened again, Eddie Lampert’s Sears Holdings is yet again making money, specifically because they’ve killed thousands of jobs!

Lampert revealed that he is transferring ten Sears stores to mall operator Simon Properties, and Sears Holdings will make $114-million USD as a result of the deal worth $228-million!

Investors [...] Continue Reading…

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