“an unforeseen slowdown” Drowning in beer & chromium-6? : U.S. Food Crisis, October 2016

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of October, 2016: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.
California: Treehouse Foods ( Treehouse Private Brands) issued a […] Continue Reading…

Hurricane Matthew clean up vid fest

23 October 2016 / 19:05 UTC-07 Tango 01 (03 Aban 1395/22 Muharram 1438/24 Wu Zu 4714)

Record flooding in Princeville, North Carolina.  The National Guard’s 875 Engineer Company drained over 80-million gallons of flood water off a one square mile area in Princeville. It took six days:

North Carolina National Guard’s Rapid Reaction Force deploys:

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Gun Ban Fail: Japan hit by Army veteran Kamikaze bomber!

23 October 2016 (14:33 UTC-07 Tango 01)02 Aban 1395/21 Muharram 1438/23 Wu Zu 4714

For possibly the first time Japan has been hit by double explosions caused by a 72 years old military veteran.   The retired Self Defense Force vet killed himself, and wounded three other people in the process.

The first explosion happened in a park on the north […] Continue Reading…

U.S. preps Ukraine for war with Russia?

U.S. Army training puppet Ukrainian forces armed with Soviet designed BTR-80s, and U.S. designed HMMWVs ( High MobilityMultipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) armed with Dshk 12.7mm machine guns, 21 October 2016:

Puppet president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, meets with NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg, 20 October 2016:

U.S. SUPPLIES […] Continue Reading…

Sears Kmart shutdowns, October 2016: Kmart makes Santa’s naughty list, no toys for Xmas!

More shutdowns in Canada, this time the Edmonton Sears in the Bonnie Doon Centre shutting down, 70 jobs lost by the end of January 2017.  Also, the Sears department store at Dartmouth’s Penhorn Mall will shutdown, 73 jobs gone by September 2017.

“We came to the conclusion that at this time based off of what we have seen […] Continue Reading…

Food Crisis: U.S. Deforestation caused landslides in Haiti! No more cheap coffee or cocoa?

18 October 2016 (02:09 UTC-07 Tango 01) 27 Mehr 1395/16 Muharram 1438/18 Wu Zu 4714

“We lost cows, and all of our crops. Nothing is left. And our homes are destroyed!”-Geffrard Duplessis, farmer

“The south-west is dominated by rural communities with only 22% Urban. Coffee and other agriculture are key to these locations.”-reliefweb.int

Don’t blame Hurricane Matthew for all the […] Continue Reading…

“You can’t keep the doors open if you don’t have providers” : September 2016 ObamaCare destruction

It must be noted that I started documenting these ObamaCare/healthcare related shutdowns at the beginning of 2014. In that year I posted the reports biannually (every six months). In 2015 ObamaCare cutbacks ramped up and I posted quarterly (every three months). For the past eight months of 2016 there have been so many ObamaCare […] Continue Reading…

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