Russia pounds U.S. backed insurgents in Syria!

23 JUN 2017 (11:24 UTC-07 Tango 06) 02 Tir 1396/28 Ramadan 1438/29 Bing Wu 4715

Without warning to U.S.-NATO ‘coalition partners’ the Russian navy and air force hit multiple insurgent logistical positions inside Hama Governorate, Syria.

Two Russian frigates and a submarine launched a total of six cruise missiles at what were believed to be ammo depots and […] Continue Reading…

Obama Legacy: Illinois now an “exceptional” failed state, blame ObamaCare!

21 JUN 2017 (10:36 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Khordad 1396/26 Ramadan 1438/27 Bing Wu 4715

“As Illinois’ Chief Fiscal and Accountability Officer, my Office is responsible for managing the state’s financial accounts as well as providing the public and the state’s elected leadership with objective and timely data concerning the state’s difficult fiscal condition. As you […] Continue Reading…

Obama Legacy: Kill all civilians, Trump continues tradition!

20 JUN 2017 (10:53 UTC-07 Tango 06) 30 Khordad 1396/25 Ramadan 1438/26 Bing Wu 4715

“We note in particular that the intensification of airstrikes, which have paved the ground for an SDF [U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces] advance in Raqqa, has resulted not only in staggering loss of civilian life, but has also led to 160,000 civilians fleeing […] Continue Reading…

U.S. Army commanded by Red Coats?

19 JUN 2017 (16:33 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Khordad 1396/24 Ramadan 1438/25 Bing Wu 4715

“I would like to extend a special thanks to our teammates in Canada for continuing to send us their best officers to serve in America’s I Corps…”- Lieutenant General Gary Volesky, U.S. Army I Corps

“It is an incredible privilege to have […] Continue Reading…

Italeri 1:720 Deutschland, Lutzow, Scheer & Graf Spee

Italeri recently re-issued its old but nice looking Deutschland class heavy cruisers (they are not battleships) in 1:720 scale.

These kits represent the class before the 1939-40 rebuilds (refit).  They were first issued in the late 1970s, and have excellent detail for the scale (which made some of the larger scale ship kits look even […] Continue Reading…

3 years later MH370 conspiracies deepen!

13 JUN 2017 (15:08 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Khordad 1396/18 Ramadan 1438/19 Bing Wu 4715

Three years after Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared it still hasn’t been found, but the conspiracies have only deepened, especially after a lawsuit accused a “third party” of the disappearance and the British empire government of Australia suddenly asked to […] Continue Reading…

Record number of U.S. & U.K. citizens defect to Germany! What do you know, Deutschland!

13 JUN 2017 (14:09 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Khordad 1396/18 Ramadan 1438/19 Bing Wu 4715

During the Cold War when a person moves to another country and becomes a citizen of that country it was called defecting.

According to the Statistisches Bundesamt of Deutschland (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) the number of United States citizens now claiming German […] Continue Reading…

Using your cutting board as a toilet? Blame soap!

13 JUN 2017 (02:32 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Khordad 1396/18 Ramadan 1438/19 Bing Wu 4715

According to Global Hygiene Council the average kitchen cutting board has more crap, literally, germs on it than does the average toilet seat, by as much as 200%!  (The words crapper, crappping and crap are ligit, they come from the name […] Continue Reading…

“…..we were done!”: Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., April 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

Incomplete list of publicly announced education related layoffs & school shutdowns, April 2017:

California:  San Diego Unified School District sent out 2-hundred […] Continue Reading…

Vigilant Catamount: North Carolina militia preps for disaster, militarizes local cops!

11 JUN 2017 (10:05 UTC-07 Tango 06) 21 Khordad 1396/16 Ramadan 1438/17 Bing Wu 4715

A North Carolina law enforcement personnel taking part in Vigilant Catamount. The official caption that was issued with the pic said he was “identifying” a survivor of a plane crash. I didn’t know an M4 assault weapon […] Continue Reading…

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