Sears & Kmart update, 20 October 2014: Mass shutdowns continue to hit Pennsylvania! Former Sears stores leased to Ireland!

Sears Holdings revealed they’ve leased at least seven former Sears locations to a retailer based in Ireland, called Primark.

A 30 years old Kmart shutting down in January: “I’d noticed fewer and fewer cars, but every time I came in, I prayed they aren’t closing…..I don’t know where I’m going to take my prescriptions to.”-Greta Moore, [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. female reporter who revealed Islamic State is tool of U.S.-NATO assassinated by Turkish-NATO agents! Obama regime says nothing!

20 October 2014 (06:41 UTC-07 Tango)/25 Dhu l-Hijja 1435/28 Mehr 1393/27 Jia-Xu 4712

“I have nothing to hide and I have never done anything aside my job.”-Serena Shim, days before she was killed

U.S. citizen Serena Shim, and her camera operator, recently video recorded Islamic State insurgents leaving NATO member Turkey driving United Nations trucks, and [...] Continue Reading…

Operation Climate Change: “Politics or ideology must not get in the way…” U.S. DoD reveals ‘climate change’ is all part of a plan for global domination!

20 October 2014 (06:17 UTC-07 Tango)/25 Dhu l-Hijja 1435/28 Mehr 1393/27 Jia-Xu 4712

“In our defense strategy, we refer to climate change as a ‘threat multiplier’ because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we are dealing with today – from infectious disease to terrorism. We are already beginning to see some [...] Continue Reading…

Ebola Update, 20 October 2014: “I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel” U.S. DoD forms special Medical Martial Law teams! ObamaCare insurance reforms forcing sick people to go to ill equipped clinics! Medical Martial Law as cops start killing ebola victim’s pets!

Despite China having hundreds of medical personnel in western Africa, sending 10-thousand experimental vaccines and giving three western African countries $6-million in food aid, the evil UN World Health Organization just accused the people of China of not doing enough!

Liberia: Daniel Lucey, medical doctor and professor from Washington DC’s Georgetown University serving a tour with Medecins Sans Frontieres, [...] Continue Reading…

World War 3 Afghanistan, 13 – 16 October 2014: Nevada governor must eat his words as Afghan government admits Afghans fighting for Islamic State! France spending tens of millions more in taxpayer’s money!

Baghlan Province: In Baghlan City, a bomb exploded near a courthouse, killing two judges.  The bomb was planted inside the vehicle they entered.

Helmand Province: In Nad-e-Ali District, somebody assassinated the  district administrator (county commissioner).  One of his body guards was killed, as well as a cop.  Six people were also wounded in the assassination [...] Continue Reading…

Ebola Update, 19 October 2014: Queen reveals it’s a bio-weapon, and a Pandemic in 2015 for sure! Cuba offers to help U.S.! Cruise ship becomes living nightmare for passengers! West African reporter says it’s far worse than what western officials are admitting! Hospital avoided like the plague!

“People are scared. I’ve seen people crying. You’re using the same buffet line as someone else….It’s really difficult to control any type of virus that’s on a cruise ship. It’s like a floating petri dish. It spreads very rapidly.”-Jon Malone, Carnival Magic passenger

The cruise ship that became the unfortunate carrier of a female nurse [...] Continue Reading…

Ebola Update, 18 October 2014: Why is U.S. DoE involved in ebola research? Damning reports from professors & former government officials of False Flag Ebola ops by Obama regime? U.S. troops sent to Africa to protect, or destroy once secret U.S. bio-weapons labs?

“The incompetence of U.S. public health authorities in responding to ebola gives legs to these theories. Real conspiracies abound. Those who say ‘it’s just a conspiracy theory’ need to look up the meaning of conspiracy. As one commentator observed, the CDC’s response to ebola is too stupid for stupid…..

…..why not close down Washington and [...] Continue Reading…

Sears & Kmart update, 18 October 2014: “Now we have nowhere to go.” 543+ jobs killed, Happy New Year! Lampert buys Sears Canada! Average American shopper reveals ignorance!

Sears Holdings sells off its Sears Canada stock, to Eddie Lampert, the guy who owns Sears Holdings!  He’s playing desperate games now.

Virginia losing a Kmart in January!

In Florida first Winter Haven, then Winter Park, now Winter Springs losing a Kmart, in January!

Sparsely populated Montana losing another Kmart, in January!

52 years old Illinois Kmart shutting down [...] Continue Reading…

Ebola Update, 17 October 2014: UN admits 2015 “perfect storm” Pandemic a sure bet! Bio-warfare at the Pentagon? Infected(?) Texas nurse found in Caribbean, on ship with hundreds of passengers! 12 Ohioans under quarantine! China reports first case? Cuba kickin’ ass, so far!

“It’s the regional office in Africa that’s the front line, and they didn’t do anything! That office is really not competent. I called for a state of emergency to be declared in July and for military operations to be deployed!”-Peter Piot, co-discoverer of the ebola filovirus blaming UN WHO for quarantined pandemic during interview [...] Continue Reading…

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings 13 August 2014: VA clinics shutting down! More coal mine shutdowns! Casino kills 3-thousand+ jobs!

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

Switzerland based Too Big to Jail UBS Wealth Americas (formerly known as PaineWebber) announced they will kill 75 jobs in the United States.  It’s blamed on the demise of Switzerland as a tax haven for the filthy rich.

Speaking of UBS, they declared that there’s no way Radio Shack [...] Continue Reading…

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