Airborne Chemical Weapons deployed over Utah!

24MAR2018 (03:45 UTC-07 Tango 06)  04 Farvardin 1397/07 Rajab 1439/08 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716

910th Airlift Wing prepping for a spray mission over South Carolina, 15JUN2013

The United States Air Force launched a chemical weapons operation over Utah, not against humans but against undesirable vegetation.

Official video explainer:

Hurricane Harvey: 910th Airlift […] Continue Reading…

Stop your Bitchin': Queen of the Battlefield

22MAR2018 (07:06 UTC-07 Tango 06)  02 Farvardin 1397/05 Rajab 1439/06 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716

“It has never been about me not being strong enough or smart enough for the MOS, it’s always been Lieutenant Casey getting the job done. I’m thankful for the women that came before me and that discrimination has not affected my […] Continue Reading…

New War on Drugs: Coast Guard captures ‘suspected’ drugs

21MAR2018 (23:26 UTC-07 Tango 06)  01 Farvardin 1397/04 Rajab 1439/05 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716

In San Diego, California, the U.S. Coast Guard off-loaded 36-thousand pounds (16-thousand-329 kilos)  of ‘suspected’ cocaine.  It’s the result of 17 interceptions by five Coast Guard boats from February to early March of this year.

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Martial Law Canada: Anti-gun laws result in 30% increase in gun violence, respond with more anti-gun laws!

20MAR2018  /23:26 UTC-07 Tango 06  (01 Farvardin 1397/04 Rajab 1439/05 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716)

“Hard evidence shows a gun violence issue that is serious, getting worse, and not confined to big cities.”-Ralph Goodale, Public Safety Minister

Since 1934 the British empire government of Canada has been taking baby steps towards banning legal gun ownership.  Now leftist […] Continue Reading…

AR-15 = God’s ‘Rod of Iron’? : U.S. Christian Rapture, February 2018

Incomplete (tip-o-the iceberg) list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian (western christian calendar) month of February 2018.

Even Christianity Today is jumping on the Black Panther band wagon:  What ‘Black Panther’ Means for Christians

Arizona: In Phoenix, a man arrested and accused of threatening to shoot-up the North Valley Romanian Pentecostal Church.

California: Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down […] Continue Reading…

Idaho Air Militia preps civilians for natural disaster!

Idaho Air National Guard’s 124th Air Support Operations Squadron conducted a climate change training mission, for the first time involving silly-vilians!

During the first week of March, 2018, UH-72 Lakota Rescue Helicopters plucked ‘victims’ from the mountains around Cascade, Idaho.

It was part of survival training, including for the first time local civilian rescue teams.


Idaho Militia provides its own cell service, to survive coming natural disaster?

19MAR2018  (15:52 UTC-07 Tango 06)  28 Esfand 1396/02 Rajab 1439/03 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716

Idaho’s Army National Guard and the state Military Division’s Public Safety Communications and Information Technology Division are creating a ‘long term’ microwave radio system across six regions within The Gem State.

“The current network has been out there for a while and is at […] Continue Reading…

New War on Drugs: Ohio new Opioid ground zero, blame Bitcoin?

18MAR2018  (14:41 UTC-07 Tango 06)  27 Esfand 1396/01 Rajab 1439/02 (second month) Yi-Mao 4716

Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security descended upon Dayton, Ohio.  It’s part of a major effort to inform local law enforcers about the exploding opioid crisis, and blame crypto-currencies (aka virtual currencies, like Bitcoin) for providing international […] Continue Reading…

New War on Drugs: 114 people arrested in San Diego!

Over a three days period, ending on 15MAR2018, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 114 people in California’s San Diego and Imperial counties, for deportation.  ICE reports that 43% of those arrested have criminal records.


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