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“significant financial pressure”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in October 2017:

Finland based Nokia announced it gave up on its virtual reality camera project and will now kill at least 310 jobs, some of which are in the United States!

Arkansas:  Wehco Media suddenly laid off 86 people due to an “economic necessity”.

California:  Finland based Nokia issued a layoff WARN for its Sunnyvale location, 72 jobs gone a few days before Xmas (see above). issued a layoff WARN for its Santa Monica location, 60 jobs gone before Xmas. issued a shutdown WARN for its Santa Clara location, 99 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Redwood City based Electronic Arts (EA) shutting down its Visceral Games, an undisclosed number of jobs lost. Redwood City based Shopkick suddenly laid off about 30 people due to a new operating ‘model’.  Venice based Snap (aka Snapchat) suddenly laid off 18 people due to crashing sales. Santa Clara based Intel eliminating an undisclosed number of finance jobs in 2018.    Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major production problems with its latest vehicles?  Former SolarCity employees reported to local news media that the mass firings at Tesla resulting in SolarCity’s Roseville office being shutdown (on top of the 250 previously announced layoffs), unnamed SolarCity employees say no performance review was ever made by Tesla!    Disney-ABC Television began a major restructuring which will include mass layoffs.  Industry news reports say Disney-ABC has eliminated hundreds of jobs since 2010.  Media company Whalerock Industries revealed it laid off about 30 people without warning in September, yet the company also claims it will add 25 jobs within six months.   Point.360 now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Despite having a website, San Diego based Carvin Audio announced on Facebook that it was shutting down after 70 years of musical sounds, no explanation given.  Electro-optics maker NeoPhotonics warning of future layoffs due to crashing sales in China.  Apple suddenly slashed its Asian made parts orders, for its iPhone 8, by half because iPhone 7 still outsells iPhone 8, and Apple is about to release iPhone X!

Connecticut: Disney/Hearst owned Bristol based ESPN will layoff an additional 60 people by the end of the year.

Idaho: In Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  Most of the grant money will go towards retraining existing employees.

Illinois: Chicago Tribune eliminating an undisclosed number of employees due to “significant financial pressure”.

Indiana:  In Indianapolis, Technicolor laying off 85 people right before Xmas, and shutting down an office before the end of the year. 

Massachusetts: Video game maker Disruptor Beam laid off at least ten people despite recently getting $8.5-million USD in funding.

Missouri: In Kansas City, finance and healthcare tech support company DST Systems warned of across the board layoffs.

New York: Xerox shutting down its Webster distribution center, 135 jobs gone by March 2018!  In Rochester, communication device maker GE MDS laying off 89 people in January 2018.  Japan owned electronic metals company Oak-Mitsui laying off 20 people in January 2018.  In NYC, tech company Main Street Hub issued a shutdown WARN, at least 108 jobs being lost to The Lone Star state of Texas right after Xmas! Iconic Time magazine killing an additional 2-hundred jobs (despite having a website) just in time for Thanksgiving!  Complex Networks conducting mass layoffs as a result of it being taken over by Verizon and Hearst in 2016.  Without warning NYC based Verizon-Fios canceled service to five million people for the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, over a contract dispute!  Warner Music shutting down its NYC location by September 2018.    Bloomberg Media suddenly laid off 11 people in its distribution unit. NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  

North Carolina: Florida based Citrix suddenly laid off about 40 people in Raleigh, despite advertising for job openings.  Local news media say many of the laid off employees had recently been hired, and some actually took pay cuts to get the job!  Morrisville based Lenovo confirmed it suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people globally.

Ohio:  Turning Technologies eliminating 20 jobs due to millions in lost revenues after the loss of several ‘higher education’ clients.

Oregon: California based Symantec warning of future layoffs at its Springfield location, apparently due to consolidation operations.

Pennsylvania:  Advertising company Ketchum shutting down its Pittsburgh operations in early 2018, 60 jobs lost to consolidation to New York City.

Texas: Call center contractor Convergys laying off 406 people at its Lubbock center!

Virginia:  The Virginian Pilot asking for 10% of employees to voluntarily quit, otherwise involuntary layoffs will take place.  The newspaper is also going to outsource print production.  Tax-sucking General Dynamics shutting down an InfoTech office in Alexandria, 92 jobs gone right before Xmas.

Washington:  Advertising company Hacker Group issued a couple of WARNs, 82 Seattle jobs gone in December.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, September 2017: “WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO ECONOMICS”

Chevy makes hydrogen fuel cell Army truck!

26 OCT 2017 (05:08 UTC-07 Tango 06)  04 Aban 1396/05 Safar 1439/07 Geng-Xu (9th month) 4715

General Motors (GM)-Chevrolet is proud of its new Colorado ZH2 army truck, because it doesn’t need gas or diesel, it’s hydrogen powered.

Official Army video explainer:

Video of trials at Fort Carson, Colorado:







Skyrocketing pork sales in China means skyrocketing prices in United States?

25 OCT 2017 (01:52 UTC-07 Tango 06)  03 Aban 1396/04 Safar 1439/06 Geng-Xu (9th month) 4715

Virginia based, yet China owned, Smithfield Foods is about to get a huge boost in demand from its biggest buyer, China!

Smithfield Foods was taken over by Shuanghui Group (aka WH Group) in 2013.  Smithfield has many slaughterhouses across the U.S. and sells pig products under many brands;  Cook’s, Eckrich, Gwaltney, John Morrell, Krakus, and Smithfield.

WH Group is now boasting it is “The Largest Pork Company In The World.”  In August it made a $25-million USD investment in U.S. online food seller Chef’d to sell Smithfield products.  On 24 OCT 2017, WH Group announced a deal to provide China’s online food seller (aka JDFresh) with Smithfield pork. is boasting that from 2016 to 2017 its online sales of pig meat exploded by more than 780%!  And that’s pork sales just in China!  That’s sounds good for Chinese consumers who love to shop online, but what does it imply for consumers in the U.S.?

The ‘law’ of supply and demand would say that if pork supplies in the U.S. declined due to increased demand from overseas buyers, then naturally the price for U.S. consumers will go up.  U.S. price increases could be halted if another cheap source of pork could be found, probably in another country since the biggest pork producer in the U.S. is owned by China.

Creating Dog Warriors with hi-tech $13-million hospital!

The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps is 101 years old, and despite the proliferation of motorized transports the Corps continues to play an important role.

The U.S. military left behind dozens of Military Working Dogs in Vietnam, calling them “expendable surplus equipment”. Thanks to outrage by veterans that doesn’t happen now.

Besides the obvious care for animals, including pets of military personnel, the Corps also conducts food safety inspections for the military.

In 2008 a new $13-million USD hi-tech dog hospital opened at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.  It’s been referred to as Department of Defense Military Working Dog Veterinary Service Hospital or Holland Military Working Dog Hospital.

It’s administered by the Army Public Health Center and as many as 1-thousand-150 dogs are being cared for at Lackland Air Force Base and the Lackland/Medina Training Annex.

One of the programs at the Hospital is the Military Dog Breeding Program, with the intent to “produce” the best military dogs they can:






“We are not immune to economics”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, September 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in September 2017:

Alabama: Electronics retailer Best Buy shutting down stores in Alabaster and Fultondale, at least 1-hundred jobs gone due to “a reaction to shopping trends”!

Alaska:  On 11 SEP 2017 bankrupt busted Alaska Dispatch News was put up for auction, only one buyer bid, a paltry $1-million USD.  Local news media reported that layoffs began immediately, and the new owners refuse to explain their plans for the newspaper.

California: San Francisco based Uber lost its license to operate in the British empire city of London, England, because Uber’s “…approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications.”  Los Angeles based Fullscreen laid off about 23 people in an attempt to change-up its digital media programming.   The company that sells the outrageously priced ‘hi-tech’ juicer is now dead. After only 16 months, and despite selling “over a million” products, Juicero announced on its website that it gave up trying to sell its $4-hundred USD juicers online.  Santa Clara based Oracle killed 2-thousand-5-hundred Sun-Solaris-SPARC jobs!  A former Sun executive described the job cuts as “So deep as to be fatal”.  The creator of Java said “Solaris …got a bullet in the head from Oracle…”   Last month Oracle issued a WARN saying 1-thousand-18 jobs jobs would be killed, in California alone!  Palo Alto based Hewlett Packard (HP) just can’t stop killing jobs, this time 5-thousand more people, globally, will become jobless by Xmas, as the company continues to carve itself into smaller bits!  Cisco Systems just keeps killing jobs, this time 310 San Jose HQ employees getting the axe!  It was revealed that General Transworld shutdown its Carson office, back in May.  Marvel Semiconductor issued yet more layoff WARNs for its Santa Clara office, taking place from November through December.

Connecticut: Norwalk based Xerox eliminating 1-hundred additional jobs across three U.S. states; New York, Oregon and Texas!

Hawaii:  Oahu Publications- Honolulu Star-Advertiser eliminating ten jobs by October.

Illinois: RealClearPolitics suddenly laid off 20 people saying “We are not immune to economics”.  Champaign based video game maker Volition suddenly laid off more than 30 people. 

Indiana: Indianapolis based Angie’s List eliminating 230 jobs due to merger with competitor HomeAdvisor!

Minnesota: Electronics retailer Best Buy shutting down stores in Blaine and Inner Grove Heights, in time for Halloween.  The Inner Grove Heights store first opened in 1974.

Montana: Polysilicon producer REC Silicon suddenly laid off 30 people, blaming trade disputes between the governments of the U.S. and China.

New Jersey: Basking Ridge based Verizon canceling service for thousands of rural customers in 13 states because “…we discovered you are using a significant amount of data while roaming off the Verizon Wireless network. While we appreciate you choosing Verizon, after October 17, 2017, we will no longer offer service for the numbers listed above since your primary place of use is outside the Verizon service area.”  Gee, didn’t Verizon advertise itself as having the most service areas in the United States?

New York: The Village Voice suddenly laid off 13 of its 17 unionized employees as “part of a larger set of budget cuts”.  Arkansas based Windstream suddenly laid off 24 people in Rochester.  MD Electronics issued a shutdown WARN for its Jamestown automotive electronics factory, 87 jobs gone two days before Xmas.   Sykes issued a layoff WARN for its call center in Amherst, at least 46 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Xerox suddenly laid off 115 people at its distribution center in Webster, the center is shutting down by March 2018!  NYC based Viacom eliminated 20 jobs with its Paramount, TV Land and CMT operations.  Data collector Opinion Access issued a shutdown WARN, 460 jobs gone by Xmas!

Ohio:  Akron based Data Cooling Technologies now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, and laying off 125 people, due to fewer sales than expected!   Electronics retailer Best Buy shutting down store in Perrysburg, 26 jobs gone in time for Halloween.

Oregon: After only seven years Japan based Panasonic shutting down its Salem solar power plant, 92 jobs gone in time for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.  Local news revealed that state taxpayers gave the original builder of the solar plant, Japan based Sanyo, $40-million USD through the Business Energy Tax Credit Program.  That tax credit deal was to be in effect until 2015, but in 2012 Sanyo sold out to Panasonic. OpenGate Capital owned Pacific Crest Transformers eliminating 110 jobs in time for Thanksgiving, “Due to financial reasons”!  Local news media said the sudden announcement “shocked” everybody.   Sykes issued a shutdown WARN for its call center in Eugene, 181 jobs gone right after Halloween!

Texas: Mormon Glenn Beck’s Irving based The Blaze network laid off “…just over 20 percent of the combined workforce of Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.”  In Round Rock, Novitex Enterprise Solution laying off 86 people in November due to the “sudden and unexpected loss of its contract with Dell”.  California based Oracle (Oracle America) eliminating 108 jobs in Austin by the end of October!  AT&T shutting down its El Paso call center, 278 jobs gone by Xmas!  ValueWalk described Dallas based AT&T thusly “Despite bringing in over $1 billion in profits, AT&T….   …has become one of the worst job destroyers in recent years, relying more and more on offshoring….”

Virginia:  McLean based Gannett announced yet more job cuts, this time 210 newspaper jobs across the U.S. are being eliminated due to “difficult headwinds” regarding advertising.

Washington: Seattle based F5 Networks suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people after its 2nd Quarter ‘cloud’ revenues were unexpectedly down.   Never mind that F5 is spending boo-koo bucks on a Seattle skyscraper now called F5 Tower.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, August 2017: “WE HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE”

Oregon Wildfires: Militias love it, CH-47F airborne firefighter!

20 SEP 2017 /20:16 UTC-07 Tango 06 (30 Sharivar 1396/29 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/02 Ji-Yu 4715)

“We love doing this. This is our favorite part of the year!   …..We run a great risk in this, if there’s an up-draft of heat, or a down-draft, we have to be able to be ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ to keep us in the air. There’s a lot more challenge in it, risk versus reward. It’s super rewarding when we are combating open flame all day long.”-Sergeant Joseph Ford, Oregon National Guard

Oregon Army National Guard’s Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 168th Aviation Regiment has dropped more than 4.5-million liters (1.2-million U.S. gallons) of water using three of their new CH-47 F-model Chinooks, in the past month and a half.

“Where else can you go where you get to do this? I have the coolest job in the world! One morning I’m at my home station, and later that afternoon I’m 5-hundred-miles away, supporting a state mission and dropping buckets of water. I get a lot of satisfaction doing these state missions.”-Sergeant Jeremy Maddox

“Those Air Attack guys have been doing this often for 20-to-30 years to get to this level, they know the big picture…we can’t put the fire out completely, but what we can do is help control it, and keep it from spreading certain directions.”-Chief Warrant Officer 2 David Brannen

“There is a lot of helicopter on the Chinooks back here (behind the flight deck or cockpit), that the pilots can’t see. Our job is to paint a picture for them, a mental picture they can’t see, so they know and feel comfortable with what we’re going into. It takes a lot of trust in the back-seaters from the pilots. It’s a team effort. Without one, the job can’t be accomplished.”-Sergeant Jeremy Maddox


Operation Jupiter: Jamming all your child’s vaccines into one shot!

15 SEP 2017 (06:18 UTC-07 Tango 06) 24 Sharivar 1396/23 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/25 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“For the first time, we can create a library of tiny, encased vaccine particles, each programmed to release at a precise, predictable time, so that people could potentially receive a single injection that, in effect, would have multiple boosters already built into it.”-Robert Langer, MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claims to have come up with a way to put all your child’s vaccines into one shot, using microparticles.

Using nano and/or microparticles for vaccines is not a new idea, considered as far back as 1991.  The MIT injection uses that latest 3D printing technology to create a new type of microparticle: “Each layer is first fabricated on its own, and then they’re assembled togethe. Part of the novelty is really in how we align and seal the layers. In doing so we developed a new method that can make structures which current 3-D printing methods cannot. This new method called SEAL (StampEd Assembly of polymer Layers) can be used with any thermoplastic material and allows for fabrication of microstructures with complex geometries that could have broad applications, including injectable pulsatile drug delivery, pH sensors, and 3-D microfluidic devices.”-Ana Jaklenec, MIT researcher

They claim it works on mice, they haven’t tested it on humans.  I wonder how the plastic used to make the shots will affect your child?


“we have too many people”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, August 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in August 2017:

Moody’s Investor Service revealed what I’ve been saying for years; internet retail is highly overrated.  In fact, so called retail giant Amazon is not a giant at all, accounting for only 10% of all U.S. retail sales!  Walmart and Costco are still the retail kings.

Alaska:  The trustee of chapter 11 bankrupt busted Alaska Dispatch News wants to kill it off by declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Arizona:  California based Paypal eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs at its office in Chandler.

California:  Los Angeles Times reporting that Disney-ABC Television Group is prepping for mass layoffs, targeting mainly its west coast operations due to continued declining profits.  Miramax laid off another 20 people, after laying off 20 back in May as part of a plan to make the movie studio more efficient.  Broad Green Pictures laid off 15 people and cancelled most of its current movie projects.   Video game maker Glu Mobile suddenly laid off 46 people, shutdown its Long Beach operations and canceled its game Car Town Racing.  Mountain View based Intel warned of yet more mass layoffs saying “we have too many people”.  In 2016, Intel laid off 15-thousand people! Chemring Energetic Devices issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Torrance, 52 jobs gone by November.   San Francisco based Uber eliminating as many as 5-hundred vehicle leasing jobs, due to losing an average of $9-thousand USD on every car leased! BOO!!! In San Jose, data storage company Brocade Communications Systems eliminating 96 jobs by Halloween.  In Van Nuys, print tech company MSE Technologies eliminating 155 jobs by Halloween!  In Roseville, Tesla and SolarCity issued layoff WARNs, 204 jobs gone by Halloween!  Computer company Oracle America issued a layoff WARN, 1-thousand-18 jobs in San Diego and Santa Clara gone by Halloween!

Connecticut: California based ebay issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in East Granby, 197 jobs gone by Xmas!  In Norwalk, after only two years of operations video game ‘summer camp’ center Game Haven begging locals for financial support, the owner says he’ll have to shutdown if he can’t raise at least $100-thousand USD.

Illinois:  Comcast eliminating 211 jobs at its call center in Oak Brook, in time for Halloween!  Chicago based Groupon made more job cuts, this time 130 people got the axe!  Back in April Groupon killed at least 1-hundred jobs!  Too Big to Jail Capital One eliminating 4-hundred call center jobs, blaming it on customers who don’t call-in!

Kansas:  Siemens Wind Energy (aka Gamesa Renewable Energy) eliminating 140 jobs due to lack of sales!

Kentucky:  Lexington based Lexmark eliminating 7-hundred jobs globally, by the end of 2018!

Maryland:  In Baltimore, OrderUp! laid off 70 HQ employees due to being taken over by GrubHub/Groupon.

Michigan: Lithium Ion battery maker XALT Energy eliminating 37 jobs due to crashing orders from a Chinese electric bus maker.

Missouri: Frontier Communications shutting a call center, 141 jobs in Welden Spring gone by Halloween!

New Jersey:  Internet based meal service company Blue Apron issued a shutdown WARN for its Jersey City ops, 1-thousand-270 people jobless by October!

New Mexico:  California based Info-Tech company PCM suddenly laid off 50 people in Rio Rancho.  Local news media pointed out that PCM is still advertising that it’s hiring.

New York: NYC based ‘millennial-news site’ laid off 25 people in an attempt “to make Mic the leader in visual journalism”.

North Carolina: State taxpayers screwed as industrial hi-tech battery maker Alevo now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and dead, saying “This decision was driven by the formidable challenges of bringing a new technology into commercial production and lacking the financial wherewithal to continue on through repeated manufacturing delays.”  It must be noted the company got $163-thousand taxpayer dollars for the express purpose of training up new employees.  

Ohio:  In Dayton, Krush Technologies suddenly laid off 40 people, apparently because the new Krush Digital doesn’t need as many employees.

Oregon: In Hillsboro, SureID made an additional 79 job cuts.  According to local news media SureID has killed 376 jobs since May!   Portland based online bank Simple suddenly laid off 33 people  as part of a plan to “refocus” the company.

Tennessee:  Newspaper company Gannett shutting down its Nashville design studio, 88 jobs lost to outsourcing.

Texas: Southlake based hotel/airline reservation tech company Sabre eliminating more than 9-hundred jobs due to a 2nd quarter loss of $6.5-million USD loss!

Vermont:  Cox suddenly laid off 45 people in order to “position the company for greater long-term growth, stability and profitability”, which will see a total of 950 jobs across the U.S. eliminated!  

Virginia:  Telvista issued a layoff WARN for its Danville call center, 222 jobs gone due to “an unexpected reduction in one of our customer’s business needs”!

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, July 2017: “EVERYONE IS SHELL-SHOCKED!” 61% CRASH IN PROFITS!





History of military computers since WW2, birth of the internet!

Not many users of today’s hi-tech internet/social media know that it originated with the U.S. military during the Cold War.

The first ‘internet’ was called arpanet.  The U.S. Air Force explains in this video:

Irma: Puerto Rico targeted, Florida & Texas preps!

USAF radio announcement of National Guard deployments:

The U.S. Navy began evacuating 5-thousand people from Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West in Florida.

Video Coast Guard boat preps in Puerto Rico:

U.S. Coast Guard prepping a boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 05 SEP 2017

Irma is now a record category 5 hurricane and another storm called Jose is forming right behind Irma.

Illinois National Guard C-130 crew prepping for deployment to Puerto Rico, 02 SEP 2017

The U.S. Army’s 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion, based out of Fort Stewart, Georgia, are in Texas right now as part of Army North’s hurricane command center.  They are currently prepping Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems in anticipation of Hurricane Irma.