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“our sisters and brothers….are being dehumanized.” Death Spiral confirmed! : U.S. Christian Rapture, August 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian month of August 2017.

“No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

I want to point out that across the United States, during the month of August, dozens of churches were vandalized with ‘hate’ graffiti from both the ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’, proving that ‘christians’ are not united in their so called faith.  Even a Catholic news source admitted that The Church They Don’t Like May Be Their Own.

Francis A. Schaffer Institute of Church Leadership Development: U.S. Census Bureau reports Christian Death Spiral as 4-thousand churches shutdown every year, versus 1-thousand new church openings! 

Alabama: In Mobile, the family of a five years old boy say he was killed by a daycare employee of Community Church Ministries.  The church pastor and his wife defended their employee saying she “has cancer”, the family of the boy has filed a lawsuit.

Arizona: A new lawsuit filed against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) claiming that mormons sexually abused Native American children of the Navajo and Crow tribes.  Arizona State University Council of Religious Advisors (which includes the LDS Church) expelled the Hope Church from its campus for violating ASU rules concerning church recruitment including the use of ‘front clubs’.  Hope Church can still use the campus for activities but must now pay to do so.  According to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Hope Church reported a $30-thousand USD profit in 2015.

California: In Sacramento more than 3-hundred people jammed into Saint Mark’s United Methodist Church, to protest Sacramento County’s skyrocketing homeless crisis. Pastor Alan Jones said “This is a critical moment…..  …our sisters and brothers….are being dehumanized.”  In Palo Alto, the First Baptist Church is accused of violating city zoning laws by making money renting space to music and dance schools, and physical therapists.  A church leader told local news that all the local churches do it because it’s become the only way they can pay for church operating costs.  In Fresno, god powerless(?) to help ‘his’ Saint Helen’s elementary school pay its $500-thousand USD debt, however, the school remains open because a mysterious human came along and gave the Catholic school $250-thousand which then resulted in other humans donating money to save the school!

Colorado:   Another illegal immigrant is seeking sanctuary in a church, this time involving Park Hill United Methodist Church and Jewish Temple Micah, in Denver.  In 2016, Temple Micah and Park Hill United Methodist Church joined the decades old Sanctuary Movement.  In Newport Beach, local Catholic leaders are moving ahead with their plan to sell-off the Saint James the Great Episcopal Church, despite protests from church members and against orders from national level church leaders!   Local church leaders say they are honoring a contract they signed with a property developer (can you say ‘Deal with the Devil’?)

Connecticut:  Another illegal immigrant is seeking sanctuary in a church, this time at the First and Summerfield United Methodist Church in New Haven.

Florida:  Tampa police arrested a man on charges of sexual battery against two juveniles, the alleged crime took place in the Rehobath Faith Cathedral.  The First Baptist Orlando Church held a funeral for two policemen who were shot and killed, local news media said thousands of people attended.

Georgia:  In Pine Mountain, apparently god was angry because he used a well placed lightning strike to burn the altar inside the Christ the King Catholic Church!  The lightning punched a hole in the roof and hit the altar, a member of the church revealed he was of little faith when instead of crediting god he blamed the pagan Mother Earth, and even implied that Mother Earth was more powerful: “It’s an act of nature, nothing you can do about it.  Lightning has its wrath, and there’s no sanctuary away from the elements.”-Frank Boykin

Idaho:   Lordship Church in Coeur d’Alene made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of ‘general hate’ groups.   Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations told news media they never heard of the Lordship Church.  The church was apparently set up after the pastor moved to Idaho from California sometime after 2014.  ‘Christian’ founded  Walmart suddenly halted 24 hours operations at its Chubbuck store, blaming it on skyrocketing crime in the ‘christian’ Mormon dominated (U.S. Census Bureau data) rural-metro area, revealing that in just one week shoplifters were caught trying to steal about $20-thousand USD worth of merchandise!

Illinois:  An illegal immigrant is seeking sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church, in Chicago.    In what appears to be a gang shooting, two men (one of them being a witness to a murder) were shot and killed on the steps of Friendship Baptist Church on the West Side of Chicago.  Reverend Reginald Bachus ignorantly told local news media “Just about this time last Sunday, we were reminded that the thief comes to kill and destroy, to steal your faith, but Jesus won’t let that happen.”  I just want to remind y’all what Jesus said: “For you truly know that the day of our Lord so comes as a thief in the night.”-1 Thessalonians 5:2, Aramaic Bible

Kansas:  A woman is accusing the ‘christian’ republican assistant secretary of state of terminating her employment because she doesn’t attend church.  The woman’s grandmother testified that the assistant secretary of state asked her if her granddaughter was still going to church and when she said no he said he wanted her fired.  Officially the woman was fired for fighting with another employee.  While reading the article about this I discovered that Kansas has not only a Secretary of State, and a Assistant Secretary of State, but a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State as well (I can see how a lot of taxpayer money is wasted).

Louisiana: A 51 years old man was caught fleeing the New Beulah Baptist Church after the burglar alarm went off.  The man was bleeding from the head and arm, possibly caused by crashing through a church window.

Massachusetts: Homelessness is such a problem that Church of the Good Shepherd held a golf tournament to raise money: “This really is a widespread problem. We have people from all the way from Boston that come to our church for help.”-Natecia Alfonso

Michigan:  Without warning, the facade of the 126 years old First Congregational Church of Detroit began crashing to the ground, instead of blaming god they blamed “age and lack of maintenance”.   Also in Detroit, Saint Albertus Church is now being used as the new stage for performance artist Satori Circus.   Sparta police say a man killed his grandmother, a longtime member of the Trinity Christian Reformed Church, there was no explanation why he did it.  Homelessness increasing in Charleviox, Christ Episcopal Church-Episcopal Church Women held a fundraiser to raise cash for the Christians Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter founded Habitat for Humanity.   Seventh Day Adventist founded, Donald Trump hating, Kellogg Company (aka Kellogg’s) eliminating 233 jobs at its Battle Creek operations by 2018, claiming it’s part of its plan to increase production!

Minnesota: The taxpayers of New Brighton are the new owners of the vacated Korean United Methodist Church, city leaders are using the $1.9-million USD property for a housing project.

Nebraska: Christian founded American Red Cross shutting down its Omaha Call Center, 138 jobs lost due to consolidation operations!

New Hampshire:  ‘Christian’ founded Sam’s Club suddenly shutdown its membership warehouse store in Manchester, 130 jobs gone!  Local news media reported it was a shock to employees and dues paying customers.

New Jersey:  In Berkeley Township the Saint Barnabas Catholic church was vandalized with ‘satanic’ symbols.

New York: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center from bribing (buyouts) 3-hundred employees to voluntarily quit in order to allow “…St. Joseph’s Health to adjust its operations to fit the future model of health care…” First Baptist Church of Fairport is warning they can no longer afford to maintain the building due to crashing membership.  Another illegal immigrant is seeking sanctuary in a church, this time at the Holyrood Episcopal Church in Washington Heights, Manhattan-NYC.  In Queens-NYC, a man is wanted for stealing more than $2-thousand USD worth of music equipment from the Canaan Baptist Church, security cameras caught him in the act and he knew they were there because he looked into the lens a couple times, even took a break to smoke a cigarette in front of them.  Despite being caught on camera police have yet to catch him.  In Brooklyn-NYC, Catholic leaders are tearing down their 109 years old Our Lady of Loreto church and replacing it with ‘affordable housing’, keep in mind that affordable housing does not equate to low income housing.  Also in Brooklyn-NYC, a plaque honoring Robert E. Lee was removed from the grounds of the vacant Saint John’s Episcopal Church, but interestingly the plaque honors Lee’s service in the Union Army 20 years before the creation of the Confederate States of America!   Just to let you know, atheist George Orwell warned “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

North Dakota:  On Spirit Lake tribal reservation the Christ the King Catholic Church was vandalized with chemicals and a chrome cross stolen, it was third time in the past 30 years the church was vandalized: “I’m just hoping it has nothing to do with black masses or with devil worship of any kind.”-Reverend Charles Leute

Ohio: Proof food insecurity and homelessness is on the rise in Akron; Celebration Church yet again fed hundreds of people at its once a month Night of Hope event.  In fact, over the past two years the monthly event has served food, clothing and even medical check ups to more than 5-thousand people!

Oklahoma:  Vian Police arrested a man for breaking into, and vandalizing, the Canterbury Chapel Church, the man refutes the charges.

Oregon:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ non-profit Saint Charles Health System from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs due to a need to cut costs by $6-million USD.  Administrators told local news media that ObamaCare-ACA reimbursements don’t cover the skyrocketing costs of running hospitals.

Pennsylvania:  So much for Paradise, after almost 20 years the National Christmas Center announced it will cease operations in January 2018, due to “some difficult seasons over the past few years”.  In New Castle, the 91 years old Third Presbyterian Church shutdown due to crashing membership of ‘traditional’ Protestants.

South Carolina:  Video shows what appears to be a North Charleston United Methodist Church Learning Center daycare worker sitting on and hitting children.  The church’s man of faith, Reverend Richard Reams, told local TV news “I couldn’t believe what I was watching.”   A woman was kicked out of the Elevation Church for breastfeeding her newborn.  An official church statement was conflicting, first saying there was no such policy at the church, but then admitting they asked the woman to voluntarily leave.   The woman told local news media “If anything difficult arises, they try to hush it up.” The Elevation Church is considered one of the fastest growing in the U.S.

Tennessee:  Residents living around Glencliff United Methodist Church suing the church and the city for building a village for homeless people.  The residents, who obviously don’t realize how bad the economy is, claim a homeless village violates city zoning rules, however, the local zoning administrator told local news media that federal law ‘generally’ allows churches to avoid zoning rules.

Texas:   The man who crashed a New Braunfels church bus was charged with intoxication manslaughter.  The bus crash happened in March and killed 13 people, the driver pled not guilty.   A 72 years old man arrested and charged with stealing $90-thousand USD from the Metropolitan Community Church, where he worked as an unpaid accountant (not a wise thing to get unpaid volunteers to do your bookkeeping).    Apparently the proposed wall between Mexico and United States will isolate the La Lomita Catholic Chapel between the wall and the Rio Grande: “It would be like having a church in a prison.”-Sister Guadalupe Cortez

Utah:  For the first time in 30 years a mormon leader has been excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to the mormon run news sources in Salt Lake City church officials refused to say why.  By the way, the pro-gun LDS church (with a conspiratorial history of violence) was awarded the Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize in India!

Virginia: In Lexington, there’s is a movement to change the name of R.E. Lee Memorial Church, even though the Robert E. Lee actually attended and led the church in the last years of his life.  Local news media reported the push to change the name caused many old time members to leave.  Two Amelia County churches were burglarized, law enforcement said “Stain drops, believed to be blood, were found at the presumed entry sight…”   Apparently god was angry because he used a lightning strike to burn down ‘his’ 150 years old Rising Star Baptist Church, and it took only one hour to reduce it to ashes.  The fate of the Richmond Christian Center, and its 16 parcels of land, being decided by the court.   The church went bankrupt four years ago and the main creditor says the congregation failed to live up to the court ordered reorganization plan.

Washington DC:  Activists are demanding the Catholic Church officially join the illegal immigrant Sanctuary Movement, they demonstrated in front of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

U.S. Christian Rapture, July 2017: “AND THE CHURCH IS GOING TO GO DOWN….”

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“I really think it will be Armageddon.”: U.S. retail/banking/service sector collapse, August 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in August 2017:

Hurricane Harvey shutdown 31% of fuel refineries in the United States, retail prices for fuel in the eastern half of the U.S. expected to skyrocket.  Refined fuel originally destined for Europe is being diverted to the east coast of the U.S.

RTTNews: U.S. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunge 9.4% In July

Pasadena Star-News: Just wait; it’s going to get worse, said Victor Sahn, a bankruptcy attorney…..“I think we’ll continue to see extreme pressure and more failures of second- and third-tier malls. These vacancies are setting the stage for a possible real estate industry correction or crash. If there is a downturn … I really think it will be Armageddon.”

PBS Newshour: Can online shopping absorb traditional retail workers?

Moody’s Investor Service revealed what I’ve been saying for years; internet retail is highly overrated.  In fact, so called retail giant Amazon is not a giant at all, accounting for only 10% of all U.S. retail sales!  Walmart and Costco are still the retail kings.

Please note the number of mom-n-pop brick-n-mortar shops that announced their shutdowns on social media.

Alaska: PenAir now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, then suddenly canceled all Pacific Northwest flights.

 California: According to Statista The Golden State leads the country in most bankruptcy filings, going by court records from June 2016 to June 2017.   In Tehachapi, hardware store Henry’s Home for Less shutting down after 25 years so the owner can work for the Together Men’s Ministry.  Electronics retailer Best Buy shutting down its store in Auburn, in time for Halloween.  In Reseda, after 57 years local arts supporter Continental Art Supplies shutdown so the owner can retire.  Meridian Sports Clubs California issued a shutdown WARN for its Los Angeles location, 65 jobs gone by the end of September.  In Riverbank, after 70 years men’s clothier Landon’s shutdown so the owner could return to farming before officially retiring.  RMR Financial shutting down its Los Gatos office in time for Halloween.  FedEx Cross Border halting ops in Carson, by Halloween.  What automotive industry recovery?  Euromotors Concord-Audi shutting down its operations in Concord,83 jobs gone by Halloween.

Colorado: In Sterling, Famous Footwear shutting down its store in the High Plains Shopping Center, by mid-September.

Connecticut: Too Big to Jail British empire based Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) issued yet another layoff WARN, this time ten people in Stamford unemployed in time for Halloween.  In Enfield, garden center L.R. Hawthorne and Son (Hawthorne’s Agway) announced on Facebook “Unfortunately it’s not good news. I’m sorry to say that after 50 plus years Hawthorne’s Agway will be closing its doors for good at the end of August.”  Local news media revealed the garden center was sold to a corporation based in Massachusetts.   In Wilton, after 29 years DeLuca Hardware shutdown: “We had wished someone else would’ve taken it over. It didn’t work out that way, but that’s OK, and now we’re going to have a close out.”-Juliano DeLuca

Florida:  Sunrise based smelly retailer Perfumania went chapter 11 bankrupt and is shutting down 64 stores.  Ritz Ybor chapter 7 bankrupt dead, the live music venue now has a new owner.

Hawaii:  What automotive industry recovery?  After 74 years auto-shop Saiki Motors shutdown, the owner saying he wants to retire while he still can: “Since I can still walk and all that, I want to travel.”-Albert Saiki

 This the Chubbuck, Idaho, Walmart. Consumer Reports ranked Walmart 67th out of 68!

Chubbuck, Idaho, Walmart blames skyrocketing crime for halting 24 hours operations!

Idaho: The Walmart in Chubbuck has joined other Walmarts around the U.S. in ceasing its 24 hours of being open to the public.  This comes after months of using contracted security guards to try and stop skyrocketing shoplifting.  They were able to stop the theft of about $20-thousand USD worth of merchandise in just one week.  But even recent transplant to Chubbuck, Nancy Hurley, says crime has skyrocketed in the tiny (about 14-thousand people according to recent Census Bureau data, down from 18-thousand in late 1990s) east Idaho city: “When we first moved here about 12 years ago, there seemed to be very little crime, but now it’s really picked up with the drugs and the shoplifting and stuff, so it is concerning.”-interviewed by KPVI


Bye bye, Pocatello Meineke!

Blind Bat News reader ‘Catherine’ discovered the less than three years old Meineke auto repair shop, near the Westwood Mall in Pocatello, secretly shutdown.  Just ten months ago a local news paper declared the Meineke repair shop “ranked among the best performing franchises in the nation” with the “seventh best net sales-volume in the nation.”   ‘Catherine’ reported there was a note taped to the door apologizing for the sudden shutdown, but no reason for it was given.   In the sparsely populated town of Oldtown, after 23 years Ben Franklin Variety (formerly known as Sprouse-Reitz prior to the 1990s) shutdown.  The now former store manager told local news media their busiest day was the last day of business.  Clothier Filson issued a shutdown WARN for its store in Post Falls, 45 jobs gone by the end of October.

Illinois: Hard Rock Hotel Chicago issued a shutdown WARN, 184 jobs gone by Thanksgiving!  Northbrook based Allstate suddenly laid off 5-hundred claims adjusters across the U.S. as part of a new plan to basically let customers ‘do-it-themselves’! Iconic Oak Brooke based Ace Hardware has been shutting down brick-n-mortar stores due to lack of sales, but for its second quarter of 2017 Ace Hardware reported an amazing 61% increase in online sales.  But in seeming contradiction to its brick-n-mortar shutdowns, Ace Hardware also admitted that 93% of online orders are actually picked up at one of its brick-n-mortar stores!  In Monticello, after 21 years Pearls and More Jewelry announced on Facebook it is shutting down, partly due to “…the financial situation.”  What automotive industry recovery?  Auto parts shop Carquest shutting down its 40 years old Joilet location.  Local news media reported the store was a privately owned auto parts store until 2001 when it was taken over by Carquest, then in 2013 Advance Auto Parts took over the Carquest-General Parts corporation.   In Wheaton, after 47 years Tom’s Service Station shutdown, the owner sold out to a property developer.

Indiana: In Muncie, after 31 years The Towne Boutique suddenly shutdown due to the poor health of the owner.

Iowa:  What housing market recovery? California based Too BIg to Jail Wells Fargo continues killing jobs, this time 40 Home Mortgage employees in Des Moines laid off.  JCPenney issued a shutdown WARN for its Fort Dodge store, 52 jobs gone in time for Halloween.

Kansas: In Salina, Dillard’s shutting down its Central Mall store in time for Xmas blaming “Performance….as well as many other things.”

Kentucky: In Louisville, after 65 years J Carlton Knotts Shoes announced on Facebook that  “J Carlton Knotts Shoes will be closing at the end of August.”

Louisiana: In Lafayette, after 58 years Cal’s Western Store shutdown.

Maryland: What housing market recovery?  First Potomac Realty Trust issued a layoff WARN, 72 jobs gone by October as a result of being taken over by Government Properties Income Trust.

Massachusetts:  After almost five decades Newton Yellow Cab shutdown.  Ignorant local news media tried to blame Uber and social media, however, employees said local government regulations are what finally killed off the taxi company.

Michigan: In Cheboygan, after 30 years women’s clothier Billies shutdown with the owner saying “For 15 years I didn’t have a day off, I didn’t have a vacation.”  In Lansing, after 77 years Hazen Lumber shutdown.  In Bridgeport,  after 23 years hobby shop Junction Valley Railroad announced on Facebook “Due to declining sales, we are being forced to close the Hobby Shop Doors! 
Our final day open will be October 31, 2017!”

Minnesota: In Saint Paul, after more than five decades the Midway Pro Bowl shutting down due to the lease being ended early, in fact all the businesses in the Midway shopping center shutting down and being replaced by a 20-thousand seat soccer (football) stadium!

Missouri: In Columbia, after 21 years Tucker’s Fine Jewelry shutting down due to the owner not wanting to renew the lease.

Nebraska:  In Kearney, after 22 years Wilke True Value hardware shutting down when the inventory is gone.

Nevada: Goodwill of Southern Nevada now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

New Hampshire:  ‘Christian’ founded Sam’s Club suddenly shutdown its membership warehouse store in Manchester, 130 jobs gone!  Local news media reported it was a shock to employees and dues paying customers.

New Jersey: Command Security eliminated 113 jobs! 

New York: In Merchanicville, after 70 years DiSiena Furniture shutting down in time for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday season, due to “personal reasons”.  In East Rochester, after 50 years video store Hyatt’s shutdown.  What automotive industry recovery?  Arroway Chevrolet shutting down its Mount Kisco dealership, 80 jobs gone by the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. At JFK Airport, TPS Parking Management-The Parking Spot shutting down, 71 jobs gone between November 2017 and January 2018.  Elitist River Club of New York issued a shutdown WARN, 60 jobs gone in time for Thanksgiving.   Lion Re:Sources eliminating 154 jobs by Xmas!

North Carolina: Branch Banking And Trust (BB&T) shutting down its office in Fallston, in time for Xmas.  Safety Express Courier Service went chapter 7 bankrupt.  Mooresville based Lowe’s suddenly announced it will eliminate all in-house delivery driver jobs across the U.S. as part of a plan to outsource jobs!  Since October 2016, Lowe’s has already outsourced more than 3-thousand-1-hundred jobs! 

Ohio: Cincinnati based Macy’s hired a former ebay executive and ramped up job killing, this time 1-hundred merchandising employees getting the axe!  In January, Macy’s announced it was skyrocketing layoffs to 10-thousand, about 6-thousand more than what was announced in 2016!  Direct marketing company Suarez Corporation Industries now chapter 11 bankrupt busted blaming the 2008 recession, and then in 2014 the owner got caught breaking a federal law (witness tampering).  Since then the owner spent money trying to appeal the conviction and now realizes there is not enough money to cover “…costs to do….direct mail and online advertisements.”  More proof the ‘Vinyl Come-Back’ is a lie, in Athens, after 40 years Haffa’s Records shutting down in September, blaming “the way people absorb media these days”.

Pennsylvania:  In State College, after 41 years Kranich’s Jewelers shutting down when the inventory is gone.

Tennessee: In Morristown, after 53 years clothier Kathryn’s shutdown, local news media pointed out that even back in the 1960s-70s people thought women’s dresses were too expensive, at only $17.99 full retail!

Texas: Preliminary estimates say Hurricane Harvey wiped out at least 40-thousand homes, and that’s just in the city of Houston.  Many homeowners did not live in flood zones and so did not have flood insurance.  Mortgage companies are now threatened as many homeowners who don’t have flood insurance will stop making payments on their home loans.  

Utah: In Provo, after 53 years laundromat Wash Hut shutdown, sold-off to a property developer.

Vermont: In Rutland, after only two years at its Diamond Run Mall location LaFlamme’s Furniture Mall shutdown due to high operating costs.  Local news media said the furniture store moved into a vacated JCPenney space in 2015.  In Burlington, after four years clothier Spellbound forced to shutdown by rent of more than $6-thousand-5-hundred per month, plus insurance and utilities of about $1-thousand-5-hundred per month!  Also in Burlington, clothiers The North Face, The Fitting Curve and Lole shutdown, with similar complaints!  Local news media say local administrators blame the high cost of rent and insurance on skyrocketing crime.  A local property manager told local news media “Personally I’ve never seen so many spaces open.”

Virginia: In White Hall, after 131 years Wyant’s Store shutdown.  In Falls Church, after only two years The Gun Dude shutdown, the announcement was made on its website. In Powhatan, after 20 years successful frame shop Complete Picture shutdown, the owner explaining “I want to concentrate on my art.”

Washington: Too Big to Jail California based Wells Fargo issued a shutdown WARN for its Vancouver ops, 72 jobs gone in October.  Adult’ chain-store Peekay now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, blamed on massive debts incurred while buying-out competitors and on becoming a publicly traded company in 2015.  In Spokane, after 20 years Replay Music shutdown, the owner saying “…the most challenging was when the economy took a dip in ’08 and it never really seemed to recover…”   After 23 years Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall forced to shutdown due to a city of Spokane road construction project: “I really feel like the city killed my business.”-Jan Richart

Wisconsin: In Wisconsin Dells, after 23 years All-Time Sports shutdown with the building sold to another local business, so the owners can retire.  In Madison, game/toy store Woops! shutting down in September, the owner says she is struggling to balance family and work.  In Ashland, after more than 40 years the Elle Stevens Hallmark Store shutdown.




Dumbing Down the U.S.A., August 2017: “WE MOVED QUICKLY AND QUIETLY.”


U.S. government shenanigans, August 2017: “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY”

U.S. food crisis, August 2017: “HISTORIC LACK OF PATRONAGE”

ObamaCare ACA death spiral, August 2017: “HAS OUTLIVED ITS USEFUL LIFE”

Great Reneger: Idaho Militia record number of deployments in one year?

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt

What was that about not being the World’s police force?  We can’t really blame President Trump, after-all these deployments were set up in 2016 under the Obama regime.

Idaho Army National Guard is serving in eight of nine global regions designated by the U.S. Department of Defense.   Besides taking part in war-games across the United States, for fiscal year 2017 Idaho Army National Guard personnel will spend time in Bangladesh, Cambodia,  Canada, Germany, Guatemala, Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Romania, Taiwan and Tanzania.




Irma: Massive deployment to U.S. Virgin Islands!

U.S. Virgin Islands National Guard PoD operation 13 SEP 2017

The U.S. Virgin Islands has its own National Guard unit, but it’s not enough to deal with Irma.  They’ve been operating at least five Point of Distribution (PoD) centers for several days now, handing supplies to thousands of people in the U.S. territory.

Tennessee National Guard load their Blackhawk into a New York National Guard C-17, prior to deploying to U.S. Virgin Islands on 13 SEP 2017

National Guard units from Kentucky, New York and Tennessee have deployed to the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with federal agencies.

Kentucky National Guard Blackhawk, U.S. Virgin Islands, 08 SEP 2017

Video, Idaho’s Mountain Home AFB 366th Logistics Readiness Squadron deploying mobile air traffic control tower onboard South Carolina based 437th Airlift Wng C-17 Globemaster-3:

U.S. Marines deliver supplies, 10 SEP 2017

USN SeeBees clear routs, 13 SEP 2017

U.S. Postal Service delivers supplies to U.S. Marines 12 SEP 2017



“Effective immediately”: U.S. government shenanigans, August 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for August 2017:

Hurricane Harvey slamming Texas and Louisiana.  Texas getting record level rain/floods.  According to federal law produce grown on land hit by flooding cannot be sold for human consumption!  

California: Who’s the fascist now you commie pinkos? Leftist pinko bullies introduce a state bill that would make it a crime not to call a transgender person by their chosen pronoun! (whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”?)

Florida:  Tax-sucking Abacus Technology laying off 388 people due to its NASA contract at Kennedy Space Center ending!  Also at Kennedy Space Center, Vencore eliminating 55 jobs between the end of September and Xmas.

Idaho: “Effective immediately” the state Department of Labor Director Ken Edmunds resigned.  It could be the result of a former Labor Department employee suing the department because his personal cell phone was illegally searched! It turns out the former employee was a whistle-blower trying to save taxpayer dollars by revealing the Department of Labor was violating state purchasing laws and wasting government resources (for which he was fired, firing an employee for revealing the truth is a violation of federal law).  However, Right to Work (you over) ‘christian’ gov’na Butch Otter swears his Labor Department director did not resign over the federal lawsuit.    Canyon County reporting a record number of people being detained on ‘involuntary mental health holds’.  They set a record in July of 123 people on metal health holds, at a cost to taxpayers of $153-thousand USD.  Canyon County is now demanding state leaders spend more money building a new crisis center in their county.  So far the state is spending several millions of tax dollars on four crisis centers throughout The Gem State.

Illinois: Semi-Truck maker Navistar shutting down its medium-duty 9/10 liter engine factory in Melrose Park, 170 jobs gone by April 2018!  It’s blamed on emission regulations: “Looking at the financial impact it would take to keep this engine compliant with Environmental Protection Agency standards, it just wasn’t in the cards.”

Louisiana: Oil industry supply company Knight Energy Holdings now chapter 11 bankrupt busted after the CEO and two county policemen were charged with staging a false drug bust in order to frame the CEO’s brother! 

New York:   New ‘green’ packaging maker Evocative Design suddenly laid off 18 people, despite getting a taxpayer funded $9.1-million USD grant from U.S. Defense Department’s DARPA.  Tax-sucking nuclear contractor Lutech Resources suddenly laid off 195 people, due to sudden contract cancellation by Aptim!  Tax-sucking nuclear decontamination company Aptim suddenly laid off 167 people, blaming it on the sudden cancellation of a contract with Exelon Generation Company!   Federaly controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory eliminating 175 jobs by the end of the year, and don’t blame Donald Trump (like some leftist news media are) as the layoffs were being planned before he became president (which means Obama is to blame)!

North Carolina: State taxpayers screwed as industrial hi-tech battery maker Alevo now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and dead, saying “This decision was driven by the formidable challenges of bringing a new technology into commercial production and lacking the financial wherewithal to continue on through repeated manufacturing delays.”  It must be noted the company got $163-thousand taxpayer dollars for the express purpose of training up new employees.  

Pennsylvania:  The Tax Foundation concluded its study on Philadelphia’s so called sugary drink tax (most are made with GMO corn syrup and don’t contain any sugar); the tax now makes soda pop more expensive than beer because the tax is 24 times higher than the beer tax!  Isn’t beer made by fermenting sugars?    The study also revealed that expected tax collections are way below what the Utopianist city leaders expected.  And to add fuel to the anti-tax fire, market research firm Catalina discovered that people in Philadelphia are leaving the city just to buy their favorite soda-pop, so much so that tax revenues are going to come up short of expectations by at least 15%.  Tax-sucking nuclear decontamination company Aptim suddenly laid off almost 3-hundred people!  Tax-sucking nuclear contractor Lutech Resources suddenly laid off 90 people.

South Carolina: Formerly Japan owned (Toshiba) U.S. tax-sucking bankrupt nuclear power plant builder Westinghouse suddenly laid off 850 people! Westinghouse now hit with a lawsuit claiming the tax-sucking company was violating federal labor laws.

Tennessee: Federaly controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory eliminating 350 jobs by the end of the year, and don’t blame Donald Trump (like some leftist news media are) as the layoffs were being planned before he became president (which means Obama is to blame)!

Texas: The city of Amarillo laid off eight Info-Tech employees, and closed a vacant position, in an attempt to save 900-thousand tax dollars.

Washington DC: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) forced by a federal judge to spend taxpayer dollars on mental health exams for illegal immigrants. 

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans July 2017: “THEY GAVE ME NO REASON FOR CLOSING IT”

ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, August 2017: “HAS OUTLIVED ITS USEFUL LIFE”

Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., August 2017: “WE MOVED QUICKLY AND QUIETLY.”

“has outlived its useful life”: ObamaCare ACA death spiral, August 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in August 2017:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: 500-thousand fewer people enrolled in ObamaCare-ACA than the previous year.  Many people were “automatically re-enrolled” from the previous year.   38% crash in ObamaCare insurance providers for 2018!

National Business Group on Health: In 2018 ObamaCare-ACA mandated employee health insurance will cost more than $14-thousand USD per employee!  The cost will be split 70% paid by employers and 30% by employees.  Insurance companies will reduce benefits to try and keep costs to employers/employees as low as possible, in other words, you’all are gonna pay more for less yet again.


The Protenus Breach Barometer says in the month of July 47% of healthcare data breaches were caused by hacking, a new record.

The world’s biggest pusher of legal drugs, Israeli based Teva, announced plans to exit 45 countries and eliminate 7-thousand jobs! However, Teva admin claim its operations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania will not be affected.

California:  Jackson National Life Insurance shutting down an office in Los Angeles, by November.   DaVita Medical Group issued a layoff WARN for its El Segundo ops, 57 jobs gone by Halloween.  Country Care Health Center issued a shutdown WARN for its Atascadero ops, 50 jobs gone by Halloween.  Worker comp claim manager One Call Care Management shutting down its West Hills location in time for Halloween. Drugs pusher Allergan issued a layoff WARN for its operations in Irvine, 109 jobs gone in time for Halloween!  Peregrine Pharmaceuticals-Avid Bioservices eliminating 60 jobs in Tustin, by October.  SunBridge Carmichael Rehabilitation issued a shutdown WARN for its Carmichael location, 72 jobs gone by Halloween.

Connecticut:  New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Hartford based (but soon to be NYC based) Aetna is reportedly making a deal with Apple to provide Aetna customers with Apple watches.

Florida:  34 years old non-profit nursing home operator Senior Care Group now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Holy Cross Hospital from laying off 28 people as part of ObamaCare consolidation operations.  GraceWood Rehabilitation and Nursing Care chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to $3.2-million USD of debts.  Resources for Human Development eliminating 87 jobs by Xmas.

Idaho:  In Nampa, state investigators accusing Southwest Idaho Treatment Center of abusing seven adult residents.  Six employees involved, two directly abusing the patients, the other four knew about it but did nothing to stop it or report it.  They are now unemployed.   The state Department of Insurance made it official and publicly released the now annual proposed ObamaCare-ACA insurance rate increases for 2018.  All ‘plans’ will go up, but the ‘Silver Plan’ will be jacked by a whopping average of 50% (one insurance provider, PacificSource Health, is skyrocketing their Silver rates by 81%)!  Employers are pissed: “There’s one thing if it was increases and the coverage was better.  The problem is……the coverage is getting less, so now I’m paying a lot for a little, and that’s a hard one to swallow.”-Shawn Lund, CFO Steel West

Illinois: Centegra Hospital-Woodstock permanently halting  surgical and intensive care services after losing $30-million USD, 458 jobs are threatened!  Arizona based drugs maker Therapeutics agreed to pay the state of Illinois $4.4-million USD because it wrongly advertised its fentanyl-based cancer treatment painkiller (known as Subsys) for non-cancer uses.   Ireland based medical device maker Medtronic shutting down its Joliet distribution ops, 185 jobs gone by Xmas!  Edward-Elmhurst Health eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs in an effort to reduce costs by $50-million USD.

Indiana:  After 32 years Rathbone Retirement Community shutdown due to lack of paying customers.

Kentucky: Louisville based Humana eliminating 180 ‘At Home’ jobs by Thanksgiving!   It’s the second round of homecare jobs cuts, the first round killed 5-hundred jobs!  Despite blaming the job cuts on a $400-million USD first quarter loss Humana is also advertising that it is looking to hire 2-thousand people across the country.  (interesting that many companies are blaming job cuts on revenue losses, but then claiming to have enough money to be hiring even more people than are being fired)

Maryland: ‘Personalized’ healthcare provider NantHealth eliminating 3-hundred jobs blaming crashing revenues (but is it really because it sold-off its provider and patient messaging software ops to a competitor)!

Massachusetts: Ocular Therapeutix suddenly laid off 26 people when the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) rejected its latest eye care drug.  It’s been revealed that Bostonians were forced to pay $16-million USD in an effort to get insurance giant Aetna to move its HQ to Boston.  It was called Project X and it failed. 

Michigan: Kindred Healthcare shutting down its hospital in Detroit, 145 jobs gone by the end of September because ObamaCare-ACA penalizes people for using long-term hospital care!

Minnesota: Lutz Wing Nursing Home shutting down, basically blaming it on too much competition.

New Mexico: Gila Regional Medical Center suddenly laid off five administrators.  The husband of one of those fired says it’s the result of his demands for an investigation into the hospital’s cancer treatment ops.

Nebraska: Christian founded American Red Cross shutting down its Omaha Call Center, 138 jobs lost due to consolidation operations!

Nevada: Insurance company Anthem pulling out of The Silver State, blaming ObamaCare-ACA for not being able to make a profit. Anthem also pulled out of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

New Jersey: Drugs maker Bristol-Myers Squibb issued a layoff WARN, 58 people jobless by October due to loss of patent on HIV drug.  Drugs maker Bristol-Myers Squibb eliminating 58 jobs in Lawrence Township.

New York:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center from bribing (buyouts) 3-hundred employees to voluntarily quit in order to allow “…St. Joseph’s Health to adjust its operations to fit the future model of health care…”!   It’s been revealed that New Yorkers were forced to spend $24-million USD bribing insurance giant Aetna to move its HQ to The Big Apple.  TLC Health Network shutting down its long-term care and medical/surgical units and eliminating 38 jobs by the holiday of Thanksgiving, due to being forced by ObamaCare to focus on outpatient care only.  Heritage Health and Housing issued a layoff WARN, 101 jobs gone by Halloween due to the loss of state taxpayer funding!

Ohio: Kindred Healthcare shutting down its hospital in Marshfield, 111 jobs gone by the end of September because ObamaCare-ACA penalizes people for using long-term hospital care!  In 2018 Paulding County will be without any ObamaCare-ACA insurance providers, according to Kaiser Family Foundation.

Oregon:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ non-profit Saint Charles Health System from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs due to a need to cut costs by $6-million USD.  Administrators told local news media that ObamaCare-ACA reimbursements don’t cover the skyrocketing costs of running hospitals.

South Carolina:  Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System are planing to merge to save costs, meaning jobs will be lost.

Texas: Texas Health Resources reported a 23% crash in income during the first half of 2017, a bigger drop than what it saw during the same time in 2016.

Virginia: Insurance company Anthem is getting out of the ObamaCare-ACA business in 2018.  This time, instead of blaming it on lack of profits, the insurer is blaming it on uncertainty as to how the U.S. Congress is going to fund/repeal ObamaCare-ACA.   Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center shutting down, 128 jobs affected in October because the center “has outlived its useful life”!

Washington:  PeaceHealth outsourcing 30 medical coder positions to a Texas based contractor.  Renton based Providence Health & Services eliminating 210 jobs, blaming it on a costs of operation loss of $255-million USD in 2016 caused by ObamaCare-ACA insurance reimbursements: “There has been a fundamental shift in our industry in that we are providing more care to more patients, but are receiving the same amount of revenue and often less to cover the costs.”-official statement

Washington DC:  Your taxes have been paying for advertising to promote money grubbing ObamaCare insurance providers.  But the new president, Donald Trump, reduced that taxpayer funding by $3-million USD.


“We moved quickly and quietly.”: Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., August 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

theguardian: Pics of Civil War statues being torn down across the U.S.

Incomplete list of publicly announced education related layoffs & school shutdowns, August 2017:

Alabama:  Books-A-Million shutdown its month old 2nd & Charles branded store in Madison, supposedly to build a new store nearby.

California:  Iconic privately owned Hollywood Forever Cemetery caved in to threats from pinko commies and removed a Civil War monument.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy took the monument saying they were tired of people defacing it and denying history.  High levels of lead were found in the water at several locations of the San Diego Unified School District (including the district HQ).  Lead is proven to ‘dumb down’ (retard) children.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ non-profit Shepherd University from going bankrupt and shutting down, local news reports say the theological college refused to give financial details. In Fresno, god powerless(?) to help ‘his’ Saint Helen’s elementary school pay its $500-thousand USD debt, however, the school remains open because a mysterious human came along and gave the Catholic school $250-thousand which then resulted in other humans donating money to save the school!   In Reseda, after 57 years Continental Art Supplies shutdown so the owner can retire.

Connecticut:  Middletown eliminating 11 teacher jobs funded by a special state taxpayer backed grant, which was canceled due to lack of taxpayer funding.   Silly uneducated teachers, don’t they know that when your economy is in a Death Spiral you can’t generate the taxes needed to support bloated taxpayer funded schools?

Florida:  College Book & Supply shutting down its store near University of Central Florida, due to a property development project.  In Tampa, pinko commies defaced a privately owned Civil War statue.  The statue is not on public land.  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Gainsville tore down a Civil War statue and returned it to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who made a simple statement: “We accept the Confederate Soldier Statue.”

Idaho: 10 former Idaho State University athletes threatening to retract $80-thousand USD in donations if the university president and the athletic director don’t resign, because “…we believe the state of ISU athletics is at an all-time low. When comparing ISU to its Big Sky peers, it’s easy to see that ISU is at the bottom of the league in facilities. Coaches’ pay, fundraising efforts and competitive records for revenue sports are also among the worst in the Big Sky Conference.”   Then suddenly, without warning, ISU president Arthur Vailas resigned!  Officially he said he was “retiring”.  ISU also reported that ‘preliminary’ overall enrollment is down for the Fall Semester, again, despite Freshman enrollment being up by about 2-hundred.

Illinois: In Chicago, supposed christian Bishop James E. Dukes is demanding a statue of the 1st President of the United States, George Washington, be torn down!   Chicago Public Schools conducted (yet again) a new round of layoffs, this time at least 950 people now jobless!  Both the teacher’s union and the state gov-na blamed it on inept management by Chicago’s ‘elected’ leaders.

Iowa: After 42 years the Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines shutdown due to lack of donations.

Kentucky:  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Lexington announced the removal of two Civil War statues, claiming they will be relocated.

Louisiana: The Orleans Parish School Board unanimously agreed to provided illegal immigrant children with a U.S. taxpayer funded education. 

Maryland: In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Baltimore tore down four Civil War statues in the dead of night.  “We moved quickly and quietly.” boasted ‘elected’ mayor Catherine Pugh.  A ‘Civil War’ statue in Annapolis will also be removed.

Minnesota:  Lyon County Museum’s 14 years old thrift store shutdown due to a sudden crash in sales in the past eight months.  Even though it’s a county museum it is not funded with taxes and was relying 100% on donations and its thrift store sales.   Another reason for the shutdown is taxpayers began using the thrift store as a trash can, resulting in the museum having to pay huge trash removal fees: “We were spending a lot of money getting rid of trash. It is an ongoing problem. People bring stuff here that people know full and well should be on the way to the dump.”-Mike Hagan

Nevada: Returning students discovered that Sierra Nevada College had laid off six teachers over the Summer.  Administrators blamed it on crashing enrollments.

New York:  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commies are demanding the American Museum of Natural History remove its statue of the 26th President of the United States; Theodore Roosevelt!

North Carolina: After 38 years, the Piedmont Council for the Arts announced it will shutdown as soon as financial and legal matters are settled.   In Wilmington, two Civil War statues were defaced by an obviously under-educated Big Brother Double Speak loving gang of pinko commies  in an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States.   In Durham, an obviously under-educated Big Brother Double Speak loving gang of pinko commies tore down a Civil War statue in an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States.  So far four people were arrested, at least two were promptly released after being charged with several crimes.

Pennsylvania: Native Americans are pissed as imperialist leaders of Pittston re-erected a statue of Christopher Columbus after spending $65-thousand U.S. tax dollars repairing it.  In Center City, a man was arrested for defacing a statue of a former city mayor.  Obviously the man was desperate for attention because he did it in daylight in front of visible cameras.

Texas:  In Temple, after only a few months of operations non-profit Central Texas School for the Performing Arts shutdown without warning, blaming it on a massive lack of financial and moral support from the local community.    Newsweek reported that Hurricane Harvey shutdown hundreds of school districts and some might not ever reopen: “These schools are going to be affected for at least a couple of months. It’ll be December before some can even be functional.”-Dan Domenech, American Association of School Administrators

Washington: The city ‘leaders’ of Seattle are proven commie pinkos as they allowed the erection of a statue to Russian communist Vladimir Lenin.


Fracking quake swarm hits east Idaho?

Update, 11 SEP 2017:  U.S. Geological Survey reports as of 10 SEP 2017 more than 260 earthquakes rocked Caribou County, Idaho!  The USGS believes the quakes will continue but gave no reason why. A professor at Idaho State University claims the swarm quakes are “a whole series of aftershocks”.    USGS quake data is higher than reported by University of Utah, which operates its own seismograph stations independent of the USGS.

03 SEP 2017 (22:38 UTC-07 Tango 06) 13 Sharivar 1396/12 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/14 Ji Yu 4715

A swarm of earthquakes that hit an area east of the rural east-Idaho city of Soda Springs (at least 58 in less than 24 hours) fits the M-O of what the U.S. Geological Survey calls Induced Earthquakes caused by the oil industry’s hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

The individual quakes ranged in magnitude of 2.5 to 5.3, beginning in the late afternoon on 02 SEP 2017 and continuing until late afternoon the next day.   The same area was hit by quakes in October 2016.

In 2016 the Idaho Department of Lands swore that no fracking was taking place in The Gem State, or at least no applications for fracking had been submitted.   Even local news media blow off the skyrocketing quake swarms as signs the supervolcano Yellowstone is coming back to life.  However, I’ve been tracking these swarms for a few years and noticed they coincide with the resumption of petroleum exploration, including fracking.


2016:  Wild Idaho Tide Rising, Forced Oil Pooling near homes, schools and hospitals is Death




2014: UNEXPLAINED & INCREASING IDAHO EARTHQUAKES CAUSED BY FRACKING?  “In 2012, your asshole ‘elected’ state officials not only legalized fracking but banned your local governments from banning fracking! The new law was co-written by a lobby group called the Idaho Petroleum Council.” 


Idaho Statesman: Idaho has become an oil-producing state

DATA.GOV: Idaho Oil and Gas Exploration Wells

PBSNewshour: Earthquakes triggered by fracking, not just wastewater disposal

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Fracking causes earthquakes

NewScientist: How fracking caused earthquakes in the UK

2011: Temporary Idaho rules for hydraulic fracturing gas wells

“historic lack of patronage” Harvey kills Texas crops?: U.S. Food Crisis, August 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of August, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Hurricane Harvey slamming Texas and Louisiana.  Texas getting record level rain/floods.  According to federal law produce grown on land hit by flooding cannot be sold for human consumption!  

The Texas Tribune:  Harvey’s winds and rain disrupt Texas agriculture

Arizona: In Scottsdale, Flo’s Chinese Asian Restaurants now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Local news media reported that ever since 2008 the restaurant chain has been shutting down eateries, now there’s only two left: “The revenue from our two remaining restaurants, though strong and healthy, could not alone support payments for a loan designed for three restaurants.”-Florence Chan, co-owner

Arkansas:  In Hardy, after only two years restaurant Cruisers shutdown due to the owners getting outta the restaurant business.

California: In Los Angeles, restaurant Church & State chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to labor law violation lawsuits.  Quest Nutrition issued shutdown WARNs for two Los Angeles operations, 524 jobs gone in October! Switzerland based Nestlé shutdown its Glendale op, 583 jobs gone!  Chili’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Thousand Oaks restaurant, 48 jobs gone in October.   Japan based Daiso issued a shutdown WARN for its Hayward grocery store, 98 jobs gone in October.  Dole Food eliminating 172 strawberry picking jobs as it shuts down its Oxnard ops, blaming massive debt and crashing sales!  In San Jose, after 13 years Lisa’s Tea Treasures shutdown, explaining on its website “Sadly, our lease has not been renewed.”  Glendale based DineEquity announced it will skyrocket shutdowns of its Applebee’s and IHOP restaurants; 135 Applebee’s and 25 IHOPS across the United States being shutdown as part of a plan to open 125 new restaurants in other countries!   In Sacramento, after 30 years Rubicon Brewing Company suddenly shutdown due to lack of “cash flow” caused by supply problems from farmers and skyrocketing ‘craft beer’ competition.

Colorado:  After 59 years and two locations, Black Forest Restaurant shutdown so the owner can retire.

Florida: In Delray Beach, the co-owner of Smoke BBQ announced on Facebook “It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the closing of Smoke BBQ Delray Beach effective immediately.”  In Palm Beach, after only seven months reality TV ‘star’ owned upscale eatery Bowery Coastal shutdown.  In Plant City, Southeast Milk-Sunshine State Dairy Farms began laying off 52 people.

Hawaii:  After 38 years iconic Shore Bird Restaurant and Beach Bar shutdown so the owners can retire.

Idaho: In Twin Falls County somebody is shooting livestock.  In the past month two Llamas were killed, as well as a cattle rancher’s prize bull and heifer. A railroad track runs along the properties where the killings took place (somebody shooting from a train?).  In Bonneville County somebody shot and killed eight cows, leaving their bodies to rot, the local Sheriff believes they’ll find more dead cows.  In Idaho Falls, after 20 years Sarah’s Candy Cottage announced on Facebook that they must shutdown due to being “bought out”.

Illinois: Oak Brook based McDonald’s shutting down 169 restaurants in India due to a contract dispute with Connaught Plaza Restaurants.  Oak Brook based TreeHouse Foods shutting down three factories in three states, killing 375 jobs due to a 12% crash in sales!  In Arcola, after 47 years Dutch Kitchen shutdown, the owners saying “It’s time to stop.”  In Park Ridge, after less than one year the ‘new version’ of the iconic Pickwick Restaurant shutdown.

Kansas:  Farm equipment maker AGCO halting production and idling 2-hundred factory workers for at least four months, due to lack of sales!

Kentucky: In Owensboro, after 52 years Taylor’s Grocery Outlet shutdown, no reason given.

Maryland:  In Baltimore, OrderUp! laid off 70 HQ employees due to being taken over by GrubHub/Groupon.   Ryleigh’s Oyster shutdown its Mount Vernon restaurant.

Michigan: Seventh Day Adventist founded, Donald Trump hating, Kellogg Company (aka Kellogg’s) eliminating 233 jobs at its Battle Creek operations by 2018, claiming it’s part of its plan to increase production!  In Plymouth, after 75 years iconic Box Bar shutdown so the owner can retire.  In Grand Rapids, after 12 years Mangiamo! shutdown to be replaced by an ‘special’ events center.  After four years, without warning Saladworks shutdown and auctioned-off, no reason given.  In Taylor, after almost 1-hundred years Dairy Fresh Brand shutting down, 180 jobs gone in October!  The shutdown will affect dairy distribution in four states.

Missouri: In University City, Randolfi’s Italian Kitchen announced it is shutting down next month, the owners saying “We’ve thrown everything we have into his restaurant. There have been a lot of tears, but it’s time to close the chapter.”  In Saint Louis, with only a few hours warning on Facebook Howards suddenly shutdown, the owners saying “…regret that we can’t keep going…”  In Ellisville, Lucky’s Market shutdown, the company’s website explained “…did not experience the growth we needed to keep this store open.”

Montana: In Livingston, Northern Pacific Beanery shutdown with the owners saying “It’s just time for us to move on.”  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shutdown its store in the Holiday Village Mall, blaming consumers by saying “National and local retailers are responding to shifting consumer patterns by modifying their marketing strategies, including store closings.”

New Jersey:  Internet based meal service company Blue Apron issued a shutdown WARN for its Jersey City ops, 1-thousand-270 people jobless by October!

New York: TGIFriday’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Union Square location, 33 jobs gone by Xmas. Private social club River Club of New York shutting down, 60 jobs gone in time for Thanksgiving (due to renovations).  Hudson Valley Snacks and Soda issued a shutdown WARN, 38 jobs gone in October.  In Manhattan-NYC, grocery store Garden of Eden shutdown its Chelsea location due to “historic lack of patronage”.   Wisconsin based Penzeys Spices ( shutdown its Long Island-NYC location, it was the second time the spice seller shutdown a NYC location.  Internet based meal service company Blue Apron suddenly halted hiring and laid off 14 HQ employees “As part of our long-term strategy”.  Without warning Met Fresh shutdown its one year old grocery store in Nyack, no explanation for the “permanent” shutdown.   In Glen Falls, Food Co-op shutdown blaming lack of volunteers to run it: “Unfortunately, at this time we’re unable to keep the hours necessary to sustain a grocery store.”

North Carolina:  In Raleigh, after 17 years Bella Monica Flatbread pizza restaurant now chapter 7 bankrupt dead.  The parent company Bella Monica actually died in 2015, but the co-owner tried to keep the restaurant going.  Also in Raleigh, after 14 years distributor El Ideal Foods now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, most of its food products come from outside the U.S.

Ohio:  Fresh Thyme Farmers Market shutting down one of its four Cincinnati area ‘health food’ stores, blaming increased grocery store competition.

Oregon:  In Portland, Ringside Grill was suddenly sold-off and shutdown, owner Craig Peterson told local news “Dinner hasn’t been able to compete since the recession.”  In Clatskanie, after three years Hump’s Restaurant announced on social media that it was shutting down, no reason given.  Farmers Grain in Nyssa is now chapter 7 bankrupt dead, affecting other farm operations in Idaho and Washington.

Pennsylvania: The Tax Foundation concluded its study on Philadelphia’s so called sugary drink tax (most are made with GMO corn syrup and don’t contain any sugar); the tax now makes soda-pop more expensive than beer because the tax is 24 times higher than the beer tax!  Isn’t beer made by fermenting sugars?    The study also revealed that expected tax collections are way below what the Utopianist city leaders expected.  In Tunkhannock, Brick’s Market shutdown, 34 jobs lost due to not being able to find a buyer for the small grocery store.

Tennessee: In Spring Hill, after four years Mac’s Grub Shak announced on social media it is shutting down in September, local news described the burger joint as “popular”, no reason for the shutdown given.  In Chattanooga, after 20 years English Rose Tearoom shutdown: “We lost our lease … and I’ve been trying to bring on another owner … but it didn’t materialize.”-Sharon Gilley

Texas:  Local news media reporting “yet another” Skinner’s Corner Store shutdown, this time in Lakeport.  In Dallas, after five years Max’s Wine Dive shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.  In Fort Worth, a Tom Thumb grocery store shutdown.  Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen suddenly laid off 69 employees as it shutdown its Irving HQ due to being taken-over by a competitor.  Snap Kitchen laying off more than 150 people in Austin and Houston, due to consolidation of production to a new factory!  In Austin, after 32 years popular Porfirio’s Tacos announced on Facebook that it must shutdown, no reason given.   Without warning Houston based Joe’s Crab Shack shutdown 41 restaurants across 19 states, thousands of jobs instantly gone: “…everything was fine. I even picked up two shifts to work. When she came in, all the managers were here. All the corporate managers were here. The tables were flipped upside down and they shut everything out.”-Devoshia Jones, instantly unemployed

Vermont:  Nordic Farms now chapter 7 bankrupt, local news reported the phone is now disconnected.

Virginia:   In Manassas, after nine years Hard Times Cafe & Cue forced to shutdown by the greedy landlord.  Dean Foods shutting down its PET dairy operations in Richmond, 75 jobs gone due to “Production will be phased out”.

Washington: In Seattle, Stumptown Coffee Roasters shutdown its East Pine Street location to focus on its other location.

Wisconsin:  In Bay View, after three years Little DeMarinis pizza joint announced it could not renew the lease, which expires in 2018.  In Milwaukee, after seven years Upper 90 Sports Pub shutdown, on social media the owners saying only “we have an exciting opportunity we just could not pass up.”  PDQ Food Stores eliminating 350 HQ employees in October, due to being taken-over by a competitor!  Gordy’s Market chain is up for sale, and if nobody buys it then more than 1-thousand people will become jobless (some stores have already shutdown)!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, July 2017: “WE ARE CLOSING……WE HAVE NO CHOICE”




Pocatello militia returns from Malaysia, is it about the oil?

27 AUG 2017 (14:06 UTC-07 Tango 06) 05 Sharivar 1396/04 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/06 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“Due to the training we received, if called upon for a state disaster, the Idaho Army National Guard will be extremely prepared for any situation.”-Lieutenant Colonel George Hanson

One of my old Guard alma maters returned from mission Keris Strike in Pahang, Malaysia.

Command post exercise portion of the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief training known as Keris Strike 2017

1st Battalion of the 148th Field Artillery Regiment, based in Pocatello, Idaho, was in Malaysia for a ten days war game (I mean natural disaster response training) connected to United Nations’ military ops (so called UN Peace Keeping) and led by the U.S. Army-Pacific Command.

Militia personnel of the 1-148th Field Artillery Regiment during Keris Strike 2017 in Pahang, Malaysia

The 1-148th Field Artillery Regiment is part of the Idaho Army National Guard’s 116th Calvary Brigade Combat Team (I served both with 1-148 as a 13F in Pocatello, and with 2-116 as a 19K in Burley). The unit is located in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rigby, Blackfoot, Rexburg, Preston, Saint Anthony and Burley.

According to Wikipedia, Malaysia has a lot of petroleum oil.  The state run oil company Petronas is the 69th largest company in the world and generates 30% of the Malaysian government’s income.  Malaysia also sits in the militarily and economically strategic ocean going trade route called Strait of Malacca, which sees most of the world’s Middle East oil shipments by sea.