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“The thieves are….more bold.”: U.S. retail/banking/service sector collapse, March 2018

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss WARNings and store shutdowns made or announced in March 2018:

Bermuda based Signet Jewelers shutting down 2-hundred Kay Jewelers, Zales and Jared The Galleria of Jewelry stores in malls across the U.S.

Alaska: Blockbuster shutting down its North Pole video store in April.  Thrift store Juneau Treasures shutdown due to skyrocketing crime, the owner blames local police for failing to do anything (even with his security camera video of the crimes) and the state’s new lax criminal laws: “The thieves are becoming more and more bold. They’re coming in groups of three and four and they’re intimidating my staff!”-Mark Dundore

 California: In Los Angeles, after 25 years Meltdown Comics shutdown.  In Santa Rosa, after 126 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) furniture store Pedersen’s shutting down in 2019, the owners saying “We are choosing to go out on our terms and our timing, rather than wait for a death, health event or financial stress to force a closing.” Santa Barbara based The Walking Company Holdings chapter 11 bankrupt busted for the second time in ten years, due to not being able to pay its shoe suppliers.  After 140 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) men’s clothier Bachrach now bankrupt and dead.  Jonathan Louis Furniture issued a shutdown WARN for its Gardena location, 1-hundred jobs gone by mid-May!  Bankrupt Toys R Us issued shutdown WARNs for four locations, more than 4-hundred jobs gone by  mid-May! What automotive industry recovery?  Melody Toyota issued a shutdown WARN for its San Bruno location, 52 jobs gone by June.

Connecticut: In Enfield, after about four decades Crown Furniture shutdown, blaming competition from both online and brick-n-mortar.  In Brookfield, after eight years LJ Edwards Furniture and Design Studio shutdown.

Florida: Xtra Airways eliminating 167 jobs in May, as it is put up for sale! Gibraltar Bank & Trust eliminating 124 jobs due to being taken over by Louisiana based IberiaBank!

Hawaii: After five years Lanikai General Store shutdown.

Idaho: In Boise, Tai Pan Trading shutdown.  After two years in Idaho Falls, home decor store Tai Pan Trading shutting down when the inventory is gone, inventory from shutdown stores in Boise and Utah is being transferred to Idaho Falls for clearance.  Also in Idaho Falls, after 18 years supporter of the proven to be a failure DARE program (in some cases actually increased drug use nationwideDr. Slaughter’s shutting down in April.

Illinois: In Clarendon Hills, after 40 years Ebenezer’s Gift House (formerly The Christmas Closet) shutting down.  Hoffman Estates based junk jewelry chain Claire’s now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. Lillstreet Art Center bankrupt busted due to a lawsuit by a website designer. What housing market recovery? Chicago based mortgage company Guaranteed Rate suddenly laid off 180 people across the U.S., due to crashing mortgage approvals!  Alpine Shop shutting down its O’Fallon location in April.  Bankrupt Toys R Us issued shutdown WARNs for its distribution and regional offices, 180 jobs gone by mid-May!

Indiana: Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples shutting down its store in Fort Wayne.  In Anderson, after 53 years Mounds Mall is now dead.

Iowa: In Iowa City, after 34 years University Camera shutting down, the frustrated co-owner said “Black Friday was a non-event for us. In October, I looked at the books and we did one-third of the business we need to stay afloat. That’s when I turned to my wife and said, ‘It’s time.’…  …. walk away from it and we’re done!”  Children’s Place shutting down their Mall of the Bluffs store by mid-April.

Louisiana: Kids party/activity store Slinkee’s shutdown after more than ten years.

Maine: Freeport based LL Bean said 2017 holiday sales sucked so much they canceled bonuses and eliminated a net 4-hundred jobs! Too Big to Jail Bank of America suddenly laid off 30 people in Belfast, even though it is advertising to hire.

Maryland:  Princeton Sports shutting down its 36 years old Columbia location.

Massachusetts: In Marblehead, after 25 years Chet’s Video and Candy Shoppe shutdown. In New Bedford, after 62 years Fairhaven True Value Hardware shutdown.  In Framingham, after 49 years Walter Dyer Is Leather shutting down when the inventory is gone, the owners blame many things including crashing sales.

Michigan: Envoy Air halting ops at Detroit Metro Airport, 114 jobs gone by mid-May!

Minnesota: In Minneapolis, boutique Local Motion shutting down in April.  After 54 years Fabric and Textile Warehouse shutting down when the inventory is gone.  Bankrupt Toys R Us issued shutdown WARNs for five locations, at least 2-hundred jobs gone by the end of June!

Missouri: Saint Louis based online ‘investment’ Scottrade killing as many as 1-thousand jobs due to selling out to competitor TD Ameritrade for $4-billion USD!

Nebraska: Two former Super 8 Motel managers, who are also immigrants, sentenced to a year in federal prison and deportation after being convicted of enslaving and abusing their own relatives. 

Nevada: In Reno, toy store Happy Happy Joy Joy shutdown due to a death in the family.

New Jersey: In Hackensack, after 68 years Kazimir’s Pets shutting down in April.  Wayne based chapter 11 bankrupt busted Toys R Us shutting down all stores in United Kingdom, 735 stores in the United States being liquidated, Canadian stores up for sale.  Massive Toys R Us layoff WARNs issued; at least 1-thousand-6-hundred New Jersey jobs gone by mid-May!

New York:  Value City Furniture shutting down its store in Clay, 25 jobs gone by mid-April.  NYC based Foot Locker shutting down 110 stores in 2018, after shutting down 147 in 2017.  Bankrupt Toys R Us issued shutdown WARNs for eight locations, about 4-hundred jobs gone! 

Ohio: Lakewood record store Wax Bodega shutdown, apparently because of a greedy landlord because the owners said they are looking for a new location. Cincinnati based retailer Macy’s killed more jobs, this time an undisclosed number of human resource employees, apparently in addition to the 5-thousand job cuts announced earlier this year.  After more than 50 years Keith Saddle Shop shutting down when the inventory is gone.   New Albany based clothier Abercrombie & Fitch shutting down 60 stores across the U.S., due to continued crashing sales.  Since 2010 Abercrombie & Fitch shutdown 4-hundred stores.  In Canton, after 62 years Capestrain Jewelers shutting down, the building is for sale.

Oregon: In Portland, after 13 years Knit Purl shutting down when the inventory is gone.

South Carolina: Too Big to Jail California based Wells Fargo shutting down its money center in Greenville, 6-hundred jobs gone over the next 12 months!  In Florence, after 48 years Norman’s Gun Exchange shutdown because the owners wanted to retire.

Tennessee: In Nashville, Third Man Records suddenly laid off seven people.  Bankrupt iconic Gibson Guitar began eliminating dozens of jobs.  In Greeneville, after 29 years Paintin’ Place-Benjamin Moore Paint store shutdown after the owners got an offer for the property they couldn’t refuse.  After more than 80 years the Springfield Cinema shutdown.

Texas: Michaels owned, Irving based, Aaron Brothers shutting down all 94 stores, nearly 6-thousand jobs gone by the end of July!  The brand Aaron Brothers will now be used in Michaels stores in the custom framing section.   In Austin, after 38 years The Light Bulb Shop shutdown because the owners didn’t want to strangle “it to death slowly”.  Rent-a-Center eliminating 250 jobs at its Plano HQ!  Plano based retailer JCPenney suddenly eliminated 360 jobs across the country! In Burkburnett, after 27 years Hayes General Store, Hayes Hardware, and Hayes TV Repair  suddenly shutdown due to no more money (apparently employees were given final paychecks).

Utah: In Orem, home decor store Tai Pan Trading shutdown, reports say the Orem location, and the two Idaho locations, are the last of the Tai Pan Trading stores. lists several former Tai Pan Trading locations as now for sale. 

Virginia:  In Roanoke insurance company Allstate suddenly laid off employees and refused to say how many.

West Virginia: SunTrust Bank shutting down its remaining five branch offices in the state.

Wisconsin: JCPenney killing 520 warehouse jobs in Wauwatosa, starting in June!  In Manitowoc, after 67 years Lloyd’s Photo & Digital shutdown.  Bankrupt Toys R Us issued shutdown WARNs for eight locations, 326 jobs gone by mid-May!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification







U.S. government shenanigans, March 2018:“THEY GOT IT WRONG.”


ObamaCare ACA death spiral, March 2018: “HEALTHCARE IS A TAPEWORM”


Great Reneger: Idaho & North Carolina militias deploy to Afghanistan, again!

18APR2018 /23:04 UTC-07 Tango 06  (30 Farvardin 1397/03 Sha’ban 1439/04 Bing-Chen 4716)

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt

Idaho gov’na Butch Otter says goodbye to personnel of the 1/168 General Support Aviation Battalion, 19APR2018

Just over 30 personnel of Idaho Army National Guard’s 1st of the 168th General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB) deploying to Afghanistan.  They’ll be joining about a dozen other Idaho militia members that have already deployed.  It’s the eighth deployment for the 1/168 GSAB. (STOP YOUR BITCHIN': IDAHO WOMAN COMMANDS 1ST FEMALE COMBAT TEAM!)


Almost 3-hundred personnel from North Carolina National Guard’s 1-130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion and Detachment 1-B Company-638th Aviation Support Battalion deploying to train the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.  This crusade has been going on for so long that for some it’s now a family affair: “I’m going with my son, so it will be a unique experience, probably my last big hoo-rah probably. What better way to graduate from the Guard than a deployment with your son.”-Command Sergeant Major J.P. Cole

To prove this a religious war the deployment ceremony was held in the Hope Community Church.


Idaho Militia Top Guns

18APR2018 (02:01 UTC-07 Tango 06)  29 Farvardin 1397/02 Sha’ban 1439/03 Bing-Chen (3rd month) 4716

The Idaho Air and Army National Guard recognized for top performance, again.

Idaho Army National Guard’s 1-204th Regional Training Institute (Armor) battalion received a score of 100% on its accreditation inspection: “The overall success of the battalion, including the accreditation results, is a direct reflection of the professionalism and dedication of the non-commissioned officers within this organization.”-Lieutenant Colonel Russel Des Jardins

The unit trains personnel from National Guard, Reserve and Regular Army units from across the U.S.  The 1-204th training battalion is experiencing a 20% increase in graduations, compared to last year.

The 124th Fighter Wing at Gowen Field, in Boise, selected to receive the 2016 Meritorious Unit Award, for their deployment to Turkey (TURKEY LOCKS-DOWN U.S. LED NATO BASE! HALTS IDAHO AIRSTRIKES AGAINST ISLAMIC STATE!): “There can be no greater recognition for a combat organization than that given for exceptional performance in direct combat with the enemy for both engaged and supporting warriors.”-Colonel Tim Donnellan

“While deployed the Airmen of the 124th Fighter Wing flawlessly executed more than 1,700 combat sorties providing two of the largest strikes on the enemy’s oil production and transportation resulting in a 50 percent revenue loss. They also led the Qayyarah-West airstrip repair, an estimated 180-day project, which our members were able to complete in only three weeks. Their recovery of this airstrip was key to support the Mosul Offensive. While 50 percent of the wing was deployed, members serving at home provided continuity through flawless execution of financial resources, domestic operations, and trained coalition soldiers through six major joint exercises.”-2016 Meritorious Unit Award



America Spread Thin: West Pacific, March 2018

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt

Video, U.S. Marines assist with Cyclone Marcus clean-up in Australia, 22MAR2018:

Department of Defense video update on activities with Indonesia and Japan, 20MAR2018:

U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 Seabees building a school addition in Indonesia, under the gaze of students, 30MAR2018

Video, U.S. tax dollars at work supporting Pacific Partnership 2018 event at Teaching Farm University Dehasen near Bengkulu, Indonesia, 31MAR2018:

News media get U.S. taxpayer funded ride on MV-22B in Okinawa, Japan, 09MAR2018, after a series of V-22 crashes and other incidents

Intimidating Japanese news media with U.S. flags aboard MV-22B Osprey in Okinawa

Senator Elizabeth Warren visits U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, 27MAR2018

Department of Defense video, Iwo Jima and Korea:

Video of military personnel volunteering to make bread for Korean orphans:

Osan Girl Scouts of Osan Air Base donated almost 200 boxes of cookies to Seongju, Korea, 13MAR2018

A very sexist video about U.S. female military personnel in the Pacific:

Official opening ceremony for Pacific Partnership 2018, off the island of Yap, aboard USNS Brunswick, 20MAR2018

Since 2006, 22 partner nations around the globe have participated in Pacific Partnership providing medical/veterinary care and completing nearly 2-hundred engineering projects throughout the region.

At the end of march, the U.S. Army deployed animal care specialists to the island of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia: “There are no practicing veterinarians in Yap. The U.S. Army is the only branch of service with clinical veterinarians, and we are honored to be here in Yap working side-by-side with local professionals.”-Captain Adam Boe

“YAPS [Yap Animal Protection Society] consists of nearly twenty volunteers dedicated to bringing veterinarians from nearby countries through donations and fundraising campaigns.”-Captain Trevor Tenney

Video U.S. Navy hospital ship Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, 20MAR2018:

Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1st Class Lisa Braulik, from Old Town, Idaho, aboard USS Bonhomme Richard in the Philippine Sea, 28MAR2018

USAF Band U.S. Embassy Celebration of Friendship with Kingdom of Thailand, 23MAR2018

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) recovery team Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, 25MAR2018

Video of USS Carl Vinson flying the Vietnamese flag, 06MAR2018, it was the first time in more than 40 years that a U.S. aircraft carrier was in Vietnam:


“They got it wrong.”: U.S. government shenanigans, March 2018

Incomplete (i-e ‘Tip of the Iceberg’) list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct revelations for March 2018:

Alabama: British empire based, yet U.S. taxpayer funded, BAE Systems shutting down its naval yard ops in Mobile, 170 jobs gone in June due to lack of work!  WalletHub says high earners in The Yellowhammer State benefit more from the new federal tax code than high earners in other states. police officer charged with 2 felony crimes sheriffs commonly keep prison food money for themselves, could now face federal investigation

Alaska: American Civil Liberties Union suing Palmer Police for wrongfully detaining an immigrant working as a security guard.

Arizona: A panel of federal judges ruled that a man who said Phoenix police “beat the crap out of” him is legally permitted to pursue a lawsuit against the department.

Arkansas: A former state representative, and now former county judge (and church minister), accused of taking $100-thousand USD in bribes from a now indicted lobbyist, the scheme involved a Missouri based healthcare provider and the Saint James United Methodist Church.

California:  Los Angeles Times: It’s deceptively called the Healthy Homes and Schools Act, and it’s a taxpayer ripoff

Riverside mayor sues his own city over the city manager’s contract

California courts paid at least $500,000 to resolve sex harassment suits against judges and employees

Compton mismanaged, overspent taxpayer funds, state audit finds

Los Alamitos wants nothing to do with California’s ‘sanctuary state’ laws. Will it start a new resistance?

Las Vegas Sun: Orange County to join fight against California sanctuary law

Curbed San Francisco: SF lawmaker wants to block tax breaks for companies helping build border wall

Delaware: Did Police in Delaware Shoot and Kill a Man in a Wheelchair?

Florida: A taxpayer funded pedestrian bridge, built for Florida International University/City of Sweetwater, collapsed just hours after an engineer complained of cracks, killing at least six people.

Mental health records revealed that in 2016 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School officials, and a sheriff’s deputy, wanted the student who would shoot-up the school in 2018 forcibly committed for psychiatric evaluation!  Despite the ‘future’ shooter’s repeated threats of harm against people, including himself, Henderson Behavioral Health deemed he “did not meet criteria for further assessment.”  In other words, all the safeguards in the ‘system’ failed because of a decision of a counselor!  In response the weak-willed govn’a gave Florida cops more authority to steal your guns under the Baker Act. 

North Country Public Radio: Taxpayer funded MacDill Air Force Base popular vacation spot for taxpayer funded retirees

Georgia:  A now former police officer/CivilAirPatrol commander convicted of child molestation.  Due to an expected 46% increase in Alzheimer’s cases, all law enforcement agencies are being trained up in handling people with the condition. 

Hawaii: Maui Police Department faces sex discrimination lawsuit

Idaho:  The Coeur d’Alene Tribe denying claims that they are intimidating voters over a proposed ballot initiative to legalize ‘instant’ betting on horse races.   After years of operating in the ‘black’, an audit for Blackfoot revealed that the city has suddenly and mysteriously run out of money for the general fund, the mayor imposing a halt to discretionary spending until the problem is figured out: “If you go back about six or seven maybe eight years, there was plenty of money to carry over from year to year……we’re not going to have the carry over next year…. …any spending of a discretionary nature, I want them to talk to me or our city treasurer.”Marc Carroll

Illinois:  A federal discrimination lawsuit has alleged “systematic discrimination” against women who seek positions in Chicago’s Special Functions Division.  The city of Aurora is being sued by seven cops, they say an official sent their addresses, phone numbers and other personnel records to a gang leader they helped put behind bars. 

Indiana: WISH-TV revealed how much tax dollars the city of Muncie spends fighting lawsuits.  The city of South Bend facing a lawsuit alleging one police officer illegally wiretapped other cops!   For some reason, outraged cops, the ones who were secretly recorded, are demanding that the phone conversations not be released to the public.

Iowa: Des Moines police officer with history of trouble sued again. Government contractor General Dynamics conducting another mass-layoff at its InfoTech call center in Coralville, 150 jobs gone due to a change in the federal contract!

Kansas: Big sport events mean big taxpayer spending as 2-hundred police were called up to patrol the city of Lawrence for a Final Four university basketball game. Local news media reported that the last time Lawrence was the site of Final Four games, in 2012, taxpayers unknowingly forked-out $180-thousand USD, mostly for police patrols.   

Kentucky: A man driving around pretending to be a cop, and pulling people over, shot and killed a real off-duty cop.

Louisiana: The Pelican State is about to have its federal Gulf of Mexico oil royalties drastically cut, no thanks to president Donald Trump for slashing royalty rates in the 77-million-acre lease sale of offshore oil and gas drilling rights.

Maine: Internet service was so bad on ‘the islands’ that 120 residents paid for their own upgrades, but now the U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to spend 1.3-million tax dollars reimbursing residents under a federal grant program: “To get grant money, you have to get broadband speeds and a solution that will last decades.”-Malcolm Fernald, Cranberry Isles

Maryland: The town of Seat Pleasant is being sued by local business owners because the city leaders jacked up property taxes by as much as 800%!  Montgomery County Police officer was arrested on a series of theft charges for allegedly stealing from a Germantown Walmart!

Massachusetts: An Indian Orchard man is suing three police officers in federal court, alleging one of the officers grabbed his genitals, then another joined in and beat and stomped him, during a traffic stop.  A now former deputy state treasurer for Delaware, who resigned in disgrace after criminal use of her state taxpayer funded credit card, is facing criminal drug distribution charges in Massachusetts, along with her son.

Michigan:  A lawsuit says Eastpointe police erased 9-1-1 dispatch recordings and other evidence after being notified that all records should be preserved.

Minnesota: Eight months after shooting to death an Australian immigrant, a Minneapolis cop turned himself in to face charges of manslaughter.  The law enforcer’s victim had called 9-1-1 to report a possible rape.  Both police personnel who responded to the call say they were surprised when a woman suddenly appeared at their car door, both cops pulled their guns, one shot, both claim they were fearing for their lives (the police ‘get out of jail card’).  The woman at their cop car door was the one who called 9-1-1.

Mississippi: A Jackson man is accusing the Flowood Police Department in a federal lawsuit for allegedly allowing a police dog to maul him three times while he was in their custody.

Missouri: More proof the real reason cops give you tickets is to make money.  Kansas City cops have been writing fewer tickets and that has the City Manager pissed after a $6-million USD drop in ticket revenues: “So what we’re seeing is, not only a decline in the number of tickets but a decline in the corresponding revenue that are used to support city operations.-Troy Schulte

Montana: Idaho based mining company Hecla facing more than $30-million USD in clean-up cost as a result of abandoned and polluted mines in The Treasure State. However, Hecla administrators declared the threat by the state of Montana as unfair, because the state is talking about mines that were operated by other companies (specifically a company called Pegasus) that were once led by Hecla’s current CEO: “It’s a far stretch to say a 126-year-old company is ineligible to mine in Montana for the actions of another company that it has no relation with. They got it wrong.”-Luke Russell, VP Hecla

Nebraska: Lincoln County Detention Center prisoner died of unknown reasons after being taken to a hospital.  Seward and York County sheriffs warning people of a cop impersonator pulling people over as they drive to work.

Nevada: A now former Las Vegas cop faces the death penalty for raping and killing a woman in 1997, he was found out when the rape kit was finally sent for testing in 2016!  This case has revealed that there are nearly 6-thousand-5-hundred untested rape kits in southern Nevada!  It was also revealed that Las Vegas hospitals are releasing mental illness patients too soon, and on top of that it’s been discovered that many of the group homes they’re sent to are not licensed or are unsanitary. 

New Hampshire: The state’s new marijuana law has reduced marijuana case backlog by 2-thousand! The law decriminalized the possession of small amounts of ganja.  The state Attorney General investigating two Claremont Police officers for falsifying police reports.

New Jersey: A city resident has filed a federal lawsuit accusing members of the Paterson Police Department of beating him outside the municipal public safety headquarters two years ago after a dispute over a complaint. 

New Mexico: Albuquerque hit with wave of violence and deaths that could be related to skyrocketing drug use. There was no connection between the four people that died over four days; one was homeless, two others apparently died in fights, one person was shot. In one case a suspect vehicle has Mexican license plates. 

New York:   New York Times: When Bail Feels…..Like Extortion

Police Officer Is Charged With Lying About Finding a Gun

Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem

Promotions……for Officers Accused of Lying

North Carolina: Democrats accuse Republicans of shifting $58-million USD from a job development program to funding a natural gas pipeline. The gas is coming from fracking ops in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

North Dakota: Grand Forks Herald: Active shooter training stymied by lack of funds for Grand Forks police

West Fargo Pioneer: Former LaMoure police chief enters Alford plea to sexual abuse charges

KFGO: North Dakota to ask feds for money for pipeline protest cost

Ohio: University of Cincinnati has agreed to pay $344-thousand USD in back wages and legal fees to a police officer who was fired after he shot and killed a driver, the federal government is now investigating the 2015 shooting.  It’s been revealed that FBI agents used dead people’s fingers to unlock smart phones at Ohio State University. 

Oklahoma: A 23 years old woman found dead in Muskogee County Jail, investigation underway.  A Rogers County Court Clerk facing charges of counterfeiting after she used a fake twenty dollar bill to buy drinks at a Sonic. Apparently another clerk found the fake money in the county’s petty cash and showed it to the clerk-accused, who then went out and allegedly tried to spend it, and then deposit it. A sure way to help a suicidal person get themselves killed is to call the police. At least two separate investigations into police shooting a suicidal person are underway; in Lone Grove police shot (several times) and wounded a man after they got a call that a man was talking about suicide, police say they shot him because he was holding a gun.  In Stillwater, police responding to a suicidal person call shot and killed the suicidal man, they claim that he pointed a gun and a knife at them.

Oregon: City of Bend paying $800-thousand USD to a family of a man killed by police.  An attorney who lives in Washington, but his office is in Portland, was arrested this month for shooting at a competing Portland law firm back in December.  Police in Washington raided the attorney’s home on the day of his arrest in Oregon, and found a sophisticated meth lab. 

Pennsylvania: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has given a woman a second chance to bring a claim alleging that the way Nazareth Borough Police Department deals with mentally ill people not only violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, but caused her boyfriend to kill himself.

Rhode Island: A Providence cop was fired for stealing bundles of coupons and arrested on suspicion of illegally using a taxpayer funded gas card.

South Carolina: The North Charleston Police Chief led an anti-gun demonstration, under the guise of Stop the Violence, but the Restoration Holiness Church Pastor is more realistic saying “Guns do not kill people. The bullet does not have a name unless you let it out of that chamber. … We need to get our young men off the streets.”  Not only are state taxpayers being forced to give corporations huge tax breaks, but county level taxpayers are getting raped! 46 of the state’s 59 counties have handed out $220-million USD in tax breaks to big businesses! 

South Dakota:  It was revealed that a woman died of alcohol withdrawal symptoms while in a state mental hospital in Yankton, as a result of established procedure not being followed.  Local newspaper investigations show a history of a high rate of employee turnover and that the taxpayer funded hospital is not accredited. Staying in Yankton, the American Civil Liberties Union accuses the police department of excessive use of force when dealing with the public, complaints of police brutality include a cop who was also a South Dakota Army National Guard Soldier of the Year.

Tennessee: The state Board of Claims unanimously voted to pay a man $1-million USD, for being wrongly imprisoned since 1978!  He was convicted of rape and burglary, but in 2008 DNA testing proved he wasn’t at the crime scene, he wasn’t released until 2009.

Texas: A lawsuit filed in Tarrant County district court accuses a Fort Worth police officer of a “clearly racially motivated attack” on a man while working private security at a hospital. Red River Army Depot laying off 6-hundred people due to a massive reduction in work hours (not enough work)!

Utah: New lawsuit describes now-Rep. John Curtis, and other Provo officials, as ignoring complaints of police chief’s sexual misconduct

Vermont: A study by University of Vermont says cops target ‘black’ and ‘brown’ skinned people more than ‘white’ skinners.  Elitist ski resort Hermitage failed to make $17-million in loan payments and owes $1-million in back due taxes.

Virginia: The city of Alexandria imposing a new Airbnb tax of  8.5% and a $1 per night charge.  At the state level, if the govn’a signs into law HB 1204 then local governments will lose millions of dollars in property tax revenues, to the benefit of golf courses!

Washington:  KUOW:  The tax rate on distilled liquor in Washington state is $32.50 per gallon. That’s 10 times more than California, and its the highest in the U.S., which is why it’s killing business in Washington.

Washington DC: It’s been revealed that you the taxpayer continue to pay for those new fangled electric cars that are catching fire, crashing and now killing people.  

CNN: Defense Department charged nearly $140,000 at Trump branded properties

West Virginia: Money generated from license fees and excise taxes on guns, ammunition and angling equipment provide about 60% of the funding for state wildlife agencies. Crashing numbers of hunters, and more anti-gun laws, threatens current funding for wildlife conservation, meaning taxpayers will be the new target.

Wisconsin: Family of man shot by Green Bay Police files federal lawsuit.

Wyoming: What construction industry recovery? The town of Jackson issued a 180 days construction moratorium due to  new stricter Teton County level employee housing rules, town leaders want new construction project applications to be filed after the new housing rules go into effect.  The new county housing rules will cost construction companies more money. 

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans, February 2018: “I NEED TO PAY HIGHER TAXES.”


ObamaCare ACA death spiral, March 2018: “HEALTHCARE IS A TAPEWORM”


“healthcare is a tapeworm”: ObamaCare ACA death spiral, March 2018

Incomplete (tip-o-the-iceberg) list of healthcare related layoffs, shutdowns and crimes in March 2018:

“In 2016, the United States spent nearly twice as much as 10 high-income countries on medical care and performed less well on many population health outcomes. Contrary to some explanations for high spending, social spending and health care utilization in the United States did not differ substantially from other high-income nations. Prices of labor and goods, including pharmaceuticals and devices, and administrative costs appeared to be the main drivers of the differences in spending.”Health Care Spending in the United States and Other High-Income Countries, Journal of the American Medical Association

“Warren Buffett said healthcare is a ‘tapeworm’ on the U.S. economy. It’s true. 50% of the American population has a chronic disease. They drive 86% of our cost.”-Mark Bertolini, CEO of insurance giant Aetna

The Vitals Index Physician Wait Time Report says 53% of people who said they had poor healthcare access canceled their medical appointments because of long wait times.

Fair Health says the cost of a basic hospital ‘visit’ went up by 28% in 2017.

Kaiser Health News reports 80% of hospitals will pay ObamaCare-ACA penalties due to patient re-admissions.

Medical liability insurance company Coverys reports that 50% of malpractice claims are the result of failed ordering, performing, receiving/transmitting and interpreting of lab testing. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association reports a 150% increase in children suffering sever allergic reactions. 

Medscape reports 46% of medical students get ‘burned out’ before they even get a job!

Verizon 2018 Protected Health Information Data Breach Report says 58% of healthcare data hacks involved healthcare employees! 

CBS News: “…a CBS News investigation found some rural hospitals have become hugely profitable because insurance providers reimburse them at much higher rates. We found these out-of-the-way hospitals have become gold mines for enterprising health care executives looking for a way to quietly make a quick buck…”

Star Tribune: 210 hospitals ripped off taxpayers by failing to pass on $4.4-million USD in Medicare credits

According to GoodRx the top ten states for hydrocodone (opioid)- acetaminophen (tylenol) prescriptions are Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

Japan based drugs maker Daiichi Sankyo eliminating 280 jobs at its operations in the U.S. (New Jersey, New York, California)!

Alabama: Since 2010, The Yellowhammer State experienced five rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether. 

Arizona: Phoenix based Banner Health under investigation for a 2016 cyber attack, Banner Health administrators admitted the federal investigation will find fault with its InfoTech security and result in a fine.

Arkansas: A State Hospital psychologist and a psychiatric patient were arrested in Nevada after they fled the hospital because they had been involved in a contraband crime.

California:  La Jolla based fat fighting drug maker Orexigen Therapeutics now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, the asset sale begins in May.  The Golden State caught red handed in signing up hundreds of thousands of INELIGIBLE people for Medicaid, ripping off federal taxpayers by $1-billion USD! The U.S. Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General found that California spent $738.2 million on 366,078 ineligible beneficiaries and $416.5 million on 79,055 ‘potentially’ ineligible beneficiaries.  Union employees of Stanford University Medical Center shelled out $882-thousand of their own money to pay for advertising to alert consumers to high infection rates inside the hospital.  The employees say that back in 2016 the federal government reduced ObamaCare-ACA reimbursements due to increased infection rates, and there’s been no improvement. Hospital administrators deny the union’s claim.  The U.S. DEA arrested a San Diego doctor and five other people for intent to distribute hydrocodone. Community Medical Center Long Beach stopped accepting advanced life support care patients due to impending shutdown in July (due to being located on a newly discivered active earthquake fault). Texas based Concentra issued a layoff WARN for its Valencia ops, 150 jobs gone in April!

Colorado: God’s own Saint Mary-Corwin Medical Center issued a mass layoff WARN, as many as 272 people unemployed between now and the end of September!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ CovenantCare at Home from shutting down, due to the “saturated competitive market of home-care providers in this region and the uncertainty with reimbursement rates”.  God’s own Porter Adventist Hospital canceled most surgeries due to a ‘sterilization breach’, which happened back in February. Several patients were exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and/or HIV!  Sonoma West Medical Center suspended toxicology testing after insurance company Anthem stated “Sonoma West appears to have conspired with several third parties to fabricate or misrepresent claims for toxicology testing services that were improperly billed to Anthem.”

Connecticut: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Missouri based Ascension Health from selling-off Saint Vincent’s Medical Center to competitor Hartford HealthCare.

Florida:  A doctor at god’s own Baptist Medical Center finally resigned after getting arrested in December 2017 for masturbating while examining a patientMiami Medical Center now officially chapter 11 bankrupt busted, the hospital already halted services and laid off all employees back at the end of 2017.  Two now former employees of Florida Hospital accused of stealing and selling patient data, from 2012 to 2014.  In Tampa, Youth and Family Alternatives laying off 17 people in May.

Georgia: The new director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a history of being accused of research misconduct.  Since 2010, The Peach State experienced six rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether. 

Idaho: Gov’na Butch Otter claims the official Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services statement, calling Idaho’s new non-ObamaCare-ACA compliant insurance plan illegal, is “not a rejection of our approach to providing more affordable health insurance options for the people of Idaho”.

Illinois: JenCare Senior Medical Center suffered a chemical spill which resulted in at least 15 employees being sent to other hospitals for treatment.  Out of the 196-thousand registered nurses in the state only 32 are qualified to treat sexual assault victims!              Tennessee based Quorum Health sold its Vista Medical Center West to New York based competitor US HealthVest.  University of Illinois Hospital shutting down its physical therapy unit to make room for private medical-surgical beds.  NBC Chicago: University of Illinois Health EHR contract will cost taxpayers $100-million in excess costs.

Iowa: At least five former nurses with Prairie View Residential Care Facility arrested for sexual exploitation of patients, all the victims were people who were sent by a court judge into the care facility.  Genesis Medical Center paying a $1.88-million USD settlement for overcharging taxpayers with “unnecessary” Medicare billing.

Kentucky: Since 2010, The Bluegrass State experienced four rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether.  Louisville based Humana paying $2.5-million USD in back due wages to 753 female employees who were paid far less than male co-workers doing the same jobs from 2011 to 2012!

Louisiana: Tennessee based LifePoint Health selling off three hospitals to competitor Allegiance Health Management.

Maryland: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services accuses University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown of violating several patient safety and patient rights regulations relating to ‘patient dumping’.  State taxpayers are being forced to pay hospitals to keep out sick people. It’s a direct result of the implementation of ObamaCare-ACA. A report by Kaiser Health News says hospitals are being paid as much as $30-thousand USD for treatments that usually costs only hundreds of dollars.  Four hospitals and a doctor have agreed to pay the federal government for filling false Medicare billing; they are Saint Agnes Healthcare, Horizon Vascular Specialists, Riverside Medical Associates, Maryland Specialty Group, and a physician in Hagerstown.

Massachusetts: British empire owned Boots Alliance Walgreens paying the state $5.5-million USD due to being caught overcharging state workers’ compensation insurance program, from 2008 to 2017.  A Harvard University study revealed that hospitals that had a high rate of opioid prescriptions also got higher payments from the pharmaceutical industry.  The Disability Law Center accuses psychiatric hospitals, owned by Arbour Health System, of over-medicating patients and even causing the deaths of at least two people.

Michigan: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Ascension Health from suddenly laying off 5-hundred people! It’s part of an effort to cut costs by $60-million USD, and local news media reported that more layoffs are expected this year.  Texas owned Tenet Healthcare-Detroit Medical Center laid off 14 managers as part of plans to eliminated more than 3-hundred jobs! Detroit Medical Center suddenly shutdown its blood clot clinic at Harper University Hospital, due to crashing patient volume as a result of improved medications.  Schizophrenic-lly the hospital is also advertising that its is hiring 377 people.  Sparrow Health System settled a lawsuit brought by a nurse who was fired for revealing co-workers are failing to comply with infection control practices. The settlement came after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services threatened to halt federal taxpayer reimbursements. The state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs shutdown Super Mart Pharmacy because of ‘suspicious’ opioid distribution. A hidden camera caught a burly female nurse, at Autumnwood of Livonia nursing home, beating the crap outta a skinny old man. The nursing home straight up lied and said the man was injured from falling down 11 times.  University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation says only 14% of people over the age of 50 say more healthcare equals better healthcare, and they should know! Quest Diagnostics issued a shutdown WARN for its lab in Troy, 57 jobs gone by May. In Eden Prairie, Optum Health eliminating 30 jobs by mid-July.  In Minneapolis, Shriners Hospital eliminating 32 jobs by mid-April.

Minnesota: A now former vice president of Minneapolis based Allina Health pled guilty to stealing $417-thousand from his former employer.

Mississippi: Who needs cyber security when your data breaches are caused by your own dumb employees?  The state Department of Health mistakenly e-mailed an undisclosed amount of patient info to a CDC contractor.  Since 2010, The Magnolia State experienced five rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether. 

Missouri: BJC HealthCare revealed that more than 33-thousand patient data was ‘exposed’ on the internet over an eight months period.  After 43 years Women’s Health and Family Planning Clinic shutting down in April due to lack of federal taxpayer funding.

Nebraska: Non-profit People’s City Mission Medical Clinic forced to layoff its only paid doctor, 100% of its staff is now non-paid volunteers, it’s blamed on skyrocketing costs of maintaining the clinic.

New Hampshire: Lakes Region General Hospital paying a $40-thousand USD fine for knowingly hiring a chief nursing officer (CNO) who did not have a nursing license.

New Jersey: Hillsdale Police arrested an emergency medical technician for stealing from patients while they were being transported to hospital.  Personal-Touch Home Care issued a mass layoff WARN, 276 jobs in Bloomfield gone by mid-May!  Israel based drugs pusher Teva eliminating 101 jobs in Elizabeth by mid-May!

New York: Five Manhattan doctors accused of taking bribes from Insys Therapeutics to prescribe millions of dollars worth of a fentanyl (opioid) spray.  The state Health Care Bureau Helpline revealed that they resolved $2-million USD worth of ‘incorrect healthcare billings’ and ‘wrongful rejection of insurance claims’ in 2017, in other words the healthcare and health insurance industries are totally ripping off individuals.  Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Medicaid Services Coordination & HCBS Family Support Program in Jamaica, for July.  Drug maker Pfizer shutdown its Rouses Point ops. Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy and Speech Pathology Services-Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center issued a shutdown WARN, 54 jobs gone by the end of May.  Taxpayer funded NYC Health and Hospitals suddenly laid off 35 people as part of an effort to cut $4.5-million USD, yet administrators claim it will result in growth: “In order to achieve my top priorities for our health system — to invigorate and expand primary care, improve access to needed specialty care, and bring solvency to Health+Hospitals…”– Mitchell Katz, CEO

North Carolina: Since 2010, The Tar Heel State experienced five rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether.  State representative Beverly Boswell was finally caught by the state Board of Nursing for lying about being a registered nurse (RN)!  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center threatened with losing Medicare payments due to high rates of cancer misdiagnosis. Dermatology clinic DermOne suddenly shutdown six locations without giving a reason!

Ohio: In Dayton, Premier Health shutting down its Good Samaritan Hospital in August.   Salem Regional Medical Center halting maternity ward ops at the end of June, due to a 16% drop in women pushing out babies. Netherlands owned Philips Medical Systems accused by the U.S. FDA of improper investigation of complaints.  The FDA says that since January 2016 more than 3-thousand high risk complaints (that could have resulted in injury or death) were labeled as low risk.   Philips Healthcare laid off 65 people adding “that there will be further layoffs throughout 2018″,  local news media reported that seven years ago Philips Healthcare got paid $2.5-million in state tax dollars to move from California to Ohio.  A survey by Dublin based Cardinal Health says 40% of surgeries are being canceled due to lack of medical supplies. The former president and CEO of now bankrupt busted HCR ManorCare getting $116.7-million under a ‘prepackaged’ bankruptcy plan!

Oregon: Unity Center for Behavioral Health hit by state regulators with a fine for failing to protect employees from approximately 3-hundred attacks by patients.

Pennsylvania:  Camp Hill based Rite Aid has sold-off all remaining pharmacies and distribution centers to British empire owned Boots Alliance Walgreens for $4.16-billion USD, in cash! It will result in store shutdowns and massive layoffs.  The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh shutting down its rehab unit in April, blaming crashing patient volume and increased costs.

Rhode Island: Care New England-Women & Infants Hospital shutting down ops in Woonsocket by July, due to expired lease.

Tennessee: Taxpayer funded Nashville General Hospital is getting  $46.6 million tax dollars in order to continue operating in fiscal year 2018.  Community Health Systems selling three hospitals to competitor West Tennessee Healthcare.  A Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management study says more than 2-thousand-100 patient deaths, each year, are caused by hospital data breaches!  Since 2010, The Volunteer State experienced eight rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether.  A 33 years old woman arrested after posing as an employee of two hospitals (Memorial Hospital and Memorial North Park Hospital), she gained access by telling employees she forgot her access pass-code, the dumb employees let her in and she stole employee credit cards and went on a Walmart shopping spree. 

Texas: UT Health East Texas made a surprise announcement saying 4-hundred people will lose their jobs as part of an industry wide effort “to move the system towards financial stability”!  Since 2010, The Lone Star State experienced 14 rural hospitals which halted inpatient care or shutdown altogether. 

Utah: Intermountain Healthcare outsourcing 98 InfoTech jobs to a contractor in Virginia.

Virginia: Nursing home operator Avante issued layoff WARNs for several locations, nearly 350 jobs gone by June!  In Arlington, federal taxpayer funded U.S. Healthcare Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center itself under investigation for fraud relating to contracts for two top executives.  In Richmond, after 51 years A Grace Place Adult Care Center now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down in April due to the government: “Regrettably, with changes at both the state and federal level to programs that support seniors and those with disabilities, A Grace Place is no longer viable.”-bankruptcy statement

Washington: Grays Harbor Community Hospital-Harbor Medical Group suddenly laid off 23 people as part of an “an all hands-on deck approach to financial viability” which includes reducing labor costs by $5.5-million USD.

Washington DC: So much for ObamaCare reducing drug costs. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee estimates that 20 of the most common brand name drugs paid for by taxpayer funded Medicare increased in price by 12% over a five years period, and that the price of 12 drugs got jacked up by 50%: “Can you imagine if you went to an auto dealership and last year’s exact model was being sold at a 20 percent mark-up, and then you went back the next year and it had happened again? That’s exactly what’s happening in the prescription drug industry, where the cost of identical drugs skyrockets year after year.”-U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

Wisconsin: A nurse with UnityPoint Health-Meriter lost her license in connection to unexplained injuries to newborns at the hospital.  Syverson Lutheran Home shutdown, 80 jobs suddenly gone.  Care and Rehab issued a shutdown WARN for its nursing home in Dallas, 49 jobs gone by May.

Wyoming: Bankrupt Powell Valley Healthcare finally agreed to pay at least $3-million to settle 20 malpractice lawsuits.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral February 2018: “WE ARE IN VERY CHALLENGING TIMES.”

Idaho militia preps firefighters for coming natural disasters!

07APR2018 (02:12 UTC-07 Tango 06)  18 Farvardin 1397/21 Rajab 1439/22 Bing-Chen 4716

“It’s easier to train a fire fighter that has swift water training to ride on the hoist than it is to train an Army hoist operator to become swift water qualified.”-Boise firefighter and National Guard pilot Mike Barbero

The Idaho Army National Guard spent the first week of April conducting joint rescue training with the city of Boise’s fire department.  The helicopter hoist training event was the result of a February 2017 rescue of a man stranded by flooding in the town of Weiser, in which the National Guard and Boise Fire Department cooperated.

That 2017 rescue revealed the Boise Fire Department dive/swift water rescue team did not have helicopter hoist training and as a result National Guard personnel conducted the hoist rescue.

“This joint training that the Guard provides Boise Fire with is highly specialized and it provides the unique opportunity to learn techniques that could save a life. This training solidifies what we need to know to be successful in helicopter rescue scenarios.”-Paul Roberts, Boise Fire Department



“a reflection of the changing demographics”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., March 2018

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

 Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

Incomplete (Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, March 2018:

Alabama: Montgomery Public School warning employees that as many as 2-hundred jobs will be eliminated, unless they can sell-off Georgia Washington Middle School in order to settle a lawsuit brought by the Alabama Education Association (which claims Montgomery Public School doesn’t know how to handle taxpayer funding)!  A Huffman High School junior charged with manslaughter and illegal possession of a pistol. 

Alaska: Juneau School District slashed its 2018-19 budget by $3.5-million USD, but is hoping for a miracle increase in state and local taxpayer funding.  Mass shooting generation; “I live in Alaska, and we prepare more for a school shooting than we do for an earthquake. In Alaska, where the oft-quoted statistic is that there’s a rumble in the ground every three minutes, we’re more worried about getting shot at in our place of learning. We practice barricading the doors. We practice running for our lives. We practice how to fight back. We’re training for combat, training for what to do when bullets come flying.”-Ariana O’Harra

Arizona: Thornydale Elementary School in danger of being shutdown in June 2019 due to eight years of crashing enrollments.

Arkansas: Vilonia School District suing a 15 years old special education student for posting a social media pic of him holding a gun, and allegedly claiming that he wanted to kill just so he could spend his life in prison, he’s been suspended. Greenbrier Public Schools used corporal punishment on three students who took part in the anti-2nd Amendment demonstrations.

California: Despite The Golden State’s anti-2nd Amendment laws California schools got more than $1-million USD in funding from the National Rifle Association (NRA), from 2010 to 2016!   San Marcos School District eliminating 74 jobs and begging teachers to retire early, blaming declining taxpayer funding which is forcing the district to reduce its budget by $21-million USD.  Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District warned 30 teachers of layoffs ‘as a precaution’ (if not enough teachers retire or quit). In Laguna Hills, Allied Business Schools eliminating 71 jobs by mid-May. Coachella Valley Unified School District eliminating 169 jobs due to being $10.4-million USD in the hole now, and a forecasted $24-million in the hole by 2019-20: “Even with slightly improved state revenue projections due to the acceleration of funding under the Local Control Funding Formula, significant increases in expenses coupled with declining enrollment have contributed to a budget deficit that must be addressed now to maintain fiscal solvency.”-Erik Lee

Colorado: School District 27J has applied to have its school week reduced to four days, partly because they can’t give teachers raises and mainly because teachers are tired of using their own time to prepare classes.  Colorado schools districts making an error that many other districts across the U.S. are making; overestimating student enrollments.  However, the state Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights has resulted in a surplus of taxpayer funding and lawmakers are fighting over it.

Connecticut: God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Francis-Saint Hedwig Catholic School in Naugatuck, apparently the religious school turned away from god and towards government funding: “The decision followed a month-long dialogue with local government leaders….which failed to yield workable solutions to the schools’s financial struggles….”-Archdiocese of Hartford

Florida: Durham School Services eliminating 283 jobs statewide by the end of June!  A teacher at the 90% ‘white’ Crystal River Middle School resigned after she hosted what’s being called a ‘white nationalist podcast’, allegedly saying her years as a social studies teacher proved to her that some homo sapiens have lower IQs than others. The jailed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter is getting fan mail.  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School now requires students to wear transparent backpacks. Taxpayers are being forced to shell-out $100-thousand USD for security upgrades for Midway Independent School District.

Georgia: After only seven years Savannah Law School suddenly sold-off and shutting down over the next five years, ironically students filed a lawsuit against the school claiming the sell-off and shutdown is purely for the profit of Savannah’s parent school John Marshall Law School.

Hawaii: Students walked out of class, not to protest the 2nd Amendment, but to protest their schools flying the state flag beneath the U.S. flag.    After critics challenged taxpayer funded public schools to buy locally grown fresh food, students at Mililani High School got to eat some traditional Hawaiian imu: “We cooked it all night. We pulled it at about 4:30 in the morning and that was pork shoulder and a little Hawaiian salt.”-Greg Christian, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners

Idaho:  A PE teacher for School District 1 was caught by a sting operation; cops pretended to be a mom and daughter offering child sex, the PE teacher went for it and got arrested.  In the Mormon dominated ‘home’ of Napoleon Dynamite a Preston Junior High biology teacher is accused by some parents of feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle.  Inadequate local news reports implied that students failed to feed the turtle, as part of a way of earning extra grade credits, yet apparently those very students are leading a movement in support of the biology teacher.  A former student even posted this ‘supportive’ statement; “Time to show our support for the man that taught us science in a new way…”  However, the teacher got into trouble with the state Fish and Game because snapping turtles are invasive specie in Idaho, meaning they’re illegal to have in Idaho.  Fish and Game took the snapper away and killed it.   An Idaho Falls math teacher described the nationwide student anti-2nd Amendment ‘walkouts’ as “…not really a student-led event. There are political groups who have a cause and they have been targeting students through social media and telling them they need to walk out at a certain time of day during the school day.”  She also stated students were too dumb to handle such a politically charged event as an anti-2nd Amendment walkout: “I do not know any if any of my students’ brains are going to be able to learn anything in math for that hour. They won’t be able to focus for the rest of the day because that’s all they’ll be thinking about.”-Julie Duffield, School District 91

 Illinois: In Mattoon, after 38 years Book Nook shutting down by the end of April, local news media reported that at one time the owner had six Book Nook stores.  North Shore School District 112 warning 65 employees of layoffs by mid-April, due to declining taxpayer funding as a result of three years of crashing student enrollments.  After 121 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Yerkes Observatory shutting down in October, the property being sold-off by the destitute University of Chicago.  In Gary, 79 years old Wirt-Emerson School of Visual and Performing Arts shutting down due to declining enrollments and unpredictable taxpayer funding.  Illinois Central School Bus issued a “permanent” shutdown WARN for its Pontiac ops, 51 jobs gone by the end of June.  Community School District 300 eliminating 15 jobs despite claiming an increase in enrollment.


Indiana: High school students in Madison are killing themselves, and it’s being kept a secret.  A teacher at New Middletown Elementary School hit with 36 counts of child molestation over a three years period.

Iowa: A new law requires teachers to take action if they think a student is going to kill themselves.  Iowa City based standardized testing company ACT eliminating 1-hundred jobs due to “organizational realignment”!

Kansas: A taxpayer funded study says improving state grade schools will cost taxpayers an additional $2-billion USD per year!

Kentucky:  Hundreds of teachers staged a ‘sick-out’, forcing eight school districts to shutdown schools, over surprise retirement ‘reforms’ which creates a hybrid plan that allows the state government to keep 15% of retirement investment fund gains/profits!

Louisiana: Cursive writing returning to schools, and lawmakers approved the idea of bulletproof backpacks, however, there’s still not enough taxpayer funding for public education.

Maine: A now former Bangor High School basketball coach pled guilty to driving while intoxicated.

Maryland: A Great Mills High School student shot his girlfriend and another student before killing himself.  His girlfriend later died. Initially a school cop was praised for stopping the shooter, but an autopsy says the shooter shot himself in the head before the cop took his shot.  Maryland already has a law banning anybody under 21 years of age from possessing a gun.

Massachusetts: Chicopee Public Schools warning that 1-hundred jobs could be axed, and ‘low enrollment classes’ will be eliminated, due to being short $3.2-million USD!   God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 115 years old (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Saint Mary’s High School in Westfield, due to “demographics and a long term decision”.

Michigan: Former dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University arrested and charged with sex crimes.  Cambridge Isanti School District warned of 60 layoffs, date to be determined.  North Branch School District warned of 47 layoffs, date to be determined.  Minneapolis Public Schools eliminating 2-hundred jobs by the end of June!

Minnesota: The number of high school students taking part in shooting/gun clubs is increasing despite the anti-2nd Amendment movement. The California cliff crash that involves LGBT parents and six adopted children (now all presumed dead) started in Minnesota where the children attended school. School/court records show at least one of the six children was beaten by the parents.

Mississippi: In Natchez, after 18 years Turning Pages Books shutting down by the end of May, the owner saying 2007 was the last year the store made a profit.

Missouri: God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 76 years old Saint Clare Catholic School, current student enrollment is down to just 38 students.  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Our Lady of Mercy Regional School in Cutchogue, students will have to attend Saint Isidore School in Riverhead which will have its name changed to Saint John Paul II Regional School.

Montana: Reports of gunshots at Big Sky High School were the result of a school cop shooting at a student.   Police claim the student jumped into his car and tried to run the school cop down.  A judge ordered the release of court records concerning a rape case at University of Montana.

Nebraska: God’s own Grand Island Catholic High School teaches students how to use guns, because it builds character. 

Nevada: A paranoid parent is paying for a major security system for Washoe County School District.  Also, the paranoid state gov’na signed an executive order creating a school police task force.

New Hampshire: The Manchester School District reported they arrested a student for making threats against a school using social media, local news media reported it was the third such arrest, statewide, in the past month.   High school student from Hanover says “There was a walkout at my school last week. It was meant to honor the students who died in the school shooting in Florida, but it was also about protesting firearms. I didn’t join in. I feel horrible about the kids who were killed or hurt, but firearms aren’t the problem — people are.”-Dakota Hanchett

New Jersey: Taxpayer funded, yet apparently under the influence of the AME Church, Essex County College laid off 34 people, due to a 25% drop in enrollments over the past five years.

New Mexico: Liberal leftist Everybody Votes trying to get 15-thousand high school seniors to vote their way.  A judge ordered a mental evaluation for a 12 years Marshall Junior High student who took a pellet gun to school and allegedly made threats.

New York:  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Bishop McGann-Mercy High School in Riverhead due to only 55 students enrolling for the freshman year.  Saint Isidore School, also in Riverhead, shutting down by mid-June, 20 jobs lost. In Cutchogue, Our Lady of Mercy Regional School shutting down, 22 jobs gone by mid-June.

North Carolina:  The Washington Times reports that four out of 115 school districts have armed school cops at every school.

North Dakota:  Bomb threats being made against schools are now thought to be coming from robo-calling computers in a foreign land. The superintendent of Richland 44 School District under suspicion of homosexual misconduct, he’s currently on paid leave.

Ohio: Taxpayer funded Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy in College Hill shutting down, due to the state Board of Education declaring that Cincinnati Public Schools cannot sponsor a charter school.  In Poland, Dobbins Elementary shutting down in an effort to ‘right size’ the school district according to declining enrollments and taxpayer funding.

Oklahoma: Teachers from 172 school districts threatening to go on strike in April due to low pay.  It’s not just teachers who need more money, Hunger Free Oklahoma reports that only 58% of students eligible for free and reduced-price meals ate breakfast at school.  State Bureau of Investigation investigating claims that a Washington Public Schools student was bullied and sexually harassed for 18 months, with school officials calling it ‘accidental touching’.  The state’s efforts to save medical schools might be getting it into trouble with federal Medicaid, records show that $140-million USD has been spent trying to prop up failing medical schools/doctors who treat Medicaid patients.

Oregon: A teacher at Ockley Green Junior High placed on leave after taking part in a protest of increasing cases of police killing civilians.

Pennsylvania: Scranton School Board eliminating 74 jobs and jacking up local taxes by 3%, and is considering getting a loan to fill a $4-million USD budget hole!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Our Lady Help of Christians School in east Allentown due to the fact that there are now only 71 students enrolled.

Puerto Rico: Gov’na Ricardo Rosselló wants to shutdown more than 3-hundred public schools, mainly because of crashing enrollments; as of January more than 22-thousand public school students left the island territory since the hurricanes!

Rhode Island: God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 54 years old Saint Piux X Regional Academy, administrators said crashing enrollments are “a reflection of the changing demographics”.

South Carolina:  The sister of the man who shot-up a church in 2015 was arrested for bringing pepper spray, a knife and ganja to A.C. Flora High School. The school principal also went on a propaganda spree against the girl by claiming the girl posted a “hateful message” on social media concerning the nationwide anti-2nd Amendment demonstrations.  A Teacher of the Year at Myrtle Beach High School now facing charges of assaulting a student for passing notes.

South Dakota: Warner Elementary School happy about being able to buy 17 ukuleles, not with taxpayer funding but with a donation from an unnamed Texan. South Dakota grade school teachers getting a 1.7% pay raise, pushing the average salary to more than $49-thousand per year. However, students attending college/university will have to pay 3% more in tuition and fees.

Tennessee: Metro Nashville Public Schools laying off an undisclosed number of people, reassigning other employees, and canceling programs due to being in the hole by $7.5-million USD! Amazingly school board members swear they don’t know where the $7.5-million went and asked for a special audit to find out.  In Maryville, Peak Technical Institute suddenly sold-off its commercial truck driving and unexploded ordnance (UXO) disposal training programs and is shutting down, in connection to the sell-off of trucking company Vanquish Logistics.

Texas: Houston Independent School District eliminating 7-hundred jobs due to being a massive $115-million USD in the hole!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 106 years old (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Central Catholic Elementary School in Corpus Christi, current enrollment is only 60 students.

Utah: A student at Pine View High School arrested for bringing a homemade bomb to school, and is suspected of vandalizing another school with Islamic State (DAIISH) graffiti.  Lawmakers want to spend a record $36-million tax dollars to deal with an expected increase in enrollment of more than 7-thousand new students.  Lawmakers also requiring sex ed to teach the evils of porno and teach student show to say ‘no’ to sex (known as ‘refusal skills’).

Vermont: Less than half of grade schools have phone systems that can interact with the 9-1-1 system, despite taxpayer funding to update the system. The potentially deadly discrepancy was discovered during a training event in 2013. The state Secretary of Education suddenly resigned just before she was to make the final decision regarding the Act 46 school district consolidation program.

Virginia: Tidewater Community College begging employees over 60 to retire early, and is laying off an undisclosed number of people due to being $6-million USD in the hole following a 35% crash in enrollments!

Washington: Amazon owned online education software maker TenMarks “…will no longer be available after the 2018-2019 school year.”  Kent School District eliminating 136 jobs (on top of the 45 job cuts announced last month) due to being in the hole $7-million USD!  District administrators admitted the massive deficit is their fault after they wrongly thought student enrollments were going up, which resulted in the hiring of more staff, and even the increase of some salaries, that now can’t be justified!

Washington DC: San Diego Free Press:The Awful Plight of Washington DC Schools Reveals the Failure of reforms

Washington Post: DC Public Schools taking over all-girls charter school in Southeast

West Virginia: Lawmakers gave public grade school teachers a 5% raise, after a statewide strike shutdown schools. Students will now have to attend classes during Spring Break and Summer, to make up for the shutdown.
Wisconsin: An 11 years old girl died in the Meyer Junior High (officially called by the British empire term ‘Middle School’) in River Falls, the only info given to news media was that the girl was “unresponsive”.   Then at River Falls High School a student was arrested for posting on social media “a questionable comment” which included pics of a gun. Even though police ‘judged’ the social media post as not credible, they still arrested the student for disorderly behavior.  CBS58: Oconomowoc High School…  …More than 150 people went to the hospital feeling ill with five of those people testing positive for high levels of carbon monoxide.”
Wyoming: Uinta County School District #1 approved the use of guns by teachers.  Last year state lawmakers delegated the authority of allowing teachers to have guns in schools to local school districts.

Dumbing Down U.S.A., February 2018: “PORCH MONKEY”

America Spread Thin: South Asia, March 2018

U.S. operations in South Asia are directed by PacCom (U.S. Pacific Command).

Exercise Shanti Doot 4 in Bangladesh is a United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ pre-deployment training involving more than 30 countries.  I guess the UN is expecting a lot of wars, I mean peacekeeping ops in the area.

Official video explainer, Idaho National Guard Exercise Shanti Doot 4:

Idaho Army National Guard Sergeant Amber Demott helps train medics in Bangladesh as part of Exercise Shanti Doot, 04MAR2018

Video of Bangladeshi, Cambodian, Sri Lankan, and Nepalese personnel taking part in Shanti Doot 4:

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt


“we are losing customers everyday” More than 11-thousand jobs killed!: U.S. Food Crisis, March 2018

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of March, 2018: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Many individual farmers are suffering from low prices caused by oversupply.  Oversupply can be caused by overproduction, but I believe there’s another factor creating the oversupply situation; more and more consumers are buying less food because they have less money.  Domestic demand could be falling because the U.S. economy, for working class people, has not recovered.

Alaska: In Juneau, vegan food truck Happy Camper shutdown.  State Department of Fish and Game  is warning that more wild sheep and goats are being found with mycoplasma ovipneumonia (a respiratory bacteria).

Arizona: In Tucson, after about 25 years cafe Chocolate Iguana being kicked out by the building’s new owner, who just happens to be connected to a competing coffee shop chain.

Arkansas: The evil Monsanto’s lawsuit against the Arkansas Plant Board has been dismissed.  Tyson Foods suddenly laid off 150 people in Van Buren due to “changes in production needs”!  Flying Burrito shutdown its 15 years old Fayetteville restaurant, without giving a reason. Also in Fayetteville, CV’s Family Foods shutting down when the inventory is gone, blaming it on competition from a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. In Humnoke, flooding farm fields required a response by the National Guard:

California: After 45 years Bracken Bird Farm suddenly shutdown blaming five years of low sales, but the recent theft of some parrots was the final straw.  In Santa Barbara, after 34 years Max’s Restaurant and Cucina shutdown blaming a bad economy coupled with wildfires and mudslides.  In Lafayette, after five years Rustic Tavern shutdown due to a dispute over the lease.  La Brea Bakery shutting down its distribution center in Vernon, 109 jobs gone by the end of April!  San Diego based brewery Green Flash announced it halted distribution to an additional ten U.S. states, in January Green Flash laid off 15% of its employees and halted ops in 32 states.   Boyd Coffee Company shutting down its San Diego ops in May.  In Fresno, after 18 years Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory suddenly shutdown due to losing the lease.  In Long Beach, after at least three decades Paradise Bar & Restaurant shutdown.  In Napa, after 71 years Vallerga’s Market shutdown, the owner saying “The grocery industry has changed. It’s a very competitive industry and Napa does have a lot of grocery stores.”  Claim Jumper issued a shutdown WARN for its restaurant in Temecula, 77 jobs gone by mid-May.  Raley’s Supermarkets issued a temporary shutdown WARN for its Windsor location, 63 jobs gone by June. Switzerland owned Nestlé continues killing California jobs, this time it was revealed that 89 jobs were eliminated in February. Switzerland owned ARYZTA shutting down its Los Angeles ops, 109 jobs gone by the end of April!  Seneca Foods issued a shutdown WARN for its massive ops in Modesto, 1-thousand-975 jobs gone by September!  Yet another reason for not living in The Golden State; Proposition 65 forces business to tell you that coffee causes cancer.  The Cheesecake Factory issued a shutdown WARN for its Palo Alto location, 140 jobs gone by the end of May!  Texas based Claim Jumper issued a shutdown WARN for its Temecula restaurant, 77 jobs gone by the end of May.

Colorado:  Even though marijuana is legal in The Centennial State,  firefighters found an illegal ganja farm while fighting a wildfire in El Paso County.  The state’s largest producer of meat products, JBC Agricultural Management-Crystal River Meats, chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to a cattle purchase deal that went bad last year.

Connecticut: “Falling milk prices have hit farmers in my state hard….  …farm milk prices are forecasted to drop in 2018, and Connecticut’s already struggling dairy farmers would be in dire straits without immediate federal action.”Chris Murphy, U.S. senator

Florida: Jacksonville based Southeastern Grocers/BI-LO/ Harveys/ Winn-Dixie/Fresco y Más now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down 94 stores, potentially more than 8-thousand jobs lost!  In October 2017, an anonymous Southeastern Grocers employee posted on “We are losing customers everyday.”  Don’t forget that Winn-Dixie has been killing jobs for several years now.  H.I. Development eliminating 88 jobs at Miami International Airport by June.

Georgia: Farmers expressing concerns over what they call ‘dumping’ of crops onto the U.S. Market by Canada and Mexico, due to NAFTA.  This is another cause of oversupply.

Hawaii: In a confusing situation, a restaurant customer complained of finding bug parts in their lettuce, the restaurant said the lettuce came from an aquaponics farm, state Health Department decided to shutdown all aquaponics farms, then suddenly reversed its decision.

Idaho: Sandpoint based supplement maker Thorne issued a layoff WARN, 136 jobs gone by the end of April!   A Texas billionaire is behind the recent changes to The Gem State’s farm trespass law.   West of Hidden Springs, residents are upset over plans to sell 1-thousand acres (404 hectares) of farmland to people who want to build almost 2-thousand houses.  A federal judge ruled that the federal government illegally quarantined potato farms, some farmers went out of business as a result.  Despite that the state Farm Bureau still boasts that more potatoes are grown in Idaho than in any other state.

Illinois: In Champaign, Wedge Tequila Bar and Grill shutdown after a weeks notice. In Chicago, popular Cemitas Puebla suddenly shutdown its Hyde Park location, so the owners can focus on a new project.  In Collinsville, after more than 40 years, after two years attempting to sell it, The Sandwich Shop shutdown, the owners saying “We’ve all decided it’s been enough.”

Indiana: In New Albanay, the popular Feast BBQ suddenly shutdown, not because of lack of sales but because “Feast BBQ outgrew our space in New Albany the day we opened the doors……We have been faced with the challenge of operating a restaurant in too small of a space, with nowhere to expand…..”  In Indianapolis, after 18 years Santorini Greek Kitchen, the owners blaming health problems “beyond their control.”

Iowa:  “The added costs due to our county regulations have put some of our new business ideas on hold as we had to shift our focus to regulatory compliance rather than enhancing our business endeavors.”-Jenny Quiner, urban farmer

Kansas: In Valley Center, after 50 years Leeker’s Family Foods shutting down in April due to the greedy landlord.

Kentucky: In Louisville, after 72 years Dundee Candy Shop has been sold to competitor Sweet Spot Candy Shop, who plans on consolidating the Dundee brand within its own shop (the original Dundee Candy Shop will shutdown in April).

Louisiana: In Monroe, Restaurant Sage suddenly shutdown after a little more than ten years, the owners didn’t say why.

Maine: In Portland, Big J’s Chicken Shack shutdown due to being ‘bought-out’ in that location, the owners of the Big J’s brand say they’re looking for new locations.

Maryland: Humane Society of Wicomico County reports efforts to rescue more than 32 horses from a Quantico farm, where more than 24 horses were found dead.  The dire situation was revealed by a local TV station, which aired video of the dead horses rotting on the farmland.

Massachusetts: Seekonk Police arrested two people for stealing chickens and ducks, the cops followed a trail of feathers to a vehicle filled with poultry, and the two suspects.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that from 2007 to 2012 the area lost 50 farms (mainly family farms). 

Michigan: With only a few days warning Cold Stone Creamery shutdown its Grand Blanc location, eight jobs suddenly gone due to lack of sales. Coca Cola shutting down its distribution center in Port Huron, 25 jobs affected by consolidation ops.  An article by Marketplace reveals that the hugely successful urban farm projects operated by poor people in Detroit are becoming a threat to traditional/industrial farming.

Minnesota: In Minneapolis, Kings Wine Bar shutdown due to the owners getting an offer for the property they couldn’t refuse.  Rainbow Foods shutdown its Richfield store with only a week-long notice blaming crashed sales on “competitive changes and two summers of road construction.”  Buffalo Wild Wings suddenly laid off 132 people at its HQ in Minneapolis (Golden Valley), due to being taken over by Arby’s!

Mississippi: Cooper Restaurants shutting down its ten years old Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ridgeland, “due to changing market dynamics.”

Missouri: USDA reports H7N1 (bird flu) on a turkey farm in Jasper County, it is now quarantined.  U.S. Department of Commerce data shows low personal incomes in The Show Me State might have contributed to a 72% decline in agricultural income in 2017.

Montana: State taxpayers are now the owners of a farm after the State Land Board spent the most money ever ($11-million USD) buying the Angela Farm. The opioid problem has farmers on edge: “If you would have told me a year ago that it was a problem, I would have said no, but when you start looking at the numbers and we’ve actually had instances of people we know that have been involved with some problems with opioid addictions.”– John Youngberg, Montana Farm Bureau Federation

“…opioids can spell disaster for a farm family and ranch family so we’re trying our best to educate and communicate the ways we can help if you are addicted to it.”-Alan Merrill, Montana Farmers Union

Nebraska: The University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s (UNL) Ag Economics Department discovered that 77% of ‘farmers’ said they were concerned about making enough money, 45% said they expect their incomes to decline.  And that survey had nothing to do with the possibility of tariffs on dealing with China. Communist China (People’s Republic of China) is threatening to impose tariffs on pork products coming from the United States, which is scaring the poop out of Nebraska’s pig farmers: “We know that most of our pork that is variety meats, such as the hearts, the livers, and things we don’t eat here in the United States, 82% of that goes outside the United States and that’s incredibly important for us as pork producers to have a market for that and a lot of that goes to the country of China.”-Terry O’Neel

Nevada: University of Nevada has split-off 104 acres (42 hectares) of its Main Station Farm land to be sold for ‘unit development’, because the university needs money for ‘capital improvement projects’.  Administrators claim the remaining farmland will be maintained. Minimum bid for a 40 acres (16 hectares) parcel is $20-million USD.

New Mexico:  USDA reporting that chile crop acreage declined by 12% in 2017, and has been declining for the past ten years.  It’s blamed on drought and on competition from the more profitable pecan, but that might change if China imposes tariffs on pecans.

New York: Grocery store Stop & Shop shutting down its Hempstead location, 1-hundred jobs gone by mid-June due to “under-performing” sales!  In Syracuse, J. Ryan’s Pub forced to shutdown when the lease was suddenly “terminated”.   In NYC, after six years North End Grill shutting down by Xmas, local news media reported the restaurant has suffered from complaints of inappropriate behavior by management towards employees.  After 50 years New Beer Distributors shutting down due to “a lot” of reasons, including a doubling of rent and increased taxes.  After 116 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Glaser’s Bake Shop shutting down in July.  In Liverpool, after 22 years Bruegger’s Bagels suddenly shutdown.Last year the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that U.S. farmers lead the country in suicides, by more than twice that of veterans!  It’s blamed mainly on the fact that individual farmers never truly ‘get-ahead’ financially.  This year New York dairy cooperatives are issuing suicide letters with the milk payments!

North Carolina: Loco for Coco is halting its more than ten years old brick-n-mortar chocolate shop ops and selling online only.

North Dakota:  Farmers are fretting over a possible trade war with China, as it could kill-off their $1.5-billion USD soybean sales to that communist country.

Ohio:  In Leroy, about a dozen 4-H animals were killed in a barn fire.  A tractor was destroyed as well as feed for surviving animals.  In Dayton, Buffalo Wild Wings shutting down its restaurant on North Main Street “later in 2018″, but swears they’re opening a new restaurant in another location. Buffalo Wild Wings also shutting down its location in West Carrollton , “later in 2018″.

Oregon: Boyd’s Coffee Company shutting down “Due to the asset purchase acquisition of Boyd’s by Farmer Bros.”, at least 76 employees in Portland and Eugene unemployed between April and October 2018.   On 16MAR2018, beef processor Bartel’s Packing suddenly went out of business leaving 142 people suddenly jobless!  Bartel’s administrators said that after the “unexpected loss of one of our largest customers”, and a failed attempt to sell the business, debts came due and there was no money to pay them.

Pennsylvania: In Pittsburgh, after 16 years of free drinks for students Qdoba restaurant suddenly shutdown, without warning, due to a corporate decision. After 71 years McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores shutting down its last two stores, in Monroeville and Brentwood, the owners saying “…at the end of the day, there was just too much pressure. We couldn’t keep up.”  Specialty Bakers suddenly shutdown its Lititz location, 102 jobs gone!  Riverbend Foods issued a shutdown WARN for its Pittsburgh location, 512 jobs gone in May!

Rhode Island: After getting taxpayer incentives in 2015, Ireland based food producer Greencore broke its promise and is shutting down its North Kingstown factory, hundreds of jobs gone!  One of it’s major clients is Amazon.

  South Carolina: The growth of mega-farms is creating concerns over the groundwater supply.  The $44-billion USD aqua-farming/mari-culture industry is going down, but not because of declining sales, it’s because of over harvesting resulting in strict federal regulations which are killing jobs for commercial fisher-people.

Tennessee: Panera Bread suddenly shutdown its Oxmoor Center location. For those who buy their food from a store prices are actually good for them, but bad for farmers:  “It’s a difficult time for agriculture in Tennessee. We’re in a transitional period in Tennessee with prices. It could be better, and I sure hope it gets better soon. Nationally, we have 150,000 too many cattle producing milk. This oversupply happens from time to time, and it’s not good for farmers. They are severely hurting right now. We’re also down in beef prices, grain prices, almost everything. It’s not looking good at the moment.”-Julius Johnson, state Department of Agriculture Commissioner

Texas: The state Farm Bureau confirms that farm oversupply is dropping prices in grocery stores, specifically for meat and dairy.  This oversupply is happening despite that fact that 61% of Texas is in a drought and parts of east Texas are flooding!   Iola Food Market suddenly shutdown, it was reported by residents to local news media, the news media was unable to get a comment from the store owner.

Virginia: In Leesburg, music-BBQ venue Smokehouse Live shutting down. Ornery Beer Company shutdown its Woodbridge public house (pub) because the landlord was “unwilling to work with us to reduce the size or our rent”.  California based Green Flash brewery shutdown its Virginia Beach location just six months after opening, 43 jobs gone.   Supervalu owned Farm Fresh issued a massive shutdown WARN for 38 stores (21 of which are currently for sale), easily more than 3-thousand jobs gone by mid-May!

Washington: Twin Cities Foods issued a shutdown WARN for its Stanwoods ‘rabbit food’ (frozen veggies) factory, 92 jobs gone by mid-May due to a new factory being built in Pasco.   State leaders have banned fish farming.

Washington DC:  Greedy city officials sold-off massive amounts of land for a massive gentrification project, which will result in the destruction of the popular K Street Urban Farm project in 2019.

Wisconsin: In Madison, after 14 years the Silly Yak bakery shutdown, the owner saying “it’s just become harder and harder to source ingredients for gluten free”.  In Manitowoc, after 20 years Capone’s Pub & Grill suddenly shutdown.  In Milwaukee, restaurants Wolf Peach, and Supper shutdown because the property owner suddenly sold-off the buildings. In Edgerton, Craving Burgers shutdown after three years, supposedly being replaced in April by Craving Tacos. Foremost Farms selling-off its operations in Rothschild, 110 jobs gone in May!  In Barron County, a father and son were killed when a silo collapsed on them.  A Washington County deer farm is under quarantine after a dead deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD, mad-cow).  The deer was found dead from what appeared to be wounds from a fight with other deer, but testing revealed CWD. This also resulted in the quarantine of a deer farm 2-hundred miles away in Bayfield County, because 24 deer from the Washington County deer farm were transferred to the farm in Bayfield County.  So far none of the Bayfield deer have tested positive for CWD.  Small scale dairy producers in Wisconsin are being hurt by Texas mega-farms.

Wyoming: In Cheyenne, after five years Steamboat’s Steak & Smokehouse being kicked out by the landlord, who found a new tenant willing to pay higher rent. Popular Steamboat’s is looking for a new location.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification