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“There was no severance…we were just fired!”: U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in October 2017.

Federal government data proves what truck drivers have been complaining about for years, the reason there’s a driver shortage is because trucking companies are paying less and less every year: “If you look at the federal data, a truck driver in 2006 was actually making more than he or she would be making in 2016 if you factor in the cost of living.”-Chip Cutter, LinkedIn, interviewed by CBSNews

 California:  Oil giant Chevron warning of yet more layoffs in the San Joaquin Valley, a 26% reduction by early 2018.  In Berkeley, after 24 years furniture maker The Wooden Duck shutting down in time for Thanksgiving, blaming the landlord for doubling the rent.  France owned Schneider Electric eliminating 15 jobs in Clovis, right before Xmas. Wholesale distributor Essendant shutting down its Whittier center, 123 jobs gone right before Xmas!  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs, this time 84 people becoming jobless between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Pacific Steel Casting issued a shutdown WARN for its Berkeley ops, 106 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Iron furniture maker Murray’s Iron Works issued a shutdown WARN for its City of Commerce location, 46 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  St. john’s Knits issued another WARN, 72 jobs gone before Xmas as part of its plan to outsource the work to Mexico (on top of the 130 jobs already lost to Mexico during Summer).   What automotive industry recovery?  Pickup truck tonneau cover maker Laurmark Enterprises-BAK Industries issued shutdown WARNs for its Chatsworth and San Fernando operations, 261 jobs gone before Xmas!   Electric car maker Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major U.S. production problems with its latest vehicles, or that it’s focusing on production in China?

Colorado: Snowboard maker/seller Bomber Industries-Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters now chapter 7 bankrupt dead, the new owners blamed too much debt financing and lack of sales.

Florida: West Coast Transport Service now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.  Pre-Cast Specialties eliminating 252 jobs between December 2017 and January 2018!

Georgia: AR-15 maker Daniel Defense admitted it made a undisclosed number of “significant layoffs” due to crashing sales (before the Las Vegas shooting), one industry news report said 1-hundred people were let go without warning, an unnamed employee said “This was very unexpected. All of us were handed a blanket packet that explained everything. The paperwork didn’t even have my name on it. All they said about my job was that my position was being eliminated. There was no severance package, we were just fired!”

Idaho:  The biggest electric utility company in The Gem State, Idaho Power, is demanding customers fork-over $220-million USD to pay for a new hydroelectric dam on the border with Oregon! 

Illinois: Commercial printer Patterson Office Supplies issued a layoff WARN, 83 jobs gone by November.  Neovia Logistics issued a shutdown WARN for its Des Plaines ops, 109 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Fabick Machinery Company issued a shutdown WARN for its wholesale ops in Marion, 29 jobs gone by December due to crashing oil-mining industry sales.

Indiana: Connecticut based Harman International Industries shutting down its Crown Audio factory in Elkhart, 50 jobs gone three days before Xmas.  What construction industry recovery?  After 113 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions), demolition company Martin Enterprises shutting down in March 2018, blaming it on ten years of crashing business saying “We’ve never really bounced back from the recession and then finding drivers and the right people here in the office to fit has been rough. You add all those things together and it just doesn’t make for a good business.”

Iowa: Cedar Rapids based Rockwell Collins eliminated 124 Iowa jobs in the past 12 months, plus hundreds more outside the state!  Those layoffs are not in connection with the current pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies, which is causing new layoffs, a lawsuit has been filed to stop the sale.

Louisiana:  Netherlands owned Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) suddenly laid off 90 people, blaming a variety of things including Hurricane Harvey.

Massachusetts: In Westfield, after 60 years aerospace manufacturing contractor Berkshire Industries shutdown without warning,  the remaining 80 (of the 150) employees suddenly unemployed, no reason was given!

Michigan:  What automotive industry recovery?  Penske-Automotive Component Carrier lost its contract with General Motors (GM), 60 jobs gone in time for Xmas.  In Grand Rapids, automotive supply chain company Dematic issued a mass layoff WARN, 204 jobs gone by New Year’s, on top of the 255 jobs lost back in July!   GST Autoleather now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Minnesota: Paper maker UPM Blandin shutting down a production line, 150 jobs gone by the 1st quarter of 2018 due to a global crash in sales!   In Waseca, Quad Graphics (Brown Printing) shutting down its operations after Xmas, local news reports say at one time the operation employed 750 people!  

Montana: Simms Fishing Products eliminating at least a dozen jobs as it outsources work to a contractor in Washington, administrators blame “the cost of land and building” in Montana.

New Mexico: Recently formed, Albuquerque based, ONE Aviation already warning of mass layoffs as it ends production of its EA550 personal jet.  ONE Aviation is now focusing on developing a new personal jet called Project Canada. 

New Jersey: In Union, jewelry maker Tessler & Weiss eliminating 150 jobs right after Xmas!

New York: Remington Arms announced that sales are so bad (pre Las Vegas shooting) that it will begin furloughing employees at its Ilion factory, in an attempt to keep inline with market trends.  This is on top of the 55 jobs killed last month.  AVX Corporation-Olean Advanced Products shutting down its factory in Olean, date “to be determined”.   Global Brands issued a shutdown WARN for its fashion warehouse, 49 jobs gone right after Xmas.

North Carolina:  Unnamed employees revealed Rockwell Collins plans to offshore at least 130 Winston-Salem jobs to the Philippines, it might be connected to the pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies!  Hydro Extrusions-Sapa Extrusions  warned of mass layoffs due to a drop in orders, but didn’t say how many people would lose their jobs.  DuraFiber Technologies now chapter 7 bankrupt busted, already shutting down factories, more than 4-hundred jobs gone so far!  Diverse manufacturer Lord Corporation announced it will begin eliminating jobs worldwide in 2018, due to global market conditions.

Ohio: Furniture maker American Signature issued a layoff WARN, 13 people jobless by December.  Plastics maker Spartech-Polyone laying off 57 people in Greenville “due to a change in business circumstances”.   Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems eliminating 55 jobs in Akron as part of its plan to move jobs to Mexico.  Industrial mill service provider TMS International issued a shutdown WARN, 99 jobs in Middletown gone due to loss of contract.    What automotive industry recovery?  Fiat-ChryslerFCA Transport shutting down its Toledo transportation terminal, at least 92 jobs affected by February 2018.  Emission controls maker Faurecia Clean Mobility laying off eight people right after Xmas.

Oregon: After 128 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) the new owners of West Linn Paper Company decided to shut it down, no explanation to hundreds of employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

Pennsylvania: Dura-Bond eliminating 180 jobs in Steelton, by Thanksgiving, blaming it on crashing pipe orders from the oil industry!  Germany owned Akustica issued a  shutdown WARN for its Pittsburgh location, 54 jobs gone by October 2018.   Johnson & Johnson issued a shutdown WARN for ops in West Chester and Wayne, 297 jobs gone right before Xmas!   Japan owned but Switzerland based Metalor Technologies issued a shutdown WARN for its Export location, 121 jobs gone right after Xmas!  What construction industry recovery?  Deluxe Building Systems issued a shutdown WARN for its Berwick ops, 154 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Tennessee:  Italy based eyewear maker/distributor Luxottica Retail North America issued a mass layoff WARN, 208 jobs in Memphis gone right after Xmas, due to crashing sales!

Texas:  Vistra Energy shutting down two additional coal fired power plants, 650 jobs gone due to cheaper competition by natural gas power plants!  Dynergy warning of massive layoffs, as a result of being taken over by Vistra Energy.

Washington: The new owners of Columbia River Logistics (same as West Linn Paper Company) decided to shut it down, no explanation to the employees ( except saying “due to unforeseen business circumstances”) who will become unemployed around Xmas time!

West Virginia:  Italy owned plastics maker M&G Polymers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Wisconsin: Johnson Controls announced it will eliminate an undisclosed number of jobs, local news media say unnamed sources put the number of people to be laid off at 150!  Spartech-Polyone Designed Structures shutting down its factory in Ripon, 70 jobs gone in 2018 due to “a change in business circumstances”.  U.S. Paper Converters shutting down its Appleton operations, 52 jobs gone by New Years due to state officials bringing in foreign operations with taxpayer money: “For the third time in less than two months, the Paper Valley has been hit hard. At a time when the state is set to spend billions to lure a foreign company, our heritage and core industries are being gutted without explanation or without concern from our state leadership. This is not just about the loss of fifty jobs, but fifty families, men, women and children being thrust into difficult times and during the holiday season. It is high time we focus our time, resources and money on Wisconsin industry and Wisconsin jobs. Paper is our heritage, and it must be our future.”-Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, September 2017: “MARKET TURNDOWN, INDUSTRY-WIDE”

“significant financial pressure”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in October 2017:

Finland based Nokia announced it gave up on its virtual reality camera project and will now kill at least 310 jobs, some of which are in the United States!

Arkansas:  Wehco Media suddenly laid off 86 people due to an “economic necessity”.

California:  Finland based Nokia issued a layoff WARN for its Sunnyvale location, 72 jobs gone a few days before Xmas (see above). issued a layoff WARN for its Santa Monica location, 60 jobs gone before Xmas. issued a shutdown WARN for its Santa Clara location, 99 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Redwood City based Electronic Arts (EA) shutting down its Visceral Games, an undisclosed number of jobs lost. Redwood City based Shopkick suddenly laid off about 30 people due to a new operating ‘model’.  Venice based Snap (aka Snapchat) suddenly laid off 18 people due to crashing sales. Santa Clara based Intel eliminating an undisclosed number of finance jobs in 2018.    Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred employees for lack of performance!  Is it connected to the fact the hi-tech electric car maker is having major production problems with its latest vehicles?  Former SolarCity employees reported to local news media that the mass firings at Tesla resulting in SolarCity’s Roseville office being shutdown (on top of the 250 previously announced layoffs), unnamed SolarCity employees say no performance review was ever made by Tesla!    Disney-ABC Television began a major restructuring which will include mass layoffs.  Industry news reports say Disney-ABC has eliminated hundreds of jobs since 2010.  Media company Whalerock Industries revealed it laid off about 30 people without warning in September, yet the company also claims it will add 25 jobs within six months.   Point.360 now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Despite having a website, San Diego based Carvin Audio announced on Facebook that it was shutting down after 70 years of musical sounds, no explanation given.  Electro-optics maker NeoPhotonics warning of future layoffs due to crashing sales in China.  Apple suddenly slashed its Asian made parts orders, for its iPhone 8, by half because iPhone 7 still outsells iPhone 8, and Apple is about to release iPhone X!

Connecticut: Disney/Hearst owned Bristol based ESPN will layoff an additional 60 people by the end of the year.

Idaho: In Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  Most of the grant money will go towards retraining existing employees.

Illinois: Chicago Tribune eliminating an undisclosed number of employees due to “significant financial pressure”.

Indiana:  In Indianapolis, Technicolor laying off 85 people right before Xmas, and shutting down an office before the end of the year. 

Massachusetts: Video game maker Disruptor Beam laid off at least ten people despite recently getting $8.5-million USD in funding.

Missouri: In Kansas City, finance and healthcare tech support company DST Systems warned of across the board layoffs.

New York: Xerox shutting down its Webster distribution center, 135 jobs gone by March 2018!  In Rochester, communication device maker GE MDS laying off 89 people in January 2018.  Japan owned electronic metals company Oak-Mitsui laying off 20 people in January 2018.  In NYC, tech company Main Street Hub issued a shutdown WARN, at least 108 jobs being lost to The Lone Star state of Texas right after Xmas! Iconic Time magazine killing an additional 2-hundred jobs (despite having a website) just in time for Thanksgiving!  Complex Networks conducting mass layoffs as a result of it being taken over by Verizon and Hearst in 2016.  Without warning NYC based Verizon-Fios canceled service to five million people for the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, over a contract dispute!  Warner Music shutting down its NYC location by September 2018.    Bloomberg Media suddenly laid off 11 people in its distribution unit. NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  

North Carolina: Florida based Citrix suddenly laid off about 40 people in Raleigh, despite advertising for job openings.  Local news media say many of the laid off employees had recently been hired, and some actually took pay cuts to get the job!  Morrisville based Lenovo confirmed it suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people globally.

Ohio:  Turning Technologies eliminating 20 jobs due to millions in lost revenues after the loss of several ‘higher education’ clients.

Oregon: California based Symantec warning of future layoffs at its Springfield location, apparently due to consolidation operations.

Pennsylvania:  Advertising company Ketchum shutting down its Pittsburgh operations in early 2018, 60 jobs lost to consolidation to New York City.

Texas: Call center contractor Convergys laying off 406 people at its Lubbock center!

Virginia:  The Virginian Pilot asking for 10% of employees to voluntarily quit, otherwise involuntary layoffs will take place.  The newspaper is also going to outsource print production.  Tax-sucking General Dynamics shutting down an InfoTech office in Alexandria, 92 jobs gone right before Xmas.

Washington:  Advertising company Hacker Group issued a couple of WARNs, 82 Seattle jobs gone in December.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, September 2017: “WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO ECONOMICS”

“business as usual.”: ObamaCare ACA death spiral, October 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in October 2017:

The $4.38-billion USD Walgreens-RiteAid merger will result in at least 6-hundred stores being shutdown.

Arizona: Texas based Tenet Healthcare-Abrazo Community Health Network shutting down its hospital in Maryvale due to crashing demand caused by ObamaCare’s focus on out-patient care, 3-hundred jobs gone in time for Xmas!  Local news reports say the Maryvale hospital sees an average of 43-thousand ER patients per year.

California: Confluent Medical Technologies issued a shutdown WARN for its Sunnyvale location, 69 jobs gone right after Xmas.  CVS Pharmacies eliminating 51 jobs in La Habra and Tracy right before Xmas.  Genesis Healthcare-Brier Oak on Sunset eliminating 128 jobs before Xmas!   Tulare Regional Medical Center chapter 9 bankrupt busted and suddenly shutdown after the contracted management company, that runs the hospital, announced it could not pay the creditors or the employees, 524 jobs suddenly gone  In San Diego, “hepatitis A outbreak is on the verge of reaching statewide epidemic status”.   In California nursing homes you can now be imprisoned for using the ‘wrong’ name under the LGBT Senior Bill Of Rights.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist Health Simi Valley-Simi Valley Hospital from suddenly laying off 31 people, blaming ObamaCare-ACA for forcing more customers to use outpatient services.  Long Beach based Molina Healthcare announced it’ll eliminate 1-thousand-5-hundred of the company’s U.S. jobs, including 53 in Wisconsin.

Colorado: Switzerland based drugs pusher Novartis shutting down its generic drugs factory in Broomfield, 450 jobs gone over the next two years!

Connecticut: In Bloomfield, MetLife issued a layoff WARN, 61 jobs gone right after Xmas.

Florida:  Office of Insurance Regulation reporting that Molina Healthcare jacking ObamaCare-ACA rates by 71% for 2018!   Miami Jewish Health Systems-Crothall Healthcare eliminating 82 contracted jobs right after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.  In Pinellas Park, Transitions Optical issued a layoff WARN, 18 jobs gone by New Years.  Concerning the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, the number of people who’ve died as a result of negligent care during Hurricane Irma is now 19, and as a result of the nursing home’s forced shutdown 245 people (who apparently didn’t care about the patients, see previous month’s report) are now jobless!  American Medical Supplies eliminating 40 jobs right after Xmas. Arriva Medical eliminating 142 jobs right after Xmas!   Miami Medical Center eliminating 180 jobs three days before Xmas!   Crothall Healthcare eliminating 82 jobs by the end of November (on top of the 183 layoffs announced last month).

Georgia: Stewart Community Home shutdown due to lack of money, 22 jobs gone, 52 live-in patients affected.

Idaho: Medicare Health Plans ranked Gem State doctors as the most overworked in the United States!   The state Department of Insurance claims worker comp insurance rates for employers will drop by 5.8% in 2018.   Idahoans on Medicare part D will pay the highest national average premium for their doctor issued drugs; $65.52.  Safe Haven Health Care issued a WARN, 117 jobs in Pocatello and Chubbuck gone by November!  

Illinois: Wholesaler Pharmore Drugs issued a shutdown WARN for its Skokie ops, 232 jobs gone by Thanksgiving due to the business being sold-off!  Molina Healthcare issued a layoff WARN, 31 people in Oak Brook jobless right before Xmas.  Schizophrenic Outcome Health suddenly reversed its plan to hire 2-thousand people and will instead begin eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs!   Quality Therapy & Consultation suddenly laid off 139 jobs gone due to loss of contract!  Edward-Elmhurst Health eliminating 234 jobs as part of its plan to cut $50-million USD in operating costs, after ObamaCare caused the hospital system to lose 90% of its income for fiscal year 2017:While our volumes remain strong, we are paid less for every patient we see. Our expenses are growing faster than reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies…-Mary L. Mastro, CEO

Indiana: New Jersey based Ascensia Diabetes Care shutting down its factory in Mishawaka, 113 jobs gone by the end of September 2018, administrators blamed it on “changing conditions” in healthcare!

Iowa: Mercy Hospital laid off 60 people right before Halloween.  AmeriHealth Caritas issued a mass layoff WARN, 4-hundred jobs in Des Moines gone right after Xmas!

Kansas: God powerless to stop the schizophrenic new co-owners of ‘his’ Saint Francis Health Center eliminating 60 jobs while at the same time claim they’re creating 86 new jobs.

Massachusetts: Lahey Health eliminating 75 jobs after losing $37-million USD in the previous six months.  Digital healthcare company Athenahealth suddenly eliminated nearly 5-hundred jobs, apparently part of its plan too shutdown locations in California and New Jersey!  Investors loved what Athenahealth did and sent stock prices soaring!

Michigan: Home Rehabilitation Services lost its contract in Commerce Township, 113 jobs gone right after Xmas!  It’s blamed on the merger of Beaumont Home Care and Oakwood Healthcare.

Minnesota: Hazelden addiction treatment provider laid off 57 people due to ObamaCare-ACA reduced insurance payments.

Mississippi: Despite already making radical changes that adversely affected more than 6-hundred employees, University of Mississippi Medical Center continues on by announcing that 120 in-house jobs will be outsourced (contracted-out). It’s being blamed on $37.2-million USD in state taxpayer funding.

Missouri: Boone Hospital Center shutting down its pediatric center, 50 jobs soon to be lost.

New Jersey: The Vitamin Shoppe shutting down its distribution center in North Bergen, 139 jobs gone by December due to non-renewal of the lease and consolidation ops!  Drugs pusher The Medicines Company eliminating 85% of its jobs over the next 45 days, as well as selling off its infectious disease operations by the end of the year, due to millions of dollars of year-over-year losses!  In New Brunswick, drugs maker Bristol-Myers Squibb eliminating 61 jobs right after Xmas.  Drugs maker Eli Lilly eliminating 78 jobs in Bridgewater by January 2018.  CVS Pharmacy eliminating 12 jobs in East Northport, a week before Xmas.  In Camden, Hospital Central Services Cooperative eliminating 81 jobs by the end of November.

New York:  Olean General Hospital suddenly laid off six people, reduced other positions to part time and closed 11 vacant positions, blaming it on “changes in patient activity.”  Genesee Valley Group Health Association-Lifetime Health Medical Group shutting down multiple clinics connected to Amherst Health Center and Greece Health Center, apparently due to lack of qualified doctors, more than 4-hundred jobs lost and tens of thousands of patients affected!  Northwell Health eliminating 107 jobs in January 2018!  Massena Memorial Hospital shutting down its Norfolk Family Health Center due to being $2-million USD in the hole.  Drugs maker Pfizer issued a shutdown WARN for its Rouses Point factory, 105 jobs affected by the end of January 2018! Public Service Insurance Company shutting down its NYC ops, 46 jobs gone starting in January 2018.  North Shore-Health Plan shutting down its East Hills ops, 107 jobs gone in January 2018, due to loss of taxpayer funded contract!  Staying in East Hills, CareConnect Insurance halting operations right before Xmas. CVS Pharmacy eliminating 27 jobs in East Northport, in January 2018.  In Bronx-NYC, Heritage Health and Housing began layoffs due to losing state taxpayer funding.

North Carolina: Sentara Albemarle Medical Center shutting down, 30 jobs gone before Xmas, administrators blame never ending building repairs and upgrades.

Ohio:  HealthSpan Partners issued a shutdown WARN for its North Point location in Cleveland, eliminating 12 jobs right after Xmas.  Spinal implant company X-spine Systems issued a shutdown WARN for its Miamisburg location, eliminating 54 jobs by February 2018.

Oklahoma: The state Department of Health eliminating 250 jobs in early 2018, due to an audit that revealed the department has much less money that it officially reported!  This also implies even more layoffs will occur once the state approves the new greatly reduced taxpayer funded budget for next year.

Oregon: Saint Charles Health System eliminating 102 jobs due to an expected operating deficit of $35-million USD in 2018, blaming declining revenue, inflation of operating costs and reimbursement impacts due to decisions made by the state legislature!

Pennsylvania:  Independence Blue Cross asking 9-hundred employees to voluntarily quit (buyouts) by Xmas! Jefferson Health eliminating at least 2-hundred jobs as a result of merging with Abington Health, Aria Health and Kennedy Health!  West Chester based insulin-pump company Animas halting operations in U.S. and Canada, hundreds of jobs lost, at least 90-thousand patients affected.  Drugs maker-pusher Merck eliminating a net of 840 sales positions, as part of its plan to shift to chronic care sales (which involves eliminating 1-thousand-8-hundred jobs across the United States, by January 2018)!  CVS Pharmacy issued a layoff WARN for 51 employees, to take place right before Xmas. Gateway Rehabilitation-Community Transition Center issued shutdown WARNs for three locations, 72 jobs gone by December.

Texas: Northwest Texas Hospital eliminating 23 jobs via consolidation.  Dallas based Tenet Healthcare eliminating at least 1-thousand-3-hundred jobs in an effort “…to improve financial results and returns for our shareholders.”

Vermont: Brookside Health and Rehabilitation Center shutdown due to Medicare and Medicaid payments being halted, allegedly over unsanitary conditions in the nursing home.

Virginia: Cardiac Connection Home Health Care Nursing Services now chapter 11 bankrupt busted blaming Medicaid and Medicare billings, the corporation’s attorney calling it “business as usual.”

Washington: PeaceHealth continues killing healthcare jobs, this time 1-hundred Health-InfoTech jobs are being outsourced to contractors in Missouri and Georgia!  Providence Medical Center issued a layoff WARN, 62 jobs in Everett gone by Xmas.

West Virginia: Thomas Healthcare laid off 10 InfoTech employees due to consolidation operations.




“We’re one of the best stores in our market!”: Sears Kmart Death Spiral, November 2017

ChicagoTribune: State drags-on review of $15-million USD tax break for Sears Holdings

The Ledger Gazette: California state employee retirement fund dumps 84-thousand shares of Sears Holdings!

CNBC: Sears/Kmart puts the whole store on sale, everything up to 50% off!

Sears Holdings lost just under $600-million USD for its third quarter.  Sales at Sears stores down 17%, down 13% at Kmarts.  Eddie Lampert forced to admit that shutting down stores is actually causing sales to crash! 

After reporting yet another quarter of crashed sales, Sears Holdings was given the go-ahead to sell-off an additional 140 properties in order to provide cash to the failing Sears-Kmart retired employee’s fund!  Remember, properties sold-off are not counted in the official Sears Holdings shutdown announcements.

A third round of mass Sears-Kmart shutdowns (45 Kmart, 18 Sears) announced, to take place by January 2018.  News reports say at one time there were more than 5-thousand-6-hundred full-sized Sears-Kmart stores, but after this latest round of shutdowns they’ll be down to about 1-thousand-2-hundred.  Sears Holdings officials continue to ignorantly tell local news media that affected employees can apply for a job at other Sears-Kmart stores!

Alabama: 35 years old Albertville Kmart, local news media reported it is the last Kmart in the entire state.  Tuscaloosa Sears, leaving only two full-sized Sears stores in the state.

Arizona: Casa Grande Kmart.  Mesa Sears store and Auto Center at Fiesta Mall.

Arkansas: Sears operations in Fayetteville and Fort Smith.

California:  The abandoned Kmart in Manteca has become a an impromptu homeless shelter, and unsympathetic taxpaying residents are pissed! The owner of a local hardware store says his female employees have been harassed by the drug using bums.

Colorado: Greeley Sears.

Florida: Kmarts in Clearwater, Milton and Sebring.

Georgia: Kmarts in Dalton, Macon and Tifton.  Sears operations in Lithonia and Valdosta (ending 76 years of Sears ops in Valdosta).

Idaho: The Ammon Kmart. 

Illinois: Effingham Kmart.  The Pekin Sears Hometown Store shutting down before Xmas. 

Kentucky: Kmarts in Henderson, Glasgow, Versailles and Frankfort.

Maryland: The Baltimore-Dundalk Sears at Eastpoint Mall.

Massachusetts: Sears in Lanesboro-Pittsfield’s Berkshire Mall (local news reports say the mall has massive vacancies even before the Sears is supposed to shutdown, the value of the mall has dropped by $41-million USD since 2006) .

Michigan: Kmarts in Battle Creek, Clinton and Mount Pleasant.

 Minnesota: Thief River Falls Kmart.

Missouri: Kmarts in Independence, Popular Bluff, Sedalia and Saint Louis.

Montana: In Great Falls, a Sears Hometown Store employee facing sentencing for stealing more than $3-thousand-7-hundred USD through fake merchandise returns, police say she confessed.  But here’s the kicker, she was fired before she was arrested because her employee background check finally came through, which showed she lied about her lengthy criminal record.

New Jersey: Phillipsburg Sears.

New York: The owner of Viaport Rotterdam Square Mall suing Sears for $500-thousand USD in back due rent! 

North Carolina: Jacksonville Kmart.

Ohio: Kmarts in Austintown, Cleveland, Hillsboro, Oregon and Saint Marys.  Commercial property dealers are sounding a warning about the growing number of vacant retail space in Ohio: “That’ll take years for the market to absorb.”-Pete Shawaker, Reichle Klein Group

Oregon: A now former Kmart manager was arrested and accused of using underaged employees to provide ‘intimate’ pics of girls, as well as use a Kmart company credit card to set up meetings at hotels.

Pennsylvania: Kmarts in Clarion, Coraopolis-Moon, Moosic and Shamokin Dam.   Sears ops in Indiana, Muncy-Pennsdale and State College.

South Dakota: Aberdeen Kmart.

Tennessee: Kmarts in Cookeville (by mid-February 2018), Nashville and  Tullahoma.

Texas: The last Kmart in El Paso, on Sunland Park Drive, shutting down in January 2018 (apparently this store is not officially part of the latest round of mass shutdowns), at one time there were six Kmart stores in El Paso.  The Kmart in TexarkanaSears operations in Lufkin and San Angelo’s Sunset Mall.  Local news media reported earlier in the year that the Sunset Mall Sears store was actually experiencing increased sales: “Sales in tools have grown 5% year-over-year. Mattress sales have grown 34% year-over-year. We’re one of the best stores in our market!”-Anthony Rollwitz, Sears hardline supervisor

Utah: A Salt Lake City Sears store and Auto Center on State Street.

Virginia: Kmarts in Abingdon, Danville and Lynchburg.  Colonial Heights Sears.

Wisconsin: Stevens Point Kmart, 45 jobs gone by January 2018.

West Virginia: Kmarts in Beckley, Martinsburg and Vienna.

Wyoming: Cheyenne Sears.


List of U.S. Sears-Kmart store closings that I’ve been compiling since the end of 2011

“I’m being bullied!” “He was shooting at Trump!”: Dumbing Down the U.S.A., October 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes (and now Mother Earth is doing her part to destroy institutionalized education), October 2017:

Arizona:  Tucson School District warning of mass layoffs caused by $4.5-million to $6-million USD in budget cuts due to crashing enrollments (an estimated 880 students are exodusing the district this year).   It’s been revealed that the federal taxpayer funded Havasupai School is closed most of the year, and when it is open many parents don’t send their kids because they don’t like how it’s being operated, meaning local students are not getting educated.

California: A new study shows that Muslim students are the most likely to be bullied at school, by so called christians.  The most common incident are Muslim girls being attacked by ‘christians’ for wearing a scarf.  Hey, you dumb-ass ‘christians’!  There was a time in ‘America’ when Christian women covered their hair with a scarf as well, damn-it, cause I remember my Catholic mother used to do that up until the mid-1970s when it fell-out-of fashion with ‘christians’!  Two Los Angeles cops being investigated after being caught bullying students.  The police defend themselves saying it’s part of a taxpayer funded program to straighten-up non-compliant students, however, video emerged showing some of the students being bullied are as young as six!  Los Angeles School District accusing taxpayer funded charter school Partnerships to Uplift Communities of covering up conflict-of-interest evidence involving LA school board member Ref Rodriguez.  A female counselor with Sweetwater Union High School District accused a male San Diego Unified School District counselor of sexually harassing her, the man was fired.   University California Riverside laid off 15 InfoTech employees.   Kindergarten Hidden Valley Satellite destroyed by wildfire.  God powerless to stop wildfire from destroying ‘his’ Redwood Adventist Academy.  About 80% of Cardinal Newman High School burned.  Wildfire destroyed the classrooms of Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (where George Carlin recorded It’s Bad for Ya!).    Extreme levels of lead found in 30 drinking water fountains at three San Francisco public schools.  In Shingle Springs, Ponderosa High School apparently suffering an outbreak of viral meningitis.

Colorado:  It’s been revealed that some school board candidates are being funded with what’s being called Dark Money from for-profit businesses who hope to get taxpayer funded contracts.  

Connecticut:  Regional #10 Public School District joined other districts in warning of layoffs due to massive taxpayer funding cuts.  The city of New London slashed its school budget by $4.2-million USD, and warning of layoffs, because of expected state taxpayer funding cuts.

Delaware: For some reason parents are ‘mass exodusing’ their kids from Christina School District, reducing taxpayer funding.  According to local news reports four out of ten students in the district are being sent to non-district schools.  Most are going to charter schools while others are attending schools in other districts, apparently the biggest complaint about Christina School District is a “lack of discipline”.

Florida:  A female Miami-Dade school principal ‘reassigned’ after being caught driving while intoxicated.   In Tampa, an Adams Middle School employee is accused of offering money to students in exchange for sex.   Palm Beach County School District continues blaming third graders for their teacher sexually abusing them!  The incident happened in 2005, but after 12 years of hemming-and-hawing the district administrators still insist the nine years old girls “conducted themselves in a careless and negligent manner” and were “old enough to appreciate the consequences of their actions.”

Georgia: A mom is accusing the Big Shanty Intermediate School of ordering its students to dress-up as Civil War characters, she says one of the students dressed as a plantation owner and told her son “you are my slave”.  The school replied thusly “No student was required to dress in period attire and any student that did so was not instructed, nor required, to dress in any specific attire.”

Idaho: A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey reports that one in four Gem State high school students are bullied, prescription drug abuse is up and that teen suicide contemplation is at a ten years high!  The local economy is so bad that marching band students at Pocatello High School couldn’t afford to pay the mandatory fees and had to turn to a GoFundMe operation so they could attend competitions (a far cry from when my eldest daughter was a proud Pokey marching band member, and we could barely afford the fees then)!  Speaking of bad economies, eleven cash-strapped schools got federal USDA taxpayer funded grant money for much needed new kitchen equipment.  Also, 120 cash-strapped schools on the eastern side of the state took part in a pathetic ‘two-day five-minute’ Idaho Lottery scratcher contest, it was the largest act of desperation, I mean scratcher contest to date!   Dietrich School District quietly settle a boy-on-boy sexual assault and racism lawsuit.  One football player was sexually attacked by three other football players in the high school locker room in 2015.  The details of the settlement are currently sealed in federal court.

Illinois: Parents of a now dead Naperville North High School student say he was bullied by the dean and the school cop, who repeatedly threatened to ruin the student’s life by charging him with sex crimes, other students confirmed the school is using Israeli style scare tactics!   A Lake in the Hills junior high student charged with hate crimes after posting a video that resulted in a ‘soft’ lockdown of the school, police refuse to give details.  In Fairview Heights, after almost 30 years retailer Parent Teacher Tools shutting down after Thanksgiving, the owner blames online competition.

Indiana:  Carmel Clay School District suspended its superintendent and its human resource officer without explanation, saying they will conduct a review “in a manner that respects the confidentiality of its employees’ personal matters.”   Plainfield High School English teacher in trouble after her students ‘published’ 17-hundred magazines on how to ‘survive’ dating at the school, which apparently promotes group sex.  By the way, the English teacher is also the district’s 2017  Teacher of the Year.  At Needham Elementary School, a nine years old autistic boy was handcuffed by school cops!  Police accuse the boy of attacking other students and two teachers.

Kansas: Haven School District shutting down (pending public hearings) one of three elementary schools due to skyrocketing operating costs and crashing enrollments.

Maryland:  God not powerful enough to stop the state from canceling taxpayer funded vouchers for Trinity Lutheran Christian School, because the school refuses to enroll homosexual students.  Seven Bel Air High School students in trouble after posting ‘racial’ pics on social media.  School administrators say it’s a copycat incident as, apparently, such pic posting is happening at schools around the country.  In Montgomery County, a now former school cop sentenced to a piddly 18 months for having sex with a female student!  A former Baltimore County school superintendent being accused of spending taxpayer money to visit 19 cities in 13 states: “It’s incredibly unacceptable that someone who is the CEO of the school system is away 38% of the time. You have to show up at your job.”-Jim Brochin, state senator

Michigan: Administrators at Fordson High School revealed a “rogue” hazing incident took place on campus, but refused to give details saying only that “disciplinary measures have been taken” with possible legal action as well.  East Rockford Middle School learned its water might be toxic after a hazardous dumpsite was found near the water supply.  The dumpsite was being used by shoemaker Wolverine.  One upset parent said of the shoemaker “How many more dump sites are we going to find?”

Missouri: A now former employee of Grandview School District was sentenced to just over five years in federal prison for stealing $1.6-million USD from the school district during a ten years period.  A now former junior high school coach is finally on trial for raping and killing a girl in 2014, supposedly his attorney admitted his client was on meth at the time.  Saint Louis Community College warning of another round of layoffs, blaming state taxpayer funding cuts and the disappearance of more than 10-thousand students since 2011!

Nevada: The Washoe County School District says installing gender neutral toilet rooms will cost local taxpayers at least $500-thousand USD per school!  It’s part of a plan to build new schools in a district that’s supposedly experiencing skyrocketing enrollments. The new elementary and junior high schools will not have separate boys and girls toilet rooms.

New Jersey: Monroe Township warning that all schools could be shutdown, not because of lack of funding, but because of mold.    A mom is in big trouble for sending her kids to a school in a district they don’t live in.  According to news reports, the mom used to live in Middletown but moved to Keansburg last year, yet she continued sending her kids to school in Middletown.  A judge, and the state Commissioner of Education, ruled she owes taxpayers in Middletown $39,178.80!  Outside Orange High School a policeman got into a fight with twin sisters who attend the school.  Apparently they were ordering pizza at a nearby eatery when the cop began questioning one of the girls.  When her sister approached the cop told her to get away, which she didn’t and he grabbed her by the hair, then the fight started.  A school employee tried to break up the fight and was given a ticket.  The sisters say the cop also harassed them the day before, he is now suspended pending the results of an investigation.

New York: A fight broke out at Poughkeepsie High School, it was between students and parents.  Originally it was between students, but then parents showed up and got involved. Administrators say an ‘external’ threat was made towards the school and police were called in, no details about the fights or threat were made public.

North Carolina: A janitor at East Lee Middle School arrested for using a cell phone to secretly record people in the faculty toilet room.   Apparently the janitor isn’t very smart because the first person to use the toilet found the cell phone.  At Wakefield Middle School, police are looking for an adult ‘black’ male who allegedly tried to rape a 16 years old female as she walked to school.  After the 2016 arrests of intoxicated school bus drivers, a local TV station conducted an investigation and discovered that “12 out of 81 drivers had traffic violations in the last seven years.”

Ohio: Students are being warned to stay away from talking drones.  Akron Public School District says a talking-flying-drone was attempting to lure elementary school kids off the campus.  

Pennsylvania: A lawsuit accuses school administrators of punishing students who report harassment and abuse.  Students are told to avoid their tormentors, if that doesn’t work the victims are then sent to an alternative school for troubled students.  Apparently administrators are afraid of confronting the bullies.  Somebody strung-up a ‘black’ baby doll at Coatesville Area High School, the unnamed student who did it said it was just a joke.  It was revealed that in September a new state law forced Reading School District to block 2-hundred students from going to school because they were not vaccinated!

Puerto Rico: Hurricanes Irma and Maria shutdown the territory’s education system. 

South Dakota: Sturgis Brown High School was scheduled to play the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but the game, as well as homecoming events, are now canceled after ‘white’ students were caught vandalizing a car by painting “go back to the rez” on it.  Female students at University of South Dakota‘s law school are demanding more toilets, saying male students have more ‘bathroom options’ than women!

Tennessee: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Presbyterian founded King University from eliminating more than a dozen jobs due to The Rapture, I mean what I call DSS.  Northeast State Community College slashed $5-million from its budget and is shutting down its four years old Bristol campus right before Xmas, because the operating costs for the newer campus outweigh revenues from student enrollments. After 81 years Memphis College of Art announced it will shutdown by 2020, due to crashing revenues caused by what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.

Texas: In Houston, a now former counselor with charter school KIPP Explorer Academy charged with indecent behavior with girls, some cases going back to 2012.   Stupid McKinney High School teachers in trouble for using the recent video of a student being taken down by Dallas cops as part of a ‘criminal justice’ class, without considering the effect on the student who still attends the school.  Conroe Independent School District being sued for the sexual bullying of a girl during the 2015-16 school year.  The family is so distraught they moved to Alabama.   Students are suing schools because they don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, saying it’s their constitutional right!   The Pledge was actually approved by Congress in 1942 and originally made no mention of ‘god’.  It’s title, The Pledge of Allegiance, was named in 1945, ‘god’ was added in 1954 (in direct violation of the 1st Amendment).  The original Pledge salute was what many people now call a Nazi salute.   I don’t remember anything in the Constitution about the Pledge of Allegiance, however, the federal Supreme Court has ruled several times that people cannot be forced to say the Pledge: “….no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.”-Justice Robert H. Jackson

By the way, several anti-Pledge lawsuits were filed by ‘christian’ denominations.

Vermont: A mom, who is also a chiropractor, is facing legal challenges after refusing to sign a vaccination exemption because none of the pro-vaccination statements printed in the document are based on actual ‘evidence’: “I feel like I’m being backed into a corner. I’m being bullied!”-Naomi Malik 

Virginia:  Chesapeake School Board voted unanimously to rezone the district because of a huge disparity in school enrollments, parents seemed to be unanimously against the plan .

Washington:  Kent-Meridian High School spending extra tax money on extra security due to increased threats by ‘christians’ against Muslim students!

Wisconsin: Beaver Dam Unified School District approved a $38-million USD budget, which will cost local taxpayers more money: “Having either an increased revenue limit or a decrease in state aid can shift a district’s funding to its local tax levy. We happen to have both in the same year, not to mention that this is the first year of the levy for the referendum debt.”-Anne-Marie Woznicki, director of business services

Wyoming: Some Trump supporting parents within the Teton County School District going ballistic over a multiple choice answer concerning George Orwell’s 1945 book about leftist revolutions, called Animal Farm.  One question had multiple choice answers to explain why one character ordered another to shoot a gun.  One facetious answer was “He was shooting at Trump”.  Trump loving parents want the test, and possible the book removed.  Animal Farm is about a leftist revolution that devolves into a ‘reign of terror’ as the leaders of the leftist movement discover that they can manipulate the masses into eliminating anybody who questions the new leftist system.  Teton County School District apologized for the test.  I find it ironic and hypocritical that rightists want to eliminate the test/book.


“Who’s profiting…?”: U.S. government shenanigans, October 2017

Incomplete (i-e ‘Tip of the Iceberg’) list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for October 2017:

Alabama: More than a day late and a dollar short.  The leaders of Montgomery finally approved an overdue (by mandated timeline) budget that spends $2-million USD more on ‘public safety’, spends $400-thousand to tear down the plethora of abandoned houses and puts cash into the city’s reserve funds in order to please credit ratings agencies.  Part of the money for that will come from increased taxation of hotels.

Alaska: The mayor of Fairbanks is asking for layoffs in an effort to keep the city’s currently balanced budget from going ‘red’, due to expected state taxpayer funding cuts.

California:  The city of Bakersfield warning taxpaying residents of layoffs and tax hikes due to the crashing local agriculture (farms), insurance (State Farm) and oil (Chevron) industry job markets.  Hundreds more layoffs are expected in those industries over the next year.  The city is already millions of dollars in debt, and without layoffs and tax hikes could be $16-million USD in debt within five years.  One third of city tax revenues comes from sales tax, which has crashed since mass layoffs in the private sector began a few years ago, the city wants cash strapped voters to approve a sales tax hike in the near future.  The nearby city of Arvin is also blaming crashing private sector employment (mainly agriculture) on creating a $1.8-million USD city budget shortfall.  City leaders also revealed that “The bulk of our reserve [funding] is I-O-Us.”  This indicates the city is on the verge of bankruptcy.   City leaders of Santa Monica boasting that their plans have resulted in increased tax revenues/fees for the city and lower operating costs, however, local news media revealed that 90% of the savings in operating costs were the result of city leaders not filling 121 vacant positions!  Boastful Santa Monica leaders also revealed the city is dealing with unprecedented homelessness by promising to spend $1.4-million USD to address it.  (get it, ‘address’, ‘homeless’)

Colorado: City of La Junta cutting $235-thousand USD from its water system upgrades, yet increasing spending on electric upgrades by $31-thousand, over previous budget proposals for next year.  The city of Loveland passed a record setting budget that includes hiring more cops and buying more cop cars.  Local news media revealed that the budget is so complicated that the city published a response to try and answer at least 27 questions about it.

Connecticut: New London warning of an $8-million USD cut in the city’s general funds due to lack of tax revenues.

Florida: At NASA Kennedy Space Center, tax-sucking contractor Vencore eliminating 66 jobs after Xmas (in addition to the 312 layoffs announced in September).

Georgia: The city of Augusta is blaming its own employees for skyrocketing budget costs, accusing them of over-using hospital emergency rooms, which under ObamaCare-AffordableCareAct has seen the costs of such ER visits go through the roof.  Interestingly the skyrocketing use of ERs by city employees began after ObamaCare went into effect.  Last year 837 city employees went to the ER, costing taxpayers just short of $1-million USD!  Total overall healthcare costs racked up by city employees cost taxpayers $27-million USD (and that includes 62% of employees getting a ‘wellness discount’)!  Damn, Augusta has some really sick city employees.

Idaho:  Idaho taxpayer funded France based public transportation contractor Transdev-Valley Regional Transit-ValleyRide issued a WARN, 102 Boise jobs gone in November!  American Falls getting a state taxpayer funded grant of $20-thousand USD to fix-up its water system, however, city taxpayers still have to come up with an additional $20-thousand.  Iona City wants to issue $3.9-billion USD in bonds (debt that has to be paid back by all you happy taxpayers) to improve its water system, which will cause water bills to go up by $19 per month (I live in the city of Chubbuck and they issued so many bonds, most without our knowledge, that our basic [not counting the per thousand gallon water use rate] water/trash bills went from $39 per month in the late 1990s to almost $1-hundred now!  And they recently issued another $3-million in bonds for “property improvement” projects, which we taxpayers have to eventually payoff!).  Taxpayers continue funding the ongoing FBI data center project in Pocatello.  The project started a year and a half ago, but only now had an official groundbreaking ceremony (last year ignorant local news media said the project would be done by now).  The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it’ll be one of three such ‘core enterprise facilities’ in the U.S., which are meant to save taxpayers money by consolidating existing data centers (less operating costs, including less people) and by using the so called cloud.  Also in Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  Most of the grant money will go towards retraining existing employees.  The South Fork Archery Range being for forced to shutdown because the city of Idaho Falls is refusing to renew the lease, local news reports say the city owned electrical utility is planning to use the land for a substation.    In Bannock County the Sheriff is again begging cash-strapped taxpayers to agree to fork-over $16-million USD to expand the prison, due to prison overcrowding in the Mormon dominated county.   While Bannock County struggles with prison overcrowding, Ada County (home of the state capital Boise) was awarded a MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge $1-million USD grant to shape up its ‘criminal justice’ system.  The piddly grant will create eight new jobs to combat the skyrocketing prison population. The Gem State has yet to comply with the federal police-state Homeland Security on issuing federally tracked Real-IDs, however, the state Department of Transportation announced it will begin doing so in 2018, so get ready to fork-over some big bucks so Big Brother can track you!  For the second month in a row another state official resigned without warning, this time Republican Brandon Hixon suddenly resigned after it was revealed he was under criminal investigation by Caldwell Police, no other info was made public.

Illinois: Obama installed mayor of Rahm Emanuel willing to force cash-strapped taxpayers to give Amazon $6-billion USD in tax breaks if the online company sets up a secondary HQ in Chicago! The state comptroller’s office admits it can’t pay the bills due to crashing tax revenues, “That’s in addition to $9 billion worth of checks that are at the office but being delayed because the state lacks the money to pay them.”  The city of Naperville wants to increase property taxes, ignorantly claiming it’s necessary to “to take advantage of some of the EAV growth we’ve seen”!  What Naperville officials mean is that they’ve spent so much tax money on buying up and/or improving defunct properties/infrastructure that they now have to rape taxpayers for more money! What construction industry recovery? The city of Evanston revealed it is $6-million USD in the hole due to crashing revenues from lack of new building permits, and wants to counter by laying off 28 city employees and jacking up fees and property taxes!   Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police eliminating 80 jobs due to a $4-million USD cut in taxpayer funding.  The city of Oak Brook revealed a 5% decline in sales tax collections over a ten months period this year, compared to last year, but its blamed on one unnamed employer: “We had one company that had some exceptionally large contracts last year and are back to the norm this year. Those large contracts, which are not usual, accounted for the increase last year.”-Jason Paprocki

Indiana:  Indianapolis approved a budget that will see $13-million USD spent on expanding the city’s police-state operations, and $1-million supposedly to be spent on helping the hundreds of former Carrier employees who lost their jobs to Mexico (despite president Trump’s claims).   For this next story can you say ‘Government Scam!’? The city of Carmel approved a budget that increases across the board spending, including pay raises for ‘elected’ officials, all without raising taxes! It turns out that Carmel’s mayor is already the second highest paid in the state, and while state law allows for giving mayors raises that same law says you can’t ever reduce a mayor’s pay!    The city of South Bend approved a controversial budget for 2018, a budget opposed by the police union.  It creates a six figure salary for a new public safety director position directly controlled by the mayoral regime of Pete Buttigieg, as well as giving a handful of criminal investigators potential raises of as much as 48%: “That creates a lot of conflict and issues to say somebody’s going to get 10%, somebody’s going to get 20%. First of all, I’ve never seen a budget like that for the city. Secondly, it makes me uncomfortable … when everybody else is locked into 2%……”-David Varner, city council

Louisiana: The state mandates that city police and fire department employees get a mandatory 2% pay raise, however, most cities say they don’t have the local tax funding to comply.  Leaders with the City of Bossier City (yep, that’s the official name) claim they can comply with giving the state mandated 2% raise partly because their ObamaCare-ACA health insurance rates are not going up in 2018, due to the city switching insurance providers.  Despite sales tax collections for Shreveport being down the police-state mayor wants to hire more cops, increase overtime for cops, give cops and firefighters a 5% raise and spend at least $2-million USD on new police and fire department vehicles in 2018, because she claims crime is skyrocketing! Local news media revealed that the taxpayers of Shreveport have already paid for more than $5-million worth of new police vehicles since 2016! The police-state mayor didn’t explain how the money would be raised to pay for what she wants.    Leaders of New Iberia told their residents that taxpayer spending will increase in 2018 due to repairs/demolition of dilapidated buildings and the purchase of needed vehicles, resulting in a record budget deficit.  It was not explained how the money for the city projects would be raised.  One city leader says the economy has not recovered: “Unfortunately we’ve operated this way for the past four years. We’re waiting for the economy to get better. We are as strapped for cash as the parish and state.-Freddie DeCourt, mayor

Michigan: More proof you shouldn’t rely on federal tax funding for your city budget; Saginaw didn’t get a hoped for $2-million USD FEMA-SAFER taxpayer funded grant and as such could layoff 13 firefighters and shutdown one fire station.  The city of Detroit being sued by the federal government for allowing the illegal posting of wall advertising, possibly in exchange for political contributions: “They’re bringing in and generating at least $100,000 a month, and you have to ask yourself, ‘Who’s profiting from these huge billboards?'”-Robert Davis, self-styled anti-corruption crusader

Mississippi: The city of Pearl warning of 16 layoffs due to “short-falling approximately a million dollars a year”.

Missouri:  The Kansas City Police chief is apparently blaming increased violence and lack of police response on lack of money and as such is demanding taxpayers fork-over an extra $9.3-million USD.  Isn’t that called extortion?

Montana:  State tax collections are so low that the gov’na’s budget office is projecting a $227-million USD shortfall, forcing the gov’na to cut state spending by 10%.

New Jersey: Gov’na Chris Christie willing to force cash-strapped taxpayers to give Amazon $7-billion USD in tax breaks over ten years if the online company sets up a secondary HQ in Newark!

New York: Poughkeepsie jacking up taxes for 2018 officially so they can hire more cops and buy more public safety crap, but don’t forget they got to pay a $2-million USD fine for violating Federal Transportation Administration rules!  The city leaders of Geneva proudly boasting that they didn’t raise the property tax rate for 2018, but they quietly jacked-up the water/sewer rates.   Jamestown Board of Public Utilities is in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation as a result of jacking up rates as much as the state utility commission would allow in order to increase profits, which resulted in cash strapped customers using dramatically less electricity and water which resulted in profits actually falling, and now Jamestown BPU is facing a death spiral: It is the law of diminishing returns. If you jack up water rates you see less usage.”Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor

New York Post reporting that the city of NYC’s budget is about to “explode”  The same newspaper reporting that despite claims by leftist city and state officials that they’re cracking down on illegal payday loan ops in NYC, the illegal payday loan operations have skyrocketed, and target the poorest of the poor with interest charges of as much as 4-hundred percent:  “These bad lending practices are taking place in community centers, barber shops, dry cleaners and in other places people gather.”-Isaac Rodriguez, non-profit Provident Loan Society

North Carolina: In Charlotte, Catch on Seafood’s shutdown, the owner blaming never ending city road projects for causing a 60% crash in sales.

Ohio: An editorial in a local newspaper calls into question where the city of Toledo is getting its money.  After cash strapped residents voted down a proposed tax increase the city leaders suddenly ‘discovered’ millions of dollars in ‘forgotten’ accounts!  If the money is for real then it calls into question why the city officials wanted to jack-up taxes, or reveals massive incompetence.  The city of Middletown planning to increase taxpayer funding in 2018, paid for partly with a sewer rate hike.  It was also revealed that income tax collections were down by 3%, and that ObamaCare-ACA mandated employee health insurance payments were several years past due!   In Lima, after 25 years Just Ducky’s Gourmet Coffees, Foods & Unique Gifts shutdown due to ongoing road construction: “It really did destroy my business. It truly did.…People couldn’t get to me.”-Ducky Allen, owner

Oklahoma: The state Department of Health eliminating 250 jobs in early 2018, due to an audit that revealed the department has much less money that it officially reported!  This also implies even more layoffs will occur once the state approves the new greatly reduced taxpayer funded budget for next year.

Pennsylvania:  The city of Titusville being told it has to cut back on project spending in order to build up reserve funding for expected increases in ‘municipal minimum obligations’, such as a 13% increase in ObamaCare-ACA employee health insurance.

Puerto Rico:  After the leftist mainstream news media shit themselves over a $300-million USD no-bid contract to a Montana company to repair the island’s electrical grid, the gov’na now says the contract will be canceled as soon as ‘current’ work is completed.  New contracts will be sought with tax sucking companies in New York City and Florida.  Realize that the biggest populations of Puerto Ricans on the mainland are in NYC and Florida (meaning this is really about ‘racism’ on the part of the leftists), and I can almost guarantee you that the new contracts will end up costing taxpayers even more money!

Tennessee:  Taxpayers are being raped of $7.45-million USD as Nashville Metro is buying a vacant Kmart for the purpose of creating a massive police-state police precinct!   It’s been revealed that the blighted city of Memphis is putting all bets on economic recovery on taxpayer burdening apartment projects and piddly retail developments like a new Sears Hometown Store.  Sears Hometown stores typically employ less than a dozen people with part time hours at minimum wage.   Murfreesboro’s First United Methodist Church being turned into a shopping center, the church is now owned by city taxpayers (costing them $1.55-million USD) and the redevelopment will cost dumb taxpayers even more money.

Texas:  The American-Statesman discovered that a so called non-profit healthcare operation that was paid $1-million USD in taxpayer funding was actually created by an Austin city budget director!    The so called Latino HealthCare Forum got no-bid contracts under ObamaCare-ACA as a direct result of the soon to be former Austin city budget director Frank Rodriguez.   Rodriguez is resigning his post, conveniently blaming health problems!  The city of Sugar Land slashed its budget by $1.58-million due to the sales and property tax rates being increased by a much smaller than originally expected amount.  It’s also because existing sales and property tax collections crashed and burned in fiscal year 2017.  The result is that some employees will lose their jobs, city holiday events will be canceled as well as projects for the animal shelter, emergency operations center and second phase road construction. Next door city of Rollingwood jacked up property taxes to pay for ever expanding ‘projects’.    Despite the Corpus Christi city leaders jacking up property taxes (and despite residents voting to approve a new street tax), the operating hours of the Janet F. Harte Public Library are being reduced in order to free-up funding for unfinished road projects.

Utah: The A-hole Salt Lake City cop who arrested a nurse for protecting the Rights of an unconscious reserve policeman from Rigby, Idaho, has been fired.  The reserve cop from Idaho was burned over most of his body when a criminal being chased by the Salt Lake cops crashed head-on into the reserve cop’s semi-truck, causing a massive explosion.  For some odd reason the Salt Lake cop (a former paramedic who lost that job for discriminating against homeless people) demanded the nurse (a former Olympic athlete) take a blood sample from the unconscious reserve cop, in violation of Supreme Court ruling requiring a Warrant. When she refused he arrested her.  The reserve policeman from Idaho died from his burns.  The fired Salt Lake City cop is now suing, claiming he was unaware of the Supreme Court ruling!  (wouldn’t not understanding current laws mean he’s not competent to be a law enforcer?)

West Virginia:  The city leaders of Weston are boasting that their 2018 budget is already making money, no thanks to the increase they imposed on sales taxes.

Wisconsin:  Sun Prairie property owners are being hit with an average $57 USD property tax increase, and sewer rates are going up an average of $11. Sun Prairie leaders are also warning of job cuts despite revealing that some city departments had already shed jobs this past year.     It was revealed that during a closed-to-the-public meeting the ‘elected’ officials of the city of Brookfield discussed using a $6.55-million USD property tax funded grant to help redevelop the vacant Brookfield Square Sears, the money would be used for road construction and environmental cleanup of the site.  The city of Racine wants to increase property taxes and utility fees, possibly in connection with their ten years multi-million dollar infrastructure/property improvement project, and to create a new six figures salary for a new city attorney position to legally defend the improvements project!  Gives with one hand, takes away with the other; for the third time since 2011, Fort Atkinson City proposes to decrease city taxes, but will offset those cuts by jacking up city fees to fund increased capital expenditures.  The city budget of Beaver Dam is $360-thousand USD over the State Expenditure Restraint Program limits, partly due to a 13% increase in employee health insurance costs caused by ObamaCare-ACA.  The city of Green Bay is revealing major problems with animals.  Wis-ant residents are complaining about dogs at the farmer’s market, mainly because they’re scared of them!  But the real animal issue is the revelation that the city is being overrun with rats.  City leaders brushed it off saying “they’ve been here for a long time”, however, one pissed-off long-time resident, Janet Angus, told them “I’ve never had rats before in my neighborhood. It’s the first time in 50, 60 years!”

These Montana plated vans might soon have to pay for more expensive Wyoming plates!

Wyoming: Greedy state officials trying to squeeze more revenue out of vehicle owners.  The state Department of Transportation accusing as many as 3-thousand-5-hundred Yellowstone National Park employees of failing to register their vehicles in Wyoming, and failing to get Wyoming driver’s licenses.  Despite admitting that they don’t actually know how many private vehicles are not registered in Wyoming, money addicted officials claim they’re losing thousands of dollars per year due to lack of registration: “The U.S. government trucks are one thing, but the private vehicles that are up there all the time, and the Xanterra vehicles? I want to see Wyoming plates on those trucks!”-Bill Panos, WYDOT

And speaking of Yellowstone, the federal government made $20-thousand USD after two men from Illinois were arrested for drugs trafficking.  It was revealed that it happened during the Summer and the men pled guilty.  They were buying large quantities of legal marijuana in Oregon to be re-sold in Illinois where it’s illegal.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans, September 2017: “I’M NOT STUPID!” FAMOUS LAST WORDS OF A TAXPAYER FUNDED CEO

ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, October 2017: “BUSINESS AS USUAL.”

Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., October 2017: “I’M BEING BULLIED!” “HE WAS SHOOTING AT TRUMP!”

Utah’s secret(?) Weapon of Mass Destruction event in East Idaho!

Typical CBRNE training event

Over the weekend of 13-15 OCT 2017 a WMD training event was held in southeast Idaho.  It took place near the small city, and supposedly Idaho’s “Oldest Town”, of Franklin (located southeast of Napoleon Dynamite’s city of Preston) and involved the Franklin County Emergency Medical Services, Utah’s Davis County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team and Utah Air National Guard’s 151st Medical Detachment-1 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) team.

Official video explainer of the WMD ‘Tough Blooder’ event in southeast Idaho:

More video of Utah CBRNE militia training in Idaho:



“I’m getting out!” “we just can’t make it, we won’t make it.”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, September 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in September 2017:

Alabama: In Albertville, after 69 years Whitten’s Town & Country Clothes shutdown.

Alaska:  PenAir now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, flights to Oregon and Colorado canceled.  In Juno, after 32 years outfitter Invisible World shutdown blaming the cost of operating a brick-n-mortar store: “When the market was really good, I could basically run a seasonal part time business and make enough money to do my writing. That’s no longer possible.”-Stuart Cohen, owner

Arkansas: Bentonville based, ‘christian’ founded, Walmart-Sam’s Club announced 7-hundred layoffs planned for ‘back-office’ jobs at Sam’s Clubs across the country!  In Fort Smith, after five years movie-restaurant concept MovieLounge shutdown.

 California: After 33 years Hayfork Video Rental shutdown.  Singapore owned Zetta Jet now chapter 11 bankrupt busted in Burbank, after an executive was accused of stealing company money (among other things).  A San Diego based company once touted as ‘the saviour of retail’ is now part of the Zombie Jesus Apocalypse!  Appliance retailer Pirch suddenly began shutting down most of its stores across the U.S. as part of a new plan to refocus on California ops only, hundreds of jobs lost by Thanksgiving!  In August, Pirch boasted sales that rivaled Apple Inc stores.  Schizophrenic San Francisco based clothier GAP shutting down 2-hundred more namesake and Banana Republic stores, however, claims it plans to open 270 new Old Navy and Athleta stores.  Total Woman Gym + Spa shutdown its Enchinitas location, 59 jobs gone.  Event venue Eventbrite suddenly laid off 47 people in Oakland and San Francisco.

Connecticut:  Sterling National Bank eliminating six jobs in Norwalk, right after Xmas.

Florida:  Luke Brothers eliminating 55 jobs by Xmas.

Idaho:  While the state’s Department of Labor boasts record low unemployment numbers, and despite some rural counties reporting record low population numbers, the U.S. Census Bureau is reporting record numbers of homeless people in the sparsely populated Gem State and it’s only going up!  Also, a state run homeless Point-In-Time counting program claims a 10% drop in homeless people since 2016, but the Vice President of Housing and Support Programs, Brady Ellis, admits “We believe there’s a considerable number of more homeless individuals…..a lot of variables there in terms of identifying them and being able to include them in the numbers we use.”  It should also be noted that the Point-In-Time homeless survey counts only those people who are willing to answer the survey questions.   East Idaho News recently conducted an experiment to see how beggars were being treated in eastern Idaho.

Homeless in Idaho related:  Despite Mormon dominated Pocatello City Council, and the Bonneville Neighborhood Association, denying her request to open a homeless shelter Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas is still at it!  



Illinois:  “I’m getting out!” says Rik Mallin about his home state and never ending across-the-board tax hikes, including the latest 32% hike in state income tax!  The U.S. Census Bureau says Illinois is losing the most citizens of any other state,  because of tax hikes and the suck-ass-economy.  In Rockford, after 33 years Enders Flowers shutting down in October, so the long-time owner can retire.  In Bloomington, after 63 years Hobbyland shutting down in October, after a failed attempt to sell the store.

Indiana: In Indianapolis, Vital Skates roller skate shop announced on Facebook it was shutting down when the inventory is gone.

Kansas: In Wichita, after only three years Party Zone Supply Store shutdown, the owners blaming the size of the store saying “In a nutshell, we underestimated…..”

Massachusetts:  In Dartmouth, after 41 years Ustinov Jewelers shutdown.  In Worcester, after 235 years(!) Elwood Adams Hardware shutdown without explanation, and yes, they have a website.  Staying in Worcester, after 89 years the pissed-off owner of Shack’s Clothing say he’s forced to shutdown by outrageous property tax: “It had nothing to do with business and everything to do with tax assessments……We sold the building….I’m retiring, I don’t care. I’ve been doing this for 47 years and have seen the city deteriorate, little by little.”-Jeffrey Shack

Michigan:  Chemical Financial Corporation eliminating at least 230 jobs and shutting down dozens of offices in Michigan and Ohio due to its 2016 merger with Talmer Bank!

Minnesota: Christian founded Walmart shutting down its 30 years old store in Blue Earth by the beginning of October, apparently due to lack of profits (prophets?).

Missouri:  Iconic Rothman Furniture shutdown all remaining stores after 90 years in Missouri and Illinois, the remaining 230 jobs gone!  The CEO didn’t blame the internet: “My competition is no longer local guys that are doing similar volumes as I am……We’re competing against multi-billion dollar national organizations.”-Jay Steinback

New York: NYC based Too Big to Jail JPMorgan created 2-thousand-5-hundred new jobs, in Poland!   Sterling National Bank and Astoria Bank issued multiple shutdown WARNs, 230 jobs threatened by the merger of the two banks!  At JFK Airport, ABM Aviation issued a shutdown WARN for its contracted security ops, 560 jobs gone by Thanksgiving!  OfficeMax shutting down its Batavia location.  A company that helps people deal with Social Security insecurity, Binder & Binder, shutting down offices in Queens and Hauppauge with at least 2-hundred people losing their jobs by Xmas!  Local news reports say Binder & Binder also shutdown offices in the state of Florida.  In Potsdam, Northwoods Outfitters shutdown after 23 years, the owner says its time for him to enjoy the outdoors.  Consumer ‘intelligence’ company Greenwich Associates shutting down its office in Cheektowaga, 149 jobs gone by Thanksgiving!  Echo Farms Golf Club shutting down after a failed lawsuit by locals who wanted to stop the redevelopment of the property, it’s being turned into apartments. More proof the vinyl revival was a lie! In Geneva, after 40 years Area Records and Music shutting down when the inventory is gone.  What housing market recovery?  Yet again, mortgage giant PHH Mortgage issued a shutdown WARN, this time for “remote employees” in Williamsville.   Chandler Hotel issued a shutdown WARN for its NYC hotel-restaurant ops, 60 jobs gone right after Xmas.  In Melville, FedEx is shutting down its Corporate Services, 61 jobs gone by May 2018.  DynaServ International lost a major contract, at least 114 jobs gone by Xmas!  In Dansville, McCarthy Tire Service shutting down, 33 jobs gone by Xmas.

North Carolina: In Raleigh, after 32 years Home Comfort Furniture & Mattress shutdown.  Professional portrait studio Portrait Innovations now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, 63 stores suddenly shutdown.   Too Big to Jail California based Wells Fargo added more layoffs to its never ending list in Charlotte, this time Wells Fargo refused to say how many employees would become unemployed.   In Lynn, after 17 years Tryon Mountain Hardware shutdown, the property was sold, the Christian hardware owners saying “God has a plan” in reference to their sudden ‘retirement’.  In Statesville, Saslow’s Jewelers shutdown its Signal Hill Mall store.  Also in Statesville, clothier Salice Boutique shutting down, the owner said it was better to spend time with family than continue playing the look for a cheaper rent location game, again: “We’ve moved three times, and rather than keep this up, it’s just too much for me to handle.”-Kristen Greer

North Dakota: In Bismarck, after 20 years the owners of One World announced on Facebook they’re shutting down.  Also in Bismarck, Juke Joint Comics shutting down in October: “Unfortunately rent goes up, bills go up. Our products is a fixed price product, and there’s nothing we can do about that.”-Mike Swenson, owner

Ohio: What housing market recovery?  Too Big to Jail People’s Bank shutting down its central Ohio mortgage office, 31 jobs gone. 

Oregon: In Beaverton, after 25 years the year-round Halloween Warehouse shutting down because “The economy. It’s just gone way downhill and we just can’t make it, we won’t make it.”

Pennsylvania: In York, after 30 years Adventure Cycling and Fitness shutdown due to a co-owner’s health problems.  Too Big to Jail BB&T shutting down two bank offices in Berks County, in time for Xmas.   Moyer Electronics shutdown its 70 years old store in Hazelton: “There is no longer a need for consumer electronics. It is too expensive to run a shop. The new stuff sells so cheap you can’t afford to fix it.”-Bill Moyer

Rhode Island: After 93 years family owned chain store Benny’s announced on its website it’s calling it quits, 31 stores and a distribution center shutting down, the owners say competition is forcing them to retire, 751 jobs gone in time for Xmas!  In North Providence, after 56 years Andor’s TV & Furniture (which has a website) shutdown because the owners say they want to try something different.

South Carolina: In Columbia, after only about a year Palmetto Twist monogramming and gift boutique shutdown.   After 15 years Bluffton Bicycle Shop shutdown by Hurricane Irma, the owner said he was still struggling to financially recover from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  Aiken based Prestige Appliance now chapter 7 bankrupt and dead, suddenly shutting down all stores in South Carolina and Georgia. Local news media says many angry customers want to know where their appliances are.

Texas: In Amarillo, ‘landmark’ Wyndham Garden Hotel shutdown without warning, unnamed employees revealed the shutdown to local news media.  Those employees also claim they haven’t been paid for at least three weeks!  In San Antonio, River Walk gallery of Garcia Art Glass shutdown, the operators didn’t want to renew the lease “because we’re doing a lot more on social media.”  Dallas based Neiman Marcus shutting down ten of its Last Call stores as part of a plan to refocus on its namesake stores, 241 jobs gone!

Vermont: After 60 years of selling made in the U.S.A. only products the owners of Kibby Equipment gave up, because not enough people want to buy made in the U.S.A. products. Also, they tried selling the business but nobody wanted to buy it.

Washington: In Poulsbo, after 60 years James Lumber and Ace Hardware shutting down in November.

West Virginia: Too Big to Jail BB&T eliminating 56 jobs in Charleston.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


SEARS KMART DEATH SPIRAL, September 2017: “Remorseful”




U.S. government shenanigans, September 2017: “I’m not stupid!”

U.S. food crisis, September 2017: “WE’RE SPREAD TOO THIN, HONESTLY.”


“I’m not stupid!” Famous last words of a taxpayer funded CEO: U.S. government shenanigans, September 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for September 2017:

California: After 47 years the taxpayer funded San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery shutdown, it’s known for its transsexual displays.  But don’t think it’s dead and gone, taxpayers are funding a new sexual alternative artist display space in the War Memorial building.  To me sexual identity is more personal than religious identity, therefore government should not be involved, especially regarding the spending of tax dollars to promote it!

Connecticut: Municipalities warning of mass layoffs due to an expected, and dreaded, massive cut in state taxpayer funding. 

Florida: Taxpayer funded Fluor Federal Solutions eliminated 145 jobs at Naval Air Station Pensacola!

Idaho:  A lawsuit by Shoshone-Bannock Tribes revealed that chemical company FMC stopped paying for the storage of hazardous waste on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation (known as Eastern Michaud Flats Superfund site).  FMC paid the fees until suddenly tearing down its chemical factory and abandoning the site in 2002, yet continued to store hazardous waste there.  A federal court ruled FMC owes the tribe $19.5-million USD.

After years of claiming the economy was growing, and denying there was a growing homeless problem, and of treating homeless people like criminals to be rounded up and put in ‘concentration camps’, and despite officially record low unemployment numbers, the city of Boise, students at Boise State University, and Ada County, are relenting and spending millions of taxpayer and donor dollars building first ever dedicated homeless services called Our Path Home and New Path Community Housing!  And in a No-Shit-Sherlock! moment a homeless advocate admitted that past homeless policies, which basically criminalized people for being homeless, failed to stop homelessness: “Though we were well-intentioned, we as a community were retraumatizing the same population we were trying to help. It’s a very traumatic process to be, let’s say, discharged from a hospital to an emergency shelter, to putting your name on maybe 13 waiting lists around the county, to having to retell your story 13 times, to not being sure when your name next comes up on the list.”-Wyatt Schroeder, CATCH of Ada County

Related; privately run homeless shelter rejected:   The Mormon dominated city of Pocatello promptly revoked the temporary operating permit for the planned Big Mama’s homeless shelter after an area Muslim doctor made a huge donation to the project. 

The Gem State’s worsening problem with its foster care Guardians ad Litem (GaL) program resulted in the legislature increasing taxpayer funding by 75% (most GaLs are private volunteer organizations), and it made national news with U.S. News & World Report. 

More shenanigans for Idaho’s prison system after a man arrested for driving intoxicated was put into a cell with a convicted mass-murderer.  Yep, the mass-murderer killed the drunk guy!

The new owner of the only funeral home in Valley County discovered that the former county coroner was ‘disappearing’ the bodies of locals who recently died.  Eventually an investigation by Idaho State Police was launched.  However the new owner of the funeral home said this “We were getting calls from families wanting to know where their loved ones were. I didn’t have any clue where the bodies were…..    He was keeping the bodies at his home in the coroner’s truck….”   Apparently the former coroner, Nathan Hess, was selling the bodies in Boise because he’s been charged with “using public position for personal gain”.

For the third time in a row another sudden resignation of a public official, this time over sexual harassment and even “violence”.  It was revealed that in August that the Controller’s Office Chief of Staff Dan Goicoechea suddenly resigned after an investigation was launched into claims by a state employee of “sexual advancements” and “threats of violence” by Goicoechea. The employee said she was not the only one threatened and that such acts had been ongoing with other employees before she was hired.  What’s also interesting is that state government officials waited a month before revealing the resignation.

Another ‘elected’ official revealed to be lying, this time about her residency status.  From 2010 to 2016 Priscilla Giddings claimed residency in Ada County, according to property tax records, yet she was elected as the state representative for Idaho County in 2016.  State law says you must reside in the county you want to represent for at least one year before running for state office.  State law also says you can claim property tax exemption only for the home you live in.

Despite ‘elected’ leaders constantly claiming growth in the state, the population in the Clark County is officially crashing and burning.  The U.S. Census Bureau ranks Clark County among the 15 most sparsely populated counties in the United States at only one person for every two square miles!  The population has been declining since 2000 (which, as I’ve written before, is when the economy went south for Idaho, and has yet to recover), and is expected to continue declining (there’s only 860 people currently in the county).  Declining local populations are another reason why state leaders are accepting additional federal bribes, I mean funding to take in immigrants and refugees at record numbers.

Crashing local population numbers might be one reason Idaho leaders are boasting record low unemployment numbers!

Illinois: Illinois Policy Institute estimates that one Illinois resident leaves the state forever every five minutes!  Chicago Tribune reported In 2016, Illinois lost 37,508 people, putting the state’s population at its lowest level in nearly a decade, according to U.S. census data”,  and that’s on top of the record of approximately 2-million citizens who left between 1985 and 2015!  The report blames government:  “Some of those who are leaving Illinois say they’re frustrated with their tax burden……..Illinois lawmakers passed a spending plan over the summer, one that involved a 32 percent income tax hike for residents.”   Speaking of taxes, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office laid off an undisclosed number of employees due to lack of taxpayer funding, leaving metal detection scanners in county facilities with nobody to operate them.

Massachusetts: In Worcester, after 89 years the pissed-off owner of Shack’s Clothing say he’s forced to shutdown by outrageous property tax: “It had nothing to do with business and everything to do with tax assessments……We sold the building….I’m retiring, I don’t care. I’ve been doing this for 47 years and have seen the city deteriorate, little by little.”-Jeffrey Shack

Montana: Polysilicon producer REC Silicon suddenly laid off 30 people, blaming trade disputes between the governments of the U.S. and China.  What was that about Trump saving the coal mining industry? A U.S. District judge halted Signal Peak Energy from mining a 176-million-ton federal coal reserve, 80 jobs lost between October 2017 and March 2018.

New Jersey: City of Trenton laid off 64 firefighters due to a lack of $5-million USD in taxpayer funding.

Pennsylvania:  Luxembourg based but U.S. tax dollar funded ArcelorMittal eliminating 150 jobs at its Conshohocken steel factory, blaming it on crashing demand, especially from the U.S. military (apparently the company supplies a lot of steel for MRAPs and ships), plus competition with cheaper imported steel!   Formerly Japan owned (Toshiba) now bankrupt taxpayer funded nuclear power industry giant Westinghouse announced it will eliminate at least 1-thousand-5-hundred jobs, on top of the at least 7-hundred jobs killed in the past few months!  Apparently this is what elitist CEO Jose Emeterio Gutierrez meant when he claimed he was reorganizing Westinghouse to be a ‘servant led’ company, when asked to explain the layoffs he replied “I’m not stupid!  …..we have to do something.” 

Texas:  Taxpayer funded L3 Aerospace Systems eliminated 124 jobs in Waco in an effort to “…maintain our operational focus on providing our current U.S. Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and international customers…”!

Virginia: Road construction-Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel project forcing the Chesapeake Grill to shutdown.

Washington: County taxpayer run Poulsbo Recycle Center shutdown due to the land being sold for $1.2-million USD.  Kitsap county public works admitted they needed the money and that the recycling ops were costing them too much to operate.  However, they also claim the money from the sale of the property will be used to expand household hazardous waste collections.

Washington DC: U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs fired the medical director of Washington D.C. VA Medical Center, Brian Hawkins, for a third time this year!   The D.C. VA director was first fired back in July for improper use of personal emails, but was hired back after he filed a lawsuit.  In April he was fired a second time (from his administrative duties, but kept working for the VA) for the unsanitary conditions of the hospital.  This time he was fired as a result of the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans August 2017: “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY”



“Making someone feel uncomfortable is not coercion.”: U.S. Christian Rapture, September 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian month of September 2017.

Religion News Service: American Christianity’s divisions go all the way down

Voice of America: Record Low Numbers of White, Christian Americans

ChristianityToday: “An estimated 30,000 congregations shut their doors in the United States from 2006 to 2012.”

It’s been revealed that for-profit (not for-prophet) Cinemark movie theaters rents-out(?) its theaters for local church events in the ‘Bible Belt’ of the United States, enticing people to attend with coffee, soda and popcorn (apparently at a price), and asking people to make donations via social media: “Cinemark actually does this across the Bible Belt.”-Ross Jackson, Cinemark manager in Abilene, Texas

Alabama: Welcome Springs Baptist Church almost burned down, a man arrested and charged with arson.

Alaska: The main stream real-fake news media likes to complain about catholic Donald Trump’s ‘Russia connection’, and then you have evangelical Alaskan (originally born, and partially educated, in Idaho) Sarah Palin’s “I can see the Soviet Union from my house” statement (never-mind that the Soviet Union died in 1991), but in Old Town Kenai the local Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church just got about $12-thousand USD from a U.S. based Russian Orthodox organization, to restore the 111 years old church.  Uh oh, ‘Russian’!!!

Arkansas: The Immanuel Baptist Church trying to fight skyrocketing crime with a Bible Truck, which hands out things like light bulbs and backpacks to low income families.   Bentonville based, ‘christian’ founded, Walmart-Sam’s Club announced 7-hundred layoffs planned for ‘back-office’ jobs at Sam’s Clubs across the country!

California: ‘Christian’ owned Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center eliminating 55 jobs in October, due to the ‘exit’ of California Laboratory Associates from The Golden State.  ‘Muslim’ Zaytuna College is now the proud owner of the 65 years old Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, in Berkeley.  In contrast to ‘christian’ colleges, Muslim colleges are experiencing rapid growth in enrollment.

Colorado: In Lakewood, the owner of Masterpiece Cake asking the U.S. Supreme Court to honor his 1st Amendment religious right to refuse service to homosexuals. This is because the state government forbid Masterpiece Cake from making anymore wedding cakes for anybody until the owner accepts state law that forces businesses to serve homosexuals.   A former honor student is accusing Delta High School of violating the U.S. 1st Amendment by deliberately dumbing down students’ grades based on their religious beliefs, thereby preventing those students from qualifying for college scholarships: “Not only did they change her grades, they took away her recommendations and they ostracized her!”-Jeffrey Springer, attorney

Apparently administrators with Delta High School, which is a public school not private, claimed they could impose their ‘christian’ beliefs on students because the school did not receive federal tax dollars.

Florida: In Fort Lauderdale, Holy Cross Hospital suddenly laid off 23 people due to crashing admissions since ObamaCare-ACA went into effect.

Idaho: Tennessee based RCCH HealthCare Partners suddenly laid off 62 people at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, as a result of the ‘christian’ Lewiston hospital being taken over by for-profit (not for-prophet) RCCH in May.   Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHiLD) claims that in this overwhelmingly christian state More children die because of faith-based medical neglect in Idaho than in any other state.”

In Mormon dominated Jefferson School District 251 parents demanded George Orwell’s 1984 be banned for its sexual content. After an even bigger outcry from those who objected to such a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment, school administrators stated “…it is simply not true that 1984 has been banned at Rigby High School.”  

Illinois:  After more than 90 years South Chicago Young Men’s Christians Association (YMCA) shutdown due to crashing membership, which is being blamed on massive unemployment which is causing the local population to disappear.  Springfield taxpayers are being stuck with at least an $8.6-million USD bill to rebuild the First United Methodist Church, at Fifth Street and Capitol Avenue, into a residential-commercial project.  In Moline, after 111 years the First Christian Church shutdown due to financial problems caused by Raptured(?) members, the property was sold.

Kansas:  What was that about separation of church and state? The state taxpayer funded Topeka Correctional Facility being sued by female prisoners for blasting them with ‘christian’ propaganda on a daily basis, which would be a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment.  The lawsuit describes the prison as being decorated as if it were a church, with giant crucifixes, constantly playing ‘christian’ movies and with ‘christian’ slogans posted on walls everywhere.  Prisoners are punished for removing the slogans.

Massachusetts: The city of Boston facing a lawsuit after forbidding a Christian group from flying a Christian flag at city hall.  The city allows non-religious groups to fly their flags during certain events, but refuses religious flags on the grounds of the U.S. 1st Amendment.  A ‘christian’ legal group says by not allowing religious flags while allowing non-religious flags during public events the city is discriminating, which is also a violation of federal law.

Minnesota:  Christian founded Walmart shutting down its 30 years old store in Blue Earth by the beginning of October, apparently due to lack of profits (prophets?).   Peace United Church of Christ, in Duluth, joined the growing Sanctuary Church movement protecting illegal immigrants.

Missouri: The Mormon alternative Community of Christ (aka Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) sold its supposedly 187 years old first edition Book of Mormon to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah, for a whopping $35-million USD! LDS leaders say it’s the most complete early edition of the Book of Mormon (78% complete), which should cause doubt as to the what’s in the current Book of Mormon.

Nebraska:  Food insecurity is such a problem in Grand Island that Food Bank for the Heartland and Trinity United Methodist Church began running a mobile pantry to deliver food directly to families.

New Jersey: Saint Joseph’s Medical Center ending its DSS Program, eight people unemployed in time for Halloween.

New York:  A man broke into the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, and then suddenly died!  Church officials say he was acting violent, he was sliced up by the broken glass, police sent him to the hospital were he was pronounced dead.   15 women now accuse Catholic Holy Cross school of sexually abusing students between 1973 and 1994, “in unimaginable ways”.

North Carolina:   In Lynn, after 17 years Tryon Mountain Hardware shutdown, the property was sold, the Christian hardware owners saying “God has a plan” in reference to their sudden ‘retirement’.    A missing teenager was found dead, buried on the property of the East Stonewall AME Zion Church in Charlotte.  The teenager went missing two weeks prior after failing to show up for work on a military base in Virginia.  A man mowing the church’s lawn made the discovery, police will not release anymore info.   The battle over local governments openly taking part in ‘christian’ prayer escalating to the U.S. Supreme Court after an appeals court ruled in favor of the ACLU.  Arrogant Rowan County vice-chairman Jim Greene swore that they were not promoting a single religion or ‘coercing’ anybody towards Christianity saying “Making someone feel uncomfortable is not coercion.”  However, a supportive county resident slipped up by adding “Thank god we’ve got commissioners who still believe in Christian values.”

Ohio: In Bellaire, after 54 years Rigas Restaurant shutdown, apparently because the ‘christian’ matriarch of the family owners simply decided “I think it’s time to close.”  The family told local news they didn’t want to argue with her since she’s the one who started the restaurant.

Pennsylvania: Lehigh County guilty of violating the Constitution.  A U.S. federal judge ruled that the 73 years old county seal is unconstitutional because it has a ‘christian’ crucifix and the ‘old courthouse’ (which doubled as a church) as its central images.  It should be noted that Christians were among those who filed the complaint against the county.  Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the legalization of homosexuality starting in October.  The protests will be held at both public-taxpayer funded and christian schools.

South Carolina:  The steeple of the Cumberland AME Church caught fire, the cause is under investigation.  Another church was set on fire, the Bible Baptist Church, cause yet to be determined.  A building on the Saint Joseph Catholic Church property, in West Ashley, was also set on fire.  Local news media reported a shootout between a man and a security guard started at the Grand Strand Baptist Church and ended up at a nearby restaurant, at least one person hospitalized, no other info available.   Salem Black River Presbyterian Church defaced with ‘satanic’ symbols.

Tennessee:  A disgruntled ‘dreamer’ from Sudan shot-up a “multi-ethnic” church, wounding six people (including himself) and killing one.   What was that about separation of church and state?  The congregations of Temple Church of God in Christ and Church of God in Christ have been at odds over who should become the new pastor of a church in Fayette County, so much so that the state Supreme Court had to make the decision!  Lower courts had refused on the grounds their involvement would violate the U.S. 1st Amendment.  The state Supreme Court focused solely on the property dispute, which ultimately settles the dispute over who should be the boss of the Fayette County church.  In Cool Springs, after less than five years the Puffy Muffin shutdown, the ‘christian’ owner blamed lack of employees saying “…the Lord directs all of our steps……   And we’re spread too thin, honestly….    You can teach cooking and you can teach baking, but really you need people who are skilled….” 

Texas:  Mormon Glenn Beck’s Irving based The Blaze network laid off “…just over 20 percent of the combined workforce of Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.”  In Austin, First United Methodist Church refusing to conduct heterosexual marriages until its national leadership accepts and allows homosexual marriages.   In Tyler, after 64 years the local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) shutdown, explaining on Facebook that its was “due to lack of resources”.    Mega-money-making-church operator Joel Olsteen called out for being a hypocrite for not allowing his 16-thousand-8-hundred-seat Lakewood Church, in Houston, to be used as a shelter for Hurricane Harvey victims.  He finally relented, but apparently banned anybody who was not ‘christian’ from using his church as a shelter, because weeks later, in September, he finally allowed the congregation of a nearby flooded synagogue to use his church.   “No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

Utah: Former nurses of Salt Lake City based Mormon Intermountain Healthcare (formerly called The Health Services Corporation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) accuse their former ‘christian’ employer of deducting 30 minutes of pay for lunch breaks, even though most nurses never get an actual meal break. The U.S. Department of Labor is investigating.   Mormon leaders again renege on yet another church policy, this time they’ve lifted a 60 years old ban on caffeinated soda-pop at their exalted Brigham Young University (is it because the LDS church is heavily involved in the soda-pop industry, which has been losing money?).  Social media posts revealed how excited those deprived (depraved?) young Mormons are now that they’re officially allowed to drink caffeinated pop.

Virginia:  In Lexington, history denying Robert E. Lee Memorial Church  got rid of its namesake statue, and also went back to its older name Grace Episcopal Church.  Robert E. Lee was an elder in the church.

Washington: Law enforcers now offering a $20-thousand USD reward for info concerning the 2016 arsons of three churches in Clark County.  Despite a year of investigating, and pics & video of the suspect made public, police still haven’t caught ‘him’.


“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”