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Destroy U.S. Dollar: Japan recognizes Bitcoin as official money! Charities accept it for donations!

20 April 2017 (15:42 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Farvardin 1396/23 Rajab 1438/24 Jia Chen 4715

At the beginning of April, Nippon (Japan) legalized the use of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, and immediately two major retailers announced they would accept customer’s Bitcoins.  Now the city of Hirosaki announced it would accept Bitcoins for their Save the Cherry Blossoms charity.

The value of Bitcoins has skyrocketed since Nippon legalized its use.  Nippon is the first country to legally, officially, recognize cryptocurrencies as money.

The next big move to watch in the cyrptocurrency revolution is Россия (Rossiya aka Russia).  In 2014 Rossiya banned the use of such money, but towards the end of last year the Федеральная налоговая служба, ФНС России (Rossiya Federal Tax Service) reversed the ban, saying bitcoins are not illegal.  Rossiya  Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev even said cryptocurrencies could become legally (officially) recognized by 2018.

What is money? Money is not a real tangible thing, it’s whatever a government accepts as money based on a value system.  In ancient times the first money systems used shells then grain crops and even salt as ‘money’.  Then came coins minted by the first empires, and thousands of years later paper money and something called credit. For a long time governments (which includes religions) tied the value of their money to the value of a precious metal like gold, but between 1971-73 U.S. President Richard Nixon changed that.  Nixon and his cohorts United Kingdom (British empire) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (also connected to the British empire) conspired to create a new money system tied to petroleum oil called the PetroDollar system. 

Destroy U.S. Dollar: China, India, Japan switch to Bitcoins


French AlphaJets invade United States!

20 April 2017 (03:55 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Farvardin 1396/23 Rajab 1438/24 Jia Chen 4715

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United States saving their sorry asses during the First World War, the Patrouille Acrobatique de France (aka Patrouille de France, PAF) is performing at various USAF bases during the month of April.

PAF at Maxwell AFB, 08-09 APR 2017:


PAF at USAF Academy, Colorado, 19 APR 2017:

PAF at USAF Academy, Colorado, 19 APR 2017:

Russian Android teaches self to shoot guns!

17 April 2017 (02:01 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Farvardin 1396/20 Rajab 1438/21 Jia Chen 4715

“FEDOR demonstrated his abilities to shoot from both hands……to set priorities instantly and make decisions.”-Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

The humanoid Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research robot has been learning a lot, the latest thing is how to use a pistol, with both hands at the same time.

In the video FEDOR gunslinger is at the end, after the robot tanks:

Reminds me of the MGM movie Westworld.  

So far it can open doors, turn on lights and drive cars.  Eventually FEDOR will be used to pilot Russian space flights by 2021.

It’s being developed by Android Technics and Russia’s Emergencies’ Ministry Advanced Research Fund.

Ice Planet Hoth invades Russia with giant ATVs?

17 April 2017 (01:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Farvardin 1396/20 Rajab 1438/21 Jia Chen 4715

“It is a global project, which we planned for several years, and which demonstrates abilities of people and of vehicles.”-Anna Golubeva, To The East coordinator

On Friday four odd looking giant All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) left  Arkhangelsk, Russia, on a 10-thousand km (6-thousand-214 miles) trip across the Arctic.

The vehicles are the radical Sherp ATVs and will travel where no other ground vehicle has gone in the Arctic “…the only thing you can see is the shadow from the ISS [International Space Station].”

To The East is sponsored by Russian Geographic Society and the city of Saint Petersburg.  You can buy a Sherp for about $65-thousand USD.

“A crew can live in the vehicle. It is small, highly maneuverable; two people are comfortably in the front part while driving, and they can take a night rest, there is a comfortable soft bed there.”-Alexei Garagashyan, designer/expedition leader

“The vehicle does not have any axles, everything is inside, so in case of necessary maintenance everything is done inside the vehicle. They will not have to crawl under the bottom or freeze outside. Oiling chains – no problem here, just push the button and the oil gets there. The vehicle is made for use in complicated conditions.”-Anna Golubeva, To The East coordinator

Why are they taking this dangerous never before done trip? “…most importantly, it is a unique opportunity to see this country, to meet new people.”-Alexei Garagashyan, designer/expedition leader

The Great Reneger: Trump fails after tens weeks in The White House!

16 April 2017 (01:15 UTC-07 Tango 06) 27 Farvardin 1396/19 Rajab 1438/20 Jia Chen 4715

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, September 2016

Since Donald Trump began his U.S. presidency, U.S. ‘police actions’ around the world have increased.  (Trump Flip Flops……War Spending Now Priority)

“Right after his election I said that all will depend on how quickly the existing machine of power will break Trump’s election pledges. It needed ten weeks. …..the [Trump] administration has proved its extreme dependence on the opinion of the Washington establishment, which the new president criticized so strongly in his inauguration speech.”– Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia




“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!” 

Alabama Militia defends Kuwait at U.S. taxpayer expense!

16 April 2017 (00:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 27 Farvardin 1396/19 Rajab 1438/20 Jia Chen 4715

“We have six-gun trucks in first platoon and six gun-trucks in second platoon…..In the event that we had to escort a convoy with all of the assets that we have we would have a total of 12 securing the entire convoy.”-1st Lieutenant Kolby Jarquin

Alabama National Guard’s 1670th Transportation Company, now deployed to Kuwait, conducted live fire convoy defense training: “In Alabama we do not have the ranges like this, so we are taking advantage of the Udairi range complex out here, to be able to conduct this training.”– 1st Lieutenant Kolby Jarquin

According to U.S. military data, Alabama militiamen fired at 11 targets using M2 .50 caliber (12.7mm) and M240 .30 caliber (7.62mm) machine guns, burning through approximately 5-hundred rounds per vehicle.

The newly developed convoy defense live fire range will now be used by future Area Support Group Kuwait units.

Washington Militia shoots the ‘shit’ outta their two-forties!

Washington National Guard aviation units conducting live fire training with their M240 machine guns:

The ‘240’ is also used by infantry and on ground vehicles like the M1 Abrams.  The machine gun was originally designed back in the 1950s by Fabrique Nationale in the NATO co-founder country of Belgium (called the FN MAG). It uses  7.62x51mm (.308) NATO ammunition.  The United States began using its version (called M240) in 1977.


U.S. armor shoots up border near Russia! Personnel wounded by gas attack?

15 April 2017 / 23:55 UTC-07 Tango 06 (27 Farvardin 1396/19 Rajab 1438/20 Jia Chen 4715)

NATO member United States deployed an armor unit consisting of M1A2 Abrams to the eastern European country of Latvia, to conduct live fire training on Russia’s border:

According to U.S. military sources, four U.S. Army 19-Kilos (M1 Abrams crew-members) from Fort Carson, Colorado, were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after a “malfunction” of their Panzerkampfwagen.   It happened a week ago, one 19K had to be sent to a hospital in Germany for further treatment.  No details about the malfunction were released.

Also, in an instigatory act NATO member Canada deployed military units (some from Alberta Province) into Latvia’s eastern provinces (districts), which just happen to be populated by ethnic Russians (almost half of which are not considered official citizens of Latvia). The most recent The Globe & Mail report says the Canucks will be “permanently garrisoned” in eastern Latvia.   According to a CBC report, the Canucks will not only be ‘defending’ eastern Latvia from Russians, but from ‘fake news’ as well! 

It’s all part of NATO’s latest instigation against Russia, called operation Enhanced Forward Presence.

Me riding C-130 on the way back to Idaho from a ‘friendly’ with Canadian armor in Alberta, in 2002.





“involuntary separation program”: U.S. Mining/Industry/Logistics layoffs, February 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss announcements and shutdowns for February 2017.

The largest towing company in the United States, United Road Towing, is now bankrupt and dead?  The evil Too Big to Jail Wells Fargo is now in charge of selling off company assets to the highest bidders.  The bankruptcy is sudden as news reports said the company claimed it made profits in 2016, however, United Road Towing has actually been operating on debt financing and those debts now far outweigh any ‘profits’.  Ironically (yet normal for bankruptcies involving companies) the bankruptcy allowed yet more debt financing so that employees and suppliers could be paid!  There were reports the company expected to emerge from bankruptcy, yet I also saw reports that said the sale of assets had been approved.

Alabama: Beaulieu America shutting down its cable operations in Bridgeport, 332 jobs gone by the end of March!

Alaska: Taxpayer owned Alaska Railroad Corporation laid off 31 people and eliminated 29 positions, blaming an un-recovered economy for creating a forecasted loss of $4.9-million USD for 2017.

Arkansas: HVAC maker Trane shutting down its Fort Smith factory as part of its consolidation plan, 250 jobs lost over the next few months!

California: Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas eliminating jobs in Bakersfield and Los Angeles by the end of March.  Boeing eliminating 1-hundred-plus jobs in El Segundo and Huntington Beach by the end of April.  Upscale sun-glass maker Oakley issued a shutdown WARN for its Ontario operations, 78 jobs gone by the end of July.  The new owner of troubled apparel maker VF Contemporary Brands issued layoff WARNs for its Los Angeles and Vernon ops, 88 jobs gone by April.  Tax sucking maker of parts for inflatable boats, Wing Inflatables, warning that 1-hundred jobs in Arcata could be lost, if they don’t win a multi-million USD tax-sucking contract from the U.S. Navy for Special Warfare Boats!  Material handling specialist Elite Line Services (ELS) shutting down its Los Angeles location, 65 jobs gone by the end of April.  Washington based port operator Puglia Engineering suddenly backed out of its deal to take over a former British empire BAE pier in San Francisco, 184 jobs suddenly gone!  Administrators blame the U.S. tax-sucking British empire’s BAE for selling them a pig-in-a-poke as they discovered $9-million USD in damages to the pier caused by BAE!  Local news media reported that under BAE the pier employed more than 2-hundred people.

Connecticut: In Old Saybrook, Fortune Plastics eliminating 92 jobs by mid-April.

Delaware: What construction industry recovery? window and door maker B.F.Rich shutdown its factory and laid off 130 people!

Florida: In Milton, wholesaler H.T.Hackney eliminating 40 jobs by mid-April.  What construction industry recovery? Door maker Jeld-Wen issued a WARN saying 82 jobs in Kissimmee will go away by the end of March.  Jacksonville based rail transport company CSX announced it will eliminate 1-thousand management level jobs, calling it an “involuntary separation program”!

Illinois: In Chicago, greeting card maker Recycled Paper Greetings issued a shutdown WARN, 64 jobs lost between April and July. In Franklin Park, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco issued a shutdown WARN, 246 jobs lost by May!  Republic of China (Taiwan) based ocean going freight company Yang Ming Marine Transport eliminating 47 jobs in Downers Grove due to consolidation.  Ammo maker Olin laying off 17 people in East Alton as it moves ops to Mississippi.  Local news media reported that in-total more than 180 Olin jobs have left the state since last year!  After 160 years wholesaler distributor Newman & Ullman now dead, local news media were unable to get an official comment from the owner.  The company delivered anything from car parts to restaurant supplies.

Indiana: Texas based steel company CB&I issued a shutdown WARN for its East Chicago coke ops, 149 jobs gone due to loss of contract with Illinois based SunCoke Energy!

Iowa: What automotive industry recovery? Motor-home/RV maker Winnebago Industries suddenly eliminated an undisclosed number of jobs at its factory in Forest City, as well as reduce work hours for remaining employees.  In Cedar Rapids, product developer and promoter Raining Rose laying off 49 people by mid-March.  Americold Logistics issued a shutdown WARN for its Bettendorf location, 43 jobs lost by April.

Michigan: What automotive industry recovery? Penske Vehicle Services issued a layoff WARN, at least 165 people losing their jobs due to losing a contract with General Motors (GM)!  In Flint, American Spiral Weld suddenly furloughed 22 employees due to a sudden crash in sales.

New Jersey:  What construction industry recovery? Crowne Architectural Systems issued a mass layoff WARN for North Bergen, 2-hundred jobs lost by mid-April!  In Mount Laurel, PHH Mortgage eliminating 33 jobs in March.

New York: NRG Energy shutting down power plants across The Empire State, 131 jobs lost between May and June!  Envelope maker Cenveo issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Orchard Park, 111 jobs lost between March and May!   Mattress maker Ascion issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Eden, 39 jobs gone by the end of April.  What automotive industry recovery? Penske Vehicle Services eliminating jobs in Bufallo and NYC due to losing a contract with General Motors (GM).

Ohio: Enginetics issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Eastlake, at least 28 jobs lost by July. Enginetics’ main customer is the tax-sucking U.S. military.  What automotive industry recovery?Penske Vehicle Services issued a WARN for its Lordstown ops due to losing a contract with GM.  Fiat-Chrysler shutting down its Jeep factory in Toledo, 3-thousand-2-hundred jobs lost in April!  Officially the shutdown is due to re-tooling, and production is expected to start back up by the end of the year, however, Toledo Molding & Die says it is forced to shutdown its factory (which supplies the Jeep factory) and layoff 30 people due to Jeep Cherokee production being moved elsewhere!   Another Jeep factory supplier, Piston Automotive,  laying off 52 people for the same reason; Jeep production is leaving Toledo!  DHL Supply Chain, yet another Jeep factory supplier, laying off 277 people!

Pennsylvania: Paper Works eliminating 147 jobs in Philadelphia by mid-April!  CEVA Logistics eliminating 29 jobs in Lewisberry, by April. What construction industry recovery? SBC Building Systems issued a WARN for its Ambridge location, 98 jobs lost by mid-April. In Avonmore, Akers National Roll/ Union Electric Steel eliminating 157 jobs between March and May!  Mesto Minerals eliminating 95 jobs in Washington and Montour counties.  CNX Coal Resources-Consol Energy laid off 2-hundred people due to a state Environmental Hearings Board restriction!

South Carolina:  Tax-sucking maker of fabric armor, DuPont-Kevlar, shutting down its six years old factory in Berkeley due to lack of sales.  Local news reports say DuPont claimed to have invested $500-million USD in the factory, but is now consolidating the work to other factories, resulting in 113 jobs lost in Berkeley County!

Texas: Mining (oil) company Vangard Natural Resources now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. The court approved $50-million debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing through evil Too Big to Jails Citibank, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo Bank.  Oil company Anadarko issued a layoff WARN for its Carrizo Springs ops, 85 jobs lost.  Switzerland based offshore oil company Transocean eliminating 120 Lone Star jobs!  Atwood Oceanics eliminating 86 jobs in Houston.  Storage tank maker PermianLide shutting down its factory in Kilgore, 70 jobs gone by March.  GE (General Electric) eliminating 250 railroad engine jobs in Fort Worth, remaining employees reduced to 32 hours work weeks!   What construction industry recovery? Indiana based mobile home maker Skyline WARNed that if nobody buys their Mansfield factory then all 105 employees will become unemployed by mid-April!  Skyline admin say the Mansfield factory hasn’t made a profit since 2014.

Virginia: Delivery Agent Holdings shutdown its Corzet operations, 134 jobs gone!  However, local news media contacted managers at the Corzet site who said they haven’t been told anything by corporate and the WARN was ‘news to them’, but I did some checking and discovered the shutdown WARN was issued back in December 2016, just shows you how ignorant employees can be (even management)!  In Roanoke, unnamed employees of Illinois based FreightCar America leaked a company memo to local news media revealing that 364 layoffs are in the works for April!  It’s blamed on crashing orders from the rail transportation industry.  Wilson Trucking issued a shutdown WARN for its Fishersville ops, 316 jobs gone by March!

Washington: Crown Resources-Echo Bay Minerals shutting down its operations in Ferry and Okanogan counties, 95 jobs gone by April.

Mining/Industrial/Logistics January 2017:  “INDUSTRY PLUNGED…WE WEREN’T NEEDED ANYMORE”