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“And the church is going to go down….” Slavery! Artificial Intelligence!: U.S. Christian Rapture, July 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian month of July 2017.

The President of the Philippines demanding that the United States return three church bells stolen by the U.S. during rebellions against U.S. occupiers in 1901.  The bells are now being used by the U.S. military as memorials to that occupation.  The bells were used by Filipino freedom fighters to signal attacks against occupying U.S. forces.

USA Today revealed that the demise of churches across the U.S., and the seeming Rapture of ‘christians’, can be blamed on gentrification, which in turn can be blamed on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT).  In other words it’s all about making profits, not prophets.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that the days of institutions like “churches and little leagues” are over, to be replaced by Facebook’s artificial intelligence.

The Mennonite Church USA (which has lost tens of thousands of members since 1998) announced it is divesting of all its for-profit investments in Israel, in protest over how the Israeli government treats Palestinians.   In the recent past the Presbyterian Church and the United Church of Christ also abandoned their investments in Israel.

The United Church of Christ blames puny humans for climate change, despite the fact that the Earth has experienced massive climate changes, and was much warmer than it is today,  when there were supposedly no humans on the planet.

Arkansas: Two men and a woman arrested for burning down the Mount Superior Baptist Church.

Arizona:  In Cave Creek, food insecurity has become so bad that Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church makes 4-hundred peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in one hour, as part of their new monthly Sandwich Ministry operations!  The sandwiches and other food items are then distributed by Phoenix Rescue Mission specifically for homeless people.  In Mesa, police arrested a 57 years old man for breaking into the Living Messiah Ministries church and stealing frozen chocolate coins.

California: In San Francisco, a volunteer with Iglesia Cristo Es la Roca is charged with sex crimes against two teen-aged boys.   In Newport Beach, the Episcopal Church is blocking its local Bishop from attempting to sell its Saint James the Great church.  The Bishop was warned in June not to sell the property until the Disciplinary Board reviewed it, but he went ahead and contacted a property developer anyway.  It’s not the first or second time the sale of Saint James the Great church has been blocked by church leaders.  The Cloverdale Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints boasted of growing membership, a whopping 130 members since the mormon church (ward) began in 1964.  Ward (a division of a Stake) members admitted their numbers vary based on the local economy/employment situation.  In Apple Valley, a teen-aged girl is charged with stabbing to death a 79 years old christian minister, and then stealing his car.

Colorado:  Near Boulder, things are so bad that the City on the Hill Church is offering drive through prayer service.   Near Colorado State University the former Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church is being replaced with ‘high-end’ (expensive) student housing.  The church’s reverend said they were looking to move anyway, due to the age of the building.  The Mancos United Methodist Church hiding illegal immigrants, the congregation is even taking shifts as security guards against ICE: “We are here in case someone should show up at night….”-Joanie Trussel

Connecticut: The Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal hiding an immigrant who’se been living in the U.S. illegally since 1993: “I am so grateful to have this support. I thank everyone who has stood by my side.”-Nury Chavarria, illegal

The Moodus village ghost town was bought by the local chapter of the Phillipines based Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).  The church claims to have members from 130 countries and plans to turn the ghost town into a resort for their global congregation.  The 62 acre ghost town had been for sale for years, but suddenly sold to the church: “To hear, right out of the blue, that they’re going to close in eight-10 days from the time we heard about it, it took our breath away.”-Emmet Lyman, East Haddam First Selectman

Delaware: In Georgetown, the Providence United Methodist Church forced to take down a sign that read “It’s Adam and Eve not Steve”.

Florida:  A mom in Washington County discovered her son was involved in the Courts of Praise Church burglaries when she found the stolen items in his possession.  When he was arrested he named names of other teen-aged burglars, including a runaway.  A former pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church funneled tens of thousands of dollars of member donations and federal taxpayer funded grants into his personal non-profits, which brought the church to ruin.

Georgia: In Atlanta, a pastor wrote an editorial where he admitted he can’t deal with homeless and mentally ill people coming into his church on Sundays.  His ‘beef’ is that his church offers them help on any other day, but not on Sundays, and he finds it strange that so many helpless people show up on Sundays.  The obviously money focused pastor admits he is trying to target “college students and young professionals and young families” and that he’s tired of families “with young kids….ends up sitting right behind the reeking man from the street.”  Sounds to me like it’s time for Jesus to have a Come to Jesus meeting with this so-called pastor!  Let me, an Animist, remind you what your Jesus said: Yeshua [Jesus] said to him, “A certain man made a great supper and he called many.  He sent his servant at the time of the supper to say to those who were invited, ‘Behold, everything is ready for you; Come.’ And they began each and every one of them to make excuses; the first said to him, ‘I have bought a field, and I am compelled to go to see it. I beg of you, allow me to be excused.’ Another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to examine them; I beg of you, allow me to be excused.’ Another said, ‘I have taken a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’ And that servant came and he told his employer these things; and the owner of the house was angry and he said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly to the marketplaces and to the streets of the city and bring here the poor and the afflicted and the feeble and the blind.’-Luke 14:16-21, Aramaic Bible

Guam: In the U.S. Territory, divided Catholics temporarily settled their differences over the removal of their Archbishop due to sex crimes charges brought by officials in Vatican. Protesters say they’ll hold-off on demonstrations until after the Vatican court makes its decision.

Idaho: On 20 July 2017, mormon Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples announced they will shutdown their Pocatello location in August.  They blame “customers” for shopping online.

Illinois:   A man who shot and killed his mother (in 2013) in the parking lot of the Burr Ridge Coptic Christian Church was sentenced to 55 years in prison.  During the trial it was revealed the man was frustrated because he was being investigated for immigration fraud by helping Egyptian Christians get into the United States.  The man stated in his call to 9-1-1 that he shot his mother, but after being arrested said his mother killed herself.  A boy drowned in the Fairhaven Baptist Church swimming pool despite two adults and six other children being the pool.   Springfield’s Fifth Lutheran Church shutdown after 129 years, officially because it’s too expensive to maintain the old building. In Oak Forest, food insecurity has become so bad that the Redeemer’s Lutheran Church has built a Blessing Box food cupboard in front of the church, for anybody who’s hungry or anybody who can donate.

Indiana: A classroom at Crosspointe Baptist Church and Christian Academy mysteriously caught fire, investigators blamed it on a faulty power-strip.

Louisiana: Mandeville Baptist church caught on fire and investigators think its arson.  The church has only 15 members.

Maryland:  Donald Trump hating, Seventh Day Adventist founded Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) shutting down its warehouse in Hagerstown, 76 jobs gone by August!

Massachusetts:   336 years old Unitarian Old Ship Church forced to sell-off its larger parish house and three acres of land.  It’d been for sale for about 14 months, but finally sold for $4.8-million USD. Church leaders claim they could no longer afford to maintain the property.  The new owner of the parish house wants to replace it with apartments.

Michigan: In Flint, the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church announced that the economy is so bad they can’t help the poor anymore: “The lives of people have changed and they don’t think of church like they used to. And the church is going to go down….”-Ira Wells, church trustee

‘Like a thief in the night’,  the Abundant Life Christian Center was burgled by a thief who ignored the audible alarm.  The thief stole a laptop and broke open what he thought was a donation box, then escaped: “We forgive you. If you need prayer or help, we’re here for you. The doors of the church are open.”-Tommy Thompson, deacon

Mississippi:  After only one year pastor Matt Brooks suddenly resigned from the First Baptist Church of Jackson: “This resignation comes not because of moral failure or financial mismanagement but because of differences in leadership philosophy with the leadership of First Baptist.”-church statement

New Jersey: A man who served time in prison for  sex crimes will now be tried for volunteering with the Eternal Life Christian Center.  The state Supreme Court ruled it was essentially a crime for ex-con sex offenders to work in youth programs.  The 124 years old Church of the Ascension was torn down after the Episcopal Diocese declared it structurally unsound, for now it’s just an empty lot.

New York: The Our Lady of the Rosary Church is up for sale.   A teenager arrested for setting fires to storage units is now also charged with the March arson attack on the Milford United Methodist Church.  It should be noted that back in March investigators said the church fire was caused by a faulty electrical system.  God was powerless to stop the assassination of one of ‘his’ NYPD policewomen, city taxpayer dollars were used to spiff up The World Changers Church, in Bronx-NYC, for the funeral.  In Buffalo, the massive historic sandstone Delaware Avenue Baptist Church is for sale, not because membership is crashing, the other way ’round. There’s not enough parking for the growing membership, and it’s too expensive to maintain the unique building.

North Carolina: In Springdale, the Associated Press revealed that the Word of Faith Fellowship (which already has a track record of violating ‘human rights’) is running a slave trade operation, trafficking humans from Brazil: “They trafficked us up here. They knew what they were doing. They needed labor and we were cheap labor, hell, free labor!”-Andre Oliveira, former slave of christian church

The immigrant pastor of the Evangelica Jesus de la Iglesias has overstayed his visa, but refuses to leave.  It was also revealed that he has developed a criminal history for himself since coming to the U.S. in the 1980s.  The leader of the largest Catholic church in the United States, Saint Matthew in Ballantyne, is going out to retirement by demanding the church let priests get married.   Henderson County Sheriff’s Office conducting free taxpayer funded security classes for local churches.  Apparently there is an increased need for christians in Henderson County to feel safe and secure (gee, don’t they have faith in their almighty god?).  Police arrested one of several people suspected of robbing the Lily Memorial Baptist Church, however, the homeless man arrested claims he was sleeping on the church property and was not part of the burglary, although he admits to knowing the burglars.  In Wagram, Spring Branch Mission Baptist Church members have no faith in their leaders after their pastor was forced to resign.  The church congregation went to the brink of civil war and the Scotland County deputies were called in. The church’s board of directors said the pastor lacked vision, and a drivers license(!), and voluntarily resigned (at their request), the congregation suspects a conspiracy.  Food insecurity getting so bad the Sycamore Hill Missionary Baptist Church began offering daily food handouts, and asked people who have enough to donate saying “…if we can touch one home with a meal, we are doing God’s work…”  A local news report described how most traditional ‘hymn driven’ churches are losing members (one church hadn’t baptized anybody since 1996) to other churches who’ve merged to create mega churches using computers and “a lot of video”.   (remember what Zuckerberg predicted?)  A ministry intern with East Tenth Street Church of Christ is now charged with sex crimes after allegedly admitting to having sex with ‘underage’ girls.

Ohio:  In Bartholomew County the Ohio Chapel United Methodist Church and the Triumphant Baptist Church were burgled, vandalized and even set on fire!  Homelessness has become so bad that two additional churches have joined Serving Homeless Alternative Lodging Of Middletown (SHALOM), meaning there are now 13 churches trying to deal with the growing number of homeless people, but apparently the program only runs during the Winter.  Members of Abundant Life Ministries held a meeting after their pastor was arrested for sex crimes, and to discuss the church’s debts.  The members were told by a Calvary Bishop that their church would not shutdown this month.  It turns out the arrested pastor has a criminal record extending from the mid-1990s to the past year.  German immigrant christian founded Kroger shutting down a grocery store in the Southland Shopping Center in Toledo, 115 jobs gone by mid-August!  Fair Hills Church considering selling its 16 hectare (40 acre) campus to Sinclair Community College.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City based Evangelical owned Hobby Lobby was fined for illegally importing stolen archaeological artifacts, which implies that christian Hobby lobby was supporting Islamic State as that’s where most stolen artifacts are coming from.  Hobby Lobby’s christian owners said they didn’t understand import laws, which is a flat lie because the overwhelming majority of products sold by Hobby Lobby are imported into the U.S. by Hobby Lobby.

Oregon: Youth homelessness so bad that Saint Vincent de Paul of Lane County began remodeling the former Cascade Presbyterian Church, in Eugene, into a Youth House.  The $1.85-million USD homeless shelter project is partially funded by donations from locals. Teen-aged homelessness has become such a problem in Oregon that church member Paul Neville stated “Many of them end up couch-surfing with acquaintances, and some end up on the streets, where they are vulnerable to violence, drugs and a thriving human-trafficking trade the along the Interstate 5 corridor.”  Oregon public schools reported more than 21-thousand homeless students in 2016-17, with almost 2-thousand being pre-kindergarten age!

Pennsylvania:  God decided to strike ‘his’ Saint Agatha Roman Catholic Church of Meadville with lighting, damaging the phone system.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Monica Senior School bowling alley from being vandalized and burgled.  In Bethlehem, police caught two men dealing heroin out of the Trinity Episcopal Church.  It was the result of undercover work by police who, for some unexplained reason, had suspected the church was being used for drug dealing.  The former Ascension of Our Lord Church in Philadelphia has been revealed to be a heroin addict’s sanctuary.  The revelation was made by a utility manager who took pictures, saying “There were so many people in there it looked like they were waiting for Mass to start.”  It turns out the homeless drug addicts fled to the abandoned church after Philadelphia police drove them away from an active church that was providing them with food.  The Christ Centered Church reports that 75% of their members are former prisoners (mostly for drug crimes), the remaining 25% are relatives of the former ‘offenders’.  Church leaders boast that since 2011 only 5% of their ex-offender members re-offended!  A former youth minister with Southminster Church in Mount Lebanon is charged with fondling a teen-aged girl.  Police claim the former minister confessed.

Tennessee: Council of Bishops of Nashville based African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) stated “The NAACP boasts that it is the oldest civil rights organization in the country. While this is true and ought to make us proud, longevity alone is not proof of relevance. For the reality is that today the NAACP is smaller and less influential than it has ever been in its history as an organization. Today the NAACP intimidates no one. To be perfectly honest, the same challenges that face the NAACP, face mainline faith denominations. We are old, and have not structured or positioned ourselves to meet the times in which our congregants live. The Black Church is seeking to confront its own challenges and we call upon the NAACP to do the same.”

Texas: In San Antonio, KENS reported that “Cow tongue found stabbed through” the door of the Botánica de Sanación del Espiritu Santo (Healing Botany Of The Holy Spirit) church.  For some odd reason the paranoid church members thought it was a human heart, witnesses said even superstitious police thought it was some kind of human organ.   In Denison, an abandoned church on Armstrong Avenue and Hull Street was torn down under the guise of “Keeping Denison Beautiful and Moving Forward”.  It’s being replaced with for-profit apartments.

Utah:  A FLDS (fundamentalist mormon) leader was ‘re-captured’ and charged with welfare fraud, money laundering and failing to appear in court.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (mormon) announced that they will continue supporting, temporarily, the now homosexual accepting Boy Scouts of America.  LDS Church Public Affairs reporting that the number of mormons in Utah County increased by 37-thousand-475 between 2013 and 2016, and it’s a huge business opportunity: “The church has teams of realtors, architects, and legal counsel that go through the area trying to look for long-term needs.”-Michael Merz, Freedom Stake president

Virginia:  The Rocky Mount Town Council denied a request by Tabernacle of Praise Church of Christ to establish a church in an industrial zone.  The town council said “They’re not making any more land. Industrial property is extremely difficult to come by.”   In Virginia Beach, the old Hilltop Community Church was torn down, to be replaced by a Germany based  grocery store.

Wisconsin: Saint Matthew’s Church in Oak Creek was vandalized.

2nd Quarter 2017 U.S. Christian Rapture: “no longer feasible”

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

Operation Dark Store shifts tax burden to cash strapped individuals!: U.S. Government Shenanigans, May 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for May 2017:

Alabama: Taxpayers in the city of Oxford forced to pay for the former Sears building at the Quintard Mall.  The mayor of Oxford recently announced that in an effort to save the local economy they’re willing to buy the property, which has been up for sale since November 2016.

Illinois: Star Center Mall now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and it’s blamed on “the City of Marion regarding disputed bonds.”

Minnesota:  Local news media reporting that the taxpayers of Minneapolis are about to become the new ‘landlord’ of the Kmart on Nicolette Avenue It’s being blamed on the ‘re-connect’ scandal.  The $7-million USD proposal will be discussed in June.  Local news media also revealed the city made an $8-million offer to buy the Kmart on West Lake Street, last year.

Mississippi: The state Forestry Commission laid off 75 people due to declining tax revenues.

North Carolina: Management consultant contractor CGI Federal shutting down its Durham InfoTech ops due to losing a federal taxpayer funded EPA contract, 1-hundred jobs lost!  Surry County condemned the now vacant Kmart building at the Mayberry Mall.  The condemnation prevents the property owner from finding a new tenant, until the structural problems are fixed.  On top of that, local news media report the property owner is back due on county level property taxes.  The action by the county opens the door for use of taxpayer funding to deal with the problem.  Alamac American Knits shutting down in Lumberton, 154 remaining jobs gone due to the long term effects of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)!  Administrators stated that before NAFTA went into effect they “…employed 1,000.” 

Puerto Rico: The governor is demanding Title-3 bankruptcy protection for the U.S. territory.

Texas:  Taxpayers in the city of Abilene might be forced to pay for the abandoned Kmart as “…funds would be used to acquire, renovate and equip buildings for a new police station, municipal court, water utilities billing, collection and meter-reading offices, and record storage. The cost is estimated at $9 million.”   The combination donation-taxpayer funded Houston Symphony announced an undisclosed number of layoffs in an attempt to survive the next ten years.  Taxpayer funded illegal immigrant ‘shelter provider’ Southwest Key Programs suddenly laid off hundreds of employees “Due to the low number of unaccompanied children crossing our national border, the federal government has instructed all of its shelter contractors, including Southwest Key, that they must decrease the bed capacity…..”

The office of the Texas Comptroller issued a warning over the growing push by big box retailers to use Dark Stores as a way of avoiding their fare share in taxes.  Dark Store: A large retail facility that resembles a conventional supermarket or store but is not open to the public, housing goods used to fulfill orders placed online.

Virginia:  British empire owned, U.S. tax-sucker BAE Systems suddenly began laying off 3-hundred people in Norfolk, due to uncertainties over the new U.S. Navy taxpayer funded budget!

Wisconsin: The 50+ years old Brookfield Sears Auto Center shutdown, local news media revealed that Brookfield city administrators spent taxpayer money on a five years study to justify creating a taxpayer owned conference center near the Sears Auto Center location.   The Economic Development Commission of Fort Atkinson has revealed plans to spend taxpayer money on the now vacant Kmart property.  Local news media reported the city Fort Atkinson asked Sears Holdings how much they wanted to sell it for!  It’s been revealed that nearly 40 cities are pushing for a new state law that will prevent taxpayers from being forced to pay the property taxes on vacated stores like Target and Sears.  It’s a complicated mess, but because of current laws and recent court decisions local Wisconsin taxpayers are being forced to foot the property tax bill on vacated retail spaces!  This has led to municipalities using taxpayer funding to sue retailers (most recently Target and Sears) for creating what’s called Dark Stores.

Milwaukee Journal: Dark Stores being used by big box retailers to avoid paying their fare share in property taxes

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans April 2017: “…..WE ARE MISMANAGING MONEY.”



The lies of economic decline: Pocatello Staples shutdown blamed on the internet!

22 JUL 2017 / 18:56 UTC-07 Tango 06 (01 Mordad 1396/28 Shawwal 1438/01 Bing Wu 4715)

“As customers shift online, we are taking aggressive action to right-size our retail footprint.”-official Staples statement

There are two main lies being propagated by unAmerican corporate America (and the government that supports those corporations): Not enough ‘qualified’ U.S. citizens to fill vacant positions, and internet competition.

Staples on Hurley Drive in Pocatello, Idaho, shutting down in August.

Staples on Hurley Drive in Pocatello, Idaho, shutting down in August.

On 20 July 2017, Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples announced they will shutdown their Pocatello, Idaho, location in August.  They blame “customers” for shopping online.

Remember, Staples sells online as well as in brick-n-mortar stores.

I’ve pointed out before that online sales aren’t that big.  Just this year Karen Edwards, instructor at University of South Carolina’s College of Hospitality Retailing and Sport Management, stated to local news media that internet sales make up only 10%-15% of all U.S. retail sales!  This is really part of a conspiracy by the retail industry to shift to internet only operations, mainly because the cost of operating a brick-n-mortar store (especially rent and utilities) now outweighs sales at those stores.

Don’t blame the Internet: Idaho internet sales tax collections flat-line!








“significant downturn in business”: U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, May 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in May 2017.

Arkansas: France based Dassault eliminating 6% of its Little Rock Falcon Jet factory workers due to “…worldwide economic and political uncertainty combined with a prolonged imbalance between supply and demand for new aircraft as well as a large inventory of pre-owned aircraft competing with new sales.” 

 California: Angelica Textile Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Gilroy factory, 160 jobs gone by July!  Benz Propane issued a layoff WARN, 101 employees in Tehachapi to become unemployed by August!  Oil company Breitburn Energy Partners now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, blaming ‘low’ oil prices for not be able to pay its debts.  Despite record online sales in 2016, plush sports doll maker Bleacher Creatures now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to a major customer (Sports Authority) ceasing to exist and problems with licensing.  Boeing issued layoff WARNs for 38 more employees. In Pittsburg, joint U.S.-Korean steel company USS-POSCO Industries issued a mass layoff WARN, 635 jobs gone in July!

Colorado: Mesa Oil-Mesa Environmental now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, for the second time.  This time debts include $3-million USD in back-due federal taxes.

Florida:  In Miami, transportation company Transdev Services eliminating 102 jobs by the end of June!

Georgia: Cleaning chemical maker ZEP shutting down two factories in Fulton, 158 jobs gone!  International Fragrance-Agilex Fragrance halting ops in Cherokee, 32 jobs lost. 

Idaho: In Boise, after seven years non-profit glass recycler Usful Glassworks shutdown due to lack of funding/donations.

Illinois:  Nippon Sharyo laid off 110 Rochelle rail car employees due to “technical complications and delays”!  The Japan based company has been laying off employees since 2015. GE (General Electric) shutting down its Lamp Plant in Mattoon, 135 jobs lost between July 2017 and March 2018!  API Logistics shutting down its warehouse ops in Hodgkins, 114 jobs lost due to loss of contract!  Without warning Fisher & Ludlow-Nucor Grating shutdown its architectural metal works operations in Litchfield, 60 jobs gone with no official reason given.

Indiana: Continental Structural Plastics issued a WARN, 164 jobs gone by the end of July due to a major industrial customer shutting down for three months!  Packaging maker Printpack eliminating 45 jobs in Bloomington after losing a major customer.  Despite earlier threats by Donald Trump, HVAC company Carrier suddenly began eliminating 3-hundred jobs!  Carrier also warned that more layoffs will take place later in the year as work is shifted to Mexico!

Iowa: What automotive industry recovery?  Caterpillar issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Elkader, 59 jobs gone starting in July.

Louisiana: Oil service company Tidewater now chapter 11 bankrupt busted mainly due to sale-leaseback disputes.

Maryland: Kaydon Ring & Seal issued a WARN, 217 jobs gone starting in July due to production being consolidated to other locations!

Massachusetts: One of the largest distribution companies in the U.S., Veritiv, shutting down its warehouse in Wilmington, 170 jobs lost to consolidation operations!

Michigan:  What automotive industry recovery?  Ford announced it will eliminate 1-thousand-4-hundred salaried jobs through attrition, bribery (buyouts) and outright layoffs as part of Ford’s plan to eliminate 10% of its salaried jobs in North America and Asia!  Spain based auto parts maker Gestamp laying off 84 people in Lapeer, due to the loss of a client.  General Motors (GM) eliminating more than 6-hundred jobs as it ends production of the GMC Acadia.

Missouri: Cleaning and storage company Katy Industries now bankrupt busted and for sale.

New Jersey:  What construction industry recovery?  Flooring maker Mannington laid off 80 people due to the sale of one of its product lines to a competitor.

North Carolina: Alamac American Knits shutting down in Lumberton, 154 remaining jobs gone over the next two months!  Administrators stated that before NAFTA went into effect they “…employed 1,000.”  What automotive industry recovery?  Caterpillar shutting down its Morganton factory, 85 jobs gone starting in July.  

Ohio: Cincinnati based ‘household’ products maker Proctor & Gamble shutting down a factory in Canada, supposedly as part of a plan to bring jobs back to the United States.  What automotive industry recovery? Maker of car batteries (including for those stupid electric cars) Robert Bosch Battery Systems laid off 88 people due to a “significant downturn in business”.   Ford laid off 130 pick-up truck assemblers at a factory near Cleveland, apparently because of slow truck sales!  Hyundai Ideal Electric Company issued a shutdown WARN, eliminating the remaining jobs in July.  At one time the Korea based company employed more than 1-hundred people in Mansfield. Maker of parts for the computer and aerospace industries, McSwain Manufacturing suddenly laid off 30 people and will lay off another 30 “…due to a dramatic and sudden reduction in purchase orders…”

Oregon: Transportation company Specialty Mobility Services issued a shutdown WARN, 101 jobs lost due to loss of contract!

Pennsylvania:  Germany based logistics company DB Schenker eliminating 66 jobs by the end of July. Mark Line Industries suddenly shutdown, 44 jobs lost in Ephrata.  Hubbell Lighting shutting down its L-E-D factory in Bristol Borough, 114 jobs lost!  In Cannonsburg, Nobel Energy shutting down, 99 jobs lost between July and September.

Tennessee: Norfolk Southern Railways laid off 41 people as part of a plan to cut operations at its Debutt’s Yard by 50%.  HVAC parts maker Robertshaw laid off 134 people and shutdown a factory on Cummings Highway, as a result of taking over a competitor!

Texas: Oil company GulfMark Offshore now chapter 11 bankrupt busted with $430-million USD of debt.  Oil industry parts supplier AFGlobal chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Virginia: White Birch Paper Company shutting down its mill in Hanover County, 165 jobs lost as production shifting to Canada!

Washington: Boeing issued mass layoff WARNs, 917 jobs gone between the end of June and the end of July!  Spectrum Glass shutting down its Woodinville factory at the end of June.

Wisconsin:  What automotive industry recovery?  Maker of exhaust pipes-mufflers Stroughton based Nelson Global Products announced it will shutdown factories in Tennessee and Minnesota, about 3-hundred jobs lost by the end of the year, due to global competition!

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, April 2017: “DUE TO A LARGE LOSS OF BUSINESS….”


Barbarians sacking Rome: Foreign landlords now control the ‘American’ dream!

18 JUL 2017 / 18:58 UTC-07 Tango 06 (28 Tir 1396/24 Shawwal 1438/26 Ding Wei 4715)

“The environment is much more Asian-friendly than it used to be with churches, grocery stores and schools that cater to their tastes. I have been told they target good schools and newer homes.”-Laura Barnett, Red Neck Fail Texas real estate agent in Dallas

The U.S. main stream news media is finally waking up to the fact that the majority of home sales in the United States are going to foreigners, not U.S. citizens.  Many citizens are being outbid by foreign landlords who only want to make a profit by charging tenants outrageous rent.  There’s even books showing foreigners how to buy-up U.S. properties.

According to the National Association of Realtors there was a 49% explosion of foreigners buying up U.S. properties from April 2016 to March 2017, compared to the same time the prior year!  And 2015 was also dominated by foreigners buying up U.S. properties.  In other words there is no true real estate recovery in the U.S. because it’s not U.S. citizens driving real estate sales!

In July 2016, Deutschland taxpayer funded news media DW (Deutsche Welle) discovered that New York City’s skyrocketing rents are being caused by rich foreign developers, who are buying up all available properties.  

50% of real estate sales to foreigners are taking place in California, Florida and Texas (another Red Neck conservative christian failure).  The top buyers are from China, followed by British empire (Commonwealth of Nations, India is also a top buyer of U.S. property and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations [they never became independent of the British empire]) members Canada and United Kingdom.



Great Reneger: Trump allows 15,000 more legal migrants into U.S.!

17 JUL 2017 / 18:36 UTC-07 Tango 06 (27 Tir 1396/23 Shawwal 1438/25 Ding Wei 4715)

Just hours after news reports revealed how much the state of Maine was relying on the H-2B migrant worker program to take jobs away from U.S. citizens, Donald Trump issues an order allowing 15-thousand more H-2B workers into the United States!

The U.S. Congress had suspended a key regulation with the H-2B program which allowed previous H-2B workers to return to the U.S. without being counted as part of the yearly quota.  In response to squealing unAmerican corporate America Trump allowed an additional 15-thousand foreign workers to legally come into the U.S.

But wait, lets not blame Trump totally, that supposed Congressional change to the H-2B program was also given a big loophole by the same Congress.  That loophole allows the Department of Homeland Security to arbitrarily increase the quota for H-2B workers!  Main stream news reports revealed that your ‘elected’ and appointed federal government leaders have been using that loophole to increase the number of foreign workers legally coming into the U.S. every year!



The State of Maine: Proof government behind immigration to make you unemployed!

17 JUL 2017 (12:37 UTC-07 Tango 06) 26 Tir 1396/22 Shawwal 1438/24 Ding Wei 4715

“All types of businesses , retail, restaurants, the tour boats, all the trips, everything. All types of workers are needed.”-Martha Searchfield, unAmerican Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce now forced to hire U.S. citizens

Surprise, surprise, surprise, the U.S. state of Maine ran out of foreign workers and is forced to start hiring their own citizens!

Turns out resort towns in the unAmerican state of Maine have been using H-2B visa workers instead of employing locals who are in desperate need of a job.  Only those tourist traps have already maxed out their H-2B quota for the year!

The situation is so bad that for the first time the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce is holding job fairs to make it known that they are now hiring U.S. citizens!

This years shortage of H-2B workers is the result of the U.S. Congress getting rid of a regulation that allowed previous H-2B workers to return to the U.S. without being counted in yearly quota! 


“termination of employment”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, May 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in May 2017:

California: In San Jose, Cisco Systems continues killing jobs, this times 250!   China based ‘smart’phone maker LeEco (aka Le Technology) eliminating 90% of its jobs and shutting down operations in San Diego!  CNBC reported that even employees who had the day off were asked to ‘phone in’ to an emergency meeting, due to LeEco sales crashing & burning.  The Sacramento Bee-sacbee.com suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people.  France based maker of automation (robots which replace humans in the workplace) and electronic spy gear (surveillance equipment) Schneider Electric-Pelco eliminating 2-hundred jobs in Clovis, blaming global competition!  Local news media said at one time Pelco in Clovis employed at least 2-thousand people, but is currently down to less than 1-thousand.  Apple Mirage issued a shutdown WARN for its Rancho Mirage location, 45 jobs lost by July.   Gannett Publishing Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Camarillo location, 38 jobs lost in July.  KSCI issued a layoff WARN for its TV ops in Los Angeles, 58 jobs gone by July.  Marvell Semiconductor continues to issue layoff WARNs for its operations in Aliso Viejo and Santa Clara. Symantec continues issuing layoff WARNs for its Mountain View ops, this time 24 jobs gone by the end of June.  Lumina Media issued a shutdown WARN for its Irvine location, 58 jobs lost by mid-July.  Nippon based Hitachi Data issued a layoff WARN for Santa Clara, 48 jobs lost by mid-July.  Charter Communications shutting down ops in Palm Desert, 206 jobs lost by mid-July! ‘Cloud ready’ Riverbed Technology suddenly laid off 61 people.  

Florida: Saint Petersburg based coupon printer/distributor ValPak laying off 40 graphic artists, as a result of being taken over by Californian owned Platinum Equity.

Georgia: NexxLinx eliminating 236 jobs in Duluth!

Indiana: Spectrum shutting down its Evansville call center, 20 jobs lost as Spectrum shifts to fewer, but supposedly larger, call center ops.

New Jersey: Gannett Satellite Information Network issued a WARN for its Neptune ops, 88 jobs lost by July.

New York: ‘Peer to peer’ e-commerce Etsy eliminating at least 80 jobs due to its biggest investors accusing Etsy administrators of mismanagement.  NYC based Sports Illustrated laid off five people due to declining revenues.  The New York Times is trying to get its editors to voluntarily quit (buyouts) as part of a plan to consolidate editing operations.  Texas based ViaTech Publishing halting printing ops in Bay Shore, 51 jobs lost by mid-August.  Ancient tech company Xerox continues killing jobs, this time 177 warehouse employees in Webster will become unemployed between now and March 2018!  B&H Foto and Electronics moving from Brooklyn-NYC to New Jersey, 57 jobs lost in August.  In Amherst, Sykes laying off 71 people between September and November.

North Carolina: NettLinx shutting down its Jacksonville operations, 280 jobs lost due to the unexpected loss of a major client!

Ohio: Bankrupt e-commerce focused clothing retailing group TradeGlobal eliminating 112 rue21 jobs in West Chester, only two years after claiming it would be creating “hundreds” of new jobs! TradeGlobal is the parent company of failed rue21 clothier.   By the way, rue21 is now officially bankrupt busted.

Oregon: SolarWorld Americas issued a shutdown WARN for July, saying “This employment action will likely result in the termination of employment of approximately 500 regular employees and possibly up to a total of 711 regular employees at the Company Facility.”  For some odd reason state employment officials (Oregon Rapid Response Activity Tracking System) posted the jobs losses as being 360, even thought SolarWorld’s letter clearly states 5-hundred to 711!   SureID suddenly laid off 160 people after losing a tax-sucking U.S. Navy contract!

Pennsylvania: Direct mail book and magazine seller Rodale continues to eliminate jobs, numbers being undisclosed.   It’s part of the company’s plan to ‘wind down’ its direct mail business and shift to “revenue streams…vital to…our long term growth.” 

Tennessee: For the second time in less than six months Convergys conducting mass layoffs at its Clarksville call center, this time 160 jobs gone by mid-July due to crashing call volumes!

Texas:  In Fort Worth, California based Ingram Micro Mobility continues killing jobs, this time 140 smartphone repair jobs being eliminated by the end of August! Last year Ingram Micro Mobility killed more than 9-hundred jobs due to crashing sales.  World Wide Technology shutting down its Lewisville operations, 156 jobs gone by mid-July due to “market conditions”!

Virginia: Roanoke Times laid off 53 people as part of its plan to outsource printing ops. Illinois based LSC Communications halting book printing ops in Salem, 140 jobs lost beginning in July!

Washington: Seattle based Napster parent Rhapsody laid off an undisclosed number of people, blaming internet competition.  Video game maker PopCap revealed it laid off an undisclosed number of employees.  Video game maker Electronic Arts issued a layoff WARN, 45 jobs gone by July.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, April 2017: “OUR DIGITAL REVENUE IS NOT GROWING FAST ENOUGH”

“no longer feasible”: U.S. Christian Rapture (?) 2nd Q 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns and layoffs for the Gregorian months of April, May and June 2017.

Crosier Fathers and Brothers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to more than 40 sexual harassment lawsuits.

Arkansas: Christian founded Bentonville based Walmart laid off hundreds more corporate employees, including 3-hundred Information System Division employees!  It’s part of Walmart’s plan to improve its lagging e-commerce sales.   God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’  Ambassadors for Christ Academy in Bentonville.  Local news media said no official reason was made public, but that enrollment at the K thru 12 school had crashed from hundreds of students to just 95 students!

Alabama: God’s Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School warning of shutdown due to funding problems caused by The Rapture, I mean declining enrollments.  British empire based Salvation Army shutting down its Family Thrift Store in Anniston, due to lack of sales.

California:   Christian agnostic Warren Buffett owned Meadowbrook Meat Company shutting down its operations in Pleasanton and Tracy, 147 jobs gone between July and October, as well as the shutdown of its Ontario ops, 171 jobs lost in May!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 66 years old Saint John’s Episcopal School, due to The Rapture, I mean what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ elementary and secondary school services op Roman Catholic Welfare Corporation from halting operations at three locations, 126 jobs gone by June!  In San Francisco, god powerless to stop ‘his’ Sutter Health-Saint Luke’s Hospital from laying off 72 nurses. Several hospital ‘units’ will be shutdown as well, affecting 44 sub-acute patients.   Donald Trump hating, Seventh Day Adventist founded Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) issued shutdown WARNs for its warehouse ops, 510 jobs gone by August!

Colorado: Christian founded Walmart shutting down its four years old Neighborhood Market in Boulder, 70 jobs affected.  In Craig, apparently god told the pastor who operates Loyal Outreach Voluntary Evangelistic Ministries International Thrift Store, Yvette Williams Davis, to shut it down and “…. take a break, to travel and perform ministerial duties….”

Connecticut:  The Hartford Archdiocese shutting down 26 churches and merging 59, as a result of a two year survey which revealed The Rapture, I mean massive losses of church members!

Florida: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Weston food distribution center, killing 246 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!

Georgia: Christian Methodist founded Atlanta based Coca-Cola announced it will kill 1-thousand-2-hundred jobs in the second half of 2017!

Idaho: Despite mormon dominated Pocatello City Council, and the Bonneville Neighborhood Association, denying her request to open a homeless shelter Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas is still at it!  Thomas claims the new undisclosed property she’s considering is zoned residential/commercial, so there shouldn’t be a problem from mormon dominated organizations who don’t think homelessness is a problem in Pocatello.  Also, she just won Ms Idaho Senior Citizen!     A Mormon Rexburg woman had her insurance license revoked by state officials after she filed false medical claims.   God was completely powerless to stop ‘his’ LDS-mormon ‘elected’ U.S. congressman Raúl Rafael Labrador (now running for govna of Idaho) from stating “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”  I personally know somebody (the mother of my children) who died because she was refused access to healthcare, and she had insurance!

Illinois:    Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Batavia food distribution center, killing 278 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 55 years old sexist ‘girls only’ Queen of Peace High School in Burbank.

Indiana:  After 62 years Indianapolis based, and christian founded in 1955 (and you can stop your ‘bitchin’ because on top of that one of the christian co-founders was a woman!), electronics retailer hhgregg suddenly died, all 220 stores and 14 distribution centers shutting down and hundreds of jobs lost by the end of May!   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Vincent Frankfort Hospital from laying off 124 people due to not renewing its lease with Clinton County!   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s College from renouncing its accreditation, suspending campus activities and eliminating 416 jobs in June! Administrators said they hope to be re-accredited once they get some money to operate the school.

Kentucky: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Methodist Hospital from suddenly laying off 61 people, admitting that ObamaCare is more powerful than god saying “Our hospital admissions and outpatient volumes are not meeting expectations, while uncompensated care expenses are up significantly. This imbalance mirrors what healthcare organizations across our state are experiencing.”

Maryland:  In New Windsor, international christian ministry-school operation Brethren Service Center shutdown its upper campus because it was “no longer feasible”.  The ‘upper campus’ has a history of being operated by various christian groups and supposedly will soon be under new management.

Massachusetts:    God powerless to stop ‘his’ 66 years old Saint Anthony School from total shutdown due to The Rapture: “The numbers of enrolled students simply cannot support the financial responsibilities that would be necessary to operate and provide a quality education…”-Reverend Leo-Paul LeBlanc

Minnesota:  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its ‘Twin Cities’ food distribution center, killing 216 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  Despite TV and internet sales, My Pillow (founded and run by a man who is a rabid Donald Trump supporter, and claims to be a devout Christian who supports christian charities with his profits) suddenly laid off 140 people in Chaska, due to the loss of its Better Business Bureau accreditation over complaints of false advertising! In Mankato, after 40 years Lighthouse Christian Book & Gift Shop shutting down, the patriotic christian owners revealed that their profits have been going to other countries, like Cuba.

Mississippi:   In Pearl, god powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ British empire based Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.

 Missouri: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Kansas City food distribution center, killing 185 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!

Montana: Christian agnostic Warren Buffet owned BNSF eliminating 55 jobs in Glendive.

Nebraska:  Christian agnostic Warren Buffet owned BH Media Group suddenly laid off 289 people and closed 108 vacant newspaper jobs!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Creighton University from laying off 60 people.  Administrators blamed competition with other universities for The Rapture of students.   Anybody who’s been following my Dumbing Down reports knows that’s a bogus reason because most U.S. universities are dealing with crashing enrollments.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Boys Town based Boys Town from shutting down after-school ops in the states of California, New York and Texas: “California, New York and Texas are attempting to reform their child welfare system and are doing so in ways that makes it difficult to provide quality, family-style care of the type Boys Town has built a long history of providing.”

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Saint Mary’s General Hospital to layoff 20 people.  Administrators blamed ObamaCare saying “Our hospital never denies care to the poor or uninsured, and this major loss of government reimbursement negatively affected our finances.”   Known for Home of the Friars basketball, god powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Anthony High School from shutting down due to The Rapture (not enough students or money): “Our seats had not gotten warm and we were done!”-Bob Hurley, basketball coach

God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 24 years old Saint Michael Shop: “Over the past eight years, business has been gravely declining and we have no choice but to close.”-Charlie Gordon, co-owner of the christian store

New York:   ‘Born Again’ christian founded JCPenney shutting down its West Nyack store, 89 jobs lost by the end of July.  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) shutting down six food distribution centers to its Empire State shutdown list (from the two in April), killing about 318 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!    God powerless to stop Catholic Charities from shutting down its Fidelis Parenting/Fatherhood Program by July.  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 133 years old Immaculate Conception School saying “Enrollment is at a historic low and the increased financial strain on both the school and parish is insurmountable.”  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Nebraska based Boys Town from shutting down six Father Flanagan’s Boys Homes, 92 jobs gone by September.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ College of New Rochelle from suddenly laying off 32 people, in an attempt “to achieve financial stability.”  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s School in Kingston due to The Rapture, I mean what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome: “St. Joseph’s has seen a decline in enrollment in recent years which has presented considerable operational challenges to maintaining the school.”-Archdiocese Superintendent of Schools Timothy McNiff

North Carolina: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 5-hundred jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!

 North Dakota: God powerless to stop ‘his’ CHI Saint Alexius from laying off an additional 25 people, for a total so far of 119 in the past year!  In Grand Forks, after 45 years Amazing Grains Natural Foods Market shutdown blaming internet and ‘big box’ competition: “Sales were dropping slowly for a year or so, and then Natural Grocers opened and sales dropped over 30%, and it’s hard for any business to recover from that.”-Betsy Perkins, manager

Pennsylvania:  Christian Methodist founded Coca-Cola blaming new city taxes on sodas for crashing sales, forcing them to layoff 40 people.  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 503 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  God powerless to stop the consolidation of ‘his’ North Hills Catholic schools, which will result in at least 36 teachers becoming unemployed.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Bartholomew School from shutting down.  It’s blamed on The Rapture, I mean crashing enrollment, and skyrocketing debts incurred to operate the school.

Texas:  In San Antonio, 60 years old Saint Stephen Catholic Church shutting down in August due to crashing membership (The Rapture?) and skyrocketing building maintenance costs.   Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 421 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  In El Paso, god powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 60 years old Our Lady of Assumption school: “Those associated with the school have been aware of the decline in enrollment the school has experienced in recent years, going from 134 in the 2012-13 school year to the present 83. There simply are not as many children in that part of the city as there once was.”-Bishop Mark J. Seitz

Virginia:   In Lynchburg, god powerless to stop the sudden shutdown of ‘his’ almost 60 years old Quaker Memorial Preschool due to The Rapture, I mean lack of students.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ 45 years old Alliance Christian Academy from sudden shutdown: “The reality is that the church is defining its mission and strategy for the future. Moving forward, the church is simply going to be focusing on its role as a church and not staffing and supporting a school.”-Glenn Reynolds, attorney

Washington:  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Lakewood Christian Gift Center & Bookstore, no reason given.

1st Quarter 2017 U.S. Christian Rapture: “A MASSIVE APOSTASY”

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“It is already too late”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, June 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in June 2017:

California: In San Francisco, ‘digital’ health company Omada Health suddenly laid off 20 people despite raising $20-million USD in funding.  Also in San Francisco, god powerless to stop ‘his’ Sutter Health-Saint Luke’s Hospital from laying off 72 nurses. Several hospital ‘units’ will be shutdown as well, affecting 44 sub-acute patients.

Connecticut:  Waterbury Hospital eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs due to “Proposed and continued cuts in state reimbursement due to Connecticut’s budget crisis, regulatory changes at the state and federal level, and the growth of population health management….” 

Florida:  Liberty Medical Supply continues to crash, 263 people losing their jobs by August due to the company being sold to an unnamed buyer!  Liberty Medical Supply has been struggling ever since ObamaCare-ACA went into effect.  In Palm Bay, Health First shutdown its Pro Health & Fitness Center blaming competition.

Hawaii: North Hawaii Community Hospital, in Kamuela, laid off six people.

Illinois: Obama-Land is now officially a failed state, and the state’s Chief Fiscal and Accountability Officer, Susana A. Mendoza, publicly blamed ObamaCare-ACA as being the straw that broke their financial back, warning that in July they “will severely limit any payments……to, long-term care, hospice, and community care and supportive living centers serving the senior community, and ambulatory and other critical medical supplies for the poor and disabled.”  She also stated thatIt is already too late”, the damage is done.

Indiana:   Perry County Memorial Hospital laid off seven employees, blaming ObamaCare-ACA for causing declining reimbursements, rising operating expenses and the shift toward outpatient care.

Maine: Central Maine Healthcare shutting down its urgent care facility in Auburn, and shutting down its primary care clinic in Mechanic Falls, and eliminating 38 jobs in September.

Maryland: Digital healthcare company Inovalon eliminating 113 jobs in July, despite reporting a 5.5% increase in revenues!

Massachusetts: Switzerland based drugs maker Roche announced it is halting production in Marlborough, eliminating about 75 jobs.  Hallmark Health laying off 65 people and eliminating more than 50% of inpatient services at two hospitals.

Mississippi:  Rush Health Systems eliminating 112 hospital jobs!  The mayor of Meridian blames ObamaCare-ACA: “When decisions have to be made, especially right now, in the medical field with reimbursements the way that they are, with insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare, these are the type of decisions that sometimes the CEOs have to make.”-Percy Bland

New York:  NYC Health & Hospitals suddenly eliminated 5-hundred management jobs due to a $2-billion USD budget shortage!   Cardinal Health shutting down its hospital supply ops in Halfmoon.

North Carolina:  58 years old North Merck Volunteer Rescue Squad suddenly shutdown due to lack of taxpayer funding.  Tax collections are so low that ‘elected’ officials had to decide between the Rescue Squad or the Fire Department.

Ohio: Summa Health eliminating 3-hundred jobs due to ObamaCare causing it to lose $60-million USD: “This year, inpatient and outpatient volumes are dramatically down and, as a result, we are facing staggering operating losses…..this trend must stop immediately.”-Cliff Deveny, doctor and CEO of Summa Health

Oklahoma:  Oklahoma City based Foundation HealthCare now chapter 11 bankrupt.

Pennsylvania: Geisinger Health System suddenly laid off 46 InfoTech employees saying ObamaCare-ACA is causing “…increased competition by both payers and providers; supply and employee costs continue to rise; and there is ongoing uncertainty about healthcare reform and what it might mean to us.”

Tennessee: Ireland based Medtronic suddenly eliminated an undisclosed number of jobs in Memphis. Local news media pointed out that the layoffs mean Medtronic failed to fulfill its taxpayer funded job creation contract with the city of Memphis.

Texas:   Despite ObamaCare-ACA the U.S. Army was deployed on an economic/medical mission in an area known as Colonias.  The mission was two pronged; build up infrastructure and tend to the healthcare of thousands of Texans in that area who still don’t have healthcare coverage!  After 20 years East Texas Medical Center(ETMC)-Trinity Hospital laying off 60 people by August and will not renew its lease with Trinity County due to ObamaCare-ACA reimbursements, as stated in ETMC press release.  Local news media reported that ETMC has shutdown three additional hospitals since 2014!

In Dallas, after only three years of operations Walnut Hill Medical Center suddenly shutdown and filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection!  In Houston, University General Hospital now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Also in Houston, Memorial Hermann Health System suddenly laid off an additional 350 people, bringing the total for the year to 460!  Administrators directly blame ObamaCare-ACA: “This is an unprecedented time in healthcare. We continue to face an uncertain healthcare environment with escalating costs and declining reimbursements.”-Chuck Stokes, interim president

Washington: Kennewick based Trios Health now chapter 9 bankrupt busted.  According to news reports, the administrators held an emergency vote about the bankruptcy on 29 JUN 2017, then filed for bankruptcy protection the next morning.  Skagit Regional Health eliminating at least 8% of its jobs after ObamaCare-ACA caused it to lose $4-million in 2016.

Washington DC: MedStar Washington Hospital Center suddenly laid off 1-hundred people, calling ObamaCare-ACA “financially challenging”!

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral May 2017:  “UNSUSTAINABLE FOR OUR COMPANY”