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“closed indefinitely”: Idaho’s Continued Economic Destruction, 2017

Incomplete list of economic related events in the U.S. Gem State of Idaho, 2017.

January: In the overwhelmingly christian (Mormon) dominated south eastern part of The Gem State, some christians actually campaigned against Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas’ planned homeless shelter in Pocatello! After a local Muslim doctor started the financial ball rolling in favor of the homeless shelter (waking up true local Christians who had money to donate), a group of christians went to the city council to point out that the Sublette Street property was not zoned for “transitional housing”.  The Mormon dominated city promptly revoked the temporary operating permit.  Pastor Big Momma commented to local news media that she’s taking this as a sign that god has a better location in mind.

February: Burley based King’s Variety continues its slow death spiral, announcing it will continue shutting down stores.  King’s is down to just 19 stores across six states: “The retail climate has radically changed in the past decade….Brick and mortar stores need feet and faces to survive as we have salaries, rents and other costs to cover. Unfortunately for us that is not the current landscape.”

For some reason the state Department of Labor sat on a WARN from Pocatello based call center operator Mountain West Research, until February 2017.   The notice is dated October 2016 and reveals that 194 people lost their jobs (the state Dept. of Labor listing doesn’t say when the layoffs actually took place)!  Just in case I missed something I checked local news media reports and found nothing about this huge, and apparently sudden layoff.  It’s not the first time the company suddenly killed jobs, Mountain West Research did the same thing in Idaho Falls, back in 2012,  but that mass layoff got the attention of the local news media (I wonder why the Pokey layoffs were missed?).  The Pocatello Mountain West Research location on 675 Yellowstone Avenue is currently listed as available for rent by Premier Properties, however, its website is still up-and-running and lists an address of 1110 Yellowstone Avenue. 

March: Vanity went bankrupt dead, shutting down all 137 stores across 27 U.S. states, including stores in Chubbuck, Idaho Falls, Boise, Coeur d’Alene and Twin Falls.

Ammo maker Federal Cartridge (Federal Premium Ammunition) suddenly furloughed 1-hundred employees at its Lewiston factory, blaming hunters and Donald Trump: “…we experienced a challenging retail environment due in part to a weak hunting season and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.”

As I warned back in 2016, Islamic extremist U.S. ally Saudi Arabia’s funding cuts to Idaho State University (ISU, in Pocatello) could result in layoffs. Local news media reporting that ISU is dealing with a $12-million USD shortfall and the loss of 35% of its Middle Eastern students!  ISU admin warned of layoffs if state taxpayers aren’t forced to make up the funding difference!  (Related: SAUDI ARABIA TAKES OVER TEXAS OIL SUPPLY & SOUTHEAST U.S. FUEL SALES!)

Also in Pocatello, after six years Element Outfitters shutting down soon, the owners are focusing on their other retail operations saying “We’re just consolidating and becoming a lot more efficient”.  They told local news media that while their brick-n-mortar-store sales have flat-lined their internet sales are “growing strongly.”

After 17 years Affinity, one of the largest mental health services provider in the Boise area, was shutdown following a raid by the IRS. Hundreds of employees now unemployed and at least 8-hundred patients with nowhere to go.  Local news media reported that the federal Internal Revenue Service has yet to explain the raid.

Burley based King’s Variety shutdown its 14 years old, and recently remodeled, store in Orofino.  Local news media now say all remaining 21 stores will shutdown.   Dollar Express issued a shutdown WARN for its Emmett store, due to the sudden takeover by Dollar General.     In Idaho Falls, after 20 years Park Avenue Antique Mall shutdown, the owners were forced to retire after an ice-jam caused water damage to the building, and they don’t have enough money to fix it and maintain their retail business.   However, since they own the building they hope to find a sucker, I mean people who’ll want to rent it.  In the same area, The Collective Cache shutdown, the building is being renovated for a retail business that’s moving from The Grand Teton Mall to the former Collective Cache location.

Idaho’s U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo (along with David Perdue of Georgia) reintroduced a bill that would make labor strikes at U.S. ports illegal, for the benefit of foreign companies: “By qualifying the ‘slowdown’ tactic as an unfair labor practice, this bill will ensure businesses can continue to import and export their goods…..:”

April:  In Nampa,  after 44 years the Yesteryear Shoppe shutdown due to eviction after the lease was canceled.  The owner of the shop blamed his crashing revenues on radically changing trends.

Georgia based payment processor TSYS (Total SYstem Services) laying off 64 people as it shuts down its operations in Boise, in an effort to “focus to our business model.”  Also in Boise, Marvell Semiconductor laying off 23 people in June.

Sears Holdings announced that the Coeur d’Alene Kmart will shutdown in October.

 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows that almost 40% of Idahoans have ‘pre-existing’ medical conditions that would prevent them from getting health insurance.  The Washington based franchise owner of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, ET Research, went bankrupt and shutdown its Boise office without warning.  The parent company in Iowa said ET Research was in so much debt they owed money to 1-thousand-2-hundred creditors!   A Rexburg woman had her insurance license revoked by state officials after she filed false medical claims. 

An estimated 100 million pounds of spoiled onions have been disposed of in Idaho and Oregon following a winter of unprecedented snowfall.

Eastern Idaho potato growers are at least a week behind normal, and even further behind compared to their early starts the past two seasons. 

May:  In Boise, after 45 years of six to ten hour days, six days per week, the surviving co-owner of Bow Wow Auto Parts shutting it down so she can retire.  After seven years non-profit glass recycler Usful Glassworks shutdown due to lack of funding/donations.   The Idaho Wine Commission is accusing the city of Boise of intentionally restricting the issuing of booze permits for public events.  It started last year when the city switched to issuing only one catering permit per event.  The result is that many area wineries are refusing to take part in Boise events: “As a consequence of this, we no longer…. participate in events in Boise.”-Earl Sullivan, Telaya Wine Company

Despite mormon dominated Pocatello City Council, and the Bonneville Neighborhood Association, denying her request to open a homeless shelter Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas is still at it!  Thomas claims the new undisclosed property she’s considering is zoned residential/commercial, so there shouldn’t be a problem from ‘christian’ dominated organizations who don’t think homelessness is a problem in the Pocatello area.  Also, she just won Ms Idaho Senior Citizen! 

After decades the Chubbuck Pizza Hut joined a sibling Pocatello Pizza Hut in being suddenly shutdown

After decades the Chubbuck Pizza Hut joined a sibling Pocatello Pizza Hut in being suddenly shutdown

After years of negative customer reviews one of two Pocatello Pizza Huts quietly shutdown, as did the Pizza Hut in Chubbuck.  Both shuttered Pizza Huts were repainted olive green and are now for sale.  The owners decided to ‘consolidate’ their three Pizza Hut locations into one location in Pocatello, code for saying they weren’t making enough profits to justify all three locations.

Because of more than a decade of drought Idaho ‘lawmakers’ came up with a law changing how state controlled aquifers are recharged, now they’re claiming success as recharging efforts resulted in more than expected water capture.  However, the new law involves taxpayers paying independent canal operators to divert their water into state aquifers.  Under complicated water access ‘rights’ laws the state of Idaho is limited to how much water it can collect for its aquifers, but, by paying canal operators the state can get around the access limit.

Idaho is incorrectly known as the potato state even though potatoes are not its biggest ag product (the myth is perpetuated by the potato industry and the state government), beef is usually the biggest money making ag product in Idaho. Then  there’s fishing.  Anglers from around the U.S. come to Idaho to fish but this year the Spring chinook season was shutdown early due to low numbers of the salmon: “….we are still very concerned regarding our ability to collect brood stock for future hatchery releases. In addition, returns of natural chinook salmon in the Salmon River are far below expected and are likely to fall below the level needed for incidental hook and release mortality within those fisheries.”-Brett Bowersox, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Insurance company BridgeSpan announced it will exit The Gem State’s ObamaCare system in 2018, due to lack of profits and “uncertainty and instability for the exchanges”.

God was completely powerless to stop ‘his’ LDS-mormon ‘elected’ U.S. congressman Raúl Rafael Labrador (now running for gov’na of Idaho) from stating “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”  I personally know somebody (the mother of my children) who died because she was refused access to healthcare, and she had insurance!

June:  At the beginning of 2017 it was revealed that ‘fake news’ Idaho republicans made a secret deal with Amazon to impose an internet sales tax on any Idahoan who buys online!   The Idaho Tax Commission reports that so far there’s been no significant increase in tax revenues as a result!  (more proof internet retail sales are not to blame for low brick-n-mortar sales, it’s the whole economy that’s crashing)


No more "well loved by customers" pawn shop on Yellowstone Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho.

It was discovered that 50 years old, ‘well loved by customers’ (according to Facebook postings) Shamrock Rare Coins (aka Amy’s Shamrock Coins) pawn shop in Pocatello secretly shutdown, even the official website is offline.   Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples announced it will shutdown its Pocatello store in August, falsely blaming “customers” for shopping online. (Karen Edwards, instructor at University of South Carolina’s College of Hospitality Retailing and Sport Management, stated to local news media that internet sales make up only 10%-15% of all U.S. retail sales!  And by the way, Staples sells online!)

A freedom of information request by Times-News-magicvalley.com revealed that U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is considering Jerome as the site of a new taxpayer funded immigrant prison!   It’s the result of ICE losing access to a 3-hundred bed prison in Utah.  ICE is hoping to use the existing Jerome County Detention Center, and expand it by 60 beds.  The Times-News estimated it would cost U.S. taxpayers $1.4-million USD per year to operate an immigrant prison in Idaho.  Another newspaper, Spokesman-Review, reported that hundreds of Idahoans are protesting the plans for an immigrant prison in their backyard.

U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service reported that Gem State winter wheat and hay harvests are nearly a month early, due to climate change.

A major screw-up resulted in the closing Coeur d’Alene Kmart getting a big shipment of ‘blank’ American Apparel-Supreme branded t-shirts.  Shoppers were able to re-sell the t-shirts on ebay, until Kmart realized what was going on and removed the labels from the remaining inventory.   In Lewiston, the Sears Hometown is for sale because the franchise owners say they can’t afford to renew the license to operate it.

Another year, another insurance increase, this time the greedy health insurance companies want a 38% jump (and that’s the average, some will be higher) in premiums paid by all you happy taxpayers!  More proof The Gem State’s version of ObamaCare is a failure; in Idaho Falls the Community Family Clinic (for people with no ObamaCare insurance) is dealing with an increase in patient volume, and as such is expanding their operations for uninsured people: “The new building will be three times the size of the one we’re in now and will provide more access for patients to come in and be seen.”-Arnold Cantu, administrator


 This the Chubbuck, Idaho, Walmart. Consumer Reports ranked Walmart 67th out of 68!

Chubbuck, Idaho, Walmart blames skyrocketing crime for halting 24 hours operations!

The Walmart in Chubbuck has joined other Walmarts around the U.S. in ceasing its 24 hours of being open to the public.  This comes after months of using contracted security guards to try and stop skyrocketing shoplifting.  Walmart claims the use of security guards was able to stop the theft of about $20-thousand USD worth of merchandise in just one week.  Even recent transplant to Chubbuck, Nancy Hurley, says crime has skyrocketed in the tiny (about 14-thousand people according to recent Census Bureau data, down from 18-thousand in late 1990s) east Idaho city: “When we first moved here about 12 years ago, there seemed to be very little crime, but now it’s really picked up with the drugs and the shoplifting and stuff, so it is concerning.”-interviewed by KPVI

Bye bye, Pocatello Meineke!

Blind Bat News reader ‘Catherine’ discovered the less than three years old Meineke auto repair shop, near the Westwood Mall in Pocatello, secretly shutdown.  Just ten months ago a local news paper declared the Meineke repair shop “ranked among the best performing franchises in the nation” with the “seventh best net sales-volume in the nation.”   ‘Catherine’ reported there was a note taped to the door apologizing for the sudden shutdown, but no reason for it was given.

In the sparsely populated town of Oldtown, after 23 years Ben Franklin Variety (formerly a Sprouse-Reitz prior to the 1990s) shutdown.  The now former store manager told local news media their busiest day was the last day of business.  Clothier Filson issued a shutdown WARN for its store in Post Falls, 45 jobs gone by the end of October.

“Effective immediately” the state Department of Labor Director Ken Edmunds resigned.  It could be the result of a former Labor Department employee suing the department because his personal cell phone was illegally searched! It turns out the former employee was a whistle-blower trying to save taxpayer dollars by revealing the Department of Labor was violating state purchasing laws and wasting government resources (for which he was fired, firing an employee for revealing the truth is a violation of federal law).  However, Right to Work (you over) ‘christian’ gov’na Butch Otter swears his Labor Department director did not resign over the federal lawsuit.

Canyon County reporting a record number of people being detained on ‘involuntary mental health holds’.  They set a record in July of 123 people on mental health holds, at a cost to taxpayers of $153-thousand USD.  Canyon County is now demanding state leaders spend more money building a new crisis center in their county.  So far the state is spending several millions of tax dollars on four crisis centers throughout The Gem State.

 In Nampa, state investigators accusing Southwest Idaho Treatment Center of abusing seven adult residents.  Six employees involved, two directly abusing the patients, the other four knew about it but did nothing to stop it or report it.  They are now unemployed.   The state Department of Insurance made it official and publicly released the now annual proposed ObamaCare-ACA insurance rate increases for 2018.  All ‘plans’ will go up, but the ‘Silver Plan’ will be jacked by a whopping average of 50% (one insurance provider, PacificSource Health, is skyrocketing their Silver rates by 81%)!  Employers are pissed: “There’s one thing if it was increases and the coverage was better.  The problem is……the coverage is getting less, so now I’m paying a lot for a little, and that’s a hard one to swallow.”-Shawn Lund, CFO Steel West

10 former Idaho State University athletes threatened to retract $80-thousand USD in donations if the university president and the athletic director don’t resign, because “…we believe the state of ISU athletics is at an all-time low. When comparing ISU to its Big Sky peers, it’s easy to see that ISU is at the bottom of the league in facilities. Coaches’ pay, fundraising efforts and competitive records for revenue sports are also among the worst in the Big Sky Conference.”   Then suddenly, without warning, ISU president Arthur Vailas resigned!  Officially he said he was “retiring”.  ISU also reported that ‘preliminary’ overall enrollment is down for the Fall Semester, again, despite Freshman enrollment being up by about 2-hundred.

In Twin Falls County somebody is shooting livestock.  In the past month two Llamas were killed, as well as a cattle rancher’s prize bull and heifer. A railroad track runs along the properties where the killings took place (somebody shooting from a train?).  In Bonneville County somebody shot and killed eight cows, leaving their bodies to rot, the local Sheriff believes they’ll find more dead cows.

In Idaho Falls, after 20 years Sarah’s Candy Cottage announced on Facebook that they must shutdown due to being “bought out”.

September: The Gem State’s wheat crop is down 5% over the past five years, but the quality is higher than ever.  State officials are also boasting of a multi-million USD deal with Republic of China (Taiwan) for Idaho wheat.  This might be good news for Idaho farmers but it means less of the grain available for the domestic U.S. market, which could drive prices for U.S. consumers up.

In Mormon dominated Jefferson School District 251 parents demanded George Orwell’s 1984 be banned for its sexual content. After an even bigger outcry from those who objected to such a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment, school administrators stated “…it is simply not true that 1984 has been banned at Rigby High School.”  State law requires that high schools help students develop a four years plan to prep for college, but an investigation by East Idaho News says it ain’t happening. Counselors admitted they don’t have the staffing or financial resources to comply with state law.

IdahoEdNews reporting that the number of new teacher hires who do not have a teaching degree is at record highs, due to the fact there is a massive teacher shortage in The Gem State.

Some of Idaho’s ObamaCare Your Health Idaho board members are questioning the state’s decision to hire ‘christian’ Saint Luke’s Health System to ‘help’ people pick an ObamaCare insurance plan.  Not only is the state using taxpayer dollars to pay Saint Luke’s but Saint Luke’s could directly benefit as one of the ObamaCare-ACA insurance providers is directly connected to Saint Luke’s (SelectHealth).  Tennessee based RCCH HealthCare Partners suddenly laid off 62 people at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, as a result of the ‘christian’ Lewiston hospital being taken over by RCCH in May.  State government to get $438-thousand USD as a result of the EpiPen Medicaid rebate scandal.  I wonder what they’ll do with the money?

While the state’s Department of Labor boasts record low unemployment numbers, and despite some rural counties reporting record low population numbers, the U.S. Census Bureau is reporting record numbers of homeless people in the sparsely populated Gem State and it’s only going up!  Also, a state run homeless Point-In-Time counting program claims a 10% drop in homeless people since 2016, but the Vice President of Housing and Support Programs, Brady Ellis, admits “We believe there’s a considerable number of more homeless individuals…..a lot of variables there in terms of identifying them and being able to include them in the numbers we use.”  It should also be noted that the Point-In-Time homeless survey counts only those people who are willing to answer the survey questions.   East Idaho News recently conducted an experiment to see how beggars were being treated in eastern Idaho.

After years of claiming the economy was growing, and denying there was a growing homeless problem, and of treating homeless people like criminals to be rounded up and put in ‘concentration camps’, and despite officially record low unemployment numbers, the city of Boise, students at Boise State University, and Ada County, are relenting and spending millions of taxpayer and donor dollars building first ever dedicated homeless services called Our Path Home and New Path Community Housing!  And in a No-Shit-Sherlock! moment a homeless advocate admitted that past homeless policies, which basically criminalized people for being homeless, failed to stop homelessness“Though we were well-intentioned, we as a community were retraumatizing the same population we were trying to help. It’s a very traumatic process to be, let’s say, discharged from a hospital to an emergency shelter, to putting your name on maybe 13 waiting lists around the county, to having to retell your story 13 times, to not being sure when your name next comes up on the list.”-Wyatt Schroeder, CATCH of Ada County

Despite ‘elected’ leaders constantly claiming growth in the state, the population in the Clark County is officially crashing and burning.  The U.S. Census Bureau ranks Clark County among the 15 most sparsely populated counties in the United States at only one person for every two square miles!  The population has been declining since 2000 (which, as I’ve written before, is when the economy went south for Idaho, and has yet to recover), and is expected to continue declining (there’s only 860 people currently in the county).  Declining local populations are another reason why state leaders are accepting additional federal bribes, I mean funding to take in immigrants and refugees at record numbers.

Crashing local population numbers might be one reason Idaho leaders are boasting record low unemployment numbers!

The Gem State’s worsening problem with its foster care Guardians ad Litem (GaL) program resulted in the legislature increasing taxpayer funding by 75% (most GaLs are private volunteer organizations), and it made national news with U.S. News & World Report. 

A lawsuit by Shoshone-Bannock Tribes revealed that chemical company FMC stopped paying for the storage of hazardous waste on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation (known as Eastern Michaud Flats Superfund site).  FMC paid the fees until suddenly tearing down its chemical factory and abandoning the site in 2002, yet continued to store hazardous waste there.  A federal court ruled FMC owes the tribe $19.5-million USD.

More shenanigans for Idaho’s prison system after a man arrested for driving intoxicated was put into a cell with a convicted mass-murderer.  Yep, the mass-murderer killed the drunk guy!

The new owner of the only funeral home in Valley County discovered that the former county coroner was ‘disappearing’ the bodies of locals who recently died.  Eventually an investigation by Idaho State Police was launched.  However the new owner of the funeral home said this “We were getting calls from families wanting to know where their loved ones were. I didn’t have any clue where the bodies were…..    He was keeping the bodies at his home in the coroner’s truck….”   Apparently the former coroner, Nathan Hess, was selling the bodies in Boise because he’s been charged with “using public position for personal gain”.

For the third time in a row another sudden resignation of a public official, this time over sexual harassment and even “violence”.  It was revealed that in August that the Controller’s Office Chief of Staff Dan Goicoechea suddenly resigned after an investigation was launched into claims by a state employee of “sexual advancements”and “threats of violence” by Goicoechea. The employee said she was not the only one threatened and that such acts had been ongoing with other employees before she was hired.  What’s also interesting is that state government officials waited a month before revealing the resignation.

Another ‘elected’ official revealed to be lying, this time about her residency status.  From 2010 to 2016 Priscilla Giddings claimed residency in Ada County, according to property tax records, yet she was elected as the state representative for Idaho County in 2016.  State law says you must reside in the county you want to represent for at least one year before running for state office.  State law also says you can claim property tax exemption only for the home you live in.

October: Something to cry over, onion crop yields in Idaho and Oregon are 30% smaller compared to last year, resulting in less of a supply, causing a doubling of prices for consumers (50 pound bag yellow onions now averaging $10, last year it was $5.50).  The smaller harvest is blamed on the weather.

The biggest electric utility company in The Gem State, Idaho Power, is demanding customers fork-over $220-million USD to pay for a new hydroelectric dam on the border with Oregon!

 Medicare Health Plans ranked Gem State doctors as the most overworked in the United States!  Idaho is ranked in 49th place for number of doctors available to the general public.  The state Department of Insurance claims worker comp insurance rates for employers will drop by 5.8% in 2018.   Idahoans on Medicare part D will pay the highest national average premium for their doctor issued drugs; $65.52.  Safe Haven Health Care issued a WARN, 117 jobs in Pocatello and Chubbuck gone by November!  

In Pocatello, ON Semiconductor got a $335-thousand USD state taxpayer funded grant to create five new jobs.  But most of the grant money will actually go towards retraining existing employees.  Taxpayers continue funding the ongoing FBI data center project in Pocatello.  The project started a year and a half ago, but only now had an official groundbreaking ceremony (last year ignorant local news media said the project would be done by now).  The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it’ll be one of three such ‘core enterprise facilities’ in the U.S., which are meant to save taxpayers money by consolidating existing data centers (less operating costs, including less people) and by using the so called cloud.

 Idaho taxpayer funded France based public transportation contractor Transdev-Valley Regional Transit-ValleyRide issued a WARN, 102 Boise jobs gone in November!  American Falls getting a state taxpayer funded grant of $20-thousand USD to fix-up its water system, however, city taxpayers still have to come up with an additional $20-thousand.  Iona City wants to issue $3.9-billion USD in bonds (debt that has to be paid back by all you happy taxpayers) to improve its water system, which will cause water bills to go up by $19 per month (I live in the city of Chubbuck and they issued so many bonds, most without our knowledge, that our basic [not counting the per thousand gallon water use rate] water/trash bills went from $39 per month in the late 1990s to almost $1-hundred now!  And they recently issued another $3-million in bonds for “property improvement” projects, which we taxpayers have to eventually payoff!).

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey reports that one in four Gem State high school students are bullied, prescription drug abuse is up and that teen suicide contemplation is at a ten years high!  The local economy is so bad that marching band students at Pocatello High School couldn’t afford to pay the mandatory fees and had to turn to a GoFundMe operation so they could attend competitions (a far cry from when my eldest daughter was a proud Pokey marching band member, and we could barely afford the fees then)!  Speaking of bad economies,eleven cash-strapped schools got federal USDA taxpayer funded grant money for much needed new kitchen equipment.  Also, 120 cash-strapped schools on the eastern side of the state took part in a pathetic ‘two-day five-minute’ Idaho Lottery scratcher contest, it was the largest act of desperation, I mean scratcher contest to date!   Dietrich School District quietly settle a boy-on-boy sexual assault and racism lawsuit.  One football player was sexually attacked by three other football players in the high school locker room in 2015.  The details of the settlement are currently sealed in federal court.

 The South Fork Archery Range being for forced to shutdown because the city of Idaho Falls is refusing to renew the lease, local news reports say the city owned electrical utility is planning to use the land for a substation.    In Bannock County the Sheriff is again begging cash-strapped taxpayers to agree to fork-over $16-million USD to expand the prison, due to prison overcrowding in the Mormon dominated county.   While Bannock County struggles with prison overcrowding, Ada County (home of the state capital Boise) was awarded a MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge $1-million USD grant to shape up its ‘criminal justice’ system.  The piddly grant will create eight new jobs to combat the skyrocketing prison population. The Gem State has yet to comply with the federal police-state Homeland Security on issuing federally tracked Real-IDs, however, the state Department of Transportation announced it will begin doing so in 2018, so get ready to fork-over some big bucks so Big Brother can track you!  For the second month in a row another state official resigned without warning, this time Republican Brandon Hixon suddenly resigned after it was revealed he was under criminal investigation by Caldwell Police, supposedly for sex crimes.

November: In Rexburg, after 46 years Targhee Sports shutting down in January 2018, as well as Duck Creek Pawn, the co-owners of the stores blame a “bad business deal” that’s forcing them to sell the land the stores are on.

Sears Holdings announced the Kmart in Ammon will shutdown in January 2018.

After 28 years in Chubbuck, it was revealed that restaurant Taquiera La Costa suddenly shutdown because the immigrant owner failed to become a legal resident/citizen and had to move back to Mexico.  He swears he’ll be back when his ‘paperwork’ is approved.  In Pocatello, after eight years locally run restaurant Efresh-The Gathering Place suddenly shutdown, the owner blaming the sudden escalation in corporate big-box restaurants: “There were so many restaurants that came into town really quickly and people decided to go there and just being a local little business, we felt that hit.”-Emily Fisher, interviewed by KIFI

Idaho State Journal pic

One month after issuing a mass-layoff WARN, the SafeHaven care center in Pocatello mysteriously burned to the ground.  The residents were evacuated, but the building is a $2-million USD loss.  Fire inspectors say the fire was not arson, but are calling for a review of national fire code.  The fire started in the attic of the building, apparently in an area where no fire sprinkler system was required under current national fire code.    

Enrollment in public schools is slowing down, except where immigrants/refugee populations are on the increase, like in Twin Falls and Boise areas.  Even with immigrant/refugees coming into the state, this school year’s total statewide enrollments were only 581 higher than last year.

Clearwater Research issued a WARN, 101 jobs in Boise gone right after Xmas!

The pastor of Candlelight Christian Fellowship is endorsing the Mormon politician Raul Labrador.  Raúl Rafael Labrador once said “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”  Candlelight Christian Fellowship could face investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for openly endorsing a political candidate, according to Robert Tuttle, professor of law and religion at George Washington University Law School.

 Recently appointed (not elected) state-level senator from Idaho Falls, Tonny Potts, was revealed to have gone chapter 7 bankrupt busted back in March. Potts was appointed to his senator job by Right to Work (you over) gov’na Butch Otter in October.  Current state level representative Ryan Kerby got a slap-on-the-wrist for committing a criminal act while he was superintendent for School District 372 (aka New Plymouth School District).  According to the Professional Standards Commission’s reviewKerby “willfully or deliberately” submitted a falsified teacher qualification report.  Kerby can challenge the slap-on-the-wrist letter of reprimand.     More court proven cases of voter fraud as a man who lost his ‘right’ to vote (due to being on criminal probation) somehow voted in this month’s elections.  Ada County elections employees warning that the three years old taxpayer funded  Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program doesn’t work, for a simple reason: “We learned the hard way that there are many people who share names and birth dates across the country.”-Phil McGrane, Ada County chief deputy clerk

The abandoned JJ North’s in 2013

December:  At the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck, after about a decade of vacancy the old JJ North’s buffet restaurant was finally torn down.

Finally torn down, 01 DEC 2017

Finally torn down, 01 DEC 2017

Black Bear Diner, Chubbuck, IdahoWithout warning Black Bear Diner-Joby Management shutdown its less than two years old Chubbuck restaurant, telling local news media that if it wasn’t shutdown immediately they wouldn’t be able to issue final pay to the employees, as many as 57 jobs (depending on the local news source) suddenly gone one week before Xmas, a now pissed-off former employee Nathan Barney said “They called us in for a meeting at 8:30 this morning and told us they were closing the restaurant. They gave us unemployment papers and said Merry Christmas.”  Chubbuck Black Bear Diner no moreLocal news media speculated that there are too many restaurants in the area, including several other Joby Management owned restaurants. You can thank local politicians who’ve been enticing national chain restaurants to move into the area for several years now.

Suddenly shutdown the Wednesday before Xmas!

Suddenly shutdown the Wednesday before Xmas!

Also in Chubbuck, the local office of temporary employment agency Personnel Plus shutdown without warning just days before Xmas.  Sometime after Xmas a sign was posted saying it was “closed  indefinitely”

"Closed indefinitely"

“Closed indefinitely”

 Insiders told me the temp agency suddenly lost all its Pocatello/Chubbuck area ’employer clients’, and that of all the Personnel Plus offices throughout Idaho the Chubbuck (officially, and incorrectly, referred to as their Pocatello) office was the only one that had consistent trouble finding temp work for its employees.  

The Walmart in Ammon joined the Chubbuck Walmart in halting 24 hours operations, but the manager in Ammon told local news media it was part of a larger corporate plan to halt 24 hours store ops in order to save money.

California based clothier GAP shutting down its 15 years old Old Navy store in Twin Falls, in January 2018,  as part of a plan to shutdown 2-hundred stores.

 The Huckleberry Jam Festival two day music event will not return for 2018, due to lack of attendance (organizers claim they’ll return when they’ve figured out how to actually make money off it).  One local news outlet pointed out that there were other music events going on around the same time, indicating that maybe there are too many music venues for sparsely populated Idaho.

The Gem State’s utility commision caved in and approved Idaho Power’s $220-million USD extortion of customers to pay for a new hydroelectric dam on the border with Oregon!

The state Board of Education now claims that the statewide teacher exodus is costing taxpayers $6.8-million USD!   IdahoEdNews revealed that a taxpayer funded program to trick high school students into going to college is a dismal failure“That’s a lot of money for something where we’ve not seen outcomes improve….”-state level Representative Wendy Horman, Idaho Falls

Your Health Idaho reports a 10% drop in ObamaCare-ACA enrollments for 2018, compared to 2017, despite an extended sign-up timeline and federal taxpayer subsidies.  In eastern Idaho, 15 doctors are taking a chance and building their own clinics in two locations, accusing the current healthcare system of failing the local population.   Healthcare is still so bad in Idaho prisons that one prisoner had to almost kill himself to get treatment for a flesh eating infection. He’s still alive but his leg was amputated. 



“Graduation was today. Doors are closing. Locks have been changed.”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., December 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

There’s been a lot of focus on graduation rates for schools across the U.S.  This focus seems to be missing a major point, are high school students meeting graduation requirements? My experience, and my children’s experience, is that too many teenagers are ‘graduated’ even though they can barely read, write or do math (some students are kept from graduating, they is called Super Seniors)!  Instead of focusing on graduation rates taxpayer funded public education needs to focus on getting children ready for adulthood (something it was supposed to do from the beginning of the creation of public education), regardless of how long it takes.   The major concern for high schools is that some states’ current funding regulations actually halt funding for senior students who fail to graduate.  Maybe it’s time we create a new level of schooling, the Super Senior High School.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, December 2017:

California:  Oak Grove School District appointed a committee to decide how many elementary schools will be shutdown in 2018.  It’s blamed on government mandated benefit increases for employees, and crashing taxpayer funding caused by the loss of 1-thousand-8-hundred students since the end of the 1990s.  A report out of San Francisco revealed that religiously motivated organizations are portraying themselves as representatives of taxpayer funded school districts and tricking taxpayers into attending hours long rallies in which the only way to get out of the rally is to sign a pledge to support the creation of religion based-taxpayer funded charter schools!  Blame immigration?  A lawsuit revealed that The Golden State’s education system’s “reading scores stagnated this year. Fewer than half of students meet its English standards.”

Idaho: The state Board of Education now claims that the statewide teacher exodus is costing taxpayers $6.8-million USD!   IdahoEdNews revealed that a taxpayer funded program to trick high school students into going to college is a dismal failure: “That’s a lot of money for something where we’ve not seen outcomes improve….”-state level Representative Wendy Horman, Idaho Falls

Illinois: La Salle-Peru Township High School District 120 spending 42-thousand+ tax dollars buying a nursing home with the intent of tearing it down for use as a parking lot, one board member said it could be a learning experience for students.   School District 65 began work to replace plumbing contaminated with led (lead) at 13 schools within the district.   School District 308 began eliminating jobs one week before Xmas, due to being $11-million USD in the hole.  Administrators expect to be in financial dire straits until at least 2023!  A former special education teacher (and mother of five kids) was sentenced to ten years in prison for sexually assaulting a student at North Boone High School.  Student loan debt collector Alltran Education shutting down operations in Woodridge, 129 jobs gone by the end of January 2018!

Kansas: Shawnee Mission School District violated at least four of the state’s special-education laws, according to a state investigation report released on 22DEC2017.

Kentucky: The Speed Art Museum (J.B. Speed Memorial) conducted a second round of layoffs (the first round happened just five months after the museum opened) due to shutting down its souvenir shop.  The Courier Journal reports that as a result of The Great Recession the funding disparity between the state’s richest and poorest school districts is as bad as The Great Depression.   Melissa Goins of the state funded Family Resource Center blamed it on one simple fact “We’re a poor state.”

Louisiana: State education officials want to shutdown three charter schools in New Orleans due to lack of academic performance. 

Maine: According to the fifth annual Education Indicators for Maine report the number of poor students in the state increased 10% over the past ten years.   The report also warned that more and more students are failing to become proficient in math and reading exacerbating the state’s “workforce shortage and a skills gap that has reached crisis levels and can no longer be ignored.”

Maryland: The U.S. Department of Education is again investigating the University of Maryland for sex crimes, for a third time this year! Washington County Board of Education member Mike Guessford promised to repay more than $1-thousand-7-hundred USD after being found guilty of ethics violations.  University of Baltimore began furloughing (temporary layoffs without pay) 4-hundred employees one week before Xmas, due to a 15% crash in student enrollments (what I call DSS)!  University administrators claim they’re suffering with a pay cut of as much as 15%, but local news media revealed the pay cut for administrators was voluntary. The university is $4.2-million USD in the hole.   After 40 years L’Academie de Cuisine shutdown without warning one week before Xmas: “Graduation was today. Doors are closing. Locks have been changed.”-unnamed former employee to local news media

Massachusetts: Non-profit Western New England University is asking employees to voluntarily quit (buyouts), not because of problems with student enrollments but because administrators ‘invested’ $90-million USD to “further fortify our University”.

Michigan: God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 68 years old Ladywood High School in Livonia, due to a 60% crash in enrollments since 2005 (it’s The Rapture eyes tells ya).

Minnesota: Without warning McNally Smith College of Music shutdown one week before Xmas, due to massive Disappearing Students Syndrome.  State education administrators say they’ll help the 4-hundred affected students, meaning taxpayers are being stuck with dealing with the non-profit’s shutdown.

Missouri: Saint Louis Community College began laying off 95 employees one week before Xmas, after a buyout attempt failed to get enough people to voluntarily quit.  According to local news reports, buyouts are still being offered on top of the layoffs.  For-profit Vatterot College shutdown its Saint Joseph campus explaining “When there’s not interest within the community, or need in the community, then we will just teach out a program.”

Nevada: Clark County School District‘s 2018-19 budget will result in the killing of 539 currently filled and vacant jobs!  Also, 240 employees were reassigned new jobs in alignment with low student enrollments.

New Mexico: After four years Taos International School had its charter revoked for the next 12 months, signaling a possible total school shutdown.

New York: NYC Department of Education shutting down 14 schools in 2018! StudentsFirstNY blamed the liberal-lefty-mayor saying “Mayor de Blasio’s expensive school turnaround model has failed miserably.”  After 38 years the pro-Israeli Drisha Institute for Jewish Education is abandoning its location in NYC’s Upper West Side as part of “redeployment” operations, meaning they’re trying to save money by shifting pro-Israeli programs onto NYC synagogues.

Ohio: Who needs litature when you’ve got coffee?  In Mentor, Half Price Books shutting down to, possibly, be replaced by a drive through café.

Oklahoma: The state Department of Education finally revealed that 24-thousand-625 sixth-through 12th-graders were suspended during the 2016-17 school year!  70% of the suspended students were boys. 

Oregon: God powerless to stop the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office from arresting a Springfield Christian School teacher for having sex with one of her students “on a regular basis.”   The sex crime Revelation was made after the teacher’s husband caught her and the 15 years old in bed together, an email was then posted with pics of the two in the act.  Taxpayers in Oregon City voted to build a new $20-million USD police/court building right on the location where a now active school sits, Marylhurst School has to vacate by June 2019.   An editorial in an Oregon newspaper claims that “The rate at which students in Oregon schools are being bullied, harassed or targeted by other troubling or aggressive behavior appears to be skyrocketing.”  The writer not only blames the Trump regime, but the previous Obama regime as well.

Pennsylvania: McGuffey School District dealing with a federal lawsuit accusing three teachers of intimidating a special needs student, supposedly it was recorded on a cell phone.   Scranton School District could lay off 89 people by the end of the school year, because even with grant money the district is still $19-million USD in the hole.  Quakertown Community School District shutting down its Tohikon Valley Elementary School at the end of the 2017-18 school year.  Local news media report it’s the third school in the district to be shutdown since 2011.  Former employees blame the school shutdowns on poor planning by taxpayer funded administrators: “This happened because of a lack of preventative maintenance.  We don’t have a true preventative maintenance program and without it they go quick.”-Vic Bartholomew, former school janitor

Texas:  Dallas Independent School District wants to shutdown four schools in 2018, officially due to low academic performance.  Texas Education Agency (TEA) suddenly canceled a contract with Georgia-based SPEDx, which was meant to find out why the TEA sucks when it comes to educating ‘special needs’ students.  The contract was already being questioned by taxpayers because it was awarded without any bidding by other companies, and most educators had never heard of SPEDx.

Utah: Despite the fact that 30% of Utahans voluntarily attend marriage classes the state Marriage Commission is demanding a new law be created to force all people who want to get married to pay for a premarital education course.  It’s suggested that to help offset the cost of the course that a $20 discount be applied to the Marriage License.  Law students at Brigham Young University have joined the fight against debt collectors. It’s estimated that 70-thousand debt collections cases are filed every year in the Mormon dominated state! The BYU law students are working with a Salt Lake City based attorney to provide debtor’s legal defense free of charge. 

Virginia: U.S. Department of Education investigating Lake Braddock Secondary School for reports of sex crimes committed by a coach, who suddenly retired.

Washington DC:  The federal Department of Education (DoE) reneged on its promise to forgive student loan debt for students who were tricked into attending the now dead Corinthian Colleges, which operated schools with various names across the country.  DoE officials claim they’ll come up with a more fair way to deal with the estimated $550-million USD in outstanding federal student loans.

Wisconsin:  “I wish we could vote, because we’re the ones actually in the education system that they’re fighting to have control over!”Marisa Rodriguez, senior at Saint Joan Antida High School

Dumbing Down November 2017: “CLOSING WAS THE ONLY OPTION.”

“closing was the only option.”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., November 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

The nonprofit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities used federal data to compile a list showing that 29 U.S. states whose state taxpayer funding of education is still below their funding levels prior to the 2008 Recession.  However, cuts to education funding actually began before the Recession: “Your ability to invest in your schools is severely limited by those decisions of the past, before the recession hit. And it continues to have an important impact.”-Michael Leachman, interview with news media

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, November 2017:

Alaska:  Fairbanks North Star Borough School District suffering long term Disappearing Students Syndrome.  Local news media reported that enrollments are down for 2018.  In 1998 enrollments peaked at 16-thousand-431, today there are 13-thousand-643 students, which could force the district to shutdown schools.

California: In San Francisco, after 25 years Thidwick Books shutting down after Xmas.  Zuckerburg funded (partly) hi-tech driven, expensive private school AltSchool shutting down its Palo Alto campus, and more campuses could be shutdown due to the fact that administrators are spending more money than they’re taking in (just because you’re a hi-tech geek doesn’t mean you know how to handle money).  Parker School Uniforms issued shutdown WARNs for four locations, taking place right after Xmas. Non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Santa Ana campus, 29 jobs gone after Xmas.  The state Attorney General suing Ashford University-Bridgepoint Education, accusing them of illegal marketing, sales and debt collections.

Colorado: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Colorado Springs and Thornton, 53 jobs gone.

Connecticut:  A stranger rescued an autistic elementary student after he wandered off the campus of Vance Elementary School: “I just went out the front door.”-student to local news media

Florida: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Wyotech-Everest University campuses in Tampa, Ormond Beach and Orange Park, at least 306 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Georgia: Atlanta Metropolitan State College suddenly laid off 18 employees right before Thanksgiving.  Also, vacant positions will not be filled and equipment repairs/replacements will not be made, due to a 10% drop in enrollments from last school year.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Atlanta West campus.

Idaho: Enrollment in public schools is slowing down, except where immigrants/refugee populations are on the increase, like in Twin Falls and Boise areas.  Even with immigrant/refugees coming into the state, this school year’s total statewide enrollments were only 581 higher than last year.

Indiana: After 37 years of supporting Purdue University, University Spirit shutdown, the owners saying “With the retail and campus landscape changing on a national and local basis with Amazon and other internet options, closing was the only option.”  In Porter, non-profit Discovery Charter School discovered that $60-thousand USD in fundraising revenues and electronic transactions are now missing.  Local police say school administrators know who did it and efforts are being made to get justice.

Maryland: Carroll County School District halting field trips to Baltimore due to escalating city violence (this is the third year in a row that 3-hundred+ people have been murdered in the city).  Project Baltimore revealed that 13 schools in the city of Baltimore had not a single student that was considered proficient in math, and nine out of ten ‘black’ male children can’t read!   And Baltimore City Public Schools is warning that four more schools could be shutdown by the end of the school year, due to what I call DSS, and poor academic performance.  A volunteer sports trainer at Gwynn Park High School now facing criminal charges after sending a nude pic of himself to a female student.

Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Boston suddenly laid off 36 people the week before Thanksgiving, and reduced work hours for remaining employees due to ongoing “financial and operational challenges”.  In Taunton, a three years old was left on a preschool bus for several hours before anybody noticed.  It was only after the school called the parents to question why he was absent that they decided to check the bus! 

Michigan: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Southfield campus.

Missouri: Saint Louis Community College warning that their new budget could result in at least 95 jobs being eliminated, due to crashing enrollments and taxpayer funding.   The state government now facing two lawsuits for holding illegal closed door meetings in an apparent coup attempt, regarding leadership of the state education system.

Nevada: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Henderson campus.  Taxpayer funded Lyon County School District facing a lawsuit for blocking Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley from distributing religious material on taxpayer funded school property (in violation of the 1st Amendment).

New Jersey: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Plainfield campus, 41 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Westminster Choir College suddenly laid off 33 people and revealed the school might be transferred to the control of an ‘Asian’ institution, and if that fails then the 91 years old school will shutdown.

New York: New York ‘listed’ RYB Education New World Kindergarten was accused of drugging children in China, however, Chinese news media now says those parents who made the accusation have retracted their statements.  NYC Department of Education, Hicksville School District, and Rockville Centre School District, all suddenly canceled their taxpayer funded contracts with Baumann Bus Company, 232 jobs suddenly affected!

Ohio: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Gahanna campus, 31 jobs gone after Xmas.  Ontario Police Department accuses a high school band leader of rape, investigators say it does not involve students.   A mom, her daughter and goddaughter arrested after allegedly attacking a school official at Linden McKinley High School.  Two school bus drivers punished (unpaid suspension) for ‘making out’ in front of students getting on a school bus in Kettering City.

Oklahoma: God powerless to stop the sudden (without warning) shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Gregory’s University, supposedly due to a sudden change in federal taxpayer funding rules from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): “The USDA came up with a new rule last week, never before heard of, to say, ‘Oh, you’re not eligible until the next census’.”-Michael Scaperlanda, university president

Oregon: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Tigard campus, 29 jobs gone right after Xmas.  The state Department of Education admits that Tribal Nations-Native American’s are graduating at lower rates, failing more exams and getting into more trouble than non-Native Americans. Native American Debbie Austin blames the U.S. education system which continues to outright lie about The First Nations: “Our children need to know that is not true. They need to know who they are and where they came from.”

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Pennsylvania: Students at Cheltenham High School apparently videoed themselves having sex, then shared it with junior high students on social media, school officials told local news media they haven’t seen the video despite many parents seeing it.  East Stroudsburg University warning of mass layoffs due to flat-lined enrollments and increasing operating costs, resulting in the university being short by at least $5.8-million USD.  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech-Blairsville campus, 73 jobs gone right after Xmas.  At least 45 teachers in Harrisburg quit in protest of escalating student violence, which prompted the superintendent to warn of a “different type of support that is needed.”

South Carolina:Berkeley County School District bus driver arrested after allegedly assaulting a ‘special needs’ student.

Texas: Hurricane Harvey directly affecting property tax payments across 60 counties, which in turn directly affects local taxpayer funding of schools.   After only three months on the job the state Special Education Director was suddenly fired, after complaining about the Texas Education Agency (TEA) awarding a no-bid contract to a company that ‘mines’ data on disabled students!  However, the TEA says they fired the Director for covering up sex crimes against disabled students!  A female Cy-Springs High School history teacher is accused of having sex with a student and doing drugs (ain’t that why it called High School?), according to the complaint the teach and the student would meet at a ‘christian’ Chick-Fil-A for their trysts.  A now former Director of School Finance Operations Region 16 Education Service Center pled guilty to a charge of possession of child porn.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its five campuses across The Lone Star State.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Abilene Christian University from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs as part of its attempt at “…lowering student debt and the cost of delivering a quality higher education, while increasing affordability…”  In Amarillo, after more than 60 years of supplying local teachers A&D Bookstore shutdown: “There are too many people using their computers and not buying things from stores. Therefore, we just don’t have enough business.”-Elnora Dennis, owner

Virginia:  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Chesapeake and Woodbridge.

Washington: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Tacoma and Everett, 74 jobs gone right after Xmas.

Washington DC: A local TV station discovered that teenagers are allowed to graduate Ballou High School despite not attending for most of the year.   WJLA reports that students who had unexcused absences for more than three quarters of the school year were somehow able to graduate.  

Wisconsin: Appleton based Book World announced it is done, shutting down all 45 stores across seven U.S. states.  But get this, the administrators blame their brick-n-mortar operations demise on internet competition, despite the fact that Book World has a website (www.bookworldstores.com)!

Wyoming: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech campus in Laramie.

Dumbing Down October 2017: “I’M BEING BULLIED!” “HE WAS SHOOTING AT TRUMP!”

Gun Ban Fail: Filipino cops shot dead despite strict anti-gun laws!

01 NOV 2017 (04:33 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Aban 1396/11 Safar 1439/13 Xin-Hai 4715

In Cebu City four people were recently arrested for shooting and killing a retired cop while he was driving a taxi.  The shooting happened last week.  Also in Cebu City, today a man was arrested in a cemetery because he was in possession of an illegally made revolver.

In Mandaue City, a female cop was shot multiple times and killed. Local news media report that the Mandaue City Police Office said the female cop was shot in the Consuelo Village-Basak area of the city, but they currently don’t know why she was in that location.

Back in June, a retired soldier was arrested for gun-running after being caught a checkpoint in Barangay Taytay area of Danao City.  Also, seven people were arrested and 17 guns captured, four of which were ‘homemade’ guns.  In July, police claim they shot and killed an illegal drugs-gun running ‘hit man’ after a gun battle, however, witnesses say they saw the cops plant a gun and drugs on the man’s body after they killed him.   Then in August, a businessman in the Suba Village area of Danao City was arrested for illegal possession of guns, and for financing the illegal manufacture of guns.   In September, a man in the Sitio Dancar area of Danao City was arrested for possession of an illegal shotgun.   The reports of illegal gun busts and arrests take place almost on a weekly bases.

I’ve written before that the Philippines has some of the toughest anti-gun laws, but at the same time they have one of the highest gun ‘ownership’ rates in the world.  That’s because people make their own guns in illegal factories known as Danao Gun Factories.  So much for words written on piece of paper called a ‘Law’.

In this NHK video report, illegal gun makers reveal that even Filipino politicians are some of their best customers:



Stop your country’s population Death Spiral, legalize Marijuana!

01 NOV 2017 (03:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Aban 1396/11 Safar 1439/13 Xin-Hai 4715

“Frequent marijuana use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it’s associated with increased coital frequency.-Michael Eisenberg, assistant professor of urology

A new Stanford University School of Medicine study debunks the age old myth that smoking ganja reduces sexual desire, in fact it supports what many tokers have said for a long time; Mary-Jane smokers ‘do it’ more often than non-smokers!

The researchers studied CDC data from 50-thousand of the estimated 20-million legal marijuana users in the United States and found that they tended to have 20% more sex than non-smokers.






“I’m being bullied!” “He was shooting at Trump!”: Dumbing Down the U.S.A., October 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes (and now Mother Earth is doing her part to destroy institutionalized education), October 2017:

Arizona:  Tucson School District warning of mass layoffs caused by $4.5-million to $6-million USD in budget cuts due to crashing enrollments (an estimated 880 students are exodusing the district this year).   It’s been revealed that the federal taxpayer funded Havasupai School is closed most of the year, and when it is open many parents don’t send their kids because they don’t like how it’s being operated, meaning local students are not getting educated.

California: A new study shows that Muslim students are the most likely to be bullied at school, by so called christians.  The most common incident are Muslim girls being attacked by ‘christians’ for wearing a scarf.  Hey, you dumb-ass ‘christians’!  There was a time in ‘America’ when Christian women covered their hair with a scarf as well, damn-it, cause I remember my Catholic mother used to do that up until the mid-1970s when it fell-out-of fashion with ‘christians’!  Two Los Angeles cops being investigated after being caught bullying students.  The police defend themselves saying it’s part of a taxpayer funded program to straighten-up non-compliant students, however, video emerged showing some of the students being bullied are as young as six!  Los Angeles School District accusing taxpayer funded charter school Partnerships to Uplift Communities of covering up conflict-of-interest evidence involving LA school board member Ref Rodriguez.  A female counselor with Sweetwater Union High School District accused a male San Diego Unified School District counselor of sexually harassing her, the man was fired.   University California Riverside laid off 15 InfoTech employees.   Kindergarten Hidden Valley Satellite destroyed by wildfire.  God powerless to stop wildfire from destroying ‘his’ Redwood Adventist Academy.  About 80% of Cardinal Newman High School burned.  Wildfire destroyed the classrooms of Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (where George Carlin recorded It’s Bad for Ya!).    Extreme levels of lead found in 30 drinking water fountains at three San Francisco public schools.  In Shingle Springs, Ponderosa High School apparently suffering an outbreak of viral meningitis.

Colorado:  It’s been revealed that some school board candidates are being funded with what’s being called Dark Money from for-profit businesses who hope to get taxpayer funded contracts.  

Connecticut:  Regional #10 Public School District joined other districts in warning of layoffs due to massive taxpayer funding cuts.  The city of New London slashed its school budget by $4.2-million USD, and warning of layoffs, because of expected state taxpayer funding cuts.

Delaware: For some reason parents are ‘mass exodusing’ their kids from Christina School District, reducing taxpayer funding.  According to local news reports four out of ten students in the district are being sent to non-district schools.  Most are going to charter schools while others are attending schools in other districts, apparently the biggest complaint about Christina School District is a “lack of discipline”.

Florida:  A female Miami-Dade school principal ‘reassigned’ after being caught driving while intoxicated.   In Tampa, an Adams Middle School employee is accused of offering money to students in exchange for sex.   Palm Beach County School District continues blaming third graders for their teacher sexually abusing them!  The incident happened in 2005, but after 12 years of hemming-and-hawing the district administrators still insist the nine years old girls “conducted themselves in a careless and negligent manner” and were “old enough to appreciate the consequences of their actions.”

Georgia: A mom is accusing the Big Shanty Intermediate School of ordering its students to dress-up as Civil War characters, she says one of the students dressed as a plantation owner and told her son “you are my slave”.  The school replied thusly “No student was required to dress in period attire and any student that did so was not instructed, nor required, to dress in any specific attire.”

Idaho: A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey reports that one in four Gem State high school students are bullied, prescription drug abuse is up and that teen suicide contemplation is at a ten years high!  The local economy is so bad that marching band students at Pocatello High School couldn’t afford to pay the mandatory fees and had to turn to a GoFundMe operation so they could attend competitions (a far cry from when my eldest daughter was a proud Pokey marching band member, and we could barely afford the fees then)!  Speaking of bad economies, eleven cash-strapped schools got federal USDA taxpayer funded grant money for much needed new kitchen equipment.  Also, 120 cash-strapped schools on the eastern side of the state took part in a pathetic ‘two-day five-minute’ Idaho Lottery scratcher contest, it was the largest act of desperation, I mean scratcher contest to date!   Dietrich School District quietly settle a boy-on-boy sexual assault and racism lawsuit.  One football player was sexually attacked by three other football players in the high school locker room in 2015.  The details of the settlement are currently sealed in federal court.

Illinois: Parents of a now dead Naperville North High School student say he was bullied by the dean and the school cop, who repeatedly threatened to ruin the student’s life by charging him with sex crimes, other students confirmed the school is using Israeli style scare tactics!   A Lake in the Hills junior high student charged with hate crimes after posting a video that resulted in a ‘soft’ lockdown of the school, police refuse to give details.  In Fairview Heights, after almost 30 years retailer Parent Teacher Tools shutting down after Thanksgiving, the owner blames online competition.

Indiana:  Carmel Clay School District suspended its superintendent and its human resource officer without explanation, saying they will conduct a review “in a manner that respects the confidentiality of its employees’ personal matters.”   Plainfield High School English teacher in trouble after her students ‘published’ 17-hundred magazines on how to ‘survive’ dating at the school, which apparently promotes group sex.  By the way, the English teacher is also the district’s 2017  Teacher of the Year.  At Needham Elementary School, a nine years old autistic boy was handcuffed by school cops!  Police accuse the boy of attacking other students and two teachers.

Kansas: Haven School District shutting down (pending public hearings) one of three elementary schools due to skyrocketing operating costs and crashing enrollments.

Maryland:  God not powerful enough to stop the state from canceling taxpayer funded vouchers for Trinity Lutheran Christian School, because the school refuses to enroll homosexual students.  Seven Bel Air High School students in trouble after posting ‘racial’ pics on social media.  School administrators say it’s a copycat incident as, apparently, such pic posting is happening at schools around the country.  In Montgomery County, a now former school cop sentenced to a piddly 18 months for having sex with a female student!  A former Baltimore County school superintendent being accused of spending taxpayer money to visit 19 cities in 13 states: “It’s incredibly unacceptable that someone who is the CEO of the school system is away 38% of the time. You have to show up at your job.”-Jim Brochin, state senator

Michigan: Administrators at Fordson High School revealed a “rogue” hazing incident took place on campus, but refused to give details saying only that “disciplinary measures have been taken” with possible legal action as well.  East Rockford Middle School learned its water might be toxic after a hazardous dumpsite was found near the water supply.  The dumpsite was being used by shoemaker Wolverine.  One upset parent said of the shoemaker “How many more dump sites are we going to find?”

Missouri: A now former employee of Grandview School District was sentenced to just over five years in federal prison for stealing $1.6-million USD from the school district during a ten years period.  A now former junior high school coach is finally on trial for raping and killing a girl in 2014, supposedly his attorney admitted his client was on meth at the time.  Saint Louis Community College warning of another round of layoffs, blaming state taxpayer funding cuts and the disappearance of more than 10-thousand students since 2011!

Nevada: The Washoe County School District says installing gender neutral toilet rooms will cost local taxpayers at least $500-thousand USD per school!  It’s part of a plan to build new schools in a district that’s supposedly experiencing skyrocketing enrollments. The new elementary and junior high schools will not have separate boys and girls toilet rooms.

New Jersey: Monroe Township warning that all schools could be shutdown, not because of lack of funding, but because of mold.    A mom is in big trouble for sending her kids to a school in a district they don’t live in.  According to news reports, the mom used to live in Middletown but moved to Keansburg last year, yet she continued sending her kids to school in Middletown.  A judge, and the state Commissioner of Education, ruled she owes taxpayers in Middletown $39,178.80!  Outside Orange High School a policeman got into a fight with twin sisters who attend the school.  Apparently they were ordering pizza at a nearby eatery when the cop began questioning one of the girls.  When her sister approached the cop told her to get away, which she didn’t and he grabbed her by the hair, then the fight started.  A school employee tried to break up the fight and was given a ticket.  The sisters say the cop also harassed them the day before, he is now suspended pending the results of an investigation.

New York: A fight broke out at Poughkeepsie High School, it was between students and parents.  Originally it was between students, but then parents showed up and got involved. Administrators say an ‘external’ threat was made towards the school and police were called in, no details about the fights or threat were made public.

North Carolina: A janitor at East Lee Middle School arrested for using a cell phone to secretly record people in the faculty toilet room.   Apparently the janitor isn’t very smart because the first person to use the toilet found the cell phone.  At Wakefield Middle School, police are looking for an adult ‘black’ male who allegedly tried to rape a 16 years old female as she walked to school.  After the 2016 arrests of intoxicated school bus drivers, a local TV station conducted an investigation and discovered that “12 out of 81 drivers had traffic violations in the last seven years.”

Ohio: Students are being warned to stay away from talking drones.  Akron Public School District says a talking-flying-drone was attempting to lure elementary school kids off the campus.  

Pennsylvania: A lawsuit accuses school administrators of punishing students who report harassment and abuse.  Students are told to avoid their tormentors, if that doesn’t work the victims are then sent to an alternative school for troubled students.  Apparently administrators are afraid of confronting the bullies.  Somebody strung-up a ‘black’ baby doll at Coatesville Area High School, the unnamed student who did it said it was just a joke.  It was revealed that in September a new state law forced Reading School District to block 2-hundred students from going to school because they were not vaccinated!

Puerto Rico: Hurricanes Irma and Maria shutdown the territory’s education system. 

South Dakota: Sturgis Brown High School was scheduled to play the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but the game, as well as homecoming events, are now canceled after ‘white’ students were caught vandalizing a car by painting “go back to the rez” on it.  Female students at University of South Dakota‘s law school are demanding more toilets, saying male students have more ‘bathroom options’ than women!

Tennessee: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Presbyterian founded King University from eliminating more than a dozen jobs due to The Rapture, I mean what I call DSS.  Northeast State Community College slashed $5-million from its budget and is shutting down its four years old Bristol campus right before Xmas, because the operating costs for the newer campus outweigh revenues from student enrollments. After 81 years Memphis College of Art announced it will shutdown by 2020, due to crashing revenues caused by what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.

Texas: In Houston, a now former counselor with charter school KIPP Explorer Academy charged with indecent behavior with girls, some cases going back to 2012.   Stupid McKinney High School teachers in trouble for using the recent video of a student being taken down by Dallas cops as part of a ‘criminal justice’ class, without considering the effect on the student who still attends the school.  Conroe Independent School District being sued for the sexual bullying of a girl during the 2015-16 school year.  The family is so distraught they moved to Alabama.   Students are suing schools because they don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, saying it’s their constitutional right!   The Pledge was actually approved by Congress in 1942 and originally made no mention of ‘god’.  It’s title, The Pledge of Allegiance, was named in 1945, ‘god’ was added in 1954 (in direct violation of the 1st Amendment).  The original Pledge salute was what many people now call a Nazi salute.   I don’t remember anything in the Constitution about the Pledge of Allegiance, however, the federal Supreme Court has ruled several times that people cannot be forced to say the Pledge: “….no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.”-Justice Robert H. Jackson

By the way, several anti-Pledge lawsuits were filed by ‘christian’ denominations.

Vermont: A mom, who is also a chiropractor, is facing legal challenges after refusing to sign a vaccination exemption because none of the pro-vaccination statements printed in the document are based on actual ‘evidence’: “I feel like I’m being backed into a corner. I’m being bullied!”-Naomi Malik 

Virginia:  Chesapeake School Board voted unanimously to rezone the district because of a huge disparity in school enrollments, parents seemed to be unanimously against the plan .

Washington:  Kent-Meridian High School spending extra tax money on extra security due to increased threats by ‘christians’ against Muslim students!

Wisconsin: Beaver Dam Unified School District approved a $38-million USD budget, which will cost local taxpayers more money: “Having either an increased revenue limit or a decrease in state aid can shift a district’s funding to its local tax levy. We happen to have both in the same year, not to mention that this is the first year of the levy for the referendum debt.”-Anne-Marie Woznicki, director of business services

Wyoming: Some Trump supporting parents within the Teton County School District going ballistic over a multiple choice answer concerning George Orwell’s 1945 book about leftist revolutions, called Animal Farm.  One question had multiple choice answers to explain why one character ordered another to shoot a gun.  One facetious answer was “He was shooting at Trump”.  Trump loving parents want the test, and possible the book removed.  Animal Farm is about a leftist revolution that devolves into a ‘reign of terror’ as the leaders of the leftist movement discover that they can manipulate the masses into eliminating anybody who questions the new leftist system.  Teton County School District apologized for the test.  I find it ironic and hypocritical that rightists want to eliminate the test/book.


Maria: Militarization of Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands

25 OCT 2017 (05:28 UTC-07 Tango 06)  03 Aban 1396/04 Safar 1439/06 Geng-Xu (9th month) 4715

“We’re here for the win, and the win is providing the best assistance we can to the people of Puerto Rico and to help rebuild their lives, rebuild their communities and help them to move on to a brighter, happier day.”-Sergeant First Class Jeremiah Canter, U.S. Army

“We worked 14 days straight on Hurricane Katrina (a decade ago on the U.S. Gulf Coast). That was hard. This is far harder. This is us.”-Senior Master Sergeant Raul Vidal, 198th Airlift Squadron, Puerto Rico Air National Guard

What all the whiners about there not being enough federal government response to the massive hurricane damage in Puerto Rico don’t realize is they’ve inadvertently opened the door to massive militarization of the island territory.

Taxpayer funded contractors repair a bridge in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, 24 OCT 2017

Despite what the U.S. mainstream (fake) news reporting a ‘lack of response’ there is a massive military operation taking place all over Puerto Rico, and to a smaller extent on U.S. Virgin Islands.  The military is even using the U.S. Postal Service!

Army North/FEMA Joint Force Land Component Command post in San Juan

While FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is officially in charge of responding to the hurricane damage, it’s actually U.S. Army North (a component of U.S. Northern Command) who’s in charge. However, the Department of Defense claims Army North is there to “support FEMA”.

U.S. Army North, U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard units deliver drinking water in Lares, 10 OCT 2017

U.S. Air Force cybersecurity personnel work to restore radio and cell phone communications

Damaged cell phone tower

Even the U.S. Air Force (USAF) admits U.S. Army North is in charge: “We’re working with a bunch of different mission partners out here like FEMA, and Army North. It has been a lot of coordination and figuring things out as we go.”-Captain Ryan Headrick, 85th Engineering and Installation Squadron-38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group-68th Cyberspace Wing, USAF

U.S. Army’s 14th Combat Support Hospital-44th Medical Brigade set up a hospital in Humacao

The USA (U.S. Army) set up field hospitals: “All of the destruction has been really, really damaging to our efforts here. Imagine trying to set up a modern technology hospital with Civil War communication methods.”-Major Manuel Menendez, attached to 14th Combat Support Hospital, USA

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification delivery in Fortuna

USA water purification units are using massive 11-thousand liter (3-thousand gallon) Reverse Osmosis Water Purification systems to turn plentiful ocean salt water into fresh drinking water.   It’s then pumped into the 7-thousand liter (2-thousand gallon) water tanks of M977 Tactical Trucks for delivery: “We’ve been getting extremely positive feedback from the community. Just knowing that I’m helping has been very rewarding.”-Specialist Wade Scamehorn, 127th Quartermaster Company-3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command

U.S. Army active and reserve soldiers set up water purification systems near Guajataca Lake, 09 OCT 2017

A Red Horse C-17 delivers a second Disaster Relief Beddown System, 10 OCT 2017

The Ohio National Guard’s 200th Red Horse (engineers) Squadron deployed to Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin islands.  The Red Horse has the ability to deploy anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

Video, Montana Air National Guard’s 219th Red Horse Squadron building tent city, 19 OCT 2017:

Nevada’s High Roller Aerial Porters loading U.S. Postal Trucks for deliveries of supplies, the trucks still carry an old USPS slogan “We Deliver For You”

Nevada Air National Guard’s 152nd Logistics Readiness Squadron High Roller Aerial Porters arrived on 04 OCT 2017.  Since then they’ve worked twelve-hour shifts and processed way more than 884.6 short tons (U.S. tons) of cargo, including cell phone towers and 40 fully loaded semi-trucks.

FBI agents team up with Army Reservists to deliver food in Adjuntas, 11 OCT 2017

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is in on the act, joining USA reservists to help deliver food: “We are using our own law enforcement vehicles, which aren’t really conducive to carrying large payloads, so we coordinate with them to bring as much aide to the people.”-Special Agent Phillip Irizarry, from New York

Sergent Ashley Green, with the 393rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion-166th Regional Support Group-1st Mission Support Command, revealed why the Army Reserve teamed up with the FBI: “They have the good intelligence; we aren’t just going around not knowing where to go.”

Taxpayer funded fuel truck delivers diesel to a hospital in Cayey, 10 OCT 2017

Defense Logistics Agency, FEMA, Task Force Americas, the Foster Fuels Team and the Puerto Rican Police Department work to  provide more than 113-thousand liters (30-thousand gallons) of diesel fuel everyday, to power generators across the island: “I never imagined that I could come back to my hometown and do disaster relief. This has been the most meaningful mission in my whole Navy career, up to this point. I’m thankful that I’m able to use my background, in the military, to assist, not just people that are in need, but my town; my island.”-Lieutenant Commander Jose Varjs, deputy commander Task Force Americas Puerto Rico, U.S. Navy

Taxpayer funded truck delivers taxpayer funded generator

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer is one of the many federal agencies working to restore electrical power, so far more than 270 industrial generators have been deployed, and hundreds more are being shipped in for Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands: “Ideally, we shoot for 25 generator installs per day. Realistically, if we can get between 15 and 20 installations per day, we’re doing well.”-B.J. Parkey

USN and Hospital Menonita personnel evac patients to the hospital ship Comfort, 06 OCT 2017

The U.S. Navy (USN) hospital ship has already responded to generator failures at local hospitals: “We are a mobile platform that can respond to the greatest area of need or act as a strut to help the Puerto Rican health system.”-Captain Kevin Buckley, commander USNS Comfort

USNS Comfort (T-AH 20)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been making food and water deliveries to remote locations using UH-60 Blackhawks

NGO American Red Cross conducting recon ops to remote locations

Even the non-governmental organization American Red Cross has been conducting reconnaissance missions in remote rugged terrain, at the request of FEMA/Army North: “We had a mass distribution for the people of Lares yesterday. They had 250 to 500 families who picked up water, snacks and meals.”-USA Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Tom Corrigan,  current volunteer for the Red Cross in Puerto Rico

Indiana Air National Guard deploys security forces, 23 OCT 2017

On 23 OCT 2017, the Indiana Air National Guard’s 181st Intelligence Wing-181st Security Forces Squadron deployed, for the purpose of providing airfield security and protection of personnel and resources in Puerto Rico, suggesting there’s a growing security problem.

New York military police deployed to Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

New York Army National Guard’s 442nd Military Police Company deployed 118 MPs to support Puerto Rican police and National Guard MPs to maintain order on the island.   Another 97 New York MPs are patrolling the U.S. Virgin Islands, 77 on Saint Thomas and 20 military cops on Saint Croix.   All those military cops are on top of the more than 6-hundred New York militia-personnel deployed around 29 SEP 2017.

Video of Alaska, Connecticut, Nevada, Puerto Rico and Wisconsin Air National Guard delivering 18 pallets of U.S. mail:

Also around 29 SEP 2017, the Mississippi National Guard deployed more than 2-hundred Soldiers and Airmen to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands.  The Louisiana National Guard deployed more than 3-hundred personnel.   South Carolina National Guard deployed about 150 engineers.  The Pennsylvania National Guard deployed two Chinook helicopters and their crews.

Puerto Rico National Guard loads up a Blackhawk with food and water

The Illinois Air National Guard sent a special communications unit: “We are bringing laptops, phones, radios and even webcams for video teleconferencing. We can allow the rescue teams to coordinate in real time through video and voice calls. We’re also bringing extra laptops to set up an internet café. We hope to allow people to contact families and friends to let them know they’re safe.”-Staff Sergeant Helmut Woodberry, 126th Communications Flight

Video, newbie Puerto Rico National Guardsman’s baptism by hurricane:

Compromised Guajataca Dam, 23 OCT 2017

Georgia Army National Guard has been delivering supplies via helicopter to shore up the damaged Guajataca Dam.  North Carolina Army National Guard personnel have been cleaning up the Escuela de la Comunidad Matilde Rivera Amadeo.

On the U.S. Virgin Islands it’s called Operation Island Restore, begun after Hurricane Irma and extended because of Maria, so far involving more than 19-thousand militia personnel from 37 U.S. states.

Video, U.S. Virgin Islands National Guard cleanup Saint Croix schools:

What I’ve mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg.


“Not only did they change her grades…they ostracized her!”: Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., September 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

TheAtlantic: A growing body of research debunks the idea that school quality is the main determinant of economic mobility.  

TheMercuryNews: San Mateo County Office of Education indicates that female administrators (and elected trustees) are basically running the academic show along the Peninsula.

AmericanSpectator: “Personalized learning” is warping our children’s education.

Reason.com: College Isn’t Higher Education

WashingtonPost: Americans without college degrees showed greatest gains in wealth since 2013

Bloomberg: Despite a supposedly improving economy More Americans Are Falling Behind on Student Loans

Universities and colleges across the U.S. affected by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) scandal, as the FBI hit basketball coaches, and sponsor Adidas, with corruption charges.  Other coaches have been forced to take time off.  The three year investigation revealed massive bribery of colleges and universities by professional teams and sport apparel makers.   The Federal Bureau of Investigation also ordered sport sponsor Nike to turn over financial documents relating to the Elite Youth Basketball League.

Incomplete list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, September 2017:

Arkansas: A female teacher at Marked Tree High School accused of having sex with students from two school districts, if convicted could spend 40 years in prison.

California:  ‘Muslim’ Zaytuna College is now the proud owner of the 65 years old Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, in Berkeley.  In contrast to ‘christian’ colleges, Musilm colleges are experiencing rapid growth in enrollment.  Los Angeles County district attorney filed money laundering charges against the LA School Board president!  UC Irvine quietly removed homeopathy from its online list of medical services, as part of a new medical program called integrative medicine.  Air medevac was called in for Modesto High School after students collapsed when they ate some brownies.  Yep, the brownies were made with a powerful form of ganja.   Local news media reported that the naive parents were shocked that “marijuana brownies were at school.”  Bullard High School teacher now charged with using drugs to sexually assault students.  After 39 years, advocate of making San Francisco a “literary city” Aardvark Books forced to shutdown by the new property owner: “Everyone seems to want the cat, so the cat will be fine. Yet no one is looking for homes for the employees.”-David Lugn, soon to be former manager

Colorado: A former honor student is accusing Delta High School of violating the U.S. 1st Amendment by deliberately dumbing down students’ grades based on their religious beliefs, thereby preventing those students from qualifying for college scholarships: “Not only did they change her grades, they took away her recommendations and they ostracized her!”-Jeffrey Springer, attorney

Apparently administrators with Delta High School, which is a public school not private, claimed they could impose their ‘christian’ beliefs on students because the school did not receive federal tax dollars.

Connecticut: School district’s across the state warning of mass layoffs due to a pending 40% cut in state taxpayer funding!

Florida:  The Brevard County School Board wants to rezone the district, affecting at least 1-thousand students.   It’s their way of addressing enrollment problems, but will take five years and cost taxpayers at least $40-million USD.

Georgia: Two students at Orrs Elementary School were accused of being members of the KKK because they stood and recited the pledge of allegiance.  It turns out the teacher instigated the name calling by telling the students how bad it was to stand for the pledge of allegiance, and according to local news media she even said ‘she would never stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and that if she did stand she would not really mean it.’  After the two students were bullied the teacher supposedly apologized for what she instigated.   A former junior high school gym teacher was arrested for having sex with a student, for a second time.    Investigators say the woman had sexual relations with students while at Union County Middle School.    Albany State University nursing students are having so much trouble getting government loans to pay for new higher tuition (caused by the merger of Albany State and competitor Darton College) that they are now beggaring the local population for help: “My tuition used to be $1,400 and now it is $2,100!”-Nancy Collier, interview with WALB

Idaho: In Mormon dominated Jefferson School District 251 parents demanded George Orwell’s 1984 be banned for its sexual content. After an even bigger outcry from those who objected to such a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment, school administrators stated “…it is simply not true that 1984 has been banned at Rigby High School.”  State law requires that high schools help students develop a four years plan to prep for college, but an investigation by East Idaho News says it ain’t happening. Counselors admitted they don’t have the staffing or financial resources to comply with state law.

IdahoEdNews reporting that the number of new teacher hires who do not have a teaching degree is at record highs, due to the fact there is a massive teacher shortage in The Gem State.

Illinois:  The former superintendent of Lincoln-Way High School District 210 was charged with embezzlement in a federal court.  Federal prosecutors say he misused taxpayer bond money on personal projects, as well as stealing vacation money and giving himself bonuses which he was not entitled to.  He pled not guilty. Whitney Young High School canceled their football season due to injuries and not having the required number of players on the team.

Massachusetts: The chairman of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education accused of donating at least $600-thousand USD to competing charter schools, and those charter schools did not publicize the donations as required by law.

Michigan:  Farmington Public Schools under investigation for ‘inappropriately confronting’ a sixth grade student for refusing to stand during the pledge of allegiance. The student’s parents say their son was “violently snatched” out of his chair.

Mississippi: The Joint Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review accusing the state Department of Education of handing out taxpayer funded contracts without the required biding process. 

New York: Technical Career Institute College of Technology suddenly shutdown its NYC location, 211 jobs gone instantly!  Geneseo Police Department and Livingston County Sheriff’s Office accusing Geneseo High School of doping-up their football players with OxyContin before games!  More than $22-thousand USD in PTA money has disappeared from the Charles Lindbergh Elementary School, police are investigating.  15 women now accuse Catholic Holy Cross school of sexually abusing students between 1973 and 1994, “in unimaginable ways”.

Pennsylvania:  The privately run Lest We Forget Black Holocaust Museum and Traveling Exhibit suddenly shutdown: “We’ve been struggling to keep the doors open for years. But with rising taxes we were not able to hold onto the building and we were bought out, we were essentially gentrified out of our building.”-Gwen Ragsdale, co-owner who also says they’re hoping to find a new home

Tennessee:  A Knoxville woman pled guilty to having sex with high school football players when her husband was the coach at South-Doyle High, she could be sentenced to 38 years in prison, one parent got suspicious when her sons began living with the coach and his wife.

Utah: Alpine School District wants to shutdown two elementary schools due to crashing enrollments in Orem.

Virginia: The 158 years old Averett University suddenly laid off 12 people due to crashing enrollments.

Washington: Bellingham Police revealed they’re investigating a Silver Beach Elementary School teacher for sexually assaulting a second grade student.

Dumbing Down, August 2017: “WE MOVED QUICKLY AND QUIETLY.”

Pacific Angel, it’s about the oil: Your tax dollars spent on education and healthcare in Vietnam and Philippines!

20 SEP 2017 /21:15 UTC-07 Tango 06 (30 Sharivar 1396/29 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/02 Ji-Yu 4715)

Operation Pacific Angel (PacAngel) is a recurring U.S. Pacific Command operation in which your hard earned tax dollars are spent on building up the education and healthcare infrastructure of countries like British empire member Fiji, Nepal, ‘former’ U.S. territory of Philippines and the old nemesis of the U.S., Vietnam.

It’s under the guise of ‘humanitarian’ aid but is more likely about winning over the countries that border the oil rich South China Sea.  It began under the Bush Jr regime as Oceana Mission, but under the Obama regime was renamed Pacific Angel.

Fiji: 3,872 people received healthcare in Tavua and Savusavu, as well as infrastructure projects for local schools.

Nepal: Provided medical care to 4,041 people, and infrastructure improvements made to five sites.

Philippines: In Northern Cebu Province, 6,657 people received medical care, seven facilities were renovated on top of getting $35-thousand USD in medical equipment and supplies.

Vietnam: Healthcare and infrastructure engineering improvements at several locations in the Tam Ky area.  “The challenge here is wanting to do more.”-Captain Rebecca Englebretson, USAF

Pacific Angel is just one of many U.S. taxpayer funded military ‘humanitarian’ operations taking place every year around the world.  If taxpayers can be forced to pay for education, infrastructure and healthcare for other countries then why is it such a problem to fund healthcare, education and infrastructure right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.?













“We moved quickly and quietly.”: Dumbing Down the U.S. of A., August 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

theguardian: Pics of Civil War statues being torn down across the U.S.

Incomplete list of publicly announced education related layoffs & school shutdowns, August 2017:

Alabama:  Books-A-Million shutdown its month old 2nd & Charles branded store in Madison, supposedly to build a new store nearby.

California:  Iconic privately owned Hollywood Forever Cemetery caved in to threats from pinko commies and removed a Civil War monument.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy took the monument saying they were tired of people defacing it and denying history.  High levels of lead were found in the water at several locations of the San Diego Unified School District (including the district HQ).  Lead is proven to ‘dumb down’ (retard) children.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ non-profit Shepherd University from going bankrupt and shutting down, local news reports say the theological college refused to give financial details. In Fresno, god powerless(?) to help ‘his’ Saint Helen’s elementary school pay its $500-thousand USD debt, however, the school remains open because a mysterious human came along and gave the Catholic school $250-thousand which then resulted in other humans donating money to save the school!   In Reseda, after 57 years Continental Art Supplies shutdown so the owner can retire.

Connecticut:  Middletown eliminating 11 teacher jobs funded by a special state taxpayer backed grant, which was canceled due to lack of taxpayer funding.   Silly uneducated teachers, don’t they know that when your economy is in a Death Spiral you can’t generate the taxes needed to support bloated taxpayer funded schools?

Florida:  College Book & Supply shutting down its store near University of Central Florida, due to a property development project.  In Tampa, pinko commies defaced a privately owned Civil War statue.  The statue is not on public land.  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Gainsville tore down a Civil War statue and returned it to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who made a simple statement: “We accept the Confederate Soldier Statue.”

Idaho: 10 former Idaho State University athletes threatening to retract $80-thousand USD in donations if the university president and the athletic director don’t resign, because “…we believe the state of ISU athletics is at an all-time low. When comparing ISU to its Big Sky peers, it’s easy to see that ISU is at the bottom of the league in facilities. Coaches’ pay, fundraising efforts and competitive records for revenue sports are also among the worst in the Big Sky Conference.”   Then suddenly, without warning, ISU president Arthur Vailas resigned!  Officially he said he was “retiring”.  ISU also reported that ‘preliminary’ overall enrollment is down for the Fall Semester, again, despite Freshman enrollment being up by about 2-hundred.

Illinois: In Chicago, supposed christian Bishop James E. Dukes is demanding a statue of the 1st President of the United States, George Washington, be torn down!   Chicago Public Schools conducted (yet again) a new round of layoffs, this time at least 950 people now jobless!  Both the teacher’s union and the state gov-na blamed it on inept management by Chicago’s ‘elected’ leaders.

Iowa: After 42 years the Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines shutdown due to lack of donations.

Kentucky:  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Lexington announced the removal of two Civil War statues, claiming they will be relocated.

Louisiana: The Orleans Parish School Board unanimously agreed to provided illegal immigrant children with a U.S. taxpayer funded education. 

Maryland: In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commie leaders of Baltimore tore down four Civil War statues in the dead of night.  “We moved quickly and quietly.” boasted ‘elected’ mayor Catherine Pugh.  A ‘Civil War’ statue in Annapolis will also be removed.

Minnesota:  Lyon County Museum’s 14 years old thrift store shutdown due to a sudden crash in sales in the past eight months.  Even though it’s a county museum it is not funded with taxes and was relying 100% on donations and its thrift store sales.   Another reason for the shutdown is taxpayers began using the thrift store as a trash can, resulting in the museum having to pay huge trash removal fees: “We were spending a lot of money getting rid of trash. It is an ongoing problem. People bring stuff here that people know full and well should be on the way to the dump.”-Mike Hagan

Nevada: Returning students discovered that Sierra Nevada College had laid off six teachers over the Summer.  Administrators blamed it on crashing enrollments.

New York:  In an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States, pinko commies are demanding the American Museum of Natural History remove its statue of the 26th President of the United States; Theodore Roosevelt!

North Carolina: After 38 years, the Piedmont Council for the Arts announced it will shutdown as soon as financial and legal matters are settled.   In Wilmington, two Civil War statues were defaced by an obviously under-educated Big Brother Double Speak loving gang of pinko commies  in an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States.   In Durham, an obviously under-educated Big Brother Double Speak loving gang of pinko commies tore down a Civil War statue in an effort to deny the factual reality of the history of the United States.  So far four people were arrested, at least two were promptly released after being charged with several crimes.

Pennsylvania: Native Americans are pissed as imperialist leaders of Pittston re-erected a statue of Christopher Columbus after spending $65-thousand U.S. tax dollars repairing it.  In Center City, a man was arrested for defacing a statue of a former city mayor.  Obviously the man was desperate for attention because he did it in daylight in front of visible cameras.

Texas:  In Temple, after only a few months of operations non-profit Central Texas School for the Performing Arts shutdown without warning, blaming it on a massive lack of financial and moral support from the local community.    Newsweek reported that Hurricane Harvey shutdown hundreds of school districts and some might not ever reopen: “These schools are going to be affected for at least a couple of months. It’ll be December before some can even be functional.”-Dan Domenech, American Association of School Administrators

Washington: The city ‘leaders’ of Seattle are proven commie pinkos as they allowed the erection of a statue to Russian communist Vladimir Lenin.