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No Ammo, no Guns, no Job! “unforeseeable significant downturn”: U.S. Mining/Industry/Logistics layoffs, March 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in March 2017.

Iconic and at one time the largest U.S. moving company Graebel Van Lines “ceasing ongoing operations, effective immediately”!  At least 2-thousand jobs suddenly gone!  News reports say its the second major moving company to go bust since December 2016 (Kane Company)!  News media also discovered that some employees and creditors began lawsuits this year over unpaid wages and debts!  If the company is legally broke they’ll never get paid (happened to me in 2012).

 California:  In Riverside, SiftMill issued a shutdown WARN, for April.  Waste cleanup company Global Sulfur Systems shutting down its Cerritos ops by the end of April.  What construction industry recovery? Construction engineering company Mas Tec North America eliminating 74 jobs by May.

Colorado: Distributor Bartkus Oil shutting down after 71 years due to crashing demand from the farm industry.

Connecticut:  In Orange, Valley Tool eliminating 65 jobs by June.

Florida: JCPenney issued a shutdown WARN for its Lakeland Logistics Center, 119 jobs gone between May and October!  What construction industry recovery?  CTIS eliminating 70 jobs at its West Palm Beach location, by mid-May.  At Elgin AFB, federal tax sucker SURVICE Engineering eliminating 91 jobs by mid-April.  And federal tax sucker PAE Aviation and Technical Services laid off 133 people at Elgin AFB!

Idaho:   Ammo maker Federal Cartridge (Federal Premium Ammunition) suddenly furloughed 1-hundred employees at its Lewiston factory, blaming hunters and Donald Trump: “…we experienced a challenging retail environment due in part to a weak hunting season and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.”

Illinois: Troubled United Airlines eliminating 3-hundred HQ jobs in Chicago!  School bus company First Student laying off 75 people in June due to loss of contract. Jackobson Warehouse shutting down its Romeoville location, 162 jobs lost by the end of May!  In Bolingbrook, Dedicated Logistics issued a shutdown WARN, 121 jobs lost by May due to loss of contract!  Also in Bolingbrook, logistics consultant Radial shutting down, 132 jobs lost by the end of June!  In Belvidere, Auto Releasing shutting down, 68 rail jobs lost by May due to loss of contract.  Also in Belvidere, Pierce Packaging shutting down, 46 jobs lost by the end of May due to loss of contract.  What automotive industry recovery? Tri-Dim Filter suddenly laid off 27 people in Belvidere. In Stockton, Dura Automotive Systems issued a layoff WARN, 171 jobs lost in May due to loss of contract!  In Romeoville, Stant USA shutting down, 69 jobs lost by January 2018.

Indiana: What automotive industry recovery?  Wisconsin based farm vehicle parts maker Rexnord shutting down its Indianapolis bearings factory and moving more than 3-hundred jobs to Mexico by the end of the year, despite threats by Donald Trump!  The layoffs started at the beginning of March.  Surface finisher Saran Industries eliminating 110 jobs by the end of June due to factory shutdown!

Iowa: What automotive industry recovery?  Caterpillar shutting down its Elkader factory, 75 jobs lost to Kansas.

Kentucky:  Gun maker Remington laid off about 16 people in Lexington.

Louisiana:  In Morgan, Petroleum Helicopters suddenly shutdown “…due to a very difficult economic environment and changes in our customers’ needs.”  The company transports workers to off-shore oil rigs.

Maryland: Georgia based Burris Logistics eliminating an undisclosed number of employees at its Elkton ops. Local news media discovered that Burris already eliminated about 50 jobs in neighboring Delaware, and speculated it might have something to due with Burris’ biggest customer BJ’s Wholesale Clubs.  Maker of store display units, Missouri based iDX Corporation, shutting down its Columbia factory, 68 jobs lost.  Local  news media reported that iDX wanted to expand but was not able to find a larger property at a price they could afford.

Michigan: What automotive industry recovery? Luxembourg based truck and farm vehicle parts maker SAF-Holland consolidating its U.S. operations, including shutting down their Holland factory, 97 Michigan jobs lost in October.  Auto parts maker Inteva Products furloughing 2-hundred employees for at least six months due to “the cancellation of our agreement with one of our largest customers”.  General Motors (GM) laying off 1-thousand-1-hundred people as it phases out GMC Acadia production at its factory in Lansing, by May!

Minnesota: Ammo maker Federal Cartridge (Federal Premium Ammunition) suddenly laid off 110 employees at its Anoka factory, blaming hunters and Donald Trump: “…we experienced a challenging retail environment due in part to a weak hunting season and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.”

New Hampshire: Thompson Investment Casting suddenly laid off 53 gun foundry workers, blaming the election of Donald Trump for crashing gun sales. Clarke Distributors-White Mountain Distributors being sold-off, affecting at least 123 employees!

New Jersey:   In Logan-Swedesboro, drugs pusher Walgreens shutting down its 18 years old e-commerce distribution center, 133 jobs lost in June!  Walgreens is consolidating its internet operations.  Warren Distributing eliminating 128 jobs by the end of April! Local news media say no reason was given.  In Wall, NRG Energy issued a WARN, 65 jobs gone by mid-June.  In Paulsboro, oil refiner AXEON issued a WARN, 115 jobs lost by May!  In Lawrenceville, Hub City Distributing issued a WARN, 101 jobs lost by the end of April!  Switzerland based ‘inspection’ company SGS issued a WARN for its Mawah location, 37 jobs gone by mid-May.

New York: Local news media reporting that General Electric (GE) will layoff a “small percentage” of people in Schenectady due to “current challenges in the power market and the integration of GE and legacy Alstom”.  Gun maker Remington laid off 122 people in Ilion blaming “poor economic policies pushed by Gov. Cuomo and Assembly Democrats as well as the SAFE Act. Make no mistake, there is a direct correlation.”  In Rotterdam, Railex issued a shutdown WARN, 138 rail jobs gone by the end of June, due to loss of contract!  Manufacturer Allenair issued a shutdown WARN for its Mineola location, 69 jobs lost by September.  The Research Foundation for The State University of New York
Smart System Technology and Commercialization Center shutting down its research and development ops, 30 jobs lost by mid-June.  School bus company East End Bus Lines shutting down in Medford, 255 jobs lost due to loss of contract!

North Carolina:  North State Aviation shutting down operations at the Smith Reynolds Airport, 345 jobs lost due to “unforeseeable significant downturn in business”!

Ohio: Oneida Group laid off ten people at its Anchor-Hocking glass cookware operations near Lancaster.  The jobs were outsourced to a company based in India, in order to improve “profitability”.  3M shutting down its factory in Elyria, 136 jobs lost between May and August!  Rail company CSX laid off 34 people “as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to be more efficient and reduce operating costs”.  What coal industry recovery? Dayton Power & Light going ahead with plans to shutdown two co-op owned coal fired power plants in 2018.

Oklahoma:  Linde Engineering eliminating about 80 jobs in Tulsa; 30 with outright layoffs and about 50 jobs being transferred to Texas.  It’s blamed on the petroleum industry BS.  Industrial emission control system maker John Zink eliminated an undisclosed number of jobs blaming “changing market conditions”.

Ohio: Maumee based agribusiness and farm retailer Andersons shutdown its distribution center as part of plans to go-out-of-business (announced last month).  Standex International-Enginetics shutting down its Eastlake aerospace factory, 28 jobs lost by July, “due to the strategic consolidation”.

Oregon: What construction industry recovery? Maker of fireplaces Portland Willamette shutting down its factory near Portland International Airport, the remaining 62 jobs gone by mid-May.

Pennsylvania: Nippon (Japan) owned nuclear power plant company Westinghouse now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Parent company Toshiba has been losing money hand-over-fist ever since the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Westinghouse will probably be sold to raise cash.  220 jobs lost as chemical company Indspec shuts down its factory in Petrolia, at the end of July!   Classtex suddenly shutdown its 70 years old knitting mill in Orwigsburg, the remaining 15 employees lost their jobs due to “Offshore competition mainly. It’s difficult to compete with countries that are not even paying their people $1 an hour, and they don’t have to worry paying their people any kind of benefits.”  Despite investment by Bill Gates hi-tech battery maker Aquion Energy suddenly laid off 80% of employees and declared bankruptcy!  Administrators said that even with funding by Bill Gates “the company has been unable to raise the growth capital needed to continue operating”.  Blaschak Coal laid off 55 people blaming a warm winter for low sales.  In Steelton, ArcelorMittal laid off an additional 86 people as it reduces the number of shifts. In September 2016, ArcelorMittal laid off 27 people. In Carlise, CEVA Logistics issued a WARN, 101 jobs lost by May!  In York, heat exchanger maker Kelvion eliminating 72 jobs by the end of June. Injection mold maker DME eliminating 61 jobs in Youngwood, by June.

South Carolina: Local news media reporting that General Electric (GE) will layoff a “small percentage” of people due to “current challenges in the power market and the integration of GE and legacy Alstom”.  After more than 20 years plastic packaging maker Buckhorn shutting down its factory in Bluffton, 1-hundred jobs lost due to sudden consolidation of ops!  The mayor of Bluffton, Ted Ellis, said “When I asked management if there was something we could have done, or could do to keep them here, they said no. That was a decision made elsewhere and we’re just at their mercy.” What automotive industry recovery?  Vehicle parts maker Dayco shutting down its 43 years old Walterboro factory, more than 120 jobs lost over the next few months!

Tennessee: Mississippi hauler Ingram Barge suddenly laid off 47 people blaming it on a sudden drop in business.

Texas: Troubled (by corporate insider games) oil contractor Ethos Offshore now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.   Oil contractor Enbridge eliminating 1-thousand jobs in the U.S. and Canada!  It’s the result of Enbridge’s takeover of competitor Sprecta Energy.  Gulf Marine Fabricators killing another 19 jobs on top of the hundreds it killed in the past 22 months.

Virginia: Local news media reporting that General Electric (GE) will layoff a “small percentage” of people in Salem due to “current challenges in the power market and the integration of GE and legacy Alstom”.  In Fisherville, Wilson Trucking laid off about 1-hundred people due to its takeover by a Texas company.

Washington: Boeing issued yet another mass layoff WARN, 245 jobs lost starting mid-May!  Japan owned Nippon Paper suddenly laid off 151 Port Angeles workers!  In SeaTac, Menzie’s Aviation shutting down, 949 jobs gone by May!  What automotive industry recovery?  Car electronics parts maker Harman International Industries issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Cheney, 86 jobs gone by May.  At nuke disaster site Hanford, tax sucking contractor CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation warned employees that 250 could lose their jobs because ‘key work’ at the disaster site was considered finished.  Also at Hanford, tax sucker Mission Support Alliance said it was laying off as many as 50 people.

West Virginia:  New York based Special Metals laid off 34 people in Huntington, in what local news media called “another round of layoffs”.  What construction industry recovery?  In Holden, hardwood floor maker Mohawk Industries laid off 111 people due to consolidation operations!

Wisconsin: Temp agency Manpower eliminating 150 HQ jobs in Milwaukee!  The administrative jobs are being replaced by robots/computers!

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, February 2017:  “INVOLUNTARY SEPARATION PROGRAM”

Retail/Banking/Service Sector Collapse, March 2017: “WE JUST DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE.”

Hawaiian cows bombed by Fukushima radiation! Highest skin cancer rate & government lies connected to Idaho?

11 June 2016 / 23:30 UTC-07 Tango 01 (23 Khordad 1395/06 Ramadan 1437/08 Jia-Wu 4714)

Belgium: Yet more problems with troubled Tihanga 2 nuke plant (which was supposed to be shutdown in 2015): “An electrical motor that turns a steam turbine in a non-nuclear part of the site broke down.”-Serge Dauby

Canada: Reports say the Canadian government has reversed course on shutting down the Whiteshell/Pinawa nuclear site in Manatoba. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has frozen the decommissioning and has apparently decided to leave underground reactors in place and simply pour concrete over everything: “Essentially, it has become too difficult and expensive to dismantle and dig up the radioactive waste at the Pinawa site, and the result is the province will wind up with a de facto nuclear waste facility.”

Finland: In 2020 the northern country will begin burying nuke waste for the first time.  They plan to bury 5-thousand tons of nuke waste for at least 100-thousand years.  The initial cost to taxpayers to build The Hollow is $4-billion USD!  Imagine the cost to maintain it, they must expect their economy to boom in order to provide the tax revenues to support The Hollow.

India: The U.S. Obama regime is supporting India’s plan to join the international Nuclear Suppliers Group: “In practical terms, there is nothing extra that the NSG will give India other than a seat at the nuclear high table.”-Rakesh Sood

Italy: The prime minister of the the U.S. led NATO member revealed plans for Italy to abandon its anti-nuclear weapons policy, and will allow the U.S. Obama regime to maintaining a nuclear arsenal in the Latin country (despite Obama’s promise seven years ago that the U.S. would stop exporting nukes), all in the ironic name of nuclear security: “Thank you President Obama. Italy is fully determined to follow through with its commitment for nuclear security.”-Matteo Renzi, Italian prime minister commenting on the basing of new U.S. B-61-12 nuclear bombs in Italy

Japan:  Five years later several people are breaking the news media silence on cancers caused by the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi disaster. A 21 years old woman with thyroid cancer is begging the rest of her neighbors to get screened for cancer. She’s one of 173 young people to reveal they have cancer that according to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation says can only be caused by a nuclear disaster.  News reports say the 21 years old woman is hiding her identity because victims of Fukushima Daiichi who go public are actually attacked by supporters of the nuke industry!  In the nuclear disaster areas skyrocketing cases of children with thyroid cancer are making local news, however, the neo-imperialist ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ government of Japan blames the increased child cancer rates on increased cancer screenings, not radiation! Even the Fukushima Medical Association flat denies the increased cases of thyroid cancer in children could be caused by radiation contamination!   News media revealed that the government is actually dragging its feet on cancer screenings, at least 38% of the victims of Fukushima Daiichi have yet to be tested for radiation contamination!

Micronesia: 70 years after the U.S. nuked the shit out of Bikini Atoll its still too radioactive for people to return: “People dream of going back to Bikini Island, but there’s an ugly history of people returning too early and getting sick. I couldn’t get clear answers, even in scientific literature, on whether these islands were, in fact, radioactive or not.”Emlyn Hughes, Columbia University

Sweden: Government administrators have voted to build ten new nuclear power plants. At least four will be built to replace four of Sweden’s nine older nuke factories: “This is a traditional Swedish compromise.”-Ibrahim Baylan, Ministry of Energy

United States: A shipment of plutonium and weapons grade uranium from Japan was delivered to Savannah River Site in South Carolina and weapons lab Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee.  So far nobody has explained why Japan had been storing massive quantities of weapons grade material in violation of its own laws and international laws.  It was revealed that Japan was convinced to hand it over due to its lax security of nuclear facilities: “The removal of the material from Japan represents a significant accomplishment in our broader global nuclear security efforts to secure highly enriched uranium and plutonium worldwide.”-Lieutenant General Frank G. Klotz, U.S. Department of Energy

In California “There is 89 times the amount of radiation at San Onofre as was released at Chernobyl, [Southern California Edison] spends millions of dollars each year distorting the truth. It’s a smoke-and-mirrors show they put on for the public while they cut costs to increase their profits.”-Rita Conn of Secure Nuclear Waste commenting on spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

Reports out of The Aloha State reveal that only one week after Fukushima Daiichi blew up radiation was detected in the air over Hawaii.  That same year the University of Hawaii at Manoa began collecting water samples to establish a baseline cesium level.  Researchers say since then elevated cesium levels have been detected around Midway Island and the west coast of North America.  But what’s more worrisome is that cesium is showing up in the milk of dairy cows on Hawaii: “The Department of Health monitored precipitation and the atmosphere and also milk. They found positive hits in all of these.”Henrietta Dulai, University of Hawaii researcher who admitted her own cesium testing conflicts with the state Department of Health’s test results

The Idaho state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden claims he will defend the 1995 nuclear waste agreement between The Gem State and Washington DC, despite the fact that ‘elected’ state and federal lawmakers are pushing to bring more nuke waste into Idaho. The Idaho Statesman revealed that the federal government repeatedly violates the 1995 agreement. This comes as it’s been revealed that since November 2015 clean up crews from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) have been investigating why a Snake River Plain Aquifer monitoring well, near Highway 20, is contaminated with tetrachloroethylene. Efforts are now underway to clean up the contamination. And of course that news arrived as news that between 2001 and 2005 Idaho had the most people die from skin cancer than any other U.S. state!
Idaho’s neighbor The Evergreen State had the highest rate of skin cancer in 2008! Both Idaho and Washington are home to huge nuclear laboratories.

“About 700,000 people drink water from the Kentucky River, which runs through the city of Irvine. Last year, Irvine received 4 million to 10 million pounds of concentrated, radioactive fracking residue from Advanced TENORM Services LLC, which further concentrated waste from Virginia-based Fairmont Brine Processing.”-Leslie Bruner

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission rates Massachusetts’ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station as one of the three worst in the U.S. (all three are operated by the same company, Entergy).   Pilgrim is supposed to be decommissioned starting in 2019, however local news media revealed “Entergy does not have enough money to decommission now. Entergy has about $900 million in Pilgrim’s Decommissioning Trust Fund (DTF). Entergy estimated that the total cost (if the work started in 2014) to clean-up Vermont Yankee, a smaller reactor than Pilgrim, would be about 1.243 billion dollars. Pilgrim’s DTF is about 350 million dollars short, even if work started today. By the time that the work is actually done, the shortfall likely will be in the billions.”

The fat-ass Christie regime in New Jersey is allowing the aged Artificial Island nuclear power plant to continue operations for another five years, and interestingly is not requiring the construction of cooling towers.  It’s all about the politics of global warming and taxpayer funded (socialist) job creation: “Nuclear plays a key role today and also in the future in meeting New Jersey and America’s clean air goals. These goals can’t be achieved without carbon free nuclear power. Just as important is the economic impact of the 1,800 jobs we supply and the millions of dollars we spend each year on goods and services right here in New Jersey.”-Joe Delmar, PSEG Nuclear

The Department of Energy (DoE) gave the green light to restart ‘cold operations’ at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico,  more than two years after the mixed-nuke waste explosion.  The DoE is paying the Land of Enchantment $74-million USD compensation for the WIPP disaster.

In Washington DC “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quietly issued proposals …to allow radioactive contamination in drinking water ….equivalent to 250 chest X-rays a year.” Yet another study saying cell phones cause brain cancer, this time it’s the federal government.  After spending $25-million taxpayer dollars funding the study through the National Toxicology Program it was concluded that “radiofrequency radiation (RFR) at frequencies and modulations used in the US telecommunications industry” was connected to “…RFR exposure and the neoplastic lesions…”

Five Years Later: WiFi spreading radiation! Bullet proof vest blocks radiation? More mystery radiation from Fukushima! Tomatoes block radiation?

07 April 2016 (15:31 UTC-07 Tango 01) 19 Farvardin 1395/28 Jumada t-Tania 1437/01 Ren-Chen 4714

Iran: The Ministry of Defense is now using octagen as a bomb.  Octagen is also used as rocket fuel and, in countries that have nuclear weapons, it is used as the detonator for nukes.

The government revealed a new nuclear site called Pasman Gor.  Government administrators claim they will reveal numerous nuclear industry developments that until now were “currently under the monopoly of a handful of nations.” 

Japan: News reports that Tokyo Electric Power Company is concerned over a massive radiation spike coming from a near empty wastewater storage tank.  At TEPCo’s Fukushima Daiichi a three years old wastewater tank is now emitting 8-thousand 1-hundred becquerels (bq) of radiation, last week it was only 87bq!  TEPCo administrators are trying to find out why.

Japan’s Board of Audit says this year’s decontamination efforts around Fukushima Daiichi will cost at least $27-billion USD! Now extrapolate that to $27-billion every year for the next 40 years, that’s how long they think decontamination efforts are to last (right, tell that to the people of Chernobyl).

Switzerland:  Researchers say they’ve come up with a product to greatly speed up wireless (WiFi) computer communications by blocking exposure to radiation that’s actually created by computer electronics. It’s called Graphene.  Radiation created by WiFi electronics themselves is one reason microchips can’t currently be made to operate any faster.   Graphene acts like polarized sunglasses for microchips, filtering out radiation.

United States: The U.S. is being turned into the world’s nuclear waste dumpsite.  Last month Japan shipped off tonnes of weapons grade plutonium to the U.S., now it’s being revealed that United Kingdom is shipping 7-hundred kg (1,543 pounds) of uranium to the U.S.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reminded people of a forgotten radiation contamination event that took place at Bethlehem Steel in New York.  It happened in the 1940s and 50s.  Workers were exposed to uranium while making fuel rods for nuclear plants.  It wasn’t until the year 2000 that the U.S. Congress finally decided to pay for medical costs for those who were still alive!

North Carolina State University’s Afsaneh Rabiei claims to have created a bullet proof metallic foam that can also block radiation. Rabiei swears the secret for Composite Metal Foam’s ability to stop armor piercing bullets is the air bubbles, not the metal.  However, when it comes to blocking radiation CMF must use exotic metals like tungsten and vanadium.

United Kingdom:  Researchers at University of Manchester claim that the chemical that turns tomatoes red can block radiation contamination, under certain conditions.  They hope that one day lycopene can be used to help people undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.  Earlier studies suggested that lycopene can protect cigarette smokers from cancer causing nitrogen dioxide radical and peroxynitrite.

Five Years Later: Contamination of Japanese rivers skyrocket! INL admits its radiation detectors don’t work! 

Five Years Later: Contamination of Japanese rivers skyrocket! INL admits its radiation detectors don’t work! More WIPP problems!

31 March 2016 /19:16 UTC-07 Tango 01 (13 Farvardin 1395/22 Jumada t-Tania 1437/24 Xin Mao 4714)

Idaho: The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) recently revealed their onsite radiation detectors don’t work!  They discovered this a month after an ‘incident’ contaminated several employees!

INL glove box

Local eastern Idaho newspapers got copy of a 43 page internal document detailing what happened.  The INL report was actually completed in December 2015, and concerns an accident that happened in August 2014.  In the Fuel Manufacturing Facility (under management of contractor Battelle Energy Alliance) the seal on a ‘glove box’ failed causing radiation to leak out, however, the radiation detectors never sounded the alarm.  The leak was accidentally discovered a month later during a routine test of the detectors.  Nine of 15 employees in the room suffered internal radiation contamination.  It should be noted that it wasn’t until January this year that the specific room where the incident took place was deemed OK to resume work!  The internal report suggested better safety procedures must be undertaken by contractor Battelle Energy Alliance.

Newspaper Post Register suggested the incident would never have been made public if it weren’t for their first reporting the incident back in September 2015, a year after the incident.  The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) only alluded to the INL incident in random postings on its website starting in October 2014, but failed to mention that employees had been exposed!

New Mexico: It’s been revealed that work at the failed Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP, with direct connections to INL) was halted for a month when detection devices picked up  carbon monoxide and ‘volatile organic compounds’ in the underground air.

Work is ongoing to install new ventilation systems as a result of the 2014 explosion of a mixed waste drum from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Despite the ongoing problems at WIPP, the U.S. DoE has decided to ship six tonnes of ‘surplus’ nuclear bomb making plutonium to WIPP, under the guise of reducing any chance that terrorists might get their hands on it.   All that weapons grade plutonium is supposedly coming from South Carolina’s Savannah River Site.

Japan: The prefecture of Fukushima concluded testing on the 72 rivers flowing through the area and was shocked at the results.

After five years of supposed effort to contain and clean up the ongoing meltdowns at the GE designed Fukushima Daiichi, radiation contamination levels have skyrocketed!

The worst offenders are:  Maeda River in Futaba Town (location of Fukushima Daiichi)=54-thousand 5-hundred becquerels per kilogram of radioactive substances

Hiru River in Fukushima City=39-thousand 6-hundred becquerels

Five other rivers=more than 10-thousand bq

When prefectural administrators approached the national government about the situation the Ministry of Environment said under current Japanese nuclear regulations “decontamination is not required for areas outside of residential zones”!

It should be noted that Japan recently shipped several tonnes worth of weapons grade plutonium to the United States and United Kingdom, under the guise of reducing any chance that terrorists might get their hands on it.  Here’s the thing; according to signed agreements Japan is not supposed to have weapons grade plutonium to begin with.  These shipments back up claims by China that Japan is hoarding plutonium for the secret purpose of making nuclear weapons.  What was that about Donald Trump wanting Japan to make it’s own nukes?

Imperialist Japan to make 6,000 nuclear bombs! Blind Bat News revealed in 2013, new damning evidence!

False Flag: Belgian nuke plant security guard assassinated, ID stolen!

Five Years Later: Myth busted, nuke plants shutting down, they cost too much to operate!

INL admits “nobody really knows what’s going on.”


False Flag: Belgian nuke plant security guard assassinated, ID stolen!

26 March 2016 (04:41 UTC-07 Tango 01) 07 Farvardin 1395/16 Jumada t-Tania 1437/18 Xin Mao 4714

Belgian news media reporting that SLFP Police have revealed that a security guard at the Doel nuclear power plant, near Charleroi, was shot dead while walking the grounds with his security dog.  His identification was stolen.  The assassination took place two days after the Tuesday bombings in Brussels.  140 Belgian soldiers have deployed near Belgium’s two nuke plants, Doel and Tihange.

There are unconfirmed reports that a terrorist attack on the nuke plant could be imminent.  A Belgian newspaper reporting that SFLP (Syndicat Libre de la Fonction Publique) Police uncovered hours of video of the nuclear plant taken last year by the alleged terrorists behind Tuesday’s bombings.

Belgium has a recent history of problems with its nuclear reactors.  In August 2014, Doel was shutdown after an employee sabotaged reactor 4. It was revealed in 2015 that Doel reactors 1 and 2 were supposed to be decommissioned due to age, but the government ordered them to remain in service for another ten years!  In December 2015, the Tihange reactor 1 was shutdown after a fire in a “non-nuclear” part of the building. In 2012, Tihange reactor 2 was shutdown due to numerous cracks (it restarted last year).

Five Years Later: Myth busted, nuke plants shutting down, they cost too much to operate!

25 March 2016 (06:50 UTC-07 Tango 01) 06 Farvardin 1395/15 Jumada t-Tania 1437/17 Xin Mao 4714

For decades we’ve been told nuclear power plants were the cheapest way to generate a lot of electricity over the long run, but now Japan is shutting down reactors precisely because they cost too much to operate!

Shikoku Electric Power Company announced they’re shutting down and decommissioning reactor 1 at its Ikata nuke plant in Ehime Prefecture.  SEPCo says the 39 years old reactor has become too expensive to operate, and it will cost to much money to upgrade it!

Japanese news media revealed that five other nuclear reactors across Japan have been shutdown for the same reasons!

Five Years Later: TEPCo shenanigans continue, now politicians are getting pissed! 

Five Years Later: TEPCo shenanigans continue, now politicians are getting pissed!

23 March 2016 (07:49 UTC-07 Tango 01) 04 Farvardin 1395/13 Jumada t-Tania 1437/15 Xin Mao 4714

“For five years you continued to say there was no standard for determining when a meltdown occurs! How can we trust you?! How can we let your company restart the nuclear plant?!”-Tateishi Masaaki, Niigata Prefectural Councilman, to TEPCo administrator during public hearing (and yes, he was actually yelling at the TEPCo official)

On Tuesday, Tokyo Electric Power Company was finally attacked by government leaders!  TEPCo was blasted for lying about its own policy regarding the determination of when a nuclear reactor was melting down, and their request to restart reactors 6 and 7 of the  Kashiwazaki-kariwa nuke plant was denied!

For years TEPCo claimed there was no standard for officially identifying a nuclear meltdown (even though an idiot should know that when the rods start physically melting, that’s a meltdown), yet last month TEPCo administrators publicly released a manual that had specific meltdown SOP (standard operating procedures).   TEPCo had used the excuse of ‘no meltdown standards’ as a reason why they failed to call the GE designed Fukushima Daiichi a meltdown, even weeks after several reactor buildings blew up!  Yesterday, Managing Executive Officer Anegawa Takafumi publicly admitted to the Niigata Prefectural Council (during hearings to restart the Kashiwazaki-kariwa nuke plant) that TEPCo managers didn’t know about their own ‘meltdown’ manual at the time of the Fukushima meltdowns: “We should have known about…and reported the existence of the manuals sooner…”

Regarding the GE designed Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuke plant in Niigata Prefecture (the world’s largest, by the way); Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) stated that TEPCo has failed to provide required natural disaster survival data, and therefore the NRA halted ‘screenings for restart’ of the reactors.  The nuke plant has supposedly survived several earthquakes over the past ten years.  However, at the beginning of the month TEPCo reported “unexplained” fuel rod movement in reactor 5.

During 2011, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa experienced “unexplained” smoke pouring out of a control panel.   Back in 2007 a transformer exploded and caught fire due to an earthquake, which also released cobalt-60 and chromium-51 into the air.

Five Years Later: McDonald’s so desperate for employees they turn to Anime! 

Five Years Later: ‘Fukushima’ farmers caught hiding 3,100+ tonnes of contaminated produce!

McDonald’s so desperate for employees they turn to Anime!

20 March 2016 (04:04 UTC-07 Tango 01) 01 Farvardin 1395/10 Jumada t-Tania 1437/12 Xin Mao 4714

Five years after the 11 March 2011 disasters began in Japan McDonald’s has been struggling, first with lack of food due to supply cutoff caused by the quake-tsunami-nuke meltdowns, then with fleeing customers caused by contaminated meat from U.S. suppliers using Chinese slaughter houses, now they can’t find anybody to work for them!

McDonald’s Japan has turned to Anime (cartoons) and the J-Pop group AKB48 Team 8 to recruit high schoolers.  Miyazawa Yasunari, in charge of hiring for McDonald’s, admitted that every year fewer and fewer people apply for a job with the so-called burger joint.  Their new employee recruitment campaign is called Join The Crew.

It’s not just McDonald’s, apparently all U.S. style fast food restaurants in Japan are having trouble finding employees.  Mos Burger has established a call center specifically to recruit potential employees, and

Skylark (sold to evil Mitt Romney co-created vulture capitalist Bain Capital in 2011) is now targeting people over 50 years of age for employment!

Oh, by the way, in January McDonald’s Japan introduced a new version of French Fries covered with chocolate, called McChoco.  Hope you don’t choke on it like the people who ate burgers with human teeth in them!

Currency Wars force foreign investors to flee Japan!

Japan intentionally suiciding teenagers? Or just more gross incompetence by officials!

No more McDonald’s, Japan style? 131 restaurants shutting down due to lack of food? 

Sabotage as McDonald’s investigates food contaminated with metal & even human teeth? 

Report shows that Japanese contracted nuclear plant workers are paid the same wage as McDonald’s! 

McDonald’s, Subway & Starbucks struggle in Japan

Five Years Later: ‘Fukushima’ farmers caught hiding 3,100+ tonnes of contaminated produce!

13 March 2016 (14:51 UTC-07 Tango 01) 23 Esfand 1394/03 Jumada t-Tania 1437/05 Xin Mao (2nd month) 4714

An investigation by NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai/Japan Broadcasting Corporation) revealed that farmers, and colluding local politicians, across Japan have been lying about the contamination levels in their crops, and hiding the evidence!

The Japanese national government requires farmers and ranchers to  self-test their products for radiation contamination due to the ongoing meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi.  Anything with  more than 8-thousand becquerels of radioactive materials per kilogram must be reported and stored as nuclear waste.  This self-regulation of industries is standard practice and a major reason why Japan is a Failed State.

NHK investigators found several farmers in seven prefectures were literally hiding at least 3,114 tonnes of contaminated rice straw and farm soil in giant warehouses.  Farmers are refusing to report the contamination due to fears it would reduce sales of their harvests.  Apparently the local city governments are involved as well as NHK found at least 30 municipalities were storing the undeclared farm nuke waste, and that’s even within the prefecture of Tokyo which is about 240km (150 miles) south of Fukushima!

NHK says local government administrators admitted they were acting in collusion with the farmers to prevent the spread of “false rumors”, while other local officials pointed out that Japan has yet to create a designated site for nuclear waste storage!

Five Years Later: Court orders shutdown of Japanese nuke reactors!

09 March 2016 (12:49 UTC-07 Tango 01) 19 Esfand 1394/29 Jumada al-Ula 1437/01 Xin Mao (2nd month) 4714

In an unexpected development a Japanese court has agreed with petitioners and ordered the shutdown of Kansai Electric Power Company’s Takahama nuclear power plant, in Fukui Prefecture!

Petitioners argued that the nuclear reactors are unsafe and on the verge of a “major accident”.  The Otsu District Court agreed.  Reactors 3 and 4 were restarted in the past few months, however, reactor 4 shut itself down just three days after startup.  Operators still don’t know why.

The pro-nuke governor of Fukui Prefecture, Nishikawa Issei, called the court order “inconsistent”.

And the national government has admitted failure in trying to find  storage sites for all the nuke waste building up in Fukushima Prefecture.  Their original plan was to pay property owners to store the waste, however, of the 2-thousand 3-hundred property owners approached (in Futaba and Okuma towns) so far only 69 have agreed to the deal.