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“God’s Plan A for reaching a lost world.” : U.S. Christian Rapture, January 2018

Incomplete (tip-o-the iceberg) list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian (western christian calendar) month of January 2018.

This prophetic video is about the demise of christianity:

In an act of desperation (and greed) the Switzerland based ICF Church is now taking Bitcoin for tithe and donations!

“We can’t prevent evil, and trying to prevent it by taking away the freedom of law-abiding people is not a price our society should pay.”-HomeSchool Association of California, regarding the 13 adults and children rescued from their “Good Christian Family” home-school-hell in Perris

Pew Research Center: “Jehovah’s Witnesses (75%) and Mormons (70%) say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases”

Alabama: Presbyterian-agnostic Warren Buffet owned clothing maker Fruit of the Loom laid off 72 people at its Russell Brand’s factory in Alexander City.  Local news media reported that ever since Warren Buffet bought the operation (in 2006) there have been continuous layoffs, at one time there were more than 1-thousand people working at the factory, now there’s less than 5-hundred.

Arkansas: Presbyterian founded, Bentonville based Walmart revealed the truth behind their pay raises and bonuses, by suddenly shutting down dozens of Sam’s Clubs and Walmarts killing thousand of jobs, plus announcing intentions to layoff 1-thousand corporate level employees between now and the end of 2019!

California: In the Los Angeles area, church vandalisms are so common place that a taxpayer funded House of Worship Task Force has been created.  The task force arrested a man suspected of set fire to the Church of the Angels, the Resurrection Catholic Church and another Episcopal church, as well as spray painting Bible verses on the Ancient Church of the East Mar Shaleeta Parish.  The House of Worship Task Force believes the man they arrested has been vandalizing churches since February 2017.  In Santa Maria, the former married pastor couple of Church for Life being sued for sex crimes.  The lawsuit accuses the husband and wife pastors of sex crimes that took place from 2014 to 2016, and says other church leaders knew about it.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Seventh Day Adventists from killing multiple healthcare operations; Adventist Health Sonora eliminating 135 jobs in April, Adventist Health Feather River shutting down 72 jobs gone by April, Adventist Health Glendale shutting down 167 jobs gone by April, Adventist Health Simi Valley shutting down 70 jobs gone by April, Adventist Health Reedley and Selma eliminating 115 jobs, Adventist Health Hanford eliminating 205 jobs, Adventist Health Saint Helena eliminating 2-hundred jobs, Adventist Health Corporate in Roseville eliminating 229 jobs!  Methodist founded Tyson Foods issued a layoff  WARN for its chicken plucking ops in San Diego, 79 jobs gone mid-March.

Connecticut: Police arrested a church employee who was hiding in the First Congregational Church, for assaulting his mother.  The female pastor of the church tried to protect the man by claiming that police are not allowed to make arrests in churches, she  promptly quit her job when it was clear police would not comply with her holy-than-thou demands.

Delaware: A former priest with Catholic Diocese of Wilmington charged with child rape.  The alleged crime took place 25 years ago.

Florida: First United Methodist Church of Miami sold some of its land to a property developer, for $55-million USD.

Georgia:  The congregation of the 98 years old Sanctuary Village of Power (formerly Underwood Methodist Church) has been given a vacate notice by the new owner of the property.  The greedy owner worships money and is rumored to have plans for building a Starbucks where the iconic church building now stands.  Methodist co-founded Coca Cola embarked on a mission to shutdown bottling/warehouse ops, 430 jobs across the U.S. gone!  Somebody stole the Lighthouse Community Church‘s van, instead of ‘god’ an Hollywood actor worked a miracle and bought the church anew van.

Idaho: Signs of religio-class warfare as rich Mormon dominated taxpayer funded School District 25 in Bannock County wants to end what it calls “student self-segregation” It involves a decades old rivalry between rich-Mormon-brat-prep’s and wannabe-prep’s Highland High School and everybody else’s (including poor working class Mormons) Pocatello High School (aka Pokey High).  ‘Christian’ Gem State lawmakers supporting a bill that will expand the use of taxpayer funded prisoners in the agriculture industry!  

Illinois:    A mysterious fire burned the attic of the 1-hundred years old Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church, it was also revealed that a couple of years ago a mysterious fire burned the church’s altar.   God powerless to stop the Archdiocese of Chicago from shutting down five schools (Saint Cyprian School, Holy Cross School, Incarnation School, Our Lady of the Ridge School, Saint Michael School)  due to The Rapture, I mean what I call DSS.

Indiana: The Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette targeted with vandalism for its support of LGBT, and possibly because it is anti-Trump.

Kansas:  Some parents of students at Herington Elementary School stood up to christian bullying and halted the 1st Amendment violation of Bibles being forced upon public elementary school students“The district’s actions in assisting the Gideons in distributing Bibles to elementary students represents a clear breach of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and we hereby demand assurances that this practice will discontinue immediately.”-Appignani Humanist Legal Center

Kentucky: Southern Acres Christian Church banned just under a dozen members for disagreeing with the church pastor! Isn’t christian ‘democracy’ wonderful?

Louisiana: God powerless to stop Mother Earth from halting Mount Olive AME Church‘s food program.  The program feeds about 3-hundred people everyday, but was halted when unusually cold weather damaged water pipes and a water heater.  7-hundred members of the Northwest Louisiana Baptist Association are so afeared of what’s happening to the United States, and their idea of christianity, that they held an emergency prayer fest and asked ‘god’ to protect cops, the “persecuted church”, missionaries and church leaders.

Maine: Methodist founded Goodwill shutting down its 50 years old Lewiston thrift store, because sales are too low.

Massachusetts: A woman charged with stealing more than $20-thousand USD from The First Church of Deerfield while she worked as an administrative assistant there.  Church leaders discovered the theft after the woman was charged with stealing money from a condominium association.   God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 1-hundred years old Our Lady of the Rosary Church, due to lack of tithe paying members.

Michigan:  Seventh Day Adventist founded Kellogg issued a layoff WARN for its RTEC (Ready-To-Eat Cereal) Plant, 14 jobs lost as part of its plan “…to simplify and streamline operations in our North American cereal network.”  A man was arrested and accused of breaking into church services (Griswold Street Baptist Church, Bridges Church and First Presbyterian Church) and threatening to whack people with a hammer if the didn’t repent.

Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ

Minnesota: 15 years ago Pilgrim Lutheran Church started services  to bring alienated christians back to church by offering alternative sermon-less night time services, so far only 250 people per month attend things like Celtic Service, Nordic Service and Compline for a New Millennium.  The bankruptcy mediator for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis suddenly quit, and refused to say why.   Taxpayers forced to pay for the repairing of two churches, Central Presbyterian Church and Friends of Historic Virginia Street Church, under the guise of preserving historic buildings.

Missouri: Gov’na Eric Greitens wants lawmakers to extend a taxpayer funded college scholarship program for graduates of taxpayer funded high schools to graduates of privately funded (christian?) high schools.  A now former church volunteer charged with hiding cameras in the toilet rooms of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  God wasn’t on his side as his own video cameras recorded him doing the evil deed.

New Mexico: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Holy Cross Hospital from suddenly laying off 12 people due to a new Medicare payment method.

New Jersey: The owners of bankrupt Toys R Us, which includes Mormon-Mitt Romney co-founded Bain Capital, shutting down at least 182 stores by the end of Spring 2018.

New York: In Blauvelt, the now vacant 205 years old Greenbush Presbyterian Church has been sold to a foreign Catholic church based in India!  The Greenbush Presbyterian Church was vacated in October 2016 due to disappearing members (The Rapture?).  NYC based The Episcopal Church’s Church Pension Group (CPG) reporting that their latest survey revealed “big changes” affecting church clergy.   Some of the changes include a big decline in full time employment by the the church with a single position, with gradually (predictable) increasing pay.  The current trends now show more part time work, clergy working multiple church positions, and some clergy even forced to get jobs outside the church to support themselves.   In Manhattan-NYC, after 33 years Coogan’s shutdown due to a massive $40-thousand USD per month increase in rent by the ‘christian’ owners of the property (New York Presbyterian Hospital)!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 94 years old (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Saint John Villa Academy, apparently god needs money because The Sisters are conducting a study to see how much money would be made from selling the school.  Influenza more powerful than ‘god’ as Catholic churches in Buffalo halt the use of wine during Mass and forbid church members from shaking each others hands, due to the flu epidemic.

North Carolina: The Summit Church doesn’t think there are enough churches in the world, promising to build 1-thousand new churches over the next 50 years.  Leaders say it’s “God’s Plan A for reaching a lost world.”  I got news for you, that’s been the plan from the very beginning of christendom about 2-thousand years ago!

Ohio:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Premier Health owned Good Samaritan Hospital, on Philadelphia Drive in Dayton, from shutting down.   1-thousand-6-hundred jobs affected by the end of 2018, due to a plan by Premier Health to ‘repurpose’ the hospital property!  Quaker founded, Cincinnati based Macy’s announced it will continue shutting down stores through 2018, plus eliminate 5-thousand jobs!  

Oklahoma: Christian Science Monitor explains How cattle rustling and drugs are roiling rural America.

Pennsylvania:  The now former youth leader of Oxford Valley Chapel pled guilty to molesting two teenage girls, and was sentenced to just under two years in prison.

Tennessee: Highpoint Church hires investigators to investigate one of their own pastors, and to investigate former church leaders, after women accused the pastor of sex crimes.  The now former pastor (who confessed to the crimes in front of his congregation earlier this month) says he admitted to a sex act with a teenager during his job interview with church elders, which means church leaders knew of the crime before they hired him!

Texas: Remember the baby splitting trial of King Solomon?  The leader of LIFT Community Church now suing the leader of new competitive church Lift Frisco, basically for threatening territorial domination of the Dallas-Fort Worth area!  In Austin, an illegal immigrant family is taking sanctuary in Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, for the second time!  Presbyterian-Methodist-Episcopalian co-founded Irving based toilet paper and disposable diaper maker Kimberly Clark announced plans to shutdown ten factories worldwide, killing-off 5-thousand jobs over the next year-and-a-half!  Kimberly Clark administrators blame their efforts to reduce costs by $550-million USD, by 2022, on the U.S. population Death Spiral (not enough babies being born).

Utah: The new LDS (Later Day Saints) leaders openly support protecting the children of illegal immigrants, known as Dreamers.

Washington: A child is being blamed for a fire in historic Saint Patrick Catholic Church which destroyed the nursery room.  The original Saint Patrick Catholic Church was destroyed by fire in 1905.

Washington DC:  Congress snuck into its latest funding bill provisions to use taxpayer dollars so FEMA can rebuild churches destroyed by natural disasters.  I guess ‘god’ isn’t powerful enough to get the job done, so FEMA has to do it!

West Virginia: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the largest and most powerful of ‘mormon’ churches) hit by a lawsuit claiming LDS officials knew about and covered up a local leader’s sexual abuse of children for at least five years.  The local Mormon leader was found guilty of at least two cases of sex crimes and sentenced to 75 years in prison.  The Salt Lake Tribune reported that LDS leaders promoted the man as a role model for youth.

Wisconsin:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Gregory Catholic School from shutting down due to lack of students, apparently they’re unable to meet the minimum of 20 students required for next school year.

U.S. Christian Rapture, December 2017: “SHE WAS BASICALLY STALKED BY THE CHURCH…”

“No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“market conditions” blamed on population Death Spiral! : U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, January 2018

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in January 2018.

Trulia reports that overall housing rents across the United States jumped an average of 19.6% since the end of 2012, even though the majority of working class people saw no increase in pay.

Alabama: Warren Buffet owned clothing maker Fruit of the Loom laid off 72 people at its Russell Brand’s factory in Alexander City.  Local news media reported that ever since Warren Buffet bought the operation (in 2006) there have been continuous layoffs, at one time there were more than 1-thousand people working at the factory, now there’s less than 5-hundred.

 California: Menasha Packaging shutting down its Bloomington location, 25 jobs gone in February.  Zodiac Pool Systems issued a shutdown WARN for its Vista location, 67 jobs gone in October.  Brinderson-Tesoro Martinez Refinery eliminating 94 jobs on March.  Brinderson also eliminating 256 jobs in Wilmington!

Colorado:  Boulder based Star Wars/robot toy maker Sphero eliminating 45 jobs, and shifting to educational products, due to lack of holiday sales of its robot toys.

Connecticut: Southport based Sturm-Ruger laid off 50 gun-making employees at undisclosed locations across the U.S.  It was blamed on a combination of low sales and “employee performance”.

Florida: In Tarpon Springs, Plano Synergy eliminating 104 jobs by May!

Idaho: In Lewiston, Clearwater Paper announced it will layoff 1-hundred people in May, due to “market conditions”!

Illinois: The Plastics Group issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Willowbrook, 105 jobs gone starting in March!   Box maker Pactiv issued a shutdown WARN for its Bolingbrook factory, 101 jobs gone in March!  What automotive industry recovery? Germany based Daimler issued a shutdown WARN for its truck parts distribution center in Chicago, 52 jobs gone by the end of March.

Indiana: What automotive industry recovery?  Truck maker Autocar suddenly laid off 70 employees due to crashing sales.   MV Transportation issued a shutdown WARN, 142 jobs gone by the end of March!  Trump’s buddy Carrier continues killing jobs, this time 215!  Supposedly it’s the last round of layoffs connected to Carrier moving some production to Mexico.

Iowa: In Nevada, DuPont eliminating 28 jobs in March.  Germany based Siemens eliminating 202 jobs in Fort Madison, by the end of March!

Kentucky: Kentucky Electric Steel shutting down its factory in Ashland, 113 jobs gone in March!

Louisiana: State Department of Revenue accusing three companies of tax evasion; Elliott Roofing Services, Antunez Painting and Extreme Cars and Trucks.  The companies allegedly avoided payroll taxes by calling their in-house employees ‘independent contractors’.  Nuclear power plant pipe maker CB&I eliminating 163 jobs due to Entergy’s plan to eliminate 123 jobs at the Riverbend nuclear power plant!

Minnesota: Sweden based home appliance maker Electrolux shutting down its factory in Saint Cloud, about 9-hundred jobs gone in 2019, due to consolidation ops!

Mississippi: What construction industry recovery?  Nucor-Kirby Building Systems eliminating 1-hundred jobs due to consolidation of some production to Tennessee!

Missouri: What automotive industry recovery?  Harley Davidson shutting down its factory in Kansas City, 8-hundred jobs gone in Spring 2019!

Nevada: What construction industry recovery? Finished steel products maker Nucor shutting down its American Buildings factory, at least 1-hundred jobs lost to operations in Utah!

New Jersey: Japan owner shipping company MOL eliminating 32 jobs in Woodbridge.  What automotive industry recovery?  Japan owned Toyota-NYK eliminating 75 jobs in Secaucus.

New York:  General Electric (GE) laid off 130 people as part of the larger plan to kill 12-thousand jobs globally!

North Carolina: After getting $475-thousand local tax dollars in incentives Absolute Plastics issued a layoff WARN eliminating 1-hundred of its 150 jobs due to crashing sales!  PRC Industries issued a layoff WARN for its Spruce Pine location, 1-hundred jobs gone by March!  In Indian Trail, RSC Chemical Solutions eliminating 65 jobs between March and the end of June.

Ohio:  Deutschland (Germany) based delivery service DHL outsourcing 229 jobs in Lima, by March!  Fremont Plastic Products shutting down its factory, 185 jobs gone starting in March! What automotive industry recovery?  Chrysler-Fiat-Jeep parts maker Toledo Molding & Die shutting down its North Toledo factory, 120 jobs gone by Spring 2019, due to the shutdown of Jeep Wrangler production!  Korea based Hyundai-Mobis eliminating 572 jobs at its Toledo/Lucas factory, between April 2018 and April 2019!

Oklahoma: More layoffs from oil company Chesapeake Energy, in a surprise announcement 4-hundred employees learned they are soon to be jobless!  Company administrators also revealed they’ve sold-off 25% of its oil wells in an attempt to pay-down debt.

Oregon: General Distributors shutting down its ops in Oregon City, 165 jobs gone!

Pennsylvania: MEPCO issued shutdown WARNs for its coal mines in Green County, 370 jobs gone starting in March!  The largest east coast refinery, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, now bankrupt busted due to federal government imposed Renewable Energy Credit (RIN) which cost the refinery $217-million USD in 2017.  Dover Corporation-Pump Solutions Group issued a shutdown WARN for its North Wales ops, 63 jobs gone between April and December.  Denmark based climate control parts maker Danfoss shutting down its factory in Chambersburg, 70 jobs gone right before Xmas 2018!  Johnson & Johnson issued a ‘phase 2′ shutdown WARN, 34 jobs gone in March.  Pittsburgh Glass Works issued a shutdown WARN for its Creighton location, 61 jobs gone by the end of June.  John Middleton Company issued a shutdown WARN for its tobacco factory in Limerick, 118 jobs gone in April!  Ryder Integrated Logistics eliminating 136 jobs in February!

Texas: Irving based toilet paper and disposable diaper maker Kimberly Clark announced plans to shutdown ten factories worldwide, killing-off 5-thousand jobs over the next year-and-a-half!  Kimberly Clark administrators blame their efforts to reduce costs by $550-million USD, by 2022, on the U.S. population Death Spiral (not enough babies being born).  Offshore rig operator Maersk Drilling laying off 84 people in March, due to loss of contract.  Oil transporter First River Energy now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  New York based petroleum company Hess eliminating 3-hundred jobs in Texas, in an attempt to make a profit for the first time since 2014!

Virginia:  Railroad company Norfolk Southern shutting down its Roanoke dispatch center, 56 jobs affected by consolidation ops.

Washington:   Paper and wood construction products maker Georgia Pacific shutting down its ops in Camas, 243 jobs gone by May!  Tacoma experienced the highest rent increases of any U.S. city in 2017, by 8.8%.  

Wisconsin: Texas based toilet paper and disposable diaper maker Kimberly Clark shutting down two factories, 610 jobs gone by Spring 2019!  Family run Flambeau River Papers suddenly laid off 82 people saying “Paper prices in the commodity grades have really gone down while pulp prices have gone up.”  Bankrupt busted Real Alloy Recycling shutting down its aluminum melting factory in Mount Pleasant, 40 jobs gone.  Illinois based ACCO Brands shutting down its Pleasant Prairie distribution center, 26 jobs gone by the end of May due to a 35% crash in net income.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, December 2017:NEVERENDING “BUSINESS SLOWDOWN”

Great Reneger: Florida & Massachusetts Militia deploy to Middle East, join Iowa!

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt

In January 2018, Florida National Guard’s 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 3rd Battalion, 116th Field Artillery Regiment deployed to Southwest Asia (Kuwait/Iraq?).

This month (February), Massachusetts National Guard’s 188th Engineering Detachment also deployed, to Kuwait, for Operation Spartan Shield.

Currently the Iowa National Guard’s 248th Aviation Support Battalion is in Kuwait: “It’s been the largest deployment of the Iowa National Guard [since 2011]…”-Major General Timothy Orr, February  2018

These increased National Guard deployments to Southwest Asia coincide with a ‘Army Day’ Task Force Spartan exercise ordered by U.S. Central Command (CentComm) at Udairi Range, Kuwait.



“There’s a feeling of loss…Maybe I’ll go get a real job.”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collaspe, January 2018

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss WARNings and store shutdowns made or announced in January 2018:

Trulia reports that overall housing rents across the United States jumped an average of 19.6% since the end of 2012, even though the majority of working class people saw no increase in pay.

Arkansas: Bentonville based Walmart revealed the truth behind their pay raises and bonuses, by suddenly shutting down dozens of Sam’s Clubs and Walmarts killing thousand of jobs, plus announcing intentions to layoff 1-thousand corporate level employees between now and the end of 2019!  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down two stores statewide.

 California: Building maintenance contractor ABM Industry issued several shutdown WARNs, 365 jobs gone by the end of March!  Absolute Screenprint shutting down its ops in Brea, 170 jobs gone in March!  In Fresno, after 68 years Herb Bauer Sporting Goods shutting down when the inventory is gone, due to increased competition from ‘big-box’ national chain stores.  Too Big to Jail San Francisco based Wells Fargo shutting down an additional 8-hundred offices across the U.S. by 2020.  Bank execs officially blaming it on ‘Americans’ reducing the use of banking services, but analysts believe it’s blow-back for the bank getting caught massively ripping off its customers.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down stores in Emeryville and San Jose, 113 jobs gone by April!  It should be noted the stores were not listed on the recent nationwide shutdown list.  Dollar Loan Center eliminating 41 jobs by the end of March.  Montage Hotels and Resorts temporarily shutting down its Beverly Hills ops, 54 jobs gone by the end of March.   StandardAero Business Aviation Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Los Angeles ops, 63 jobs suddenly gone.  Accounting company Vasquez issued a shutdown WARN for its Corona office, 53 jobs gone in March.  Market research company Ipsos Interactive Services issued a shutdown WARN for its Fresno office, 88 jobs gone in March.  Macy’s issued shutdown WARNs for stores in Fresno, Laguna Hills and Los Angeles, at least 436 jobs gone by mid-March! In Orangevale, iconic Wild Sports shutting down, the owners forced to retire due to ‘big box’ and online competition coupled with California’s police-state anti-gun laws.   In Moraga, after eight years New Rheem Theatre shutdown due to increasing costs to maintain the 61 years old building, plus undisclosed rent which is more than $5-thousand per month, plus utilities averaging $5-thousand per month: “It’s tough to run a building of that age on the amount of people that come through the theater. The numbers don’t work.”-Derek Zemrak, theater operator

Colorado: In Denver, after 16 years Mile High Doggie Daycare shutdown and unable to refund money to customers who ‘pre-paid’ for services, the owners blame the lack of sales on the city’s gentrification of the area.

Connecticut:  Retail service company Daymond Worldwide suddenly shutdown its Stamford ops, more than 50 jobs gone. 

Delaware: Too Big to Jail Capital One sold 1-million retail brokerage accounts to E-Trade, and will eliminate an undisclosed number of jobs in Wilmington as a result.

Florida: Jackson National Life Insurance-National Planning Holdings eliminating 60 jobs by the end of 2018.  Along with several Sears, Kmart and Sam’s Club shutdowns, Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its store in downtown Miami, 161 jobs gone by the end of March!  In Jupiter, after 33 years Kretzer Piano shutting down in February, the owner lamenting “It’s iPads and kids doing techy things…..the days of gathering around the piano and singing are kind of gone.”  Harbor Community Bank eliminating 1-hundred jobs due to being taken over by CenterState Bank!  Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services eliminating 117 jobs at the end of March!

Georgia: In LaGrange, after 45 years Crockett Brothers towing shutdown due to the 70 years old owner’s health problems.  In Athens, for a second time Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother eclectic junk store shutting down, this time due to the rent being jacked-up by 56%, and the property being secretly listed as for sale.  The owner said he isn’t going to look for another location, he’s taking it as a sign to retire.

Hawaii: After nine years Central Guns and Ammo shutdown its brick-n-mortar store to focus on internet sales. Monthly gun classes will continue.

Idaho: California based Cost Plus World Market (aka World Market) suddenly shutdown its store in Nampa.  Bon Ton owned Herberger’s announced it will exit its Pine Ridge Mall location, in Chubbuck, when the inventory runs out. It’s part of Bon Ton’s plan to shutdown dozens of stores in 2018.

Illinois: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down seven stores statewide.  Champaign based Hobbico (formerly Don Anderson’s Great Planes Model Distributors and Bruce Holecek’s Tower Hobbies) laying off 332 people, and is now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and for sale, blaming “an increasingly competitive industry, market headwinds and a series of one-off events with key suppliers.”  In Wheaton, after five years women’s clothier Bella Roba shutting down at the end of February, due to owner getting married.  In Barrington, after 29 years Pasquesi Home and Garden suddenly shutdown.  Ascena Retail Group owned Loft shutdown its Champaign’s Market Place Mall store, as part of a plan to shutdown  hundreds of Ascena Retail Group owned stores stores across the U.S.   At the O’Hare Airport, ABM Aviation issued a mass layoff WARN, 481 jobs gone by March! Just Ducky shutdown its five years old Plainfield store, local news media say at one time there were several Just Ducky stores across the state.  California based Cost Plus World Market (aka World Market) suddenly shutdown two  stores in the Chicago area.

Indiana: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down two stores statewide.  In Lafayette, after 60 years Trader Horn Boot Center shutdown, blaming internet competition.  (when it comes to shoes I don’t understand the internet excuse, because shoe sizes have changed so much over the decades, even between manufacturers, that the only way I can buy shoes is by trying them on in a old fashioned store)

Iowa: Washington based investment company CUNA Mutual Group outsourcing 35 jobs in Waverly in an attempt to reduce operating costs. In Mason City, after 50 years the Hallmark gift shop shutting down by the end of February.  Tradehome Shoes shutdown its Mason City, Southbridge Mall location due to crashing sales over the past few years.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down two stores statewide.

Kentucky: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutdown its Simpsonville location.  In Bardstown, American Greetings eliminating 150 jobs in March, due to lack of demand for greetings cards!

Louisiana: In Shreveport, after 68 years Sun Furniture shutdown so the owner can retire.

Maine: In Lewiston, the 50 years old Goodwill thrift store shutdown because sales are too low.

Maryland:  Ascena Retail Group owned Ann Taylor suddenly shutdown its Towson Town Center store as part of a plan to shutdown  hundreds of Ascena Retail Group owned stores across the U.S.  Ignorant local news media blamed internet competition, but then reported that you can still buy Ann Taylor clothing through its online Infinite Style service.  Urban Outfitters suddenly shutdown its Harborplace location, no explanation.  Local news media reported that there are only two Urban Outfitter locations left in the state.  In Bel Air, after 15 years Two Sisters Gallery American Fine Craft & Jewelry shutdown so the owners can retire.

Massachusetts: In Needham, after 46 years Taylor’s stationery and party supply store shutting down by March, so the owners can retire. In Attleboro, after 117 years  (surviving The Great Depressions and numerous recessions) Highland Country Club now chapter 7 bankrupt busted, being liquidated to pay the debts. ‘Off price’ retailer Stein Mart shutting down its Westboro store as soon as the inventory is gone, due to crashing sales in 2017.  Zoots Dry Cleaning chain suddenly shutdown and went chapter 7 bankrupt dead, the bankruptcy judge ordered the chain to re-open 18 locations so customers can get their clothing.  The owners of Zoots said efforts to sell the dry cleaning service failed.

Michigan: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down six stores statewide.  In Muskegon, after 24 years Carol’s Bridal and Tuxedo shutdown due to family health problems.  In Detroit, after 70 years iconic Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop shutdown, the owners admitting that even though they beat-out the ‘big-box’ competition they just couldn’t “adapt” to online competition.

Minnesota:  In Duluth, after 35 years the last Video Visions shutdown, news media say at one time there were six stores, the owners proudly stated “We were the first video rental store in Duluth and we’re the last.”  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down four stores statewide.  Edna based Regis owned SmartStyle Salons shutting down 6-hundred stores located inside Walmarts across the U.S.

Missouri: In Normandy, after 113 years (surviving The Great Depressions and numerous recessions) Schulte Hardware & Supply shutdown, the owner blamed internet competition.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down four stores statewide.  American Girl shutdown its doll store in the Chesterfield Mall, due to financial problems.  To prove to you how many customers still shop the old fashioned way, and refuse to shop online, they started a petition to keep the store open because they didn’t want to drive three hours to the nearest American Girl store! 

Nebraska: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutdown its Omaha location.  What housing market recovery? In Lincoln, after five years low cost second-hand building material seller Eco Store shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.  The owner hopes to find another location.

Nevada: No luck as Lucky Dragon suddenly began halting casino and restaurant ops in Las Vegas, hundreds of jobs suddenly gone!  Apparently Lucky Dragon is now focusing on hotel ops only.

New Jersey: What housing market recovery? Mortgage company PHH Home Loans eliminating 78 jobs by mid-March, due to a venture deal with a competitor, and a $45-million USD settlement concerning fraudulent foreclosures.   JCPenney  shutting down its 60 years old Westfield Garden State Plaza location by March, 144 jobs gone!  In Lodi, iconic Party Box shutting down so the owners can retire.   Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down three stores statewide.

New Mexico: In Albuquerque, House of Football shutdown, the owner said it was due to sales taking a huge dump after NFL players began protesting the National Anthem! In Nob Hill, gift shop Beeps shutdown, the 70 years old owner said sales are still good but she wants to retire.   New Jersey based Bed, Bath & Beyond shutting down its store in Paseo by the end of February.  Its part of a Bed, Bath & Beyond plan to shutdown stores as their leases expire.

New York: Clothier Zara shutdown its first flagship store in NYC, as a result of a $15-million USD lawsuit by the greedy landlord against Zara.  After only ten months kids clothier MMKidz shutting down its Great Neck location when the inventory is gone, the Great Neck Plaza Business Improvement District admitted the local economy is in the dumps by saying “it would have been a surprise if they made it.”   In Greece, Alfred Angelo wedding store suddenly shutdown, the money made from the two day going out of business sales was donated to charity. Also in Greece, after 91 years Blanchard Florist shutdown, with the owners blaming the internet.  In Clay, children’s clothier Justice shutdown its Great Northern Mall store.  In East Syracuse, utility service Osmose moving work to other locations, affecting 101 jobs!  In Amherst, Dave’s All-Season Store forced to shutdown by the landlord who revoked the lease.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down five stores statewide, at least 250 jobs gone by mid-April!  Sterling National Bank eliminating more than 1-hundred jobs across the state by the end of 2018!  Contract manager Sykes Enterprises issued a shutdown WARN for its Amherst location, 89 jobs gone by the end of March.  Payment processor First Data Remitco issued a shutdown WARN for its Staten Island location, 64 jobs gone in September. Blue Ridge Capital issued a shutdown WARN for its NYC ops, 55 job gone by the end of March.

North Carolina: California based background check company HireRight shutting down its Charlotte location, 93 jobs gone in September.  After ten years Ciel Gallery shutting down by the end of February.  After 21 years the Charlotte Art League being forced to move due to a greedy property developer.  British empire United Kingdom based ‘professional services’ Aon Hewitt issued a layoff WARN for its Charlotte location, 76 jobs gone by March.

Ohio: In Cleveland Heights, after 27 years Big Fun Toys announced on facebook that it will shutdown this Summer.   After 69 years specialty shop The Villager (formerly Mariemont 5 Cents to $1) shutdown due to the owner not being able to renew the lease.  In Rocky River, after eight years Local Artistree shutdown blaming a shift in the maker community.  Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Cincinnati/Hamilton store, 104 jobs gone by the end of March!  On top of that, Cincinnati based Macy’s announced it will continue shutting down stores through 2018, plus eliminate 5-thousand jobs!  End of year holiday sales rose by a piddly 1.1%, including Macy’s online sales!  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down four stores statewide.  In Boardman, after 62 years Adamas Jewelry and Gifts shutdown so the owner can retire.    Dover Business Services eliminating 48 jobs by June.

Oklahoma:  Ascena Retail Group-Ann Taylor suddenly shutdown its Tulsa store as part of a plan to shutdown hundreds of Ascena Retail Group owned stores across the U.S.  Ignorant local news media blamed internet competition, but then reported that you can still buy Ann Taylor clothing through its online Infinite Style service.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down two stores statewide.

Pennsylvania: New York based, but British empire Canada owned,  department store Lord & Taylor suddenly killed 202 e-commerce fulfillment jobs in Wilkes Barre, due to e-commerce ops being moved elsewhere!  In York, after 20 years “the biggest O gauge dealer in Pennsylvania” B&E Junction Electric Trains shutting down in February so the owner can retire, don’t know if you can blame the internet because the owner has his own website (www.stevenheffnerart.com).  In Titusville, after more than 45 years Tarr’s Country Store and Florist shutting down mid-February.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutdown its Erie location.    In Honesdale, after three decades Country Dawn shutdown, the owners lamenting “It’s different times, different times than it was.”

South Carolina: Burlington (formerly Burlington Coat Factory) shutting down its Columbia Place Mall store in March.  The Tanger Outlets Eddie Bauer in North Charleston shutdown.   Banana Republic in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre shutdown.  Mister Don Shoes and Dance in South Windermere Shopping Center shutdown.  Antiques Market suddenly shutdown its Mount Pleasant location due to the landlord refusing to renew the lease.

South Dakota: Bankrupt Toys R Us shutdown its Rapid City location.  Clothier Glik’s suddenly shutdown its Northridge Plaza store due to lack of sales, the landlord was shocked saying “It was very sudden. We had no idea.”  Family Dollar shutdown its store in Brookings, the district manager told local news media “We are just told that that store is closing, and we just oversee that. This is one of several that are closing, but there are so many that open and close. They relocate them, close them.”

Tennessee: In Franklin, after more than ten years ThriftSmart shutdown as part of consolidation plans that the operators hope will provide better funding for charities.  Hallmark shutdown its 43 years old gift shop in the Northgate Mall, and its gift store at the Hamilton Place Mall.

Texas: In Amarillo, after 51 years Duncan & Boyd Jewelers shutting down so the 70 years old owner can retire.  Blockbuster shutdown its last video store in The Lone Star State, in Edinburg.  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down five stores statewide.  After spending big bucks the past two years building 21 new stores, women’s clothier A’gaci now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down 49 stores, admitting it “spread the organization too thin”.  What automotive industry recovery?  After almost 24 years the Honda of Houston motorcycle dealership shutdown, with no explanation.  However, weeks after the shutdown announcement it was revealed that Honda of Houston was sold to Drake Powersports, who will supposedly continue operations  in that location as Honda of Houston.  In Corpus Christi, Cinemark Dollar Cinema shutdown, local news media say the owner Cinemark refused to respond to their questions.  In Austin, Bobalu Cigar Company suddenly shutdown, the owner blaming “deteriorating situation and terrible neglect by the City of Austin”.

Virginia:  In Gretna, Nett’s Nest thrift store shutting down by March, due to the owner’s health problems.  Ocracoke Station, the only fuel station on Ocracoke Island, suddenly shutdown because the owner was unable to pay a back due fuel bill due to health problems that resulted in hospitalization.  Hallmark gift shops in the Towers Shopping Center, the Tanglewood Mall and the Valley View Mall all suddenly shutdown, one local news source said inquiries as to why they shutdown were not answered.   In Richmond, after 41 years  W. Hirsch Oriental Rugs shutdown, so the owner can go to Puerto Rico to help relatives deal with hurricane recovery.  In Lynchburg, after more than 1-hundred years (surviving The Great Depressions and numerous recessions) Sheard’s Beauty Shop shutdown due to new city parking rules which drive away customers: “Why would they pay to park here when they can go to the mall?”-Mamie Branham, owner

Washington: In Seattle, after 42 years Zanadu Comics shutdown its last store, at one time there were three, the upset owner blames the un-recovered recession saying “There’s a feeling of loss……Maybe I’ll go get a real job.”  State Farm shutting down two call centers in Tacoma, 8-hundred jobs gone by the end of 2018!  Tacoma experienced the highest rent increases of any U.S. city in 2017, by 8.8%.

Washington DC: After 84 years iconic Johnson’s Florists and Garden Center shutdown: “This closure is a direct result of the significant increase in rent and other related fees of occupancy imposed upon us by the building’s owner. Despite months of earnest negotiation we have been unable to arrive at a mutual understanding with our landlord.”

Wisconsin: Department store Younkers issued shutdown WARNs for its stores in Appleton and Wausau, 138 jobs gone in March!  Bankrupt Toys R Us shutting down two stores statewide.  France based ‘body care’ store L’Occitane en Provence suddenly shutdown its seven years old Hilldale Shopping Center location.  Local news reports say L’Occitane en Provence began shutting down its U.S. locations in 2017.  Olympia Resort and Conference Center shutdown without warning, causing more than 60 people to become jobless and organizations scrambling to find a new place to hold their events.  Local news reports say organizations found out about the shutdown from laid-off employees.  It turns out the Conference Center is part of a lawsuit and has been up-for-sale for some time.    In Milwaukee, after ten years Jokerz Comedy Club suddenly shutdown.  In Delafield, after eight years Bittersweet Gifts and Accessories shutdown, the owners saying “Retail is quickly changing, and we feel it is time for us to change as well.”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification





Dumbing Down the U.S.A., January 2018:“LET’S PISS IN HIS MOUTH.”


U.S. government shenanigans, January 2018:SEX & DRUGS = THE AMERICAN WAY!

U.S. food crisis, January 2018: “IT’S TIME TO ADAPT OR DIE”


Idaho Militia ranked 2nd only to U.S. Army!

14FEB2018 (03:09 UTC-07 Tango 06)  25 Bahman 1396/28 Jumada l-Ula 1439/29 Ren-Yin 4715

Idaho Army National Guard’s Regional Training Site–Maintenance Ordnance Training Battalion is big and bad and getting bigger and badder!

During a November 2017 comprehensive accreditation inspection the Idaho training facility scored an overall 99.2%, getting 100% in five of the seven categories.

The facility is used by hundreds of Guard and U.S. Army personnel each year.  Plans are to expand the training site by 2022,  doubling student enrollment to about 850.

According to military reports the expansion of Idaho’s Maintenance Ordnance Training Battalion, including the creation of additional training battalions, could make it an equal to the U.S. Army’s Fort Benning, Georgia!



California fires make at least 1-million tons of waste!

14FEB2018 (02:43 UTC-07 Tango 06)  25 Bahman 1396/28 Jumada l-Ula 1439/29 Ren-Yin 4715

Mother Earth has yet again rendered human efforts to stop climate change impotent.  Not only did the October 2017 Northern California wildfires pump massive particulate matter into the atmosphere, but at least 1-million tons of waste was created on the ground!

Fire clean-up in Santa Rosa, California, 02FEB2018

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the California Office of Emergency Services report that so far more than 1-million tons of debris has been removed from Sonoma County.

Sonoma County is known for its wine.  1-million tons is equal to four million barrels of wine, or 200-thousand acres (about 81-thousand hectares) of vines.

But 1-million tons is just the beginning, the October 2017 wildfires affected Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties.  And don’t forget all the other California fires in 2017.

You silly humans, spending your precious tax dollars trying to stop climate change!  Evolution says ‘adapt or go extinct’!


M777 : Proof the United States is the tool of the British empire!

13FEB2018 (13:02 UTC-07 Tango 06)  24 Bahman 1396/27 Jumada l-Ula 1439/28 Ren-Yin 4715

“Samuel, notify your men: the British are coming.”-General Oliver Prescott, 19APR1775

Washington (state) National Guard train-up on their new M777, 12APR2017

The U.S. Army’s Watervliet Arsenal has begun work making parts for the M777A2 artillery system, as part of a $50-million USD sale to India.  But it’s not the United States that’s profiting.

The current Indian M777 deal is $50-million, but at one point the Indian Army wanted about $800-million worth of the high-tech cannons, the Indian taxpayers said no to that.  Contrary to the decades of lies about India gaining independence from the British empire, India is actually an autonomous (self-governing) member of The Commonwealth of Nations (the official term for the British empire).  And the company raking in the profits from the M777 sale to India is BAE Systems, based in the capitol of The Commonwealth, the United Kingdom.

But India is not the only Commonwealth member to get BAE’s profitable M777 cannon; Australia starting in 2010, and Canada starting in 2005 (initially through the U.S. Marine Corps).   While the M777 is built in the U.S., BAE is the profiteer.

BAE (formerly British Aerospace BAe, and GEC-Marconi/Marconi Electronic Systems MES) designs and builds anything from submarines to killer A-I robots.  Nothing but death and destruction, for the profit of Queen and Country.

Revolutionaries attack BAE’s Australia office with paint and sledgehammers, December 2015

In the late 1990s, under the Bill Clinton regime, MES began taking over U.S. defense contractors.  In 1999, MES and BAe merged to create BAE Systems, apparently to stop a U.S. defense contractor from taking over MES.  In 2001, the same year the False Flag War on Terror began, BAE Systems aggressively invaded the U.S. defense industry, taking over many U.S. companies, including cyber security companies.  Prior to World War Two, the U.S. government was officially anti-monarchist, anti-imperialist.  Unfortunately for American War for Independence General Oliver Prescott, the British are here!




The top buyers of U.S. properties are from China, followed by British empire (Commonwealth of Nations) members India, Canada and United Kingdom.





Walmart, Bloody Walmart!

Incomplete list of Walmart-Sam’s Club notices of store shutdowns and job slaughtering, most taking place between January and mid-April 2018, note that not all closing stores reported job loss numbers:

Alaska: Two Anchorage Sam’s Clubs, 348 jobs gone! Fairbanks Sam’s Club, 177 jobs gone! 

Alabama: Irondale Sam’s Club, 136 jobs gone!

Arkansas:  Bentonville based Walmart eliminating at least 1-thousand corporate level jobs between now and the end of 2019!

Arizona: Casa Grande Sam’s Club.  Chandler Sam’s Club.  Scottsdale Sam’s Club. Prescott Valley Walmart.

 California: City of Industry Sam’s Club.  Rowland Heights Sam’s Club, 158 jobs gone! San Fernando Sam’s Club, 178 jobs gone! Stanton Sam’s Club, 158 jobs gone! Sylmar Sam’s Club.  Sacramento Sam’s Club and Walmart, 521 jobs gone!

Connecticut:  Orange Sam’s Club, 155 jobs gone! Manchester Sam’s Club, 151 jobs gone!

Florida: Fern Park Sam’s Club, 173 jobs gone! Lantana Sam’s Club, 191 jobs gone! Tampa Sam’s Club, 148 jobs gone!

Georgia: Marietta Walmart, 69 jobs gone. Lithonia Walmart, 83 jobs gone. Dekalb Sam’s Club, 196 jobs gone!

Illinois: Batavia Sam’s Club, 150 jobs gone! Matteson Sam’s Club, 166 jobs gone! Moline Sam’s Club, 155 jobs gone! Naperville Sam’s Club, 170 jobs gone! Romeoville Sam’s Club, 167 jobs gone! Streamwood Sam’s Club, 191 jobs gone! Wheeling Sam’s Club, 138 jobs gone! 

Indiana: Rushville Walmart, 95 jobs gone. Goshen Sam’s Club, 110 jobs gone! Two Indianapolis Sam’s Clubs, 309 jobs gone! 

Kansas: Walmart shutting down its ‘health and wellness’ service center in Derby, 104 jobs gone by August!

Louisiana: Baton Rouge Sam’s Club.

Maryland: Owings Mills Sam’s Club, 169 jobs gone! 

Massachusetts: Worcester Sam’s Club.

Michigan: Farmington Hills Sam’s Club, 158 jobs gone! Lansing Sam’s Club, 172 jobs gone!

Minnesota: Moorhead Sam’s Club. Saint Louis Park Sam’s Club.   Edna based Regis owned SmartStyle Salons shutting down 6-hundred stores located inside Walmarts across the U.S.

New Hampshire: Seabrook Sam’s Club.

New Jersey: Budd Lake Sam’s Club,144 jobs gone! Linden Sam’s Club, 187 jobs gone!  Princeton Sam’s Club, 196 jobs gone!  Branchburg Walmart, 149 jobs gone by April!

New York:  Jamestown Sam’s Club, 114 jobs gone! Two Rochester Sam’s Clubs, 292 jobs gone! Syracuse Sam’s Club, 151 jobs gone! 

North Carolina: Lumberton Sam’s Club, 149 jobs gone!  Morrisville Sam’s Club, 187 jobs gone! 

Ohio:Cincinnati/Hamilton Sam’s Club, 143 jobs gone! Loveland/Clermont Sam’s Club, 142 jobs gone! 

Puerto Rico: Barceloneta Sam’s Club.  Bayamón Sam’s Club. Humacao Sam’s Club.

Tennessee: Memphis Sam’s Club, 162 jobs gone!  Nashville Sam’s Club, 132 jobs gone!  

Texas: Two Houston Sam’s Clubs.  New Caney Sam’s Club.  San Antonio Sam’s Club.

Virginia:  Norfolk Sam’s Club, 140 jobs gone!  Richmond Sam’s Club, 163 jobs gone! Roanoke Walmart Neighborhood Market , 72 jobs gone. 

Washington: Auburn Sam’s Club, 168 jobs gone! Renton Sam’s Club, 179 jobs gone! Seattle Sam’s Club, 148 jobs gone!

Wisconsin: Madison Sam’s Club, 129 jobs gone!  West Allis Sam’s Club, 165 jobs gone!

“tough challenges that we can no longer ignore”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, January 2018

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in January 2018:

Maybe the new Whore of Babylon is the Digital Bitch?:

California:  Who said sex sells? A little more than a year after being sold to a Florida based company, Chatsworth based adult magazine Penthouse now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, for the third time in its 52 year history.  World of Tanks maker Wargaming America issued a shutdown shutdown WARN for its Emeryville location, 117 jobs gone by the end of March!  San Francisco based women’s lifestyle online-zine Brit + Co suddenly eliminated 14 jobs, despite a 50% increase in revenues.  Wi-fi startup Eero suddenly laid off 30 people in order to “focus on our core business.”  San Jose based ebay reported a massive loss of $2.6-billion USD (not counting losses caused by the new U.S. tax laws), and that’s just for its 4th quarter of 2017!  Ebay also announced it will ditch paypal and offshore payments processing to a company based in Netherlands. Santa Clara based security-tech company Gigamon issued a layoff WARN, 74 people in Santa Clara jobless in March. Xerox eliminating 47 jobs in Cerritos, in March.  San Mateo based GoPro suddenly laid off 140 people due to major problems with its Karma drone, that’s according to the official WARN, but news media reports say it could end up being as many as 3-hundred!  Act-On Software issued a shutdown WARN for its Roseville location, 96 jobs gone in March.  E-commerce packaging service Smurfit Kappa North America suddenly eliminated 155 jobs in City of Industry!  It was revealed that British empire Canada based Creation Technologies suddenly shutdown ops in Milpitas, 177 jobs killed before Xmas 2017!   Mellanox Technologies Silicon Photonics issued a shutdown WARN for its Monterey Park ops, 98 jobs gone in March.  Iconic video game maker Activision suddenly laid off 194 people in Ventura!  David William Bell, the owner of UST Development-US Telecom, sentenced to nine years in federal prison after being convicted of $1-million USD in fraud schemes involving tricking third party payroll companies to issue paychecks to his employees using their money, plus sending out fake billing statements to ignorant ‘anies are not making customers’ who actually paid them!  VMware eliminating 169 jobs at its Palo Alto HQ!   Mountain View based non-profit Mozilla suddenly laid off more than 12 people in Republic of China (Taiwan) blaming “emerging markets across Asia”.   The Bay Area News Group warning of “significant” layoffs if employees don’t voluntarily quit (buyouts) in the next few months, and yes you can read their newspapers online.   Los Angeles based internet comedy site Funny or Die obviously isn’t funny because it’s dying. An undisclosed number of employees were suddenly laid off, reports say Funny or Die has been laying off employees since 2016.  CEO Mike Farah admitted most online companies are not making money, saying “Like a lot of other digital media companies, we’re facing tough challenges that we can no longer ignore, and so we must adapt.”

Connecticut: Norwalk based Xerox is in merger talks with Nippon’s (Japan) Fujifilm, which could result in 10-thousand jobs being killed globally!

Illinois:  Restaurant owners now joining customers in accusing Arlington Heights based restaurant.com of fraud.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave the website an F grade.  In Chicago, predictive analytics startup Uptake suddenly laid off 51 people, despite raising approximately $260-million USD in funding.

Indiana: Nippon (Japan) based Sony DADC issued a shutdown WARN for its Terre Haute factory, 375 people jobless due to outsourcing to France based Technicolor Home Entertainment Services!

Iowa: Convergys shutting down its call center in Sergeant Bluff, 178 jobs gone in April!  Germany based Siemens issued a shutdown WARN for its 11 years old Gamesa Renewable Energy factory in Fort madison, 202 jobs gone by the end of March!

Kansas: Police body camera maker Digital Ally suddenly laid off 63 people due to a sudden 31% crash in revenue.

Kentucky:  In Louisville, online retailer of on-demand customized products CafePress laid off 12 people due to a sudden 32% crash in revenues.

Minnesota: Energy-tech company SheerWind now chapter 7 bankrupt dead with zero assets and $3.7-million USD in debts.  In Wadena, after 18 years Cyber Cafe shutdown.  It was revealed that only subsidies (funding) from the local community, and government, kept it in operation, sales alone are not enough to cover operating cost. The owner also revealed competition from ever advancing social media technology played a major role in killing them off.

New York: Florida based JPay supposedly giving prisoners of Department of Corrections and Community Supervision electronic tablets at no cost to taxpayers.  JPay is so desperate for sales they think prisoners who don’t have much, if any, money will make online purchases through their JPay system (prisoners aren’t normally allowed access to the internet).  Hearst Magazines issued shutdown WARN for its Rodale Payroll, between 55 and 2-hundred jobs affected due to the sale/relocation of the business!  Info-Tech solutions company ASM Research issued a shutdown WARN for its Batavia location, 36 jobs gone due to the loss of a taxpayer funded VA contract.

North Carolina: Singapore based Flex (formerly known as Flextronics) eliminating 138 jobs at its Morrisville electronics factory, in May!

North Dakota: After 50 years FM News shutdown, ignorantly blaming low sales of magazines and newspapers on internet competition.

Ohio: California based Rambus issued a shutdown WARN for its Brecksville light factory, 52 jobs gone as Rambus gets the hell outta the lighting business.

Oregon: Convergys issued a shutdown WARN for its Wilsonville call center, 208 jobs gone by the end of March!

Pennsylvania: France based Technicolor Home Entertainment Services issued a shutdown WARN for its CD factory in Olyphant, 160 jobs gone starting in March!   California based Autodesk vacating its Bakery Square 2.0 office, 40 jobs lost as the space is being subleased.   Hearst Magazines issued shutdown WARNs for its Rodale Payroll/Photo Studio/Test Kitchen/Iron Run Distribution Center, 145 jobs gone in March!   Convergys issued a shutdown WARN for its Coraopolis location, 52 jobs gone in March.  It was revealed that Philadelphia based Comcast secretly eliminated more than 5-hundred sales jobs two weeks before Xmas 2017!   Best Buy shutting down its Pittsburgh Mills store, 23 jobs gone in March.  New York based, but British empire Canada owned, department store Lord & Taylor suddenly killed 202 e-commerce fulfillment jobs in Wilkes Barre, due to e-commerce ops being moved elsewhere!

Texas: DISH Network suddenly laid off 90 people at its refurbishing factory in El Paso.  Austin based advertising agency GSD&M suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people, saying “we are changing our operating rhythm and aligning to a new method”.

Virginia: Telvista shutting down its call center in Danville, 3-hundred jobs gone in March!  Local news media reported that some employees had just been hired.

Washington DC:  The Current Newspapers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted as part of a master plan to expand online services.

West Virginia: Gazette-Mail now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and laying off at least 50 people.

Wisconsin: New York based e-commerce company F+W Media eliminating 41 jobs in Iola, via outsourcing.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, December 2017:“IN THE INTERESTS OF SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY”

Army Opioid Summit: Martial Law over U.S. drug addiction epidemic?

09FEB2018 (02:27 UTC-07 Tango 06)  20 Bahman 1396/23 Jumada l-Ula 1439/24 Ren-Yin 4715

“…President Trump declared a national health emergency…   The leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50 is drug overdose!”-Jeff Sessions, U.S. Attorney General, Opioid Summit

On 08FEB2018, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions attended the Opioid Summit, hosted by U.S. Southern Command (SouthComm).

The Department of Defense led Opioid Summit was trying to find a way to bring together healthcare organizations, local law enforcement and the military in an attempt to create a national ‘collective response’ to the record level of drug abuse in the United States, without the President having to declare Martial Law.

The pseudo-martial-law organization was referred to as the U.S. ‘interagency’.