Don’t blame the Internet: Idaho internet sales tax collections flat-line!

11 JUN 2017 (08:59 UTC-07 Tango 06) 21 Khordad 1396/16 Ramadan 1438/17 Bing Wu 4715

At the beginning of 2017 it was revealed that ‘fake news’ Idaho republicans made a secret deal with Amazon to impose an internet sales tax on any Idahoan who buys online!   The Idaho Tax Commission reports that so far there’s […] Continue Reading…

Old Oil War: U.S. forces killed in Afghanistan, day after U.S. forces killed Afghan police!

10 JUN 2017 (17:51 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Khordad 1396/15 Ramadan 1438/16 Bing Wu 4715

Reports out of Afghanistan that at least two U.S. personnel (possibly up to four) were shot and killed by an Afghan National Army Special Operation Forces soldier, in Achin District of Nangarhar Province.

Afghan government officials say at least two U.S. personnel were […] Continue Reading…

New Oil War: Trump deploys combat troops to Philippines? Facebook asked to help!

10 JUN 2017 (11:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Khordad 1396/15 Ramadan 1438/16 Bing Wu 4715

The admitted extrajudicial murderer and current president of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, begged Donald Trump for help in fighting so-called Islamic insurgents, and Trump complied.

U.S. supplied Vietnam era ‘Huey’ rotary wing about to land in Marawi.

At this point no […] Continue Reading…

God is Evil: U.S. UN ambassador meets with Israeli terrorist Lieberman

Between April and now the U.S. Trump regime has spent a lot of time meeting with Israeli leaders, even conducting joint military exercises.  Why?

Israeli Major General Yaacov Barak lays a wreath at the U.S. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Virginia, 09 JUN 2017.

Meeting of U.S. Ambassador to the UN […] Continue Reading…

Vehicle I-D: Mississippi Militia shows-off mine detection vehicles

Mississippi Buffalo in California?

While on rotation at the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California, Mississippi National Guard’s 287th Engineer Company conducted anti-mine vehicle training on 04 JUN 2017:

Husky Mark-3 electromagnetic detection vehicle followed by Buffaloes with anti-mine rollers.


Trump deploys yet another Oklahoma Militia unit!

“We cannot be the policeman of the world, we cannot protect countries all over the world…..”-Donald Trump, September 2016

On 08 JUN 2017, at Fort Bliss, Texas, members of Oklahoma’s 2120th Engineer Company, 120th Engineer Battalion, 90th Troop Command said goodbye to spouses and children as they deployed to an unnamed location in Southwest Asia (Middle […] Continue Reading…

Missouri Air Militia preps for yet more deployments, adopt German standards!

“We cannot be the policeman of the world, we cannot protect countries all over the world…..”-Donald Trump, September 2016

Missouri National Guard’s 139th Airlift Wing spent the first weekend of June, 2017, prepping for possible future deployment under the Trump regime:

In the month of May, 2017, Missouri and Nebraska Air Guard units conducted […] Continue Reading…

Militarizing the Police: Air Militia trains up Texas cops!

On 31 MAR 2017 the Texas 147th Air National Guard hosted training for Houston’s police/SWAT and Fire Department.  In the official ‘recruitment’ video you can see it wasn’t about natural disasters but how to ‘storm’ a building:


Colorado National Guard hosted rotary wing rescue training with […] Continue Reading…

“already-dead” Hundreds of new store shutdowns, thousands of jobs lost!: Sears Kmart Death Spiral, June 2017

Sears Canada announced it will shutdown 59 stores and kill 2-thousand-9-hundred jobs this year: “Accordingly, such conditions raise significant doubt as to the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”-Sears Canada statement after failing to raise the needed debt financing to continue operations, reports say Sears Canada is now officially insolvent

Don’t blame internet competition!  Karen Edwards, […] Continue Reading…

“unsustainable for our company”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, May 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in May 2017:

Alabama:  Southeast Alabama Medical Center eliminated 80 jobs because ObamaCare is forcing them to reduce operating costs by $30-million USD per year.  The Health Care Authority of the City of Anniston laid off 19 Stringfellow Memorial Hospital employees as a result of buying a new […] Continue Reading…

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