“several system and control failures”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, November 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in November 2017:

Employees with Israel based drugs pusher Teva Pharmaceuticals reporting that ‘thousands’ of its U.S. employees are about to be laid off, Teva administrators refused to answer questions from the news media.

Israel based, but U.S. stock market listed, Protalix BioTherapeutics eliminating 50 jobs due to decreasing Israeli […] Continue Reading…

“closing was the only option.”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., November 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

The […] Continue Reading…

Students & Tourists used as slave labor? More proof immigration is about denying you a job!

21 NOV 2017 (00:42 UTC-07 Tango 06) 30 Aban 1396/02 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/04 Xin-Hai (10th month) 4715

“They’re sending people overseas to work as slaves.”-Andy Rim, South Korean who’s wife was tricked into ‘backbacker’ slavery work

“After that I went to Mildura to pick grapes. The pay looked good, but after two weeks working nine-hour days I received my […] Continue Reading…

Afghanistan War, it’s back, baby! Trump deploys 3,000 more troops as ICC accuses U.S. of more War Crimes!

More than 16 years and three U.S. presidents later, the United States is still addicted to drugs and war in Afghanistan.

“We are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world.”-Donald Trump, August 2015 interview with Hugh Hewitt

Incomplete news items concerning continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, November 2017,

Arab News: Afghanistan orders frontier forces to retaliate […] Continue Reading…

Marines guilty of endemic violence! Ghosts of my father & grandfather!

11 NOV 2017 (04:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Aban 1396/21 Safar 1439/23 Xin-Hai 4715

Couple of U.S. Marines found guilty of crimes; a Drill Instructor, and a General!

On 10 NOV 2017, a military jury found a Iraq occupation vet, and Drill Instructor (DI), guilty of punching, kicking and choking U.S. Muslim recruits in his charge, one of those […] Continue Reading…

Special Las Vegas shooting edition F-16 & F-15

For some odd reason the U.S. Air Force felt compelled to give one of their F-16s, and an F-15, a special paint job to ‘honor’ those people killed or wounded during the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.  The Vegas Strong F-16 and F-15 will be on display at the Nellis AFB Air and Space Exposition, November […] Continue Reading…

“Retail is not a job or a career…” “this year…would be our last year”: U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in October 2017:

Alabama: In Homewood, kids clothier Sash & Beau shutdown.  In Vestavia Hills, after five years Fancy Goods Variety shutdown.

Arizona: In Mesa, after 38 years Bubbles of Joy-Groovie Ghoulie’s Costumes shutdown: “Last year was not good. It was not the best so […] Continue Reading…

“There was no severance…we were just fired!”: U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in October 2017.

Federal government data proves what truck drivers have been complaining about for years, the reason there’s a driver shortage is because trucking companies are paying less and less every year: “If you look at the federal data, a truck driver in 2006 was actually making more […] Continue Reading…

“significant financial pressure”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, October 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in October 2017:

Finland based Nokia announced it gave up on its virtual reality camera project and will now kill at least 310 jobs, some of which are in the United States!

Arkansas:  Wehco Media suddenly laid […] Continue Reading…

Paradise in the Empire as Brits get raped hard by the Queen!

08 NOV 2017 (02:57 UTC-07 Tango 06) 17 Aban 1396/18 Safar 1439/20 Xin-Hai 4715

I’ve written before how the ‘figure head’ Queen of the British empire makes her money; from ripping off employees and taxpayers to outright criminal behavior like drugs smuggling and child snatching!

Now a new revelation called The Paradise Papers reveal even more monarchal […] Continue Reading…

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