“We do not anticipate any meaningful recovery” : U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics Layoffs, December 2016

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss announcements and shutdowns for December 2016.

What the main stream news media economic ‘experts’ aren’t telling you is that for all those industrial job ‘creations’ they report, almost just as many factory workers have been forced out of work, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, meaning there is almost zero true job growth in the U.S. industrial sector!

California: Public transportation contractor Global Paratransit issued a layoff WARN, 105 people jobless in Gardena by the end of February 2017!   In Mira Loma, GBW Railcar issued a layoff WARN, 142 jobs lost by the end of February 2017!  In Rialto, Ryder laying off 28 people in January 2017.  Tax sucker Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNS, this time 22 Californians unemployed during February 2017.

Connecticut: In Danbury, FuelCell Energy laid off 96 people as a result of “backlog”.

Illinois:  Alabama Metal Industry Corporation (AMICo) shutting down its Bourbonnais factory, 86 jobs gone by February 2017.  Local news media say the shutdown announcment was a shock because AMICo just spent $5-million USD upgrading the factory.   What automotive industry recovery?  Peoria based Caterpillar restated their plan for massive layoffs in 2017, claiming their analysts of the economy is that things are only going to get worse: “We do not anticipate any meaningful recovery in CAT’s markets until 2018, and new machine sales are unlikely to begin to be realized until well after a market recovery is evident.”-Moody’s

Indiana:  Pallet supplier Chep Recycled Pallet Solutions issued a shutdown WARN, 165 jobs lost in February 2017!

Kentucky: What automotive industry recovery? Japan based Toyota eliminating the remaining 650 jobs as it shuts down its North American HQ in Erlanger!  News reports say at one time there were nearly 2-thousand Toyota employees in Kentucky.  Old fashioned furniture maker Rector’s Cherry Reproduction shutdown blaming increasing cost of lumber.

Louisiana: Lafayette base Stone Energy now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, the offshore oil producer claims to be $1.2-billion in debt.

Maryland: Moving company Kane is now chapter 7 bankrupt dead, 950 jobs gone once shutdown is completed!

Massachusetts:  Friendly’s restaurant chain shutting down their Chicopee distribution center, less than 50 jobs lost to a contractor.  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority eliminating at least 1-hundred jobs in an attempt to fill in a $100-million hole in their budget!

Michigan: Ohio based Comprehensive Logistics shutting down a Lansing area factory, 138 jobs gone starting in January 2017!  It’s blamed on the not-so-recovered automotive industry.  Speaking of which, Detroit based General Motors (GM) shutting down five factories and laying off more than 10-thousand people!  GM admin claim they’ll re-start production when new car inventories are reduced to acceptable levels.

New York: In Latham, General Electric Transportation issued a shutdown WARN, 41 train engine building jobs lost by May 2017.  In Newburgh, General Electric Flight Ops halting operations, affecting 48 employees by March 2017.   In Amityville, office products maker Kleer Fax issued a shutdown WARN, 70 jobs lost during March 2017.  In Springfield Gardens, logistics company DSV\UTi issued a shutdown WARN, 73 jobs lost by April 2017.  Travel industry supplier GTA Americas issued a shutdown WARN for their NYC location,190 jobs lost between March and December 2017!

North Carolina: What construction industry recovery?  Grille and door maker CornellCookson’s shutting down their factory in Gastonia, 83 jobs gone by February 2017.  Jar maker Ball shutting down its Reidsville factory, 150 jobs lost by the middle of 2017!  Ball administrators blamed it on the “changing market”.  Glass maker Ardagh Group suddenly laid off 150 people, and halted their expansion project saying “…changing business conditions resulting from a significant reduction in customer demand and the company’s current inventory levels have necessitated that the rebuild be delayed until January of 2018.”

Ohio: Parker Hannifin shutting down their gear factory in Youngstown, 137 jobs lost by April 2017 due to crashing sales! Alliance Castings “temporarily” shutting down its factory and laying off 4-hundred people due to crashing demand for trains!

Oregon:  Commercial Aircraft Painting shutting down their Portland ops by the end of January 2017, at least 186 jobs lost!

Pennsylvania: Union Electric Åkers issued a WARN, 148 jobs in Avonmore lost during March 2017!

South Carolina: What housing industry recovery? Light fixture maker Hubbell Lighting shutdown their Cowpens distribution center, 55 jobs lost to consolidation of operations.

Texas: In Sherman, Royal Case quietly laid off an undisclosed number of workers, it was revealed to local news media by unnamed former employees. In Denison, Caterpillar conducted another round of layoffs, refusing to say how many people were let go.  Local news media reports that the same factory laid off about 40 people in August.  Union Tank Car laying off 106 people in Houston, due to crashing demand for trains!  Alabama Metal Industry Corporation (AMICo) shutting down its Dayton factory, and its distribution ops in Houston, by the end of January 2017.

Vermont: Christian founded gravestone maker Rock of Ages Corporation began eliminating jobs at its granite quarry after selling out to a British empire company based in Canada.

Virginia: What automotive industry recovery? Sweden based Volvo announced it will conduct yet another round of layoffs at its Dublin truck factory, this time 5-hundred people will become jobless in February 2017!

Washington: Omak Wood Products issued a shutdown WARN, 217 jobs gone by the end of January 2017!  In Everett, Boeing warned of more layoffs due to lack of sales of its 777X airliner, local news media reminded readers that Boeing got massive tax breaks for the 777X program.

West Virginia:  Petro industry service company Weatherford laid off 65 people due to “loss of business opportunities”.

Wisconsin: BMR NO.1 forced to sell their assets, which will result in 57 people losing their jobs by March 2017.  Germany based toolmaker Walter USA shutting down their Waukesha factory, 39 jobs lost starting in February 2017.

Mining/Industrial/Logistics November 2016:  GOOD LORD (-STOWN), CHEVY KILLS 1,360 JOBS IN ONE CITY!