“It shook my entire house!” Explosions in the sky as more minor quakes hit Idaho!

01 DEC 2017 (01:55 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Azar 1396/12 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/14 Ren-Zi 4715

On 30 NOV 2017, just before 13 hours after midnight (that’s just before 1pm for those of you who insist on using a 12 hours clock to track the 24 hours in a day) the area around Soda Springs, Idaho, was hit by yet another 3 magnitude earthquake.

Ever since September southeast Idaho has been hit with low magnitude quake ‘swarms’, possibly due to petroleum exploration.

But in the south central part of the state, in the Twin Falls area, people have been reporting unexplained sounds of explosions, or “booms”.  Many say it sounds like the booms are coming from the sky, but one woman saw a smoke cloud rising from across the Snake River: “It shook my entire house! It freaked me out. …..It looked like it came off the ground and was slowly dissipating and rising. It was yellowish or maybe even greenish.”– Sara Bloss, as quoted by Twin Falls Times-News

The National Weather Service said there were no big cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes. Idaho Department of Transportation swore they had no road construction projects in the area.  The U.S. Air Force at Mountain Home refused to comment about a ‘secret bombing range’.  Interestingly, according to local news media these Skyquakes happen at the same time every year.

Apparently nobody in the Twin Falls area speculated that it could be petroleum exploration.  Perhaps it’s because a professor from Boise State University claimed there were no seismic registrations.  In mid-November a lawsuit in Oklahoma revealed that a former university professor was being bullied not to make a connection between increased quakes and petroleum exploration/fracking: “Researchers have linked the spike in the number of earthquakes in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and other states to the underground disposal of wastewater from oil and gas production. Holland said he was reprimanded for helping publish a peer-reviewed journal article on how to cope with such earthquakes.”-Associated Press

For November, Oklahoma continued to be plagued by fracking quakes: Yukon earthquakes linked to fracking well

Numerous small earthquakes recorded in northern Oklahoma

“researchers are certain the quakes are a result of fracking practices of the oil and gas industry”

Two earthquakes rattle Oklahoma town

Earthquake swarm leaves Oklahoma residents unsettled

To get an idea just how many quakes The Gem State of Idaho experiences on a daily basis, visit Earthquaketrack.com.  According to the website, Idaho has experienced 919 earthquakes in the past 12 months!

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