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Join Militia, Drive Truck


Virginia National Guard’s 329th Regional Support Group used M915 and M1088 tractors to haul trailers during their Annual Training (AT) in May of this year, proving they’re Ready to Roll:

Virginia Militia M1088 hauling boats for the U.S. Navy.

138 vehicles were involved in the ‘real world’ AT mission. They traveled nearly 204-thousand-387-kilometers (127-thousand miles) hauling nearly 216 U.S. tons.

The 329th Regional Support Group was deactivated in 1996, but was brought back to life ten years later, in 2006.

Using your cutting board as a toilet? Blame soap!

13 JUN 2017 (02:32 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Khordad 1396/18 Ramadan 1438/19 Bing Wu 4715

According to Global Hygiene Council the average kitchen cutting board has more crap, literally, germs on it than does the average toilet seat, by as much as 200%!  (The words crapper, crappping and crap are ligit, they come from the name of a real person.)

Your cutting board is so dirty you might have well been crapping on it!

Your cutting board is so dirty you might have well been crapping on it!

In 2006, in United Kingdom the pretentious Global Hygiene Council was founded to find better ways for us to clean our sorry asses, this after more than a hundred years of governments pushing cleanliness upon the unworthy masses.   Why?   Because after more than a hundred years of ‘washing-up’ the public infectious disease rates are actually skyrocketing!  (caution; these guys are the ones pushing for people to wash their hands at least six times a day!)

Another British empire pro-clean site backs up the claim that your cutting board is nastier than your toilet seat.  Expert Home Tips blames the use of dish-washing soap for the spread of food borne disease, saying it can’t get at the microscopic nooks-n-crannies on your cutting board that the evil bacteria live in.  Instead soak the board in a strong chemical like bleach.

Those European’s are sure a bunch of germophobes.   If you’ve read most of my old Influenza reports you’ll notice that most infections take place in areas where disinfection rates are supposed to be high; like hospitals.

In 日本国 (Nippon-koku, Japan), the most germophobic society on the planet, it seems almost every year there is a new study revealing that the number one cause of increased allergies and disease is precisely the obsessive behavior of over-cleaning yourself and your home.  The studies show such cleaning is actually weakening the immune systems of metro dwelling Nipponese, and the germs are getting stronger as they build resistance to the sanitation onslaught.

When it comes to allergies in Nippon, blame the government for planting forests of hyper-allergenic (super-allergenic) cedar trees after World War Two.   

More down to Earth U.S. based Reader’s Digest says use a ‘natural’ homemade paste made from one tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water.  Vinegar works as well.

Norovirus: Consumer Reports says to leave the soap on your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Wash household surfaces with bleach.




“..sales dropped over 30%..” “It’s going to be a big downfall…”: U.S. Food Crisis, May 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of May, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Alabama: In Huntsville, after more than 50 years El Palacio shutdown due to the owner’s health problems, and nobody interested in taking over the popular restaurant.

Arizona: In Tucson, after 44 years Delectables Restaurant & Catering shutting down restaurant operations by the end of June, the owner will focus on catering only.  Also in Tucson, after 64 years Molina’s Midway Mexican Food shutdown and sold-off, the now former owners blaming “the stress of running a restaurant.”

California:  Verdugo Restaurant Corporation issued a temporary shutdown WARN for its location in Burbank, 155 jobs affected in August!  Grimmway Farms issued mass layoff WARNs, 384 jobs gone by the end of July!  Nestle issued layoff WARN for its Modesto ops, 93 jobs gone by the end of July. Donald Trump hater Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) issued shutdown WARNs for its warehouse ops, 510 jobs gone by August!  In Kern County one of the largest landowners in The Golden State, Tejon Ranch, suddenly laid off 11 employees blaming it on low commodity prices.  Norway based Marine Harvest shutting down its Los Angeles office by the end of June.  Hines Growers issued a shutdown WARN for its San Juan operations, 115 jobs gone by October!  In Anaheim, Arundel Cuisine shutting down, 62 jobs lost by the end of July.   Applebees shutting down its 17 years old Neighborhood Grill and Bar in Rancho Mirage, saying it’s not worth it to renew the lease.  In San Diego, after 31 years restaurant Busalacchi’s A Modo Mio shutdown so the owners can focus on their newer restaurant gigs.  France based food contractor Sodexo continues to lose contracts, this time it lost its contract with UC Davis, 136 jobs lost by the end of June! In San Francisco, meal delivery service Sprig suddenly shutdown: “The demand for Sprig’s convenient, high-quality food was always incredibly high, but the complexity of owning meal production through delivery at scale was a challenge.”-Gagan Biyani, CEO

Colorado: Walmart shutting down its four years old Neighborhood Market in Boulder, supposedly the 70 employees can transfer to a Walmart Supercenter.  Also in Boulder, after 40 years Turley’s Kitchen shutdown due to the owners being unable to hire competent employees, and being unable to find a buyer for the iconic ‘health food’ restaurant.   Despite record levels of legal immigration into the U.S., the owners say it’s gotten harder to find people who’re willing to do things like wash dishes!  Local news media says the building is still for sale and the lease is good for 27 years!

Connecticut: The Original Swanky Franks suddenly shutdown after more than 60 years of hot dogs.  It was revealed the family owners were planning on selling it, but an injury to one of the co-owners forced them to shutdown sooner than planned.  ShopRite shutting down in West Haven, 148 jobs gone by the end of July!

Florida: In North Naples restaurant Masa shutdown after five years, the owners saying it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease. Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Weston food distribution center, killing 246 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!  Winn Dixie shutting down store-72 in Jacksonville, about 60 to 70 jobs lost in June. Florida news media say an unnamed Winn Dixie manager revealed that many management level jobs are being eliminated at other Winn Dixie stores.  Meat company Colorado Premium issued a WARN, 167 jobs in Miami gone between June and September!

Georgia:   Winn Dixie shutting down store-97 in Brunswick, about 60 to 70 jobs lost in June.   In Covington, Henderson’s shutdown due to the state Department of Transportation’s ‘realignment’ project for the intersection (right in front of the restaurant) taking much longer to complete than was officially anticipated.

Idaho: After years of negative customer reviews one of two Pocatello Pizza Huts quietly shutdown.  The Pizza Hut at 1151 Yellowstone Avenue has been repainted olive green and is now for sale.  The Idaho Wine Commission is accusing the city of Boise of intentionally restricting the issuing of booze permits for public events.  It started last year when the city switched to issuing only one catering permit per event.  The result is that many area wineries are refusing to take part in Boise events: “As a consequence of this, we no longer…. participate in events in Boise.”-Earl Sullivan, Telaya Wine Company

Because of more than a decade of drought Idaho ‘lawmakers’ came up with a law changing how state controlled aquifers are recharged, now they’re claiming success as recharging efforts resulted in more than expected water capture.  However, the new law involves taxpayers paying independent canal operators to divert their water into state aquifers.  Under complicated water access ‘rights’ laws the state of Idaho is limited to how much water it can collect for its aquifers, but, by paying canal operators the state can get around the access limit.  Idaho is incorrectly known as the potato state even though potatoes are not its biggest ag product (the myth is perpetuated by the potato industry and the state government), beef is usually the biggest money making ag product in Idaho. Then  there’s fishing.  Anglers from around the U.S. come to Idaho to fish but this year the Spring chinook season was shutdown early due to low numbers of the salmon: “….we are still very concerned regarding our ability to collect brood stock for future hatchery releases. In addition, returns of natural chinook salmon in the Salmon River are far below expected and are likely to fall below the level needed for incidental hook and release mortality within those fisheries.”-Brett Bowersox, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Illinois: Grocery store supplier Central Grocers went chapter 11 bankrupt and upped its layoffs at its Joliet warehouse to 550!  Blaming E.coli contamination (resulting in lawsuits), and $10-million USD of debts, SoyNut Butter went chapter 7 bankrupt busted and will be slowly killed-off via liquidation.  Butterball shutting down its meat factory in Montgomery, nearly 6-hundred jobs gone by July!   The oldest tavern in Chicago, Schaller’s Pump, shutdown after 136 years due to the death of the family’s patriarch.  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Batavia food distribution center, killing 278 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!

Indiana:  After shutting down dozens of grocery stores 86 years old Marsh Supermarkets (owned by Florida based Sun Capital since 2006) went bankrupt and will attempt to sell its remaining 44 stores.  In Jasper, after 60 years Heichelbech’s Restaurant and Bar shutdown, apparently it’s been sold.  In Indianapolis, after only six months restaurant LongBranch suddenly shutdown, no reason given and local news media say it was popular.

Louisiana: In Lafayette, after two years Mellow Mushroom pizza joint shutdown without explanation. After almost 40 years Guidry’s Reef shutdown due to family health problems. Hurricane Grill and Wings suddenly shutdown its Lafayette location, no reason given.  And Country Cuisine announced it too will shutdown its more than 30 years old Lafayette restaurant.

Maryland: In Baltimore, after ten years Annabel Lee Tavern shutdown due to increasing competition: “The competition around me is such that it’s killed my revenue over the last two years.”-Kurt Bragunier, owner

Massachusetts:  After 31 years the Ashby Food Pantry shutting down by mid-June, supposedly due to lack of demand for food.  After 34 years Concord Cookware shutdown because of increased competition.

Michigan: After less than two years Dutch Girl Brewery suddenly shutdown and declared chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The owners refused to comment to local news media.

Minnesota: Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its ‘Twin Cities’ food distribution center, killing 216 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  In Saint Paul, after 17 years of noodles Tanpopo shutdown. In Saint Cloud, after one year upscale burger joint JL Beers shutdown blaming city administrators for ignoring parking and safety issues: “After a year of going through that and the city not paying any attention, it’s like they don’t want to see the downtown succeed.”-Lance Thorson, owner

Missouri: Eagle Family Foods shutting down its food factory in Seneca, 56 jobs lost in June due to consolidation.  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Kansas City food distribution center, killing 185 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  Also in Kansas City, after eight years upscale restaurant Julian shutting down in July, the owner can’t renew the lease.

New Hampshire: Hannaford shutdown its Hudson grocery store, claiming the employees were offered jobs elsewhere.

New Jersey: In Paterson, after more than 70 years Egg Platter Diner shutdown, supposedly the owners are looking for a new location.  After about ten years Taco Truck suddenly halted ops in three cities, with no explanation.

New York: Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company, Kellogg Snacks) added four more food distribution centers to its Empire State shutdown list (from the two in April), killing about 277 additional jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  France based Sodexo lost its food service contract with Dutchess Community College, 34 jobs gone by the end of July.  In Troy, after only six months Donna’s Italian restaurant shutdown because the eatery owners weren’t allowed to buy the property.  They told local news media that it’s impossible to actually make a profit “…without owning the building.”   NYC based grocery chain Price Chopper shutdown a store in Winnipeg, Canada.  In NYC, Chelsea Hospitality Partners shutting down its Avenue lounge in July, 42 jobs lost due to building renovations.  Sparks Steak House possibly shutting down depending upon lease renewal, 87 jobs could be gone by the end of August.  Cabana Midtown shutting down, 43 jobs gone by the end of July due to the landlord revoking the lease.  And after 14 years Schiller’s Liquor Bar shutting down in August due to the greedy landlord jacking up the rent: “We simply cannot afford it.”-Sophie McNally, co-owner

North Carolina:  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 5-hundred jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!   Bi-Lo shutting down its 24 years old grocery store in Columbus, 45 jobs lost by the end of June.

North Dakota: In Grand Forks, after 45 years Amazing Grains Natural Foods Market shutdown blaming internet and ‘big box’ competition: “Sales were dropping slowly for a year or so, and then Natural Grocers opened and sales dropped over 30%, and it’s hard for any business to recover from that.”-Betsy Perkins, manager

Oklahoma: Russell Stover shutting down a chocolate store in Tulsa due to the property manager refusing to renew the lease.  Local news media revealed that the property manager has been running off tenants since last year.

Oregon: In Ashland, after 25 years Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant shutting down in July, after being for sale for more than a year.  In Portland, after 13 years Tabor Czech style food stand shutting down so the owners can focus on the lower overhead cost business of catering.  Food service contractor Aramark lost its contract with University of Oregon, an unspecified number of jobs will be affected by the end of June.

Pennsylvania: In Philadelphia, after 40 years Little Pete’s in ‘Center City’ shutdown due to the property being turned into a hotel.  France based Sodexo lost its contract with Elk Regional Health Center- St. Mary’s/Penn Highlands, 51 jobs gone by the end of June.  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 503 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!

South Carolina:  Bi-Lo shutting down its grocery store in Fort Mill when the lease expires.  Local news media discovered there are nine Bi-Lo stores within 32km (20 miles) of Fort Mill.

South Dakota: In Sioux Falls, Pizza Patrol forced to shutdown because the greedy property owner sold the property.

Tennessee:  Pinnacle Foods canceled production of Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast items, effectively shutting down its factory in Jackson, blaming skyrocketing food recalls.  At least 2-hundred people out of work, local residents told news media the shutdown will have ripple effects with the local economy: “It’s going to be a big downfall for Jackson……We need to keep on growing instead of shutting down.”-Danny Gillard

Texas:  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 421 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  Beer distributor Capitol Wright Distributing shutting down two warehouses and killing 140 jobs by July!  Administrators say the skyrocketing costs of maintaining/leasing properties is forcing them to consolidate operations into fewer warehouses.  In Houston, Sullivan’s Steakhouse shutdown because the corporate owners could not renew the lease due to the property being re-developed. In Round Rock, after three years The Scarlet Rabbit shutdown, the owners claim they’re working on a new concept.

Vermont: In Montpelier, after 57 years Coffee Corner shutdown earlier than planned due to lack of employees.

Washington: State Fish and Wildlife shutdown the Spring chinook season early due to low numbers of the salmon. According to reports the actual numbers of chinook are half what was expected!  Redhook shutting down its Woodinville brewery due to lack of use.

Wisconsin: In Madison, 4&20 Bakery & Cafe shutdown due to the sudden death of the owner, which caused an exodus of loyal employees.  Roundy’s owned Pick n Save shutting down grocery stores in New Berlin, Pewaukee and Shawano, about 190 jobs lost in June, due to lack of sales.  Roundy’s claims the employees can get jobs at other Pick n Save stores, however, the store in Shawano was the only Pick n Save there, the next nearest Pick n Save to Shawano is 56km (35 miles) away.  Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese shutting down its six years old store/eatery in Egg Harbor, apparently no reason given.  In Milwaukee, restaurant Hotch shutdown after 11 years due to the greedy landlord deciding to use the property for something else.  The Milwaukee Record described the shutdown as “Another day, another east side closing”.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Pub: An arrogant British empire shortening of the term Public House, meaning a food establishment that is open to the general, non-royalty/non-nobility, public.   In other words, pubs are for the lowly working class subjects of the empire.


Missouri Militia preps for disasters, again!

03 JUN 2017 (13:33 UTC-07 Tango 06) 13 Khordad 1396/08 Ramadan 1438/09 Bing Wu 4715

For the fourth year in a row Missouri Air-Militia personnel spent their annual training prepping for natural disasters.  Already this year Missouri National Guard personnel responded to record level floods, in May.

While Missouri Army National Guard units are spending their Summer assisting with Force-on-Force training at California’s NTC, Missouri Air Guard’s 131st Bomb Wing spent their fourth yearly training season at Camp Clark:



Mama’s Fried Chicken! In Hot as Hell Mojave-land NTC?

Actually, during non-Summer months the high temps at Fort Irwin, California, aren’t that bad.  In the Gregorian month of May the average high temperature is 28C (83F).  A record high temp for May hit 42C (107F).  Back in 1998 I went to NTC with Idaho’s 116th Armored Cav (as a 13F with the 148th FA BN), and unfortunately it was during the hottest time of the year when the average high temp is around 38C (100F), and record highs hit 46C (114F)!  By the way, 1998 was one of those record setting years for high temps.

In 2014, TV personality Gordon Ramsay videoed the biggest cooking challenge of the show MasterChef at Fort Irwin, California.

Currently the Illinois, Kanasa and Mississippi National Guards are doing a three weeks ‘rotation’ at NTC, started right before the Memorial weekend.  What’re they going to eat?  Supposedly you get two yummy (not) MREs and a hot meal per day (reality is you could go days without a hot cooked meal). But Mississippi’s Militia cooks boast they’re up to the job of providing at least one hot cooked meal per day for the 3-thousand-8-hundred-plus Militia personnel on the current rotation, even going as far as optimistically promising Sergeant First Class ‘Mama’ Jackson’s fried chicken:


“This is usually the busiest time of the year. Usually we’re hiring extra help.” Not this year!: U.S. Food Crisis, April 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of April, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

California:  After 91 years the restaurant Genova Delicatessen shutdown its locations in Oakland and North Oakland, the family owners blame an increase in crime.  The Fishwife’s Turtle Bay Taqueria shutting down its Monterey location. In Fresno, after 18 years mom&pop owned Uncle Harry’s New York Bagelry & Coffee House shutting down because the “…landlord based in New York was not interested in renewing our lease and preferred/desired a ‘national’ tenant instead.”  Christian agnostic Warren Buffett owned Meadowbrook Meat Company shutting down its operations in Pleasanton and Tracy, 147 jobs gone between July and October (last month Meadowbrook announced the shutdown of its Ontario ops, 171 jobs lost in May)!  JBS USA Food Company issued a shutdown WARN for its Commerce location, 34 jobs lost by the end of May.  Food service contractor Sodexo issued a shutdown WARN for its ops in Davis, 136 jobs gone by the end of June!

Florida: Kendall based Pollo Tropical announced it will shutdown 30 restaurants in Georgia, Tennessee and Texas (in addition to the ten they’ve already shutdown).  In Gainesville, Alico Citrus Nursery suddenly laid off 31 people.  

Georgia:  Atlanta based Coca-Cola announced it will kill 1-thousand-2-hundred jobs in the second half of 2017!  Are crashing sales because of anti-soda taxes?  In Atlanta, Vine & Tap wine bar shutdown without warning after only three years, due to owner’s family health problems.

Idaho: An estimated 100 million pounds of spoiled onions have been disposed of in Idaho and Oregon following a winter of unprecedented snowfall.

Eastern Idaho potato growers are at least a week behind normal, and even further behind compared to their early starts the past two seasons. He believes the odds of repeating last season’s bumper spud and grain crops are growing longer.

Illinois:  McCain Foods USA, Inc. announced it is voluntarily recalling frozen hash brown products that may be contaminated with extraneous golf ball material.  (In 2002, the University of Idaho created a guide on “Managing Foreign Material for Quality Idaho Potatoes” in which golf balls were featured as a “common foreign material found in potatoes,” alongside bones, light bulbs, manure, shot gun shells and irrigation equipment.)   Food Service Professionals issued a shutdown WARN for its Flossmoor ops, 134 jobs lost by August!  Red Bull laid off 32 people in Chicago, no reason given.     In Hinsdale, wine seller Village Cellar shutting down when the inventory is gone because the local government nabobs refused a new expanded booze license.  The maker of food products for Tony Roma’s and Butchers Prime, Rupari Foods, now bankrupt busted and supposedly sold to competing food processor Carl Buddig.Grocery store supplier Central Grocers suddenly laid off 29 warehouse workers in Joliet.  Former employees told local news media that something is wrong because “This is usually the busiest time of the year. Usually we’re hiring extra help.”  As well as putting itself up for sale, Central Grocers is also shutting down and selling-off seven Ultra Foods grocery stores, at least 8-hundred Ultra Foods jobs lost by mid-June !  The grocery employee union has sued Central Grocers in an attempt to stop the sale of the business.

Indiana:  In Evansville, after 30 years Fred’s Bar and Grill shutting down by mid-May, sounds like it’s due to property redevelopment.

Iowa:  Grocery chain Hy-Vee threatened 60 HQ workers with layoffs unless they accepted reassignment to lower level jobs.  Administrators blamed it on a rapidly changing grocery market.  Save-a-Lot shutting down its Dubuque grocery store by mid-May, because it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease.

Kentucky: In Covington, Piccolo Casa (formerly NuVo) stopped serving lunch and will shutdown in May, no reason given.

Maryland:   Quincy’s Bar & Grille chapter 11 bankrupt busted, the bar & grill was shutdown six weeks before the bankruptcy filing.  Besides the usual debts, Quincy’s owner owes the landlord more than $73-thousand USD in rent. After 25 years Lenny’s Deli shutdown, the owners lamented to local news media about a time when business was booming.   Tian’s Teriyaki shutdown so the owner could return to China.

Massachusetts: Cumberland Farms sold-off and shutdown its small Greenfield grocery store on Main Street.

Minnesota:  In Duluth, after 29 years booze seller Lake Superior Bottle Shop secretly sold to make room for taxpayer funded housing development.  In Le Center, after less than one year The Lunchbox shutting down in July, due to not being able to renew the lease.  The building owner also revealed that it’s up for sale.  In Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area two PizzaRev restaurants shutdown after only three years.

Mississippi: In Gulfport, Winn Dixie shutting down its grocery store on East Pass Road.

Montana: In Great Falls, the Pizza Baron shutdown and the building is for sale, the owner say he doesn’t have time to run it anymore due to focusing on his other more profitable businesses.

Nevada: In Las Vegas, after only two years the world’s largest Hooters restaurant (more than 5-hundred seats) shutting down in May.  In Reno, after five years Wedge Cheese Shop shutdown due to a 25% rent increase, the owner Laura Conrow explained why she didn’t just move: “….I was so tired, I couldn’t take on another thing. Basically, the only option was to close.”

New Jersey: In Atlantic Highlands, after 32 years the Memphis Pig Out shutdown, with the long time owners exclaiming “We are ecstatic to be free of all the responsibilities of owning a business!”

New York: In Pine City, after 134 years (surviving The Great Depression and two World Wars) Shepard’s Market shutdown due to the current owner’s health problems and the fact that nobody wanted to takeover the family run grocery store.  In West Hurley, Hurley Ridge Market has been sold, the new owner (HR Market) is shutting it down, 60 jobs lost in July.  The Fresh Market in Woodbury shutting down due to economic reasons, 47 jobs lost between May and July.  Openly anti-Trump Kellogg Snacks
shutting down its Orangeburg and Hauppauge Distribution Centers, 41 jobs lost between July and August supposedly due to a sudden crash in sales after Trump was elected (or maybe it’s part of Kellogg’s ongoing job killing Operation Project K).

North Carolina: With short notice Food Lion shutdown its 20 years old store in Mills River saying it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease, 40 jobs lost.

North Dakota: In Fargo, after 37 years Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream shutdown, supposedly due to problems finding competent employees.

Ohio: In Girard, after 14 years Daffin’s Candies suddenly shutdown blaming lack of sales.  Marsh shutting down its grocery store in Colerain, as part of plans by Marsh to shutdown ten grocery stores in the next month (supposedly due to lack of sales).  Chad Anthony’s Italian Grill & Pub shutdown its Salem and Boardman locations, due to lack of sales.

Oregon: In Portland, Bridgeport Brewery suddenly laid off 13 people due to skyrocketing competition in the craft brewery industry.

Pennsylvania: New taxes being blamed for crashing soda sales, causing Coca-Cola to layoff 40 people in Philadelphia.

South Carolina: In Columbia, after 16 years El Burrito forced to shutdown by a California based REIT which bought up the area’s commercial properties.

Texas: In Dallas, after decades Über-popular El Corazon de Tejas (Tejano, El Chico) suddenly sold-off and will shutdown so the building can be torn down.  In Houston, Red Ox Bar & Grill shutdown on short notice, apparently losing their lease to another restaurant.

Virginia:  Martin’s Food Market (Martin’s Food & Drug Stores) announced it is eliminating 487 jobs and shutting down four stores between June and July!  This is on top of the seven stores already shutdown and 1-thousand-110 people already rendered jobless! It’s directly connected to the takeover of Martin’s by Florida based competitor Publix Super Markets.  With short notice Food Lion shutdown its 20 years old store in Roanoke (on Williamson Road) saying it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease.  In Lynchburg, after four years Hill City House Grill suddenly shutdown due to government plans to use the property as part of a new connector road to Route 501.

Wisconsin: In Madison, Copps grocery store shutdown affecting 76 jobs, as a result of a decision by the owner Roundy’s, which in turn is owned by Kroger.  Kroger-Roundy’s administrators said the Copps chain of grocery stores is losing money.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

REIT=Real Estate Investment Trust


“you have to work one job to pay to work another”: U.S. Food Crisis, March 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of March, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

California: In San Francisco a book store which also doubles as a booze-food joint, Two Sisters Bar & Books, shutdown.  In San Diego, Coca-Cola eliminating 102 jobs, blaming a 30% crash in soda-pop sales with water taking the number one spot for beverage of choice in California (why would it take ‘health conscious’ Californians decades to switch to water, is it really because of taxes?)!  In Los Angeles, after 70 years Club Tee Gee shutting down because the owners can’t afford to renew the booze license or the lease, and a new operator who can hasn’t been found.  Also in Los Angeles, Thai restaurant Pok Pok shutting down after only two years of yum, apparently the owner is moving back to Oregon.  Also in Los Angeles, ProPortion Foods issued a shutdown WARN, 70 jobs lost by June.  In Napa, Stagecoach Vineyards issued a shutdown WARN, 1-hundred jobs lost by mid-May!  Mi Pueblo issued a layoff WARN for its grocery store in San Jose, 39 jobs gone by June.  Meadowbrook Meat Company issued a shutdown WARN for its Ontario ops, 171 jobs gone by mid-May!  Food processor Conagra issued a shutdown WARN for its Fresno ops, 73 jobs lost by mid-May.  In Stockton, Diamond Foods issued a mass layoff WARN, 240 jobs gone by mid-April!  So called nutritional supplement company BeachBody eliminating 197 jobs in Santa Monica and El Segundo by the end of April!  So called nutritional supplement maker The Nature’s Bounty issued shutdown WARNs for two locations, 223 jobs gone by May!

Colorado: Walmart shutting down its Littleton Neighborhood Market.  Denver based Chipotle suddenly shutdown all 15 of its ShopHouse Asian Kitchen restaurants!  In Colorado Springs, after 15 years Southside Johnny’s shutdown due to the rent being jacked up by 30%.

Connecticut: After five years restaurant Darien Social shutting down by April, supposedly to be replaced by another restaurant.

Delaware: In Wilmington, after 87 years Leo & Jimmy’s shutting down by May, the property was sold to pay for the owner’s retirement.   Georgia based perishable food distribution and warehousing company Burris Logistics eliminated about 50 jobs due to losing a major contract with The Fresh Market.

Florida:  In Sunny Isles Beach, the Epicure Market shutdown because “They had seen a decline in sales…….External pressures caused them to lose market share.”   The Cheesecake Factory issued a shutdown WARN for its Coconut Grove location, 92 jobs gone by the end of May.  In Tallahassee, food service company Aramark issued a WARN for its Seminole Dining ops, 899 jobs lost by the end of May!  In Hallandale, Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails issued a WARN, 101 jobs lost by May!  In Orlando, the Winn Dixie grocery store on South Orange Blossom Trail shutting down in May, administrators say it’s not worth upgrading.  Also in Orlando, after two years Baoery Asian Gastropub suddenly shutdown: “We really love the concept but it just didn’t seem to work….”-Greg Richie, Executive Chef

Georgia: Perishable food distribution and warehousing company Burris Logistic shutting down its Atlanta warehouse, 160 jobs lost due to losing a major contract with The Fresh Market!

Hawaii: In Hilo, after 45 years restaurant Itsu’s Fishing Supplies shutdown, however, local news reports say there are new owners taking over.

Illinois: In Clinton, after 77 years restaurant The Shack shutting down due to the property owner selling out to a gas station operation.  The Shack owners hope they can find a new affordable place to restart their popular restaurant.  Chicago based, Warren Buffett co-owned, Kraft-Heinz suddenly laid off 2-hundred ‘white collar’ employees in Canada and United States, as part of ongoing consolidation ops! After more than 40 years Chicago Brauhaus put up for sale so the owners can retire.  In Chicago, food service company MAC One Midway issued a shutdown WARN, 336 jobs lost by the end of MAY due to loss of contract!   Strack & Van Til shutting down a Chicago grocery store, 89 jobs gone by the end of April.  Ultra Foods issued shutdown WARNs for three locations; Chicago, Downers Grove and Lombard, 282 jobs lost by the end of April!  Meijer grocery store issued shutdown WARNs for two locations; Berwyn and Melrose Park, 299 jobs lost by mid-June!  After 28 years Splinters Sports Pub Restaurant in Palatine shutdown.

Indiana:   Wisconsin based farm vehicle parts maker Rexnord shutting down its Indianapolis bearings factory and moving more than 3-hundred jobs to Mexico by the end of the year, despite threats by Donald Trump!  By April an additional two Marsh grocery stores are shutting down in Indianapolis.  Local news media reported the total Indianapolis Marsh shutdowns (since January 2017) are now at four, hundreds of jobs lost!

Maryland: In Parkville, after 53 years Bel-Loc Diner shutdown to be turned into yet another Starbucks.  Georgia based perishable food distribution and warehousing company Burris Logistics eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs at its Elkton and New Castle ops, due to losing a major contract with The Fresh Market.  Cookware retailer Williams Sonoma shutting down its Towson Town Center location in April.

Massachusetts: The Jillian’s in Worcester shutdown.  In Northampton, after 12 years Lhasa Cafe shutdown so the owners can spend more time with their growing family.  In Deerfield, after more than 20 years Chandler’s Restaurant shutdown due to customer complaints.

Michigan: After 50 years the only Big Boy restaurant in Detroit shutdown, the property was sold to a developer.  Luxembourg based truck and farm vehicle parts maker SAF-Holland consolidating its U.S. operations, including shutting down their Holland factory, 97 Michigan jobs lost in October.

Minnesota: In Edina, cookware retailer Cooks of Crocus Hill shutdown due to the changing “desires and demographics” of local customers, as well as increased competition.  In Saint Louis Park, Granite City Food & Brewery shutdown due to rent increase.

Nebraska:  In Grand Island, after at least 29 years Nathan’s Detroit shutdown, supposedly being replaced by a brewery.

New Hampshire: Beverage distributor Clarke Distributors-White Mountain Distributors being sold-off, affecting at least 123 employees!

New Jersey: Beverage distributor Warren Distributing eliminating 128 jobs by the end of April (is it about taxes killing sales?)!

New York: Restaurant Koi NY Downtown shutting down, 85 jobs gone by mid-June.    AvroKO Hospitality Group issued a shutdown WARN for its PUBLIC restaurant in NYC, 55 jobs gone by June.  In Manhattan-NYC, after more than 40 years upscale restaurant Le Cirque (located in snooty Bloomberg tower) now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to $1-million USD of debt.  In Staten Island-NYC, restaurant Afternoone’s shutdown after 24 years, the owner (for the past year and a half) saying “….it just got tough. Instead of sticking it out any longer, I think it’s wise we cut the losses.”  In Binghamton, after nine years Tranquil Bar and Bistro shutting down by April, the owners blame crashing sales on skyrocketing competition.  Chartwells Dining Services lost its contract with Elmira College, 105 jobs gone by the end of June!  Sodexo warning of possible food service contract losses with Stony Brook University and Houghton College, more than 4-hundred jobs could be lost between the end of May and July!  Food packaging maker Genpak issued a shutdown WARN for its Glens Falls ops, 55 jobs gone in July.  In Cicero, Buffalo Wild Wings shutdown on short notice because it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease.  In Kingston, after 13 years Fleishers Craft Butchery shutdown due to the greedy landlord selling the building out from under the butcher shop!  The owners of Fleishers Craft Butchery said it wasn’t worth moving to a new location.

North Carolina:  In Raleigh, after more than 30 years Barbecue Lodge now chapter 7 bankrupt and died without warning due to more debts than income.  In Gastonia, after four years Zoe’s Coffee House shutting down by the end of April. The owners say they’ve been looking for a cheaper location but haven’t found one.  In Pilot Mountain, Lowe’s Foods-JustSave shutting down by the end of April, city administrators claim the loss “will not be significant”.

Ohio: Maumee based agribusiness and farm retailer Andersons shutdown its distribution center as part of plans to go-out-of-business (announced last month).  In Columbus, after three years restaurant Double Comfort shutdown due to the landlord jacking up the rent by 150%!

Oklahoma: In Tulsa, Spaghetti Warehouse shutdown. Also in Tulsa, grocery store Reasor’s, at 51st and Harvard, shutting down by May due to sales not justifying renewal of the lease.  In Broken Arrow, less than one year after Full Moon Cafe was sold the new owners (Healthy & Tasty Brands) shut it down.  Local news media discovered that Healthy & Tasty Brands took over several area restaurants and most are now closed.

Pennsylvania: Kings Family Restaurant suddenly shutdown five restaurants with only a few hours warning, 130 jobs gone!  Local news media blames it on the new corporate owner from California. Giant Foods issued shutdown WARNs for two Lancaster locations, 158 jobs lost by mid-May!  After more than ten years in Pittsburgh, Vanilla Pastry Studio shutdown so the owner can focus on catering.  New taxes being blamed for crashing soda sales, causing Pepsi to layoff 1-hundred people in Philadelphia!  Candy maker Hersey announced it will eliminate thousands of jobs worldwide under an operation called Margin for Growth!

Tennessee:  Kroger shutting down yet another grocery store, this time on Western Avenue in Knoxville, 80 jobs lost.

Texas: In El Paso, after 20 years JR’s Bratwurst stand shutdown due to “maintenance” problems.  After six years Dallas based Rave Restaurant Group shutdown 14  Pie Five Pizza restaurants in Colorado, Illinois and Minnesota, without warning!  Eight of those surprise shutdowns were the two years old Chicago area restaurants!  News media reports say Rave Restaurant Group is losing money and is accused of fraud.

Virginia: In Chatham, ChathaMooCa shutdown with the owner claiming a new restaurant is coming in.  CarPool shutting down its Ballston location so it can move to another county.   Farm Fresh suddenly laid off 21 merchandising and operations employees at its Virginia Beach HQ, due to consolidating ops with Maryland-based Shoppers.  After only two years Food Wise Discount Grocery, on Porterfield Highway, shutting down by April due to crashing ‘health’ food sales: “When you have to work one job to pay to work another, it’s not the right direction.”-Lanesa Breeding, co-owner

Washington: Ostrom’s Mushroom Farms eliminating 65 jobs in Everson by June.  In Ephrata, Tractor Supply Company-Del’s Feed and Farm Supply shutting down in Autumn, as part of a plan to shutdown all remaining seven Pacific Northwest Del’s Feed and Farm Supply stores: “Our decision to close these locations was based on many business factors.”-John Logan, Tractor Supply Company

West Virginia: TGI Friday’s shutdown its South Charleston Cross Lanes location, supposedly due to lack of profits.

Wisconsin: In Milwaukee, after 19 years Rascal’s on Murray shutdown so the owner could retire.  In Shorewood, after 90 years grocer Sendik’s suddenly shutdown “due to circumstances beyond our control and the decline in support of our small family store.”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, February 2017: “FLOODS, PESTS, DROUGHT, LAND USE”

U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, March 2017: “TO REDUCE OUR BURN RATE”

U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, March 2017: “WE JUST DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE.”

Missouri Militia responds to Record Flooding!

Missouri National Guardsmen and silly-vilians scramble to fill sandbags in Eureka, 02 MAY 2017.

Video report of Missouri National Guard responding to record flooding, 01 MAY 2017 (never mind that they’ve been dealing with flooding since January 2017):

02 MAY 2017 video report of flood fighting efforts in Eureka:

03 MAY 2017 video report of Missouri Militia and silly-vilians trying to stop flooding of Highway 60:



Arkansas Militia respond to Flooding!

02 May 2017, Arkansas’s National Guard 87th Troop Command deployed to fight the flooding in Lawrence, Randolph, and Clay counties: