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California fires make at least 1-million tons of waste!

14FEB2018 (02:43 UTC-07 Tango 06)  25 Bahman 1396/28 Jumada l-Ula 1439/29 Ren-Yin 4715

Mother Earth has yet again rendered human efforts to stop climate change impotent.  Not only did the October 2017 Northern California wildfires pump massive particulate matter into the atmosphere, but at least 1-million tons of waste was created on the ground!

Fire clean-up in Santa Rosa, California, 02FEB2018

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the California Office of Emergency Services report that so far more than 1-million tons of debris has been removed from Sonoma County.

Sonoma County is known for its wine.  1-million tons is equal to four million barrels of wine, or 200-thousand acres (about 81-thousand hectares) of vines.

But 1-million tons is just the beginning, the October 2017 wildfires affected Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties.  And don’t forget all the other California fires in 2017.

You silly humans, spending your precious tax dollars trying to stop climate change!  Evolution says ‘adapt or go extinct’!


“it’s time to adapt or die”: U.S. Food Crisis, January 2018

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of January, 2018: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Eater: Why Restaurants Can’t Always Fire Chefs Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Arkansas: Food Giant shutting down its grocery store in Osceola, when the inventory is gone, local news media was not able to get an explanation from corporate.

Arizona: In Tucson, after only two years restaurant Stray Dogs shutdown with only hours notice to employees, it was quietly sold-off.   In Chandler, after eight years El Palacio Mexican Restaurant and Cantina shutdown: “…eight years of my life trying to make the restaurant profitable using all the means at my disposal…..has never translated into enough new customers to support us.”-facebook video post

California: As many as 90% of students in the Twin Rivers Unified School District are living in poverty, now the federal government charging three school workers of stealing taxpayer funded USDA food meant for those poor students!   Cities in the leftist liberal fascist Golden State have been passing anti-homeless people laws under the guise of fighting the Hep A outbreak.  The laws ban people from publicly sharing food!  In El Cajon 12 people were ticketed by cops for feeding homeless people!  Evil Albertsons owned Safeway shutdown its grocery store in West Sacramento, on West Capitol Avenue, due to lack of profits. In Bakersfield, after five years Flame Burger forced to shutdown Due to an unresolvable dispute with our landlord….”   California Dairies shutting down its 92 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) old Los Banos operations, 63 jobs gone by March.  It’s blamed on “…reduced milk volumes [statewide], combined with the high cost of operating our Los Banos facility..”  In Ridgecrest, after ten years restaurant Grape Leaf shutdown.  In La Quinta, after only two years Jule’s Market shutdown, local news media say it’s the third grocery store in La Quinta to shutdown since 2014. The owner of Jule’s Market says sales just aren’t high enough to cover skyrocketing rent and utilities.  Dr. Bob’s Donut Cafe (aka Dr. Bob’s Donuts & DoYos) suddenly shutdown its Roseville location and canceled plans to build a bigger store in Folsom. It might be because the vegan hemp (weaker cousin of marijuana) bakery was mightily expensive, some social media comments saying two DoYos were $10, another comment said “DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH FLAVOR IF YOU ARE NOT VEGAN”Dr. Bob’s website seems to still be functioning, so maybe you can still buy their special baking mixes online.  In Orinda, after 31 years the Village Inn Cafe shutdown, one of the co-owners saying “I’m tired.”  Los Angeles based Eclipse Berry Farms-Rosalyn Farms-Harvest Moon Strawberry Farms now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to more than $50-million USD of debt.  Los Angeles based Pabst Brewing suddenly eliminated 70 positions “…in order to reduce complexity, cut costs, simplify priorities, and reallocate resources…” San Diego based Green Flash Brewing halting sales in as many as 32 U.S. states, and suddenly laid off 33 people saying “The market is nothing like it was 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 15 years ago….it remains to be seen whether we can survive as an independent brewery.”  TGI Friday’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Oxnard location, 41 jobs gone by the end of March.  Tyson Foods issued a layoff  WARN for its chicken plucking ops in San Diego, 79 jobs gone mid-March. In Orange, King’s Fish House shutting down in March, 80 jobs gone supposedly temporarily.

Colorado:  In Canon City, after 45 years Hilltop Market shutdown, the owners said “We have decided that it’s time to adapt or die” so they’re converting to a ‘wild game’ meat processing operation.  In Colorado Springs, after less than three years Texas based Taco Bueno suddenly shutdown all five restaurants! They were the only Taco Buenos in the state, local news media say restaurant managers/employees got no warning or explanation.  Taco Bueno’s Lone Star State administrators would only say the shutdowns are part of a plan “to focus on strategic growth”.  Also in Colorado Springs, after 42 years Sunbird Mountain Grill & Tavern shutting down in February, the owners sense things aren’t going to get any better saying “We want to end on a high note”.  In Fort Collins, after 39 years Bisetti’s Ristorante shutdown, so the owners can retire.  Greenwood Village based Red Robin Gourmet Burgers eliminating more than 6-hundred table busser jobs in states that jacked-up the minimum wage!

Georgia: Atlanta based Coca-Cola shutting down bottling/distribution centers in United Kingdom, 288 limey jobs gone by 2019!  Coca Cola eliminating 53 jobs in Atlanta, as part of its plan to abandon warehouse ops and go with ‘just in time delivery’ (drop lot distribution).  In Ansley Park, Metrotainment Cafes shutdown its Cowtippers Steaks & Spirits restaurant and is selling the property, saying “…with the changing climate of the city, we are going to close the restaurant and turn our attention to our other successful concepts…”  Coweta Board of Environmental Health restaurant inspection results. 

Hawaii: After 48 years Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop, in Kailua, shutdown.

Idaho:  ‘Christian’ Gem State lawmakers supporting a bill that will expand the use of taxpayer funded prisoners in the agriculture industry!  According to Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture federal taxpayer subsidies to Idaho farmers fell by 44% in 2017. Yeah that’s right, farmers are the biggest recipients of government ‘welfare’ in the U.S. of A., plus they use taxpayer supported legal and illegal immigrant workers, and now prisoners!  I complain a lot about immigrant workers (only because it’s become so hard for U.S. working class citizens to find stable work), but I also know from first hand observation in California strawberry fields (Santa Maria), and Arizona potato fields (Yuma), that migrants workers are also screwed-over.  A study by Blue Review reveals that migrant farm workers in southwestern Idaho have a hard time getting food for their families, despite the high value of some of the crops they harvest. It also reveals Idaho’s true population growth (as I’ve been saying in other articles) is coming from migrant farm workers, U.S. citizens are actually leaving the state!  Welcome to globalization; the Idaho Dairymen’s Association upset that milk prices are down, yet happy that hay prices are down was well, due to a global excess supply of both.  In American Falls, rumors that ConAgra spin-off Lamb Weston is hiring, however, some employees told me that what’s really happening is that Lamb Weston is outsourcing the overnight shift!

Illinois:  Restaurant owners now joining customers in accusing Arlington Heights based restaurant.com of fraud.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave the website an F grade.  After seven years Barn & Company barbecue shutting down the day after the Super Bowl, it’s being replaced by a nasty meatless eatery.   In Percy, after 35 years Pioneer’s Cabin shutting down, the building up for sale.  The owners claim they’ll open a new restaurant when they find a suitable location. In Urbana, after 20 years restaurant Milo’s shutting down by the end of February, because the landlord found a new tenant willing to pay higher rent.   Flying Machine Coffee shutting down its four years old Urbana location in March.  In the same building, Pizza M restaurant being forced to move. The owners of Pizza M and Flying Machine Coffee blame it on the landlord who’s bringing in tenants that can pay more rent: “Rent more than doubled since we’ve been here.”-Matt Kitzmiller, Pizza M owner

“After four years of being part of a growing downtown Urbana, it turns out I had less bargaining chips than I thought I did. It’s a shame, but we are just no longer welcome…”-Josh Lucas, Flying Machine Coffee owner on facebook

“I was charging obscenely below-market rents for the first two years. Then, yes, rent technically doubled.”-Matt Cho, landlord

Indiana: Coca Cola eliminating 15 jobs in Terre Haute, as part of its plan to abandon warehouse ops and go with ‘just in time delivery’ (drop lot distribution).  The former owner of the now dead Rails Craft Brew & Eatery chain under arrest for fraud and corruption. One of the accusations is that he was writing bad checks from one restaurant to cover bills (including employee paychecks) at another restaurant.  In Indianapolis, after less than a year Broken Beaker Distillery shutdown.

Debbie and Harry (get it? Debbie Harry) Zombie, pic by Doug Tobin

Iowa: Orchestrate Hospitality shutting down its experimental Zombie Burger &  Shake Lab in downtown Iowa City, admitting “…we may have overbuilt the market.”  Also, college students kept kidnapping the zombie mascots.

Kansas: In Wichita, Jack’s Coffee Shop has been shutdown due to a string of bad luck, first losing their chef, then a gas leak, now the owner is waiting for inspectors to give the O-K to re-open, saying if it doesn’t happen soon she’ll have to shutdown permanently due to lack of cash.

Louisiana: Slinky’s shutting down in February due to the greedy landlord, the bar owner exclaiming “I need a job!”

Maryland: In Baltimore, after 14 years Ryan’s Daughter Irish Pub & Restaurant shutdown, the owners saying business has been “a little bit slow”. After 52 years Goldman’s Kosher Bakery shutdown, supposedly because the owners are tired of their 24 hours commitment.  In Pikesville, Pastries Plus and Suburban House Restaurant both shutdown.  Goldman’s Kosher Bakery and Pastries Plus operations were sold to a competing bakery, no reason was given for the sudden shutdown of Suburban House Restaurant.  In Bethesda, Pi Pizzeria on Wisconsin Avenue shutting down in February.  Also in Bethesda, after 15 months Tapa Bar shutdown, and after seven years, Yamas Mediterranean Grill shutdown blaming it on street repairs to Rugby Avenue which blocked customers.

Massachusetts:  Canton based Dunkin’ Donuts eliminating 40 corporate jobs and shutting down 40 vacant positions, claiming its the only way the company can grow.  In Arlington, after only one year Bistro Duet shutdown due to “the rising cost of the restaurant business”.

Michigan: Traverse City based Bagger Dave’s suddenly shutdown an additional five restaurants.  News reports say Bagger Dave’s has been shutting down restaurants since 2015.  In Detroit, after spending big bucks renovating the building Antietam restaurant shutting down in March and being sold-off.  Seventh Day Adventist founded Kellogg issued a layoff WARN for its RTEC (Ready-To-Eat Cereal) Plant, 14 jobs lost as part of its plan “…to simplify and streamline operations in our North American cereal network.” 

Minnesota: In Roseville, after 19 years Maverick’s Real Roast Beef suddenly shutdown, no explanation on the facebook page. In Wadena, after 18 years Cyber Cafe shutdown.  It was revealed that only subsidies (funding) from the local community, and government, kept it in operation, sales alone are not enough to cover operating cost. The owner also revealed competition from ever advancing social media technology played a major role in killing them off.

Missouri: In Saint Louis, after 15 years Wasabi shutdown, the owners claim it’s because they outgrew the space and will reopen when the find a bigger location.

New York: In Manhattan-NYC, after 33 years Coogan’s shutdown due to a massive $40-thousand USD per month increase in rent by the ‘christian’ owners of the property (New York Presbyterian Hospital)! In Rochester, Nathan’s Soup & Salad shutdown its retail operation, to focus on wholesale to restaurants, colleges and hospitals.  Restaurant Associates lost their food service contract with ABC-Disney, 50 jobs gone by February.  Coca Cola issued a shutdown WARN for its Maspeth bottling ops (Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages), 115 jobs gone by the end of April!  In Fayetteville, 106 years old (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Hullar’s Restaurant suddenly shutdown, employees were told the day before.  Unnamed employees told local news media that sales have been down.  In Bowmansville, Water Lily Cafe forced to shutdown by the greedy landlord, the owners say they’re looking for another location.

North Carolina: In Durham, Scratch Bakery shutting down in February, due to many changes in the city and the owner’s life.  Food service contractor Compass Group USA laying off five people on April Fool’s Day.

Ohio:  Popeye’s suddenly shutdown its Newark chicken joint, falsely blaming it on a bad location, nevermind that it was behind on state tax payments (state tax records show the license to operate was suspended).   Ted’s Montana Grill shutting down its 15 years old Columbus’ Arena District location.  Claddagh Irish Pub & Restaurant suddenly shutdown its Franklin Park Mall location, 35 jobs gone due to not being able to renew the lease.   In Columbus, after ten years Three Dog Bakery shutdown because the greedy landlord jacked-up the rent: “There was a major increase that unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to sustain. It’s over 10%. I feel like I started here at a really good time ten years ago and helped grow the community. I know with big development also landlords are allowed to charge more and get bigger name companies that can pay more rent. Unfortunately, it’s happening in this neighborhood and it’s happened to me…”-Susan Gates

Oklahoma: In Oklahoma City, Kaiser’s Grateful Bean Cafe shutdown due to the city’s $131-million USD public transportation project, which has killed 80% of the restaurant’s business.  Coca Cola shutting down its bottling ops in Okmulgee, and reducing operations in Oklahoma City, 246 jobs gone!   The January wheat crop conditions reported as 79% Poor to Very Poor.   

Christian Science Monitor: How cattle rustling and drugs are roiling rural America

Oregon: This happen every decade, some farmer trying to make money off ostriches.  Central Oregon Ostrich is the latest victim, I mean member of the ‘sustainable’ meat industry involving the long necked flightless birds (this ostrich farming thing has been ongoing since the 1970s, and just like the bird, has failed to take off).  In Klamath Falls, after only four months restaurant Apatite shutdown, blaming lack of sales!   In Portland, after 55 years not one but two Original Taco House restaurants shutdown without warning to anybody.  It was revealed that the family owners had been trying to quietly sell the restaurants, without success, so they just gave up: “Blindsided, completely blindsided. I had no idea that it was going to be closing, and now I don’t have a job, so it’s not a good way to ring in the new year!”-Faith Chaffee, employee

Pennsylvania: In New Castle, Twenty Six Bar & Grill suddenly shutdown, the owner blaming a growing imbalance of family versus business.   Houlihan’s shutdown its 37 years old Station Square location, saying it’s no longer profitable.  Grocer Giant Eagle shutting down its Old William Penn Highway location by February, 50 jobs lost due to the fact there is a larger Giant Eagle just two miles away.  In Erie, popular Summer House Cafe shutdown.  France based food service contractor Sodexo continues killing U.S. jobs, this time 450 jobs gone due to losing a contract with UPMC Pinnacle Health System!   Eat’n Park Hospitality Group shutting down its 12 years old Six Penn Kitchen restaurant in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, by February, blaming “ever-growing competition”.  View Lancaster County’s restaurant inspection results.

South Carolina: In Aiken, “always full full full” The Little Bake Shoppe suddenly shutdown so the owners “can focus more on family and other responsibilities.”  And in the exact same neighborhood, Buckwheat’s Bar-B-Que and Catering also suddenly shutdown.

Tennessee: Schweinehaus-Stanley Bar-B-Que now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to massive debts.  View Knox County Health Department’s restaurant inspection results.

Texas: In San Antonio a popular restaurant, Pollos Asados Los Nortenos, was shutdown by ass-hole health inspectors who said the smoke from the grill was polluting the air, even after the restaurant owner spent $250-thousand USD to upgrade the grill to be in compliance with state laws! 50 jobs gone due to the ass-holes TCEQ and the Attorney General’s Office.  Central Texas ‘restaurant report card’ reveals restaurants continually failing health inspections.

Utah: In Lehi, after 47 years iconic Porter’s Place steak joint shutdown because the city is not willing to spend $30-thousand USD to repair corroded sewer lines (the restaurant was leasing the building)!

Vermont: Panera Bread shutdown its six years old store on Church Street in Burlington, with only a couple days warning. Apparently the landlord found another business that’s willing to pay more rent.  Also, Bruegger’s Bagels shutdown its decades old Church Street location, maybe due to the company being taken-over by JAB Holding Company.

Virginia: Walmart Neighborhood Markets shutdown its Roanoke location, Walmart claims it ‘absorbed’ the 75 employees into other Walmart stores (nevermind that Walmart is killing thousands of jobs by April).  In Williamsburg, after 25 years the Pepperidge Farm store shutdown, supposedly because the company has gotten more efficient at mass production of baked goods. In Richmond, 7 Hills Brewing shutdown its restaurant in Shockoe Slip, possibly due to rent problems. In Newport News, after less than two years Jim’s Local Market suddenly shutdown due to lack of profit making sales.   Henrico restaurant report.

Washington:  In Gig Harbor, after only two years Kroger shutdown its ‘experimental’ Main & Vine store two weeks after Xmas, claiming all the employees were ‘offered’ jobs at other Kroger stores.  Kroger didn’t announce the shutdown until the day after Xmas!  The Tattered Apron Bakery shutdown both its South Hill and Puyallup locations due to too many debts, the owners warning future eatery operators saying “We grew too fast. We did everything that a new business shouldn’t do. We had so many irons in the fire. … We thought that was great….”

Washington DC:  ‘Celebrity chef’ owned Marcus National Harbor restaurant failed in its MGM National Harbor casino location, MGM says it will replace will another restaurant.  After two decades Cafe Ole shutdown because the property is being redeveloped.   After two years restaurant Drift on 7th shutdown.   After only a few months Bold Bite Market shutdown!

Wisconsin: Lake County Foods issued a shutdown WARN for its Oconomowoc ops, 91 jobs gone in March.  British empire Canada based Saputo Cheese shutting down its factory in Fond du Lac, 120 jobs gone by June!  In Madison, after 41 years Ella’s Deli (with a full size merry-go-round) shutting down, unless a miracle buyer shows up: “It’s a business that’s very competitive these days, you have to be full steam ahead and we’ve been at it for a long time. It’s time for someone else to pick up the ball.”-Ken Balkin, current co-owner

Wisconsin State Farmer: Tidal wave of sewage reveals disconnect between press, farmers

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


Food Crisis Japan: Overnight, the eels have disappeared? Good news for the U.S.A.

23JAN2018 (01:18 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Bahman 1396/06 Jumada l-Ula 1439/07 Xin-Chou (12th month) 4715

“A series of unfortunate events.”-Shingo Kimura, Professor of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Elvers caught off Maine, U.S.A.

In Nippon (Japan) baby eels, known as Glass Eels  or Elvers, are captured in the wild and then raised in fish farms.  It’s such big business in Japan that even Republic of China (Taiwan) is involved.  But this year there are almost no baby eels to catch, either around Japan or Taiwan!

It’s actually been like that since last year, a measly 0.2 metric tons were caught in December!   One eel catcher was followed by NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai/Japan Broadcasting Corporation) on his hunting trip.  He worked for hours and caught 11 eels, his normal catch is in the hundreds!

2013 was considered a record low year for eel catches (5.2 tons), but this year is about to set a new record low.  1963 was the best year for eel catches, hitting 232 tons!

The disappearing eels are driving up prices, currently the equivalent of $32-thousand-650-hundred USD per kilogram (2.2 pounds)!

Professor Shingo Kimura blames it on a combination of overfishing and climate change.

What appears to be a sudden near-extinction of eels around Japan and Taiwan could bring a boost to eel catchers working off the coastline of Maine, in the United States.  The state of Maine has just increased the number of glass eel/elver fishing licenses, to 425.  The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is also considering increasing the allowed catch beyond its current 4399.8 kilograms (9,700 pounds), in response to not only disappearing eels in Asia, but in Europe as well.






My Immigrant Idaho: The “Spanish Section” Keeping Idaho Farms Strong!

18JAN2018 (02:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Dey 1396/01 Jumada l-Ula 1439/02 Xin-Chou (12th month) 4715

This year’s theme of the Idaho Ag Expo is Keeping Idaho Farms Strong.  Spectra Productions (which manages the expo) is running promos on TV and I notice they end it by reminding you to check-out their “Spanish Section.”






Right to Work (you over) Idaho governor Butch Otter gives praise at the Chobani immigrant employment alter!

“We gave it a shot, it just didn’t work.” “We’re literally working for nothing.”: U.S. Food Crisis, December 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of December, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

The Star Beacon: Weather has affected agriculture nationwide

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri Department of Agriculture places restrictions on Monsanto

Reuters: “Minnesota became the latest U.S. state on Tuesday to restrict controversial weed killers made by Monsanto…”

Pine Bluff Commercial: “Arkansas has recently experienced higher wildfire frequency with November setting a record for the most fires in that month since November of 1989.” 

KPCC: Farm hands worked in Ventura County despite Thomas Fire

Daily Mail: California’s avocado crops worth millions of dollars are being destroyed…by wildfires

Associated Press: Some Texas farm-related woes linger months after Harvey

Insurance Journal: Uncertainty Hangs Over Florida Citrus Growers After Irma’s Damage

Michigan State University Extension: Global genetically modified crop acres increase

Arkansas: Little Rock based chain Dixie Cafe-Delta Cafe shutting down all 17 restaurants across three states, saying “We have seen declining sales combined with increasing costs that has made this difficult decision necessary.”

Arizona: In Scottsdale, Papago Brewing revealed on Facebook that the property it was located on was being demolished.  Turns out Papago Brewing outsourced their beer making operations anyway.  In Tucson, after 30 years Las Margaritas shutdown the day before Xmas, due to the owner selling off the property because the city is planning a road project that will impact the property.

California:  P.F.Changs suddenly shutdown its Burbank location, 74 jobs gone without warning one week before Xmas.  Switzerland based Nestlé issued a layoff WARN, 55 people in Oakland jobless by February 2018.  After 71 years the San Jose Tofu Company shutdown, the owners saying “The wear and tear started to catch up with us. It started to get to the point where our health is a lot more important than making as much money as possible.”  Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo reporting crashing donations, leaving Second Harvest with an $8-million USD budget shortfall for 2018!  In Studio City, after 70 years ‘classy’ Du Par’s shutdown, being replaced with a cosmetics store.  After 75 years iconic Twoheys Restaurant shutting down in Alhambra, by the end of January 2018, because the greedy landlords want more in rent money.  In Sunnyvale, after 35 years ‘private table’ Lion & Compass shutdown. In San Diego, Evolution Hospitality issued a layoff WARN, 41 jobs gone in February 2018.  Tyson Foods eliminating 40 jobs in February 2018.  Also in San Diego, after 25 years popular Rebecca’s Coffee House shutdown by the greedy landlords after they found a new tenant able to pay much more in rent: “I thought with all these years being in business, I wish there would have been some consideration on the rent, but no, they gave me a 15-day window to decide. This has become a lot more than a space to sell stuff. It’s my life and I’m losing my life!”-Rebecca Zearing

Colorado:  It’s been revealed that the state Department of Public Health and Environment has been dragging its feet on investigating an unnamed dairy farm for polluting the Big Thompson River.  State inspectors discovered two wastewater ponds leaking into the river back in November 2015.  A cease and desist order was issued back in March 2017.  State inspectors explained to local news media that the investigation is taking so long because they’re trying “…to developing an accurate and comprehensive case.”  In Fairfield, after 45 years Swanson’s Fish Market shutdown when the owner suddenly died just days after putting it up for sale.

Connecticut: In West Hartford, NoRA Cupcake Company announced on Facebook it will shutdown its Blue Back Square location after Xmas. Turns out the cupcake seller had planned on being in operation for only four months at that location, but lasted two years. NoRA Cupcake Company is being replaced by a tenant who was able to pay for a longer term lease.  Also in West Hartford, after 16 years Angelo’s shutdown, there are rumors that it will re-open under new ownership sometime in 2018.

Florida: In Orlando, after 52 years Rossi’s Pizza and Pasta shutdown, local news reports said the restaurant had been struggling ever since 2008.

Idaho:  25% of The Gem State’s ‘elected lawmakers’ are directly involved in the agriculture industry, according to Food Producers of Idaho.  Black Bear Diner, Chubbuck, IdahoWithout warning Black Bear Diner-Joby Management shutdown its less than two years old Chubbuck restaurant, telling local news media that if it wasn’t shutdown immediately they wouldn’t be able to issue final pay to the employees, as many as 57 jobs (depending on the local news source) suddenly gone one week before Xmas, a now pissed-off former employee Nathan Barney said “They called us in for a meeting at 8:30 this morning and told us they were closing the restaurant. They gave us unemployment papers and said Merry Christmas.”  Local news media speculated that there are too many restaurants in the area, including several other Joby Management owned restaurants. You can thank local politicians who’ve been enticing national chain restaurants to move into the area for several years now.

Illinois:  Martin’s IGA issue a shutdown WARN for its Effingham store, 275 jobs gone by January 2018 due to being sold-off!  In Northbrook, France based food service contractor Sodexo lost its contract with Allstate, 73 jobs gone by the end of January 2018.  Aspen Foods issued a shutdown WARN for its poultry slaughterhouse in Chicago, 199 jobs gone in February 2018!  After only one year WonFun and 2Fun Bar suddenly shutdown with no reason given, local news reports say the owners have a history of suddenly shutdown food/bar ops without notice.  After 13 years vegan Green Zebra shutdown and for sale. Also in Chicago, after 27 years Pegasus Restaurant shutdown.  Grace restaurant shutdown when all the employees walked out without warning, apparently in response to a failed attempt by the chefs to buy the restaurant from the current owner.  After five years Francesca’s Restaurant Group suddenly began shutting down all five Glazed and Infused donut shops the day after Xmas!  Local news reports say employees got no warning or severance. Francesca’s Restaurant Group also shutdown its restaurant Davanti Enotca in River North.   In West Dundee, Francesca’s Restaurant Group shutdown its 17 years old Campagna restaurant, without warning.  Local news media say city leaders were pissed about the shutdown because they had been working for several months with Francesca’s Restaurant Group on plans to expand the eatery!  The owner of Francesca’s Restaurant Group would only say that he is focusing on other ‘brands’.

Indiana: In Indianapolis, after five years B’s Po Boy announced on Facebook it will shutdown a couple of days before Xmas, blaming the cold Winter weather for lack of sales. Also in Indianapolis, after 138 years (surviving numerous recessions ans The Great Depression) Old Point Tavern sold-off to a chain restaurant owner so the the tavern owners could retire.  In Winfield, after 96 years John’s Tavern shutdown two days before Xmas, the property was sold to a hospital operator.  In West Lafayette, after three years grocery store Fresh City Market announced it will shutdown, shocked city officials claim they’ll do anything to stop it from happening.

Iowa: Link Snacks issued a WARN, 36 employees unemployed by February 2018.  In Cedar Rapids, after 32 years Sub City suddenly shutdown, the owner blamed it on crashing sales caused by major local employer Verizon conducting mass layoffs, but the final straw was when the historic building the sandwich shop was located in was sold-off to a greedy property developer who going to tear it down.  In Des Moines, after three years restaurant Streetcar 209 shutdown the week before Xmas.   In Sioux City, vandals destroyed the Wild Hill Honey bee farm, killing 500-thousand bees: “They knocked over every single hive, killing all the bees. They wiped us out completely. They broke into our shed, they took all our equipment out and threw it out in the snow, smashed what they could. Doesn’t look like anything was stolen, everything was just vandalized or destroyed.”- Justin Engelhardt

The state Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship began a taxpayer funded three years program to subsidize the increased use of ‘cover crops’ and improve water quality: “There is no other incentive like this in the entire country, so we’re really happy that the state of Iowa is breaking ground on this new incentive.”-Aaron Lehman, Iowa Farmers Union

Kansas:  In Oakland Park, after 50 years John’s Space Age Donuts shutdown right before Xmas, after a failed attempt to sell it.  In Wichita, after 13 years Monterrey Mexican Grill shutdown.

Maryland: In Baltimore, after 13 years Metropolitan Coffeehouse & Wine Bar shutdown, saying on Facebook the “last few years have been difficult for our business, our city and our neighborhood.”  After eight years Firehouse Coffee shutdown.  After 40 years Goldman’s Kosher Bakery shutdown: “It’s a lot of work. My parents did it until they were 80, and we don’t want to do that….”-Leah Cohn, co-owner

After 40 years L’Academie de Cuisine shutdown without warning one week before Xmas: “Graduation was today. Doors are closing. Locks have been changed.”-unnamed former employee to local news media

Massachusetts:  Farmers Supply shutdown its Bernardston location after Xmas, the family owners explaining to loyal customers “Consolidation is what we’re doing to better ourselves, to be stronger. It’s tough out there.”  In Boston, after 25 years Maurizio’s Ristorante Italiano shutdown on Xmas Eve.  In Hadley, Zaskey Christmas Tree Farm reported that $9-hundred USD worth of Xmas trees were stolen over a two weeks period.

Michigan: In Paw Paw, Spiech Farms now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to two bad harvests in a row, causing a $4-million USD crash in sales from 2016 through 2017.   Ric’s Food Center shutting down its 23 years old Hemlock location, local news media reported it was the only ‘hometown’ grocery store in Hemlock.

Minnesota: In Duluth, after a little more than a year ‘top-performing’ Northern Waters Restaurant shutdown, so the owners can focus on their more successful Smokehaus op.  For the first time in 32 years Summit Brewing suddenly laid off about ten people blaming skyrocketing competition within the ‘craft’ beer industry. Summit Brewing also canceled plans to expand operations into six other states.  One of the first restaurants in the Mall of America shutting down, after 25 years Tucci Benucch shutting down by February 2018.  Also in the Mall of America the Magic Pan Crepe Stand shutting down.  Tucci Benucch and Magic Pan Crepe Stand are both owned by Illinois based Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.  Inver Grove Heights agricultural co-op CHS suddenly shutdown nasty-ass soy operations in Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota, more than 2-hundred jobs gone! 

Mississippi: Kroger shutting down its 30 years old Clarksdale grocery store, 1-hundred jobs gone with no reason given!

Missouri: Williams Sonoma shutting down its Country Club Plaza location in Kansas City, in January 2018, no reason given.  In Raytown, after 53 years Fun House Pizza & Pub shutdown after Xmas.  King Cash Saver shutdown its Mount Vernon grocery store saying that despite a decent volume of sales it’s not enough to keep up with the cost of the city supplied utilities, which is as much as 40% higher than other areas of the state (city officials swore to local news media that their utility rate was “competitive”).

Nebraska: In Lincoln, after ten years Bread&Cup shutdown, the disappointed owner saying “We gave it a shot, it just didn’t work.”  Nasty-ass soy protein (used in your frozen ‘meat’ foods and ‘real beef’ fast food burgers) maker CHS suddenly shutdown and is selling off its soy factory in South Sioux City, 65 jobs gone before Xmas.

New Mexico: After 20 years non-profit food pantry provider Santa Fe Community Farm shutdown its 2 hectare (five acre) farm, no reason given, but local news media speculated it’s related to the death of the non-profit’s founder.

New York: Innside New York NoMad shutting down its Food and Beverage Department and outsourcing 46 jobs by March 2018.  Mark’s Pizzeria shutdown two locations, one in Liverpool the other in Cicero, because they were “not profitable”, then announced dozens more Mark’s Pizzeria restaurants across The Empire State will shutdown due to the new state mandated minimum wage which affects any restaurant chain with 30 or more locations!  In Buffalo, after six years Ashker’s Juice Bar & Bistro announced on Facebook it is shutting down two locations, on Elmwood and on Main Street, apparently due to “changes” made to the streets.  In NYC, after five years Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar shutdown due to lack of sales after the worst restaurant review ever by The New York Times.  In Bowmansville, after 20 years ristorante Linguine’s shutdown, apparently because of the landlord because the owners stated on Facebook that they’re looking “newer and more modern location”.  In Massena, after 68 years the Village Inn shutdown, the owners saying “Restaurants are for the young.”, but adding that “It takes a village to keep a restaurant afloat.”

North Carolina: In Greensboro, The Traveled Farmer restaurant shutdown two days before Xmas, supposedly being replaced by a catering company.  Also in Greensboro, WP Kitchen + Bar shutdown because the landlord got a better offer for the property from another business.  In Chapel Hill, after 34 years Kitchenworks  shutdown its brick-n-mortar location, but will continue online.   Krispy Kreme Doughnuts laid off 90 HQ employees as part of a ‘global’ plan to move operations away from Winston-Salem.  The frustrated mayor said Krispy Kreme Doughnuts promised to keep its HQ in Winston-Salem.

North Dakota: British empire Canada based SunOpta shutting down its ‘organic’ food roasting ops in Wahpeton, 35 jobs gone by July 2018 due to consolidation operations.

Ohio: Cincinnati based food giant Kroger recalled six months worth of Comfort’s fluoridated bottled water for babies because of a fungal infestation. Talaromyces penicillium originated in southeast Asia and can be lethal. The bottled water was sold at Food 4 Less, Jay C, Jay C Food Plus, Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Owen’s, Payless Super Market and Ruler.  In Hamilton, after three decades the Chinese Lantern shutdown.  In Columbus, upscale restaurant De Novo on the Park shutting down by the end of January 2018.  Fortune Chinese suddenly shutdown one of its two Columbus restaurants.  Also in Columbus, Udipi Cafe suddenly shutdown.  In Cleveland, iconic Massimo da Milano shutdown after 27 years, to be replaced by something called a ‘restaurant incubator’.

Oklahoma: In Lawton, after more than 75 years Johnson’s Bakery announced on Facebook that it will shutdown on Xmas Eve.

Oregon: In Portland, after three years Muscadine shutdown, the owner said she’s tired of making fried chicken.

Pennsylvania: In State College, both 85 years old All-American Rathskeller and 30 years old Spats Cafe shutdown due to the leases not being renewed, local news reports indicate the property is under new ownership.  In Wayne, after 50 years Landis Cafe shutdown so the owner can retire.  In Edwardsville, after 60 years Konefal’s Restaurant Catering shutting down in February 2018, so the third generation owners can retire.   After 199 years of producing food, and surviving numerous recessions and The Great Depression, the Stewart family farm could be shutdown because of a multi-state electricity power line project!  In Philadelphia, just short of six years and Industry Bar shutdown, on Facebook slyly blaming a “rapidly changing neighborhood”.  Restaurant supplier D&W Fine Pack issued a shutdown WARN for its Harfield operations, 180 jobs gone by March 2018!

South Carolina: Greer BBQ shutdown after 30 years, due to the owners’ ongoing health problems.

Tennessee: In Memphis, after 58 years iconic The Peanut Shoppe shutdown, the owners blamed increased costs, decreased sales and their age.  In Knoxville, after 76 years the last of the iconic Kay’s Ice Cream restaurants shutdown, local news media say at one time there were 158 Kay’s Ice Cream joints!  The owner of the last Kay’s reported that “Sales have been dropping for three years in a row. We’re literally working for nothing.”

Texas:  Coastal Cookies shutdown its 38 years old store in the Sunset Mall, the upset manager told local news media that the owners refused to give a reason for the shutdown.  In Austin, after 45 years Buck Moore Feed & Pet Supply shutting down by February 2018, the father and son owners say the amount of work they put into it isn’t worth it anymore.  After less than a year hand made pasta joint La Dolda shutdown, the owner blaming it on Texans’ lack of appreciation for real pasta.   After ten years Austin’s Flying Saucer Draught Emporium shutdown, the owner blames ‘elected’ lawmakers saying “The landscape of the restaurant industry is changing rapidly across the nation, and unfortunately, the Texas beer industry was introduced to topsy-turvy legislation…” 

Vermont: MyWebGrocer suddenly laid off 18 people, claiming its part of the company’s plan to expand.

Virginia: In Alexandria, after 15 years FireFlies shutdown on Xmas Eve, being replaced by a local competing restaurant.  In Hampton, decades old wine shop and deli La Bodega shutdown, due to crashing sales caused by the shutdown of a nearby taxpayer funded military base in 2011.  In Galax, after five years Scoots restaurant suddenly shutdown due to the owners wanting to suddenly retire.  In Richmond, after more than 26 years ristorante Amici shutdown a week before Xmas due to the owner selling the building: “There are too many restaurants and not enough people.”-Carlo Gaione

Washington: In Yakima County, an employee of a dairy farm was caught auctioning-off his employer’s cows as his own, according to records the employee almost got away with $30-thousand USD in false cow auctions, taking place since 2014!  In Seattle, Mama Stortini’s Restaurant & Bar in the Northgate Mall shutdown due to a norovirus outbreak, at least 15 customers sickened, county inspectors also discovered that 14 employees were sick.  Also in Seattle, after 47 years Bakeman’s Restaurant shutdown three days before Xmas, the owner swore to local news media that it’s because he wants to retire: “Business is still great! It’s actually the best it’s been in years.”-Jason Wang

Washington DC: Federal taxpayers forced to continue funding the USDA’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.   

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service issues a final crop report for 2017.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, November 2017: “SORRY FOLKS THE END HAS COME FOR THE PIG.”

Philip J. Fry should’ve kept those space-worms! Exercise is also good for your…parasites?

06 DEC 2017 (01:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Azar 1396/17 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/19 Ren-Zi 4715

Another study showing just how dependant we are on those stomach bugs!

Researchers at the University of Illinois discovered that not only does your health improve when you exercise, so does the health of those micro-parasites in your tummy tum-tum!

The researchers studied Of Mice and Men, I mean mice and humans.  They intentionally put micro-parasite filled crap (shit, doo-doo, poo, feces, caca,) from exercised mice into the guts of sedentary parasite free mice.  To their surprise the micro-parasites from exercised mice produced healthy butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid needed to regenerate your intestines!

They did something similar to humans, and low and behold the micro-parasites in humans who exercise produced the same necessary short-chain fatty acid!



“sorry folks the end has come for the pig.”: U.S. Food Crisis, November 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of November, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

A new study says rain spreads diseases to crops: “While the importance of rain for providing water and nutrients to plant life is well-understood, it also contributes to the dispersal of microscopic pathogen particles.”-American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics

Alabama:  Piggly Wiggly shutting down its grocery store in Cullman, about 30 jobs gone by Xmas due to the undisclosed “decision of the owners.”

Arizona: In Scottsdale, after only six months El Panzon y Frida shutdown without warning or explanation, an unnamed employee revealed the shutdown plan to local news media!  Apparently The Grand Canyon state is experiencing a locust infestation: “I’ve never seen anything like this. At first, there were a few. And then you realize day after day there’s more of them.”-Dianna Isaacson, who says her plants looks like a bunch of skeletons

California:In Sacramento, after 50 years bar Distillery was sold-off and suddenly shutdown.  Outback Steakhouse suddenly shutdown its restaurant in Goleta, blaming the landlord for jacking up the rent (this location was not on the February Outback shutdown list).  Cal Pacific Specialty Foods suddenly shutdown its operations in Moss Landing, 323 jobs gone right before Thanksgiving!  Dole issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Watsonville, 140 jobs gone by mid-January 2018!  Tyson laying off 70 people in San Diego, in January 2018.  Specialty Commodities (owned by food giant Archer Daniels Midland) issued a shutdown WARN for its Stockton location, 63 jobs gone in January 2018.  In Paramount, Latitude 45 Catering shutting down, 33 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Fruit tree grower L.E. Cooke issued a shutdown WARN for its Visalia ops, 278 jobs gone by mid-January 2018!  Restaurant operator Saddle Ranch Universal issued a mass layoff WARN, 124 people in Universal City jobless by January 2018!

Colorado:  After 20 years internet based Door to Door Organics food delivery service shutdown without warning, vaguely blaming “recent events in our industry”.

Florida:In Orlando, expensive ‘farm-to-table’ Nova Scratch Kitchen suddenly shutdown due to lack of sales.  Hurricane Irma reduced the citrus crop by as much as 70%, which is significant when you realize that The Sunshine State can supply up to 49% of the citrus for the entire United States!

Idaho: After 28 years in Chubbuck, it was revealed that restaurant Taquiera La Costa suddenly shutdown because the immigrant owner failed to become a legal resident/citizen and had to move back to Mexico.  He swears he’ll be back when his ‘paperwork’ is approved.  In Pocatello, after eight years locally run restaurant Efresh-The Gathering Place suddenly shutdown, the owner blaming the sudden escalation in corporate big-box restaurants: “There were so many restaurants that came into town really quickly and people decided to go there and just being a local little business, we felt that hit.”-Emily Fisher, interviewed by KIFI

Illinois:  In Chicago, after 11 years, and recently reporting $19-million USD in sales, popular steak joint Primehouse shutting down in December, apparently due to the landlord James Hotel.  After 52 years Chicago Brauhaus shutting down in December.  In Bellevue, bbq joint Righteous Pig shutdown, the Facebook post simply said “sorry folks the end has come for the pig.”  In Champaign, after two years Brixx Wood Fired Pizza shutting down, 30 jobs gone in December because “We don’t have the volume of customers that we needed to stay viable.”   Farmers blaming stunted corn and soybean crops on the Enbridge Southern Access Extension oil pipeline. 

Indiana:  Police owned Cops & Doughnuts suddenly shutdown their one year old South Bend location, the day before Thanksgiving, an unnamed manager blamed lack of sales. In Hebron, after more than 50 years Patz’s Market finally shutdown following years of online reviews that said it looked deserted.  Aunt Millie’s Bakeries announced it will shutdown its Fort Wayne bakery, 91 jobs gone between now and April 2018 due to “excess capacity and costs” (which is code for too much inventory and not enough sales).   Also in Fort Wayne, after only one year restaurant The Golden shutdown.  In Lafayette, after 50 years Pizza King in the Jefferson Square Shopping Center shutdown, the owner says despite being busy after school hours “… it’s a lot cheaper just to shut it down.”

Iowa:  In Sioux City, after 99 years Coney Island shutting down by the end of the year due to a failed attempt to sell the popular hot dog joint.  After 75 years The Supervisors Club (supposedly an elite club for John Deere employees) shutting down due to lack of members (probably because of all the Deere layoffs).  ICON Ag & Turf issued a layoff WARN, 83 people in Ireton jobless by January 2018.  Mike Naig, state Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, reported “Dry weather, particularly in southern Iowa, stressed crops and did negatively impact yields in some areas.”

Kansas: In Wichita, after five years Ernie Biggs Chicago Style Dueling Piano Bar shutdown.  In Topeka, after 31 years Pepe & Chela’s shutdown because of “an opportunity” the owner couldn’t pass up.  In Manhattan, after a recent name change The Hut shutdown: “… the volume just hasn’t been what it should be.”-Bud Cox, co-owner

Michigan: In Bay City, after 14 years Sweet Boutique & Chocolate Lounge shutdown, the owner credits getting an Idaho Spud Bar from the Idaho Candy Company for giving him the idea to open his shop, however, he says with the way things are “now is the time” to shutdown.  In Farmington, after 50 years Dan’s Giant Submarine Sandwiches shutdown so the surviving co-owner can retire.

Minnesota: In Saint Paul, restaurant Como Dockside announced on Facebook that it is forced to shutdown the day before Thanksgiving.  Duluth Homebrew Supply announced on Facebook its sudden shutdown, they couldn’t renew the lease which is $2,690 USD per month.

Montana: Flathead Lake Brewing shutting down its Woods Bay taproom and brewing facility after Xmas, so the owners can focus on their Bigfork location. In Valier, after 29 years restaurant The Lighthouse shutdown.  India hitting Montana pea farmers with a 50% import tax!

Nebraska: In Omaha, Willy Theisen’s Paragon Dundee shutdown saying “We just didn’t get the traction we needed.”

New Jersey: In New Brunswick, after 30 years Old Bay Restaurant shutdown.  Sales were so bad that Kimchi Smoke II suddenly shutdown its five months old Montclair location, despite the lease being in effect for at least two more years!

New York: Hannaford announced it is shutting down its grocery store in Massena, 62 jobs gone by July 2018 due to lack of profits.  In Buffalo, after 68 years wholesaler Willowbrook Farms suddenly shutdown, 22 jobs gone because the family owners don’t want to continue the business.   Green Planet Grocery shutting down its three years old Cicero store once most of the inventory is gone. Bohemia based Vitamin World is now dead, shutting down 124 stores and selling off the remaining 210, at least 1-thousand-478 jobs gone! In Schenectady, after 11 years Cella Bistro shutdown due to health problems with the family owners.  Terrafina issued a shutdown WARN for its snack factory in Bronx-NYC, 109 jobs gone by February 2018!  Restaurant Associates lost its contract with Barclays Executive Dining Room, 37 jobs gone right after Xmas.  In NYC, restaurant Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina shutting down, 98 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  Tops Markets issued a shutdown WARN for its grocery store in Wappingers Falls, 83 jobs gone by February 2018.  State agricultural commissioner Richard Ball warning of an Asian insect that could destroy crops: “If left unchecked, the spotted lanternfly can wreak havoc on some of our state’s largest and economically important crops…..  including grapes, apples, hops and forest products.”

Ohio: Fusian shutting down its restaurant near Ohio State University, as part of a plan for growing the chain.  In Hamilton, Alexander’s Market & Deli shutdown because the owner doesn’t have the time for it.  In Sandusky, after 42 years Kreimes Cardinal Grocery shutdown because of the family owners’ health problems.  France based food service contractor Sodexo issued a WARN, 30 people in Cleveland jobless right after Xmas.

Pennsylvania: In Dallas, after 17 years Olde House Cafe shutdown after the property was sold to Misericordia University.  In West Nantmeal, Wyebrook Farm shutting down its restaurant after Xmas.  In Craley, after 86 years Barry’s Country Food Market shutdown the day before Thanksgiving, the frustrated family owners told customers “times have gotten too tough.”  In Washington, after more than 50 years restaurant Peppino’s shutdown, the property is for sale.

South Dakota: Corn, soybeans and grain sorghum harvests are expected to go down by 5%.

Tennessee: Spaghetti Warehouse suddenly shutdown its restaurant in Memphis.  It’s still going on, tobacco crops failing and again state inspectors blame contractors for improper herbicide spraying One tobacco farmer says he lost more than $400-thousand USD as a result. 

Texas: Irving based Dairy Queen franchise owner Vasari chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down at least 23 of its 70 Dairy Queens in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, blaming oil industry layoffs and destruction caused by hurricanes.  Grocery giant Kroger suddenly canceled its contract with a  warehouse operator in Keller, 690 jobs gone a week after Thanksgiving! Kroger is now contracting with Penske Logistics for its warehouse operations.  In Dallas, restaurant Sambuca shutting down its McKinney Avenue location because for years the landlord refused to fix ongoing problems with the building, even after being sued.  In Longview, after four years Bootlegger Grill shutdown without warning after failed attempt to sell it: “The problem is there is an oversaturation of restaurants in the Longview market. Nobody wanted to purchase a restaurant.”-Chris Cline, owner

Texas fruit growers are worried about this year’s warmer than average winter forecast: “The trees are not able to set leaf buds or flower buds normally and that can lead to problems. It can also lead to little or no fruit sap.”– Steve Huebner, peach and plum famer

Virginia: In Altavista, after many decades Vista Food Market shutting down, 23 jobs gone in December.  Blaming the “natural business cycle” Not Your Average Joe’s shutdown its 11 years old Lansdowne restaurant. Farm Fresh shutting down its store on Arthur Way, in Newport News, right after Xmas due to lack of profits.  Firefighting themed Halligan Bar & Grill shutdown two of three locations without warning, one had been open for only 90 days, and the other had already been closed officially for remodeling but not anymore!  For some reason the co-owners suddenly decided to retire!

Washington: Seattle based Amazon shutting down its Amazon Fresh grocery service in at least nine U.S. states!

West Virginia: FoodFair shutting down its 13 years old store in Huntington, 30 jobs gone because “Unfortunately, the market conditions have deteriorated…”

Wisconsin: In Milwaukee, after more than 20 years restaurant La Fuente shutdown without warning.  British empire Canada based Saputo shutting down its cheese factory in Fond du Lac, 126 jobs gone by May 2018!  University of Wisconsin says carbon emissions actually increase when crops are grown for ethanol production.  Colder than average temperatures are preventing crops from necessary drying, some farmers reporting that the ground is already freezing which could prevent them from harvesting.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


“shockingly closed until further notice”: U.S. Food Crisis, October 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of October, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.


Nothing to cry about: Onion crop yields in Idaho and Oregon are 30% smaller compared to last year, resulting in less of a supply, causing a doubling of prices for consumers (50 pound bag yellow onions now averaging $10, last year it was $5.50).  The smaller harvest is blamed on the weather.

Arizona: In Phoenix, after 60 years Park Central Deli shutting down in time for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, due to the lease not being renewed by the new landlord.  After 18 years the Phoenix Alice Cooper’stown restaurant suddenly shutdown.  Cornbread Ventures-Z’Tejas now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and at least four restaurants immediately shutdown.

Arkansas: Walmart shutting down its Neighborhood Market grocery store in Little Rock, 1-hundred jobs gone before Thanksgiving!

California:  Ice cream maker Nestle Dryers-Häagen-Dazs laying off 896 people at its Bakersfield and Tulare factories!  The Los Angeles Museum of Ice Cream issued a shutdown WARN, 114 jobs gone right before Xmas! ‘High-end’ eatery Bouchon Beverly Hills issued a shutdown WARN, 137 jobs gone right after Xmas!  Food supply company KeHE Monterrey Provisions issued a shutdown WARN for its San Diego ops, 91 jobs gone at the beginning of December.  In West Sacramento, after 57 years King’s Restaurant shutdown.   In Santa Rosa, unprecedentedly fast moving wildfire destroyed a Arby’sMcDonald’s, Puerto Vallarta and Applebee’s.  In Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma shutdown its cookware store due to lack of employees, caused by the wildfires (at one point 3-hundred people were reported missing).  Several wineries were destroyed by wildfires, some vineyards survived.  In the wildfire area the Sweet T’s and Cricklewood restaurants, and Willi’s Wine Bar, burned down.  In San Francisco, after 17 years themed Rainforest Cafe shutdown.  In Alameda, after 25 years Gold Coast Bistro and Bar shutdown, the upset owners saying “…we didn’t have a choice”, the property owner kicked them out.   In Saratoga, after 47 years Gene’s Fine Foods shutdown after the aged owner failed to find a buyer for the popular grocery store: “I was very shocked because this store was doing good! We felt like we were going in the right direction.”-Jeremy Jercha, now former assistant store manager

Colorado: In Old Colorado City, 2South Food + Wine Bar suddenly shutdown because “The owners have decided to go a different direction…”.  Denver based restaurant chain Romano’s Macaroni Grill now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, after shutting down 37 of 116 restaurants.  The loser CEO blamed “younger consumers”.

Connecticut:  In New Haven, restaurants Thali Too and Oaxaca Kitchen shutdown, both owners blaming too much competition.  In New Milford, after more than 20 years Bank Street Coffee House shutdown by the landlord (MLST Investments), who refuses to explain why.

Florida: At Universal Orlando, Emeril’s Tchoup Chop shutting down, 66 jobs gone right after Xmas.  In Naples, after eight years Daniela’s shutting down so the owner can spend more time with her family.  Mosaic Fertilizer eliminating 430 jobs right after Xmas!

Illinois:  In Decatur, CherryBerry announced the sudden shutdown of its Nelson Park restaurant on Facebook.  In Chicago, after three years the owners of pasta joint Charlatan announced on Facebook they were shutting it down, the only reason given was that it was “time for new adventures”Johnny’s Grill and Mezclaeria Las Flores shutting down at the beginning of November.  In Frankfort, after ten years Kernel Sweetooth shutdown due to the greedy landlord having new plans for the property.

Indiana:  Chapter 11 Bankrupt busted Marsh shutdown its last grocery store in Anderson, despite executives claiming they filed bankruptcy to keep their remaining 44 stores open.  In Lafayette, Pizza King shutdown its 50 years old Jefferson Square location, a disgruntled employee telling local news media “it’s a lot cheaper just to shut it down.”

Iowa: Switzerland based Nestlé laying off 56 people at its food factory in Waverly, by the end of 2018, as part of Nestlé’s global streamlining plan.  Ferrara Candy Company issued a shutdown WARN for its Creston candy factory, 215 jobs gone right before Xmas!

Kansas: In Shawnee, after four years castle themed restaurant Renee Kelly’s Harvest shutdown.

Kentucky: In Lexington, after nine years upscale The Julep Cup shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.

Massachusetts: In Lynn, after only one year White Rose Coffeehouse shutdown, the owner blaming it on harassment after her daughter called police “bullies” on social media and refused to take part in an apparently mandatory ‘coffee with a cop’ program.

Michigan: Kroger shutting down its Gratiot Road grocery store in Saginaw, 92 jobs gone before Xmas.  In Interlochen, after 35 years Ric’s Food Center shutdown, the owners blamed it on a radical change in the economy.

Minnesota: In Minneapolis, after 32 years Lucia’s Restaurant shutdown after months of ownership changes led to reports of employee abuse in the name of turning a profit.  In the same city, after 46 years Pepitos Mexican Restaurant shutdown due to crashing sales since 2008 and the owner’s health problems.  In Rockford, after 50 years cake decorating retail supplier Sweet Pans Shoppe shutdown due to the death of the owner.  In Duluth, after more than 20 years How Sweet It Is Cakes shutdown due to a “significant decline in sales”.   Brazil based poultry processor Pilgrim’s Pride shutting down its new factory in Luverne, 2-hundred jobs gone between Thanksgiving and Xmas, due to Pilgrim’s Pride’s takeover of competitor GNP in January!

Mississippi: In Meridian, Vowell’s Marketplace shutting down due to the greedy ‘out of state’ property owner refusing to make necessary upgrades, 40 grocery jobs gone by Thanksgiving.  In Brandon, after 20 years Nichols-Boyd Pumpkin Patch shutdown due to property upkeep that now exceeds the rewards of running a pumpkin patch.

Missouri: In Saint Louis, Supervalue owned Shop ‘n Save grocery store in Gravois Plaza shutting down in November.

New Hampshire: After 107 years Marelli’s Fruit & Real Estate shutdown its store in Newmarket, local news reports say at one time there were five stores, now there’s only one.

New York: Animatronic pizza joint Chuck E. Cheese’s suddenly shutdown its Wallkill location, blaming the greedy landlord.  In NYC, 100 Sardines Management issued a shutdown WARN for its Lupulo restaurant, 55 jobs gone days before Xmas.  KBFK 52 shutting down its Bar Americain, 96 jobs gone in January 2018. Orange Brands Management and 7th & Barrow issued a shutdown WARN, 81 jobs gone after Xmas.  Centerplate at Saks Fifth Avenue New York City shutting down its Fifth Dining, 57 jobs gone after Xmas.  NYC based internet food delivery company Blue Apron suddenly eliminated about 3-hundred marketing, software development, operations and business development jobs!  In Colonie,  after 106 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Ryan’s Farmers Market shutting down and for sale because “The business is just not what it used to be.”  In Horseheads, after five years Birdland Brewing shutdown due to the owner’s health problems.

North Carolina: In Asheville, the owner of Frostbite Ice Cream Bar shutdown one of his popular operations due to his health problems.  In Charlotte, Catch on Seafood’s shutdown, the owner blaming never ending city road projects for causing a 60% crash in sales.   In Davidson, after being for sale for the past two months Healthy Home Market shutdown, 27 jobs gone.  In Raleigh, after less than two years BBQ joint Bare Bones shutdown, not due to lack of sales but because of the cost to operate the restaurant: “The market loved the food and the atmosphere, but the sheer size of the space didn’t allow it to become profitable.”-Gaurav ‘G’ Patel, owner

Ohio: In Columbus, booze filled chocolate maker/seller Le Chocoholique shutting down its seven years old retail ops to focus on wholesale only.  It should be noted that the retail operations replaced a failed Starbucks.  In Lima, after 25 years Just Ducky’s Gourmet Coffees, Foods & Unique Gifts shutdown due to ongoing road construction: “It really did destroy my business. It truly did.…People couldn’t get to me.”-Ducky Allen, owner

Oregon:  In Portland, The Commons Brewery shutting down right before Thanksgiving, apparently it’ll be replaced with a California based brewery sometime in 2018.  After 1-hundred years of Summer sales Beebe Farms shutdown, the owners saying “It was not going to be a profitable venture to keep the farm going at this point.”

Pennsylvania: Ohio Valley Bistro’s shutting down its TGI Friday’s at the Pittsburgh Airport, 23 jobs gone two days after Xmas.  In Whitehall, after 11 years Granny Schmidt’s Bake Shop shutting down at the beginning of November, so the owner can retire.  In Pittsburgh, James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy shutdown because of complaints about the loud jazz music (despite $25-thousand USD in soundproofing).  In Grove City, after six years Save-A-Lot shutting down in time for Thanksgiving.  Taggart’s Orchard shutdown after 32 years so the owners can retire.

Tennessee: Maryville based financially troubled chain restaurant Ruby Tuesday sold-off for $146-million USD.  Over the past two years Ruby Tuesday shutdown more than 1-hundred restaurants.

Texas: In Austin, Austin Java Co shutdown its North Lamar Boulevard location, supposedly this is part of a plan to open four new locations.

Vermont:  In Shelburne, the owners of Bijou Fine Chocolate posted a notice on the door saying the shop is now “shockingly closed until further notice”, apparently due to financial problems between the owners.

Virginia: In Newport News, Bella’s Restaurant shutdown without warning, and without refunding money to customers who had reserved the eatery for upcoming events.

Washington: In North Seattle, Cafe Racer suddenly shutdown, the owner blames a 2012 shooting for causing crashing sales.

Wisconsin: In Manona, after five years restaurant Las Islas Del Mao shutdown due to not being able to renew the lease.  In Green Bay, after more than 50 years Willow Street Bakery shutdown, the owners blame insurance companies saying “The industry has just gotten too hard to be in a small business…..   This last insurance increase was the straw that broke the camel’s back…”.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


Syria, Russia defeat U.S.-NATO created Islamic State? Israel next?

04 NOV 2017 (02:34 UTC-07 Tango 06) 13 Aban 1396/14 Safar 1439/16 Xin-Hai 4715

“…the units of our armed forces, in cooperation with the allied and supporting forces, have accomplished their tasks of restoring security and stability to Deir Ezzor city!”-Syrian Arab Army, 03 NOV 2017

It’s official, Syria, with help from Russia, is on the verge of defeating the U.S.-EU-NATO created Islamic State (DAIISH=DA for al-DAwla, I for al-Islamiya, I for al-Iraq, SH al-SHam)!  Only the DAIISH occupied city of Raqqa is left and the Syrian Arab Army plans on fully overrunning it.

At the same time, Syrian officials sent letters to the United Nations Secretary General, and the Security Council, complaining that Israel continues to bomb civilian economic areas of the Province of Homs: “The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the UNSC to condemn the blatant Israeli aggressions and calls on the international organization to adopt firm and immediate measures to stop those attacks and hold Israel accountable for its support of terrorism which would inflame the situation in the region and the world.”

While DAIISH is on the run, Syrian towns are still being attacked by Israeli backed Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra).  Today, nine people were killed, and dozens wounded, by a Nusra Front car bomb in the town of Hadar.

Video of Syrian Arab Army movement of forces around Deir Ezzor:

Video of Syrian Domestic Trade Minister touring Deir Ezzor, 02 NOV 2017:

Also, Russia used aircraft and submarine launched cruise missiles to bomb DAIISH command posts and depots around the town of al-Bokamal-Abu Kamal, southeast of Deir Ezzor, near the border with Iraq.  Russian military leaders in Syria said it was a major step in creating an environment that will allow the Syrian government to fully liberate eastern Syria.

Today, Russia openly accused the United States and NATO of committing war crimes by deliberately preventing humanitarian aid for refugees near al-Tanfnear the Syrian–Iraqi border: “By having organized there its military base and prohibiting anyone from approaching it closer than 55km, the U.S. bears responsibility for the situation, where dozens of Syrian internally displaced persons, staying at the al-Rukban camp nearby, are deprived of a chance to receive humanitarian assistance.”-Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria

Russia is hosting peace talks in Sochi, called the Syrian National Dialogue Congress: “Moscow hopes that all Syrian parties which care about the future of Syria and its sovereignty and territorial integrity will participate in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress to be held on November 18th in Sochi.”-Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian deputy Foreign Minister

Algeria expressed support for the Syrian government: “Algeria rejected freezing Syria’s membership at the Arab League and it has called for activating bilateral cooperation.”-Saleh Bosha, Algerian ambassador to Syria

Just a day before the victory in Deir Ezzor, Syria and Oman signed an ‘understanding’ with the future goal of expanding, and even fully nationalizing, their oil industries.






NATO biggest drug dealer in the World? Amphetamines, it’s what Islamic State does!





Walmart bakes ISIS cake, but refuses to bake Rebel Yell cake! 


Stop your country’s population Death Spiral, legalize Marijuana!

01 NOV 2017 (03:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 10 Aban 1396/11 Safar 1439/13 Xin-Hai 4715

“Frequent marijuana use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it’s associated with increased coital frequency.-Michael Eisenberg, assistant professor of urology

A new Stanford University School of Medicine study debunks the age old myth that smoking ganja reduces sexual desire, in fact it supports what many tokers have said for a long time; Mary-Jane smokers ‘do it’ more often than non-smokers!

The researchers studied CDC data from 50-thousand of the estimated 20-million legal marijuana users in the United States and found that they tended to have 20% more sex than non-smokers.