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“industry plunged…we weren’t needed anymore” : U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, January 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss announcements and shutdowns for January 2017.

Greek owned shipping giant Toisa, and 23 affiliates, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection blaming low volume of petroleum shipments.

Alabama: Beaulieu America shutting down its 30 years old carpet fibers factory, 375 jobs lost by the end of March!

California: In Petaluma, Enphase Energy eliminating 60 jobs by the end of March.  National Distribution Centers issued a shutdown WARN for their Chino operations, 102 jobs gone by the end of February!  Armor All/STP shutting down their Pleasanton ops by the end of March.  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs, at least a dozen jobs gone by the end of March.  In San Diego, tax-sucking General Dynamics owned National Steel & Shipbuilding suddenly laid off 844 people, blaming the U.S. Navy!  In Santa Ana, GKN Aerospace ChemTronics laying off 15 employees by the end of February, despite getting a state taxpayer funded $10-million USD tax-break for being energy efficient!

Florida: Mundy Maintenance eliminating 123 jobs at its Ascend Facility at Pensacola, by the end of March!  At Orlando International Airport, Aircraft Service International eliminating 125 jobs by the end of March!  General Electric (GE) Aviation laid off 33 people in Clearwater.  In Miramar, Swiss Watch suddenly eliminated 129 jobs!

Georgia: HVAC company Carrier shutting down their Smyrna factory, 64 jobs lost to consolidation and outsourcing!

Illinois:  Japan (Nippon) based rail-car maker Nippon Sharyo eliminating 1-hundred jobs in Rochelle!  Local news media implied it was due to repeated failures of Nippon Sharyo rail-cars to meet OSHA standards, which is interesting because Nipponese trains are considered the best in the world. Honeywell eliminating 69 jobs in Metropolis due to “…significant challenges of the nuclear industry globally and the oversupply of uranium…”

Iowa: Cedar Rapids based industrial products maker Apache restructuring and warning of layoffs due to “an unfortunate situation”.

Kansas: British empire Canada owned Bombardier eliminated 45 Learjet jobs in Wichita as part of their 2016 announced plan to kill 7-thousand jobs in North America!  In Salina, Philips Lighting laid off 32 factory employees, in an effort to increase efficiency.

Kentucky:  What automotive industry recovery? Despite being called the “Most American made car” by Nipponese (Japanese) news media, and despite threats by Donald Trump, Toyota announced it will go forward will plans to eliminate 648 jobs at its U.S. HQ in Erlanger!  Supposedly the positions are being moved to Texas as were planned for back in 2014.

Michigan: General Electric (GE) Aviation laid off 74 people in Grand Rapids.  Delta Industrial Valves shutting down their factory in Niles, 56 jobs lost by June.  What automotive industry recovery? Luxembourg based farm vehicle maker SAF-Holland shutting down two Michigan factories, hundreds of jobs lost over the year as work is consolidated to other factories!  The world’s largest supplier of automotive interiors, China owned Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, laying off 321 Michiganders in April!   To show you how ignorant your local politicians are congressman Dave Trott stated “Today’s announcement by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors further underscores the continued resurgence of our domestic automotive industry.”  Detroit based General Motors (GM) eliminating 625 Canadian jobs! Canadian labor unions blame NAFTA saying those jobs are being moved to Mexico: “The CAMI announcement is a shining example of everything wrong with NAFTA, it must be re-negotiated!”-Jerry Dias, Unifor National

Missouri: Manac Trailers USA shutdown its factory in Kennett without warning, 92 jobs lost “immediately”!  Local news media reported that many employees are single parents.  To add insult to injury Manac Trailers admin told a local city mayor that the shutdown was due to “lack of workforce in the area”!  Can you say “Bullshit”?

New Jersey: Comcast Cable issued a shutdown WARN for its West Deptford logistics center, 88 jobs gone by June.

New Mexico: Eclipse Aerospace suddenly laid off employees at its aircraft factory, but refused to say how many, blaming: “…current and anticipated orders over the coming months and to prepare for the future Project Canada development and launch.”

New York: In Long Island, LogistiCare eliminating 158 non-emergency response jobs by April, due to loss of state taxpayer funded contract!  Mass produced jewelry factory Samuel Aaron issued a shutdown WARN for its Mount Vernon ops, 42 jobs lost by April due to the sale of the company.  Duane Reade issued a Shutdown WARN for its Maspeth Distribution Center, 214 jobs lost by the end of May due to lack of business!  PCX Aerostructures issued a shutdown WARN for its Ronkonkoma ops, 45 Empire State jobs lost due to the company moving to Texas.  M&G DuraVent eliminating 54 jobs in April (that’s more than half its employees) due to crashing sales.

Ohio: What automotive industry recovery? In Lordstown, the dreaded mass layoffs by Detroit based General Motors (GM) began,  more than 1-thousand-2-hundred people jobless as the third shift at the Chevy Cruz factory is eliminated supposedly due to low sales! However, local news media pointed out that GM began shipping Chevy Cruzes in from Mexico last year, claiming they couldn’t keep up with U.S. demand!   After 54 years Iddings Trucking now chapter bankrupt busted due to the oil industry fiasco:We went from five or 10 drivers to clear over 1-hundred. Then beginning in 2014, the fracking industry plunged and we weren’t needed anymore. We had one of our larger customers call and cancel business with us because we weren’t needed. I’d say we laid off 1-hundred truck drivers…..”-Nick Loeber, co-owner

Oregon:  In Portland, Commercial Aircraft Painting Services issued a shutdown WARN, 186 jobs lost by the end of February due to the contract with Boeing being canceled!  Air Products & Chemicals laid off 21 people in Hanover.  According to local news media, this is the second layoff since September 2016.  The factory is down to 83 employees, but at one time had 2-hundred!

Pennsylvania: In Williamsport, Andarko Petroleum eliminating 52 jobs by mid-April.  Schott Glass warning of layoffs due to increased competition.

South Carolina:   Boeing is begging 6-hundred employees to ‘voluntarily’ quit (buyouts)!  APEX Tool laying off 170 people in Sumter County, by the end of March!  Local news media reminded their audience that APEX Tool killed jobs in Texas and Arkansas when it consolidated operations to South Carolina in 2014.  Company admin decided to end production of its Armstrong and Allen brand of tools, supposedly due to lack of demand: “This is not manufacturing that is moving anywhere else, it is not going to another facility. We are not going to be selling these products.”

Texas: National Instruments warning of layoffs due to a 2% drop in sales last year.  Fort Worth based golf club maker Ben Hogan now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, despite a supposed rebound two years ago. Local news media reporting that the factory is now staffed with a skeleton crew of only ten employees! The golf company owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-rent and licensing fees!  Forbes Energy Services now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, due to the oil industry fiasco.  The value of Forbes Energy Services stocks crashed by 58%!  Swift Energy revealed it will eliminate 56 petroleum industry jobs when it emerges from bankruptcy.  San Antonio furniture maker KLN Manufacturing shutting down, 40 jobs lost by the end of February. The company focused on taxpayer funded sales to government agencies, as well as universities and hospitals.

Washington:  In Keyport, U.S. tax-sucking British empire based BAE Systems eliminating 59 jobs by the end of March.   Boeing is begging an undisclosed number of engineers to ‘voluntarily’ quit (buyouts)!

Wisconsin:  River City Distribution shutting down their Watertown operations, 107 jobs lost in March: “The closure has been promp­t­ed by the company’s decision to sell substantially all of its assets…”-official company statement

For the second, and most likely final time, EBR (Erik Buell Racing) Motorcycles ceased operations.  In 2015 the motorcycle maker employed 170 people in East Troy.  The company was sold-off in 2016 to Liquid Asset Partners, who in turn put the motorcycle maker up for sale, again.  This time nobody wanted to buy it, or sell its bikes: “This difficult decision was based primarily on EBR facing significant headwinds with signing new dealers……The combination of slow sales and industry announcements of other major OEM brands closing or cutting production only magnified the challenges faced by EBR.”

Mining/Industrial/Logistics December 2016: “WE DO NOT ANTICIPATE ANY MEANINGFUL RECOVERY”

U.S. Retail/Banking/Service sector collapse, January 2017: ” I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, IT’S KILLING ME” MASSIVE MACY’S MELTDOWN AS 10,000+ JOBS KILLED?

Eminent domain killing Mom-n-Pops! : U.S. government shenanigans, January 2017

Incomplete list (due to internet access problems, come on why won’t anybody donate to BlindBatNews?) of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for January 2017:

California:  The Chico Fire Department eliminated five jobs due to the taxpayer funded FEMA awarded SAFER grant running out.  In San Diego, tax-sucking General Dynamics owned National Steel & Shipbuilding suddenly laid off 844 people, blaming the U.S. Navy!  In Santa Ana, GKN Aerospace ChemTronics laying off 15 employees by the end of February, despite getting a state taxpayer funded $10-million USD tax-break for being energy efficient!

Colorado: After 30 years Boulder Map Gallery shutting down by March, the owner blaming increased use of digital maps by his two largest clients, the federal government and an unnamed corporation, for declining hard copy map sales.  Chemical weapons incinerator Bechtel to layoff 30 people at the U.S. Army’s Pueblo Chemicals Depot.  It’s blamed on both Bechtel’s delay in getting their automated system up and running, and the U.S. Army taxpayer funding cutbacks. In all, Bechtel administrators say they have to find a way to cut $8-million from their budget!

Illinois: Glenview Public Library laid off ten people because the local taxpayers could not afford another local property tax hike.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority began its promised elimination of thousands of jobs due to lack of taxpayer funding, 25 laid off as part of the first round of cuts!

New Jersey: The British empire based christian Salvation Army shutdown its Newark Family Thrift store due to crashing sales.  City administrators are worried as the thrift store helped fund local social programs.

New Mexico: In Albuquerque, Hey Johnny shutdown their brick-n-mortar store, the owner blamed the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project for literally driving away potential customers from the Nob Hill area.

 New York:  Nassau Regional Off-Track Betting warning of mass layoffs after only 20 employees accepted early retirement bribes. The agency blames decreased revenues and increased debt.   In New Hartford, after more than 30 years Tracy’s Hallmark store shutting down by the end of February, the owner blamed competition and the new minimum wage hike.    After 30 years Pets NYC-Metro Pets shutdown, the owner Gene King bitched about a common problem saying “In a nutshell, the rent is not affordable”, as well as jacked up costs of pet supplies and local taxes.

Oregon: The Jackson County Health & Human Services warned of as many as 2-hundred layoffs, mainly mental healthcare workers, supposedly because of a contract dispute!

Texas:  San Antonio furniture maker KLN Manufacturing shutting down, 40 jobs lost by the end of February. The company focused on taxpayer funded sales to government agencies, as well as universities and hospitals.

Washington:  In Keyport, U.S. tax-sucking British empire based BAE Systems eliminating 59 jobs by the end of March.

West Virginia: The city of Huntington laid off 24 employees due to crashing tax revenues, which have created a $4.6-million USD budget shortfall!

Wisconsin:  In Portage, local government jerks shutdown and stole the property of 33 years old Gruber Automotive auto shop, using ’eminent domain’ as the excuse!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans December 2016: “…GIVE US SOME BREATHING ROOM…”

ObamaCare-ACA Death Spiral, January 2017:  “A STREAMLINING OF OPERATIONS.”

Dumbing Down U.S.A., January 2017: “I’M SCARED….FOR A BAD REASON!”

U.S. Retail/Banking/Service Sector collapse, January 2017: “I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, IT’S KILLING ME” 10,000+ jobs killed due to MASSIVE MACY’S MELTDOWN?

“I don’t sleep at night, it’s killing me” Massive Macy’s Meltdown? : U.S. Retail/Banking/Service Sector collapse, January 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. retail/banking/service sector job loss announcements and shutdowns made or announced in January 2017:

Alabama: Tennessee based Fred’s Discount Store announced it will shutdown at least three stores in The Yellowhammer State by the end of February, blaming crashing sales (or is it really because of Fred’s $90-million USD takeover of RiteAid?).  Best Buy shutting down its electronics store in Florence, 60 jobs lost in February.

Alaska: After 20 years gift shop Flypaper shutdown: “I watched the foot traffic slowly drop off. Whether those people are going to big box stores or online shopping or not shopping, I don’t know.”-Kim Barret, owner

Arkansas: Bentonville based Walmart suddenly laid off “hundreds” of corporate and regional office employees (and that’s not including the store shutdowns and layoffs, read on)!

 California: Vernon based clothing retailer BCBG Max Azria Group warned it must shutdown brick-n-mortar stores across the United States, no numbers given. In Berkeley, an American Apparel store shutdown as part of the dead company’s plan to shutdown all 110 stores by April (after selling out to an evil British empire Canadian competitor)! In Santa Barbara, after 63 years Kernohan’s Toys shutdown, the owners said increased competition from big players, and increased operating costs, are killing mom-n-pops.  Ohio based Macy’s issued multiple shutdown WARNS for stores in Santa Barbara, San Diego and San Francisco, more than 310 jobs lost by March! Arkansas based Walmart laying off 174 people at their San Bruno location, by the end of March!  Too Big to Jail San Francisco based (and Warren Buffet owned) Wells Fargo shutting down more than 4-hundred offices by the end of 2018!  San Francisco based GAP laying off 216 people by the end of March!  Wet Seal shutting down their Irvine operations, 148 jobs gone by mid-March! In Petaluma, the decades old Petaluma Valley Athletic Club shutdown because “the economics of this town have changed”, it was sold to a local church.  In Burlingame, Alaska Air Group finally notified state employment development administrators that they eliminated 275 jobs back in October 2016! Utility company Pacific Gas & Electric eliminating more than 250 jobs by mid-March, that’s a according to WARN filings, but local news reports say as many as 450 in-house jobs and 8-hundred contractors will be let go in favor of foreign workers!!!  In Foster City, VISA eliminating 58 jobs by mid-March.  San Diego Sportservice issued a mass shutdown WARN, 1-thousand-130 Qualcomm Stadium  jobs gone by the end of March! Penske Vehicle Services shutting down their Westlake Village ops in April.  In Irvine, live entertainment company Live Nation Worldwide issued a mass shutdown WARN, 905 jobs gone by the end of April!  Bank of the West laying off 47 people in San Ramon, by April.  The Lake Tahoe Ritz Carlton shutting down, 225 jobs supposedly temporarily lost starting in April!  Nordstrum’s shutting down their iconic MainPlace location in Santa Ana, 195 jobs lost in March! In Thousand oaks, Magic Planet costume shop shutdown due to declining profits caused by increased competition and increased rent: “… the rent keeps going up where it’s too high for us to continue. And internet sales. More people are, unfortunately for us, feeling comfortable at home on their computer…”-Michael Brotman, owner

Colorado: After 30 years Boulder Map Gallery shutting down by March, the owner blaming increased use of digital maps by his two largest clients (the federal government and an unnamed corporation) for declining hard copy map sales.  In Cortez, after 70 years Havran Dry Cleaners shutting down, the owner says declining sales means it’s time to retire.

Connecticut: In Stamford, evil British empire based Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) issued yet another layoff WARN, this time 21 people jobless by mid-March. Hotel chain Marriott eliminating 50 jobs in Stamford by the end of March. Penske Vehicle Services shutting down ops in Danbury.  Waterbury based Webster Bank shutting down eight offices across four states.

Florida:   Ohio based Macy’s issued multiple shutdown WARNS for stores in Oviedo, Sarasota and Tampa, 272 jobs lost by mid-March! In Tampa, Advantage-EZ Rent-a-Car laying off 25 people in February.  Also in Tampa, Binder & Binder-Lake Pointe One eliminating 65 jobs by the end of March.  Palmeto based Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey issued a shutdown WARN, 462 jobs gone by the end of May! Circus administrators blame their lack of ticket sales on being forced to stop using elephants in their acts.  Arkansas based Walmart eliminating 79 jobs at their Saint Petersburg store, by the end of March.  In North Miami Beach, Equity One eliminating 48 jobs by June.  In Jacksonville, PHH Mortgage eliminating at least seven jobs by mid-April.  Boca Raton based Home Depot suddenly began eliminating corporate jobs, no warning or explanation to local news media.  Local news media say they were notified by now former employees.  In Orlando, after only five years shopping center Artegon Marketplace shutdown, it was revealed it was put up for sale back in August 2016!  California based Cost Plus World Market shutdown its Coconut Point Mall location, no reason given.

Illinois: Arkansas based Walmart issued a shutdown WARN for its Chicago store on West Monroe Street, 96 jobs gone by mid-March.     Ohio based Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Bloomingdale location, 95 jobs gone by mid-March.  California based GAP suddenly shutdown its Factory Store in Bradley, 20 jobs lost.  The Fitzpatric Company shutting down their Elmherst services ops, 63 jobs gone by the end of March due to “poor economy”.  Jewlery retailer Zales shutdown their Sandburg Mall store, no reason given. ZaZu Gifts shutdown two stores, one in Rockford and one in Roscoe, due to the owner’s health propblems (supposedly diagnoised by a doctor as stress caused by running a mom-n-pop operation). In Douglas, after 95 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Meyers Ace Hardware shutdown due to five years of crashing sales: “I don’t sleep at night, it’s killing me. I still need a job. I am by no means getting rich on this deal.”-Dave Meyers, owner

Indiana: Ascena Retail Group shutdown its women’s clothing store Loft, at the Circle Centre Mall.

Kansas: Topeka based Payless shoe seller suddenly laid off 110 HQ employees!  Elsewhere, another 55 Payless employees were suddenly dumped.  Local news media say laid off employees were given no notice and were escorted out by security guards!  Payless representatives said the decision to suddenly dump 165 employees was made after a review of company performance.  After 52 years Tiffany Town gift store shutdown in Prairie Village, the retiring owner blamed decreased sales and increased rent and operating costs.  Derby Antique Market shutdown due to declining sales.

Maryland: In Baltimore, after 85 years Kurek’s Hardware shutdown, it’s up for sale so the owner can retire.

Massachusetts: In Brocktown, after six years Hogie’s Hobbies shutdown, but continues to run its model railroad museum.  The owner blames customers for his hobby shop shutdown saying for the month of December he had a measly $5-hundred USD in sales: “There’s a lot of people downtown, but they don’t spend their money downtown. The whole atmosphere for people actually shopping here is not here.”-Bill Hogan

Michigan:  Christian founded Habitat for Humanity shutdown two Detroit area ReStores (for lack of sales) and laid off an undisclosed amount of people, blaming it on the fact that more than 40% of the families living in Habitat for Humanity houses can’t pay their supposedly ‘affordable’ low income mortgages! (that’s right, those Habitat for Humanity houses are not free)  In Bay City, after 117 years (surviving numerous recessions and depressions) Utermalen Furniture went out-of-business, the family owners said “Sales were down”.   Benton Harbor based appliance maker Whirlpool said it will eliminate 5-hundred jobs with its Europe, Middle East and Africa dryer manufacturing operations!  In Traverse City, after 34 years Kim’s Hallmark shutdown due to jacked-up rent.

Minnesota: TCI Financial shutting down ten offices located in Cub Food grocery stores, blaming increased rent and decreased customer usage.  Bank UMB shutting down their Warrensburg office, on North Holden Street, in mid-April. Ascena Retail Group suddenly laid off 165  Maurices employees and reassigned 180 jobs, due to crashing brick-n-mortar store sales!  DICK’S Sporting Goods shutdown their Rochester store, on short notice, no reason given.  Dunham’s Discount Sports shutdown their Waite Park store with only two weeks notice, no reason given.

Missouri: Springfield based Bass Pro Shops suddenly laid off HQ employees, supposedly “less than 20″ due to ” the dramatically shifting retail landscape”.  In Saint Joseph, after 17 years Once Upon a Child hand-me-down clothing store shutting down in March.

New Hampshire: Still kickin’ but dying Radio Shack shutdown their store in Keene.  What’s left of the Radio Shack chain is now owned by Standard General LP.

New Jersey:  Ohio based Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Moorestown store, 117 jobs gone by mid-March!  Zoo Printing laying off 65 people in West Deptford, by the end of March.  Public transportation contractor Transdev eliminating 64 jobs in Union, by the end of March.  The British empire based christian Salvation Army shutdown its Newark Family Thrift store due to crashing sales.  City administrators are worried as the thrift store helped fund local social programs.

New Mexico: In Albuquerque, Hey Johnny shutdown their brick-n-mortar store, the owner blamed the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project for literally driving away potential customers from the Nob Hill area.  In the same city, Shoes on a Shoestring shutting down its store on Coors NorthWest, as soon as inventory is sold.

New York:  Ohio based Macy’s issued multiple shutdown WARNS for stores in Douglaston, Johnson City, Clay and Rochester, more than 3-hundred jobs lost by mid April!  In Brooklyn-NYC, after 29 years the Sport Prospect store shutting down in February, so the owner can retire.  In NYC, GL Bus Lines eliminating 80 jobs by April. In Queensbury, the Aviation Mall hit by the shutdown of four tenants; Zumiez, a Hallmark, Ye Olde Gift Shoppe and a Harley-Davidson themed store.  Local news media reports that since December the mall lost ten stores! At Terminal 7, JFK Airport, Aviation Safeguards shutting down their baggage handling ops, 63 jobs lost by the end of March due to contract being canceled by evil British empire British Airways.  At LaGuardia Airport Delta-Flight Center, Terminal D, Gate Aviation Services shutting down due to loss of contract with Delta, 203 jobs lost by April!  Advertising company Gordon Sinclair getting the hell outta The Empire State, at least 81 production jobs moving to Pennsylvania by April.  The evil family Clinton Foundation killing more jobs, this time 22 Global Initiative people unemployed by mid April (they laid off 74 people right after Xmas 2016).  In Buffalo, Operations of Global Spectrum shutting down due to loss of contract with Spectra at Canalside, 194 jobs gone by the end of March!  In NYC, Bit’z Wits kids store shutting down its six years old location on Greenwich by March. Despite making custom clothing for First Lady Michelle Obama, snooty Bibhu Mohapatra now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.   After 30 years Pets NYC-Metro Pets shutdown, the owner Gene King bitched about a common problem saying “In a nutshell, the rent is not affordable”, as well as jacked up costs of pet supplies and local taxes.  In Brighton, after 20 years Cinemark Movies 10 shutdown, probably in connection to the 2016 takeover of Cinemark by AMC Theaters.  In New Hartford, after more than 30 years Tracy’s Hallmark store shutting down by the end of February, the owner blamed competition and the new minimum wage hike. After 34 years The Village Toy Shop shutdown, the owner blamed crashing sales.  Also in New Hartford, after 20 yeras Joette’s Gifts announced a shutdown by the end of Summer: “Most people do not support local business and there are too many copycats.”-Joette Swisher, owner

North Carolina: Mooresville based home improvment retailer Lowes eliminating 2-thousand 4-hundred full time jobs at stores and distribution centers across the United States! Administrators blame it on “dramatic shifts that are reshaping the retail landscape”. Family Dollar shutdown its store in Old Fort, saying it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease.  Wyndam Capital Mortgage suddenly laid off 74 HQ employees, blaming “changing market conditions.”  In Morganton, Vivian’s Sewing Shop shutdown after 24 years: “I’m 68 years old and I need to go ahead and retire so I can enjoy some time with my husband before we end up taking care of each other.”-Vivian Cantor

North Dakota: New York & Company shutdown its West Acres Mall women’s clothing store, no reason given.

Ohio: Stow Sports and Promotions shutting down its brick-n-mortar store to focus on internet sales only because “The model of having store hours and purchasing a half-million-dollars worth of merchandise and second guessing what customers want has changed.”  Camping retailer Gander Mountain shutting down its Sheffield Village in February.  Despite claiming to be “in a season of growth” Gander Mountain admin apparently decided not to compete with a Cabelas store that recently opened in the area. In West Chester, Sharon’s Hallmark shutdown, local news media indicated that no reason was made public. New Albany based Abercrombie and Fitch suddenly laid off 150 HQ employees due to “the current retail environment”!  Columbus based clothing retailer The Limited now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, 250 stores up for sale, about 4-thousand jobs lost! In Worthington, after almost 23 years Wren House Gifts shutting down in February. The owner blamed lack of customers who actually buy something, jacked-up operating costs and a new landlord.  Elder Beerman shutdown its Ohio Valley Mall department store, the space will now be chopped up into smaller retail ops. Ascena Retail Group shutdown its Ann Taylor clothing store in the Summit Mall.  Maumee based general store chain The Anderson’s gave up and suddenly shutdown all remaining stores, 1-thousand-50 jobs lost!  Macy’s shutting down 68 stores and increased its previously announced layoffs to 10-thousand-1-hundred: “We continue to experience declining traffic in our stores…..we are closing locations that are unproductive……due to changes in the local retail shopping landscape.”-Terry Lundgren, ceo

Oregon:  Ohio based Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Portland store, 96 jobs gone by March. Connecticut based printing company Cenveo suddenly shutdown their Portland ops, 91 jobs lost.

Pennsylvania: California based clothing chain PacSun shutting down two stores, one in Tanger Outlets Hershey and one at Colonial Park Mall. California based Victoria’s Secret shutdown its Former Mall store. Ohio based  Bath & Body Works shutdown its Former Mall store.  Ohio based Macy’s issued multiple shutdown WARNS for stores in Bensalem and Monaca, 267 jobs gone starting in March!  In Doylestown, after almost 69 years Foster’s Toys & Party Center shutting down in February.  According to local news media, it was increased rent and increased competition that did them in.  Artfully Elegant shutdown its brick-n-mortar store to focus on internet sales only.

South Carolina: In Wellford, non-profit Hollywild Animal Park laid off the majority of paid staff and is now relying on unpaid volunteers.  Administrators blame lack of donations and warned that 5-hundred animals could be culled because they are not “releasable”.

Tennessee: Fred’s Discount Store shutting down a store in Johnson City, in March.

Texas: Dallas based fitness retailer Luke’s Locker now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. Stores across The Lone Star State were shutdown temporarily, for about one week.  Mormon Mitt Romney wunderkind Staples shutting down its store in Lubbock, as part of plans to give up on its brick-n-mortar ops and focus on the internet.  Lone Star National Bank shutting down a San Antonio office on San Pedro Avenue, supposedly due to lack of customers.

Virginia: California based clothing chain PacSun shutdown its Manassas Mall store, with less than a week’s notice.  In Fredericksburg, Sweet Caroline’s kids clothing store shutdown. Privately run nonprofit Colonial Williamsburg suddenly laid off 40 people due to lack of funding. I was there in the mid-1970s, made me feel patriotic and reminds you who the mortal enemy of the U.S. of A. is; the evil British empire!  Clothier J.Crew shutdown their Lynchburg Clearance Store, administrators admitted they were getting away from brick-n-mortar ops to focus on internet sales.

Washington:  Ohio based Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Everett store, 135 jobs gone by March!

West Virginia: In Charleston, after 60 years Sneed’s Vacuum & Sewing Service shutdown, the family owners said “Someone made us an offer out of the blue, we….decided it was a good time to retire”  In Triadelphia, Michael’s crafts store shutting down by the end of February, administrators said it wasn’t worth renewing the lease.

Wisconsin: MC Sports shutting down its ten years old Plover store as soon  as inventory is gone.  Northwestern Mutual warning of mass layoffs, said to be in the “hundreds”, even though the Too Big to Jail bank is spending $450-million USD building a new corporate HQ!  In Greendale, after only three years Ascena Retail Group shutdown its women’s clothing store Loft, at the Southridge Mall location.  In Portage, local government jerks shutdown and stole the property of 33 years old Gruber Automotive auto shop, using ’eminent domain’ as the excuse!

Wyoming: Outdoor clothing chain Sierra Trading Post laid off 40 employees at its Cheyenne ‘fulfillment center’ due to “restructuring”.

Retail/Banking/Service sector December 2016: “I AM FIGHTING….AN UNWINNABLE FIGHT.”



ObamaCare (ACA) Death Spiral, January 2017: “A STREAMLINING OF OPERATIONS.”

Dumbing Down the U.S.A., January 2017: “I’M SCARED….FOR A BAD REASON!”

U.S. Food Crisis, January 2017: “IT’S GETTING TOUGH OUT THERE.”

U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, January 2017: “I FEEL LIKE WE ARE BEING BLED.” “AND IT’S GETTING WORSE.”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification.

I found a 2010 AFL-CIO analysis (titled The Public Availability of WARN Notices: Lack of Accessibility and Disclosure…) which proves what I’ve been suspecting in my search of state WARN notices; most states are not complying with federal WARN regulations and are not publicizing or tracking mass layoffs.

Former employees who receive severance are not counted as unemployed!

Employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance: “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Obama Legacy: China kicks America’s Ass in jobs for Africa!

19 March 2017 (15:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Esfand 1395/20 Jumada t-Tania 1438/22 Gui Mao 4715

“China ranks the 7th in terms of project numbers in Africa, but it created the most jobs, which is unexpected by many people.”-Jeremy Stevens, Standard Bank Group

During the last two years of the Obama regime China has become the number one creator of jobs on the African continent, despite billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent by the evil USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and USAfriCom (United States Africa Command).

At an economic meeting last week (in Kenya) it was revealed that in the past two years China has created nearly 30-thousand jobs in Africa!  Last year the U.S. based World Bank admitted that despite propaganda from the Obama regime, 93% of Chinese companies in Kenya are hiring Africans.  (interesting that China is doing so well in Barack Obama’s paternal homeland of Kenya)

Why is China so successful and the U.S. not?  Simple, China is spending its taxpayer’s money on creating jobs while the U.S. spends money on so called disaster relief and supposedly fighting ‘terrorism’.  At this past Friday’s economic meeting in Kenya African leaders stated that job creation is all they’re looking for from foreign investments. In other words they want butter, not guns.

But lets not put all the blame on Barack Obama, last week Donald Trump quietly banned one hundred Africans from attending a economic forum here in the U.S.  To add insult to injury, the economic forum was focusing on trade with Africa!

Kenya to drop U.S. dollar for Chinese Yuan

 Trump slashes financial aid to Kenya’s health sector in budget proposals





“a streamlining of operations.” : ObamaCare (ACA) Death Spiral, January 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, January 2017:

Arizona: In Tucson, mental healthcare facility La Frontera Arizona laid off an additional 30 people, less than a month after laying off 22 employees, due to funding cuts: “They do more than just give medications and things like that. They are there for support and without that, we are not going to have anything.”-Jennifer Dobbertin, patient

California: San Francisco based digital mental health therapy op Joyable laid off 20 people as it shifts from targeting individuals with anxiety to providing employers with a service to treat their stressed out employees (is anybody going to treat the 20 people who lost their jobs with Joyable?).  Palo Alto based blood tester Theranos issued a layoff WARN, 150 jobs gone by March as part of its plan to ‘commercialize’ their MiniLab service!  Bio-tech/DNA testing company Counsyl laid off 24 sales employees, apparently no reason given.  In Newport Beach, Pacific Life Insurance issued a layoff WARN, 95 jobs gone by mid-March. In Santa Barbara after 70 years one of the last independant pharmacies, L.M. Caldwell Pharmacists, shutdown. The family owners officially retired, but implied that ObamaCare was the final straw saying that at one time there were 45 mom-n-pop pharmacies in the elitist city.  MemorialCare issued a mass layoff WARN, eliminating 422 jobs between now and the end of March at its hospitals in Long Beach, straight-up blaming ObamaCare: “Like many hospitals in California and nationwide, we are experiencing much higher costs, decreasing reimbursement and increasing numbers of government-sponsored patients.”-John Bishop, ceo

Connecticut:  Drugs maker Bristol Myers Squibb eliminating 29 jobs in Wallingford by the end of March, as part of their plan to shutdown operations by 2018.

Florida: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist owned Florida Hospital Medical Group from outsourcing 67 jobs to a cheapo contractor.  In Miami Beach, Oceanside Extended Care Center finally revealed to state employment admin that they killed 235 jobs at the end of December!  Healthcare and social assistance company Fluor Federal Solutions issued a WARN, 120 jobs in Gainesville gone by the end of February!  Florida Institute for Cardivascular Care issued a WARN, 109 jobs gone by the end of March!

Illinois: Buffalo Grove based nursing home operator PrimeSource Health Care Systems shutdown and took 179 jobs across three states with it!

Indiana: Indianapolis based drugs maker Lilly USA (Eli Lilly and Company) eliminating 485 jobs after their new Alzheimer’s drug failed!

Kansas: In Prairie Village, after 60 years Bruce Smith Drugs shutdown due to the greedy landlord.

Kentucky: In Lexington, the EMW Women’s Clinic shutdown due to the state government refusing to renew their license.

Massachusetts:  Israel based medical rehab ReWalk Robotics warned of layoffs in Marlborough because of revenue loss caused by ObamaCare’s (ACA’s) “…national insurance reimbursement policies for all eligible spinal cord injury exoskeleton users and device development for stroke victims.”  Merrimack Pharmaceuticals getting the hell outta the cancer drugs business, announcing it is selling off its drugs to a French company and eliminating 320 U.S. jobs!

Michigan: Flint based drugs pusher Diplomat Pharmacy warning of nationwide layoffs, but refuses to give details, saying ObamaCare is forcing them “…to make difficult decisions and change the way we work.” 

New York: In Long Island City, ambulance service LogistiCare Solutions issued a layoff WARN, 158 jobs gone due to losing their taxpayer funded state contract!

North Dakota:  God powerless to stop CHI Saint Alexius from killing 52 jobs in Bismark. Administrators blame ObamaCare for not reimbursing the true costs of healthcare.

Oregon: The Jackson County Health & Human Services warned of as many as 2-hundred layoffs, mainly mental healthcare workers, supposedly because of a contract dispute!  In Eugene, after 20 years Pain Consultants of Oregon shutdown “…due to staffing and financial issues.”

Pennsylvania:  Pocono Medical Center conducted yet another round of layoffs, but didn’t give numbers.  In December they laid off 60 people.  They blamed ObamaCare for creating a  “competitive health care landscape….and the ongoing trend of cases shifting from inpatient to outpatient care.”

Texas: ObamaCare forcing Memorial Hermann Health System to ‘restructure’, resulting in the elimination of 112 jobs!  God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Baylor Saint Luke’s Medical Center to kill more than 2-hundred jobs in The Lone Star State!  In Houston, the MD Anderson Cancer Center eliminating more than 1-thousand jobs, through a combination of forced retirements, voluntary buyouts and outright layoffs (80% of job cuts through layoffs)!  MD Anderson administrators blame ObamaCare for hundreds of millions of dollars in losses! Austin based bio-testing/medical device maker Luminex laid off more than 50 people as part of their take-over of a competitor in Illinois.  Mission Regional Medical Center shutdown its women’s sexual assault operations and laid off 40 people, calling it “a streamlining of operations.” 

Virginia: Drugs pusher Walgreens shutting down their Clarendon store on Wilson Boulevard by the end of February.  No reason was given, but local news media suspect jacked-up rent.

Washington: Spectrum Health finally notified state employment administrators that they shutdown 19 locations across the state, back in December!

Wisconsin: Insurance company Northwest Mutual warning of mass layoffs in the “hundreds” despite spending $450-million on its corporate HQ!  California based drugs maker McKesson Pharmaceuticals eliminating 67 LaCrosse jobs after being fined for violating the Controlled Substances Act (failing to detect and report suspicious drugs orders).  Officially the jobs are being lost due to consolidation of drugs trafficking, I mean distribution ops.



“I’m scared….for a bad reason!” : Dumbing Down the U.S.A., January 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

Incomplete list of publicly announced education related layoffs & school shutdowns, January 2017:

California: God powerless to stop the shutdown of five Christian schools in the San Francisco bay area.  The Catholic Diocese of Oakland blames it on The Rapture, I mean what I call DSS.  In Santa Barbara, after 25 years Mesa Bookstore shutdown and sold-off just a year after one local news source called it “Successfully Small”.   It’s blamed on the health problems of the owners.  Pete’s Music shutting down their 39 years old Orange County location, blaming it on jacked up rent: “They’re trying to rationalize us being a mile and a half from Disneyland as a reason to charge more rent, when we don’t get increased business from being a mile and a half from Disneyland. It’s the community that shops here, not tourists!”-Cassie Brueckner

Connecticut: Hartford warning of as many as 2-hundred teacher layoffs based on the proposed education budget for next school year!

Florida:  In Cape Coral, the Smallville Preschool shutdown without warning, the operators blame a sudden increase in rent.  The operators said in-order to pay the rent increase tuition would have to be jacked by 65%!

Georgia: After 20 years Atlanta Gymnastics Center suddenly shutdown its Decatur operations “effective immediately.”  It’s actually the fault of City Schools of Decatur which took over the property and kicked out the gymnastics school!

Illinois: Glenview Public Library laid off ten people because the local taxpayers could not afford another local property tax hike.   Black Hawk College began eliminating dozens of jobs due to state government bullshit: “The biggest factor for us right now regarding budget cuts has been the State of Illinois and the lack of funding for higher education over the past two years. …..we are still about $8-million short of what we had budgeted from the State of Illinois.”-Betty Truitt, college president

Maryland: Allegany College shutting down its Somerset County campus due to what I call DSS. Administrators warned of “…enrollment and revenue losses that are expected to continue.”  Baltimore Public Schools warning that proposed city budget cuts will result in more than 1-thousand school employees becoming unemployed!  The city is short $129-million USD and blames the state government for not increasing education funding: “The bottom-line problem is that state aid to the city school system has been flat for nine years…”-Be Be Verdery,  American Civil Liberties Union.

Massachusetts: After 20 years Willow Books in Acton shutdown, the owner said he wanted to retire but also stated “The world is different than it was 20 years ago and I wouldn’t say the internet was the only reason, but it was a factor….”  Harvard University announced plans to outsource half the jobs with its $36-billion endowment fund.  Harvard Management Company will stop managing its internal hedge funds and will spin-off its real estate funds as an independent company. The move will eliminate about 115 jobs because “The investment landscape has evolved significantly, requiring us to adapt…..”

Michigan: In White Lake, Brooks Elementary shutting down by the end of the school year due to DSS: “A number of years of declining enrollment due to low birth rates and low state funding have combined to create an extremely challenging financial forecast.”-Nancy Coratti, interim Huron Valley Schools superintendent

Missouri: Saint Louis University warned of massive layoffs due to what I call DSS, skyrocketing operating costs and a budget deficit of at least $16-million!

New Jersey: Bayonne Public School eliminated 22 jobs and warned of more job cuts in an attempt to reduce yearly operating costs by at least $315-thousand.   Atlantic Cape Community College began eliminating jobs within its Culinary Arts department due to the massive shutdowns of Atlantic City casinos (like the one Donald Trump co-owned).

New York: NYC shutting down six of its ‘Renewal’ schools by the end of the school year, three in Brooklyn and three in Bronx. Local news media also report that about 61% of the Renewal teachers have quit, or will quit by the end of the school year!  A loyal Renewal Schools teacher revealed to local news media a conspiracy to contract out the Renewal system: “Instead of getting extra resources, we lost half of our classrooms to a charter school co-location. We lost the most valuable teachers that we have in the building that have bilingual licenses. We haven’t had an assistant principal for a year.”-Jim Donohue, English teacher

Tennessee: After 32 years Booksellers forced to shutdown their Laurelwood location, 50 jobs lost despite the efforts of the owner to increase business: “When I stepped in 6 years ago to save this 32-year-old store, we had high hopes of getting things turned around and going forward. Unfortunately, the store size and rent are too much for us to handle combined with slight decline in sales over the last few years. The numbers just don’t work.”-Neil Van Uum

Texas: Vantage College shutdown its two El Paso campuses without warning!  Administrators say the U.S. Department of Education froze all federal taxpayer funding as part of Barack Obama’s executive order investigating student loan debt.  One student exclaimed to local TV station KVIA “I’m scared. I was supposed to be in debt for a good reason but now it’s for a bad reason!”

Virginia: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Fredericksburg Christian School from shutting down its Stafford campus.  Administrators admitted that enrollment hasn’t lived up to expectations, so they’re consolidating campuses.

Washington: University Book Store shutting down its 30 years old Bellevue location because they realized they can make more money renting out the space to somebody else: “…our operations, will be better served by leasing the space that our store currently occupies to another retail tenant.”-Louise Little, ceo

West Virginia: Just weeks after Boone County Schools warned of 45 layoffs they warned that the number of people losing their jobs will go up, and this is after 40 people voluntarily resigned last year!  It’s blamed on a budget deficit of at least $3-million.

Dumbing Down December 2016: “THIS IS A BOMB DROPPED ON US!” “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”


“I feel like we are being bled.” “And it’s getting worse.” : U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, January 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in January 2017:

Internet publisher Medium laid off 50 employees.  CEO Evan Williams (a Twitter co-founder) stated “Upon further reflection, it’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet. It simply doesn’t serve people. In fact, it’s not designed to. The vast majority of articles, videos, and other ‘content’ we all consume on a daily basis is paid for — directly or indirectly — by corporations who are funding it in order to advance their goals. And it is measured, amplified, and rewarded based on its ability to do that. Period. As a result, we get …well, what we get. And it’s getting worse.”

Arkansas: Little Rock based communications company Windstream Holdings suddenly laid off 164 people! In November of last year the company merged with competitor EarthLink, but company administrators swear the sudden layoffs have nothing to do with that.

California: In Rancho Cordova, Verizon laid off 1-thousand 70 people, with only two weeks notice to the state Employment Development Department!  Verizon also eliminating 70 jobs in San Jose, by the end of March.  Verizon also laid off 55 Go90 employees as part of its plan to “consolidate offices in Los Angeles, San Jose and New York.”  Mobile game developer Glu Mobile issued a layoff WARN for Long Beach, 70 jobs lost in March.  The owner of anime streamer Crunchyroll, Ellation, laid off 17 engineers apparently because they have too many, despite claiming to be expanding their engineering ops.    In San Jose, Cisco Systems laid off 25 people without warning.  Semiconductor maker Atmel issued a layoff WARN for its San Jose ops.  Also in San Jose, AOL eliminating 80 jobs by the end of March.  France based drone (they used to be called RC aircraft before The War on Terror) maker Parrot warning of massive layoffs (at least 290), Parrot supposedly has operations in San Francisco. In San Francisco, software company DoubleDutch laid off 57 people without warning.   San Francisco based digital (online) mental health therapy op Joyable laid off 20 people as it shifts from targeting individuals with anxiety to providing employers with a service to treat their stressed out employees (is anybody going to treat the 20 people who lost their jobs with Joyable?).  San Francisco based Fitbit eliminating up to 160 jobs in an effort to reduce costs by $200-million USD! Japan based e-commerce company Rakuten issued a shutdown WARN, 73 people in Aliso Viejo jobless in March. iHeartMedia issued a shutdown WARN for their Aliso Viejo ops, 72 jobs gone by April.   Med-Tech company Theranos eliminating 150 jobs by March! Santa Monica based GSN Games laid off an additional 20 people in their ongoing restructuring (layoffs made six months before as well).   In Oakland, Pandora laid off 91 people without warning and despite getting 375-thousand new subscribers. Pandora admin claim that even with the big jump in customers the online music business is so competitive they’re having trouble making profits.   Solar power company Sungevity eliminating 66 jobs in Oakland by March. Cloud company Crownpeak issued a shutdown WARN for their operations in Los Angeles. In Santa Clara, Intel eliminating 54 jobs by the end of February.  Avaya is now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to massive debts.  Also in Santa Clara, Oracle America issued a mass layoff WARN, 441 jobs gone by mid-March! Google eliminating 94 Mountain View jobs by March.  NBCUniversal warning of layoffs for its Esquire Network, apparently due to Esquire Network being switched to digital only format.  In San Diego, XETV-Bay City Television-CW6 eliminating 127 by the end of March!

Iowa: HGS (Hindjua Global Solutions) shutdown its 25 years old call center, killing 125 jobs! 

Kansas: Verizon shutdown its store in Atchison due to lack of sales.

Kentucky: Lexington based printer maker Lexmark eliminated 320 jobs “to reduce our costs to be more in line with our revenues”!

Massachusetts: Israel based medical rehab ReWalk Robotics warned of layoffs in Marlborough because of revenue loss caused by ObamaCare’s (ACA’s) “…national insurance reimbursement policies for all eligible spinal cord injury exoskeleton users and device development for stroke victims.”

Michigan: In Detroit, Android Robotics Glue laid off 120 people who were recently hired! It’s blamed on the cut-backs in the automotive industry.

New Jersey: France based driverless vehicle developer Transdev will kill 64 jobs in Union, by March. Comcast Cable issued a WARN for its West Deptford ops, 88 jobs gone by June.    Internet based printer Zoo Printing eliminating 65 West Deptford jobs due to being shutdown.  Virginia based news media giant Gannett killed an additional 130 jobs at The Record, just two months after killing 141 jobs!  It’s the result of Gannett’s massive takeover of smaller news operations back in Summer 2016.

New York: General Electric (GE) issued a shutdown WARN for their Industrial Automation Systems Department in Albany, 75 jobs lost between March and May.  GE also shutting down its Current Powered Storage Unit in Schenectady, 41 jobs gone by mid-April. Local news media also reported that GE laid off an undisclosed number of people at its Niskayuna Global Research Center. VaynerMedia suddenly laid off about 30 NYC employees, apparently in connection with its takeover of pro-female sexist digital media company PureWow.  Instant messenger service VSCO shutdown its NYC office as it consolidates ops to California.  In NYC, now bankrupt internet based auctioneer Paddle8 issued a layoff WARN, 24 people out-of-work by March.  Knowledge Systems issued a layoff WARN for their Syracuse call center, 60 jobs lost by mid-April due an increase in people refusing to take part in phone surveys.  In Brooklyn-NYC, US Mobile Phones issued a shutdown WARN, as many as 121 jobs affected as the company moves its distribution ops to New Jersey!  Optoelectronic company Meopta issued a shutdown WARN for their Hauppauge ops, 42 jobs moving to Florida by mid-April.  NYC based Wall Street Journal warning of massive layoffs at its European and Asian ops, due to crashing advertising revenues.  New York Times warned employees of yet more layoffs because “The world is changing really rapidly”.  In Utica, Alorica eliminated 2-hundred call center jobs as part of its plan to consolidate ops!

North Carolina: Info-Tech company Pomeroy shutting down its Charlotte ops, 85 jobs lost by June due to the merger with Tolt creating “redundancies”.  California based Facebook forced its now former security contractor SIS to layoff 96 people in Forest City.  Facebook is now using the evil British empire founded torture specialists G4S! Ohio based Ameridial lost their Spindale call center contract, 160 jobs gone by March!  Cloud based ‘document outsourcer’ Novitex suddenly lost its contract and will eliminate 51 jobs in Charlotte.

Oregon: California based Facebook forced its now former security contractor SIS to layoff 85 people in Prineville.  Facebook is now using the evil British empire founded torture specialists G4S!

Pennsylvania: Technicolor Home Entertainment eliminating 96 jobs in Olyphant, by March.  Philadelphia Magazine suddenly shutdown a supposedly popular section on their website and laid off employees saying they’re “ceasing publication of new material on Birds 24/7, effective today” and blaming too much “competition and now there is a glut of coverage.”

Texas: Grapevine based GameStop shutdown all 50 brick-n-mortar Simply Mac stores! GameStop-Simply Mac store managers gave a variety of reasons to local news media, from corporate restructuring to crashing revenues to even blaming Apple for canceling the contract with GameStop.  Apple denied the last explanation.  CompuCom turns out to be a liar as it issued a WARN saying 144 Texans will soon become unemployed!  A month prior CompuCom revealed it was moving its Dallas HQ to South Carolina, but promised the move would not affect its jobs count in Texas!  Austin based on-demand delivery service Favor killed service in five U.S. states, and Canada, and is focusing on The Lone Star State only! Favor CEO Jag Bath said it was all about “profitability while still maintaining an impressive rate of growth” (Bath must’ve gone to the Orwellian school of public relations because drastically cutting back on service is not an impressive growth rate, unless the growth rate is all on paper and about profits only). Austin based National Instruments warning that it must cut back on labor costs after crashing earnings due mainly to the strong USD reducing international sales.  San Antonio based Mission Solar conducted more layoffs due to “current market conditions.”  They didn’t say how many people were laid off, but four months ago they laid off 87 workers.

Utah: Endurance International Group eliminating 440 Bluehost jobs as it shuts down its operations in Orem! Bluehost ops are being consolidated to Arizona.

Virginia: Internet based Relay Foods shutting down two distribution centers due to merger with a competitor. Local news media were only able to confirm that more than 48 people will lose their jobs.  McLean

Washington:  Redmond based Microsoft suddenly laid off 7-hundred people as part of their plan to kill more than 2-thousand jobs by the end of the year!  Redwood City based digital advertising company Rocket Fuel warned it must layoff 93 of its employees as part of its plan to shift to ‘the cloud’. Bellevue based digital advertising company AudienceScience warned it must eliminate 25% of its jobs to “…reflect our increasing shift towards better serving the agency side of the advertising business”.  Mobile game developer Glu Mobile issued a layoff WARN for Bellevue, 58 jobs lost in March.  Also in Bellevue, Voicebox suddenly laid off 115 people!  Seattle based environmental website Grist laid off 90% of its full-time writers, shifting to cheaper freelance writers. Local news media reporting that Seattle Times eliminated 23 jobs. Sinclair Broadcasting Group (SBG) suddenly laid off ten KOMO newsroom employees, despite advertising that they’re hiring.   SBG admin would only say that they needed to restructure, a unnamed KOMO employee told local news media “I feel like we are being bled.”

Washington DC: 21st Century Fox owned National Geographic conducting more layoffs due to an “evolving media environment”.

Tech/Communications shutdown December 2016: “…IS GRINCH MAKING THESE DECISIONS OR HUMAN BEINGS…?”

Facebook joins forces with evil ‘christian’ inquisition machine G4S!

05 March 2017 (15:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Esfand 1395/06 Jumada t-Tania 1438/08 Gui Mao 4715

A G4S advertisement posted in Mexico says Facebook will let you know if the government is watching you, but who is watching Facebook-G4S?

In January 2017 Facebook suddenly switched to a new data collection contractor for all its data centers around the United States; evil G4S Security Solutions (aka Rent-A-Thug, aka Shadow CIA).

BlindBatNews has well documented how evil the so called christian founded and run G4S really is, from providing lax security at U.S. nuclear power plants to running covert prison torture operations at locations around the world!

The Canary: G4S lobbied the BBC to drop a damning documentary and it worked

The Electronic Intifada: Fourth UN agency in Jordan dumps G4S

MintPressNews: Shadowy Global Security Firm G4S Guarding Dakota Pipeline As Protesters Attacked By Dogs

Fox News: Former G4S employee “…complained to his superiors several times about Mateen [aka Orlando Shooter] but they refused to take action because….. Mateen was Muslim.”

Luxemburger Wort: “…heavily armed men attacked the headquarters of the security company G4S in Gasperich.”





“It’s getting tough out there.” : U.S. Food Crisis, January 2017

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of January, 2017: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, spread of disease and extreme weather.

Alabama: In Huntsville, after 15 years Little Paul’s BBQ shutdown.

California: Real Mex Restaurants suddenly shutdown 14 Chevys Fresh Mex eateries for lack of profits, news media reported that not one employee was notified, each restaurant averaged 40 employees!   Dole shutting down their packaged foods ops in Stockton, according to the employee’s union 30 jobs lost due to crashing sales.  For-profit food delivery service Munchery laid off 30 people in San Francisco, after being accused of wasting food.  In Los Angeles, after 80 years Gill’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream forced to shutdown by the impatient/greedy owners of the Original Farmers Market.  Also in San Francisco, decades old restaurants Kuletto’s, Sushi Boat and Lori’s Diner all shutdown by the new owners of Union Square.  In Oakland, after six years restaurant Hawker Fair shutting down because the property was sold to an ‘investment group’.  Leftist Michael Moore promoted Alvarado Street Bakery eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs across The Golden State due to “a very competitive market.”  Moran Foods shutting down their Los Angeles ops, 35 jobs gone by February.  Morton Salt shutting down their Newark ops, 70 jobs gone by April. TGI Fridays shutting down a restaurant in Yorba Linda, 42 jobs gone by March.  CKE shutting down a restaurant in Carpenteria, 25 jobs lost by March.  In Walnut Creek, after 39 years Crogan’s Sports Bar & Grill shutdown due to a conspiracy by local police and city administrators: “…the city has made in clear that they have very specific ideas in mind for what Walnut Creek should be and Crogan’s no longer fits into their narrative. Ultimately, we have been forced to closed our doors.”

Colorado:  Idaho based but evil Cerberus owned Albertsons shutdown one of their Grand Junction grocery stores and is renaming another store Safeway.  It’s all part of the evil plot started in 2015: ALBERTSONS-SAFEWAY MAKES “BILLIONS IN PROFITS” YET PAYS EMPLOYEES WELFARE WAGES!







Arkansas based Walmart shutting down one of their stand alone grocery operations in Denver, known as Walmart Neighborhood Market, 95 jobs lost by the end of March.  New Jersey based Pinnacle Foods shutting down a Boulder Brands food factory and eliminating as many as 73 jobs by March.  Production is being moved to Arkansas.  In Louisville, after 98 years the Blue Parrot restaurant shutdown, the owner for the past 47 years said “I’m tired of cooking and washing dishes.”

Connecticut: Liquid Lunch shutdown their Milford location after ten years of soups and sandwiches.

Florida: In Gainesville 40 years old Burrito Brothers Taco joint shutdown, the family owners blame crashing sales on a massive  construction project. They even tried raising money on social media to save the eatery, but got barely a fraction of what was needed.  In Orlando, after ten years the Citrus restaurant shutdown by the new owners who claim they’ll open a different restaurant.

Georgia: After about four years Buca di Beppo shutdown their Augusta Mall restaurant, no reason given, some employees got short notice.

Hawaii:  Once again GGP strikes again, this time Nitrogenie ice cream shop in the Ala Mona Center being forced to shutdown after less than a year!  After more than 15 years Pinky’s Pupu Bar & Grill suddenly shutdown after a wave of negative Facebook comments about the food being too expensive for it’s lack of quality.

Illinois: Frozen food maker Luvo issued a shutdown WARN for their Schaumberg ops, 59 jobs lost by the end of February.  In Chicago, Goose Island Beer Company laid off 51 people under the guise of remodeling their restaurant.  In Bedford Park, food service contractor Aramark laid off 65 people after suddenly losing their contract.  Arkansas based Walmart shutdown its Presidential Towers Walmart Neighborhood Market. Now called a “farm to fork fiasco” Geneseo based Alexander King Farm now chapter 12 bankrupt busted after failing to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of beef and pork to customers who already paid!  A leaked internal email revealed that Texas based Whole Foods is shutting down their store in Evanston, by mid-March: “We are nearing the end of our lease term and we have decided that the investment required to remain in this location does not warrant the continuation of our business.”-leaked internal email

Indiana: In Huntingburg, Cool Beans Cafe-Milk Parlor shutdown after four years, it’s now for sale.  Marsh Hometown Market shutting down at least one grocery store in Indianapolis saying they can’t afford to  renew the lease.  Local news media revealed the grocery store chain is in trouble financially having missed rent payments and failing to pay suppliers.  Bourbon Street Distillery shutdown after 15 years of booze and food making, it’s up for sale.  Restaurant Dandy Inn shutdown after 40 years of Irish bia.

Iowa: SpartanNash shutting down their Wholesale Food Outlet store in Muscatine, in February, due to not being able to find a buyer before the lease expired.  After 31 years restaurant Marion Maid Rite shutdown.

Kansas: Wichita based franchise operator Capital Pizza Huts now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, no word on any restaurant shutdowns, apparently the restaurant operator employs thousands of people across several states.  In Wichita, after 35 years Charlie’s Famous Burgers suddenly shutdown, local news media reported that the popular eatery was put up for sale a few months ago.

Kentucky: In Newport, the owner of EI8HT BALL Brewing shutting it down so he can focus on distilling bourbon instead.  In  Louisville, Hillbilly Tea restaurant shutdown not even a year after its grand re-opening, supposedly the owners are now focusing on restaurant supply. In Lexington, JDI Grille & Tavern shutdown without warning as a result of an ongoing lawsuit between the family owners!

Maine: Horton Specialty Foods shutdown their 18 years old Public Market House location, apparently because of the new owners of the Market.

Maryland:  Dave White’s Pittsville Dinette shutdown, the owners told the public “It isn’t fun anymore.”

Michigan:  Battle Creek based Kellogg eliminating 250 mainly corporate level jobs, as part of its ongoing Project K job killing operations, I mean Project K restructuring! 

Minnesota: In Saint Cloud, Gold n Plump poultry processor being forced to layoff 30 corporate level employees by its new Colorado based owner Pilgrim’s Pride.

Missouri: More than one thousand jobs lost as Earth City based grocer Save-A-Lot shutting down all operations in California and Nevada, starting in February: “After rigorous review and analysis, Save-A-Lot has announced the company’s decision to exit the California and Nevada markets. This decision will impact 13 corporate locations, a retailer-owned store and our Rancho Distribution Center.”  

In Saint Louis, Atlas Restaurant shutting down in February due to jacked-up rent.  In Kansas City, Apple Market shutdown their Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard grocery store, local news media say no reason was given but discovered several health code violations.  And after 30 years upscale Houston’s restaurant at the Country Club Plaza shutdown due to the California owners not liking the demands of the property owner: “Despite good faith efforts on both sides, an agreement to extend our tenancy at the Plaza could not be reached with the Lessor. Details surrounding infrastructure improvements that sought to temporarily close the restaurant proved to be insurmountable.”

Montana:  In Missoula, after 45 years Tower Pizza shutting down by the end of Spring, the long time owners didn’t say why but promised a big pizza party on the last day of business.   

New Hampshire: In Concord, after 15 years Chandler’s Cake & Candy Supplies shutdown because of jacked up operating costs, and it’s also too expensive to move the business: “We didn’t think we’d close this way, but I couldn’t justify paying that much more.”-Sue Chandler

New Jersey: ACME Market shutdown their Burlington grocery store due to “under-performance”.  Local news media say it’s the second grocer in-town to shutdown in the past 12 months.  General Mills began eliminating 338 jobs at its Progresso Soup factory in Vineland!  The factory is being shutdown.   Atlantic Cape Community College began eliminating jobs within its Culinary Arts department due to the massive shutdowns of Atlantic City casinos (like the one Donald Trump co-owned).

New York: Uno Pizzeria & Grill shutdown their Destiny USA location without warning, no reason given.  Grocery chain Price Chopper suddenly shutdown their store in Menands claiming it’s too small to compete.   British empire’s Australia based Gloria Jean’s Coffees shutdown their Staten Island location.  The Gloria Jean’s corporation blamed it on the franchise owner for not renewing the lease.  In Scarsdale, the 1-hundred years old owner of the 50 years old Candy n Cards shut it down.  In Nyack, 30 years old ‘health food’ store Sweatpea’s Market shutting down by the end of February. In Manhatten-NYC, after 25 years restaurant China Fun shutdown by city regulations: “The state and municipal governments, with their punishing rules and regulations, seems to believe that we should be their cash machine to pay for all that ails us in society.”-note found taped to restaurant door

In NYC, restaurant Annisa shutting down after 17 years due to jacked-up property taxes.  The owner says her property tax has been jacked-up by a sinful $80-thousand USD: “I always wanted to have a restaurant that takes care of its employees…..But I can’t do that anymore.”-Anita Lo

North Carolina: After six years Tribeca Tavern shutdown their Falls of Neuse Road location.  Arkansas based Walmart shutting down a Charlotte Walmart Neighborhood Market, 95 jobs gone by March.

Ohio: The Columbus Fish Market shutdown its Crosswoods location, local news media reported that the Texas based corporate owner refused to explain why.  Jolly Pirate Donuts shutdown their Grove City location, news media reported that it’s the second Jolly Pirate Donuts to shutdown in The Buckeye State.  Cookery seller Williams-Sonoma shutdown their ten years old Columbiana store.  Giant Eagle shutting down three grocery stores by March.

Oklahoma: After more than four decades iconic Route 66 BJ’s Pit Stop shutdown due to big box chain stores hustling in.

Oregon: Zupan’s Markets shutdown its 20 years old Belmont District grocery store.

Pennsylvania:  In York, after five years upscale Park Street Pantry shutting down by the end of February due to the owners having full time jobs elsewhere.  Discover Teas shutting down their location in the Village Shops at Kingsmill, as part of plan to consolidate stores.  Weis Markets shutting down their decades old Williamsport grocery store on West Third Street, saying it’s too small to properly upgrade, 50 jobs affected.  In Macungie, after 65 years Willows Family Restaurant suddenly shutdown by the new owners who have “other plans for it.” In Scranton, after 43 years Heil’s Bar shutdown.  After 34 years Verona Village Inn restaurant shutdown because “We have lost our lease for available parking and will not be able to operate as a viable restaurant.”

Rhode Island: Doherty’s Lakeside Ale House-Tiogue Tavern suddenly shutdown despite an extensive remodel last year. The owner, depressed after waiting for business to pick up, said “… the tax man and the banks wait for no one.” 

Texas: In El Paso, after 55 years Charcoaler Drive-In shutdown, the owner admitted he wanted to shut it down since last year “for personal reasons.”   In Schulenburg, after 88 years Frank’s Restaurant to shutdown in Autumn, the property was sold to a developer.  In Austin, after 60 years El Gallo shutdown due to jacked-up property taxes.  Local news media checked and discovered that in 2015 the property tax was $16-thousand-337 USD but then jumped to $28-thousand-877 in 2016!  Dallas based Chili’s laid off 80 corporate and regional employees and warned of more layoffs as part of their new restructuring plan.  Without warning the owners of Rick and Carolyn’s Burgers and Fries shutdown one of their three restaurants in Abilene.  Local news media say no reason was given.  In Dallas, exotic beer seller Bottle Shop shutdown after six years due to unrealistic city parking projects: “Greenville is not the same street as it was when we opened. …..the parking isn’t really conducive for retail business, i.e: You can’t just park, run in and get a growler filled or grab a six pack and get outta there without having to valet park or walk half a mile.”-Stephanie Roethlisberger, now former general manager

Virginia: Buffalo Wild Wings shutting down its 20 years old Charlottesville location.  Company administrators say they can’t afford the new lease, but claim they’ll open a new joint as soon as they can find an affordable location.  In Richmond, Dog & Pig Show eatery shutting down in February, the owners promised their customers they would return with a new food joint.  Less than eight months after opening in Ashburn, Texas owned Hail & Hog Kitchen and Tap now chapter 11 bankrupt busted!  In Roanoke, after ten years pub Annie Moore’s shutdown, the owners claim they’re moving to a new location.  Internet based Relay Foods shutting down two distribution centers due to merger with a competitor. Local news media were only able to confirm that more than 48 people will lose their jobs.

Washington: Idaho based but evil Cerberus owned Albertsons shutting down a grocery store in Richland, and two stores in Spokane, by the end of February supposedly because of crashing sales.  In Liberty Lake, after only a year Bellacrosta Bakery and Fine Foods shutdown, the owners saying they’re “on hiatus to regroup”.  In White Center, after eight years Big Al Brewery shutdown. The owner,  Alejandro Brown (who quit his regular job to start the brewery), complained about skyrocketing competition by revealing a 35% crash in sales, saying “It’s getting tough out there.”  Local news media report that the city of Seattle, alone, has as many as 40 craft breweries!

Washington DC: Hawk n Dove bar chapter 11 bankrupt busted for failing to pay taxes.

West Virginia: In Brushfork, a small Save-A-Lot grocery store shutdown, 11 jobs lost with no reason given.  Local news revealed the property lease with Save-A-Lot is still valid.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis, December 2016: “…SALES HAVE BEEN DOWN 50% THE PAST FOUR YEARS…”

Obama Legacy: U.S. Apparel industry Death-Spiral “I have no clue. It just doesn’t seem to be working…”

27 February 2017 (03:57 UTC-07 Tango 06) 09 Esfand 1395/30 Jumada l-Ula 1438/02 Ren Yin (2nd month) 4715

J.C. Penney’s announcement of massive job culling for the first quarter of 2017 is directly blamed on the ongoing clothing industry death-spiral; J.C. Penney (also spelled JCPenney) administrators directly blame crashing clothing sales, especially female clothing, for their impending demise.

But don’t blame Donald Trump, this apparel industry death-spiral began under Barack Obama.  BlindBatNews has been reporting on the apparel industry destruction since 2011, starting with the painfully slow-death-spiral of Sears-Kmart (their main product being clothing).  On 23 February, Sears Holdings announced it will cull another 130 jobs from its HQ in Illinois!  In January, Sears Holdings announced dozens more store shutdowns for the 1st quarter of 2017.

In 2012, Idaho based Coldwater Creek revealed it was going down the drain.  By 2014 Coldwater Creek went bankrupt busted and ceased to exist, shutting down all stores and killing at least 6-thousand jobs!

Also in 2012, female clothing retailer Christopher & Banks began shutting down stores.  American Eagle Outfitters also started store shutdowns.

The following are not complete (incomplete) lists of apparel industry deaths from the last years of the Obama regime.

2013:  Arkansas based Mormon owned Dillard’s shutdown two stores in Utah.

In Texas, Dillards shutdown their Plano store, 101 jobs lost as part of Dillard’s “strategic store closures”!  Texarkana’s Twice as Nice Fashions shutdown after 41 years in business.

In Michigan, Old Navy shutdown their Benton Harbor store, Second Chance Clothing closed after 30 years of business, and Detroit’s 96 years old Serman’s Clothes Shop shutdown.

In Ohio, Old Navy and Charlotte Russe clothing stores shutdown in Springfield. Linens-n-More closed in Niles, company officials did not say why. Superior Fibers closed their factory in Fairfield County, 1-hundred U.S. employees out-o-work as the jobs are shipped to Mexico!

Fruit of the Loom owned Russel Athletic shutdown two factories in Alabama, killing at least 381 jobs!

In Kansas, After 70 years in business, Fair’s Shoes in Wichita closed.  Payless Shoes HQ in Topeka laid off 45 people and they will not fill 97 vacant positions. New owners of Payless say the job cuts are an effort to keep the company operating.  Corporate owners say sales weren’t good enough.

Missouri based bankrupt Bakers Footwear failed to save the rest of its stores by selling them off.  The result is all remaining stores closed.  In 2012, the inventory of 151 Bakers stores was sold off.  The company started selling women’s shoes in 1924.

Macy’s-Bloomingdales shuts down six stores, at least 550 jobs lost! News media in Minnesota revealed that the Saint Paul Macy’s store that shutdown cost city taxpayers $6.3-million USD, that’s how much of a tax subsidy city leaders gave the store back in 2001! After 21 years in business a Minneapolis, Minnesota, Neiman Marcus shutdown and Target laid off 150 people at its Twin Cities HQ, blaming consumer “behavior”!  Archer Uniform store in Minnesota shut down, also California based celebrity bridal gown designer Monique Lhuillier closed her shop in Edina.  The owner blames the Mayo Clinic Health System for changing to color coded uniforms.

 Eddie Bauer shutdown at least three stores.

In New York, H&M shutdown two stores, C.J. Banks shutdown their Victor store, American Eagle closed a store in DeWitt, and Juicy Couture laid off 61 employees after the company was sold off.   After 72 years Rudnick’s Uniforms & Clothing service shutdown in Schenectady.  The owners blamed low sales, increasing taxes and the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority: “….I’m not going to fight this city anymore. Metroplex hasn’t given me anything, and I’m not subservient to them!”-Linda Tolokonsky, co-owner

A major glove maker for the U.S. military laid off at least 85 people in Mississippi.  Officials with Ansell Hawkeye say they’ve fulfilled their last government contract.

The GAP clothing business shutdown two distribution centers in Kentucky, 350 jobs lost as Fruit of the Loom laid off an undisclosed number of employees.!

In California, GAP and GAP Kids stores in Sacramento shutdown, GAP Kids in Santa Rosa shutdown.  Santa Barbara Outfitters closed after ten years of operations, In Stockton decades old La Maison women’s clothing store shutdown, and Wet Seal laid off 35 people at their Foothills Ranch HQ. In Los Angeles, Pull My Daisy clothing store closed down, in Carmel Valley the 30 years old City Kids-Beach Kids closed down by the landlord who refused to renew the lease, in Walnut Creek Liliana Castelllanos clothing boutique shutdown, and in Vernon 189 people lost their jobs with Trinity Sports “full package” clothing maker! The Footlocker in Lakewood Mall out-o-business, local news media tried calling the corporate office but got no response.

Renton Western Wear stores in Tacoma and Renton, Washington, closed down after 62 years of operations, and The Blackbird retail store shutdown, the owner says she will focus on wholesale only.

Clothing store Chocolate Peacock shutdown in Omaha, Nebraska, and in Lincoln Murray’s for Men of Stature and Kent’s Mens Shoes shutdown.

In Illinois, the Erday’s men’s clothing store out-o-business after almost 88 years of operations. Children’s clothing store, Little Colony Kids, out-o-business after 57 years in Homewood. GAP shutdown their store in Winnetka, women’s clothing store Deena’s out-o-business and The Competitive Foot closed in LaGrange.

Abercrombie and Fitch revealed a plan to shutdown 180 stores!

In Connecticut, Bodytalk women’s clothing store in Westport shutdown, after 46 years Gil’s Shoe Barn shutdown, a Talbots clothing store shutdown, Cargo Bay shutdown their Fairfield store, children’s clothing maker Carter’s closed its Shelton office, and clothing maker Warnaco shutdown its Milford factory putting 208 people out-o-work!

In Pennsylvania, clothing stores Shambala, GAP, GAP Kids, C.J. Banks shutsdown. Flair Fashions in York shutdown: “It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I don’t know if it’s the spot we’re in. I have no clue. It just doesn’t seem to be working for us down here.”-Andrea Giuffrida, owner

Also in Pennsylvania, Yankee Shoe Repair factory shut down after 92 years of operations. The owner blamed a multitude of things: “Without sufficient skilled staff, and considering current footwear buying trends, coupled with economic conditions, the long term stability of the business was in jeopardy…Given the materials used in footwear today, 95% of the shoes people buy can’t be repaired.”-Larry Coco

In North Carolina, clothing maker Mortex shutdown its Princeton factory, more than 1-hundred people laid off!  Mortex makes clothes for several big name brands. In Winston-Salem, 70 years old Community Shoe Store shutdown, the owner’s children did not want to take over the business and they could not find buyers.

In Maryland, On Cloud 9 clothing store closed up, and Famous Footwear closed down their Riva store. In Hagerstown, women’s clothing store Lena’s closed.  The store’s manager/investor said the economy is dead: “The economic situation in Hagerstown and Washington County is, I mean I know others may say other things, but to me it is pretty devastated!”-Lori Ruda

In Massachusetts, after 75 years of operations the sewing and knitting store Windsor Button Shop is now out-o-business, and in Wesseley, 84 years old upscale women’s clothing Triangle Shop closed. The greedy property owner suddenly canceled the lease, no warning.

In Florida, after 1-hundred years J.C. Harris men’s clothing store closed due to the bad economy.  Body Central women’s clothing store shutdown their Jacksonville Landing location. Company owners said that location just “didn’t fit the model”.

In Idaho, the Ann Taylor women’s clothing store in the GGP owned Boise Towne Square mall shutdown, 14 jobs gone for good. The independent owner of a Pella women’s clothing store out-o-business in Buckhead, Georgia, and in Macon Bowen Brothers men’s clothing store shutdown after 31 years. The owner said the bad economy was more than her 37 years old business could handle: “The economy is not the same….Independents are struggling.”

In Hawaii a 54 years old shoe store, The Slipper House, closed down.  The owners were forced to close by mall company GGP (General Growth Properties), which is the same company that shut down the biggest Sears store in the Aloha state.

In Colorado, Prickly Pear women’s clothing store in Monument shutdown. After 19 years in business Traz Snow and Skate Shop (which sells related clothing items) shutdown.  The owner say sales at the Grand Junction business just don’t cut it anymore: “Merchandise that used to be exclusive to this type of industry is now everywhere and people have just kind of forgotten about us. We just can’t generate enough income to stay in business anymore.”-Tom Levalley

In Arkansas, 23 years old Brown & Hawkins closed down, the family owners tried to sell the clothing store but nobody was interested.

In Louisiana, the 70 years old Keene’s Shoe Store shutdown due to the rent being jacked up. The Wa-Zoo women’s clothing gave up on brick & mortar stores, switching to internet sales only.

In Wisconsin, clothing store Scott Joseph Menswear shutdown after only eight years. It was the only men’s clothing store in La Crosse. The pissed off owner blames the bad economy: “It was a tough decision, but I just can’t get ahead. I thought the economy would come around.”-Scott Koenen

2014: Juicy Couture is dead, or is it?  This women’s clothing retailer got a new owner last year, but apparently the sale doesn’t include the brick-n-mortar stores, just the right to the brand!  Unnamed employees told fashion news sources that all U.S. brick-n-mortar stores will be shutdown, thousands of jobs affected!  Reports say the new owner, Authentic Brands Group, is working deals to sell the Juicy Couture brand through other retailers such as Kohl’s.

An east coast female clothing store now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. Love Culture owes its landlords tens of millions of dollars in back rent!  Their website still says they are growing and expanding their business!  Company officials stated that the bankruptcy will allow them to shutdown many of their 80 stores.

Retail giant Target shutdown stores in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada and Tennessee, thousands of jobs lost!

Alabama based Simply Fashion took over bankrupt busted Dots women clothing retailer, after Dots had already shutdown 4-hundred stores, killing 3-thousand 500 jobs!

In New York, The “absolutely best dress” clothing store Honey in the Rough shutdown, Talbots Outlet Store in Garden City shutdown,  Juicy Couture killed at least 47 jobs.  In Endicott, Jim’s Formal Wear shutdown, 61 jobs lost.  Brooks Brothers men’s clothing retailer shutdown all 12 of their discount Brooks Brothers 346 stores!  NYC based Aéropostale announced it will shutdown 125 children’s P.S. clothing stores and 75 Aéropostale stores across the U.S., and Aéropostale shutdown all its stores in Quebec, Canada! The Forest Hills Ann Taylor store shutdown, the NYC based women’s clothing store owner Ann Incorporated (Ann Taylor, Loft) also killed 100 corporate jobs!  Company officials admit they expect a crash in women’s clothing sales, and are trying to stay ahead of the curve by culling jobs now.

In South Carolina, after 20 years The Fashion Shack shutdown by aggressive property developers.

In California, several Gilly Hicks clothing stores shutdown, 185 jobs lost! San Francisco based Levi Strauss killed 8-hundred corporate jobs!  In City of Industry, Macy’s department store shutdown a distribution warehouse, 63 jobs lost.  Loehmann’s killed 160 department store jobs! San Francisco based internet seller ModCloth.  Reports say the internet operation laid off about 70 employees, even though they’re advertising that they’re hiring.  ModCloth has also been accused of modifying the pics of clothing on their website. The Fresh clothing store in Newhall shutdown, Abercrombie Kids shutdown in Roseville killing 55 jobs, the Long Beach Nordstroms Rack shutdown, 43 jobs lost.  Uniform service contractor Aramark shutdown ops across The Golden State, at least 570 jobs lost! Foothills Ranch based Wet Seal announced it will shutdown 17 Wet Seal stores and 31 of its Arden B stores by the middle of 2015!  Brisbane based upscale snooty women’s clothing chain Bebe admitted they killed jobs with their stores across the U.S., but refused to say how many.   In Corona Del Mar, after five years Bohemia clothing store shutdown. Los Angeles based internet women’s clothing company Nasty Gal laid off at least 28 employees as part of their “vision of the future”.  From “America’s Fastest-Growing Retailer” to becoming a fast killer of jobs internet clothing seller ModCloth laid off 120 employees! Los Angeles based clothing retailer American Apparel defaults on a $10-million USD loan!

In New Mexico, after 26 years Santa Fe’s Christine’s Bridal and Formal Wear shop shutdown.

Oregon based internet outdoor clothing retailer, Altrec, now chapter 11 busted.  Oregon based Nike revealed it killed 100-thousand contracted jobs worldwide, in the past year due to switching to the use of robots on a massive scale!  Company officials claim they never recovered from a 2011 cyber attack.

In Maryland, Chico’s shutdown a clothing store in Annapolis.

In Florida, after 26 years women’s clothing store Sue’s Cubby Hole shutdown in Sebring, Saks 5th Avenue laid off 74 employees in Orlando. In Bradenton Macy’s shutdown, 131 jobs lost!  In Jacksonville, women’s clothing retailer Body Central announced massive layoffs, after realizing they lost $42-million USD in 2013! After 43 years Ocala’s Tom Falvey’s Men’s Wear shutdown. The owner blamed the bad economy: “I wish it didn’t have to come to this, but we just have to close…..I wasn’t able to bring in new merchandise and keep everything fresh.  You know, just the same old story.”

Only months after holding a “grand opening”, women’s clothing store Lane Bryant shutdown their Beavercreek, Minnesota, store. After 34 years Tatters vintage clothing store shutdown, the owner blamed rising rent, which the landlord blamed on rising Minnesota property taxes.

In Illinois, the Sandburg Mall now chapter 11 bankrupt busted withat least $10-million in debt.   In Geneva, after 18 years women’s clothing store Sandra Webster shutdown. After six years Le Dress clothing store shutdown, the store owners blamed the landlord for jacking up the rent. Illinois based Threadless T-Shirt shutdown their flagship office and laid off 25% of their employees.

In Missouri, after 83 years (and surviving the Great Depression) men’s clothing store Jack Henry shutdown, 25 jobs lost.  

Pennsylvania based American Eagle Outfitters announced they are shutting down 150 stores by the end of 2016! After 80 years, female clothing chain store Deb Shops (aka DEB) now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. In Lansdale, after more than 25 years soccer (football) clothing store Kick-N-Wear shutdown.

In Colorado, after 40 years Anderson’s Clothing shutdown, and another crappy Old Navy clothing store shutting down, 75 jobs lost.  Outdoor clothing maker GoLite now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  They owe lots-o-money to lots-o-Chinese companies.  In Denver, Little Me’s children clothing store shutdown.  The angry owner blamed never ending construction: “I knew I would face many challenges in this venture, but in the twenty years that I have been shopping in Cherry Creek North, lack of foot traffic was not one that I had anticipated. It appears the construction is only going to move closer to our area and we simply cannot make it through another season like the last.”– Jennifer Riches

In Kentucky, T-shirt shop Cafe Press shutdown their store in the Mall Saint Matthews.

In Washington state, after only six years upscale Lost Boys men’s clothing store shutdown.

In Connecticut, after 24 years Littlejohn’s children clothing store shutdown.  The co-owner blamed a lot of factors that have crashed their sales since 2008, but she said the final straw was when the greedy landlord jacked up the rent: “…an unattainable rent increase. It was honestly too much of an increase. It would be very difficult, really, or impossible to continue.”-Anda Weyher

Wisconsin based ShopKo killed off 40 jobs at its Ashwaubenon corporate HQ.

In Rhode Island, 107 years old Potter and Company clothing store shutdown.  The owner of the store said she never thought greedy landlords would do her in by jacking up the rent: “It’s very disappointing….I thought this place would survive. It’s just such a part of the community.”-Chafee Emory

In North Carolina, mid-to-upscale retailer Belk shutdown its Four Seasons Town Centre store, 58 jobs lost.

In Virginia, the Williamsburg Hancock Fabrics shutdown, JCPenney shutdown their Bristol store, 67 jobs lost.  After 30 years the Pink women’s clothing store in Richmond shutdown.  The owner said the economy dictated that the store had outlived itself. In Grafton, after 28 years the Adams Shoe Store shutdown.  Juicy Couture shutdown its Pentagon City store.

Juicy Couture also shutdown a store in Washington DC.

In Utah, the owners of clothing stores JMR Chalk Garden and Lolabella Boutique shutdown all four of their locations due to crashing sales.

In New Hampshire, after 16 years the Jai Anlyn clothing store shutdown.  The owner realized that expensive clothes don’t sell fast enough, or in large enough quantities to pay the bills.

In Georgia, Arbor Place Mall GAP clothing store shutdown. In Macon, after 30 years the Who’s Who upscale clothing store in Albany shutdown, after 31 years the last men’s tailored suit store Bowens Brothers shutdown: “The first thing I’m looking forward to is taking off two weeks. I’ve never been off two weeks in my adult life!”-Harry Bowen

In Oklahoma, Woodland Hills Mall clothing store The Limited shutdown.

In Ohio, after less than three years Second Sole shoe store shutdown, the owners said the economy in Kent sucks ass!  Also, in Medina the Old Navy crappy clothing store shutdown with no explanation.

In Wisconsin’s Wausau, GAP and Hollister clothing stores shutdown.

In Alaska, after 48 years Carr’s Men’s Clothing Store shutdown.

New Jersey based bankrupt busted Ashley Stewart shutdown 27 women’s clothing stores, saying their sales have been crashing since 2012.  Children’s clothing retailer, Kid Brands, now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Company officials say they are $109-million in debt, but are asking the court to allow a $49-million loan so they can stay in business. In Raritan, after 11 years women’s clothing store Chaos shutdown.  The owner, Karen Brooks, said “With rent, utilities and other operating costs, it’s hard to see the value in trying to keep up.”

Maine based tax sucking military contractor Creative Apparel  announced that their so called ‘temporary’ layoffs are now “permanent”, more than 80 jobs lost.

After 184 years iconic shoe store chain JL Combs shutdown all New England area stores, administrators posted this humorous  reason why they’re shutting down: “It’s just too damn hard with all this new fangled competition everywhere.  And I’m starting to feel a bit tired of working 7 days a week.  After all, I’m 184 years old!”

In Pocatello, Idaho, outdoor clothing store The Raven’s Nest is now being used as a mattress inventory storage unit. The mayor of American Falls reported that the local ALCO store was shutting down, he was alerted when he saw employees putting up the going out of business signs.  It’s one of five Idaho ALCO stores being shutdown (as part of the Texas based retailer’s plan to shutdown all 198 U.S. stores!). The American Falls mayor says his small city can’t afford more job losses: “Any worker who loses their income will have an impact on the city!”-Marc Beitia

In Arkansas, the Lake Catherine Footwear factory moved 56 jobs offshore: “Economic forces in the international shoe industry have forced us to move some components of our operations to the Dominican Republic to remain competitive.”-Bruce Munro, CEO Munro & Company

In Iowa, after 102 years Marshall & Swift dry cleaners shutdown, 50 jobs lost.

In Tennessee, another U.S. shoe factory shutdown, this time Wellco Enterprises shuttered its Morristown factory, 53 jobs lost.  Before the 2010 takeover by Wellco the taxsucking factory used to make boots for the U.S. Department of Defense.

2015: California based Wet Seal said Happy New Year by unleashing their “Store Project” operation; going bankrupt and shutting down 338 stores and killing about 3-thousand 7-hundred jobs in 2015! In upscale elitist Montecito, after 30 years Lana Marme Last Resort clothing store shutdown. In San Luis Obispo, after 21 years Crazy J’s clothing store shutdown. After 100 years (surviving the Great deflationary Depression and numerous recessions) Dick’s Menswear shutdown in Fresno.   Huntington Beach based surf clothier Quicksilver sold-off to evil Oaktree Capital Management, at least 80 people lost their jobs.  In Auburn, after 40 years Mountain Mama brick-n-mortar clothing store shutdown. Iconic 68 years old Frederick’s of Hollywood chapter 11 bankrupt busted, shutting down all 111 brick-n-mortar stores!  In San Francisco, GAP laid off hundreds of people, then announced it will shutdown 175 stores across the United States! In Sacramento, after 29 years clothing store Robin Lyle shutdown, the owner says she can make more money as a ‘personal shopper’. Los Angeles based American Apparel announced an undisclosed number of stores will be shutdown, and hundreds of employees laid off: “…decline in comparable sales…We believe that we may not have sufficient liquidity necessary to sustain operations for the next twelve months. These factors, among others, raise substantial doubt that we may be able to continue as a going concern.”

  New York based Aéropostale revealed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that their director used insider info to make a stock deal back in December 2014.   Bankrupt NYC based women’s clothing chain Cache shutdown their administrative offices, 1-hundred jobs lost! In NYC, Jack Spade and Kate Spade Saturday shutdown.  New York based bratty & bankrupt teenage girl’s clothing chain store dELiA*s is dead, all 92 U.S. stores shutdown! Clothier J.Crew laid off 175 people at its NYC HQ!  Company administrators said they are preparing for the “future”.  In Forrest Hill, 20 years old teenager clothing store Strawberry shutdown.  In Syracuse, after a little more than two years ‘outerwear’ clothing store Quicksilver shutdown in the Destiny USA center.  New York based bankrupt female clothing chain store Deb Shops (aka DEB) called it quits, shutting down all stores and killing about 3-thousand jobs! Yet another women’s clothing store going down as C.Wonder shutdown their NYC store, 75 jobs lost with no warning.   In Troy, after 67 years men’s clothier Rodino’s shutdown. In Potsdam, after 37 years outdoor clothing and equipment store Wear On Earth shutdown “…due to changes in the industry…”  Walmart shutdown their huge two story Massapequa store, at least 295 jobs lost! 

Arkansas based Walmart suddenly, and with only a two hours notice to employees, shutdown five stores in California, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas, 2-thousand 2-hundred jobs lost literally in less than one day!

Ohio based Macy’s shutdown at least 14 stores and killed as many as 2-thousand 5-hundred jobs! In Akron, Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal shutdown.  The pissed off owner blames it on bad publicity after a Texas nurse infected with ebola stopped in: “We had a big opening and we had hoped that the publicity may even have been a good thing, but now we are the Ebola Shop. Customers are tired of hearing ‘Oh, you bought it at the Ebola Shop.‘”-Anna Younker to the Northeast Ohio Media Group

Texas based JCPenney shutdown at least seven more stores and killed 2-thousand 2-hundred jobs!  In Texas,  Warren Buffet owned Justin Brands shutdown their Western Clothing distribution center in Fort Worth, killing 68 jobs.  

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust announced they are selling off their Washington Crown Center and Uniontown Mall.   The evil REIT already sold off $191.7-million worth of commercial property in 2014! British empire Canada based clothing retailer Lord & Taylor shutdown its brick-n-mortar Wilkes-Barre Township store.  Crappy clothing op American Eagle Outfitters shutdown their Warrendale distribution center, 2-hundred jobs lost!  The Old Navy store at Carlisle Crossing shutdown, with only two days notice and no explanation!

In Michigan, GAP Outlet store in Monroe shutdown. After 43 years the Mount Morris meijer department and grocery store shutdown. In Kalamazoo, after five years women’s clothing store Cakes Boutique suddenly shutdown.

In Florida, the Fashion Mall chapter 7 bankrupt busted and up for sale.  Clothier Izod shutdown its Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach Outlets stores as part of their plan to shutdown 1-hundred Izod stores!  After 43 years Brasington’s Adventure Outfitters shutdown. The owner said 2008, the year of the start of the recession, was their best year but then sales crashed and never recovered. Fort Myers based Chico’s shutting down 120 stores by 2017, with a minimum of 240 jobs lost! Company administrators blame an “unexpected” jump in operating costs, and blames bad sales on those evil fickle female shoppers.  Jacksonville based women’s ‘clubbing’ clothing chain store Body Central went bankrupt then suddenly shutdown all 265 stores in the United States, 2-thousand 5-hundred jobs lost!

In Hawaii, The Children’s Place clothing store in the GGP owned Ala Moana Center shutdown.  Store administrators say they couldn’t afford to renew the lease.  I’ve worked for GGP and know how outrageous their rents are. GGP is spending at least $600-million USD remodeling the Sears store into smaller spaces.

In Maryland, after 44 years Laurance Clothing shutdown.  Men’s clothing chain store Jos. A. Bank sold to a Texas company, their Hampstead HQ shutdown, 122 jobs lost, local news reports say at one point Jos. A. Bank employed more than 7-hundred people in Hampstead.

In Maine, Group Home Foundation’s Little River Apparel division laid off 60 people.

In Missouri, the County Club Plaza lost the Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft stores. In Jackson, Nearly Perfect Shoes shutdown, a co-owner said it was because the local economy can no longer support two shoe stores less than eight miles apart. The Oak Park Mall reports the Ann Taylor store shutdown.

In Wisconsin, two Vanity clothing stores shutdown despite increased revenues for the North Dakota based company.   Pay/Half clothing store shutdown in the Regency Mall, no explanation given.  Ma Jolie shutdown in Bayshore Town Center.  And women’s clothing shop Lise & Kato’s shutdown, here’s what the pissed off owners had to say: “The retail industry, both locally and nationally, has dramatically changed in the last decade. We cannot continue the type of business we have proudly had for these many years: Fair and honest pricing, quality merchandise from principled artists and responsible designers, and attentive customer service. The economic climate, changes in shopping habits, and the transition to an online and mass merchant dominance have all contributed to the closing.”

In Alabama, Mormon owned Dillard’s department store shutdown in the Madison Square Mall.

In Ohio, Mormon owned Dillard’s shutdown their clearance center at the Tri-County Mall. Ohio based Abercrombie & Fitch shutdown 112 stores. Ohio based Macy’s eliminated 2-thousand 5-hundred jobs, and shutdown 40 stores! 

Less than one year after officially opening its first stores in Canada, Minnesota based retailer Target threw in the towel, basically saying the Canadian economy sucks ass! All 133 stores shutdown and 17-thousand 6-hundred Canadians jobless! Target also eliminated 235 U.S. jobs without warning!  In Minnesota, 120 years old Waldorf Nevens Cleaners went chapter 11 bankrupt busted. In Owatonna, after 125 years Saint Clair’s for Men clothing store shutdown.

In New Mexico, a J Crew and a Eileen Fisher shutdown. In Alabama, after 43 years women’s clothing store The Wagon Wheel shutdown. Birmingham based women’s clothing chain store Simply Fashion Stores shutdown all 243 stores, killing 1-thousand 332 U.S. jobs!

In Massachusetts, Boston Weak ‘streetwear’ clothing company Karmaloop chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  In Cambridge, after 35 years Berk’s Shoes shutdown, the general manager blamed the suck-ass economy and never ending local road construction: “…the climate in the country makes it really difficult for small business, local business, independent business to survive. It’s a sad day for us…”-Mickey Holland

In Idaho, after 69 years Nampa’s Nafziger Men’s Store shutdown.   In Boise, after 32 years clothier Barbara Barbara shutdown.

In oil rich North Dakota, after only a year Grand Forks women’s clothing store Hey Ocean shutdown, and in Fargo after 136 years Straus Clothing shutdown.

In Arizona, after 10 years the Scottsdale Jean Company shutdown, the store owner sold his lease contract to a “high end grocer”.

In Washington, after eight years Garden Dance women’s clothing store shutdown, 10 jobs lost. And after 76 years the owners of Rottles Clothing and Shoes shutdown: “The landscape for brick and mortar retail has changed dramatically over the past several years. The advent of internet commerce, big box discounters, and an overall relaxation of dress codes has taken its toll.”-John Rottle  (I must point out that many of the Big Box retailers who’re shutting down operations also sell on the internet)

In Illinois, after seven years the so called ‘green’ children’s clothing store Green Genes shutdown.  In Arthur, after 57 years Delbert’s Clothing shutdown. In Elizabeth, clothing store Something Special shutdown.  In Chicago, sports medicine and clothing maker McDavid eliminated 115 jobs!  In Oklahoma, after nearly 80 years Triplets children’s shoe store shutdown.

In Connecticut, clothing store Suburban Underground shutdown, and after 43 years Mario-Joseph’s Men’s Clothing Store shutdown.

In Colorado, After 50 years Hadley’s Canon Western Wear shutdown, the owners blame the un-recovered economy and competition: “The economy is a big deal! All the box stores are moving in. People are shopping online and we are not going to have mom-and-pop stores anymore!”-Mike Hadley, co-owner

In Kansas, sports clothing store Finish Line shutdown their Salina store.

In New Jersey, Harris’ clothing store shutdown after 87 years in Toms River.

Nebraska based outdoor supply store Cabela’s eliminated up to 1-hundred corporate jobs, pissing off state taxpayers who gave Cabela’s huge tax breaks specifically to create jobs! After six years female clothing store T & Company shutdown.  Nebraska based 135 years old (surviving the Great deflationary Depression and numerous recessions) clothing store Schweser’s announced more store shutdowns across several states: “We have seen a drop in sales in some of our stores over the past few years that has been difficult to overcome. Our expenses continue to rise, including the cost of goods, and our sales have not kept pace in some locations.”-Tyler Smith

In Tennessee, after 18 years Ev’s Boutique in the Columbia Mall shutdown.

In Virginia, clothing and antique shop Birdy’s Loft shutdown due to lack of sales. Clothing store Rugged Wearhouse shutdown in the Spradlin Farms shopping center.  In Culpeper, after three years Apple’s Closet clothing consignment store shutdown: “There are different seasons in our lives and this season is over.”-Bridgette Williams, owner

In Louisiana, Jaques Clothing and Full Blossom Chic shutdown, and after 60 years Haneline’s Men’s Wear shutdown.

In North Carolina, after only one year clothing store Rhetorical Factory shutdown. The owner found out the hard way that in a bad economy it doesn’t matter what you do: “I did it the best way I knew how. We recycled clothes. We took out labels. We sold art. We paid people well, and I was really stubborn about who I chose to hire and what products we sold. For four months out of the year to be really slow was really hard…..the way the rent is structured. I felt like I was spending six months out of the year trying to make it through those four months.”-Bethany Adams

In Iowa, after more than 20 years Austin Burke Clothiers shutdown due to increasing rent and decreasing sales.

In New Hampshire, after 45 years shoe store Shoetorium shutdown, blaming crashed sales and skyrocketing operating costs: “Business has dropped off…..You have people come in the store, look at your stuff and then they go and buy it online.”-Marty Carlton

2016: Switzerland based owner of several ‘luxury’ apparel brands sold in the U.S., Compagnie Financière Richemont, eliminated 5-hundred jobs due to crashing sales!

 France based clothier Comptoir des Cotonniers shutdown all three of its U.S. stores.

In Ohio, The Bon Ton shutdown their Lima Mall Elder Beerman department store. Stride Rite shutdown their Greene Town Center shoe store. Clothier The Limited shutdown two stores in Niles, and laid off at least 2-hundred people at its HQ in Columbus! New Albany based clothier Abercrombie & Fitch shutdown 1-hundred stores! Cincinnati based Macy’s shutdown another 1-hundred stores by Spring 2017: “Nearly all of the stores to be closed are cash flow positive today, but their volume and profitability in most cases have been declining steadily in recent years.”-Jeff Gennette, president

Also in Ohio, after 37 years shoe store Head Over Heels shutdown in Hyde Park Square. Co-owner Tony Jagoditz blames the industry itself, saying “The whole industry has changed in the last five years. When we opened there was a lot of domestic and European production. A lot of those factories closed or moved production to China.”

In West Virginia, The Bon Ton shutdown their Huntington Mall Elder Beerman store.

In Virginia, after 32 years Lilies of Gent clothing store shutdown. After 89 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) clothier Young Men’s Shop shutting down.

In California, clothing maker Hudsloan Enterprises advertised that it was looking for employees for its “rapid growing clothing” operation, instead Hudsloan shutdown its Los Angeles factory killing 265 jobs! Los Angeles based American Apparel went bankrupt busted for the second time in 13 months, but this time they’re dead in the water announcing the elimination of 3-thousand 457 jobs!  American Apparel also shutdown 12 of 13 British empire United Kingdom stores, and sold its global rights to British empire Canada rival Gildan Activewear.  Los Angeles based Forever 21 sold-off its clothier operations in India to a company called Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail.   Don’t blame competition from the internet, Forever 21 included their rights to their ‘online’ sales in India as part of the sale.  In Los Angeles, t-shirt shop Johnny Cupcakes shutdown, news reports say despite being popular sales weren’t high enough to justify the “overpriced lease”.  J. Brand clothier laid off 27 people in Los Angeles.   In Garden Grove, Morning Sun Shirt Company laid off 76 employees.  Clothing brand Max Azira eliminated 123 jobs in Vernon!  After 57 years La Cañada Flintridge based Sport Chalet announced it is dead! Not only did  they shutdown all 67 brick-n-mortar stores across nine states, but they halted all internet sales!  In Fresno, after 66 years family owned Sunnyside Department Store shutdown, news reports said at one time their were ten stores.  Clothier San Franpsycho shutdown their brick-n-mortar store, rent is too high in the Golden Gate city so the store owners are shifting to events and internet sales only.  San Francisco based GAP owned Old Navy brand clothing store revealed that the last two months of the Xmas holiday shopping season of 2015 was its worst ever, setting record level sales declines.  Then in January 2016 Old Navy suffered a 6% sales decline from December 2015!  The news shocked clothing retail ‘expert’ analysts. San Francisco based clothier GAP shutdown all its Banana Republic stores in the British empire country of United Kingdom! Also in San Francisco, after 30 years Arthur Ben Shoes shutdown, the owner blames five years of rent increases.  In North Hollywood, the Laurel Plaza Macy’s shutdown, the property being turned into apartments, 193 jobs gone!  Forever 21 shutdown their Yuba and Hanford clothing stores, 107 jobs lost!  Yuba city administrators admitted they learned of the planned Forever 21 closing back in 2014!  JCPenney shutdown their Cupertino store, 147 jobs lost!  Foothill Ranch based clothier The Wet Seal laid off 20 HQ employees.  Abercrombie Kids shutdown their Milpitas clothing store, at least 41 jobs lost.  New York based clothier BCBG Max Azria Group eliminated 71 jobs in Vernon.  New York based clothier Suchman shutdown several California locations killing 204 jobs! In Santa Maria, after more than 30 years Betty’s Fabrics shutdown: “People are not making clothes anymore……There are two generations of young ladies who did not learn how to sew.”-Betty Pilkington, owner

  In New York, after 17 years 1/2 Price Kids clothing shop shutdown.  More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech for your demise; Amazon shutdown its MyHabit clothing line, 94 jobs lost in NYC-Brooklyn.   Alternative clothing store Trash and Vaudeville shutdown its 40 years old Saint Marks Place location, the owner blames “perpetual rent increases”.  New York based clothier The Donna Karan Company shutdown their corporate offices and their West 40th Street store, 133 jobs lost!  NYC based Aéropostale went chapter 11 bankrupt and shutdown more than 1-hundred stores! Despite having a website, after 20 years all remaining 15 Scoop NYC brick-n-mortar clothing stores shutdown.  In DeWitt, JCPenney shutdown its 60 years old ShoppingTown Mall, the mall manager said JCPenney administrators put the store on their secret 2016 shutdown list.  After 30 years kid’s clothing store Shoofly shutdown.  Elitist Ralph Lauren shutdown 50 stores and eliminating 1-thousand 3-hundred jobs across the country, due to three straight years of losses! In NYC, after 33 years Belraf Fabrics shutdown their store on Orchard Street, due to the rent being jacked up.  In Potsdam, after more than 25 years The Cheshire Cat clothing store shutdown.  Christopher & Banks shutdown their ShoppingTownMall clothing store.

In Pennsylvania, the GAP and GAP Kids shutdown their Palmer Park Mall clothing stores.   Dress boutique Head To Toe shutdown. In Shenandoah, after 116 years (making it the oldest surviving business in the city) Talerico’s shoe repair shop shutdown due to skyrocketing demand for shoe repairs, but the old owner couldn’t find any potential employees qualified to repair the shoes: “Somebody could’ve done real good, but I couldn’t get anyone to learn it!”-Tom Talerico

In Wisconsin, the GAP clothing store in the Fox  River Mall shutdown. In Manitowoc, after more than 20 years Ramona’s Ladies Apparel shutdown.  In Durand, 112 years old Wolf’s Ladies Fashions & Shoes shutdown, the owner lamenting “The ‘little guy’ is a dying breed unfortunately.”

In Tennessee, Deb ‘n Heir kids clothing store shutdown after 55 years.  After 31 years Kenton’s Shoe Repair shutdown due to the new property owner’s plans for the building.   The owner of the shoe repair shop, Reginald Cousin, said business was booming, but “The building’s been sold and I don’t want to move again.”  

In Montana, after 62 years Hi Line Cleaners in Chester shutdown.

In Georgia, clothing store Express shutdown their Mount Berry Mall store, no reason given.

In Kansas, clothier Ann Taylor shutdown their Wichita store, officially refusing to say why.  Nancy’s Fashions shutdown after 27 years. Saint Clair’s Menswear shutdown their Wausau store blaming “A shift in clientele….”

In Oklahoma, after 105 years iconic elitist Miss Jackson’s upscale retail store in Tulsa shutdown.

In Texas, Macy’s shutdown their Ridgmar Mall department store. Richardson based clothier Fossil blames its huge increase in internet sales for its decision to shutdown hundreds of its brick-n-mortar stores over the next few years!  Forever 21 in Dallas shutdown, 68 jobs lost.   Dallas based high-end retailer Neiman Marcus laid off nearly 1-hundred people!  Big 5 Sporting Goods shutdown five of its eight Texas stores, local news media say administrators refused to talk about it.  Austin based ‘outdoors’ clothier Backwoods chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to skyrocketing costs of leasing and operating brick-n-mortar stores.  In Beaumont, Mirror Shine and Shoe Repair shutdown due to lack of people who need shoe shines or repairs. 

Florida based Traffic Shoes now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, 83 stores across the U.S. threatened.  Despite selling on the internet ‘resort’ clothing boutique Patchington shutdown two brick-n-mortar stores in Florida. Stride Rite shutdown their Pembroke Lakes Mall shoe store.  In Tampa, after 25 years Olga’s Bridal Boutique shutdown.  Local news media say it was the oldest family owned bridal business in Tampa. In Sarasota, clothier Brooks Brothers shutdown their Main Street store. Elitist fitness clothing seller Lululemon Athletica shutdown their Fort Myers ‘showroom’.    Fort Meyers based clothing retailer Chico’s conducted a third round of mass layoffs since 2015, this time 2-hundred people were quietly fired!  Local news media also revealed that Chico’s got a $1.79-million USD ‘investment’ from Lee County taxpayers!

After 23 years men’s clothing store Universal Gear shutdown its last two stores in New York and Washington DC.

In South Carolina, after 22 years Phil Nofal’s Fine Footwear shutdown. Dillard’s shutdown their Aiken Mall store, 75 jobs affected.

In Indiana, after 70 years Esquire Men’s Clothing shutdown. In South Bend, Buttons & Bows clothing store shutdown due to the death of the owner.

In Illinois, an “economic decision” shutdown 32 years old The Great Outdoors clothing store.  Cole Haan shutdown their Magnificiant Mile clothing accesory store, due to not being able to afford the new lease. Payless Shoes shutdown three stores in the Centralia area blaming “landlord issues”.  Walmart shutdown its Aurora store admitting they built too many stores within a ten miles radius.  Schwartz’s Intimate Apparel shutdown: “Business is changing and we either adapt again and change the way we do things. Or we can say, ‘It’s been a wonderful run. Thank you for 100 years’.”-Ben Schwartz

In Iowa, after three years the owner of Funkalicious decided to shutdown her brick-n-mortar boutique and sell on the internet only.

In Wyoming, after 80 years (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) iconic Wolford’s Shoe Store shutdown due to a 44% crash in sales due to the local oil bust! After 14 years community owned clothing co-op Powell Mercantile shutting down, blaming locals for buying on the internet or traveling all the way to Montana to do their shopping.

 In Pocatello, Idaho, about two years after opening previously worn clothing seller Runway Fashion Exchange went “out of business”.  Essentially a for-profit thrift store, Runway Fashion Exchange has been shutting down stores across the U.S. since 2013.  After five years, the first locally franchised Flip Flop Shops (in Boise Towne Square Mall) shutdown, five jobs lost: “…we just had several years of decreasing sales, to the point where we can no longer finance the business.”-Dustin Preece, co-owner

In Hawaii, shoe store Robins shutdown in the evil GGP owned (a former employer of mine) Ala Moana Center, no other info was reported. The Children’s Place in the Windward Mall shutdown, no explanation by administrators, but it’s a clothing store so it should be obvious.

In Mississippi, Coast Clothing shutdown in Pascagoula after 42 years. Chapter 11 bankrupt busted (for the second time in nine years) Baldwyn based Hancock Fabrics shutdown all remaining stores across the U.S., thousands of jobs lost!

  In Missouri, New York & Co. shutdown their West Park Mall clothing store.  After more than 35 years McLaughlin Western Store shutdown.

In North Carolina, XPO Logistics shutdown their Ralph Lauren warehouse ops in Whitsett, 108 jobs affected! Retailer Belk laid off 40 people at its Charlotte HQ.  In Raleigh, children’s clothing and toy seller Nüvonivo shutdown their brick-n-mortar store, the owners said it wasn’t worth it to renew the lease on the brick-n-mortar property.  In Charlotte, after 19 years expensive Italian shoe store Via Veteto shutdown.  Delta Apparel shutdown their Maiden clothing factory, 159 jobs off-shored to Honduras!  After 18 years WallerBears Surf Shop shutdown their South Charlotte location due to not being able to renew the lease: “Small specialty retail, I feel like, is impossible. I’m not sure it can be done anymore.”-Barrett Cornelison, owner

In Vermont, known for dressing up local women for national and international events Marylyn’s shutting down her brick-n-mortar specialty clothing store and turning to internet jewelry sales only.

Arkansas based Walmart eliminated an undisclosed number of HQ jobs, saying “…It’s something we’ve done before and will continue to do, just like any technology business.”  In other words, this round of layoffs were not part of their bigger plans to shutdown stores and eliminate thousands of jobs.

In Oregon, Kroger owned Fred Meyer department store distribution center in Clackamas affected 2-hundred jobs, as Kroger decided to find a new contractor to provide cheaper labor!  In Portland, yarn seller Yarnia ended brick-n-mortar ops and switched to the internet only.

Washington based retailer Nordstrom’s eliminated ten HQ jobs, despite the fact that Nordstrom’s internet sales have gone up. Forever 21 shutdown their Tacoma location, 70 jobs gone.  In Bellingham, after 38 years Gary’s Men’s & Women’s Wear shutdown.  Local news media say it was the eighth local clothing shop to shutdown. In Seattle, after 58 years A-1 Laundry shutdown: “The industry has changed quite a bit and it’s a little tougher as a small business to exist.”-Chris Eng, owner

Also in Washington, after 82 years Hughes Department Store and Hughes Warehouse shutdown.  Most of the customers are from Canada: “But this year, with the Canadian exchange rate at 70 cents on the dollar and the fires; it was a terrible summer season for us. It was just a combination of a lot of things. It just isn’t viable.”-Jack Hughes

In Alabama, Bon Ton Hatters Shoe Repair shutdown after 110 years, the owner simply said “Hats are dead.”

In Louisiana, after ten years t-shirt shop Storyville shutdown, due to a copyright battle with the National Football League (NFL).  

In South Dakota, Alan Evans Bridal and The Clothing Agency for Men shutdown. In Rhode Island, GUESS shutdown their clothing store in the Providence Place Mall. 

In Minnesota,  after 40 years Randy’s Menswear shutdown. After 68 years Rush’s Bridal shutting down, the family owns the building and can make more money renting it to somebody else.

In Michigan, after 61 years Bay City’s Fabric Fair shutdown.

Colorado based bankrupt Sports Authority shutdown all 464 stores, thousands of jobs lost! In Grand Junction, after 31 years Crawford Boot & Western Wear shutdown.

Maryland based JoS. A. Banks-Men’s Warehouse shutdown 250 stores across the U.S.  Maryland based sports clothing maker Under Armour (they claim to be an American company yet spell ‘armor’ the British empire way) said they expect to lose $23-million USD in its 2nd quarter of 2016!

In New Hampshire, Hubert’s Family Outfitters shutdown their Woodsville and Goffstown stores: “The business decision is pretty easy. If you’re not seeing a profit, and the future doesn’t look brighter, it’s not really a difficult decision……The challenging part of the closing is the people”-Tom Hubert

In New Jersey, Saks Fifth Avenue eliminated 137 Short Hills jobs! Bankrupt California based American Apparel shutdown their Newport Centre store, blaming jacked-up rent. After 42 years Marty’s Shoes shutdown their remaining six shoe stores, news reports say at one time Marty’s Shoes had 110 stores! After 57 years men’s clothier The Style Shop shutdown: “Unfortunately the business climate has declined and has made it harder and harder to do business here…”-Joe Tolerico

In Massachusetts, underwear shop Bra & Girl shutdown because it “was not financially viable”.  Canton based shoe maker Reebok moving to Boston, affecting 7-hundred jobs in Canton!

In Main, after 93 years Town and Country Clothing and Footwear shutdown, the owner said he wants to get out while he’s still ahead.  House of Brides shutdown without warning, local police flooded with complaints from customers who paid for undelivered services: “It is not clear at this time what the outcome will be, but rest assured we are looking into the reported incidents.”-Bangor police

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