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“unsustainable for our company”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, May 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in May 2017:

Alabama:  Southeast Alabama Medical Center eliminated 80 jobs because ObamaCare is forcing them to reduce operating costs by $30-million USD per year.  The Health Care Authority of the City of Anniston laid off 19 Stringfellow Memorial Hospital employees as a result of buying a new hospital.

Arizona: Banner Health revealed that its 1st Q 2017 restructuring resulted in nearly 5-hundred people becoming unemployed!  In Tucson, non-profit Marshall Home for Men warning of shutdown after employees got a $1.95 per hour raise!

California:  In Bakersfield, Pacific Pulmonary Services eliminating 170 jobs in July, possibly in connection to a lawsuit by the federal government! It was revealed that Long Beach based ObamaCare (ACA) company Molina Healthcare allowed a data breach of patient info to go on for at least a month!

Colorado: Longmont United Hospital shutting down its clinic in Lyons, due to financial losses.

Connecticut:  Stamford Health laid off 20 people blaming ObamaCare for causingflat or lower volumes in inpatient services and surgical specialties.”  The state’s new hospital tax doesn’t help either.

Florida:  University of Miami Hospital is shifting focus to outpatient care and will eliminate jobs as a result.  Fort Myers based “world’s largest cancer treatment” operation 21st Century Oncology now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, after a year of data breaches and accusations of fraud.  Campbellton-Graceville Hospital now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to “a lot of factors”, including a lot of lawsuits.

Idaho: Insurance company BridgeSpan announced it will exit The Gem State’s ObamaCare system in 2018, due to lack of profits and “uncertainty and instability for the exchanges”.

Iowa:   Planned Parenthood shutting down four clinics due to state taxpayer funding cuts.

Kansas: Blue Cross Blue Shield getting out of the state’s ObamaCare business in 2018.  67-thousand Kansans will lose health insurance as a result, but many will then qualify for taxpayer funded insurance!  Blue Cross Blue Shield said ObamaCare is “… unsustainable for our company…”

Louisiana: Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital laid off 14 people blaming ObamaCare’s “declining reimbursements”.

Massachusetts: South Shore Health System suddenly laid off 27 management employees, blaming ObamaCare for lower payer reimbursements, yet at the same time reported that its 2016 revenues actually went up.  Partners HealthCare System’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Network laying off 35 people blaming “The external environment for healthcare providers…”, ie ObamaCare.  Harrington Hospital shutting down its Family Birthing Center.  UMass closing 13 inpatient psychiatric beds.

Mississippi:  The state Department of Mental Health eliminating 650 jobs due to state taxpayer funding cuts!

Missouri:  Blue Cross Blue Shield getting out of the state’s ObamaCare business in 2018.  The insurance company says that since 2014 it lost more than $100-million USD as a result of doing business in Missouri and Kansas!   Saint Louis University School of Medicine suddenly eliminated 21 jobs by shutting down its Center for World Health and medicine, due to a budget deficit of $16-million USD.

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Saint Mary’s General Hospital to layoff 20 people.  Administrators blamed ObamaCare saying “Our hospital never denies care to the poor or uninsured, and this major loss of government reimbursement negatively affected our finances.” 

New Mexico: California based Molina Healthcare eliminating 81 jobs, claiming its Healthcare Services Department is overstaffed.

New York: An unnamed Coney Island Hospital employee reported that as many as 3-hundred people could lose their jobs, and that no warning will be given to them, only those employees keeping their jobs will be notified, it’s part of New York City Health & Hospitals plan to eliminate at least 6-hundred management jobs throughout its network of municipal hospitals!

North Carolina: Blue Cross and Blue Shield laying off 165 call center employees!  News reports say those employees were hired for the expected flood of ObamaCare sign-ups for 2017, apparently the flood of new enrollees didn’t happen (administrators referred to to the lack of enrollments as “stability of our systems”).

Ohio:  Medical device maker Invacare adding another 50 people to its North American layoff spree (on top of the 1-hundred already laid off this year) in an effort towards “improving profitability and managing cash flow”.

Pennsylvania: Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton suddenly laid off employees, but refused to say how many.  They also admitted they’re having trouble retaining doctors as ObamaCare is forcing them to focus on outpatient clinic ops.  Capital BlueCross notified 48 employees they would soon become unemployed due to a “constantly changing environment”.   After 27 years non-profit Camelot for Children halting services for disabled kids due to lack of funding.

Texas: Woodland Heights Medical Center laid off six people due to declining patient volumes.

Washington:  UW Medicine’s Valley Medical Center suddenly eliminated 60 jobs, including top administrative positions, saying they’ve been hit with “exploded” patient volumes, but greatly reduced reimbursements as ObamaCare-Medicare is now the main payment source.

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral April 2017: “WE ARE ACTIVELY COURSE CORRECTING”

“We are actively course correcting”: ObamaCare Death Spiral, April 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in April 2017:

Arizona: Green Valley Hospital went chapter 11 bankrupt busted blaming a “massive amount of debt at a high interest rate, plus fees”.

California:  Brentwood based medical device maker Halt Medical now bankrupt busted and being forced to sell itself to Acessa Health.  Victor Valley Global Medical Center laid off 18 people, administrators blamed reduced ObamaCare (ACA) taxpayer funding for Medi-Cal.  Non-profit Rideout Health issued layoff and shutdown WARNs for three locations, 89 jobs lost between May and the end of June. Abbott Laboratories shutdown its Carlsbad ops, 60 jobs lost.  Drugs company Amgen issued a mass layoff WARN for Thousand Oaks, 494 jobs gone by mid-June!  Drugs seller DaVita Rx eliminating 15 jobs in June.  In Redwood, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals suddenly laid off 62 people. 

Connecticut: Greensprings Healthcare and Rehab issued a shutdown WARN for East Hartford, 150 jobs going away starting at the end of June!

Florida: Drugs packaging company International Laboratories laying off 112 people in June!  Tampa General Hospital laying off 119 people in June!

Georgia: Jenkins County Medical Center shutting down, 55 jobs lost by June due to merger with another medical center.

Idaho: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows that almost 40% of Idahoans have ‘pre-existing’ medical conditions that would prevent them from getting health insurance.  The Washington based franchise owner of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, ET Research, went bankrupt and shutdown its Boise office without warning.  The parent company in Iowa said ET Research was in so much debt they owed money to 1-thousand-2-hundred creditors!   A Rexburg woman had her insurance license revoked by state officials after she filed false medical claims. 

Illinois: In Danville, after more than 70 years Bratland’s Prescription Shop shutdown.

Indiana: Covance Clinical Development Services shutting down its Evansville laboratory, more than 1-hundred jobs lost in July!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Vincent Frankfort Hospital from laying off 124 people due to not renewing its lease with Clinton County!

Iowa: In Des Moines, after 145 years (surviving The Great Depression and two World Wars) Hammer Pharmacy shutdown after merging with competitor Medicap.

Kentucky: KentuckyOne Health eliminating 250 jobs blaming ObamaCare’s “continuing evolution of health care reform and reimbursement structures.”  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Methodist Hospital from suddenly laying off 61 people, admitting that ObamaCare is more powerful than god saying “Our hospital admissions and outpatient volumes are not meeting expectations, while uncompensated care expenses are up significantly. This imbalance mirrors what healthcare organizations across our state are experiencing.”

Louisiana: LifeCare Specialty Hospital shutting down, 167 jobs lost between now and June!

Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Medical School eliminating 65 jobs due to lack of money.

Michigan: UP Health System-Marquette suddenly laid off “a few dozen employees”.

Minnesota: Minnetonka based insurance company Medica announced it is quitting the state administered Medicaid program, resulting in 250 jobs disappearing and cutting off 300-thousand ObamaCare customers!   Medica claims it lost $200-million USD under Minnesota’s version of ObamaCare-Medicaid (called MinnesotaCare).

Mississippi:  East Mississippi State Hospital eliminating 74 jobs in Meridian due to state taxpayer funding cuts.

New Jersey: Jersey City Medical Center-RWJBarnabas Health suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of employees due to ObamaCare directed conversion to digital records keeping.

New York: NYC Health warned of more layoffs by saying it’s “redesigning management structure to create a more efficient and financially sustainable organization”.  Medicaid NCC Customer Service Anthem issued a shutdown WARN, 86 jobs gone by the end of July.

North Dakota: God powerless to stop ‘his’ CHI Saint Alexius from laying off an additional 25 people, for a total so far of 119 in the past year!

Oregon:  The Washington based franchise owner of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, ET Research, went bankrupt and shutdown its Oregon locations without warning.  The parent company in Iowa said ET Research was in so much debt they owed money to 1-thousand-2-hundred creditors!  Mid-Columbia Medical Center laid off 11 people, administrators blamed many things including ObamaCare insurance reimbursements.  Three employees also had their pay reduced and ten employees had their hours cut.

Pennsylvania: York based Unilife now bankrupt busted, more than 140 jobs eliminated without warning! The medical device maker also laid off 40% of its employees in 2016.

Rhode Island:  Non-profit Care New England warned of impending layoffs, mainly in its women’s and children’s operations, due to massive financial losses.  In 2016 ObamaCare caused Care New England (the second largest hospital group in the state) to lose $68-million.

South Carolina: Abbeville Area Medical Center laid off 13 people blaming “the challenges health care is throwing at us.”

Virginia: Central Virginia Training Center laying off 14 people in the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services in May.  After 60 years on Charlottesville, Meadowbrook Pharmacy shutdown due to competition from ‘big box’ pharmacies.  Despite that claim, ‘big box’ pharmacy Rite Aid shutdown its Pulaski store due to lack of profits.

Washington: Spokane based franchise owner of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, ET Research, went bankrupt and shutdown its Washington locations without warning.  The parent company in Iowa said ET Research was in so much debt they owed money to 1-thousand-2-hundred creditors!  Trios Health-Kennewick Public Hospital District suddenly laid off 95 people saying “We are actively course correcting….”  Vancouver based PeaceHealth eliminated more than 3-hundred jobs in Washington and Oregon as it shutdown its Outreach Laboratories!  Healthcare analytics company Caradigm issued a layoff WARN for Bellevue, 39 jobs lost by mid-June.


“operational changes” : ObamaCare (ACA) Death Spiral, February 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, February 2017:

California:  Stanford Healthcare finally notified the state Employment Development Department that it suddenly laid off 142 people at the end of January! Western Health Resources issued a shutdown WARN for its San Diego operations, 52 jobs gone by April. Quantum Health-Promise issued a shutdown WARN for its San Diego ops, 257 jobs lost by the end of April!  San Francisco based Your People-Zenefits laid off 254 people without warning! However, local news media reported that Zenefits will eliminate a total of 430 jobs after getting caught selling health insurance by using employees who don’t have the required licenses!  Dignity Health issued a shutdown WARN for its Monterey Park ops, 290 jobs gone by the end of June!  Behavioral health company Valley CAPS shutting down its Stockton location, 32 jobs gone by mid-April.

Colorado: Minnesota based UnitedHealth Group eliminating 119 Optum insurance jobs in Centennial as it shuts down one of two offices in April!  Local new reports said UnitedHealth Group swore it was not downsizing.   Missouri based prescription ‘benefits’ company Express Scripts shutting down its call center in Pueblo, 320 jobs lost by the end of April!  City leaders say Express Scripts still owes local taxpayers $2.8-million USD that was loaned to the prescription company, and never mind that Express Scripts also got about $3-million in tax incentives to build a call center in Pueblo!

Connecticut:  Eastern Connecticut Health Network is now owned by California based Prospect Medical Holdings, which promptly laid off 20 people.

Florida: In Fort Myers, Louisiana based Schumacher Clinical Partners eliminating 125 jobs between April and November, blaming the ‘healthcare revenue cycle’!  Kentucky based Humana laying off about 422 At Home employees in April!  After only four years drugs pusher Walgreens shutting down its store on Monroe and Tennessee streets. Local news media pointed out that tax-breaks were used to bring Walgreens to that location. Cempra Pharmaceuticals eliminating jobs in March.  Transitions Optical also eliminating jobs in march.

Illinois: Sycamore Healthcare issued a shutdown WARN for its Quincy nursing home ops, 87 jobs lost in April.  Drugs seller CVS shutting down 11 stores across the state by the end of March, as part of a plan to shutdown 70 pharmacies across the U.S. in 2017.

Iowa: The state Department for the Blind eliminating ten jobs in March due to massive taxpayer funding cuts over the next two years.

Kansas: God powerless to stop Via Christi Health from notifying 70 billing employees of pending layoffs.  Some of those employees were offered jobs elsewhere in the company.

Kentucky:  Humana warned it will eliminate 5-hundred At Home  jobs in Ohio and Florida by April!

Louisiana:  Walgreens owned drugs pusher Rite Aid shutting down five of its six stores in Shreveport.

Maine: Central Maine Medical Center laid off 28 people, directly blaming ObamaCare (ACA).

Minnesota: Blue Cross and Blue Shield laying off 50 people.  13 of them are InfoTech employees and the rest are being contracted out (outsourced). Hennepin County Medical Center laying off 131 people by mid-March! Administrators blame ObamaCare for forcing them to cut their budget.

Mississippi: University of Mississippi Medical Center warning of mass layoffs due to a $35-million USD reduction in Medicaid funding.

New Jersey: In Middlesex, drugs maker Impax Labs eliminating 207 jobs by mid-March!

New York: Phoenix House Foundation issued a shutdown WARN for their Brentwood drug rehab ops, at least 20 jobs lost by the end of April due to “operational changes”.  NYC Health&Hospitals laid off 70 managers, apparently because their jobs suddenly became redundant.  Walgreens shutdown its drug pushing store on Chili Avenue as part of its plan to shutdown 2-hundred U.S. stores by the end of 2017.  Folts Home and Folts Adult Home chapter 11 bankrupt busted and for sale.

Ohio: TriHealth laid off 69 administration employees. 

Oregon: PeaceHealth warning of mass layoffs due to contracting out its lab work with Quest Diagnostics, at least 186 jobs lost by the end of April!  Admin said it was the only way they could save money under ObamaCare.

Pennsylvania:  Crawford County Care Center furloughed 81 employees and told 46 employees they will be laid off in March, due to lack of patients. After only six years Revolution Physical Therapy is now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Texas: San Antonio based ‘cloud’ company Rackspace suddenly laid off 276 people across several departments, including with their Secure Healthcare Cloud Computing department, due to lack of revenues!  However, other news media reports said it was due to being taken over by vulture capitalist Apollo.  Humble Surgical Hospital now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, partly due to insurance company Aetna winning a lawsuit which claimed the hospital overcharged for services.

Vermont: Maple Leaf Treatment Center shutdown without warning or reason, and is now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.

Washington: PeaceHealth issued a shutdown WARN due to contracting out its lab work with Quest Diagnostics, 142 jobs gone by the end of April!

West Virginia: Drugs pusher Walgreens shutdown its store in Sabraton.

Wisconsin: In Madison, after “90 wonderful years” Mallatt’s Pharmacy & Costumes shutdown.  Local news media reported that the pharmacy portion of the store actually ceased ops back in October.  The owner said he’s focusing on his Homecare Pharmacy operations.

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral January 2017: “A STREAMLINING OF OPERATIONS.”

“a streamlining of operations.” : ObamaCare (ACA) Death Spiral, January 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, January 2017:

Arizona: In Tucson, mental healthcare facility La Frontera Arizona laid off an additional 30 people, less than a month after laying off 22 employees, due to funding cuts: “They do more than just give medications and things like that. They are there for support and without that, we are not going to have anything.”-Jennifer Dobbertin, patient

California: San Francisco based digital mental health therapy op Joyable laid off 20 people as it shifts from targeting individuals with anxiety to providing employers with a service to treat their stressed out employees (is anybody going to treat the 20 people who lost their jobs with Joyable?).  Palo Alto based blood tester Theranos issued a layoff WARN, 150 jobs gone by March as part of its plan to ‘commercialize’ their MiniLab service!  Bio-tech/DNA testing company Counsyl laid off 24 sales employees, apparently no reason given.  In Newport Beach, Pacific Life Insurance issued a layoff WARN, 95 jobs gone by mid-March. In Santa Barbara after 70 years one of the last independant pharmacies, L.M. Caldwell Pharmacists, shutdown. The family owners officially retired, but implied that ObamaCare was the final straw saying that at one time there were 45 mom-n-pop pharmacies in the elitist city.  MemorialCare issued a mass layoff WARN, eliminating 422 jobs between now and the end of March at its hospitals in Long Beach, straight-up blaming ObamaCare: “Like many hospitals in California and nationwide, we are experiencing much higher costs, decreasing reimbursement and increasing numbers of government-sponsored patients.”-John Bishop, ceo

Connecticut:  Drugs maker Bristol Myers Squibb eliminating 29 jobs in Wallingford by the end of March, as part of their plan to shutdown operations by 2018.

Florida: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist owned Florida Hospital Medical Group from outsourcing 67 jobs to a cheapo contractor.  In Miami Beach, Oceanside Extended Care Center finally revealed to state employment admin that they killed 235 jobs at the end of December!  Healthcare and social assistance company Fluor Federal Solutions issued a WARN, 120 jobs in Gainesville gone by the end of February!  Florida Institute for Cardivascular Care issued a WARN, 109 jobs gone by the end of March!

Illinois: Buffalo Grove based nursing home operator PrimeSource Health Care Systems shutdown and took 179 jobs across three states with it!

Indiana: Indianapolis based drugs maker Lilly USA (Eli Lilly and Company) eliminating 485 jobs after their new Alzheimer’s drug failed!

Kansas: In Prairie Village, after 60 years Bruce Smith Drugs shutdown due to the greedy landlord.

Kentucky: In Lexington, the EMW Women’s Clinic shutdown due to the state government refusing to renew their license.

Massachusetts:  Israel based medical rehab ReWalk Robotics warned of layoffs in Marlborough because of revenue loss caused by ObamaCare’s (ACA’s) “…national insurance reimbursement policies for all eligible spinal cord injury exoskeleton users and device development for stroke victims.”  Merrimack Pharmaceuticals getting the hell outta the cancer drugs business, announcing it is selling off its drugs to a French company and eliminating 320 U.S. jobs!

Michigan: Flint based drugs pusher Diplomat Pharmacy warning of nationwide layoffs, but refuses to give details, saying ObamaCare is forcing them “…to make difficult decisions and change the way we work.” 

New York: In Long Island City, ambulance service LogistiCare Solutions issued a layoff WARN, 158 jobs gone due to losing their taxpayer funded state contract!

North Dakota:  God powerless to stop CHI Saint Alexius from killing 52 jobs in Bismark. Administrators blame ObamaCare for not reimbursing the true costs of healthcare.

Oregon: The Jackson County Health & Human Services warned of as many as 2-hundred layoffs, mainly mental healthcare workers, supposedly because of a contract dispute!  In Eugene, after 20 years Pain Consultants of Oregon shutdown “…due to staffing and financial issues.”

Pennsylvania:  Pocono Medical Center conducted yet another round of layoffs, but didn’t give numbers.  In December they laid off 60 people.  They blamed ObamaCare for creating a  “competitive health care landscape….and the ongoing trend of cases shifting from inpatient to outpatient care.”

Texas: ObamaCare forcing Memorial Hermann Health System to ‘restructure’, resulting in the elimination of 112 jobs!  God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Baylor Saint Luke’s Medical Center to kill more than 2-hundred jobs in The Lone Star State!  In Houston, the MD Anderson Cancer Center eliminating more than 1-thousand jobs, through a combination of forced retirements, voluntary buyouts and outright layoffs (80% of job cuts through layoffs)!  MD Anderson administrators blame ObamaCare for hundreds of millions of dollars in losses! Austin based bio-testing/medical device maker Luminex laid off more than 50 people as part of their take-over of a competitor in Illinois.  Mission Regional Medical Center shutdown its women’s sexual assault operations and laid off 40 people, calling it “a streamlining of operations.” 

Virginia: Drugs pusher Walgreens shutting down their Clarendon store on Wilson Boulevard by the end of February.  No reason was given, but local news media suspect jacked-up rent.

Washington: Spectrum Health finally notified state employment administrators that they shutdown 19 locations across the state, back in December!

Wisconsin: Insurance company Northwest Mutual warning of mass layoffs in the “hundreds” despite spending $450-million on its corporate HQ!  California based drugs maker McKesson Pharmaceuticals eliminating 67 LaCrosse jobs after being fined for violating the Controlled Substances Act (failing to detect and report suspicious drugs orders).  Officially the jobs are being lost due to consolidation of drugs trafficking, I mean distribution ops.



“We’ve never made money…I can’t go any further.” Idaho jacks up ObamaCare rates! Pro ObamaCare health service admits ObamaCare can’t pay the bills! Haggen, Ralph’s & Safeway reveal mass California grocer kill-off! : U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 26 August 2015

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

California: Washington based Haggen Foods issued mass shutdown WARNs for the following locations; 2 stores in Simi Valley, 2 stores in Tustin, 2 stores in Chula Vista, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Santa Clarita Valley (I previously reported on), La Mesa, San Marcos, San Ysidro, Bakersfield (I previously reported) and Los Osos, 620 jobs lost by October!    Kroger owned Ralph’s issued shutdown WARNs for their following grocery stores; Hermosa Beach, Santa Ana and Pico Rivera, 210 jobs lost by October!  Albertsons-Safeway issued yet another layoff WARN for Pleasanton, and a shutdown WARN for their Walnut Creek grocery store, 1-hundred jobs lost by October!   A company that claims to be “…the largest supplier of botanical ingredients in the U.S., for use in dietary supplements, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care…”, BI NUTRACEUTICALS, issued layoff WARNs for Emeryville and Santa Clara, 79 jobs lost by September.   ObamaCare probably was the real reason for two dental companies merging back in May, now Zimmer Biomet Dental issued shutdown WARNs for their Carlsbad ops, 279 jobs lost by the end of October!  Mountain View based tech company Intuit eliminating more jobs, this time 249 laid off!

Florida: Too Big to Jail American Express issued a WARN for their Weston office, 86 jobs lost in time for Thanksgiving.

Idaho: The state Department of Insurance has approved ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) health insurance rate increases by as much as 26% in 2016!  It was also revealed that ObamaCare Idaho insurance rates have already gone up by as much as 15%!  Health insurance providers claim that they still payout far more than what they get in premium payments under ObamaCare, which means from the insurance industry perspective their own ObamaCare (they wrote the law folks) is a failure!   The wimp-ass state Department of Insurance director feebly said “In spite of our best efforts in working with carriers, health insurance rates will be increasing for some Idahoans in 2016….we urge consumers to review their plans and shop wisely…”

Illinois: Heavy vehicle maker Caterpillar killing even more jobs, this time 475 people to become unemployed as sales continue to crash!

Iowa: Unnamed news sources say Dethmers Manufacturing (aka Demco) eliminated a “substantial” number of jobs.

Maine: ObamaCare forcing the new owners of Mid Coast Health Services walk-in medical clinic to shutdown in September.  Administrators said ObamaCare is “…realigning health care services.”

Maryland: Sears Holdings revealed they will shutdown their California Kmart right before Thanksgiving, 71 jobs lost.

Montana: Slow internet service provider CenturyLink shutting down their Kalispell retail store in September.

Nevada: ObamaCare created Nevada Health Co-Op shutting down, admitting that it cannot make enough money under ObamaCare to pay for day-to-day operating costs! 

New York: Sears Holdings revealed they will shutdown their Appliance Repair Division in Melville, 31 jobs lost in time for Thanksgiving.  What construction industry recovery? San Mateo Construction is closing up shop in White Plains after losing their contract with utility con artist ConEd, 90 jobs lost by the end of the month.  Sterling National Bank issued WARNs for several offices, at least 11 jobs lost right before Xmas.  In Brooklyn, after six years Bergen Street Comics shutting down in September.  The owner refused to comment to news media, but there are reports that rents in that neighborhood have gone through the roof.  Taxpayer rip-off artist NRG Energy finally shutting down the money-pit Huntley coal fired electricity power plant, 90 jobs lost in 2016.  It was revealed the power plant has lost millions of dollars over several decades!  NRG Energy will also idle their Dunkirk power plant in January 2016.

North Carolina:  After 115 years (surviving The Great deflationary Depression and numerous recessions) God refuses to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Sutton Park Baptist Church.  Because of The Rapture, I mean declining membership, there are only about 18 members left.  But maybe it’s racism, after all the remaining members are ‘white’ and apparently no ‘black’ or ‘brown’ people want to join the church, according to local news reports.

Ohio: ObamaCare(?) forced taxpayer funded Ashtabula County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to layoff 17 people and reduce working hours for others.  Fluor BWXT warned 1-thousand 4-hundred people of mass layoffs at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant uranium decontamination operation in Piketon!  570 could be let go by 01 October!  Flour BWXT administrators blame a lack of taxpayer funding.  In Huber Heights, after six years Granny C’s Bakery shutting down due to skyrocketing operating costs: “A lot of my good friends, who’ve worked for me and who are still here are going to be jobless. We’ve never made money……When I get to the point where I don’t have any more money in my personal fund to switch over into the bakery funds to pay salaries, to pay ingredient costs, I can’t go any further.”-Rebecca McDaniel

Pennsylvania:  God refuses to stop what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome at ‘his’ La Salle University, 23 employees laid off due to a $12-million USD shortfall caused partly by crashing freshmen enrollments.

South Carolina: Greer based restaurant food supplier Ovation Brands was taken over by Texas based Food Management Partners (FMP).  As a result an undisclosed number of Ovation employees were laid off without warning: “FMP offered zero severance to the laid-off employees. No advanced notification was given either.”-unnamed former employee

The takeover of Ovation Brands will affect restaurant chains Ryan’s, Fire Mountain, Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Hometown Buffet and Tahoe Joes Famous Steakhouse.

25 August 2015: More A&P, Haggen shutdowns!

“If we weren’t a food desert before, we certainly are now!”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Exceptional Failed State: Obama on drugs? Says 100-million people now have Obama Care insurance!

19 November 2013 (15:37 UTC-07 Tango)/15 Muharram 1435/28 Aban 1392/17 Gui-Hai (10th month) 4711

There are about 314-million citizens in the United States, the Obama regime was recorded during a phone conference telling his NAZI Organizing for Action operatives that 100-million citizens now have Obama Care insurance: “In the first month alone we’ve seen more than 100 million Americans successfully enroll in the new insurance plans.”

That’s even 99.9-million more than what the Obama regime predicted!

But guess what?  Obama was including an estimated million citizens that applied but so far haven’t actually signed up, and citizens that supposedly will now qualify under expanded Medicaid.  In other words, Obama’s claim that 100-million now have insurance is a total guesstimation, it’s not fact!

I’m one of those citizens that should qualify for expanded Medicaid, except I live in one of about two dozen U.S. states that are refusing to expand Medicaid coverage!  You here that Obama?  About half of the 50 U.S. states are refusing to expand Medicaid coverage!

Even the main streamer pro-Obama regime news media says about 100-thousand people have signed up, or applied for Obama Care!  Is Obama on drugs?

Obama also told his NAZI followers that Obama Care insurance would cost less than a cable TV bill!  Guess what I can’t even afford cable or satellite TV, I use the old fashioned free TV antenna!  How the hell can I afford Obama Care?

“Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security……..That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional.”-Barack Obama, 10 September 2013

Prepare for permanent economic terrorism

Idaho’s Obama Care Christian corruption covered up

 More Obama Care job cuts!

Obama Care shuts down yet another Christian nursing home!

Hundreds more laid off due to Obama Care

Obama Care being blamed for 61 people becoming unemployed

Former mainstreamer news man gets screwed by Obama Care! 

Exceptional Failed State: Obama Care about to kill you with 20 new taxes! Violates Constitution! Prepare for permanent economic terrorism?

19 November 2013 (00:23 UTC-07 Tango)/15 Muharram 1435/28 Aban 1392/17 Gui-Hai (10th month) 4711

“….the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act violated the Origination Clause of the U.S. Constitution….”-MATTHEW SISSEL vs U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, et al

At least 40 U.S. Congressman have joined a federal Supreme Court lawsuit that charges Obama Care with violating the Constitution.   Specifically “The Senate of the United States violated this constitutional safeguard when it ‘amended’ a House bill designed to reduce taxes by substituting the legislative substance of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was one of the largest tax increases in American history, estimated to raise $675 billion in revenue. The Origination Clause requires that such revenue raising bills originate in the House, not the Senate.”

And just how many taxes were secretly created by Obama Care?  At least 20.  U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan, from South Carolina, has published a full list of the massive amount of taxes created by Obama Care.  There are new taxes on investments, on individuals, on businesses (I’ve been posting about those medical device makers that are shutting down or leaving the country because of a new medical device tax),  taxes on non-profit hospitals (I’ve also been posting about non-profit hospitals shutting down because of this tax), increase in Medicare tax, even taxes on the outrageously expensive health insurance you’re being forced to pay for!  Click here to see the list.

Forbes is predicting that all the new taxes will result in a new level of tax evasion/fraud.  Obama Care will actually increase corruption within the United States.

Any political scientist/economist/historian will tell you that one of the major factors in the destruction of a society/empire is the introduction of excessive taxes, especially when the economy is crashing and burning.

The following was taken from How Excessive Government Killed Ancient Rome, written by Bruce Bartlett in 1994. See how much it reads very much like what’s been going on in (and what’s coming for) the United States: “….unscrupulous emperors like Domitian (81—96 AD.) would use trumped-up charges to confiscate the assets of the wealthy. They would also invent excuses to demand tribute from the provinces and the wealthy……citizenship was greatly expanded [immigration reform] in order to bring more people into the tax net.  Taxes on the wealthy, however, were sharply increased, especially those on inheritances…..Most emperors continued the policies of debasement [currency devaluation] and increasingly heavy taxes, levied mainly on the wealthy. The war against wealth was not simply due to purely fiscal requirements, but was also part of a conscious policy of exterminating the Senatorial class…..As the private wealth of the Empire was gradually confiscated or taxed away, driven away or hidden, economic growth slowed to a virtual standstill. Moreover, once the wealthy were no longer able to pay the state’s bills, the burden inexorably fell onto the lower classes, so that average people suffered as well from the deteriorating economic conditions.  In Rostovtzeff’s words, ‘The heavier the pressure of the state on the upper classes, the more intolerable became the condition of the lower‘ (Rostovtzeff 1957: 430).   At this point, in the third century A.D., the money economy completely broke down. Yet the military demands of the state remained high…….With the collapse of the money economy, the normal system of taxation also broke down. This forced the state to directly appropriate whatever resources it needed wherever they could be found [government run armed robbery]……. The result, of course, was chaos, dubbed ‘permanent terrorism’ by Rostovtzeff (1957: 449).  Eventually, the state was forced to compel individuals to continue working and producing [government run slavery].” 

“Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security……..That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional.”-Barack Obama, 10 September 2013