Red Neck Fail: ‘Christian’ Texas home base for taxpayer funded Islamic extremist schools!

18 November 2016 (12:29 UTC-07 Tango 01) 28 Aban 1395/17 Safar 1438/19 Ji Hai 4714

“Among the issues in the complaint that were left aside by TEA include evidence of discrimination in hiring, pay, and promotion favoring Turkish males, preference for related Turkish vendors in major contracts, discrimination against English Language learners and Students with Disabilities, abuse of the H-1B visa program to bring in underqualified Turkish nationals for teaching and leadership positions, misuse of federal program funding for low socioeconomic students and students with special needs, and systematic overcharging of leases to Harmony schools by Harmony’s private real estate arm to siphon over $18 million of public funds out of the schools.”Gülen

President Bill Clinton praising lobbying efforts (bribing of U.S. politicians) by Muhammed Fethullah Gülen and his followers: 

The ‘christian’ dominated Texas Education Agency (TEA) has concluded yet another in-house investigation into a Turkish immigrant run U.S. taxpayer funded school system.  The latest accusations that the Houston based nationwide school system is really an Islamic Extremist recruitment system comes from NATO member Turkey. The TEA stated the claims were “unfounded” despite ‘mountains’ of publicly available evidence.

Retired U.S. general Michael T. Flynn, and posible advisor to President Trump, accuses Gülen of being a terrorist

This announcement by the TEA came as U.S. Presidential elect Donald Trump asked retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser.  Just days ago Flynn wrote “From Turkey’s point of view, Washington is harboring Turkey’s Osama bin Laden…..    ….To add insult to injury, American taxpayers are helping finance Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the United States. These schools have been granted more H1-B visas than Google.”  That ‘Osama bin Laden’ is Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, who has been protected by various U.S. presidents since 1997.  (is Flynn’s opposition to Gülen the real reason Obama fired him?)

2012 CBSNews 60 Minutes report, in which they were told Muhammed Fethullah Gülen does not speak to news media:

In 1997 Muhammed Fethullah Gülen was secretly rescued from Turkey by U.S. President Bill Clinton, after Gülen publicly ordered his minions to overthrow the Turkish government.  Since then he’s created an extensive taxpayer funded charter school system across the U.S.  NATO member Turkey claims that some of the Islamic Extremist insurgents they’ve captured came from the U.S. and attended those schools.

2014 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview with Muhammed Fethullah Gülen: 

It should be noted that Turkish immigrant teachers went public a couple of years ago and said that Gülen was intentionally laying off U.S. citizen teachers and replacing them with Turkish immigrants, because he was making money by forcing the immigrants to kickback 40% of their pay to his organization!

Former Gülen followers reveal the hidden extremist movement: 

A group called Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools are tracking the Gülen school systems.  They identified hundreds of charter schools operating across the U.S., under different names (including in Mormon dominated Utah, under the name of Beehive which is one of the Masonic symbols of Mormonism), but directly linked to Harmony in Texas, and all under the direction of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (who lives in Pennsylvania).

Pic published by Australian Catholic University showing Gulen meeting the Pope

Gülen run education management ops: Coral Education Corporation-Sonoran Schools-Accord Institute for Education Research,  Harmony Public Schools-Cosmos Foundation-Sky Foundation, Magnolia Foundation, Willow Education, Charter Educational Services & Resources-Grace Institute for Educational Research & Resources, Concept Schools, Pelican Educational Foundation, Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation, Apple Educational Services, Frontier Schools, iLearnSchools-North Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools, Washington Educational Foundation, SST-Riverwalk Education Foundation.

Gülen run charter-concept schools:  Little Scholars of Arkansas, Magnolia Science Academy, Bay Area Technology School, Lotus School for Excellence, Harmony D.C. School of Excellence, Broward Math & Science School, Discovery Academy of Science, New Springs Elementary School, New Springs Middle School, Orlando Science, River City Science Academy, Stars Middle School, Fulton Science Academy-TEACH, Fulton Sunshine Academy, Chicago Math and Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Quest Charter Academy, Indiana Math and Science Academy, Kenilworth Science and Technology, Chesapeake Math and IT Academy South, Chesapeake Science Point, Pioneer Charter School of Science, Hampden Charter School of Science, Michigan Math and Science Academy, Minnesota Math and Science AcademyFrontier School of Excellence-Brookside-Frontier Math and Science School, Frontier School of Innovation, Frontier STEM, Gateway Science Academy, Coral Academy of Science, Central Jersey College PrepPaterson Charter School For Science And Technology, Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School, Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, Passaic Arts and Science Charter School, Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, Hudson Arts and Science Charter School, Albuquerque School of Excellence, Syracuse Academy of Science, Buffalo Academy of Science, Rochester Academy Charter School, Utica Academy of Science, Triad Math & Science Academy, Triangle Math & Science Academy, Queen City STEM, Horizon Science Academy, Noble Academy, Discovery School of Tulsa, Dove Science Academy, Truebright Science Academy, Young Scholars, Vision Academy,  Greenville Renewable Energy Education-GREEN, Memphis School of Excellence, Harmony School of Science, Harmony Science Academy, Harmony School of Excellence, Harmony School of Political Science & Communication,  Harmony School of Innovation, Harmony School of Business, Harmony School of Nature & Athletics, Harmony School of Endeavor, Harmony School of Advancement, Harmony School of Discovery, Harmony School of Exploration,  Harmony School of Ingenuity, School of Science and Technology, Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Milwaukee Math and Science Academy

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