“has outlived its useful life”: ObamaCare ACA death spiral, August 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in August 2017:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: 500-thousand fewer people enrolled in ObamaCare-ACA than the previous year.  Many people were “automatically re-enrolled” from the previous year.   38% crash in ObamaCare insurance providers for 2018!

National Business Group on Health: In 2018 ObamaCare-ACA mandated employee health insurance will cost more than $14-thousand USD per employee!  The cost will be split 70% paid by employers and 30% by employees.  Insurance companies will reduce benefits to try and keep costs to employers/employees as low as possible, in other words, you’all are gonna pay more for less yet again.


The Protenus Breach Barometer says in the month of July 47% of healthcare data breaches were caused by hacking, a new record.

The world’s biggest pusher of legal drugs, Israeli based Teva, announced plans to exit 45 countries and eliminate 7-thousand jobs! However, Teva admin claim its operations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania will not be affected.

California:  Jackson National Life Insurance shutting down an office in Los Angeles, by November.   DaVita Medical Group issued a layoff WARN for its El Segundo ops, 57 jobs gone by Halloween.  Country Care Health Center issued a shutdown WARN for its Atascadero ops, 50 jobs gone by Halloween.  Worker comp claim manager One Call Care Management shutting down its West Hills location in time for Halloween. Drugs pusher Allergan issued a layoff WARN for its operations in Irvine, 109 jobs gone in time for Halloween!  Peregrine Pharmaceuticals-Avid Bioservices eliminating 60 jobs in Tustin, by October.  SunBridge Carmichael Rehabilitation issued a shutdown WARN for its Carmichael location, 72 jobs gone by Halloween.

Connecticut:  New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Hartford based (but soon to be NYC based) Aetna is reportedly making a deal with Apple to provide Aetna customers with Apple watches.

Florida:  34 years old non-profit nursing home operator Senior Care Group now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Holy Cross Hospital from laying off 28 people as part of ObamaCare consolidation operations.  GraceWood Rehabilitation and Nursing Care chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to $3.2-million USD of debts.  Resources for Human Development eliminating 87 jobs by Xmas.

Idaho:  In Nampa, state investigators accusing Southwest Idaho Treatment Center of abusing seven adult residents.  Six employees involved, two directly abusing the patients, the other four knew about it but did nothing to stop it or report it.  They are now unemployed.   The state Department of Insurance made it official and publicly released the now annual proposed ObamaCare-ACA insurance rate increases for 2018.  All ‘plans’ will go up, but the ‘Silver Plan’ will be jacked by a whopping average of 50% (one insurance provider, PacificSource Health, is skyrocketing their Silver rates by 81%)!  Employers are pissed: “There’s one thing if it was increases and the coverage was better.  The problem is……the coverage is getting less, so now I’m paying a lot for a little, and that’s a hard one to swallow.”-Shawn Lund, CFO Steel West

Illinois: Centegra Hospital-Woodstock permanently halting  surgical and intensive care services after losing $30-million USD, 458 jobs are threatened!  Arizona based drugs maker Therapeutics agreed to pay the state of Illinois $4.4-million USD because it wrongly advertised its fentanyl-based cancer treatment painkiller (known as Subsys) for non-cancer uses.   Ireland based medical device maker Medtronic shutting down its Joliet distribution ops, 185 jobs gone by Xmas!  Edward-Elmhurst Health eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs in an effort to reduce costs by $50-million USD.

Indiana:  After 32 years Rathbone Retirement Community shutdown due to lack of paying customers.

Kentucky: Louisville based Humana eliminating 180 ‘At Home’ jobs by Thanksgiving!   It’s the second round of homecare jobs cuts, the first round killed 5-hundred jobs!  Despite blaming the job cuts on a $400-million USD first quarter loss Humana is also advertising that it is looking to hire 2-thousand people across the country.  (interesting that many companies are blaming job cuts on revenue losses, but then claiming to have enough money to be hiring even more people than are being fired)

Maryland: ‘Personalized’ healthcare provider NantHealth eliminating 3-hundred jobs blaming crashing revenues (but is it really because it sold-off its provider and patient messaging software ops to a competitor)!

Massachusetts: Ocular Therapeutix suddenly laid off 26 people when the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) rejected its latest eye care drug.  It’s been revealed that Bostonians were forced to pay $16-million USD in an effort to get insurance giant Aetna to move its HQ to Boston.  It was called Project X and it failed. 

Michigan: Kindred Healthcare shutting down its hospital in Detroit, 145 jobs gone by the end of September because ObamaCare-ACA penalizes people for using long-term hospital care!

Minnesota: Lutz Wing Nursing Home shutting down, basically blaming it on too much competition.

New Mexico: Gila Regional Medical Center suddenly laid off five administrators.  The husband of one of those fired says it’s the result of his demands for an investigation into the hospital’s cancer treatment ops.

Nebraska: Christian founded American Red Cross shutting down its Omaha Call Center, 138 jobs lost due to consolidation operations!

Nevada: Insurance company Anthem pulling out of The Silver State, blaming ObamaCare-ACA for not being able to make a profit. Anthem also pulled out of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

New Jersey: Drugs maker Bristol-Myers Squibb issued a layoff WARN, 58 people jobless by October due to loss of patent on HIV drug.  Drugs maker Bristol-Myers Squibb eliminating 58 jobs in Lawrence Township.

New York:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center from bribing (buyouts) 3-hundred employees to voluntarily quit in order to allow “…St. Joseph’s Health to adjust its operations to fit the future model of health care…”!   It’s been revealed that New Yorkers were forced to spend $24-million USD bribing insurance giant Aetna to move its HQ to The Big Apple.  TLC Health Network shutting down its long-term care and medical/surgical units and eliminating 38 jobs by the holiday of Thanksgiving, due to being forced by ObamaCare to focus on outpatient care only.  Heritage Health and Housing issued a layoff WARN, 101 jobs gone by Halloween due to the loss of state taxpayer funding!

Ohio: Kindred Healthcare shutting down its hospital in Marshfield, 111 jobs gone by the end of September because ObamaCare-ACA penalizes people for using long-term hospital care!  In 2018 Paulding County will be without any ObamaCare-ACA insurance providers, according to Kaiser Family Foundation.

Oregon:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ non-profit Saint Charles Health System from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs due to a need to cut costs by $6-million USD.  Administrators told local news media that ObamaCare-ACA reimbursements don’t cover the skyrocketing costs of running hospitals.

South Carolina:  Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System are planing to merge to save costs, meaning jobs will be lost.

Texas: Texas Health Resources reported a 23% crash in income during the first half of 2017, a bigger drop than what it saw during the same time in 2016.

Virginia: Insurance company Anthem is getting out of the ObamaCare-ACA business in 2018.  This time, instead of blaming it on lack of profits, the insurer is blaming it on uncertainty as to how the U.S. Congress is going to fund/repeal ObamaCare-ACA.   Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center shutting down, 128 jobs affected in October because the center “has outlived its useful life”!

Washington:  PeaceHealth outsourcing 30 medical coder positions to a Texas based contractor.  Renton based Providence Health & Services eliminating 210 jobs, blaming it on a costs of operation loss of $255-million USD in 2016 caused by ObamaCare-ACA insurance reimbursements: “There has been a fundamental shift in our industry in that we are providing more care to more patients, but are receiving the same amount of revenue and often less to cover the costs.”-official statement

Washington DC:  Your taxes have been paying for advertising to promote money grubbing ObamaCare insurance providers.  But the new president, Donald Trump, reduced that taxpayer funding by $3-million USD.