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Gun Ban Fail: Security Guard burns to death school children!

05 OCT 2017 (13:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 12 Mehr 1396/13 Muharram 1439/16 Geng-Xu 4715

A 50 years old former security guard is accused of setting a kindergarten on fire, killing four children and their teacher, 40 others are wounded (25 hospitalized, 15 treated and released), most of the children are four or five years old.  The attacker also set himself on fire and is dead.

Locals believe the attack was vengeance by the security guard for being fired, after eight years on-the-job. Other reports say the security guard was suffering from health problems and asked for time off, but was told to get a doctor’s excuse. Police haven’t confirmed either report.  It happened in Janaúba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.   The local hospital is asking for donations of supplies that are specific for treating burns.

Why didn’t the security guard use a gun?  Afterall, Brazil is flooded with illegal guns, and there’s neverending gun violence:“Clashes between drug dealers and the police have been frequent since last Friday, September 29th, when the Army left Rocinha after a week of occupation.”

Also: Former Rio Olympics official arrested for fraud discovered to be in possession of illegal guns.

Maybe it’s not the gun that drives people to kill?

“In Brazil, all firearms are required to be registered with the minimum age for gun ownership being 25. It is generally illegal to carry a gun outside a residence, and a special permit granting the right to do so is granted to certain groups, such as law enforcement officers. To legally own a gun, an owner must hold a gun license, which costs BRL R$1000, and pay a fee every three years to register the gun, currently at BRL R$85. Registration can be done online or in person with the Federal Police.”-Wikipedia

Voice of America: Mass Shootings Around the World


Destroy U.S. Dollar: BRICS Bank now using Chinese yuan!

02 December 2015 (03:12 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Azar 1394/19 Safar 1437/21 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713

Considering the stability of the Chinese currency and the scale of the Chinese debt market, I think that one of the first steps in providing the New Development Bank with funds may be entering the Chinese market to borrow in yuan.”-Vladimir Kazbekov, New Development Bank

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) New Development Bank is now using Chinese yuan for international loans.  

Destroy U.S. Dollar: U.S. ally ratifies free trade deal with China! 

Destroy U.S. Dollar: U.S. petrodollar meet the new Iran Petroleum Contract! 

Destroy U.S. Dollar:  Statement by People’s Republic of China & United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Drought forces Iran to beggar for food! Begins invading farms in other countries, with petro-cash of course!

29 August 2015 (06:10 UTC-07 Tango 01)/07 Shahrivar 1394/14 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1436/16 Jia-Shen (7th month) 4713

What U.S. economic sanctions?  It’s been revealed that the true reason for inflation in Iran is due to lack of food, not U.S. sanctions: “Between 38 to 40% of the Iranian families’ economy is related to food which requires us to build a base for reducing prices of nutritional products….”-Mohammad Reza Shafeinia, Ministry of Agricultural Jihad

After years of drought the Iranian Ag Industry is suffering from lack of water.  In some places the fresh water sources have dropped so low the water is now too salty.  The drought has also forced government agriculture administrators to abandon their plans to make Iran independent in wheat production (despite earlier reports saying Iran had a record wheat harvest this year).  Even the cultivation of Iranian watermelons and rice is under threat by Mother Nature.

As a result Iran has announced its first foreign farm operation in neighboring Kazakhstan.  A small farm of more than eight hectares (19 acres) has begun cultivation specifically for sale in Iran.  But the next move for Iran is war torn Ukraine.

Despite the U.S. created civil war in European Ukraine, Iran plans to begin farming ops there within the next few months.  After that a farm op in African Ghana.  European Serbia has indicated that it will invest in Iran’s Agriculture Beyond Borders program.

In the South American Brazil, Iran is planning a 60-thousand hectares (148-thousand acres) Beyond Borders farm project.

What U.S. Sanctions? Iran loans Syria $1-billion!

U.S. imposes new sanctions!

Mormon bank caught violating U.S. sanctions against Iran! 

Too Big to Fail bank caught violating U.S. sanctions against Iran! 

U.S. sanctions against Iran shut down Peugeot, for General Motors.

U.S. allows farm Corporations to contiue business with Iran, oil contractors as well. 

United States renews Iran sanctions exemptions for 11 countries!

Iran oil revenues up 59% despite U.S. & EU sanctions!

Russia to help Iran avoid U.S. & EU sanctions! 

Japan says U.S. & EU oil sanctions against Iran will not affect global oil supply! 

Japan sues U.S. over Iran sanctions! U.S./U.K. media lie about Japanese bank freezing Iranian accounts! 

U.S. oil sanctions have actually increased Iranian oil sales! 

U.S. sanctions against Iran means death knell for French steel factory.

U.S. sanctions on Iran target Chinese company.

MERCOSUR joins BRICS to destroy U.S. Dollar with new Bank of the South!

31 July 2014 (13:51 UTC-07 Tango)/03 Shawwal 1435/09 Mordad 1393/05 Xin-Wei (7th month) 4712

“Central America and the Caribbean also constitute a vital space for economic integration and the political unity of Our America…we need to consolidate regional articulation that allows for integral development, to confront poverty, social exclusion and that is based in solidarity and cooperation.”-MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL statement

On 30 July 2014, MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL voted to implement their U.S. dollar killing Bank of the South (aka South Bank) by the end of this year.

Also, Bolivia became a full member of MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market).  Caribbean, Central America and South American countries are joining together to create a Complementary Economic Zone.

BRICS to destroy U.S. dollar with new Global Bank!

World War 3: Central & South America rethinks support for Israel! MERCOSUR condemns Israel, ends Free Trade Deal!

30 July 2014 (07:01 UTC-07 Tango)/02 Shawwal 1435/08 Mordad 1393/04 Xin-Wei (7th month) 4712

“We condemn criminal genocidal policy and the warlike actions of the Government of Israel against the Palestinian people, treacherously murdering civilians including women and children…..we demand the suspension of the bombing, occupation and the blockade of the Palestinian territory!  Moreover, we call on the governments of MERCOSUR to adopt the measure of immediate suspension of the Free Trade Agreement with the State of Israel.”-MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL 29 July 2014

At this point almost half a dozen Central and South American countries have recalled their ambassadors from Israel, to protest the war on Gaza Strip: El Salvador, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and economic powerhouse Brazil.

To show you how arrogant the Israelis are, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor called Brazil a “diplomatic dwarf” adding that by recalling their ambassador Brazil is now “irrelevant”!

Argentina openly condemned Israel at the recent UN Security Council meeting.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales is demanding sanctions against Israel.

MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL (Southern Common Market) held a meeting on 29 July 2014, and Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela condemned the “disproportionate use of force” by Israel against civilians.

The Caribbean country Cuba ended ties with Israel in 1973.


BRICS to destroy U.S. dollar with new Global Bank! British empire connection! BRICS put all blame for World problems on United States!

15 July 2014 (13:14 UTC-07 Tango)/17 Ramadan 1435/24 Tir 1393/19 Xin-Wei 4712

At the start of the sixth meeting of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) the members agreed to the creation of their own world bank, currently being called the BRICS Development Bank ( officially called the New Development Bank or NDB).

Each BRICS member is contributing billions in cash to fund the new global bank ($50-billion initial capital, $100-billion in emergency reserve funds called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement), which will focus on loaning money to ‘developing’ countries.  The HQ will be in Shanghai and its first president will be from India.

The NDB will compete directly with the U.S. based Wold Bank and IMF.

Members of the BRICS said they were forced to create their own global bank because the United States continued delay in progressing the IMF quota and governance reforms” and does not solve its political problems.”

India and South Africa are still members of the British empire (aka commonwealth, officially called Commonwealth of Nations).

Germany, U.K. & Greece now part of Chinese “Strategic Partnership” 

Exceptional Failed State: More lies from the Obama regime! More revelations from Europe & Latin America!

29 October 2013 (05:29 UTC-07 Tango)/24 Dhu’l-Hijja 1434/07 Aban 1391/25 Ren-Xu (9th month) 4711

“We have a great respect for our partners and allies who cooperate with us……..That’s all I have to say.”-Chuck Hagel, U.S. Secretary of Defense

“Google becomes the devil…”-Monica Rosina, Fundacao Getulio Vargas Law School in Brazil

Brazil: Google is accused of directly helping the U.S. NSA to steal millions of Brazilians’ personal data, including President Dilma Rousseff.  The Brazilian government has stopped all other debates and is working to create new laws that will block or penalize IT companies from passing personal data to other countries.  Google officials are whining that such new laws will restrict their plans to expand in Brazil.  The Brazilian government told Bilderberger Microsoft that its contract will not be renewed.

“These TAO accesses into several Mexican government agencies are just the beginning — we intend to go much further against this important target.”-leaked NSA Tailored Access Operations document

Mexico: U.S. government spied on Mexican government for at least a decade, under operations Flatliquid and Whitetamale.  They can be traced back to the beginning of Mexico’s so called Drug War.  The U.S. spying on the Mexican government suggest that the Bush Jr and Obama regimes actually considered the Mexican government the enemy, not the drug lords. (remember when the U.S. government was caught selling guns to drug lords?)

At the recent Organization of American States (OAS) meeting, U.S. officials failed to explain the NSA spying fiasco.  They blamed the False Flag government shut down (only 18% of government spending was stopped during the supposed shutdown): “With the government closed and most of its employees furloughed, we lost the time essential for us to engage our inter-agency colleagues and prepare for this hearing.”-Lawrence Gumbiner, Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative to OAS

Italy: 46 million phone calls recorded by U.S. NSA in just one month.

Spain: 61 million phone calls recorded by U.S. NSA (some reports say it was done in conjunction with United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters) in just one month.

France: 70 million phone calls recorded by U.S. NSA (some sources say it was for Israel) in just one month.

Germany: 361 million phone calls recorded by U.S. NSA (including the Chancellor’s, some reports say for the British empire/United Kingdom) in just one month.

European Union: Parliament members are debating new laws that would directly affect Google, Apple and Facebook.

“Is Angela Merkel a terrorist? Are sixty or seventy million Spanish or French citizens terrorists? Are there terrorists at Petrobras? This is clearly about political power and economic espionage, and the claim that this is all about terrorism is seen around the world as what it is, which is pure deceit.”-Glenn Greenwald, journalist who revealed the NSA scandal

Other reports say most of the info gathered by the U.S. government was actually used for U.S. corporate/investment espionage, not true security issues.  That is a violation of international laws.

“Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security……..That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional.”-Barack Obama, 10 September 2013

World War 3, South American Front: Brazil threatens United States?

21 April 2013 (02:06 UTC-07 Tango)/10 Jumada t-Tania 1434/01 Ordibehest 1391/12 Bing-Chen (3rd month) 4711

“The era of interference by other powers or hemispheric regions is outdated…..we are democratic societies that’re united and strong.”-Antonio Patriota, Foreign Minister of Brazil

A couple of days after Bolivian officials said they had evidence that the United States was about to overthrow the newly elected President of Venezuela, Brazil has stepped up and basically told the U.S. to stay the hell out!

Venezuela is considered to have the fairest election system in the World, while the democracy of the U.S. is now questioned.

Antonio Patriota also revealed that U.S. Secretary John Kerry has asked to have a meeting with Brazilian officials concerning Iran and Syria. He blasted current U.S. tactics in Syria: “We are not in favor of unilateral sanctions……the truth is that there are destabilizing elements associated with fundamentalist agendas. We find it worrying that certain actors have a willingness to arm the factions.”

He also hinted that U.S. President Barack Obama was planning a trip to Brazil by the end of the year.

U.S. Media Bullshit! Report Brazil gun violence down after anti-gun law passed! Same day as CCTV video released of three unarmed teenagers getting blasted by two men with guns, and cops just sat and watched! Gun control did not prevent school shooting!

03 April 2013/22 Jumada l-Ula 1434/14 Farvardin 1391/23 Yi-Mao (2nd month) 4711

I’ve read several U.S. main streamer media sources lauding Brazil’s anti-gun law, claiming it reduced the murder rate!

Brazil’s Institute of Applied Economic Research says the homicide rate did drop, by 2 (two)!  In 2010 the homicide rate was 20 out of 100000 people, that’s two people less than the rate for 2003 when the Disarmament Statute was passed.  A two person drop in seven years of the gun ban, and they call that proof anti-gun laws work?

Another problem, the reports I saw did not specify homicide by gun, they simply said homicides.  As far as I know that could include homicides not involving guns.  Also, it did not mention overall violent crime, which has been on the increase.

In January 2013, the BBC reported a shooting at a samba school in Brazil, then went on to blatantly lie saying Brazil did not have any tough anti-gun laws.

It was the BBC that reported a more recent shooting of three unarmed teenagers, right in front of cops who did nothing.  See the video report here. Interestingly the BBC report admits that violent crime has actually gone up since the Brazilian anti-gun law was passed!

In 2011 there was a mass shooting at a school in Brazil.  You can watch CCTV video which includes news video.  The CCTV shows kids running for their lives, and in the news video one guy says It was just like in the United States, except for one thing, Brazil has stricter anti-gun laws!

World War 3: Argentina demands United Nations stop Israel! Demands South America unite against Israel! Brazil makes same demands! Egypt turns to South America, not the United States!

19 November 2012, Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has sent letters to the United Nations Security Council, and to Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR).

To the UN: “…urgently call for the Council to convene in order to put an end to this round of violence that strengthens those who wish to impede the creation of a Palestine state…”

To the South American union: “UNASUR is required to act in defense of human life…”

The government of Brazil, acting as representative of MERCOSUR (Mercado Comum do Sul/Mercado Común del Sur/Southern Common Market), called: “…for an immediate end to violence and to the UN Security Council to fully assume its responsibilities….”

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay recognized the State of Palestine in December 2011, and signed a free trade agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

On 17 November 2012, it was reported in some South American news sources, that Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi contacted Argentina’s President for help in ending the Israeli hostilities.  President de Kirchner responded by saying South America, not the United States, will: “…work with the leaders in the region to urge the parties involved in the conflict to cease the violence.”