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Flavored edible spoons kick-ass over plastic, the new savior of your sacred cow!

04 January 2017 (11:23 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Dey 1395/05 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1438/07 Ji Chou 4714

I’m not religious, and I’ll eat your sacred cow any day, but this time I’m with those Hindu bovine lovers.

In the predominantly Hindu areas of British empire member India (they never went independent, it’s called the Commonwealth of Nations and the Queen of England is the boss) you can’t touch a cow, they roam here and there eating whatever, even in the metro areas. But it’s been revealed that many people in those cow worshiping areas are massive litter bugs, especially in the food service parts of town where thousands of plastic eating utensils (and anything else plastic) end up on the ground and then in the multi-chambered gut of those sacred cows.

Yep, those dumb cows have been gulping down any petro-oil based plastic item for decades, and now the Prime Minister is on a campaign to stop it because eating plastic is killing the cows and making their milk toxic.  But an extremely low-tech company has found a way to get rid of those high-tech utensils.

A sacred cow undergoing surgery to remove a mass of plastic from its gut

A company in the southern part of India (Bakey Foods) is making edible eating utensils out of wheat and rice flour, using a process that keeps them from disintegrating while you use them.   The process is similar to making homemade play-dough, which is then baked in ovens.    The top sellers are the edible utensils that have flavoring, and even sugar, in them.

The president of Bakey Foods hopes that over the next five years if enough Hindus use his edible utensils that five million tonnes (metric tons) of plastic would be kept off the streets.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m a cow eating carnivore but who want’s to eat a cow made of plastic?

Now deadlier than Zika, CHIKV kills 15 people in 5 days!

17 September 2016 (17:56 UTC-07 Tango 01) 27 Shahrivar 1395/14 Dhu I-Hijja 1437/17 Ding-You 4714

“Even many cases of viral fever are showing similar symptoms like joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue etc that are normally associated with Chikungunya. Those patients who are positive for Chikungunya tests are showing more severe symptoms compared to the past few years.”-Rajeev Saxena, consultant physician

In the Indian territory of Delhi 15 people have died since 12 September after being bitten by mosquitoes, the same type of mosquitoes that can pass the Zika virus.  But it’s not Zika, it’s Chikungunya.

More than 1-thousand people in the territory are known to be infected with Chikungunya.  Interestingly government health administrators in Delhi did not consider Chikungunya (aka CHIKV, the V is for virus) to be so dangerous that it had to be reported to state health officials, which means that the actual number of Chikungunya cases could be much higher.  Local news reports say health officials are now requiring hospitals to notify them of anymore cases, however, they’ve also ordered hospitals not to talk to the news media!

So far everybody who has died had other medical problems, and died after they were admitted to hospitals.  There are reports that health administrators failed to spray for mosquitoes this year, due to lack of funding.   Delhi administrators say they are now gearing up to begin spraying using a specialized train called The Terminator, supposedly because most of the new mosquitoes are hatching around railroad tracks.  However, it’ll take at least one week to equip the train and train the personnel how to use the equipment!

CHIKV infections were first noticed in 1955.  It was not considered dangerous as it was rare if an infected person died.  In 2005 CHIKV had mutated and began rapidly spreading around the world, and it became stronger.

By 2015 the virus was found in most of the Americas, Africa and eastern Asia.  This year it looks like the virus mutated again, becoming deadly.  Not only that, one Indian doctor, Rajeev Saxena, says many people are showing CHIKV symptoms but are testing negative for the virus.  This suggests that the current test doesn’t work.  Also, there is no vaccine or cure for CHIKV.

The symptoms are typical of virus infections; fever, rash, joint pain, fatigue, upset stomach, etc.  They show up about a week to two weeks after you’re bit, and can last for ten days.   Survivors in India report that the joint pain isn’t going away, even after they’ve been declared free of the infection.   In previous CHIKV outbreaks about 20% of the victims have recuring symptoms a year later.

A major problem has been noticed with diagnosing CHIKV, the same mosquito (which can pass Zika) also passes on Dengue and Malaria resulting in a sick person actually having multiple viral infections.




“I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.”-Revelation 6:8

Gun Ban Failure: Mass killing of 14 people despite laws! This anti-gun country is 2nd only to U.S. in gun violence!

28 February 2016 (10:42 UTC-07 Tango 01) 09 Esfand 1394/19 Jumada al-Ula 1437/21 Geng Yin 4714

“The attacker, Hasnin Anwar Warekar, hung himself after slitting the throats of all other family members including his parents.”-police statement

“We came running. His sister was shouting from the window for help. We saved her by breaking the window. When we tried to break through the door she asked us not to as her brother was holding a knife. My elder brother and I went to call the police.”-neighbor

A man killed 14 members of his family, with a knife, then killed himself! It happened in the total gun ban country of India.

Police say the murder-suicide took place while the extended family was about to eat dinner.  The woman who survived the attack is hospitalized and not yet in a condition to answer questions.

Home made gun in near total gun ban India, if there’s a will there’s a way

India totally bans individual gun ownership, unless an individual can meet strict rules (and pay high fees) to get a government issued license.  The license must be renewed every three years.  However, even with a gun license there are types of guns totally banned from ownership: Basically any “bored” gun that can fire the most popular pistol or rifle ammo (which just happens to be ammo used by police & military) is banned, even shotguns with a barrel of less than 20 inches are banned.  Legal guns are limited to how much ammo they can hold.

This is one of the few legal for civilians to own (with gun license) guns in India. The sexist manufacturer claims they designed it just for women.

Despite the near total gun ban and tougher gun laws, India’s gun ownership, and gun violence rate, has been going up.  In 2010, Time magazine claimed that India was second highest in the world for gun ownership.  Accidental shootings have increased to the point where several lndian states have banned the traditional use of guns in celebrations.   What the anti-gun Time article failed to point out is that most of the increase in gun ownership involves the owning of the very guns that are totally banned (the “bored” guns using ammo similar to police & military guns), which also implies the owners don’t have a legal gun ownership license.

This chart differentiates between illegal and legally owned guns. Note the overwhelming dominance of murders by gun with illegally owned guns, proving the near total gun ban is a total failure!

Last year the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) published the conclusions of their investigations into India’s rising gun violence.  They reported that near total gun-ban India now has the second highest homicide by gun rate in the world!   Of course the IDS study is a biased anti-gun report, calling for more guns for cops!

United Police States of America: Cops about to openly take your guns, no reason needed! 

Total Gun Ban Total Failure, Australia: Yet another gun related incident in country that totally bans guns!

Total Gun Ban Total Failure: Mexico!

Destroy U.S. Dollar: BRICS Bank now using Chinese yuan!

02 December 2015 (03:12 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Azar 1394/19 Safar 1437/21 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713

Considering the stability of the Chinese currency and the scale of the Chinese debt market, I think that one of the first steps in providing the New Development Bank with funds may be entering the Chinese market to borrow in yuan.”-Vladimir Kazbekov, New Development Bank

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) New Development Bank is now using Chinese yuan for international loans.  

Destroy U.S. Dollar: U.S. ally ratifies free trade deal with China! 

Destroy U.S. Dollar: U.S. petrodollar meet the new Iran Petroleum Contract! 

Destroy U.S. Dollar:  Statement by People’s Republic of China & United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

India develops Rare Earth Alloy to extend life of Cold War strike aircraft!

25 October 2015 (19:19 UTC-07 Tango 01, 24 October 2015)/03 Aban 1394/11 Muharram 1437/13 Bing-Xu (9th month) 4713

India is one of the last users of the Cold War era European developed Jaguar strike (ground attack) aircraft, and now they just gave it new life (again).

The adour turbine engines have a relatively short lifespan, but a group of defense contractors in India claim they’ve developed new compressor blades made of a new titanium-rare earth mineral alloy.  The Indian government has ordered mass production of the expensive replacement blades.

India has been steadily upgrading their old school Jaguars, the most recent major upgrades took place in 2012 and involved electronics and weapon systems.


Operation Jupiter: Bison dying of Anthrax! North Korea joins the Game? Canada signs Anthrax deal with United States!

10 July 2015 (19:31 UTC-07 Tango 01, 09 July 2015)/19 Tir 1394/23 Ramadan 1436/25 Gui-Wie 4713

Nine Bison have died in the North American British empire country of Canada.  Health administrators in the province of Saskatchewan have confirmed that two of them died from anthrax, and the other seven are suspected of being infected. It’s being blamed on the weather but NATO member Canada is one of several countries shipped live weaponized bacillus anthracis from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, United States.

Back in December, anthrax attacked a domestic cattle herd in Saskatchewan.  Tests showed the anthrax spores were in the hay the cows were eating, several cows died.

It should be noted that a U.S. NIH biodefense contractor, Immunovaccine Incorporated (formerly Rhino Resources), has signed a deal with Canadian vaccine maker PharmAthene.  The deal, which could be worth as much as $50-million CAD to the Canadian company, is focused on developing a new vaccine against anthrax using the patented DepoVax system.  Apparently the old vaccines are no longer viable.  Immunovaccine Incorporated revealed that they’ve already tested anthrax vaccines on 7-hundred people within the U.S.

The Obama regime’s Department of Defense has revealed yet another NATO member who got live anthrax; Italy.  So far Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea and United kingdom have been shipped live anthrax from Utah via commercial shippers. Note that all are NATO Members or Partners, and are involved in the JUPITR ATD program.

News reports out of east Asia say the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is creating weaponized anthrax inside pesticide factories. The source of the info is actually a U.S. operative known as the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, and the pesticide factory is the Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute: Analysis of the images reveals that the facility can produce regular, military-sized batches of biological weapons, specifically anthrax.”

And we’re supposed to be surprised by this ‘revelation’?  Can you say; No shit, Sherlock!  Isn’t it highly hypocritical for U.S. operatives to accuse another country of possibly being able to make weaponized anthrax, when it’s the U.S. that’s been actively shipping weaponized anthrax around the World since at least 2005?!  This is more likely an attempt by the United States to distract from its on going JUPITR ATD programs, which originally focused on Korea.

Here’s an update on the anthrax outbreak in India.  The Animal Husbandry Department of Chikkaballapur district confirmed animals are dying of anthrax. They’ve ordered all veterinarians to report suspected deaths caused by anthrax. To give you an idea how bad naturally occurring anthrax is: “… the bacteria will kill the animal, but will also leave spores. These spores, if exposed to air, will survive for over 40 years and may cause infection in healthy animals and can be a risk to human health. Hence, after an outbreak is confirmed, animals within a radius of 10 km should be vaccinated.”-P T Sreenivas, Animal Disease Surveillance

“The owners may sell the dead animal without knowing the potential danger it poses; this is wrong. The animal has to be buried at a depth of 15 feet. All equipment used to carry the animal, like rope and logs, should also be buried and covered in lime to stop the spread of infection.”-Dr Gayathri, Animal Disease Surveillance

Back in Canada this is how the news media is warning residents: “Ruminants such as bison, cattle, sheep and goats, are highly susceptible, and horses can also be infected. While swine, birds and carnivores are more resistant to infection, farm dogs and cats should be kept away from carcasses.

The carcass of any animal suspected of having anthrax should not be moved or disturbed and should be protected from scavengers to ensure the spores from spreading.

Officials say anyone who suspects anthrax should contact their veterinarian immediately for diagnosis, which can only be confirmed by a lab test.

Producers should use caution when handling potentially infected animals or carcasses. While animal cases pose minimal risk to humans, people can get infected through direct contact with sick animals or carcasses.”-Global News

FedEx involved! Connecticut preps with “drive thru” ops! 

Global Food Crisis: Anthrax kills 3 in India! Anthrax hits North Dakota!

27 June 2015 (16:58 UTC-07 Tango 01)/06 Tir 1394/10 Ramadan 1436/12 Ren-Wu (5th month) 4713

“We have shifted one patient to Koraput district headquarters hospital as his condition deteriorated. Others are being treated in the villages by our mobile health units.”-Anand Kumar Padhi, Koraput health administrator

“Anthrax has been confirmed in a Grand Forks County beef cow. Producers should consult with their veterinarians to make sure the vaccination schedule for their animals is up to date.”– Susan Keller, North Dakota state veterinarian

Indian health administrators suspect that possibly contaminated farm animals resulted in three people getting infected with anthrax and dying: “During our visit we found around 30 villages had consumed the meat of a dead cow. The patients developed abnormal swellings and boils on their body….”-Anand Kumar Padhi, Koraput health administrator

Anthrax hit India’s Koraput District back in December, but in the past week three people have died and “several” are in critical condition.  At least 12 people from one village are infected.  Two people also died in May.

In the U.S. state of North Dakota bacillus anthracis has hit the cattle industry.  The state Department of Agriculture blames unusually abundant rain. In 2005, anthrax killed more than 1-thousand cattle, bison, horses, sheep, llamas and farmed deer and elk.

Anthrax is not a virus, it is a bacteria that can survive extreme environments for decades, even survive chemicals and most radiations.  During the Second World War the evil British empire (supported by the United States) created weaponized versions of anthrax.  The testing grounds, Scotland’s Gruinard Island, was locked-down until 1990 due to massive contamination with the weaponized anthrax.

That weaponized anthrax is called Vollum 14578 and was going to be used against Germany, until the testing showed the lethal effects would last for decades, meaning even the British and Americans would not be able to occupy German territory.  The test animals died within days of being infected.  The test was conducted in 1942, by 1945 the British realized that even their attempts to decontaminate (including incineration of animals) the island could not kill Vollum 14578.  An inspection of the island in 1990 revealed that Vollum 14578 apparently died out and the quarantine was lifted.

But naturally occurring anthrax is just as bad; it can’t be killed, even cooking the contaminated food until it’s almost burned is not a guarantee that you won’t get sick.  The worst form of anthrax infection is through inhalation (airborne).

U.S. soldier found dead

World War 3 Afghanistan, 17 – 20 October 2014: “We will die from hunger!” U.S. taxpayers ripped off yet again!

Farah Province: In Farah City, four women were found on a road, shot to death.   Police suspect they were shot for committing adultery.

Ghazni Province: Afghan National Army (ANA) troops shot up a village.  The Afghan Ministry of Defense promises to investigate but has imposed a news media blackout on the incident!

Helmand Province: In Greshk District, a Kamikaze car bomber hit an Afghan National Police (ANP) & ANA convoy, killing at least four cops and wounding two.  Five ANA soldiers were wounded.

Herat Province: The ANA claims to have killed five kidnappers, and rescued two businessmen.

Kabul Province: In Kabul City, the Afghan and Turkish governments announced a new deal that will involve a pipeline from Afghanistan through Central Asia to Turkey.  Turkey also promised taxpayer money for Afghanistan’s aviation industry.

Kunar Province: In Shegal District, a NATO airstrike killed at least three people.  In Sarkano and Dangam districts, more claims that Pakistan fired artillery rounds into Afghanistan.  At least 66 rounds impacted the districts, one woman wounded.

Logar Province: In Charkh District, battles between Mujahideen and ANA resulted in at least four ANA soldiers killed, and dozens of Mujahideen killed or wounded.

Nangarhar Province: In Jalalabad City,  a Kamikaze bomber might have blown up too soon.  Police say a man wearing a bomb vest, and inside a car, blew up.  One person killed, one wounded.  Police don’t think it was the bomber’s intent to blow up inside the car.  The National Directorate of Security (NDS) claim they’ve assassinated a top Mujahideen leader, but refuse to give details.

Nimroz Province:  India, Iran and Afghanistan have agreed on a trade deal connecting the three countries. India will spend $82-million USD developing a port in Chabahar, Iran.   The port is near Nimroz Province and will give landlocked Afghanistan access to the Arabian Sea.

The UN World Food Program is killing off Afghans by intentionally starving them.  United Nations food aid officials blame member countries of the UN for halting taxpayer payments for the Afghan program.  At least one million Afghans could starve as a result: “If the food rations get stopped, we will die of hunger!”-Bibi Fatima, victim of the U.S. occupation

The terror group known as United States Agency for International Development (USAID) pledged an additional $216-million for women’s programs in Afghanistan.  USAID officials claim another $200-million is coming from donations.  What’s strange is that I’ve seen mainstreamer news media reports saying the U.S. isn’t shelling out enough taxdollars for Afghan women!

30 air-militia men of the Air National Guard’s 243rd Engineering Installation Squadron (Maine U.S.A.) returned from Afghanistan.

In the U.S. state of Hawaii, somebody stole the military awards of a Army National Guardsman who was killed in Afghanistan.  One week later they were returned to the family.  National Guard officials refused to say how the medals were found and returned.

BRICS to destroy U.S. dollar with new Global Bank! British empire connection! BRICS put all blame for World problems on United States!

15 July 2014 (13:14 UTC-07 Tango)/17 Ramadan 1435/24 Tir 1393/19 Xin-Wei 4712

At the start of the sixth meeting of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) the members agreed to the creation of their own world bank, currently being called the BRICS Development Bank ( officially called the New Development Bank or NDB).

Each BRICS member is contributing billions in cash to fund the new global bank ($50-billion initial capital, $100-billion in emergency reserve funds called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement), which will focus on loaning money to ‘developing’ countries.  The HQ will be in Shanghai and its first president will be from India.

The NDB will compete directly with the U.S. based Wold Bank and IMF.

Members of the BRICS said they were forced to create their own global bank because the United States continued delay in progressing the IMF quota and governance reforms” and does not solve its political problems.”

India and South Africa are still members of the British empire (aka commonwealth, officially called Commonwealth of Nations).

Germany, U.K. & Greece now part of Chinese “Strategic Partnership” 

World War 3 Afghanistan, 05 – 08 July 2014: Secret “parallel government” revealed? Proof of civil war with increase in cops killing cops! U.S. taxpayers paying for Afghan fruit sales to Russia! Philippines orders migrant workers to stop working for human trafficking U.S. contractors!

Badakhshan Province: In Jurm District, the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) claims they assassinated 14 members of a “shadow government”.  The NDS says a Pakistani and a Tajik were among those running the shadow government.

Balkh Province: The governor of Balkh, General Atta Mohammad Noor, said the sham of the recent ‘successful’ elections (as declared by the Obama regime) reveals there is a “parallel government” at work in Afghanistan.  U.S. Secretary of failed State, John Kerry, denied the accusation and went even further by warning Afghan leaders not to try anything foolish, like a military coup (never mind the fact that the Obama regime supported the military coup in Egypt and Thailand).

Helmand Province: Frustrated government officials, who’ve been getting their asses kicked by Mujahideen, are now blaming the successful Mujahideen offensive on Pakistan and Iran!  However, NDS boss, Rahmatulllah Nabil, presented no evidence to Afghan news media when he made his claim.  In Lashkargah City, days after the NDS made their claims against Pakistan and Iran, the NDS assassinated a Afghan Mujahideen leader.

Herat Province: In Farsi District, the district police chief was assassinated with a remote detonated bomb. Four other cops were killed as well.   Near the Herat airport, three Mujahideen ambushed a convoy of Afghan National Army troops.  Three ANA troops wounded.  In Injil District, a Kamikaze bomber shot at an ANA bus causing it to crash.  He then ran onto the bus and blew himself up.  Mujahideen claim 18 U.S.-NATO trained ANA troops were killed or wounded.

Kabul Province: In Kabul City, The former Independent Election Commission boss, Ziaulhaq Amarkhil, stated that the ‘evidence’ of election fraud provided by Obama regime puppet Abdullah Abdullah is fake.  Recently Abdullah demanded Amarkhil resign, which he did.  But now, even with Amarkhil’s resignation Abdullah says he still will not recognize the results of the runoff election, because it shows his opponent won.  Abdullah is so arrogant that he even declared himself the new president of Afghanistan and ordered his supporters to tear down pictures of Hamid Karzai!  Also, when the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission held a public forum on the supposed election fraud, Abdullah refused to attend.  A government vehicle blew up, killing the driver.  Police are blaming it on the recent conversion of government vehicles to run on LPG (called propane in the United States).  They suspect the new high pressure tank was not installed correctly and ruptured.   The Afghan Interior Ministry reports hundreds of people killed and hundreds wounded by ongoing battles all across Afghanistan, since 05 July.

Kandahar Province: In Maiwand District, a motorcycle bomb exploded killing one ANA soldier, and wounding one cop and three civilians.  Provincial officials report their provincial cops got in to a gun battle with cops from Nangarhar Province.  Three police killed, one wounded.

Kunduz Province: In Aliabad District, during heavy fighting between Mujahideen and government forces a mortar round landed on a house, killing three children and wounding eight family members.  Of course government forces blame Mujahideen.

Nimroz Province: NDS officials admit they kidnapped two men, whom they accuse of being terrorist masterminds along with five other men.

Nuristan Province: NDS officials admit they kidnapped a man they accuse of being terrorist mastermind.

Parwan Province:  In Bagram District, Charikar City, the Czech Republic revealed that four of their NATO soldiers were killed by a kamikaze bomber on a bicycle.  Two Afghan cops and 10 civilians were also killed.  Eight people wounded.

Uruzgan Province:  In Chora District, provincial police tried to draft villagers in the Kunj area to patrol the local highway.  The villagers refused.  The cops then made an example of one of the villagers by killing him.

Zabul Province: Police are using the excuse of stopping suicide bombers to explain why they shot and killed three men in one truck on the Kabul-Kandahar highway.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration will reimpose a ban on U.S. military contractors sending Filipinos to work in Afghanistan.  The ban was first imposed in 2002, but lifted last year.   The Filipino Department of Foreign Affairs has declared Afghanistan to be at crisis alert level 3 and asked all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to return home.    Despite the 2002-12 ban on OFWs working in Afghanistan it was revealed that U.S. military contractors managed to get more than 8-thousand Filipinos into Afghanistan (which suggests human trafficking ops by U.S. contractors)!

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) paid for the growing, picking and shipping of 22.5 metric tons of  Afghan pomegranates to Russia.  It’s a U.S. taxpayer funded operation called Commercial Horticulture and Marketing Program (CHAMP).   U.S. taxpayers have also helped Afghan farmers ship grapes to India and United Arab Emirates, the most recent shipment weighed in at 170 metric tons!  The U.S. taxpayer funded program paid for a cold storage process to allow Afghan growers to ship their agricultural produce outside their country.   USAID estimates that the U.S. taxes have helped Afghan farmers make $15-million USD from exporting their fruit.