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Oregon Wildfires: Militias love it, CH-47F airborne firefighter!

20 SEP 2017 /20:16 UTC-07 Tango 06 (30 Sharivar 1396/29 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/02 Ji-Yu 4715)

“We love doing this. This is our favorite part of the year!   …..We run a great risk in this, if there’s an up-draft of heat, or a down-draft, we have to be able to be ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ to keep us in the air. There’s a lot more challenge in it, risk versus reward. It’s super rewarding when we are combating open flame all day long.”-Sergeant Joseph Ford, Oregon National Guard

Oregon Army National Guard’s Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 168th Aviation Regiment has dropped more than 4.5-million liters (1.2-million U.S. gallons) of water using three of their new CH-47 F-model Chinooks, in the past month and a half.

“Where else can you go where you get to do this? I have the coolest job in the world! One morning I’m at my home station, and later that afternoon I’m 5-hundred-miles away, supporting a state mission and dropping buckets of water. I get a lot of satisfaction doing these state missions.”-Sergeant Jeremy Maddox

“Those Air Attack guys have been doing this often for 20-to-30 years to get to this level, they know the big picture…we can’t put the fire out completely, but what we can do is help control it, and keep it from spreading certain directions.”-Chief Warrant Officer 2 David Brannen

“There is a lot of helicopter on the Chinooks back here (behind the flight deck or cockpit), that the pilots can’t see. Our job is to paint a picture for them, a mental picture they can’t see, so they know and feel comfortable with what we’re going into. It takes a lot of trust in the back-seaters from the pilots. It’s a team effort. Without one, the job can’t be accomplished.”-Sergeant Jeremy Maddox


Montana, Oregon & Washington National Guard deploy to fight wildfires!

“The western fires are not stopping. They’re just getting bigger.”-James Casaus, Incident Commander

“If we don’t start managing our forests, the forests are going to start managing us. The fires burning across Montana are a catastrophe, and we need all available resources to combat this threat.”-Steve Daines, senator for Montana

On 13 SEP 2017, Montana’s Air National Guard deployed to fight at least 21 wildfires in The Treasure State.

Montana has so far spent $50-million USD in state taxpayer funding fighting fires!

NBCMontana: Wildfire update, 14 SEP 2017

On 09 SEP 2017, the Oregon National Guard continued another round of firefighting training conducted by the state Department of Public Safety.  So far five groups of Oregon National Guard personnel have gone through the training.  Oregon has so far spent 28-million state taxpayer dollars fighting 18 wildfires.

U.S. Army personnel chow down after helping to fight fires in Oregon, 10 SEP 2017

So far, the U.S. Forest Service has spent a record 2.1-billion federal tax dollars fighting wildfires across the western United States!

Video, Washington National Guard firefighting ‘mop-up’ ops 09 SEP 2017:



Harvey: Arkansas, Oregon & South Carolina Militias deploy!

Arkansas National Guard’s 189th Airlift Wing C-130H Hercules picked up Oregon National Guard’s 125th Special Tactic Squadron and 304th Rescue Squadron personnel, heading for Texas.

Video, Oregon National Guard’s 125th Special Tactics Squadron deployed 29 AUG 2017:

Video, South Carolina National Guard’s Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) deployed for Texas:

MAFFS : Wildfire season 2018 going to be a hot one!

10 September 2016 (15:32 UTC-07 Tango 01) 20 Shahrivar 1395/07 Dhu I-Hijja 1437/10 Ding-You 4714

Apparently the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Defense (DoD) think the 2018 fire season is gonna’ be big because they’ve just added another MAFFS C-130 firefighting unit to their inventory.

Nevada National Guard 152 Airlift Wing’s brand new MAFFS C-130H

MAFFS stands for Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System.  The Forest Service owns the MAFFS, the DoD (through state militias) provides the C-130s and personnel to operate it.

C-130J MAFFS 4, Channel Islands, California

Currently there are three MAFFS units operated by the state militias of California, North Carolina and Wyoming, and one MAFFS Air Force Reserve unit out of Colorado.  Since early August MAFFS have already flown 142 firefighting missions, dropping more than 3.5-million pounds (1.6-million kilos) of fire-retardant in Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.   Nevada is about to become the home for a fifth MAFFS unit.

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest stradles California and Nevada

Nevada’s 152 AW High Rollers will be used to augment the units from Colorado and Wyoming, and will be based in Reno.  While MAFFS fly on missions across the country, the U.S. Forest Service wanted a new MAFFS unit whose home base is in the fire prone Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

C-130H MAFFS 8, out of North Carolina

This year’s official fire season began MAFFS on-job-training for crews of the High Rollers: “The actual drops have been challenging and exhilarating. It’s a great feeling to see your immediate results whether we are dropping a protective line of retardant between the fire and someone’s property or dropping ‘mud’ directly on flames leaping from the tops of trees in an effort to slow the fire’s progress.”-Lietenant Colonel Tony Machabee, first member of the High Rollers to co-pilot a MAFFS mission

The U.S. Forest Service wants the new 152 AW MAFFS unit ready to launch for the 2018 wildfire season.  The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences predicts that by 2050 the official U.S. wildfire season will be three weeks longer, and for several years now the Pacific Northwest has been dealing with major fires in the official off-season.


Despite a busy wildfire season, Oregon based helicopter fire bomber operator Erickson Air Crane laid off 1-hundred people! Company administrators admitted that despite years of busy wildfire seasons they’re burned by massive debt to Wells Fargo (the evil bank owned by ‘christian’ agnostic Warren Buffett).

116th Snake River’s 2015 NTC Rotation

In 2015 the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team (Idaho, Montana & Oregon) deployed to Fort Irwin, California, for Total Force Warfare training:

126th Engineers, backhoes & bulldozers:

126th Engineers explainer:

Logistics (lots-o-trucks), M2s and M1A2s arrive at Fort Irwin:



The 2015 NTC rotation also included National Guard units from Arkansas and California.  The last time the 116th went to NTC was in 1998, with yours truly.

1998 Desert Avenger certificate of appreciation


45 years of C-130 MAFFS ops. Who would’ve known wildfires would become such a problem?

31 July 2016 (14:35 UTC-07 Tango 01) 10 Mordad 1395/25 Shawwal 1437/28 Yi-Wei 4714



On the way back from a 'friendly' with Canadian armor in Alberta, 2002.

Me sleeping on Idaho militia C-130 mattress, on the way back from a ‘friendly’ with Canadian armor in Alberta, 2002.

Some of my other C-130 trips (click pics to make bigger):

“C-130 rolling down the strip!
Airborne Ranger gonna take a little trip!
We gonna stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door!
We gonna jump right out, and then count to four!
My main don’t open, I use my reserve!
My reserve don’t open, I loose my nerve!”-U.S. Army running cadence I used to sing during Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood in 1982

Fracking Food Crisis: Idaho, Oregon, Washington hit by contaminated water, coincides with oil industry Fracking!

10 April 2016 (15:21 UTC-07 Tango 01) 22 Farvardin 1395/02 Rajab 1437/04 Ren-Chen 4714

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed that ever since oil industry Fracking ops have been allowed to take place in the Pacific northwest (about 2004) water quality has suffered.  More than 60 public water sources in Idaho, Oregon and Washington have exceeded federal safe levels of lead contamination in the past three years!

The majority of contaminated water systems are in Oregon with 37, followed by Idaho with 22.  Washington has eight contaminated systems.

The majority of those water sources supply local grade schools.  Some Oregon school administrators admitted they were informed of the lead contamination in 2013, and have been buying bottled water ever since.   In Idaho, several school directors blamed lead contamination on old plumbing and claim that lead levels went down after the plumbing was replaced.  In Washington the first reported case of lead contamination was at the State Patrol Academy, in 2012.  Directors say they’ve been on bottled water since then, but are working to hook up to ‘city’ supplied water.

Most of the contaminated water sources involve systems using well water.  Across the U.S. the EPA found at least 1-thousand 4-hundred public water systems contaminated with lead, affecting 3.6-million people!

I find it interesting that here in Idaho the lead contamination (even though blamed on old plumbing) begins just after ‘test Fracking’ began in 2011.  In 2012 Gem State ‘law makers’ officially allowed Fracking, and also banned city and county governments from banning Fracking!  Isn’t it possible the chemicals (solvents) used in Fracking caused the built up contaminants in the old plumbing to come loose?  Current unconfirmed reports indicate Fracking ops have halted.

In Oregon there are reports that Fracking stopped by 2015.  Fracking for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) began as early as 2004.  Apparently Fracking for LNG in Washington was supposed to start in 2012, however, recent reports say no Fracking is taking place. It is difficult to find reliable sources of public info on Fracking because the industry, and even state governments, are tight lipped about the controversial operation.

Blind Bat News: Another study proves Fracking destroys your drinking water, main stream news ignores it! 

Blind Bat News: Michigan violence skyrockets, is it the water? Lead poisoning causes violent behavior! 

The Oregonian: Lead-tainted Oregon armories remain open to public despite dangers

Blind Bat News: “Re-fracking” 39-thousand + oil jobs gone, as companies hoard Black Gold! 

Blind Bat News: 2013 Duke University study says Fracking poisons drinking water!

Blind Bat News: Ohio & Arkansas suffering mass earthquakes in 2012, officials blame Fracking.

U.S. Civil War: Idaho & Nevada militias invade Oregon after federal judge imposes Double Jeopardy on Ranchers!

03 January 2016 (01:28 UTC-07 Tango 01)/ 13 Dey 1394/22 Rabi’a’-Awwal 1437/24 Ding-Chou (11th month 4713)

“…we have had enough of this tyranny and you are going to leave us alone, it will not change. This is the power of America, right here. … This could be a hope that spreads through the whole United States. Everybody’s looking for this hope, because the government has beat us and oppressed us and took everything from us, and will not stop until you tell them, ‘No!”Blaine Cooper, protestor

A federal fascist court judge ordered a father and son rancher team back to federal prison after they had already served their time! As a result hundreds of militia personnel and protestors from Idaho, Utah, Nevada and several other states descended upon Burns, Oregon.

“We’re here to support the Hammond family and the community.”– Brandon Curitss, Idaho chapter of III Percent Patriots 

In 2012 Dwight Lincoln Hammond Junior and his son Steven Dwight Hammond were convicted of illegally setting fires on grazing land they had leased from the federal Bureau of Land Management.  They claimed it was to rid the land of invasive plants (that the cows refuse to eat) and to reduce the potential for wildfires.  However, in the case of a 2001 wildfire witnesses say the Hammonds started the fire with malicious intent, and were illegally hunting deer.  (it must be noted that even local Oregonian news sources still refer to the 2001 ‘arson’ as a “prescribed burn”)

The Hammonds served a maximum prison sentence of one year (reports are confusing, it seems Dwight served three months and Steven served one year, yet even local TV news reporters contradict their own text version of their report by saying on video they both served 90 days?), but federal judge Ann Aiken declare their sentences too lenient stating the federal minimum for arson on federal land is five years and ordered them back into a California prison!  The Hammonds claim they will peacefully report for their new prison sentences.

However, the case has upset many ranchers and farmers throughout the western U.S., with at least two militia groups saying enough is enough: “We’ve had the same problems in Utah and Nevada.”-Shannon Cox, protestor from Utah

Some protestors conducted a peaceful march through the town of Burns, stopping to throw pennies at the Sheriff’s office while chanting “Sell-out, sell-out!”   Openly armed protestors seized the federal Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ, telling local news media  “This will become a base place for patriots from all over the country to come and be housed here, and we’re planning on staying here for several years.”

Watch the local KTVZ report

United Police States: Paranoid Police Parents kill their own daughter!

U.S. Civil War: Obama regime Homie Town police genocide 7,185 people in Chicago! 

U.S. Civil War, 03 – 14 September 2015: Professors assassinated!

U.S. Civil War: Idaho cops defend Navy veteran from illegal gun confiscation by Obama regime!

Arizona National Guard General says End of Mission in Afghanistan signals beginning of U.S. Civil War

U.S. Civil War Chicago, 01 – 05 September 2014: USN sending doctors to Chicago war zone! Two man assassination squads?

Nevada related:  Nevada penalizes homeowners for going ‘Green’!

Nevada governor must eat his words as Afghan government admits Afghans fighting for Islamic State! 



False Flag: Shooter desired ‘attention’, so why’d he use a silencer?

03 October 2015 (13:19 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Mehr 1394/19 Dhu l-Hijja 1436/21 Bing-Xu 4713

The Umpqua Community College patsy, I mean ‘shooter’ implied on a blog that he craved attention when he wrote that mass shooters were people who were “…known by no one, is now known by everyone” once they commit the crime.  So why did the Oregon shooter use a silencer if he craved attention?

If police didn’t have him on their ‘radar’ then how’d they know he wanted attention, as was demonstrated when the Douglas County Sheriff refused to make his name public.  Some reports say the reason the Sheriff refused to name the shooter was to deny him his desire to be famous.

In a live interview on KATU student Kayleen Holm stated they were told the shooter’s gun was silenced.  

California’s “hero” anti-gun politician turns out to be gun smuggler