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National Guard activated for Disney Awards?

20 April 2017 (04:32 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Farvardin 1396/23 Rajab 1438/24 Jia Chen 4715

Senior Airman Mariah Klingenberg, 133rd Force Support Squadron, Sustainment Services Flight, Minnesota National Guard

The following official Defense Department video is of Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Force Support Squadron preparing lunch for the UTA Disney Award:

But wait, it’s not what you think.  The UTA doesn’t stand for The Walt Disney Company’s United Talent Agency, it stands for Unit Training Assembly.  The Disney Award is a food service competition named after Senior Master Sergeant Kenneth W. Disney, also known as the Disney Food Service Excellence award.

Senior Airman Terrance Hill of the 132d Wing Services Flight, Iowa National Guard


Martial Law U.S.A. 2014: Former cop admits cars kill more cops than guns! This after Kentucky cop kills unarmed woman driving a car!

29 April 2014 (01:34 UTC-07 Tango)/28 Jumada t-Tania 1435/09 Ordibehesht 1393/02 Wu-Chen(4th month) 4712

An investigation is underway in Kentucky, to find out why a cop blasted multiple rounds into a car, killing the driver and nearly killing a passenger!   Nobody in the car was armed with a gun.

Former cop Ed Bridgeman, now a professor of criminal justice and program coordinator of criminal justice technology at University of Cincinnati Clermont College, told news media that the Kentucky cop probably considered the car a weapon, and then Bridgeman stated that it’s now possible that more cops are being killed by cars than guns: “How many of the world’s scariest videos have you seen on TV of police officers standing by the side of the road when somebody whacks them, their car, the car they got stopped, and everyone goes flying in the air….”

What happened in Kentucky?  Last week there was a big bon fire party.  Police showed up, and people tried to leave.  Police dash cam video shows a car driven by a 19 years old woman trying to leave.  The images released to the public also show that the NAZI cop was running at the car, apparently with his gun already drawn and pointing at the driver!  Out of camera view the cop somehow ended up on the hood and he began blasting away.  When it was over the driver was dead.

A problem with the NAZI cop’s story; there was a passenger in the car who survived his assault.  A passenger sitting directly behind the driver said the cop suddenly jumped on the hood of the car, firing his gun.  The passenger ducked down right before one of the bullets hit the seat where she was sitting.  She would have been killed if she hadn’t ducked down.

At least four rounds were fired by the cop.  Apparently two meant for the driver, and two meant for the passenger, it’s known as Double Tap.  Was the cop trying to eliminate the witness as well?

The driver had a previous intoxicated driving charge and lost her license to drive as a result.  Apparently the punishment for driving without a license in Kentucky is extrajudicial execution.   An investigation into the shooting is supposedly taking place.