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National Guard activated for Disney Awards?

20 April 2017 (04:32 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Farvardin 1396/23 Rajab 1438/24 Jia Chen 4715

Senior Airman Mariah Klingenberg, 133rd Force Support Squadron, Sustainment Services Flight, Minnesota National Guard

The following official Defense Department video is of Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Force Support Squadron preparing lunch for the UTA Disney Award:

But wait, it’s not what you think.  The UTA doesn’t stand for The Walt Disney Company’s United Talent Agency, it stands for Unit Training Assembly.  The Disney Award is a food service competition named after Senior Master Sergeant Kenneth W. Disney, also known as the Disney Food Service Excellence award.

Senior Airman Terrance Hill of the 132d Wing Services Flight, Iowa National Guard


Video of Liquefaction in Action near Tokyo Disneyland, found the video on Youtube

I found the home video of liquefaction near Tokyo Disneyland, in Chiba Prefecture, on YouTube.

The two minute 39 second video shows sidewalks splitting, length wise, then moving in opposite directions. Water then begins to surge up from under the sidewalks and streets.  The person doing the videography starts running as more water comes up everywhere, even asphalt streets start to split.

People are down on the ground, screaming.  Keep in mind that Chiba Prefecture is between 137 and 200 miles from the where the 9.0 quake hit.

Tokyo Disneyland is still closed, after suffering damage from liquefaction.