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Missouri Militia preps for disasters, again!

03 JUN 2017 (13:33 UTC-07 Tango 06) 13 Khordad 1396/08 Ramadan 1438/09 Bing Wu 4715

For the fourth year in a row Missouri Air-Militia personnel spent their annual training prepping for natural disasters.  Already this year Missouri National Guard personnel responded to record level floods, in May.

While Missouri Army National Guard units are spending their Summer assisting with Force-on-Force training at California’s NTC, Missouri Air Guard’s 131st Bomb Wing spent their fourth yearly training season at Camp Clark:



Louisiana Militia preps for Disaster 2017!

02 April 2017 / 20:41 UTC-07 Tango 06 (14 Farvardin 1396/06 Rajab 1438/07 Jia Chen 4715)

Louisiana National Guard is preparing to save the lives of humans and their pets from this year’s expected disasters:


Climate Change? The Nose Knows!

18 March 2017 (18:10 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Esfand 1395/19 Jumada t-Tania 1438/21 Gui Mao 4715

For a long time biologists (and other scientists) have known that the shape of a animal’s nose depends on what type of climate it lives in, now more proof that your nose knows when the climate is about to change.

Pennsylvania State University published a study which concludes that you can’t blame the shape of your ugly snot-and-hair-filled nose totally on your parents, the climate affects its shape as well.

After looking at noses all over the world, using 3D scanning, researchers proved that people in cold-dry climates tend to have skinnier noses, and people in hot-humid climates tend to have fatter noses. Interestingly they say people in colder climates breed like rabbits: “People with narrower nostrils probably fared better and had more offspring than people with wider nostrils, in colder climates. This lead to a gradual decrease in nose width in populations living far away from the equator.”

The research into nose shape is considered important because the nose is the first line of defense for your respiratory system.

Oh, and by the way this is more proof that pollution is not the cause of climate change.



Global Warming on Earth started 20-thousand years ago!

22 December 2016 (12:52 UTC-07 Tango 06) 02 Dey 1395/22 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1438/24 Geng Zi 4714

“…the result is not a surprise, but if you look at the global climate models that have been used to analyze what the planet looked like 20,000 years ago, the same models used to predict global warming in the future, they are doing, on average, a very good job reproducing how cold it was….”-Kurt Cuffey, University of California Berkeley

A new study (Deglacial temperature history of West Antarctica) shows a direct connection between magnetic pole activity and radical climate change on Earth, not human caused pollution.

The study shows that during the last radical climate change on Earth, back when supposedly there were no humans on-board, the Poles warmed up by as much as 11 degrees Celsius, while the rest of the planet warmed up by only 4 degrees. Interestingly this happened in the Southern Hemisphere “…several millennia earlier than in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Prior to the end of The Great Ice Age the planet was colder than it is now, and ever since the continent covering glaciers (some miles high) came crashing down the Earth has been slowly warming up, partly due to increased green-house gasses from geologic activity (like volcanoes), not by humans.  The interaction of the electromagnetic Poles with the weather for the rest of the planet is called “feedback processes”.

In fact the study shows Earth has never stopped warming up, yet another proof that ‘global warming’ is not caused by human activity!







EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD CONTINUES TO WEAKEN, IS IT PROOF THAT SOMEONE IS OUT THERE? Even PBS Nova produced a report on the effects of the Poles on weather

Climate change caused by people, not pollution! Time to kill all humans!

07 February 2016 (07:18 UTC-07 Tango 01) / 18 Bahman 1394/27 Rabi’a’-Thani 1437/29 Wu Yin 4713

“The population movement effects on urban climate is a new research topic….Our research highlights the role of population movements in urban climate, and may help deal with urban environmental problems.”-Zhang Jingyong, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Studies in China show true ‘global warming’ is caused by people themselves, not pollution!  According to researchers who tracked mass migrations of humans they discovered that atmospheric temperature changes actually follow mass congregations of humans, especially in metropolitan areas.  It’s called Urban Heat Island (UHI).

Zhang Jingyong, lead scientist of the research, said “The change in temperature, though less than 1 degree Celsius, is comparable with the magnitude of global warming over the past century.” 

In other words, you dumb city folk and your misconceptions about climate change are the true cause of ‘global warming’!

More proof humans don’t cause climate change: Plankton did it! 

Cougar with jaw & teeth growing out of its forehead killed in Idaho!

07 January 2016 (02:33 UTC-07 Tango 01)/ 17 Dey 1394/26 Rabi’a’-Awwal 1437/28 Ding-Chou 4713

A young mutant Mountain Lion was killed near Weston, Idaho.  It has a jawbone with fully developed teeth growing out of its forehead.  The Idaho Department of Fish and Game made the pics available to the public.

The hunter who shot the cougar says he will have it stuffed.  Fish and Game biologist Zach Lockyer said “We may never know why those teeth are there.” but postulated that it could be a birth defect, a tumor called teratoma, or an unusual injury that healed wrong.

False Flag: Ice Core samples prove Climate Change not “self inflicted”!

29 November 2015 (15:38 UTC-07 Tango 01)/08 Azar 1394/16 Safar 1437/18 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713

CNN posted an opinion piece which stated that Climate Change (remember when these mainstreamer news weenie heads called it Global Warming?) is “self inflicted” by us humans.  Pay attention, all the main stream news sources are going to be ramping up their call for the end of so called human caused climate change, because the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is underway now.

French COP21 demonstrations despite Martial Law banning public demonstrations:


It’s actually known as COP.  When did you first hear of Global Warming or Climate Change?  The acronym COP comes from the first ever (elitist dominated) meeting on climate change back in 1995, COP stands for Conferences of the Parties.

Neo-imperialist Japan’s NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai/Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has always been a promoter of the idea that we humans need to do something about climate change, but in their latest documentary they interview a U.S. ice core scientist in Denver, Colorado, who uses the ice core sample to prove that radical climate change has happened before and at a time when humans could not have had anything to do with it!

At the end of part one of NHK’s Flood: A Global Menace for Coastal Cities (if you search for this report be warned, I’ve seen several reports from around the world with the same title), samples at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory reveal that 11-thousand 7-hundred years ago (right after The Great Ice Age ended) the Earth experienced five years of radical climate change, with the average air temperature jumping by 10 celsius (50 fahrenheit)!  The humanoids living then had nothing to do with that and could do nothing to prevent it.  They survived it as best they could, lest we not be here today.

Do research on just who is organizing, attending and leading these COP meetings and I’m sure you’ll discover they’re a bunch of elitists with ulterior motives, the most obvious is how to make money off it (the more nefarious motive is to greatly reduce the human population of the Earth).

But wait don’t take NHK’s word for it.  In 2012 a report about the use of ice cores said the ancient records of Global Warming don’t jive with the sermones coming from the mouths of the false prophet COP scientists: “Comparing the global set of temperature records with the levels of CO2 in the ancient air bubbles trapped in ice cores reveals that global average temperatures started to rise at least a century after CO2 levels began to creep up. That’s the reverse of what seems to have happened in Antarctica, where warming temperatures precede rising CO2 levels. But that local warming may be explained by this shutdown of ocean currents as a result of massive glacial melt in the Northern Hemisphere…..    ……there was a change in the relative strength of the sun roughly 20,000 years ago thanks to variations in the planet’s orbit….ice cores from Greenland suggest there was an even larger warming event in the north roughly 60,000 years ago…..     ‘…..the only thing changing in the Northern Hemisphere [20,000 years ago] were these orbital changes’ that affect the amount of sunlight striking the far north…..  ….where the extra carbon dioxide came from remains unclear……What Thawed the Last Ice Age?, Scientific American

What Global Warming? Saudi Arabia hit with unprecedented Ice Storm, dozens killed or wounded! 

False Flag: VW intentionally sacrifices Diesel because Trilateral Commission elite oil family Rockefeller dumps all their oil stocks (which starts the decline in oil prices)!

What Global Warming? Record low Beer sales hit Japan 

Global Warming, Ice Age? Japan study shows Warming starts inside the Earth. Tropical Vietnam hits 25 Fahrenheit!!! 

What Global Warming? Record snowfall in Japan will help clear radiation contamination. Don’t eat the yellow snow!

What Global Warming? Saudi Arabia hit with unprecedented Ice Storm, dozens killed or wounded!

02 November 2015 (07:29 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Aban 1394/19 Muharram 1437/21 Ding-Hai 4713

Perhaps it’s Allah’s vengeance for supporting such takfir Muslim (false Muslim) groups as the U.S. created Islamic State (DAIISH)?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been hit with massive hailstorms, so much so that it created Ice Flash Floods!  The unusual cold weather pattern began on 28 October and hit Kuwait and parts of Iraq and Iran as well.   News reports say at least 19 people were killed by the ice storm, more than 50 rescues were conducted.

Dizin ski resort, Iran.

I lived in Tehran, Iran, from 1970 to ’74 and it does get cold enough during winter to snow, in fact since the Revolution Iran now has nicely developed ski resorts.  Apparently the current cold front came further down south than normal, crossing the Persian Gulf into KSA.

Up until about 2012 the main streamers loved to push their Global Warming theory, except that from 2011-2012 global temps actually dropped.  Since then the main streamers now call their justification to kill all humans Climate Change.  During their Global Warming mantra they totally blamed it on humans, now they admit Mother Earth has cyclic warming and cooling periods but they claim we humans are making it worse.  Do research using geological data, the most reliable concerning the Earth’s past climate changes, some being catastrophic, and most occurring when there weren’t (supposedly) any humans on Earth!

Record rain pounds Japan! Climate change can’t be stopped by humans! 

Global Warming, Ice Age? Both are correct.

What Global Warming? Record low Beer sales hit Japan 

Once hot & humid Vietnam says What Global Warming?

What Global Warming? At least 420 Europeans freeze to death

What Global Warming? It’s Summer in South America, yet 2,500 Alpacas die due to extreme cold 

Summertime Crops in Mexico threatened by Frost?

What Global Warming? Scientist say Little Ice Age on its way 

What Global Warming? U.S. ABC, NBC & CBS News ignores cooling trend in Pacific Northwest 

800 tons of fish die, because of dropping temperatures. Where’s the global warming? 

Polar Ice Caps Paradox: Ice Caps melting, should raise ocean levels, NASA says the opposite is happening, launched Aquarius satellite to find out why 

U.S. West Nile Virus update, 03 November 2012: Climate change favors the Vectors! Idaho ground zero for NorthWest? More victims don’t remember being bit by mosquitoes, evidence that it can be passed from human to human? Horse cases 372% increase! California chickens in the coal mine cases continue to go up! WNV tests not accurate!

“As of October 30, 2012, 48 states have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds, or mosquitoes. A total of 4,891 cases of West Nile virus disease in people, including 223 deaths, have been reported to CDC.”-U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

You can increase the CDC’s West Nile death toll, because the week following the CDC’s latest report Louisiana reported one more human death, along with 13 new cases (two with the potentially fatal neuroinvasive version).  The southern state now has 338 official human cases.

Louisiana health officials said one of those recently infected has no symptoms.  Officials are pointing out that just because you have no symptoms doesn’t mean you’re not infected.  Detection is made only during health exams or when the infected person donates blood.

Oklahoma now reports at least 176 cases, 12 deaths. One 36 years old man has been in the hospital fighting West Nile for three months.  He said his only symptom, prior to going into the hospital, was a stomach ache.  Veterinarians reporting 39 horse cases, a huge increase.  Back in August there were only two horse cases.

On 31 October, it was reported that Maine has its first human case of West Nile virus.  Health officials say the person recovered.

Pennsylvania reporting two more cases. County health officials blame climate change: “It was mostly due to the weather. The warm, dry conditions were perfect for the culex mosquitoes that carry the virus.”-Karen Tobin, Erie County West Nile virus coordinator

As of 30 October, Alabama reporting 41 cases. That’s based on data from U.S. Department of the Interior/U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The problem is that the USGS West Nile virus map is inaccurate.  Here’s an example why: At the end of August Montana reported three new cases in Yellowstone County. Yet, the USGS map, as of 30 October, still does not show those three cases.  It only shows cases in Chouteau, Custer, Prairie and Richland counties!

At the end of October, an Emmett, Idaho, man was hospitalized with the neuroinvasive type of West Nile. That makes 16 human cases for the gem state.

Idaho seems to be in the middle of the northwest West Nile outbreak.  Here’s what the surrounding states are reporting:  Montana has at least eight cases. Wyoming reporting at least seven cases.  Utah reports at least five cases (as of 17 October). Nevada reports seven cases.   Oregon three cases, the latest case got infected in IdahoWashington four cases, two from out of state (they didn’t say where). 

Officials in Oregon remind everyone that mosquitoes can survive in cooler weather: “Our climate here in Eugene is very mild, so we have mosquitoes seven, eight months out of the year. That season is almost over, but not completely over.”-Patrick Luedtke, Lane County Public Health

Health officials in Nevada also reporting increased number of infected mosquitoes.  However, the latest West Nile survivor says climate conditions are not right for mosquitoes, and he never saw any: “I don’t remember seeing water in that wash hardly at all. I’m from the South, so I’m used to mosquitoes, and that’s one of the reasons why we like it here because there’s not a lot of bugs and stuff.”-Leslie Petrasich, Las Vegas resident for past six years

There are many other victims who’ve reported not seeing any mosquitoes, or not remembering if they were bit.

As of 02 November, California reports 38 new human cases. The golden state has 377 human cases, so far 15 people have died. Health officials also report 21 horse cases.  11 dead birds were positive for the virus, bringing the total to 1,614 dead birds with West Nile.  Chickens used to test for disease (called sentinel chickens) are continuing to show West Nile is not finished.  15 new cases showed up in sentinel chickens, for a total of 507 cases.  Two new cases of infected squirrels, for a total of 21 squirrel cases.  Mosquito testing shows no end in sight for West Nile; 22 new positives, for a total of 2,814 positives.

In Grand Junction, Colorado, voters will be deciding if they want to pay an extra tax to fight West Nile virus.  It’s called measure 5B and it directly affects property taxes: “For every $100,000 of property that’s assessed, their taxes will raise $12.04. This is a never ending tax.”-Sandra Parker, opposed to new tax

As of 29 October, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reports 129 human case and three deaths.

Texas, the state with the most cases, reporting 1,683 human cases (77 deaths).  Recently, some West Nile victims asked local health officials why they didn’t start mass spraying against mosquitoes sooner.   It was revealed that the CDC recommended spraying back in July, but local officials didn’t start spraying until almost a month later.  In Texas, a county judge must authorize such an operation. The judge for Dallas County says local health officials said nothing to him about aerial spraying until 06 August.

Texas also has at least 72 horse cases.

As of 10 October, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reports 400 horse cases across the country. That’s a 372% increase over last year!  Only seven states seem to be unaffected by equine West Nile virus.

On 02 November, a South Dakota news source published an interview with a researcher who said the West Nile epidemic is all about climate change: “We look at accumulated temperature and moisture conditions.  Temperature affects the rate at which the virus amplifies in bird populations.  When the mosquito bites the bird and acquires the virus, it goes into the mosquito’s stomach.  There’s a time lag before that mosquito is infected and can retransmit.  So when we get an early spring, transmission starts early.  Warmer than normal temperatures reduce this extrinsic incubation period in the mosquito.  Then there are more cycles that occur in mosquito and bird populations, more opportunity for the infection rates to build up to higher levels before summer and the disease spills over into the human population.  And of course you need water, you need rainfall, or, more specifically, you need puddles, water on the ground for mosquitoes to breed in.  But the moisture link is tricky because different types of mosquitoes breed in different types of water bodies. [example] Culex tarsalis is not a floodwater mosquito, so it doesn’t necessarily bloom in population after a huge rain.”-Mike Wimberly, South Dakota State University

In Nebraska, a retired professor reported that overall mosquito counts there were actually down from prior years. He says what is happening is the climate change is killing off many mosquitoes, except for the ones that carry West Nile.  It seems climate change is favoring the virus carriers, vectors are on the increase: “There were more positive mosquitoes even though we’ve had fewer mosquitoes than the previous two years…..The mosquitoes that were here were the bad ones.”-Randy Lawson, mosquito hunter

One of the major problems in detecting West Nile cases is that current tests can confuse other diseases, such as St. Louis encephalitis and dengue fever, because they are so similar.  An Arizona professor says he has the answer; plants: “Our test will improve the accuracy of diagnosis, leading to the proper treatment of patients affected by WNV.  The plant derived monoclonal antibody we examined is not only low cost, but highly specific for WNV antigen and does not recognize antigens from other flaviviruses.”-Qiang “Shawn” Chen, Arizona State University

Pale Green Horse & Global Food Crisis: Scientists say best defense against Climate Change is Adaptability

The following are statements heard at the ongoing American Association for the Advancement of Science annual show taking place in British Columbia, Canada.

“If there’s greater variability, the odds the temperature being so high that you can’t grow a crop are greater.”

“Food insecurity is likely to (be) higher than it has been for some time.”

“We need to understand how the region will fare under projected future scenarios…adapt or mitigate potential consequences.”

“A super-generalist can co-exist with other species if it focuses on just a few of its possible prey at a time and switches prey regularly. It’s stabilizing the system because it allows populations to recover.”  [in other words, if you have a diet that is very specific your chances of starvation are higher]

“biomass processing depots” “would process 100 to 200 tons of feedstock per day. Once processed, we could ship it much longer distances to the large scale refineries.”  farmers “could own part of the depot and share in some of the income from it.”

In other words, those who will fair well in the radically changing climate are those who can quickly adapt, with new ways of acquiring food.

I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.  They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.