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War Deployments prevent Iowa Militia from dealing with Mother Earth!

10MAR2018  (12:34 UTC-07 Tango 06)  19 Esfand 1396/22 Jumada t-Tania 1439/23 Yi-Mao 4716

An official video report reveals that the Iowa Air National Guard is having a hard time keeping their air base cleared of snow because so many personnel are deployed overseas:



Government Evil: Former USMC Vietnam veteran says Republicans behind Ritual Animal Sacrifice by military contractor Tier 1 Group. It’s bigger than anyone would guess

“There is a lot of money, a lot of big Republican politics behind this, a lot of power…”Gordon Duff, USMC Vietnam veteran, responding to the whistle blower video showing gruesome animal sacrifice at the hands of U.S. military contractors!

Tier 1 Group founded in 2005 by Cerberus Capital Group (run by Steve Feinberg, aka Stephen A. Feinberg), who also owns Remington Arms, Bushmaster Firearms and DPMS Panther Arms.

Cerberus gets its name from the ancient Greek multi-headed dog who guards the world of the dead.  It’s job is make sure those who die never escape to be re-born.

Republican Dan Quayle is a promoter of Cerberus Capital group.   John W. Snow (former Bush Jr administration) is chairman of Cerberus. Donald Rumsfeld has also worked for Cerberus.

Cerberus and Bernard L. Madoff worked together to take over and rip off other corporations.  Cerberus also runs the infamous DynaCorp.

Prominent U.S. Marine Corps veteran Gordon Duff says this animal sacrifice is all part of secret evil Republican agenda: “…hundreds and hundreds of defense groups, or military contracting groups set up by the people in the Republican Party.”

The question is: Why?  (The rational minded USMC veteran, Gordon Duff, couldn’t hazard any speculation on why such a thing is being done)




What Global Warming? Mother Earth to the Rescue? Record snowfall in Japan will help clear radiation contamination. Don’t eat the yellow snow!

Despite claims of overall global warming, Europe and Japan are still getting hit with record low temps.  In Japan record snowfall could actually help fight the radiation contamination from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster reactors.

The heavy snow would help sweep the air of radiation, and sweep the surfaces of buildings, plants, cars and the ground of “external” radiation.  But this in turn would make the snow radioactive, so a new twist on the joke about not eating yellow snow!

Another problem is that any snowmelt getting into the ground will be absorbed by plants, making them “internally” contaminated.  It would be a good idea for Japanese to test the snow for contamination.


What Global Warming? Winter like weather shuts off water for residents of Chubbuck, Idaho (has pictures)

The morning of November 5, hundreds of Chubbuckians awoke to no water in the their taps.  This after a small overnight snow storm (a little early for the Pocatello/Chubbuck area).

chubbuck water break, nov 5,2011The water main break happened in front of a residence and the Saint Paul Catholic Church, on West Chubbuck Road.

The water had blasted its way down a full city block, flowing over the sidewalks.

water main break chubbuck nov 5,2011Weekend city crews were working hard to solve the problem.  As of  15:00 hours (3pm Mountain time) they began opening up fire hydrants throughout the affected neighborhoods.

backhoe water break

Good thing we got snow; time to start collecting buckets of snow so we can flush our toilets! (actually water was flowing through the taps again by 16:00 hours/4pm Mountain time)

What Global Warming? Driest desert in the world, in Chile, hit by record snow fall

Chile’s Atacama Desert has been hit by record snowfall, 80 centimeters (2.6 feet).   A bus full of people had to be rescued after it got stuck in the snow, for 48 hours.

The record snow has shut down some of Chile’s copper mines.  There is concern that the snow, along with ongoing strikes by mine workers, will cause copper prices to soar.

What Global Warming? Late melting snowpacks shut down Oregon wind power

Bonneville Power Administration has been shutting down their Oregon wind power farms, because of the late melting snowpacks in the local mountains.

Rivers that power hydroelectric dams have been full thanks to a wet winter and spring.  Now the late melting of snow in the mountains is keeping the rivers fuller than normal, keeping the hydroelectric dams generating plenty of electricity, reducing the need for wind power.


What Global Warming? Idaho has record snowpack levels, and it’s summer! Guarantees more flooding

According to surveyors from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, June 1 had Idaho breaking record snowpack levels.   Normally most of Idaho’s mountain snowpack melts off by the end of May.  This year’s cold wet spring has delayed that, and actually added to some the mountain snowpacks.

In eastern Idaho, Two Ocean Plateau’s snowpack is at 113% of peak average, as of June 28.  What global warming?

The concern now is that temperatures are finally warming up to what is normal for the time of the year, which means all that snow is gonna melt and just continue the flooding that’s already taking place.

The same is true of snowpacks in the Rockies, and other western U.S. mountain ranges.  This is why officials have warned the flooding from the Missouri River could last through the month of August.