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Smoke ’em if you got ’em!: Pocatello Airport Fire Bombers are Back!

06 AUG 2017 (03:39 UTC-07 Tango 06)  15 Mordad 1396/13 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/15 Wu-Shen 4715

The sky around eastern Idaho is socked in with smoke as the 2017-18 wildfire season roars up (I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so smokey around here, and I’ve been here 20 years).  The water bombing aircraft based at Pocatello Airport were busy during daylight; non-stop landings, reloading, take-offs, for hours on-end until dark.

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At the end of  2016 U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Defense warning: WILDFIRE SEASON 2018 GOING TO BE A HOT ONE!












The lies of economic decline: Pocatello Staples shutdown blamed on the internet!

22 JUL 2017 / 18:56 UTC-07 Tango 06 (01 Mordad 1396/28 Shawwal 1438/01 Bing Wu 4715)

“As customers shift online, we are taking aggressive action to right-size our retail footprint.”-official Staples statement

There are two main lies being propagated by unAmerican corporate America (and the government that supports those corporations): Not enough ‘qualified’ U.S. citizens to fill vacant positions, and internet competition.

Staples on Hurley Drive in Pocatello, Idaho, shutting down in August.

Staples on Hurley Drive in Pocatello, Idaho, shutting down in August.

On 20 July 2017, Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples announced they will shutdown their Pocatello, Idaho, location in August.  They blame “customers” for shopping online.

Remember, Staples sells online as well as in brick-n-mortar stores.

I’ve pointed out before that online sales aren’t that big.  Just this year Karen Edwards, instructor at University of South Carolina’s College of Hospitality Retailing and Sport Management, stated to local news media that internet sales make up only 10%-15% of all U.S. retail sales!  This is really part of a conspiracy by the retail industry to shift to internet only operations, mainly because the cost of operating a brick-n-mortar store (especially rent and utilities) now outweighs sales at those stores.

Don’t blame the Internet: Idaho internet sales tax collections flat-line!








Obama Legacy: Death of ‘Outdoors’ stores, and don’t blame the internet!

11 April 2017 (15:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 22 Farvardin 1396/14 Rajab 1438/15 Jia Chen 4715

Independently owned ‘outdoors’ store Element Outfitters shutting down its 2nd brick-n-mortar store in Pocatello, Idaho.  But don’t blame the internet, they have a website. (elementoutfitters.com)

Element Outfitters, Yellowstone Avenue (aka U.S. highway 91) Pocatello, Idaho

Soon to shutdown Element Outfitters on Yellowstone Avenue (aka U.S. Route 91) Pocatello, Idaho

The original Element Outfitters, towards the south end of town, will continue to operate.  The owners say the economic situation is such that they must consolidate operations to become more efficient.

Interestingly a local news report ignorantly (perhaps lazily) blamed “e-commerce”, failing to mention that most brick-n-mortar stores also have websites that sell merchandise.

Michigan based MC Sports went bankrupt in February of this year, and is shutting down all 66 stores.

Last year the largest ‘outdoors’ chain died.  It was called Sports Authority and it too had a website.  In fact, in its bankruptcy it was revealed that not only did its brick-n-mortar sales crash, but so did its e-commerce sales.  Administrators said there was too much competition for both brick-n-mortar ops and internet ops.  By the end of 2016 Dick’s Sporting Goods took over the remaining Sports Authority operations.

In April 2016, Vestis Retail Group killed off Sports Chalet and then sold off its other outdoors ops Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob’s Stores.  They had websites too.

The owner of now dead California based clothier Wet Seal, Versa Capital Management, took over Bob’s  and Eastern Mountain Sports.  Then suddenly in February of this year (shortly after killing off Wet Seal) Versa began quietly killing off Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob’s Stores.  Versa is bankrupt and some reports say it might be sold-off to British empire based retailer Sports Direct International.

In February of this year, VF Outdoor announced it would shutdown its four years old ‘sustainable’ outdoors and  clothing product HQ in Alameda, California, killing 52 jobs by April.  One of the outdoor clothing brands associated with VF Outdoor is The North Face.  VF Outdoor is a division of North Carolina VF Contemporary Brands, which also announced it would kill off nearly 1-hundred manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles and Vernon, California, by April.

Just like with the U.S. apparel industry blaming too much competition (both on and off the internet) for its demise, so too is the related outdoors retail sector. And just like the apparel industry death spiral, the outdoors industry death spiral began under the watch of Barack Obama. 


“We plan to sell it down to the bones.” “…it’s crappy…!” : Idaho’s Economic Destruction 2016

Incomplete list of economic related events in The Gem State of Idaho, 2016.


 A new Corporation for Enterprise Development study says 45.5% of Idaho families are trapped in poverty and there’s no hope of getting out, as the 2016 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard calls the economic situation the “new normal”!

Gem State Right to Work (you over) ‘lawmakers’ are apparently realizing  how bad the financial situation is for families and are creating a new law that will exempt ‘cottage food’ businesses (literally mom-n-pop food sellers working out of their home) from the same health codes that traditional retail establishments must obey.

In Idaho County, according to local news reports two Texas billionaires bought-up 38-thousand acres of land and then shut it all down to local residents who traditionally use it for recreation and hunting!  Residents are outraged as previous land owners allowed public access for recreation and hunting.

According to a new report called The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2015, Idaho farmers saw an overall 9% drop in cash receipts (even with a 2% drop in operating costs) from 2014 to 2015, due to crashing food prices: “The low prices in 2014 bled over into last year. The shortages, the supply and demand factors bleed into the following year.”-Garth Taylor, University of Idaho agricultural economist

It’s been revealed that pesticides have contaminated farms in eastern Idaho.  At least 809 hectares (2-thousand acres) are affected and must be cleaned up, at taxpayer expense of course (an estimated $250-thousand USD has been quoted as an initial payment!).  The contamination was discovered when farmers reported mutations in their crops and animals.  Investigators traced it to the massive use of Methyl Bromide back in 2006.  The contamination affects potatoes, hay, alfalfa, wheat and barley.  In 2006 paranoia erupted over the discovery of a nematode that destroys potato crops, state and federal agriculture ‘experts’ told farmers to use methyl bromide to kill the microbe.  It was farmers who first reported the crop and livestock mutations, concluding that it must be the result of using the toxic chemical.     The decade old drought is causing taxpayers to fork out more funding for aquifer recharge projects.  Governor Otter is proposing a one time $10-million USD payment plus $2-million yearly for the Egin Lakes-Egin Bench canal near Rexburg.  Supporters of the plan complain it’s not enough money!

A new study is blaming low Gem State high school graduation rates on internet classes!   The state Board of Education reported that ‘virtual schools’ can barely graduate 20% of their online students!   I can attest to this claim as I know a young woman who tried the virtual school program for almost a year, before giving up and going back to old fashioned brick-n-mortar school in Pocatello.  I remember her school counselor at Pokey High warning her she’d be back because the majority of students fail to complete the online courses.  The online school seems easier because supposedly you’re on your own schedule, but it turns out to be harder than traditional school.

Pokey Runway liquidating

In Pocatello about two years after opening, previously worn clothing seller Runway Fashion Exchange “going out of business” and liquidating everything.  Essentially a for-profit thrift store, Runway Fashion Exchange has been shutting down stores across the U.S. since 2013.  Also it was made official, the Pocatello Kmart being shutdown.

It’s finally being revealed by local news sources that state taxpayers were funding the maintaining of the JR. Simplot mansion to the tune of nearly $1-million USD during the time the property was in possession of the state!   Back in 2004 the mansion (estimated to be worth $2-million) was given to The Gem State, however, it was supposedly given back to the Simplot family in 2013 because the utility bills alone were costing taxpayers $150-thousand per year!  This info was originally reported by the United Kingdom’s DailyMail back in 2013.    The Simplot family can no longer pay the upkeep on the mansion and are tearing it down.

Grocer Supervalu issued a WARN for three Boise stores (North Ancestor, South Denver Way and Parkcenter locations), at least 80 jobs lost by March.  It might be connected to Supervalu’s plan to take its Save-A-Lot discount grocery ops ‘public’.  Back in October Supervalu laid off 115 people at their East Baybrook Court, Boise location, in connection with the merger of Albertsons and Safeway.  Also in Boise, after at least 25 years the Twin Dragon restaurant is shutting down by March.  The owners are trying to sell it to help fund their retirement plans.  A Meridian woman is now in federal prison after co-leading a fraudulent investment scheme (known as Alternative Energy Holdings) once claiming to build a nuclear power plant near Mountain Home Air Force Base.  Her partner in crime, a man, is on the run and being pursued by federal agents.

The state Department of Labor is admitting in a round-about way that the decades old Right to Work (you over) labor laws are a failure as 50% of Idahoans who graduate Idaho colleges/universities leave the state after four years due to low wages and salaries!   It took decades of Right to Work you over-ism for state administrators to realize that highly educated workers are not going to work for peanuts?  Of course the pro-Right to Work ‘lawmakers’ refused to blame their Right to Work policies and instead blamed “market conditions”, failing to realize that their Right to Work policies are directly influencing Idaho “market conditons”.  Maybe the ‘lawmakers’ need to go back to school and take some economics classes?

The number of Gem State school districts asking for taxpayer burdening supplemental levies has gone up, again.  At latest count 94 of the 115 district need extra money to function in the 2015-16 school year, even though state tax funding is back to ‘pre-recession’ levels!    One reason for the demand for strapping taxpayers is increasing numbers of domestic economic migrants flooding into Idaho, the majority being low income.  Domestic migrants, along with high birth rates, accounted for 75% of Idaho’s population growth in 2015.  According to the Shifting Sands: Idaho’s Changing Student Demographics and What it Means for Education  study domestic migration is going to continue, and the overwhelming majority of the U.S. migrants into Idaho will be tax burdening (maybe not so tax burdening as Idaho has piss-poor social programs) low income families: “The state is expected to see net growth in lower income households and net declines in households with incomes above $50,000.  Much of the state is projected to see an increase in the share of households with an income of less than $25,000.     (I’ve lived here for 20 years and my income has always been “less than $25,000″, I even went into deep debt getting a degree from Idaho State University in 2006 and my income actually crashed!)

FEBRUARY:  It’s been revealed that state Department of Parks and Recreation has been running on $70-thousand USD in private donations after running out of normal fees and taxpayer funding!  The majority of the donations came from corporations Airstream and Cabela’s.  State ‘lawmakers’ allowed Parks & Rec to beggar for donations last year, in order to offset massive state funding cuts.

The Gem State’s version of ObamaCare is being directly blamed for the deaths of 1-thousand Idahoans since 2013!  That accusation came from Kenneth Krell, director of Eastern Idaho Medical Center in Idaho Falls.  He targeted the claim at state Right to Work (you over) ‘lawmakers’ whom he was testifying in front of: “And I kept asking myself, how could this be? How, in a state like Idaho where we care about each other, could I be seeing deaths and really damaging illness on a nearly daily basis as a result of failure to expand Medicaid that cost tangible lives? It’s difficult to understand.”

MARCH: In Garden City, after 40 years The Gem State’s largest horse racing op Les Bois Park suddenly shutdown. It’s the latest victim of a recent decision by A-hole ‘christian’ regulators declaring instant horse racing machines to be “unconstitutional”! Boise State University conducted an economic study which concluded that Les Bois Park alone generated $50-million USD for Ada County, and provided 536 jobs, all lost now! The Idaho Horse Council says there will be a domino effect across Idaho’s equine economy: “It’s the feed, the hotels, the traveling, eating… it’s just a trickledown effect. Horses are going to be shipped out of state and that’s income Idaho doesn’t get. That’s devastating for our horse economy.”-Myron Amsden

The biggest electricity supplier in The Gem State is asking for a 2.2% increase (more than $2 per month for ‘average’ users) in utility bills.  Idaho Power says current rates are not allowing them to cover their “fixed costs” of operations. What’s not being reported is that more and more Idaho Power customers are using less electricity, and Idaho Power administrators expect that to continue, that’s the true reason for the rate jack up!   Idaho senator Dan Schmidt gave back his state taxpayer funded health plan to protest republicans continued refusal to close the healthcare gap: “I don’t think it’s fair that I get the taxpayers of Idaho to buy me health insurance, and we’re not willing to look at that problem for our other citizens who don’t have that benefit….  …And shame on us for not solving it!” -Dan Schmidt

In Boise, after only four months the brand new Boise Co-op grocery store located at The Village at Meridian laid off 29 employees, due to lack of sales!  Boise Co-op opened the store in November 2015, expecting big sales because Maureen Valko, Boise Co-op marketing manager, assumed there was a demand for their products saying  “There’s a demand for a good, natural food store on this side of town….”  It should be noted that in 2015 Boise Co-op was hit with numerous health code violations by city inspectors, in connection to a June 2015 salmonella outbreak at an older store.  So much for ‘natural foods’.  Also in Boise, it was revealed that Idaho Heritage Inn was sold-off last month, the former owner blames a 20% crash in bookings on Airbnb.com.  However, it should be noted that the bed-n-breakfast owner accepted a healthy offer from Saint Luke’s Medical Center for the land.

And just how addicted to Mexican money is Idaho?  Recently Mexico’s Minister of Trade Armando Orellana died.  Idaho’s government and agriculture industry are officially mourning Orellana as he’s credited for making Idaho a major ag partner for Mexico, generating $191-million USD in sales for Idaho’s minority (mainly corporate owned now) farmers-ranchers, just in 2015:  “Idaho agriculture lost a great friend. He touched many lives over the years and the tragic loss of Armando will be felt throughout Idaho.”-Celia Gould, Idaho Department of Agriculture   (Idaho even has its own website promoting itself in Mexico)

The Idaho Department of Labor admits that many Idahoans born between 1980 and 2000 are fleeing the Right to Work (you over) Gem State, and the biggest reason is the same reason I’ve heard since arriving in 1997, not enough good paying jobs: “People want to stay here, but there aren’t many options or much industry available in Idaho.  We’ve been avoiding this issue for a long time, because our employers don’t like to hear it: We don’t pay well!”-Ken Edmunds, Idaho Department of Labor

Back in 2003 I interviewed several Idaho State University Alumni who graduated in 1973.  They all stated they were making more money back in the 1970s.  One social sciences graduate stated he continued working at his loading dock job because he was making more money than what he would get with his sociology degree, but once Idaho became a Right to Work state (in the 1980s) everything went to hell.  As a dock worker in Pocatello (on Garrett Way) he was making $15.00 per hour in the 1970s, and that’s not adjusting for inflation!  He wasn’t married and his rent, utilities and food was so cheap by today’s costs that he felt like he was living in luxury.  By 2003 most of the distribution/warehouse jobs left the city, and at his age he was lucky to find a job that paid him $7.00 per hour.  He said the only reason why he wasn’t homeless was because he paid-off his cheap mobile home in the late 1970s and was still living in it.  Many of the older Pocatellans I interviewed wondered how young adults were surviving financially.   For decades local and state level politicians promised to bring good paying jobs to the state.  In Pocatello and Chubbuck there is a covert push to make the area a warehousing/distribution hub again, but the average starting wage for such jobs is between $10 and $15 per hour.  When adjusted for inflation that’s way less than what the same jobs paid in the 1970s!

APRIL:  How many people know the origin of the charity United Way?  It was born in the Coeur d’Alene area of northern Idaho in 1957, with the name United Crusade.  But since then the economy has gotten so bad that United Way announced it was expanding charity services in its own birthplace.

In Twin Falls, after 37 years God powerless to stop ‘unofficial’ Mormon Bell’s Family Books from being shutdown by ‘official’ Mormon bookstore Deseret Book! You read right!  Local news reports say Bell’s Family Books was facing increasing competition, the final straw being when their own religion opened a bookstore down the street.

In Boise, after 31 years backpacking store The Benchmark shutting down so the owner can return “…to the Idaho mountains.”  Emil Hutton said it’s time to quit due to the rise of what he calls “point-n-click” shopping.  Also in Boise, christian healthcare scammer Saint Luke’s Regional Medical Center has been found in violation of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  In 2015 an employee reported to the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) that Saint Luke’s was not ‘coding’ certain time off as FMLA.  The DoL reviewed two years worth of “hundreds” of employee records and concluded that Saint Luke’s “…failed to ensure that all employees on FMLA-covered leave received all the protections…”  Interestingly the DoL determination, and resulting Saint Luke’s resolution actually took place in November 2015, but only now is being made public!  In February I reported how Saint Luke’s was caught stealing local property taxes! 

The Tax Foundation ranks Idaho’s income tax rate as the 11th highest in the 50 U.S. states.

Despite boasting of a recovering economy the self proclaimed ‘christian’ leaders of Idaho have decided they must ration the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, incorrectly called Food Stamps).  Starting in July instead of getting all their food assistance on a single day, it will be spread over a ten days period, affecting 82-thousand of Idaho’s 1.5-million residents.  It was revealed that this rationing of food assistance was actually ordered by state ‘elected christian lawmakers’ back in 2014!   The British empire created christian Salvation Army protested the SNAP rationing by pointing out that poor Idahoans have been screwed so much by state ‘christian lawmakers’ that up to 90% of people coming into Salvation Army food banks are there to supplement the meager scraps given to them by Idaho’s SNAP!  (as a single healthy unemployed adult male I can confirm that there are plenty of poor people in Idaho who don’t qualify for state controlled social programs)

State Department of Labor sold its Right to Work Internet Unemployment System (ius) to the states of Iowa and Vermont!   The Gem State’s version of ObamaCare, Your Health Idaho, strikes again!  A Twin Falls woman is in desperate need of brain surgery but doesn’t have enough money to pay for insurance herself, yet also does not qualify for ObamaCare under Your Health Idaho!  But wait, that’s not all!  It turns out that when she first went to doctors they ignorantly told her she was crazy and didn’t have a physical problem!  Finally, after several MRIs she was diagnosed with   Chiari malformation: “If it goes untreated, then I will slowly become paralyzed, and from there I will end up on machines. That is something that is a reality for me if I don’t get it taken care of.”-Brittany Long

The Gem State’s version of ObamaCare is in trouble, news reports reveal that at the end of March a warning letter was sent out to Your Health Idaho employees telling them what to do if a healthcare provider is dealing with a person with life threatening issues, yet doesn’t qualify for Idaho’s version of ObamaCare: “Please be sure to include MEDICAL URGENT in the subject line as well as a detailed description of the client’s situation in the message body.”  (this is probably due to the claims by hospital directors that at least 1-thousand Idahoans have died as a direct result of not qualifying for ObamaCare through Your Health idaho)  However, an insurance agent in McCall said he deals with insuring people in five other states and compared to them Idahoans have it good: “It’s just an absolute train wreck! I’m licensed in six states, and believe me, in the other five states, it’s even worse.”-Stanley Dean

National Basketball Association D-league team the Idaho Stampede announced they’re getting the hell-outta Boise and moving to Salt Lake City, Utah.  They’re also changing their name to Salt Lake City Stars.  It was revealed that state taxpayers were forced to pay outrageous three-fold increase in overtime pay to Idaho State Police (ISP) trainees.  ISP administrators explained, without blinking an eye, that it was mainly for trainee commute times to the academy because there was no room in the academy’s dorms in Meridian, or at the National Guard barracks on Gowen Field!  (how many civilian businesses pay their employees to commute?)

EastIdahoNews reporting there is no recovery in eastern Idaho. Their latest article explains what happened with a lot of home construction projects“It was just one of those things where the economy went south.”-Dave Ogden, mayor of Sugar City


Pocatello Wing It eatery no more.

In Pocatello, the Wing It chicken wing joint shutdown, as well as the Subway sandwich shop on Garrett Way.

The Pine Ridge Mall, Idaho location

Aeropostale shutting down stores in Chubbuck (Pine Ridge Mall, one of my many former employers [the mall, not Aéropostale]) & Twin Falls.

Mississippi based bankrupt Hancock Fabrics shutting down stores in Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.

According to the Idaho Business Review the state Department of Labor has inadvertently revealed the true reason The Gem State is welcoming ‘war’ refugees/migrants; there is an mass exodus of U.S. residents from Idaho!  In fact, the number of U.S. families leaving Idaho outpace the number of refugee/migrant families being brought in. Jerome County alone lost more than 830 U.S. residents in a five years period, and realize that Idaho has an official population of about 1.5-million: “The 16 counties in eastern and southeastern Idaho have lost about 14,200 residents since 2010. Every county experienced a net loss in migration, and the businesses in those communities are finding it hard to grow. Many are considering moving out of the state, Regional Economist Chris St. Jeor said.”

Despite years of boasting how great their farm economy was, even boasting of the Ag industry’s relationship with Mexico, the Department of Agriculture admitted that in 2015 Idaho’s farm exports crashed by 22%!  Idaho dairy exports crashed and burned by 43%! It’s blamed on the ‘strong’ USD, which makes U.S. products more expensive overseas: “It was a nice ride, but it’s over.”-Laura Johnson, Idaho Department of Agriculture

The state Department of Agriculture continues its dismal farm report by saying all but two types of crops will lose money this year.  The two money makers are sugar and barley.  Snake River Sugar Company-Amalgamated Sugar expects as much as $900-million USD in revenues for 2015.  But that increased revenue doesn’t translate into job creation, Mark Duffin of the Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association says actual sugar production employment has been going down due to increased use of new technologies.

The state livestock Brand Inspector, Justin Archer, resigned after being charged by Jerome County Sheriff’s Office with felony grand theft!   Washington based Potlatch Corporation has sold-off  69605.9 hectares (172-thousand acres) of Gem State tree-land to ‘investors’ in U.S. state of Georgia, blaming Idaho’s suck-ass economy: “We purchased the central Idaho timberlands in 2007 intending to take advantage of what was a strong rural recreational real estate market around McCall…..Unfortunately, that market declined significantly due to the recession and the bankruptcy of the Tamarack Resort.”– Mike Covey, ceo

Near Grangeville, Blue North Forest Products confirmed that low lumber sales forced them to sell their mill to competitor Idaho Forest Group (who so far refuses to say what their plans are), 65 jobs threatened.

The Wilderness Society reports that most of the non-federally owned land in Idaho has been sold-off by the state government, resulting in “…lands in the hands of an elite few and Idaho’s biggest industries: the Simplot Corp., Potlatch, Boise-Cascade, cattle companies and law firms. Under these private ownerships, the new owners can lock out the public altogether or charge a trespass fee.”  (also, you now know the real reason why rents are getting jacked up)  The federal government is considering halting sheep grazing on public land in west-central Idaho.  The U.S. Bureau of Land Management says domestic sheep spread disease.  Wow, after a hundred plus years of sheep grazing they now claim sheep spread disease to other animals? I believe that applies to all us animals, all animals spread disease to each other. How do you think disease is spread, with a butter knife?  The local sheep industry calls bullshit on the BLM reasoning: “There’s no firm science that says 100% that domestic sheep pass disease on the open range, or that they’re the only species that can pass the disease.”-Stan Boyd, Idaho Wool Growers Association

A city employee of 14 years has resigned from her job with Idaho City after being accused of taking taxpayer funding.  Idaho State Police say she took about $47-thousand USD over a two years period, two other city employees were fired.

In Boise, rail car maker Motive Power-Wabtech laid off 210 people saying “There’s been a major downturn in the freight business, and that is impacting us. Our customers, the Class I railroads, have curtailed their capital spending for 2017.”   

DraftKings and FanDuel  shutting down their Idaho participants’ accounts, after state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden shutdown fantasy sports gambling: “….paid daily sports offerings provided by these companies constitute gambling under Idaho law. I have a duty to enforce and uphold that law. I commend the companies for negotiating in good faith and agreeing not to make these contests available in Idaho.”

The state Department of Labor (DoL) finally updated their WARN site, revealing that ATCO Structures & Logistics laid off 76 people in Pocatello, back in April (who knows why the DoL sat on the WARN for more than a month?).  Since 2012 British empire Canada based ATCO has been laying off employees across the U.S. and Canada due to “an economic slowdown” in the mining industry, they’re still “waiting for business to pick up.” 2012 was also the year ATCO opened their Pocatello location, in July, promising to hire 160 people to build mobile facilities for the mining-oil industry.   But immediately they froze hiring at 1-hundred, and then in November 2012 they laid off 15 people due to a sudden decline in demand from the mining-oil industry.  Then in October 2015, ATCO announced they would hire 75 Pocatellans after winning new contracts for modular buildings, with local economic ‘experts’ claiming it was a sign the economic downturn for Chubbuck and Pocatello was over.  Of course all the so called new jobs in the area came as a result of local taxpayers being forced to give these companies massive taxpayer incentives (sounds like socialism and not true free market economics).  Back in March of this year the Idaho State Journal reported that “…state law allows companies to receive up to a 30 percent refund of payroll, sales and state income taxes over 15 years if they produce at least 50 new jobs that pay higher than the county average.

Amy’s Kitchen [in Pocatello] received a 26 percent tax credit, which is valued at an estimated $6.7 million…”

The Idaho Technology Council reports that from 2014 to 2015 business investments into The Gem State tripled ($3.47 billion to $16.29 billion)! However, when you break it down by region all the big increases in investments went to the Boise area (aka southern sector of the state), north and east sectors saw little change in investments. And 60% went to the service sector (retail).

A month after the Panama Papers were made public by whistleblowers “…a number of Idaho shareholders were listed under Accelonic Ltd., an offshore company with more than 1,000 officers around the world.” Another sham offshore company reportedly involves an Idaho company that makes chemicals to preserve potatoes.  Some other sham companies involving Idaho investors are Uluwatu Holdings and DocDoc “First, where did the money being held in these entities come from? Second, why was the money held in these entities and hidden from view?”-John Miller, University of Idaho

Also, the AFL-CIO’s annual Executive PayWatch survey reports that chief executive officers in Idaho are paid an average 277 times more than Idahoans earning minimum wage, and 149 times more than Idahoans earning a ‘living wage’!

Olympus Healthcare agrees to pay Idaho $107,219 in restitution after getting caught bribing (kickbacks) Idaho healthcare providers!  According to magicvalley.com in the past year and a half Idaho doctors were paid-off by drug companies, to the tune of $24-million USD of ‘incentives’!  Now you know why so many people in The Gem State are wacked on evil prescription drugs!  What housing market recovery?

‘Suspect’ State Treasurer Ron Crane is now facing wrongful termination charges by a former employee, who was fired “in direct retaliation for communicating in good faith the existence of extensive waste of public funds/manpower and illegality”.  In November 2015 five state employees reported to their superiors massive corruption in the Republican ‘christian’ controlled state government. Instead of being praised for revealing the waste of taxpayer funding, they were accused of insubordination!  Two were fired!     The Idaho Housing and Finance Association reports that the number of homeless people in northern Idaho has increased 5% since 2015.  Local charities say the homeless rate is actually higher than the official count because not all localities are included in the head-counting, and warned the homeless rate will go up: “Although the homeless number is always interesting, those living from paycheck to paycheck who are on the verge of losing their homes is far greater. That’s the bigger issue.”-Jeff Conroy, Saint Vincent de Paul of North Idaho

Idaho state level ‘elected’ politicians have so far spent $136-thousand taxpayer dollars on travel expenses for this past 75 days legislative session! The revelation was made after The Associated Press forced the release of data through a Freedom of Information demand.  Not all reimbursement requests have been submitted, so expect the total tax dollars spent to go up.

Idaho’s Economic Destruction month of JUNE: “RISEN FROM THE ASHES”? WE STRUCK OIL!

Idaho’s Economic Destruction month of JULY86 YEARS OLD ZAMZOWS GOING DOWN?

AUGUST: Economically depressed Idaho is one of 11 states supplying the most military personnel for the never ending, and undeclared, war on terror. That’s according to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)!

The U.S. Census Bureau warning that sparsely populated Idaho could soon be dominated by immigrants, with the result that the majority of Gem State families will become poor.

In Pocatello, a divorce settlement forced the shutdown of 112 years old Town and Country Gardens, killing ten jobs: “We plan to sell it down to the bones.”-John Crook, owner, following the divorce court’s orders

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) lost its attempt to become the site for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy, or FORGE: “Although our Idaho site was not selected, INL still has the opportunity to participate in the FORGE effort through our role as a member of the University of Utah-led team and in other funded proposals.”-Rob Podgorney, INL geothermal

A Fourth District Judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging the 2014 law that heaps huge taxpayer funded incentives on companies moving to The Gem State.  Tens of millions in tax breaks (supposedly in the form of “reimbursements”) have already gone to companies like California based Amy’s Kitchen and Ireland’s Glanbia Foods. Agricultural news source Capital Press also revealed that an undisclosed food producer was recently given a $15-million tax credit for creating a piddly 80 jobs in Boise.  The state Depatment of Commerce claims that tax ‘reimbursments’ helped create 4,737 new jobs. But if companies aren’t paying their fair share of taxes how are the state and local governments going to make up for it?  By hitting Idaho residents with jacked up taxes and fees, of course.

If you’ve got a family and you’re thinking about moving to Idaho to get a job with one of those taxpayer subsidized companies, think again.  The Gem State is one of the worst when it comes to affordable child daycare, and the state government does nothing about it.  Economic Policy Institute says the average Idaho family spends $6-hundred per month per child on daycare.  Child Care Aware says from 2013 to 2014 childcare costs in Idaho skyrocketed by 19.9%!  Even a daycare operator says it’s not worth it to raise a family in Idaho: “Ultimately, when you do the math, and mom is only making X amount, how much of that money is going toward lunches out, and extra clothing, and taxes, and gas to get to and from? You have to look at all of that and see if it’s cost-effective.”-Megan MacCleary, Megan’s Munchkins Preschool, whose income from her daycare operation is so low she qualies for Medicaid (even though daycare rates have gone up Idaho still ranks third lowest for daycare operator/worker pay)

Non-profit Project Access Northwest testified before The Gem State legislature, blasting them for their version of ObamaCare saying 40% of the patients they see have no insurance! State Representative Fred Wood, from Burley, stated that Idaho’s version of ObamaCare is a “system where if you’re poor you have to rely on charity care, versus what everybody else gets.”

Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) canceled $5-million USD in funding for their students attending cash strapped Idaho State University (ISU).

Idaho State University (ISU) laying off 34 people at its Research and Innovation in Science and Engineering Complex (RISE), officially due to contract expiration.  Unnamed employees told local news sources that the RISE was being shutdown due to lack of money, but ISU admin denied the rumor.     More proof that throwing a lot of money at a problem doesn’t fix anything! After eight years, the state Department of Education’s $135-million USD campaign to increase math scores failed, big time! 8th graders considered at or above grade level dropped from 38% to 34% last year! 4th graders dropped from 41% to 38%!   The Education Commission of the States says Idaho’s taxpayer funding of education fails because “…the current formula did not contemplate a variety of different learning modalities, the increasing mobility of students and the states move toward mastery-based education.”      The 2016 Idaho Ready for Change survey says 73% of Idahoans prefer charter, or private schools, over traditional taxpayer funded schools.    Seven years later CenturyLink and Education Networks of America (ENA) now suing the state Department of Education over the scandalous Idaho Education Network project.  State Supreme Court rulings invalidated the IEN contracts, and the whole IEN broadband project was scrapped. CenturyLink and ENA claim they lost $18.5-million USD as a result!   Idaho public schools are also struggling financially after a court ruling (last year) revealed that the fees Idaho schools have been charging for decades violate the state constitution.  School District 151 revealed the illegal fees they were charging would’ve amounted to $140-thousand for the current school year.  School District 411 spent taxpayer funding on an attorney to find ways to continue to charge ‘fees’ without violating the state constitution.   Parents from school districts 2 and 25 (my district) are now suing for a refund of the illegal fees.  

SEPTEMBER:  Trading Company Stores suddenly shutdown their Post Falls and Bonners Ferry locations, 68 jobs lost due to the owner selling out to Washington based Yoke’s.  In Twin Falls, after more than 42 years Addison Restaurant West shutting down in October.  The owner sold it so he could take care of his 98 years old mom.

State education administrators and ‘lawmakers’ debating new ways to divy out dwindling taxpayer funding for schools, some plans would see as much as $131-million USD cut from school funding! School district administrators also told ‘lawmakers’ that ObamaCare mandated employee health insurance is sucking up more and more taxpayer funding.  Blue Cross of Idaho provides the insurance for Idaho teachers and jacked up their rates by 16.5% in 2015.  One plan for handling ObamaCare insurance for Idaho teachers could actually cost taxpayers an additional $17-million!  Budget policy analyst Paul Headlee warned “This is a particularly complex and potentially expensive endeavor.”

The State Police will stop enforcing a booze law that allows them to crash establishments that serve alcohol during ‘live sex acts’.  It’s the result of a lawsuit that proved that the law being used to harass bars with adult performers is too vague, and possibly unconstitutional.    And the State Police are being sued for the 2013 killing of a Montana man.  The man was questioned by police for 40 minutes before they shot him while he was sitting in the passenger’s seat of his car.  Police claim the license plates didn’t match the man’s car and that there was a gun in the glove box. The family of the victim says police dash-cam video shows their son never threatened police with any gun.  Boise State Public Radio revelaed that the federal government refuses to reveal how many illegal immigrants in Idaho get deported.  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement admitted that actual deportations have declined since 2012, due to a focus on immigrants convicted in court of crimes other than immigration violations.   Here in Idaho deportations in 2015 dropped by about 4-hundred compared to 2011.  And in Camas County, actor Bruce Willis‘ plans for a private airport crashed and burned after complaints from residents, and the city of Ketchum claimed it violated local laws.  Apparently the land was zoned specifically for agricultural use.

Lewiston Kmart, Boise Town Square Mall Sears Store & Auto Center, Boise Kmart Auto Center, the Nampa Kmart Store & Auto Center, the Coeur d’Alene Kmart and Sears Store & Auto Center, the Twin Falls Sears Store & Auto Center and Kmart, the Ammon Kmart, the Idaho Falls Sears Store & Auto Center, the abandoned but still owned by Sears Holdings Chubbuck (the “opportunities” listing incorrectly says Pocatello) Sears Store (esentially all remaining Sears & Kmarts in Idaho) made the new Sears Holdings Real Estate for sale or lease list!

OCTOBER: Instant potatoes maker Basic American Ingredients issued a WARN for their Blackfoot ops, 91 additional jobs gone. The Blackfoot potato factory was sold to Basic American Ingredients back in February 2013, and 103 people lost their jobs just three months later.  After 40 years in Idaho Falls, Madsen’s Crafts and Framing shutting down in November.  One of the retiring co-owners said decades ago he quit his job with Sears in Utah to run the local Idaho craft store, and he has no regrets.  In Lewiston, Discount Vacuum shutdown after 35 years, due to the owner’s health problems.

Karcher Care Group issued a WARN for their Nampa nursing home ops, 172 jobs gone!  “Concerning and certainly somewhat problematic.”  That’s how state Department of Insurance Director Dean Cameron describes health insurance provider’s plans to greatly jack up ‘out of network’ charges.  According to the Idaho StatesmanBlue Cross of Idaho plans will have a $50,000 out-of-network deductible for individuals, and patients will have an out-of-pocket responsibility for up to $75,000 of all out-of-network claims — up from $4,000 and $10,000 this year.

BridgeSpan and SelectHealth members will have less-extreme deductibles, but they will be responsible for up to $200,000 of their bills if they go out of network.

The amounts are doubled for families.”

The number of Gem State high school graduates who immediately go on to college dropped below the halfway mark, in 2014 and 2015.  This is despite the Board of Education spending taxpayer money on several years of “Go-On” propaganda.  Superintendent of Public Schools Sherri Ybarra lost her attempt to block the investigation into the falsifying of teacher performance records.  Last month law makers created a $50-thousand USD fine for any district official caught falsifying such data. This is the result of an investigation by IdEdNews which revealed that school districts were deliberately lying about their teacher’s performance in order to justify pay raises!  Cassia County Joint School District decided not to fight a ACLU lawsuit accusing it of discriminating against non-Mormon students.  Details of the settlement were not disclosed but the taxpayer funded Mormon dominated school district claims it will make changes to its official policies of favoring Mormon students.  What happened was a non-Mormon student wanted to run for student body president but was denied on the grounds of not having the required classes completed.  But it turns out the only candidate, a Mormon, also did not meet the requirements to campaign for president yet was allowed to run!  The Mormon dominated district was counting Mormon seminary as credit towards the class requirement.

NOVEMBER: The Idaho Department of Labor quietly launched a Spanish version of its website during the week of the U.S. presidential elections:  https://labor.idaho.gov/ClaimantPortal/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fClaimantPortal%2f

A former Boise, Idaho, cop and his wife are charged with stealing thousands of dollars from The Treasure Valley Lodge #11 Fraternal Order of Police charity, while the former cop was the president of the fraternity.  The current fraternity president says it took local police investigators fives years to uncover the crime by cop!

One year after relocating to Garden City, JoyfulTea suddenly shutdown due to “A series of events…”    Bodybuilding.com suddenly laid off 90 people in Boise.  The warning-less layoffs were revealed by unnamed employees who reported it to local news media.  Company admin admitted they are conducting “organizational downsizing” as part of their plans to expand their internet ops (never mind that it directly contradicted the new CEO’s statements, earlier in the year, that they would hire more people).   In Twin Falls, popular Kona Coffee & Cakes shutdown due to “other circumstances”.

The not-so-‘elected’ leaders of Idaho continue using taxpayer funding to look for new agricultural markets, this year they’re sending University of Idaho’s Dean of Agriculture to China. According to Capital Press, 20% of state legislatures are directly connected to farming/ranching.  The state Department of Agriculture is conducting classes for farmers regarding new federal rules for farm labor: “There’s too much information to absorb in two hours, and they’re doing their best to comply with this.”-Luis Urias

Finally after decades of draconian convict policies, and in an attempt to reduce incarceration recidivism, the state Department of Health and Welfare is asking for $11-million tax dollars to provide mental health services for probationers and parolees.  Currently The Gem State Department of Corrections has a 35% recidivism rate.  The proposed mental health program for probationers and parolees is not connected to ObamaCare.   In Nampa, Holly Lane Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (owned by ‘christian’ for-profit Tennessee based Orianna Health Systems-Covenant Dove) continues to violate Medicare and Medicaid rules for patient safety.  State inspectors accuse Holly Lane of repeatedly putting patients in “immediate jeopardy”.   The Nampa nursing home has until January to get its act together or lose all federal funding.  Local news media interviewed former patients who say the mistreatment started years ago due to lack of employees.  One patient told a state inspector “If I have to piss and shit on myself, I would rather be dead!”

Once again the ‘christian’ Right to Work (you over) republican leaders are realizing too late that their education policies suck. A new Student Loan Report survey shows as much as 82% of Idahoans who did “Go-On” and graduate from college (both public and private) are now saddled with debt.  To address the issues of crashing college enrollment (of Idahoans) and skyrocketing indebtedness Idaho ‘lawmakers’ have approved a $3-thousand USD grant to help individual Idahoans pay for college (too late for me and my adult children)!  The federal government is helping by shelling out $1.4-million to expand Idaho’s apprenticeships in healthcare, Info-Tech, manufacturing and energy.   A  Fort Hall Elementary principal admitted to stealing more than $9-thousand from the Blackfoot School District.  She was sentenced to five years probation and 3-hundred hours of community work, and supposedly has already paid back the money.  Combative state Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra now swears she will comply with federal Department of Education rules by submitting the Every Student Succeeds Act plan by March 2017.  The announcement came after Ybarra failed to met her own self imposed ESSA filing deadline!

DECEMBER: In Twin Falls, local news media revealed that during the Summer local school officials paid  more than $94-thousand to one school administrator (who then suddenly retired), and then tried to hide the fact from the public.  So far school officials are refusing to explain the secret payout. 

Without warning the Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Pocatello shutdown on Xmas.  Employees showed up only to find a note taped to the door saying a new restaurant would take its place in the near future, the 28 Ruby Tuesday employees are concerned for their final pay. What’s really intersting is that Ruby Tuesday actually posted job openings on indeed.com, for their Pocatello location, just the week prior!  Here’s what some employees told KPVI TV: “It’s pretty upsetting knowing that we just had Christmas and spent a bunch of money on our families.”– Shane Engle

“I think it’s crappy that we found out that way. That somebody couldn’t have called us or let us know in advance so we can find another job. Something! I’m on a plan that I need to work to get my Medicaid insurance. And if I don’t have a job I lose my insurance. I have several health problems that I have to have insurance.”-Deanna Orth

KIFI finally reporting what I’ve known (and written about) for years; the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck is dead. KIFI reporters who went there expecting to get day after Xmas shopping mayhem were shocked to find the mall almost empty.  In Ucon, 65 people unemployed after the Snake River Plains Potato Warehouse burned down the day after Xmas.  In Idaho Falls, after less than three years The Collective Cachet shutdown on Xmas Eve, with the owners warning that they must shutdown their other businesses as well. Local news media report that Idaho Falls ‘mom&pop’ shops are shutting down due to lack of parking for customers, and some are moving to the next door city of Ammon for better rents and locations.  In Boise, restaurant Pollo Rey shutting down by the end of February 2017.   In Meridian, the owner of Frankie’s Java warned they could shutdown after only seven months of business.  It’s blamed on lack of sales: “At this rate of losing money, we’re considering pulling out as soon as February or March.”-Lisa Squires

The new owner of the Carmike Cinemas in Chubbuck, AMC Theaters, quietly began posting on the internet for new employees ranging from “Film Crews” to theater managers.  AMC Theaters took over Carmike Cinemas in March of 2016.  No word on what’s going on with the old employees.

The state Department of Commerce waiving nearly $6-million in taxes to any company that can create jobs in Idaho!  It’s being called Project Grand Slam.

Despite Idaho being flooded with immigrants and refugees (according to state and federal data), the state Department of Labor is predicting worker shortages in the areas of pipe-fitting/plumbing (possibly due to the covert oil industry boom), physical therapists, accountants/auditors, software/computer developers, industrial mechanics, registered nurses, semi-truck drivers and cooks.  As with past predictions of booming employment opportunities the ‘authorities’ have failed to explain why there is going to be such an expected economic boom (by the way, the plurality of past economic boom predictions for Idaho never materialized).  Remember, back in March the Department of Labor admitted that Idahoans were fleeing the state, however, the prediction of job shortages comes at the same time the U.S. Census Bureau reported data that says Idaho is the 3rd fastest growing state, population wise, in the country (blamed on high birth rate of Idahoans and domestic [U.S.] migrants looking for jobs).  This indicates that instead of worker shortages there might not be enough jobs for all the people flooding into the state (and it amazes me that people are coming to Idaho when there aren’t enough jobs right now).

 In the overwhelmingly christian dominated south eastern part of The Gem State, christians failed to support a new christian founded (and much needed due to increasing homelessness in the area) homeless shelter, prompting a local Muslim to come to the rescue.  Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas needed at least $30-thousand USD for the homeless shelter but got only $7-thousand from fellow christians, a local Muslim doctor heard the news and said he felt compelled to make up the difference. He promised $23-thousand for the Big Momma’s House project.  (UPDATE: TV station KPVI reported that after the initial report of a Muslim saving Big Momma’s House at least two more large donations were made, however, KPVI was careful not to mention the religious affiliation of the donors. JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: TV station KIFI reporting that Bingham Memorial Hospital made a significant donation and admitted they were motivated by the Muslim doctor’s donation.)

Idaho’s Economic Decline 2015: “WE’RE GOING TO GO DOWN.”



Idaho’s Economic Decline 2014: “WE’VE LOST A LOT…SINCE 2007.”

Idaho’s Economic Decline 2013: “IT WAS A BLOW, CUT US OFF AT THE KNEES.”


“Walmart won.” No more GoPro? Gas supply at record highs, demand down, yet prices in Idaho go up! : U.S. Job Losses & Closings 14 January 2016

Incomplete list of job loss announcements and shutdowns.

After only two years Qatar based news source Al Jazeera is getting the hell outta Dodge! Al Jazeera America is shutting down in April, administrators say that despite increasing numbers of viewers the suck-ass U.S. economy makes doing business in ‘Merica “no longer sustainable”!  7-hundred employees affected!

Arizona: The Prescott Valley Kmart shutting down by April.  No word on how many jobs lost, but one employee was quoted by local news as saying “Walmart won.”

California:   Four Kmarts shutting down between March and April, one in Anaheim, Chula Vista, San Mateo and Citrus Heights, a total of 407 jobs lost!  More proof high-tech is not recession resistant, San Mateo based GoPro digital cam systems announced it must eliminate at least 7% of its jobs (about 105 positions) due to holiday sales that sucked!  GoPro’s 4th quarter revenues are about $100-million USD short of what the ‘experts’ thought they would get!

Connecticut:  Fairfield based industry giant General Electric (GE) announced it is killing off 6-thousand 5-hundred jobs in Europe!  It’s the result of GE’s takeover of Alstom SA Energy.

Florida:   Sears Holdings announced the 46 years old Daytona Beach Kmart, on International Speedway Boulevard, is shutting down by mid-March, 86 jobs lost.   The Lutz Kmart shutting down by March, 62 jobs lost.  

Pokey Runway liquidating

Idaho:  In Pocatello about two years after opening, previously worn clothing seller Runway Fashion Exchange “going out of business” and liquidating everything.  Essentially a for-profit thrift store, Runway Fashion Exchange has been shutting down stores across the U.S. since 2013.   There are reports that the supply of gasoline is at record levels, and demand is down (again), yet here in eastern Idaho gas prices went up by ten cents per gallon compared to last week ($2.05 in Chubbuck/Pocatello, last week it was at $1.95).  

The decade old drought is causing taxpayers to fork out more funding for aquifer recharge projects.  Governor Otter is proposing a one time $10-million USD payment plus $2-million yearly for the Egin Lakes-Egin Bench canal near Rexburg.  Supporters of the plan complain it’s not enough money!

Illinois: Hoffman Estates based Sears Holdings announced they will shutdown up to 120 Kmart and Sears stores in 2016!

Michigan: The Sears and Auto Center in Fort Gratiot shutting down by mid-March, 48 jobs lost.

Mississippi:  The 44 years old Greenville Kmart shutting down in April, no word on job losses.

Missouri:  Noranda Aluminum joins the list of aluminum smelters cutting way back on production.  190 people at Noranda’s New Madrid ops to become unemployed by the end of the week, and another 480 employees to be let go by the start of February!

New York: In DeWitt, it’s been revealed that the owner of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Yogen Fruz shut them both down due to low sales and high operating costs.   The same owner is shutting down his Pop’s Media Cafe claiming his labor costs are now double his sales, and his rent is about to be jacked by the greedy landlord.

North Carolina: In Greensboro, ConvaTec shutting down their medical products factory and laying off 250 people by the beginning of 2017!  It’s their way of becoming more competitive in the global market.

Oklahoma: In Ponca City, Mertz Manufacturing laid off about 45 people, blaming “…continued decreased product demand from the oil and gas industry.”  SandRidge Energy announced the elimination of 226 jobs (87% of its positions) with its Lariat Services Group, due to crashing oil prices!

Ohio: Steubenville Kmart shutting down by April, 65 jobs lost. 

Pennsylvania:  In Clairton, Koppers shutting down their chemical factory, 52 jobs lost over the next six months.  The factory makes chemicals for industries that are now shutting down due to crashing commodities prices.  After 60 years Trader Horn shutting down all seven stores, 2-hundred jobs lost!  It’s blamed on the deteriorating health of the owner.

South Dakota:  The Pierre Kmart shutting down by the end of March, 45 jobs lost.  The Michell Kmart shutting down in April, 52 jobs lost.  

Tennessee:  Cleveland Kmart shutting down by mid-March, no job numbers reported.  A Memphis Sears and Auto Center (on Poplar Avenue) shutting down, 109 jobs lost!

Virginia: The Sears Hometown store in Culpeper shutting down by the end of the month.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

13 January 2016: “cuts like a knife…we can’t compete” Idaho eateries give you a discount if you bring your gun! 

Former employees who receive severance are not counted as unemployed

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

Sears Kmart update 12 January 2016: Massive store shutdowns! Kroger changes its mind!

Sears Holdings has issued notice of massive shutdowns of Kmarts across the U.S.  and grocer Kroger has backed out of plans to lease the top floor of the Sears store in the Cumberland Mall in Tennessee.  The space is currently owned by Seritage Growth Properties (a shell game company created by Sears Holdings).

Sears Kmart update 01 December 2015: Corporate cannibalism in Canada! 

Here’s the updated list (new shutdowns in bold) of U.S. store closings that I’ve been compiling since the end of 2011:

Arizona: Scottsdale Sears/Great Indoors, Chandler Sears/Great Indoors. Recently revealed Arrowhead Towne Center Sears sold-off then rented back! Chandler Fashion Center Sears sold-off then rented back!

Alabama: Gadsden Kmart (50 jobs lost), Mobile Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Auburn Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Anniston Kmart (no word yet on how many jobs lost), Birmingham Eastwood Kmart (70 jobs lost), Decatur Mall Sears (91 jobs lost), Fort Payne Kmart, Northport Kmart (68 jobs lost), Dothan Sears (68 jobs lost), Huntsville Kmart (73 jobs lost), Sears Store and Auto Center at the Bel Air Mall in Mobile (more than 100 jobs lost).

California: El Monte Sears (at least 40 jobs lost. Damien Arrula, El Monte’s economic development director, said the store manager had lied about what was going on: “The general manager of the store had just indicated to me that they were remodeling.”), two San Diego Sears (more than 80 jobs lost), Pleasant Hill Kmart (more than 50 jobs lost), Torrance Kmart, Fairfield Kmart (63 jobs lost), Lampert owned OSH taken over by Lowe’s home improvement in bankruptcy court, at least 17 of 99 stores to be closed down (935 jobs lost!), Rancho Cordova Kmart (97 jobs lost), San Clemente Kmart/Sears/Kmart on Camino de Estrella (58 jobs lost), placed on an official hit list in 2011 the Oceanside Kmart on College Boulevard finally being shut down, Banning Kmart (91 jobs lost) recently revealed that Sears Holdings is still paying rent on the abandoned property, Laguna Hills Mall Sears, San Diego Mid-City Kmart (73 jobs lost), Hemet Kmart (77 jobs lost), Oakland Sears repair center (75 jobs lost), San Mateo Kmart (82 jobs lost to an apartment building connected to public transportation), Hesperia Kmart building sold at a loss to a vulture capitalist REIT, no word on if the Kmart will be shutdown. Customers complain that the Kmart employees have a bad attitude, gee I wonder why? Yuba City Kmart (63 jobs lost), Rocklin Kmart (at least 63 jobs lost, the store had just posted “Now Hiring” signs), San Leandro Kmart (102 jobs lost), San Jose Mercury News says the El Centro Kmart to shutdown in January, the website Foursquare says the Covina Kmart is now shutdown (other sources say it will shutdown in December), Cupertino Sears and Auto Center (98 jobs lost), somebody posted on yelp* that the Diamond Bar Kmart was shutting down in December (confirmed by Armijo Newspapers), Westfield Topanga Sears (122 jobs lost), it looks like the Blythe Kmart is being slowly shutdown despite denial by Sears Holdings. San Mateo Kmart being demolished to make room for 599 unit apartment complex, as part of the the Hayward Park Caltrain Station project. Atwater Kmart (74 jobs lost), Los Banos Kmart (67 jobs lost).

Colorado: Broomfield Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Glenwood Springs Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Lone Tree Sears/Great Indoors, Longmont Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Pueblos’ South Side Kmart (52 jobs lost), Denver Kmart (number of jobs lost have not been made public at this time, but could be at least 40), Colorado Springs Kmart at Powers and Palmer Park boulevards (57 jobs lost), Fort Collins Sears (67 jobs lost), Denver-Cherry Creek North Sears store & Auto Center (66 jobs lost).

Connecticut: Waterbury Big Kmart, Torrington Kmart (73 jobs lost), Enfield Sears Optical (no word on jobs lost), Wallingford Sears Appliance & Hardware (employees say the shutdown was a surprise, I guess they don’t read Blind Bat News), Wallingford Sears Appliance & Hardware (at least 13 jobs lost).

Delaware: Dover Kmart (at least 72 jobs lost, some reports said 100), Seaford Sears (30 jobs lost), Claymont Kmart (87 jobs lost).

Florida: Fernandina Beach Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Callaway Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Orange City Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Deland Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Stuart Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), West Palm Beach Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Port St. Lucie Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Crystal River Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), New Smyrna Beach Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Saint Augustine Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Pompano Beach Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Jacksonville Kmart on 5751 Beach Boulevard (71 jobs lost), second Kmart in Jacksonville on 4645 Blanding Boulevard (83 jobs lost), Ocoee Sears (102 jobs lost), Pensacola Kmart on Airport Boulevard closed in 2011, Pensacola Kmart on Mobile Highway closed in February 2013 (69 jobs lost), Pensacola Kmart on East 9 Mile Road will close in May (73 jobs lost), Hialeah Kmart (67 jobs lost), Bonita Springs Kmart (67 jobs lost), Mount Dora Kmart (100 jobs lost), Lake Mary Kmart, Panama City Beach Kmart (54 jobs lost), Winter Park Kmart (100 jobs lost), Niceville Kmart (59 jobs lost), Winter Haven Kmart (92 jobs lost), Palm Bay Kmart, Oakland Park Kmart (112 jobs lost), Clearwater Sears Auto Center (21 jobs lost), Zephyrhills Kmart (70 jobs lost), Winter Springs Kmart (69 jobs lost), Naples Kmart (72 jobs lost), New Port Richey Kmart (58 jobs lost), ‘redevelopment’ of Aventura Sears & Auto Center into an “open-air village” (unknown how many jobs affected), Kmart on Northeast 108 Street being annexed by Miami Shores, Sears Holdings threatens to shutdown Kmart as a result of higher local taxes. The property that’s home to an operating Kmart, on South Green Bay Road in Racine, was foreclosed by the local Sheriff and sold-off for $2.5-million, no word on what the new property owner will do with it. Fort Myers Kmart (67 jobs lost). Dicks Sportings Goods subleasing space in an existing Sears store in Palm Beach Gardens.

Georgia: Mount Berry Square Mall Sears and Auto Center shutting down in March, 86 jobs lost.  Macon Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Buford Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Douglasville Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Atlanta Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Columbus Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Jonesboro Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Cartersville Kmart (74 jobs lost), Hiram Kmart (53 jobs lost), Marietta-East Cobb Kmart, Warner Robins Kmart (77 jobs lost), Coweta County Kmart distribution center (164 jobs lost), one of the last two North Augusta Kmart to be torn down by new property owner from Canada, Sears Holdings denies the Kmart will shutdown.

Guam: Sears Hometown Store.

Hawaii: Iconic Nimitz HWY Kmart shutting down in March, 141 jobs lost!  Honolulu Sears (owned by GGP, 372 jobs lost! GGP spending $573-million chopping it up into smaller store spaces), Kauai Sears (41 jobs lost), Iwilei-Honolulu Kmart for lease (no confirmation of store closing).

Kmart Pocatello

Big Kmart, with small sales, in Pocatello

Idaho: Finally official (I’ve been warning about it after a manager told me at least a year ago they were in an unofficial “holding  pattern”), Pocatello Kmart shutting down by April, 65 jobs lost.  Lewiston Sears (at least 60 jobs lost), Rexburg Kmart (63 jobs lost), Chubbuck Pine Ridge Mall Sears shutdown by the end of October/beginning of November 2014 (the remaining 28 jobs lost).

Illinois: Alton Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Melrose Park Sears parts and repair center (50 jobs lost), Zion Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Oak Lawn Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), McHenry Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Peru Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Lombard Sears/Great Indoors (at least 40 jobs lost), Fairview Heights Kmart (81 jobs lost), Freeport Kmart (45 jobs lost), Pontiac Kmart (more than 47 jobs lost), Homer Glen Kmart (82 jobs lost), Streator Kmart (45 jobs lost), Lombard Kmart (70 jobs lost), Naperville Kmart (98 jobs lost), Calumet Sears (164 jobs lost), two Sears stores in Grand Crossing area of Chicago (247 jobs lost!), Mount Vernon Sears (68 jobs lost), Moline Sears (at least 60 jobs lost), Homewood Kmart (185 jobs lost), Belvidere Kmart (91 jobs lost?) revealed is now a perpetual closing sale Kmart At A Discount store, Champaign’s Market Place Mall Sears (56 jobs lost), Sterling Kmart (60 jobs lost), Montgomery Kmart (81 jobs lost), Mattoon Sears (more than 40 jobs lost), Chicago Sears on North State Street (160 jobs lost), Chicago Sears Craftsman Experience store, Galesburg Sears (46 jobs lost), White Lake Township Kmart (42 jobs lost), Orland Park Sears Appliance, Collinsville Kmart (84 jobs lost), Crystal Lake Kmart (at least 77 jobs lost), Danville Sears store & Auto Center (63 jobs lost), Forsyth Sears store & Auto Center (45 jobs lost), Peoria Kmart (73 jobs lost), Forest Park Kmart (107 jobs lost), Chicago Sears on North and Harlem avenues, supposedly it’s being replaced (most likely at taxpayer expense) with a new building and it will become a Sears-Mariano’s store, Bloomington Kmart (79 jobs lost), Hoffman Estates Headquarters 100 jobs eliminated, another 15 corporate jobs eliminated elsewhere, Chicago-Wicker Park Kmart (106 jobs lost), abandoned Market Place Mall Sears location to be occupied by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream. 58 Chicago area stores up for lease or sale. North Mayfair Kmart (99 jobs lost), Chicago Kmart at 5033 North Elston Avenue (99 jobs lost). By the way, Illinois elected officials gave Sears Holdings/Hoffman Estates a $150 million USD tax break to keep their headquarters in the state. The tax break was not tied to any promise not to close stores.

Indiana: Terre Haute Kmart by April, 62 jobs lost.  Anderson Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Saint John Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Indianapolis Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Richmond Sears (49 jobs lost), South Anthony Kmart (70 jobs lost), Fort Wayne Kmart on South Anthony Boulevard (70 jobs lost), FairOaks Mall Kmart, Logansport Sears (43 jobs lost), Muncie Kmart (59 jobs lost), Fort Wayne Kmart on Coliseum Boulevard North (69 jobs lost), Decatur Kmart (49 jobs lost), Indianapolis Kmart on Madison Avenue (131 jobs lost), Indianapolis Kmart on Washington Street (139 jobs lost), Bedford Kmart (62 jobs lost), Indianapolis (Evansville) Sears & Auto Center at Washington Square Mall (91 jobs lost), Greenwood Kmart (78 jobs lost), Plymouth Kmart (68 jobs lost), Bloomington Sears to be replaced by Whole Foods grocery store.

Iowa: Ottumwa Kmart shutting down by April, 38 jobs lost.  Cedar Rapids Kmart on 16th Ave (at least 40 jobs lost), Davenport Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Burlington Kmart (50 jobs lost), Coralville Sears (94 jobs lost, this is a store sold to GGP earlier in the year), Cedar Rapids Kmart on Collins Road NE (56 jobs lost), Mason City Kmart (50 jobs lost), Clive Kmart (at least 49 jobs lost), Ames Kmart (44 jobs lost), Fort Dodge Sears (no job loss numbers made public, yet. The Auto Center was secretly shutdown in September), 56 years old Mason City Sears & Auto Center (more than 100 jobs lost).   Davenport Kmart (59 jobs lost), Belvidere Kmart (67 jobs lost).

Kansas: North Topeka Kmart shutting down by Spring, 49 jobs lost.  Lawrence Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Merriam Kmart-then Sears-then Kmart (jobs lost unknown), Wichita Sears store & Auto Center (103 jobs lost), Manhattan Sears & Auto Center (number of jobs lost were never revealed).

Kentucky: Middlesboro Sears (in September 2012 the Sears store re-opened under independent ownership, official grand re-opening scheduled for November), Winchester Kmart, Hazard Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Lexington Fayette Mall Sears (114 jobs lost!), Newport Kmart (81 jobs lost), Cannonsburg Sears and Sears Auto Center (no employee info given), Louisville Dixie Highway Kmart/Sears/Kmart shutdown and now being taken over by Kroger basically to sell the same crap the old Kmart did! Madisonville Kmart (39 jobs lost), Owensboro Sears store & Auto Center (52 jobs lost).

Louisiana: Slidell Sears (77 job lost), Gretna Kmart (94 jobs lost), Metairie Kmart secretly sold off, no word if it will be shutdown, Laplace Sears Hometown Store.

Maine: Lewiston Sears (60 to 70 jobs lost), Presque Isle Aroostook Centre Mall Sears (63 jobs lost), Aroostook Centre Mall Sears Auto Center leased out to VIP Tires & Service.

Maryland: Ellicott Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Gaithersburg Sears/Great Indoors, Landover Sears rebuild & call center (115 jobs lost), Baltimore Kmart on Wabash Avenue (107 jobs lost), Parkville Kmart (102 jobs lost), California Kmart (71 jobs lost), Sears Hometown Store in Perryville.

Massachusetts: North Reading Sears Hardware store closed, lease not renewed, Milford Kmart (80 jobs lost), Kingston Kmart (73 jobs lost).   Braintree Kmart on Grossman Drive shutting down.  Also, the Braintree South Shore Plaza Sears store is renting out an entire floor to Ireland based Primark.   Even with the lease to Primark there is still 4-thousand square feet of vacant space in the Sears store.  The Sears at the Auburn Mall shutdown on Black Friday due to electrical fire.  The store was experiencing electrical problems, an investigation is underway.

Michigan: Three Kmart stores by April, one in Virginia, Superior and Ironwood, 137 jobs lost!  Sears/Great Indoors, Brighton Sears Grand/Essentials, Harper Woods Sears Full line, Monroe Sears Full line, Adrian Sears Full line, Washington Township Kmart, Chesterfield Kmart, Woodhaven Kmart, Saginaw Kmart on Bay Road, Flint Kmart on Dort Highway (46 jobs lost), Gaylord Kmart (48 jobs lost), Sterling Kmart (58 jobs lost), Bloomfield Township Kmart and Sears, Bad Axe Kmart (61 jobs lost), Ypsilanti Township Kmart (83 jobs lost), Petoskey Kmart (45 jobs lost), Saint John’s Kmart (48 jobs lost), White Lake Township “Store of the Future” Kmart (42 jobs lost), Grand Blanc Kmart (49 jobs lost), Lapeer Kmart (56 jobs lost), Southgate Kmart (155 jobs lost), Detroit’s Telegraph Road Kmart (115 jobs lost), Waterford Township Sears (no word on how many jobs lost), Rochester Hills Kmart (77 jobs lost), ‘perfect Kmart town’ of Port Huron Kmart (188 jobs lost), Flint Kmart on Miller Road (81 jobs lost), Burton Kmart (85 jobs lost), Madison Heights Kmart (179 jobs lost), it’s now official the last remaining Saginaw Kmart (on Gratiot Road) will remain shutdown after its roof collapsed during a snowstorm back in January 2014 (Sears Holdings claims only 18 people worked there at the time of the collapse!), Ann Arbor Kmart (59 jobs lost), Iron Mountain Kmart (54 jobs lost), Bangor Township Sears aka Bay City Mall Sears, the Auto Center was already secretly shutdown some time ago (at least 47 jobs lost), Big Rapids Kmart (about 50 jobs lost). Vacant Wyandotte Sears Auto Center is being renovated at a cost to taxpayers of $1-million & 20-thousand, plus 15 years worth of tax breaks valued at $2-million! Shakopee Kmart distribution center shutdown and sold-off for $17-million in 2013, now it’s finally getting a new tenant; snowmobile and electric cart maker Polaris Industries will rent out a fraction of the building to use as their new parts warehouse. The Kmart Plaza in Sandusky sold to “A group of investors”, no word on what will happen to the Kmart store.

Minnesota: Thunderbird Mall Kmart shutting down in April, 48 jobs lost.  Willmar Kmart, Duluth Kmart, New Hope Kmart, White Bear Lake Kmart, Bemidji Kmart, Monticello Kmart, GGP owned Sears Auto Center in the Apache Mall closed (10 jobs lost), the entire Sears store in the Apache Mall being sold off, Fergus Falls Kmart (40 jobs lost), Fergus Falls Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Alexandria Kmart (46 jobs lost), Grand Rapids Kmart (61 jobs lost), Seritage is selling off three Sears Auto Centers in Minnetonka, Brooklyn Center and Saint Paul, Marshall Kmart (57 jobs lost), Oakdale Kmart (77 hourly wage employees losing their jobs, unknown how many salaried employees will become unemployed), Winona Kmart (67 jobs lost), Minneapolis city officials trying to shutdown profit making Nicollet Avenue Kmart, to make way for a new road. Anoka Kmart (47 jobs lost), Blaine Kmart (60 jobs lost), Burnsville Kmart (62 jobs lost), Waite Park Kmart (57 jobs lost), Northeast Minneapolis Sears Hometown & Outlet store now for sale, Coon Rapids Sears Hometown & Outlet store now for sale.

Mississippi: Jackson Sears Full line, McComb Sears Full line, Columbus Sears Full line, Gautier Sears (71 jobs lost), Waveland Gulfport Kmart (32 jobs lost), Pass Road Gulfport Kmart (52 jobs lost), Pascagoula Sears at the Singing River Mall, Olive Branch distribution center (unknown how many jobs lost).

Missouri: Lee’s Summit Sears Grand/Essentials, Saint Louis Sears Full line, High Ridge Kmart (59 jobs lost), Ellisville Kmart (55 jobs lost), Springfield Kmart on South Campbell Avenue (60 jobs lost), South Belt Kmart (64 jobs lost), Florissant Kmart (100 jobs lost), O’Fallon Kmart (76 jobs lost).

Montana: Missoula Kmart (50 jobs lost), Great Falls Kmart (closed “until further notice” due to fire, 63 jobs on hold), Great Falls Sears store & Auto Center (65 jobs lost) due to great sales (ironically) the shutdown date has been moved from 07 December 2014 to 23 November, Bozeman Kmart (37 jobs lost), Missoula Sears store and Auto Center (57 jobs lost).

Nebraska: Grand Island Kmart (55 jobs lost), Omaha Kmart near West Maple Road (50 jobs lost).

Nevada: Sparks Kmart distribution center (100 jobs lost).

New Hampshire: Nashau Sears Grand/Essentials, Keene Sears Grand/Essentials, Portsmouth Kmart (30 jobs lost), Claremont Kmart (59 jobs lost).

New Jersey: Lawnside Kmart (about 80 jobs lost), Howell Kmart (57 jobs lost), Berlin Kmart, Dover Kmart (92 jobs lost), Randolf Kmart (91 jobs lost), Paramus Kmart (74 jobs lost), Closter Kmart (102 jobs lost), Vineland Kmart (74 jobs lost).  After 18 years Sears Holdings shutdown their Roselle Sears Hardware store due to “landlord issues”.

New Mexico: Las Cruces Kmart (58 jobs lost), Albuquerque Kmart on Central SW (80 jobs lost), Rio Rancho Kmart (59 jobs lost).

New York: Lindenhurst Sears Hardware, North Babylon Sears Hardware, Hauppauge Sears Hardware, Depew (Lancaster?) Kmart (68 jobs lost), Colonie Kmart (72 jobs lost), Fulton Kmart (51 jobs lost), Clifton Park Kmart (74 jobs lost) now revealed to be turned into a Town Center with more than 200 apartments at an estimated cost of $50-million, Latham Kmart (61 jobs lost), East Greenbush-Rensselaer Kmart (70 jobs lost), Tonawanda Sears Appliance and Hardware, Bronx Sears (91 jobs lost), BBN reader reported that the Ithaca Sears and Auto Center shutdown and one month later it’s been officially confirmed (at least 37 jobs lost), DeWitt Kmart (92 jobs lost), Auburn Sears (51 jobs lost), Massena Sears and Auto Center (51 jobs lost), Staten Island Mall Sears leased out to Ireland’s Primark, Bay Shore Sears and Sears Auto Center (144 jobs lost), New Hartford Sears & Auto Center (109 jobs lost), Lancaster Kmart sold for $1.7-million to Dave’s Christmas Wonderland. Herkimer Sears Hometown, Saranac Lake Sears Hometown the ‘independent’ co-owners said Sears Holdings forced them to shutdown. Melville Appliance Repair Division (31 jobs lost).

North Carolina: Cary Kmart (71 jobs lost), High Point Sears, Moorehead Sears, Rocky Mount Sears, Statesville Sears, Durham Kmart (79 jobs lost), Asheville Kmart (53 jobs lost), West Smithfield Kmart (59 jobs lost), Winston-Salem Kmart (69 jobs lost), Hendersonville Kmart (58 jobs lost), South Ashville Kmart on Hendersonville Road, Raleigh Kmart (88 jobs lost), Garner Kmart, Cleveland County mall Sears (56 jobs lost), Charlotte Kmart (89 jobs lost), Conover Kmart (74 jobs lost), Raleigh Kmart on Capital Boulevard (53 jobs lost), High Point Kmart (71 jobs lost), Boone Kmart (41 jobs lost), Greensboro Kmart (96 jobs lost), Gastonia Sears store & Auto Center (65 jobs lost), Kinston Kmart (64 jobs lost), Cary Sears (66 jobs lost), Greensboro Kmart distribution center (130 jobs lost), Greenville Kmart (75 jobs lost), Kinston Sears Hometown Store shutdown with little notice, Lexington Sears Hometown Store.

North Dakota: Jamestown Kmart (45 jobs lost), Dickinson Kmart (41 jobs lost, despite a “Now Hiring” sign on the front of the store).

Ohio: Boardman Kmart by April, 81 jobs lost.  Chagrin Falls Kmart, Springfield Kmart, two Toledo Kmarts, Medina Kmart, Columbus Kmart, Columbus Sears/Great Indoors, Zanesville Sears (67 jobs lost), Trotwood Kmart (71 jobs lost), Austintown Sears auto parts and service on Interstate Boulevard, London Kmart (no word on number of jobs lost), Trotwood Sears (67 jobs lost), Westlake Kmart/Sears (at least 57 jobs lost), Xenia Kmart (at least 57 jobs lost), Norwalk Kmart (52 jobs lost), Blue Ash Kmart (77 jobs lost), Northwood Sears at Woodville Mall (36 jobs lost), Conneaut Kmart (43 jobs lost), Anderson Township Kmart (71 jobs lost), Brooklyn Kmart (200 jobs lost), Columbus Lockbourne Industrial Parkway Sears distribution center (200 jobs lost), also in Columbus, Sears Product Rebuild-Call Center (112 jobs lost), Marion Sears Auto Center (at least nine jobs lost), Springfield Kmart #3767 (68 jobs lost), Fairborn Kmart (66 jobs lost), Solon Sears & Auto Center (at least 53 jobs lost), Tiffin Sears Hometown Store. Also, Van Wert Sears franchise bought out by Kirk Berryman, owner of Computer & Networking Technologies (CNT), who plans on moving the store to a new location. Fairlawn Sears Appliance & Hardware, Macedonia Sears Appliance & Hardware, Lorain Sears Appliance & Hardware, Elyria Sears Appliance & Hardware, North Olmsted Sears Appliance & Hardware, Sheffield Village Sears Appliance & Hardware, Akron Sears Appliance & Hardware.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City Sears (98 jobs lost, GGP owned, GGP wants a $2 million sales tax rebate, claiming it’s needed to offset capital investments needed to bring the space up to the standards for potential new tenants), Shawnee Sears (31 jobs lost), Sand Springs Kmart (52 jobs lost), Muskogee Sears (60 jobs lost), Enid Sears and Auto Center (at least 38 jobs lost), Tulsa BigKmart (51 jobs lost).

Oregon: Roseburg Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Tualatin Kmart Center (new property owner from California is tearing everything down for new shopping center, so far no indication the Kmart will be part of the new shopping center), Milwaukie Kmart (61 jobs lost), Coos Bay Kmart (25 jobs lost), Bend Sears (48 jobs lost), Klamath Falls Kmart (64 jobs lost), Albany Kmart (64 jobs lost), Portland Sears Homes Services (no notice), Albany Sears (57 jobs lost), in October a BBN reader warned that Oregon City Kmart was being quietly shutdown, confirmed on 06 November 2014 by Sears Holdings (70 jobs lost). Ontario Kmart (55 jobs lost).

Pennsylvania: Upper Darby Sears Full line, Pottstown Sears Full line, Pittsburgh Kmart, Wilkins Sears, Warminster Kmart (85 jobs lost), Shippensburg Kmart (46 jobs lost), Moon Kmart (143 jobs lost), Bethlehem Township Kmart (62 jobs lost), Philadelphia Gallery Mall Kmart (120 jobs lost), Philadelphia Kmart on Orthodox Street and Castor Avenue (169 jobs lost), Levittown/Middle Township Kmart (87 jobs lost), Waynesboro Kmart (43 jobs lost), Sanatoga-Lower Pottsgrove Kmart (65 jobs lost, the store was also advertising for new hires!), West Mifflin Sears store & Auto Center (88 jobs lost), Rochester Kmart (78 jobs lost), Frazer (Pittsburg Mills Mall) Sears and Auto Center (97 jobs lost), Bloomsburg Sears (57 jobs lost), Frackville Sears and Auto Center (84 jobs lost), North Cornwall Township Sears (51 jobs lost), King of Prussia Sears and Auto Center (no word on number of jobs lost), Lebanon Sears (51 jobs lost), Scotland Chambersburg Mall Sears and Auto Center (62 jobs lost), the upper level of the Willow Grove Mall Sears store to be leased by Primark, King of Prussia Sears store leased out to clothing retailer Primark, East Towne Mall Kmart (51 jobs lost), Frackville Kmart in the Skuylkill Mall (80 jobs lost), Mount Pocono Kmart (66 jobs lost), Fairless Hills Sears Hardware. Granite Run Mall shutdown, meaning the Sears and Sears Auto Center now apparently on a month to month (possibly day to day) lease are soon to follow. Brookhaven Kmart (89 jobs lost).

Puerto Rico: Vega Baja Kmart (206 jobs lost).

South Carolina: Sumter Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Orangeburg Sears (57 jobs lost), Columbia Kmart on Fort Jackson Boulevard in 2012, Columbia Kmart on Bush River Road in 2009, Columbia Kmart on St Andrews Road (66 jobs lost), Irmo Kmart (no info on how many jobs lost), both Greenville Kmarts (140 jobs lost between the two), Mount Pleasant Kmart (43 jobs lost), Harbison Sears & Sears Auto Center in the Columbiana Centre mall (97 jobs lost), Aiken Sears & Sears Auto Center (at least 54 jobs lost), Inlet Square Mall Kmart (50 jobs lost), West Ashely Kmart (69 jobs lost), Myrtle Beach Kmart (59 jobs lost), Easley Kmart (62 jobs lost).

South Dakota: Spearfish Kmart (51 jobs lost), Sturgis Kmart (57 jobs lost).

Tennessee: Antioch Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Cleveland Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Oak Ridge Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Hendersonville Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Morristown Sears (about 70 jobs lost), Clinton South Kmart, Franklin Cool Springs Galleria Sears (92 jobs lost), Memphis Hickory Ridge mall Sears (job loss data not revealed), 48 years old Nashville Kmart on Nolensville Pike to close by January 2014 (57 jobs lost), Franklin Kmart (33 jobs lost), Dickson Kmart (65 jobs lost), talks in progress to end lease for Bellevue (Nashville) Center Mall Sears, Nashville Bellevue Center Sears & Auto Center (at least 44 jobs lost).

Texas: Two Sears parts and repair centers closing in The Woodlands (117 jobs lost), rebuild center in Garland (58 jobs lost), Farmers Branch Sears/Great Indoors, Houston Sears Great/Indoors, Dallas Sears home appliance parts distribution center (77 jobs lost), Simon Property Group owned McAllen Sears store & Auto Center (so far no word on how many jobs will be lost), recently revealed Palestine Sears Hometown (franchise owner quit to work as assistant manager at a local Dollar General).  Wichita Falls Sears (56 jobs lost right before Xmas).

Utah: North Logan Kmart shutting down by April, 58 jobs lost.  Murray Sears (for some reason Mormon controlled news media in Utah never reported the closure, but they reported that the building was demolished), Orem Kmart (no details reported), Woods Cross Kmart (54 jobs lost), Provo Kmart demolished in anticipation of yet another AtHome furniture store.

Vermont: Rutland Sears store & Auto Center (65 jobs lost),  South Burlington Kmart (66 jobs lost).

Virginia: Norfolk Sears (at least 40 jobs lost), Midlothian Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Richmond Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Lynchburg Sears (84 jobs lost), Fairfax Kmart (no word on how many jobs lost), Christiansburg Sears (59 jobs lost), Norfolk Kmart on East Little Creek Road (77 jobs lost), Manassas Kmart (71 jobs lost), Stafford Sears Hometown, Newport News-Denbigh Kmart (at least 50 jobs lost), Wise Kmart (58 jobs lost), Harrisonburg Kmart (79 jobs lost), Winchester Kmart (91 jobs lost), Dale City Kmart (69 jobs lost), Chesapeake Sears and Auto Center (82 jobs lost), Front Royal Kmart (88 jobs lost), Pembroke Mall Sears renting out part of their store to DSW & Nordstrom Rack, Sears Holdings say they’re still looking for a “third tenant” for their occupied space. The current nearby Sears Auto Center will be rented out to REI. Colonial Heights Kmart (113 jobs lost), Virginia Beach Hilltop Square Shopping Center Kmart (82 jobs lost).

Washington: Eatonville Sears Hometown store.  Walla Walla Sears Full line (in August 2012, it was reported that an independent owner of Sears Hometown stores will open a store in Walla Walla), Lacey Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost), Kelso Sears (47 jobs lost), Lakewood Kmart (59 jobs lost), Bellingham Sears (92 jobs lost), Seattle Kmart (85 jobs lost), East Wenatchee Sears (59 jobs lost), Puyallup Kmart (51 jobs lost), Oak Harbor Kmart (68 jobs lost), Sodo Sears and Sears Auto Center (79 jobs lost), Everett Kmart (65 jobs lost), Marysville Kmart (at least 40 jobs lost).

West Virginia: Oak Hill Kmart (59 jobs lost), Morgantown Kmart (100 jobs lost), Bluefield Sears store & Auto Center (64 jobs lost).

Wisconsin: West Baraboo Sears (at least 40 jobs lost, local village officials say the store generated 3% of local tax collections), Rice Lake Kmart (about 71 jobs lost), Brookfield Kmart (56 jobs lost), Racine’s Regency Mall Sears (52 jobs lost), Fort Atkinson Kmart (51 jobs lost), Greenfield Kmart (107 jobs lost), Portage Kmart (78 jobs lost) and Hales Corner (129 jobs lost), Chippewa Falls Kmart (79 jobs lost), Menomonie Kmart (at least 50 jobs lost), Ashwaubenon Kmart recently revealed now owned by Green Bay Packers, will be torn down (80 jobs lost), Shawano Kmart (55 jobs lost), Fond du Lac Sears (42 jobs lost), Glendale Sears store & Auto Center (86 jobs lost), Janesville Kmart (70 jobs lost), Glendale Sears Rebuild center (67 jobs lost), Sheboygan Sears & Auto Center (at least 31 jobs lost), Eau Claire Kmart (93 jobs lost), Plymouth Kmart (59 jobs lost before Xmas), Sheboygan Sears Rebuild Center (30 jobs lost), Wauwatosa Kmart (103 jobs lost).

On top of that, Sears Holdings sold stores to General Growth Properties (GGP), of which it has been reported that most of those stores will be closed.

Here’s the list of 11 Sears stores now owned by GGP:

Iowa: Coral Ridge Mall (it’s official the Sears is closing, see above), and Mall of the Bluffs

Texas: The Woodlands Mall (this does not involve the two repair centers being closed by Sears)

Florida: West Oaks Mall

Utah: Fashion Place, and Provo Towne Centre (note the evil British empire way of spelling town & center. Due to a favorable lease agreement the GGP owned Provo Sears will continue to stay open under Sears Holdings management)

Oklahoma: Quail Springs Mall (it’s official, the Sears closed, see above)

Hawaii: Ala Moana Center (closed, see above)

Washington: Bellis Fair Mall (Bellingham store, see above)

Minnesota: Apache Mall (see update above, GGP will close Sears store by 2014)

Illinois: Market Place Shopping Center (see update above, GGP closing store)

Idaho Wildfires 2015: Pokey Airport DC-10 Water Bomber

15 August 2015 (10:37 UTC-07 Tango 01)/24 Mordad 1394/29 Shawwal 1436/02 Jia-Shen (7th month) 4713

Fast winds have pushed the smoke from the dozens of wildfires burning across drought stricken Idaho into the eastern part of The Gem State.  Just in time for the arrival of 10 Tanker number 910, dispatched to Pocatello Regional Airport on 11 August 2015.

Click the pics to make bigger

2012 Idaho Wildfires: Canadair CL 215

Pocatello Tanker Base: 13 September 2012

Idaho Wildfires 16 August 2012: MAFFS C-130s return

Idaho Wildfires 2012: Sikorsky Skycrane

S-70 Firehawk

Amy’s-Gate: Mormon leaders of Idaho keep screwing over taxpayers!

13 August 2015 (08:30 UTC-07 Tango 01)/22 Mordad 1394/27 Shawwal 1436/29 Jia-Shen 4713

Hoku-Gate, PaveGate now Amy’s-Gate!  It’s been revealed that the Mormon dominated Bannock County administrators were under investigation by the Idaho Tax Commission over massive local tax breaks given to California based frozen veggie food maker Amy’s Kitchen.

At the end of 2014 Amy’s Kitchen took over the abandoned Heinz frozen food factory in Pocatello, but it came at a price to individual taxpayers.

Amy’s Kitchen is already getting a big state tax break called the Tax Reimbursement Incentive, but the county of Bannock also threw in their own local tax incentives, which could have violated state Law 63-602NN.

According to the Idaho State Journal “All four Idaho Tax Commissioners were at the Bannock County Courthouse Tuesday to get answers about the county commissioners granting of a 5-year tax break to Amy’s Kitchen as an incentive to the company last year that cut its county tax liability by about 75 percent.”   Apparently the issue was settled between state administrators, Bannock County and the cities of Chubbuck and Pocatello behind closed doors, so all us happy taxpayers will never know what went down.

No wonder the family owners of Amy’s Kitchen were so happy to take over the old Heinz factory.  With all the massive taxpayer funded tax breaks our exalted leaders give away to foreign companies (both outside Idaho and outside the United States), they could have used that money to create programs to help unemployed Idahoans start their own Idaho based corporations!  Or how about a much needed medical university in Pocatello?  A study done years ago said the state university system could make money hand over fist if that happened, and Idaho State University’s enrollment would explode, but for some reason Mormon dominated state Department of Edumacation (Education) administrators put the kibosh on that real fast (for some unjustified reason).

Pokey Pavegate fallout: Taxpayers asked to clean up their own streets, while paying more taxes! 

Conservative Idaho jacks up taxes!

Idaho Falls to submit to Obama regime Courts! Under the False Flag of “saving taxes”! 

the unemployed are leaving the Gem State!

Idaho politicians give away more than $18-million in Idaho taxes, to out-o-state lawyers!

Idaho politicians give away more than $1-million in Idaho taxes, to France! 

One Idaho city wants to give itself a raise, taxpayers say Bull Crap! City does it anyway! 

Bannock County, Idaho, jacks up property taxes on farmers by 90%!

Related:  NSA paying Mormons big bucks to guard data centers!

Sears & Kmart closings: Catholics, Mormons & Jews conspiring or is it just about the money? 

Mormon security company Vivint is facing sanctions by 11 states, as well as a class action lawsuit, for fraudulent and deceptive practices! 

Utah militiamen spreading Mormonism in Afghanistan?

Mormon takeover attempt and federal investigation causing newspaper layoffs? 

Mormon Mitt Romney co-founded Bain Capital destroying jobs since 1984! Destroyed jobs in Idaho! 

Pokey Pavegate fallout: Taxpayers asked to clean up their own streets, while paying more taxes!

03 August 2015 (12:45 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Mordad 1394/16 Shawwal 1436/19 Jia-Shen 4713

For the past few weeks the Mormon dominated (74.5%) Gem State city of Pocatello has been running TV PSAs asking taxpaying residents to voluntarily clean out storm drains in their neighborhood streets.  This comes after revelations of “abuse of authority” at the hands of the city’s Mormon mayor (“Blad is clearly conservative, something his Mormon, southern Idaho upbringing certainly influenced…”-Tara A. Rowe, commenting on Blad’s suprise 2009 election win), and a new investigation by the state Attorney General for a trend that’s hitting cities across the U.S.: Pavegate.

Pocatello’s storm clean up campaign (led by mascots Drip and Drop) is also part of a growing trend across the country, as cities supposedly don’t have the tax funding to pay their own road crews to do the clean-up, but in Pocatello’s case Pavegate makes the public service campaign questionable.

Pocatello’s (aka Pokey) Pavegate started back in June 2014, when residents  noticed Pocatello road crews doing road work in other cities.  This pissed off Pokey taxpayers because for years they’ve been told there wasn’t enough funding to tackle all the road work needed in Pocatello.

When the city council was first questioned about it, they denied it was happening.  In July 2014, local TV station KPVI even questioned Pokey mayor Brian Blad about it, he actually denied knowing anything: “I don’t know if our crews were up there or not. I know our equipment was up there. We may have had crews up there. If we did, then there will be a swap where the County is doing the work for the City of Pocatello for us as well.” 

In that instance KPVI was asking about Pokey road crews doing work for the city of McCammon.  McCammon administrators indicated that Pokey administrators offered to save McCammon taxpayer money by doing needed road repairs for the cost of materials only, the labor was free (meaning Pokey taxpayers paid for the labor)!

By August 2014, city council members (who are part timers only) were concerned enough to pay for an independent investigation: “We’ve got to have the facts. We just don’t know at this point.”-Craig Cooper, council president

In September 2014, KPVI was basically told that what was to be called Pokey Pavegate was nothing more than semantics: “I’m confident that what they are looking at is not an invoice. What they are looking at is a work order……No we haven’t reimbursed the City of Pocatello for these costs.”-Kurk Bybee, attorney for the city

It is not uncommon for one city to hire-out its road crews to another city, and get paid for it.  But in this case it seemed that the full time mayor indeed knew about the farming out of Pokey road crews to other cities (after denying it on local TV news) but did not charge for the labor, and the part time city council members continued to claim they knew nothing.  Industrious taxpaying residents found out otherwise: “A large volume of documents secured by Pocatello resident Steven Medellin under a Freedom of Information request show numerous paving projects were done in Driggs and Teton County dating back to 2013 with no documentation showing payments to the city of Pocatello for the work.”Out-of-town Pocatello paving projects spur audit (even at this point the mayor feigned no knowledge of the Pavegate)

These Pavegate lies by Mormon dominated city administration are just the tip of the iceberg, as residents have publicly questioned the jacking up of property taxes, the hiring-on of 30 new city employees, “secretive” projects and the seemingly sudden disappearance of millions of taxpayer funds.

In January 2015, Deanton & Company made public the results of their Pavegate investigation:  “Although there appears to be an abuse of authority, because of the nature of fraud, no assurances can be given that fraud does not exist……..it became clear that various levels of management within the city of Pocatello do not fully understand their level of authority…….There was also a lack of supporting evidence of communication between management and….City Council.”

The quickly done investigation said Pokey taxpayers paid for at least $15,773 USD worth of labor costs, and in response the mayor adamantly stated that he would not seek reimbursement from the cities that benefitted from that labor: “…we’re going to move on and be done with it.”  

In February 2015, the city’s own Chief Financial Officer, Joyce Stroschein, revealed that they’re basically missing $1.5-million!  She blamed it on three ongoing projects in which there was no accountability in how the money was spent: “It’s all about cleaning house….. Cleaning up the project resolution because the projects have ended at this point.”

By April 2015, the Idaho Attorney General announced an investigation of his own.  The investigation was pushed for by a Pocatello grass roots committee Taxpayers for Honest Government: “Taxpayers for Honest Government has methodically investigated and reviewed public information…and found that the city of Pocatello is in serious trouble, both financially and ethically….most of the problems facing the city of Pocatello are because of the abuse of power created by Mayor Blad’s secretive, closed-door governing style.”– Helen Delahunt-Avila

The disappearance of millions of taxpayer dollars, confirmed by the city’s own treasurer in February, should be noted because the mayor continually stated the city wasn’t hurting for money.  Now Pokey tax payers are being asked to clean out the storm drains in their neighborhood streets.

In June 2015, despite missing millions in funding Pocatello created a new Public Information Officer job, hiring a former KPVI reporter as their new Public Information Officer.  The first order of business for that PIO was reporting that Pokey administrators suddenly ordered road crews to put fresh blacktop on dozens of city streets, and then claim it was done in a way that saved taxpayers money.  City administrators say they are now conducting an almost year long review of finances as “…a kind of review of how we look at ourselves.”

In July 2015,  CFO Joyce Stroschein proposed jacking up taxes and fees for Pokey residents, in order to fund the city’s 2016 fiscal year.

Pokey’s Martin Luther King Way project, despite no money

Pocatello considers fines for false fire alarms

Pocatello Fire Department responds to record number of calls

Pocatello considers moving money to fund connector project

Despite being broke, Pocatello Sanitation Department loans $2 million to Federal Aid Project

Pocatello Regional Transit gets free busses?

Massive Wellness Complex no cost to taxpayers?

Pokey’s South Valley Connector project 

Pocatello & Chubbuck consider merging Fire Departments

City Council OKs $1.04 million for vehicles

City Must Cut $2.2 Million from Budget

LDS leader arranged outside attorney on LGBT ordinance

NSA paying Mormons big bucks to guard data centers! 

More Economic Decline: One final look at the Idaho Postal Processing Center most east Idahoans didn’t even know about!

The following pics were taken on 16-17 April 2015, the official last days of the Gateway Processing Center in southeastern Idaho, but do not show all the operations that took place.  (click pics to make bigger)


Salt Lake Letter Processing Center unable to handle all of east Idaho’s letter mail