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Wyoming militia responds to ‘chemical attack’ in Colorado?

During the first week of April, 2018, Wyoming and Colorado National Guard units responded to a possible chemical attack on Buckley Air Force Base.

Video explainer of chemical decontamination, separate tents for military and silly-vilians:

Lakota helicopters invade Fort Morgan High School

It was part of Alpine Guard 2018, which included local and state jurisdictions, government agencies,  the Southern Ute Tribe, and non-governmental agencies (NGOs) preparing for several types of disasters.

Video explainer of tornado response:

Rescue ops in Columbine Elementary School

Fort Morgan Times: Alpine Guard emergency exercise’s first day brings lessons for local leaders


Stop your bitchin’! Female pilot tells you why she flies MAFFS

24 April 2017 (15:03 UTC-07 Tango 06) 03 Ordibehest 1396/26 Rajab 1438/28 Jia Chen 4715

“The U.S. Forest Service has always been a strong partner with the Department of Defense when it comes to firefighting. This is probably one of the clearest examples of the benefits of using military aircraft in a civil support role and the U.S. Forest Service is the agency that does it the best. The U.S. Forest Service and the four airlift wings within the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve have really figured it out, with everything from logistics to funding, to execution, to standardization and the direct result is we save American lives and property using military crews and equipment in a civil support role. We’ve really built a strong partnership with the U.S. Forest Service over the last 44 years.”-Colonel Bryan Allen, Air Expeditionary Group

MAFFS training in Idaho concluded on 24 APR 2017, with a total of 121 sorties, 124 flight hours & 373,900 gallons of water dropped!

Video interview with Captain Melissa Emmett on Gowen Field, Idaho, 22 APR 2017:

“We have recognized the benefits to combine training periodically for operational consistency and standardization, not only with the air wings but for our personnel, as well. The compelling reason to do a combined training again this year was the integration of the 152nd Airlift Wing, from Reno, into the MAFFS mission. We know we have a window of opportunity to get Reno proficient. The speed to that proficiency is important. When you have this kind of setting, with all four wings together, it provides a more complete setting to meet that objective.”-Kim Christensen, U.S. Forest Service

Video interview with Staff Sergeant Kelsey Herzfeld on Gowen Field, Idaho, 22 APR 2017:





Obama assassinates U.S. female reporter for revealing true origins of Islamic State

Idaho Wildfire Update, 10 September 2012: Canada joins the fight at Pocatello Tanker Base!

10 September 2012, the smoke just won’t go away, ’cause fires just keep poppin’ up!  So far, the year to date fire retardant used by fire fighting aircraft out of Pocatello airport (aka Pocatello Tanker Base) is 261,797 gallons (991,009.4 liters).

Little “seeders” 802 Air Tractors are the backbone of airborne firefighting operations out of Pocatello airport, but Neptunes, MAFFS C-130s and now Convair CV580 operated by CONAIR of Canada, are making appearances at the tanker base.

Click pics to make bigger.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are new fires in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Wyoming.  There are currently 34 large wildfires burning through the United States.

Idaho has seven large fires, with 640,881 acres (259,355.3 hectares) burned! California has nine fires, but with fewer burned acres, at 151,988 (61,507.36 hectares).

The most recent fires here in eastern Idaho were the Flint Canyon Fire south of American Falls, West Menan Fire and the Pickering Fire near Rexburg.

Regarding the now notorious Mustang Complex Fire, recently officials said the fire was so hard to get to that it would probably burn until the first heavy snowfall of winter!

The Mustang Complex Fire, burning along the Idaho/Montana border, increased by 20,000 acres (8,093.7 hectares) on 09 September 2012.  Mandatory evacuations were ordered.  The fire is now the single largest in the United States, at 281,000+ acres (113,716.6 hectares)!


Media Misleading: Some news sources continue to say Romney is king of “small dollar” donations! How is $50,000 per person “small dollar”? Fundraiser held by convicted U.S. war criminal! Oh, and Israelis can’t wait to pay it on July 29!

I’ve noticed some news media sources seem to be marveling at how much money vulture capitalist Mitt Romney has been raising.  They even mislead people by claiming his campaign donations are “small dollar”!

Maybe small dollar if you’re one of the elites!  Try $50,000 per plate dinner fundraisers, that’s at least $10,000 more than what Obama is asking!

The most recent fundraiser was on July 12, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It was hosted by recently convicted (in absentia, in May of this year!) war criminal Dick Cheney: “At the end of the week-long hearing, the five-panel tribunal unanimously delivered guilty verdicts against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their key legal advisors who were all convicted as war criminals for torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.  Full transcripts of the charges, witness statements and other relevant material will now be sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as well as the United Nations and the Security Council.”-Foreign Policy Journal

The Jackson Hole war criminal fundraiser started out with $2,500 per person minimum donation and worked its way up to $100,000 for couples who would get to eat right along side Romney and Cheney, and, become a Founding Member of Romney Victory.

Another $50,000 per plate fundraiser for Romney is coming up on July 29, but not in the United States. It will take place in Israel.

But July 29 is a day of fasting for many Israelis, Tisha B’Av, to remember the victims of World War 2.  Does that stop Romney? Nope, his people said they’ll work around it: “Don’t worry, they’re not going to not have a fundraiser. They’ll find a way around it maybe by having a breaking of the fast meal combined with a Romney fundraiser.”-Jonny Daniels, Republican political strategist based in Israel (isn’t that interesting, the U.S. Republican party has strategists based in Israel)





Spider Man is for real: The Dutch combine spider webs with human skin, makes bullet proof skin

Human skin has been bio-engineered to include spider silk.  Scientists in the Netherlands then fired a bullet at it.  Turns out it’s bullet proof!

Don’t get too excited, it was only a .22 caliber bullet.  But it shows promise, after all spider’s silk is the strongest thing in nature.

The experiment is known as 2.6g 329m/s (a reference to the .22 bullet), and was actually the invention of an artist, Jalila Essaidi.  She was inspired by a U.S. scientist, Randy Lewis, at the University of Wyoming.

The spider silk came from Wyoming, it was combined with skin in a Dutch dermatology lab, and Essaidi paid for the experiment.  The spidey skin has spider silk between the dermis and the epidermis.

Essaidi said her main motivation was simply to see if it could be done.  She also fired a few .22 rounds at the spidey skin.  She doesn’t think the spider silk is harmful because it’s biodegradable, so it would degrade over time.  She also thinks that, unfortunately, that would result in loose skin.


It’s official: Idaho’s internet services suck!

After decades spending millions of dollars to get Idahoan’s connected to the World Wide Web, Idaho has the slowest connection speed in the U.S.

Pando Networks surveyed 4 million internet customers across the country, and found Idaho’s average connection speed to be 318 kilobytes per second, with 83% completion rate.

Idaho’s northern neighbor, Montana, and eastern neighbor Wyoming, also made the slow connection list.  Wyoming actually has a slightly faster connection rate, than Idaho.

Two of Idaho’s other neighbors, Washington and Oregon, made the top 15 fastest rates.

So who’s number one in the United States for internet connection speed?  Tiny old Rhode Island: 894 KPbs!

Firefighters from Yellowstone & Gallatin heading to Texas

Four firefighters from Yellowstone National Park and Gallatin National Forest were sent to help fight the fires in Texas.

The ‘Pipeline’ wildfire, one of many in Texas, is burning on the Big Thicket National Preserve.  The local firefighters were sent in because of a inter-agency request.  Officials believe the ‘Pipeline’ fire was started by people.