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Idaho Militia turns information into lethal weapon!

16FEB2018 (12:22 UTC-07 Tango 06)  27 Bahman 1396/30 Jumada l-Ula 1439/01 Jia-Yin 4716

“Information is a weapon the brigade yields. We’re training Soldiers on their mission command weapons systems. We’re making information more lethal.”-Chief Warrant-3 Jerred Edgar, 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team

At the OTA (Orchard Training Area, aka Orchard Combat Training Center), February 2018

Idaho’s Army National Guard signal personnel spent the early part of February learning how to kill using information.  Actually, the 116th Cavalry Brigade (Snake River) has signal corps personnel spread across four northwestern states, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Oregon.

Typically a “Signal Corps develops, tests, provides, and manages communications and information systems”, but this year the Idaho based Snake River militia decided to weaponize the information they gather in an exercise they called Signal Gunnery: “We wanted to create a process that trains crews in a manner similar to tank gunnery to create shared understanding with commanders.”-CW3 Jerred Edgar

Can you see me now?

The week long Signal Gunnery brought at least 60 personnel from four states together at Orchard Training Area, south of Boise.  It’s hoped this weaponizing-info-exercise becomes a annual event.



Seven Facts explain why Flu Vaccines fail!

20 OCT 2017 (01:34 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Mehr 1396/29 Muharram 1439/01 Geng-Xu (9th month) 4715

Recently the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted that traditional flu injections have a 37% failure rate (63% effective), and a nearly 100% failure rate for spray vaccines!  Keep in mind that there is not a mandatory health tracking/reporting system in the U.S.  The data the CDC gets is voluntary, based on each state’s own government health department’s policies.  During the 2013-14 H1N1 pandemic I discovered that some states, like Oregon, did not track influenza cases.  This means the vaccine failure rate could actually be much higher in the U.S., than what has been voluntarily reported!

In the 2013-14 influenza season individuals were reporting that relatives were dying from H1N1 despite getting vaccinated for it: “That’s the kicker of the whole thing. She had the flu shot, we all did! Pamela Giusti, sister of 49 years old Massachusetts woman who died in February 2014

(The U.S. CDC and Food & Drug Administration run a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  It’s not a way of testing a vaccine before approval for use, it relies on individuals to report health problems after vaccination and most people don’t even know about VAERS.)

Mexico is a much better example of flu-shot-failure because Mexico has a socialized healthcare system (100% government-taxpayer funded) and vaccinations are supposedly mandatory.  By February 2014, 20-million Mexicans had been vaccinated for H1N1, and other flus, yet by that same month 390 people had died specifically from H1N1 (a total of 420 people dying), and the number of new infections were in the thousands every week!  

Mandatory vaccinations in Mexico fail to prevent thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths every year!

Even as recently as 2016, hundreds of Mexicans still died from influenza despite massive yearly flu vaccination campaigns by the government: “….the influenza season 2016-2017 reported 5,691 confirmed cases and 489 Mexican deaths.”  

Fact 1: Influenza viruses are among the fastest evolving viruses on the planet.  This means that by the time a vaccine is developed for a specific flu variant it could change enough to render the vaccine useless.   During the 2013-14 flu H1N1 pandemic in India, doctor Kutikuppala Surya Rao revealed “…swine flu viruses are undergoing changes at the genome level (ribo-nucleic acid) which is why the available vaccines, that are in use since 2009will not be effective against the virus.”

Now realize that despite years of vaccinating for H1N1, this year British empire’s (Commonwealth of Nations) India is on track for an H1N1 epidemic.  So far this flu season, health officials in Rajasthan state report that 1-out-of-3 flu tests are positive for H1N1.  Currently 33.9% of Rajasthan flu infections are H1N1, and 224 people have died!

Back to Mexico. Already this year 60 people have died in Mexico from H1N1, despite the government run vaccination program.  Fadela Chaib, with the United Nations World Health Organization (UN-WHO), said The virus is being described in the United States as a new subtype of A/H1N1. Mexico so far hasn’t said anything about the virus, what type of virus it is.”  This means the current vaccine for H1N1 won’t work.

The sparsely populated U.S. state of Montana is already voluntarily reporting that more than 30 people are sick with influenza, 12 hospitalized, unusual for so early in this year’s flu season.  Here in Idaho, one person has already died from influenza.  The man from the town of Hayden is the first person in the U.S. to die from flu this 2017-18 season.   So far no word on which flu variant (strain) the man died of.  It should also be noted that the 2016-17 flu season was the deadliest for the rural state of Idaho, 72 people died compared to the yearly average of 23.   There is currently a push to get residents to voluntarily get vaccinated, despite the fact that there is plenty of proof out of Australia that this year’s vaccines are no good.

Fact 2:  Vaccines are based on the previous flu season’s strains, and are issued based on ‘scientific guesstimation’ on what will be the dominant strains during the new flu season.  In Australia, this ‘scientific guesstimation’ is at fault for creating a 156% increase in cases of ‘Horror Flu’.  Doctors are reporting the vaccinations are having no effect, even the UN-WHO said this year’s vaccines are “suboptimal”Despite that fact, taxpayer funded arrogant Aussie health czars are instead blaming the Horror Flu epidemic on unvaccinated children, calling them Super Spreaders!

Fact 3: Doctors can’t cure a viral infection, only your body can do that, the best doctors can do is treat the SYMPTOMS of the infection.  Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital reported in 2014 that anti-viral treatments won’t help certain people: “…elevated nasal levels of the cytokines MCP-3 and interferon alpha 2 (IFNa2) and elevated blood levels of interleukin 10 (IL-10) at diagnosis predicted more severe symptoms later. Increased blood levels of IL-10 and MCP-3, as well as interleukin-6, at diagnosis predicted hospitalization later. MCP-3 and IFNa2 promote inflammation. IL-10 suppresses inflammation. Elevated IL-10 levels often signal that the body is trying to shut down the inflammatory response.”Researchers Discover Immune Signature That Predicts Poor Outcome in Influenza Patients

Despite this scientific fact, ignorant health czars around the world are still telling people to get ‘medication’ at hospitals if they get sick: “…there are several reports of flu going around and one of them is swine flu but it is being treated and if people have these symptoms they should go to health facility to get the necessary medication.”-Mark van der Heever, Western Cape Health Department, British empire’s (Commonwealth of Nations) South Africa

I include this anti-viral fact in with vaccines because many people seem to think vaccines are a form of treatment for viral infections.  They are not, they’re an attempt to prevent infection.  Recently a woman in the British empire’s United Kingdom wrote an opinion piece in which she ignorantly stated “I realised the safest way to live is to stay out of hospital or avoid intervention if you possibly can….     Vaccinating against a flu you haven’t caught yet seems to be the opposite of this.”   Which brings us to the next Fact.

Fact 4: If you’re already sick, even if not with flu but something else, vaccinations don’t work!  Having a compromised immune system renders the intent of vaccinations inert.  Studies continue to show that if you’re already dealing with something that’s stressing your immune system, your immune system can’t adequately respond to the vaccine.  What I find interesting is how shocked pro-vaccine doctors are when these studies come out.

This year doctors at Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital were shocked to learn from their own study that flu vaccines have almost no effect on children fighting cancer.  

This also questions the practice of putting multiple vaccines into one shot.  There are also efforts to create a single shot where every vaccine (not just flu) is crammed into it.  If your immune system can’t handle vaccinations while already fighting off infection, then how can it handle dozens of vaccinations at one time?

Fact 5: Vaccines are fragile, even slight temperature changes during storage can render them useless, or even make them toxic.  At the beginning of 2017 there were reports from around the world of people dying after getting vaccinations.  Those reports are true, but UN-WHO czars blamed it on improper storage and handling of the vaccines by supposedly trained health workers. 

In 2015 the deaths of babies, and hospitalization of 29 people, in mandatory vaccine Chiapas, Mexico, was blamed on improper storage of vaccines.   I find it strange that such improper storage of vaccines is happening more and more, so-much-so that many healthcare companies are racing to create ‘foolproof’ storage systems.

Fact 6: Vaccines are made with many ingredients, some of which people are allergic to.   Besides being allowed to use trace amounts of toxic metals to make vaccines, most are made with chicken eggs and people allergic to chicken eggs should avoid those vaccines.  However, In 2016 the U.S. CDC advised that people with egg allergies can get vaccinated if “…under the supervision of any health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic conditions.”   As a person who clinically died in the 1970s due to an allergic reaction to a medication administered by an incompetent military doctor at the U.S. Embassy hospital in Tehran, Iran, (revived by a competent military doctor who realized what happened) I say to the CDC “Fuck you, I’m not willing to take that chance!”

Allergies bring up another point, many vaccine reactions are being blamed on a person’s genetic disposition.  Yes, healthcare czars are now blaming adverse vaccine reactions on your DNA, not on the vaccine!  Recently, in the British empire’s United Kingdom, yet another teenaged girl suffered paralysis after getting the HPV vaccine.  In fact, HPV vaccine is associated with the onset of as many as 45 medical conditions.  However, after a study in Denmark the authoritarian ‘experts’ are now blaming it on undiagnosed pre-existing medical conditions, which takes us back to Fact 3, compromised immune systems.

Fact 7:  It takes about two weeks for your body to adequately respond to a vaccine, and some vaccines require more than one application.  During the response time you can still get infected, which could explain why so many people report getting sick right after getting the shot, and if you do get sick after getting the shot you just wasted your time, and in many cases here in the United States where most vaccines are not ‘free’ you just wasted your money.  There are several vaccines against other diseases that require multiple applications over a specific period of time, screw that up and they won’t work.  Then there’s the data (or lack of data) that show some vaccines that were once thought to be good for life, are not: “…..we don’t know how long protection really lasts; we are just guessing.  There are no long-term studies proving that vaccines are effective.  Independent studies show far less effectiveness than government position papers.ModernAlternativeHealth

An unhappy looking U.S. Navy Lieutenant gets a mandatory flu shot at Polaris Point, Guam, 20 OCT 2017



Montana, Oregon & Washington National Guard deploy to fight wildfires!

“The western fires are not stopping. They’re just getting bigger.”-James Casaus, Incident Commander

“If we don’t start managing our forests, the forests are going to start managing us. The fires burning across Montana are a catastrophe, and we need all available resources to combat this threat.”-Steve Daines, senator for Montana

On 13 SEP 2017, Montana’s Air National Guard deployed to fight at least 21 wildfires in The Treasure State.

Montana has so far spent $50-million USD in state taxpayer funding fighting fires!

NBCMontana: Wildfire update, 14 SEP 2017

On 09 SEP 2017, the Oregon National Guard continued another round of firefighting training conducted by the state Department of Public Safety.  So far five groups of Oregon National Guard personnel have gone through the training.  Oregon has so far spent 28-million state taxpayer dollars fighting 18 wildfires.

U.S. Army personnel chow down after helping to fight fires in Oregon, 10 SEP 2017

So far, the U.S. Forest Service has spent a record 2.1-billion federal tax dollars fighting wildfires across the western United States!

Video, Washington National Guard firefighting ‘mop-up’ ops 09 SEP 2017:



150 years, Montana Militia!

Fort Harrison, Montana, open house 08 JUL 2017.

150th Anniversary Montana National Guard:

90th Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment, 19th Special Forces, Montana Army National Guard parachute on Fort Harrison, Montana, 08 JUL 2017.

19th Special Forces, Montana Army National Guard, prep to jump 08 JUL 2017.

Oklahoma Militia responds to chemical attack

Snake River Militia (?) spends taxpayer money building hospitals in Central America!

05 April 2017 / 20:14 UTC-07 Tango 06 (17 Farvardin 1396/09 Rajab 1438/10 Jia Chen 4715)

Former National Guardsmen from Montana, now Army Reservists (but still wearing the patch of Idaho based Snake River Brigade), are in the Central American country of Belize building hospitals and schools under a U.S. Southern Command sub-operation called Double Head Cabbage.

Former Snake River Brigade member Sergeant Ramon Firestone, from Montana, measures a 2×4 for use in making roof supports in Belize

Belize was once a colony of the British empire, called British Honduras, gaining so-called independence in 1981.  In 2006 oil was discovered in the area known as Spanish Lookout.

Double Head Cabbage is part of a larger operation between United States and Belize, called Beyond the Horizon 2017.  Beyond the Horizon will provide free medical help to the people of Belize, at U.S. taxpayer expense!

Specialist Troy Hanson, from Montana. Defense Department reports say he’s with Army Reserve, but note the National Guard Snake River Brigade patch on his sleeve.

Interestingly the personnel from Montana claim to belong to a federal Army Reserve unit, yet they wear Idaho National Guard’s Snake River Brigade (116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team) patch (see pics above).

The Army Reserve unit the personnel claim to be from is known as the 672nd Engineer Company.  I discovered that the 672nd was deactivated back in June 1959, but reactivated in September 2008.

The Montana reservists are wearing the National Guard patch on their right sleeves to indicate they were deployed to a combat zone with the Snake River Brigade.  Recently rules were changed concerning the wearing of the ‘combat patch’.  For a long time the size of the unit you deployed with, how long you were deployed in a combat zone, and whether or not Congress actually declared war, determined the wearing of the combat patch.  Another problem has been that some brigade level commanders actually banned the wearing of combat patches.  The wearing of the combat patch is voluntary.




116th Snake River’s 2015 NTC Rotation

In 2015 the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team (Idaho, Montana & Oregon) deployed to Fort Irwin, California, for Total Force Warfare training:

126th Engineers, backhoes & bulldozers:

126th Engineers explainer:

Logistics (lots-o-trucks), M2s and M1A2s arrive at Fort Irwin:



The 2015 NTC rotation also included National Guard units from Arkansas and California.  The last time the 116th went to NTC was in 1998, with yours truly.

1998 Desert Avenger certificate of appreciation


Like beer? Get ready for skyrocketing prices as Mother Earth kills off malt barley crops in three U.S. states! Corn harvest not as big as expected? Get ready for $40 bread, spuds & steaks?

30 September 2014 (09:32 UTC-07 Tango)/05 Dhu l-Hijja 1435/08 Mehr 1393/07 Gui-You (9th month) 4712

“There is no panic yet. Everybody has been telling us not to panic. There is carry-over from last year’s malt supply. Our prices are stable until January, but beer prices are going up.”-Tim Mohr,  Angry Hank’s Brewery in Billings, Montana

Bad news for beer drinkers, it’s being reported that the malt barely crops in Idaho, Montana and North Dakota have been nearly destroyed by unusually cool and wet summer weather (what global warming?).

Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors are dependent on those crops.  A report out of Montana said the crops sprouted too soon.  When the barely sprouts is crucial as it has to have enough sugar at harvest time to be used to make beer.   It also must be harvested before it germinates, and the abnormal rain caused most barely crops to germinate before harvest.

What this means is U.S. beer brewers must import their barely from other countries for the 2015 brewing season, which means it’s going to cost beer drinkers more money.

But it’s not just barely that’s going down in flames.  Hay, wheat and potato crops took a big hit as well, which means grocery prices are going up in 2015.

According to the University of Idaho, Idaho farmers lost at least $220-million worth of hay, barely, wheat and potato crops this year, due to excessive rain!

At the beginning of September the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared Twin Falls and Jerome, in Idaho, disaster areas.   This allows farmers to borrow money from the government to get them through next season, due to not having any crops to sell.   (it’s just another way to keep family farms in debt)

Last week, harvest results were being reported and it wasn’t good.  According to the USDA wheat prices are already inching up, as the spring harvest totals were below the five year average.

This is the beginning of the corn harvest and so far only 42% is mature.  The past five year average is 54% mature.   On top of that only 7% has been harvested, the five year average for the beginning of harvest is 15%.

The price of beef cows continues to go up.  And while the price of live cows goes up, the number of slaughtered cows goes down, ensuring the price you pay in the grocery store will skyrocket.  Another factor that will drive up beef prices are the failed hay crops in states like Idaho (which is a big cattle ranching state).

Late blight kills Idaho’s 2014 potato crops?


Idaho Wildfire Update, 10 September 2012: Canada joins the fight at Pocatello Tanker Base!

10 September 2012, the smoke just won’t go away, ’cause fires just keep poppin’ up!  So far, the year to date fire retardant used by fire fighting aircraft out of Pocatello airport (aka Pocatello Tanker Base) is 261,797 gallons (991,009.4 liters).

Little “seeders” 802 Air Tractors are the backbone of airborne firefighting operations out of Pocatello airport, but Neptunes, MAFFS C-130s and now Convair CV580 operated by CONAIR of Canada, are making appearances at the tanker base.

Click pics to make bigger.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are new fires in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Wyoming.  There are currently 34 large wildfires burning through the United States.

Idaho has seven large fires, with 640,881 acres (259,355.3 hectares) burned! California has nine fires, but with fewer burned acres, at 151,988 (61,507.36 hectares).

The most recent fires here in eastern Idaho were the Flint Canyon Fire south of American Falls, West Menan Fire and the Pickering Fire near Rexburg.

Regarding the now notorious Mustang Complex Fire, recently officials said the fire was so hard to get to that it would probably burn until the first heavy snowfall of winter!

The Mustang Complex Fire, burning along the Idaho/Montana border, increased by 20,000 acres (8,093.7 hectares) on 09 September 2012.  Mandatory evacuations were ordered.  The fire is now the single largest in the United States, at 281,000+ acres (113,716.6 hectares)!


What Economic Recovery? Full time employment down In Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Maine and Vermont

A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while part time employment is going up, it’s being offset by a drop in full time employment!

The top five states for increased part time work are Montana, Oregon, Maine, Vermont and Idaho.  Montana leads the country with a 39% increase in part time work.

In Idaho there was an average of about 515,000 people with full time jobs in 2007. In 2010 that number dropped to 445,000.  At the same time, in 2010 the number of part time jobs increased 35%. 

As far as full time wages go, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average full time pay in Idaho, in 2010, was $666 per week.  That’s a piddly 4.6% increase from 2007, and it’s one of the smallest increases in the entire United States!

Government Incompetence, What Economic Recovery? Reports say Congress will let Postal Service default on December 16

“It feels like Helena and Cosby are caught in the cross hairs. There is a big battle going on and we are the ones that are going to suffer.”-Marianne Price, Montana resident who relies on the U.S. Postal Service

Recently, the President of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Fred Rolando, said certain actions by Congress, or lack of action, could put the USPS into a “…death spiral…”.

A CNN Money report says political analysts have reason to believe the U.S. Congress will not consider any more bills to save the U.S. Postal Service, until after the 2012 elections.  That guarantees the USPS will default.

The U.S. Postal Service, which does not use taxpayer money to operate, employes 557,000 people directly.  Several companies, like FedEx, also provide service under contract.  South eastern Idaho postal workers told me that if the USPS defaults, at least 200,000 postal workers will immediately lose their jobs!  It will also mean cut backs for those contractors working for the Postal Service.

The USPS is actually a contractor itself.  Under President Richard Nixon today’s Postal Service was created (it was the Postal Department before then).  The Postal Service operates on money that comes from you and me buying postal products (not taxes).  Under President Ronald Reagan stamps were added to the list of products the Postal Service could make money from (before that the government got the money from stamp sales).  The only tax money used for postal services are for mail for the blind, for mail in election ballots sent from U.S. citizens living overseas, and, for providing address information to state and local child support enforcement agencies.

For reasons not publicly known, some elected officials, and the main stream media, are misleading the public into thinking that cuts to the USPS would save taxpayer money. It won’t!

A Cornell University professor says the U.S. Congress is fully to blame (as I’ve stated in past postings): “A lot of these decisions are fundamental business decisions about quality and frequency of service, and they should be in the hands of the executives running the Postal Service. But Congress won’t let them do that!”-Richard Geddes, Cornell University associate professor

While many officials blame the Postal Service management and the unions, the fact is that USPS management and unions have been working together to make drastic cuts. Their latest agreement could cut $20 billion in postal worker health care benefits, but Congress has to sign off on it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, President Barack Obama extended the deadline for default by the U.S. Postal Service.  The new deadline is December 16.  If the CNN Money sources are right, then bye bye USPS (unless Obama just keeps extending the deadline)!