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Stop your bitchin’!: 1st ever Female U.S. militia combat commander!

20 OCT 2017 (12:29 UTC-07 Tango 06) 28 Mehr 1396/29 Muharram 1439/01 Geng-Xu (9th month) 4715

“It’s going to be a long and challenging year ahead. But we’ve got the right soldiers, so I have the faith that we can overcome any challenge….   …..If there are officers or soldiers on the fence….I hope my command motivates them to pursue those positions.”-Captain Samantha Domingue, 13 OCT 2017

Washington Army National Guard’s A Troop, 1st Squadron, 303rd Cavalry Regiment, 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team has a new commander, and this time they’re saying ‘Yes Mam!’

Captain Samantha Domingue is considered the first U.S. Army cavalry ‘qualified’ (Army Reconnaissance Course, Cavalry Leader’s Course and Maneuver Captains Career Course), although she admitted “I am new to the Armor community”.

Regiment commander Lieutenant Colonel Chris Blanco also revealed “The squadron is already leading with a female platoon leader in Bravo Troop. We have strong females in almost every formation. This was the next logical step to progress, not only for the squadron and where it’s at but the Guard in general.”






Montana, Oregon & Washington National Guard deploy to fight wildfires!

“The western fires are not stopping. They’re just getting bigger.”-James Casaus, Incident Commander

“If we don’t start managing our forests, the forests are going to start managing us. The fires burning across Montana are a catastrophe, and we need all available resources to combat this threat.”-Steve Daines, senator for Montana

On 13 SEP 2017, Montana’s Air National Guard deployed to fight at least 21 wildfires in The Treasure State.

Montana has so far spent $50-million USD in state taxpayer funding fighting fires!

NBCMontana: Wildfire update, 14 SEP 2017

On 09 SEP 2017, the Oregon National Guard continued another round of firefighting training conducted by the state Department of Public Safety.  So far five groups of Oregon National Guard personnel have gone through the training.  Oregon has so far spent 28-million state taxpayer dollars fighting 18 wildfires.

U.S. Army personnel chow down after helping to fight fires in Oregon, 10 SEP 2017

So far, the U.S. Forest Service has spent a record 2.1-billion federal tax dollars fighting wildfires across the western United States!

Video, Washington National Guard firefighting ‘mop-up’ ops 09 SEP 2017:



Washington Militia returns from deadly mission in Iraq!

05 January 2017 (04:34 UTC-07 Tango 06) 16 Dey 1395/06 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1438/08 Ji Chou 4714

On 31 December 2016 a small ceremony was held in the city of Kent to welcome home the 179th Engineer Company, Washington National Guard.

On 30 March 2016, the 179th deployed to Iraq, several of their personnel are single parents.  On 06 May 2016, Lieutenant David Bauders was killed at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq.  At the time the U.S. Department of Defense said Bauders’ death was being investigated as a ‘noncombat incident’.  So far no further details have been released to the public.

The 179th’s deployment to Iraq was its first combat deployment, however, the 179th is routinely deployed to the Kingdom of Thailand as part of the U.S. National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program.

Fracking Food Crisis: Idaho, Oregon, Washington hit by contaminated water, coincides with oil industry Fracking!

10 April 2016 (15:21 UTC-07 Tango 01) 22 Farvardin 1395/02 Rajab 1437/04 Ren-Chen 4714

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed that ever since oil industry Fracking ops have been allowed to take place in the Pacific northwest (about 2004) water quality has suffered.  More than 60 public water sources in Idaho, Oregon and Washington have exceeded federal safe levels of lead contamination in the past three years!

The majority of contaminated water systems are in Oregon with 37, followed by Idaho with 22.  Washington has eight contaminated systems.

The majority of those water sources supply local grade schools.  Some Oregon school administrators admitted they were informed of the lead contamination in 2013, and have been buying bottled water ever since.   In Idaho, several school directors blamed lead contamination on old plumbing and claim that lead levels went down after the plumbing was replaced.  In Washington the first reported case of lead contamination was at the State Patrol Academy, in 2012.  Directors say they’ve been on bottled water since then, but are working to hook up to ‘city’ supplied water.

Most of the contaminated water sources involve systems using well water.  Across the U.S. the EPA found at least 1-thousand 4-hundred public water systems contaminated with lead, affecting 3.6-million people!

I find it interesting that here in Idaho the lead contamination (even though blamed on old plumbing) begins just after ‘test Fracking’ began in 2011.  In 2012 Gem State ‘law makers’ officially allowed Fracking, and also banned city and county governments from banning Fracking!  Isn’t it possible the chemicals (solvents) used in Fracking caused the built up contaminants in the old plumbing to come loose?  Current unconfirmed reports indicate Fracking ops have halted.

In Oregon there are reports that Fracking stopped by 2015.  Fracking for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) began as early as 2004.  Apparently Fracking for LNG in Washington was supposed to start in 2012, however, recent reports say no Fracking is taking place. It is difficult to find reliable sources of public info on Fracking because the industry, and even state governments, are tight lipped about the controversial operation.

Blind Bat News: Another study proves Fracking destroys your drinking water, main stream news ignores it! 

Blind Bat News: Michigan violence skyrockets, is it the water? Lead poisoning causes violent behavior! 

The Oregonian: Lead-tainted Oregon armories remain open to public despite dangers

Blind Bat News: “Re-fracking” 39-thousand + oil jobs gone, as companies hoard Black Gold! 

Blind Bat News: 2013 Duke University study says Fracking poisons drinking water!

Blind Bat News: Ohio & Arkansas suffering mass earthquakes in 2012, officials blame Fracking.

U.S. Food Crisis: Washington & Oregon ban fishing after mystery deaths!

17 July 2015 (20:33 UTC-07 Tango 01, 16 July 2015)/26 Tir 1394/30 Ramadan 1436/02 Gui-Wie (6th month) 4713

The states of Washington and Oregon have jointly banned fishing for the prehistoric fish known as sturgeon.  Dozens (at least 80 at last count) of the fish have been found dead in the Columbia River Gorge reservoirs.  Sockeye salmon are also dying in huge numbers.

Fishing for sturgeon is catch & release only (except for Native Americans on their concentration camps, I mean reservations), but that’s been banned until researchers can figure out why the fish are dying.  Some suspect a combination of high temperatures and low oxygen in the water caused by the drought.

The salmon are dying of a bacteria called columnaris, which goes ‘nuts’ in high temperatures and low oxygen environments.

29 sturgeon were autopsied and their bellies were found full of salmon, yet biologists don’t think that killed the sturgeon.  Almost all dead sturgeon were adults of five feet or longer.  Old fish cannot absorb oxygen from the water as effectively as young fish.

Oregon also banned the fishing of salmon, steelhead and trout.

USDA declares Idaho a food production disaster area! 

U.S. Civil War: 6 (?) students fail to take advantage of Pro-gun law in Washington, now they’re dead! False Flag op?

06 June 2014 (18:22 UTC-07 Tango 05 June 2014)/07 Sha’ban 1435/16 Khordad 1393/09 Geng Wu 4712

Six (?) people shot, one dead and five (?) wounded on the Christian Seattle Pacific University campus in Washington.  The state of Washington allows guns on campus, yet it appears none of the victims were armed.  However, despite state law the private university bans guns, not only for students but their own security guards are not armed: “Officers do not have deputized or state-commissioned police authority and carry no firearms.”

One female victim has life threatening wounds, now in surgery.

This incident is a prime example of misinformation run rampant:  Police originally said there were two shooters and four victims.  Local news reports continue to give conflicting numbers of victims.  One report said the unarmed university security guards captured the shooter as he tried to re-load his gun.  Yet another local news report indicated the shooter was shot by police.  Initially police said the shooters were armed with a rifle or shotgun.  Now police say there was only one shooter armed with a pistol, and are back to saying there’s only four victims (including the person that died).

Some Seattle Pacific University students are from Canada.

The last college shooting in Washington was back in 2007.  One Washington news source claims that this year there is an increase in shooters targeting colleges.  I’ll point out that prescriptions drugs are involved.  I’ll also point out that victims of mass shootings are almost always never armed (unless they’re cops like the shooting in Canada yesterday)!  Is this another False Flag op by the anti-2nd Amendment, pro-martial law elites?


Washington Unions & city officials opposed to employee owned WinCo! It’s not evil crony Walmart man, it’s employee owned WinCo!

31 May 2013 (14:51 UTC-07 Tango)/21 Rajab 1434/10 Khordad 1391/22 Ding-Si (4th month) 4711

“Bellingham will not win with the opening WinCo…..It is an unfortunate ‘race to the bottom’ for jobs, wages and benefits in Bellingham.”-Jack Weiss, an obviously ignorant Bellingham city council member

I’ve been shocked to learn of a growing anti-WinCo movement in Bellingham, Washington.  It involves unions and some city council members.

They claim WinCo will crash local wages, and hurt other businesses.  On the first count, WinCo actually pays well, damn good in fact.  And the benefits are considered some of the best in the whole U.S. of A.

My ex-wife worked for WinCo for at least a decade, she admitted to me many times that it was the best damn job she ever had (considering she never finished high school, at one point she was making more money than me).  She loved the medical benefits!  She also loved the employee ownership of WinCo stocks.

My eldest daughter is working for WinCo, nine years now, and she’s extremely happy with her income and benefits, especially since she sees what’s going on with the rest of the grocery industry.  She was started several dollars an hour above minimum wage (a WinCo policy. WinCo’s pay policy is also adjusted according to region) and gets periodic raises.  She’s now making more money than her mother did while she was working for WinCo.  She also loves the medical/retirement benefits and the employee ownership of the company through stocks.  That’s the real threat to unions, they don’t own the company.

As far as hurting other businesses, I know another Idaho based grocery store, Albertsons, went down, but not because of WinCo, but partly because of their unions!  The unions forced Albertsons to charge outrageous prices for food.  (There are cases of mom and pop stores going under because of competition from bigger stores, but not any case that could be specifically pinned on WinCo.)

Employee owned businesses threaten both the traditional ‘publicly’ held evil elitist corporations and unions (I think some unions have become a type of evil elitist club).

Employee owned businesses usually have tougher employee work policies, which are voted on by your fellow co-workers so it’s hard to challenge (WinCo employees don’t dare be late to work, and if you’re sick for more than one day better get a doctors note).  Isn’t that similar to a union, except, once again, the union doesn’t own the company.  Also, no outrageous union dues, in fact WinCo employees get back more in their medical/retirement/stock benefits than what the average union member gets from their union!

A weakness is that it is possible for the employee owned business to be tricked into becoming a publicly held company, which would open the door to Romney style vulture capitalists.

In Pocatello, the new WinCo 117 recently opened up across the street from the ‘new’ Fred Meyer, yet I don’t see any sign that Fred Meyer is being adversely affected by the new expanded WinCo.  Fred Meyer is still just as busy (my other daughter works for Fred Meyer and loves it, employee pay/benefits similar to WinCo but it’s not employee owned), as is the evil Chubbuck Walmart.   I have noticed a lot of out of county and out of state license plates on the vehicles parked in the WinCo 117 parking lot, so it seems the WinCo is actually bringing new customers into the area.

The manager of the Bellingham, Washington, Fred Meyer was asked about any concerns over the idea of a WinCo being built.  His response: “It’s just an additional competitor in town. I’m sure there will be some customers who are price sensitive and will go to WinCo for certain items. But we have the one-stop shopping concept, where WinCo is just the basic food store.”-Bill Pelan, Lakeway Fred Meyer store director

(if Bellingham has a publicly held Fred Meyer, then there’s no excuse for Bellingham not to have an employee owned WinCo!)

Construction/remodeling started on the new Bellingham WinCo on 09 May 2013.  It should be ready to go before the end of the year.

WinCo is proof that employee owners know how to run a company better than unions or corporate elites! 

Some Economic Recovery? Washington & Colorado legalize Marijuana!

“Assuming a fully functioning marijuana market and the assumptions following in this summary, estimated total revenue generated to the state could be as high as $1,943,936,000 over five fiscal years.”-Washington OFM Fiscal Impact Statement (I-502)

On 06 November 2012, voters in the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults.

Many people will claim this as a victory for civil liberties, but it could result in a huge boost to the economies of those states, as well.

According to Culture Magazine, in 2011 the state of Colorado collected $5 million USD in taxes from medical marijuana use, about $1.5 million more than the state’s electronics and appliance retail industry!

Now Colorado will be able to collect taxes on the recreational use of marijuana as well. According to supporters of the new law, it will also save law enforcement $12 million in the first year, and create $24 million every year for school construction projects.  They estimate that after five years legalized marijuana will result in $100 million per year in revenues and savings for state/local governments!

According to Washington’s own State Office of Financial Management, legalized marijuana will create almost $2 billion in tax revenue for the state, over the next five years!

State officials also expect increased revenue from fees for traffic violations, as a result of driving while under the influence of marijuana.

And by the way, this revenue comes even as the price of marijuana is expected to drop due to the fact that it’s now legal.  In Washington the marijuana tax system is a European style Value Added Tax, meaning it is taxed at production, distribution and at the final sale.  Essentially it’s taxed three times.

The problem now are the threats coming from Washington DC: “One of the nightmare scenarios for Washington is Congress gets really nasty and says, ‘Ha! No more federal highway dollars for you.’ If they do something like that then the financial loss vastly swamps any of the financial gains.”-Jonathan Caulkins, Carnegie Melon University

One Year later: Japanese fishing boat found off coast of Canada, first of 3 million tons of debris still heading for North America

“The vessel is considered an obstruction to navigation.”-Transport Canada statement

A 65 meter (210 feet) long fishing boat from Japan was found off Haida Gwaii islands (some reports say Queen Charlotte Islands), about 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) north of Vancouver, Canada.

The fishing boat was washed away from Japan by the March 11, 2011 tsunami.  Senator Maria Cantwell, of the U.S. state of Washington, estimates another 50 days before the ship hits land, and warns it is the first of many more to come: “This 150 feet fishing vessel is the first major West Coast tsunami debris confirmed by Japanese officials. And now, we’ve learned that larger debris could reach our coastlines sooner than expected. With some debris already moving towards the West Coast, we need more data and better science to track and respond to tsunami debris….Coastal residents need to know who is in charge of tsunami debris response, and we need clearer answers now.”

Japan’s Coast Guard has identified the boat as coming from Aomori Prefecture.

Also, Russians found a 20 foot Japanese fishing boat near Midway Atoll.





World War 3: U.S. soldier killing Afghan women & children part of covert Genocide? Local elders say they were told days before the shooting

“It looks like after 10 years the U.S. wants Afghans to collectively join the Taliban for revenge!”-Mahmood Khan, Panjwaii representative in the Afghan Parliament

The U.S. Army SSgt who shot up women and children, then burned them, supposedly acted on his own volition.  But witnesses say there was at least three soldiers, and they seemed to be targeting women: “He came to my uncle’s home, he was running after women, he was tearing their dresses, insulting them.”-Rafihullah, 15 year old survivor

The incident took place in Panjwaii, Zangabad district, Kandahar Province. Panjwaii is a hot bed of anti-U.S. action. In May of 2011 Canadian forces turned it over to U.S. forces: “This has been Canada’s area. What Canada hands off now to the U.S. elements that take over is dramatically improved.”-U.S. General David Petraeus

Now local elders have come forth saying they were threatened by U.S. military leaders after a deadly explosion hit U.S. forces.  The threats were specifically against their women and children, elders say U.S. officers told them to expect “bloody revenge against your children and wives.”

Afghans also reject the U.S. claim that the Staff Sergeant was mentally ill, after all the U.S. Army did certify him fit for combat!  However, it’s been revealed that doctors at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, have been “doctoring” soldiers reviews to make it look like they’re psychologically fit for duty.

“How can a mentally sick man get out of the base, walk for miles, break into people’s houses, and kill them? Why not just kill his fellow soldiers inside the base?”-Mahmood Khan, Panjwaii representative in the Afghan Parliament

In February I wrote that the U.S. policies, and actions in Afghanistan are consistent with ethnic cleansing, or genocide.  That included policies implemented by the Afghan government at the insistence of the United States (things like people being refused food because they don’t have a national ID card).  It’s a portent of things to come for the United States.