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Clandestine Immigration: German boat seized for Human Trafficking! Italy & Libya form united navy to block migrants?

02 AUG 2017 (17:51 UTC-07 Tango 06)  11 Mordad 1396/09 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/11 Wu-Shen 4715

More proof it’s about destroying your job!

After months of dramatic rescues of ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy (Italia) seized a German (Deutsche) operated fishing boat and accused the crew of human trafficking.

The Italian Guardia Costiera (Coast Guard) says they’ve been monitoring the NGO (non-governmental organization) operated boat, named Inuventa, and witnessed several meetings between the crew and known human traffickers.

Inuventa is one of many privately operated so-called refugee rescue boats in the Mediterranean.  Just last month Inuventa and a second German operated boat (called Sea-Eye) called for help because they had taken on too many migrants.  Inuventa is operated by a group calling itself Jugend Rettet (Youth Rescue), they even have a website.    Some news media reports say the Sea-Eye is also being operated by Jugend Rettet.

German news media revealed that Jugend Rettet is one of six NGO ‘rescue’ groups that refuse to sign onto an Italian regulation establishing rules for so-called rescue operations.

For Months the Italian Marina Militare (navy) and Guardia Costiera have been praised for the thousands of people they’ve rescued, but more and more Italians are convinced the whole refugee crisis is a False Flag operation by corporations and puppet governments to bring-in cheap labor, rendering tens of thousands of Italians jobless.  In fact the Italian officials are using a new term for the False Flag refugee crisis; clandestine immigration.

Using social media Jugend Rettet denied being detained, or that Innuventa was seized, but did admit “…we are not able to operate in the Search and Rescue Zone at the moment.”

As a result of escalating clandestine immigration, the Italian government approved a plan allowing the Marina Militare to help the weak Libyan government shore up its own naval forces, and to stop human trafficking by sending in a couple of Italian ships to patrol Libyan water (however, some Libyan politicians are protesting the Italian plan).








Global Food Crisis: Major insurance company says prepare for World War F!

24 June 2015 (12:35 UTC-07 Tango 01)/03 Tir 1394/07 Ramadan 1436/09 Ren-Wu (5th month) 4713

F = Food

“Food security has a major influence on national and international politics. A globalised world and food system means that it is a system particularly vulnerable to governments and businesses succumbing to panic, hoarding foods or limiting exports. In the past, non-governmental/ intergovernmental organisations have measured and managed the risks faced by vulnerable populations. Now, insurance is well placed to play a large role in progress and in enhancing food production, processing and trading systems – by providing effective risk management advice and expertise, as well as risk transfer.”-Feast or Famine: Business and Insurance Implications of Food Safety and Security

Milan, Italy, is hosting the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life expo until October.  One organization attending is the iconic British empire Lloyd’s of London who recently issued a dire warning, titled Feast or Famine: Business and Insurance Implications of Food Safety and Security.

Lloyd’s analyst warn of skyrocketing food prices and crashing economies caused by population booms, lack of water and other resources, and the threat of a new form of terrorism that targets food supplies.  The result, they say, will be food riots around the World.

As an insurance company Lloyd’s is concerned with the growing risk of providing agricultural insurance, yet is so arrogant about their service that they think insurance is “vital to increasing agricultural production”.

Another danger that Lloyd’s is pushing as the answer to all our prayers is the creation of more and more GMO crops!  (surprisingly there are a vast number of sheeple who still don’t know what GMO is)

Lloyd’s is pushing the idea of forcing everybody involved in the food supply chain to have insurance.  But how does Lloyd’s propose replacing damaged or destroyed or lost food stuffs?  With money?  If there ain’t no food it doesn’t matter how much money you have.

Idaho wheat unfit for human consumption?!

When He broke the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a Black Horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not damage the oil and the wine.”

Proof Human societies on Earth are the creators of Hell

“What is Hell?”

“A place without peace that never gets better.”-Thai Buddism, Hell Temple proverb

For most Earthlings, their respective societies on Earth are the “place without peace that never gets better”.

False Flag: U.S. ally Japan supplies Islamic State with convoys of new Toyotas! Nissan & Ford as well!

18 February 2015 (00:41 UTC-07 Tango 01)/28 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1436/29 Bahman 1393/30 Bing Yin (12th month) 4712

The neo-imperialist government of Japan talks big about not tolerating terrorism, but the latest pics out of North Africa and the Levant reveal that Islamic State (DAISH, al-DawlA al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-SHam[Syria]) has received fleets of brand new Toyota pickup trucks.

HZJ79 Landcruiser Toyotas of DAISH.

These are not a mish-mash of ‘stolen’ vehicles seen before but are obviously fleet ordered vehicles, being of two models of Toyota trucks outfitted similarly and with the same color paint.  I suspect the fleet order was placed through the United Arab Emirates, possibly through a company known as Western Group.

I’ve identified the latest model of the diesel powered Toyota HZJ79 Landcruiser (aka Landcruiser 70) pickup truck (not sold in the U.S.) and what looks like the 2014 HiLux, 2 and 4 door pickup.

Jubilant DAISH in their brand new Ford F-350.

The Toyotas make up the bulk of the fleet ordered trucks, while smaller fleets of Japanese Nissans and U.S. made Fords can be seen (and no they’re not those stolen Fords but fleets of similar equipped and painted Fords).

You can’t feel sorry for those Japanese ‘hostages’ killed by Islamic State, after all the first one killed was an outright mercenary hired by one of the U.S.-Saudi-Israeli backed ‘rebel’ groups to train them how to fight (oh, sorry, he was a “security contractor”).  The second Japanese killed was a journalist who was obviously pro-rebel and anti-Syrian government.  In fact, it turns out that many of the ‘western’ hostages were already working with rebel groups when they were supposedly captured by Islamic State.

U.S. created Islamic State proves Obama a bold face liar! 

U.S. Army ‘loses’ $420-million worth of equipment, which turns up in the hands of Islamic State! 

Who buys Islamic State oil? Israel, Jordan, Turkey, United States & Russia! 

World War 3: Greek oil tankers bombed after Germany says ‘get the hell outta the EU!’ United Kingdom to vote on rejecting EU membership!

05 January 2015 (09:04 UTC-07 Tango)/14 Rab al’Awwal 1436/15 Dey 1393/15 Yi-Chou 4712

Just days after Germany’s leader essentially told Greece to get out of the European Union, the Libyan air force has bombed a Greek oil tanker in the port of Derna, at least two members of the tanker ship have been killed.  Libyan administrators speculate that the Greeks have been buying oil from pro-Islamic State insurgents, those insurgents control the port (some say the Greeks are actually selling refined fuel to Islamic State).

The Libyan attack on the Greek tanker (owned by Aegean Shipping Enterprises Company) comes at the same time the Libyan parliament issued a statement telling the European Union to get out of north Africa: Foreign military intervention in Libya is rejected. If we need any military intervention, we will ask our Arab brothers.”-Aqila Issa, speaker of parliament

Over the weekend German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly said that if right wingers win the upcoming Greek elections then she would have no problem with Greece leaving the European Union (EU).  Since then other EU members have been scrambling to denounce Merkel’s supposed statements saying EU membership is “irrevocable” and adding an ominous warning for Greek rebellion: “…we will deal with that once the Greek voters have cast their verdict.”-Annika Breidthardt, EU spokeswoman

To add to the EU debacle, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he is pushing for a referendum on whether to remain in the EU or not.   If Cameron gets re-‘elected’ this May he says he’ll hold an anti-EU referendum in 2017.

World War 3: South West Pacific Australia now “enhanced” partner of North Atlantic! All you happy taxpayers are the real targets!

05 September 2014 (17:24 UTC-07 Tango)/10 Dhu l-Qa’da 1435/14 Shahrivar 1393/12 Gui-You 4712

“NATO need to step up and start to communicate that this is a dangerous world. There is a purpose to this alliance. It is not just a hangover from the Cold War, just a club. This alliance has a purpose for a more dangerous world.”-Robin Niblett, British empire’s Royal Institute of International Affairs

There was a time when we were all told that NATO was for countries that bordered the northern area of the Atlantic Ocean, hence North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  But now there are many countries on the other side of the World who are special members.  Today the South West Pacific country of Australia just had its special membership upgraded to “enhanced”.

This is because United States led NATO officials are pissing themselves over their loss of control of their covert insurgant group now known as Islamic State,  and the never ending Tar Baby known as Afghanistan, as well as realizing they’ve pissed-off Mother Russia by trying to abscond with Ukraine!

Australia is not the only NATO wannabe having its pseudo-membership (officially called “NATO partners”) upgraded; Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden are getting upgraded as well.

Australia’s first job as an “enhanced” partner is leading a NATO conference on what to do with Afghanistan (at the current NATO summit in police state Wales, British empire).

What it sounds like to me is that NATO has got so big it is going to split into at least three regions; one to handle Europe/Russia, one to handle Afghanistan/Asia and one to handle their renegade insurgent groups in the Middle East/North Africa.

Of course, the real issue being discussed at the current NATO summit in Wales, is how to get all you happy taxpayers to pay for this new ‘enhanced’ NATO?

Western New Year & Christianity nothing more than continuation of ancient Grain King sacrifice ritual!

01 January 2014 (04:34 UTC-07 Tango)/28 Safar 1435/11 Dey 1392/01 Gui-Chou (12th month) 4711

The western new year has arrived.  A common graphical depiction is that of old Father Time turning things over to a baby New Year.  This is nothing more than the most ancient Grain King sacrifice ritual.

Thousands of years ago small agricultural societies would actually sacrifice their king (today we would call those ancient kings, village elders), then bury him as a piece of grain to ensure a good crop for the New Year.  A new young king was appointed for the rest of the year.

Meat eating societies also had a similar ritual.  The Japanese Ainu would make offerings to the head of the bear they killed, in fact the dead bear’s head sat at the head of the tribe’s feast hall.  North American’s would worship the salmon and buffalo.  The myths basically say the people were starving, then god, or a god, would appear and offer to sacrifice itself in order to save the people. In return the people had to honor and remember the god.

The Americans also had a Grain King myth about Maize.  A people were starving, god appeared in the form of a man and told the virgin princess to cut off his head and bury it.  The buried head instantly grew into a life saving corn stalk that provided enough grain to feed the people!

In Meso America, one story says the Earth was being destroyed tortuously.  A god felt sorry for the Humans on the Earth and offered to sacrifice itself to save them.  The Sun became the everlasting symbol of the god’s blood covenant to bring salvation to the Humans.  However (there’s always a catch), in return the Humans had to remember and rejuvenate that god, typically with Human blood.

Around the World the honoring of such god sacrifice took many forms from simple dance rituals or prayers, to animal/human sacrifice.  (remember the story of Cain and Able; god wasn’t impressed with the farmer brother who offered the sacrifice of his crops, god was pleased only with the animal sacrifice of the hunter/herder brother: “The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor.”-Genesis 4:4-5 New International Version)

It is also interesting to note that the more densely populated a society was, the more likely they believed in such religious crap!  This is why the Middle East is the considered the birth place of the World’s biggest religions.  Thousands of years ago the Middle East (Fertile Crescent) was literally the New York City of the ancient World.

The western New Year is based on the Catholic created Gregorian calendar system.  It is a solar calender, and to be sure there were other solar calender systems before it came along.  The Gregorian system modified the Julian system in Gregorian year 1582, 15-hundred years after Jesus of Nazareth died (this is one of many reasons why today’s western Christian holiday celebrations are incorrect, like Jesus being born in December when the Bible clearly states his parents went to Jerusalem/Al Quds for the census, which took place during summer).

The Bible is clever in that whom ever came up with it knew how to combine the agricultural and meat eater sacrifice rituals, to trick as many people as possible.  Jesus of Nazareth became the god that saves the starving people by sacrificing himself.

This motif appears in several different versions in the Bible’s New Testament:  Jesus feeds a crap load of people with only a few fish (meat eaters) and few loaves of bread (Grain King).  Jesus turns water into wine (Grain King).  Jesus commands his followers to “drink my blood” and “eat my flesh”!

Holy cannibalism Batman! This is a clear human sacrifice motif.  And don’t think human sacrifice didn’t place at the Temple of David (aka Second Temple, before that, Temple of Solomon/First Temple), it did!   The Romans destroyed the Temple in the approximate Gregorian year 70AD (about 76 years after Jesus was born, he was actually born about the year 7BC), even Titus Flavius Josephus (a Jewish-Roman scholar) implies the destruction of the Temple was god’s punishment for past evils: “…for that House, God had for certain long ago doomed it to the fire; and now that fatal day was come…”-The Wars of the Jews 6.4.5 249-253  (now realize the fundamentalist Jews want to bring back the Temple and all its ancient bloody rituals)

The Bible wasn’t written until several hundred years after Jesus of Nazareth died!  The compilations of the New (Christian) Testament began in the 4th Century after his death.  The compilations of the Old (Hebrew) Testament began even later in the 9th Century AD!  Whomever was behind the creation of the Bible was genius, because not only does Jesus cover the bloody sacrifice ritual by commanding his followers to eat and drink him, but it combines both Grain King and meat eater motifs: The wine and bread represent the Grain King, but they in turn represent the meat (blood and flesh) of Jesus! (Cain and Abel united!)

(the Bible has been re-edited and translated many times since its creation, with dozens of version available, which might explain why so many ‘christians’ disagree with each other, as they did before the Bible was compiled)

When are the commoner masses going to wake up to this elitist control freak scam? Happy New Year!

Don’t take your Crapper for granted, it’s time to celebrate World Toilet Day!

20 November 2013 (14:53 UTC-07 Tango)/16 Muharram 1435/29 Aban 1392/18 Gui-Hai (10th month) 4711

The words crapper and crap, for that matter, are ligit.  They come from the name of a real person.  Thomas Crapper was a successful British plumber who was incorrectly associated with inventing the modern flush toilet.

The idea of a flushing toilet is ancient.  Archeologists say the first example was created for the King Minos more than 2800 years ago.  The first patent for a modern flushing toilet went to Alexander Cummings in 1775.  The first use of indoor plumbing and flush toilets was in 1825 by a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.  But toilets back then were for the elites.  It wasn’t until after 1910 that flushing toilets took on a design similar to current toilets, and became affordable for us commoners.

And it wasn’t until after the Second World War that most commoner families of the Western World got indoor flush toilets.  I was in Scotland in 1991 and visited a museum dedicated to the history of sewage.  It even had a full size replica of a 1800s sewer system complete with stinking crap and piss (of course it was replicated, but who’d of thought somebody could be paid to make models of craps, other than those joke crap toys)!  But what awakened me to the fact that we take our crappers for granted was a small display that pointed out that most Scottish homes didn’t have indoor plumbing, or toilets, until after the 1950s!

Then you have to wonder at the Japanese, for taking toilets to the extreme.  Apparently the Japanese are so afraid of their rear ends they created toilets that blast their asses with water jets so they don’t have to wipe.  The latest Japanese toilets provide imaging systems and soothing female computer voices to tell them if they still have a nasty ass, and then it blasts them again.  (there are some people in the U.S. that are the same way and will pay top dollar for a robot toilet from Japan)

By the way the first production toilet paper wasn’t invented until 1857.   And the technology to make modern toilet brushes was used to create the first artificial Xmas tree, in the 1930s, thus linking Xmas and toilet cleaning.

Now to get serious,  the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) marked 19 November as World Toilet Day.  They want people to be aware of the major impact toilets have on reducing disease.  Even so, UNICEF says one reason for the rise of new diseases is the fact that (in their estimation) as many as 2-thousand children die every day because they live in areas that have no toilets, or way of handling sewage: Access to toilets remains the unmentionable, shameful secret for even some very prosperous countries.  But its invisibility doesn’t make it harmless; in fact it is quite the reverse. Lack of access to toilets is quite literally killing children, making adults sick…”Sanjay Wijesekera, UNICEF Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

So those of us commoners who have toilets should be proud, and thankful, for they truly are our porcelain thrones!

Oh commodus selarium deus, forgive me for taking you for granted.  I am truly thankful to have you.

Oh commodus selarium deus, forgive me for taking you for granted! I am truly thankful to have you!

Why We Fight: U.S. patriot veterans, the Community of Chubbuck, Idaho, “shall never forget!”

11 November 2013 (15:30 UTC-07 Tango)/07 Muharram 1434/20 Aban 1391/09 Gui-Hai (10th month) 4711

Click pics to expand view

World War 3, East Asian Front: TriLateral Imperialism as the U.S. mulls allowing Japan to invade Korea!!!

28 August 2013 (12:06 UTC-07 Tango)/21 Shawwal 1434/06 Shahrivar 1391/22 Geng-Shen (7th month) 4711

The TriLateral imperialist member leaders of Europe, North America and East Asian will allow Japan to draw up invasion plans of Korea!

In the country of Brunei a meeting of defense (war pigs) officials is taking place, and it’s led by trilateral leader United States (the 2013 Association of Southeast Asian Nations defense ministers meeting).  According to Japanese news media the Japanese Defense Minister, Itsunori Onodera, asked U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel for permission to draw up attack plans against Korea, specifically the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea).

Officially both the U.S. and Japanese leaders claim it’s necessary to counter any missile strike threat from Korea.  This would mark the first time since the Second World War that Japan would openly plan to invade another country!

The current right wing neo-imperialist government of Japan says they do not want to play second fiddle to the United States when it comes to Korea, they want the option of unilateral military action.

Koreans should be upset, whether they live in the north or in the U.S. puppet south, because Japan has a history of invading and occupying Korea: 1st invasion Gregorian year 1592, 2nd invasion 1597.  It was those first invasions that created in the minds of Japanese that Korea belonged to Japan.

The Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876 was an imperialist move by Japan, using the rule of law at that time (proof that the ‘rule of law’ can be pure evil) to subjugate Korea to their rule.   That process involved destabilizing Korea, much like what the U.S.-British empire is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Syria.  (destabilizing an area prior to imperial take over is an age old British empire tactic.  in military terms it’s the same concept as softening up the target area before invasion.)

Japan occupied Korea from 1905 to 1945, and has yet to pay for all the atrocities it committed against the Koreans.