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“It’ll eat your eye out!” Don’t play at the amusement park!

02 DEC 2017 (03:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 11 Azar 1396/13 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/15 Ren-Zi 4715

At a Pennsylvania amusement park people’s eye are apparently being eaten by a parasite!

A lawsuit filed against Kennywood Park claims that a man’s eye was eaten by microsporidia keratitis found in the water used in the park’s Raging Rapids ride.  The lawsuit says the man underwent “an extremely painful surgery where the parasite was scraped out of the eye with a surgical scalpel”.

State inspectors supposedly tested the water and found nothing wrong with it.


Fluoride makes bacteria immune to antibiotics!

07 SEP 2017 (10:29 UTC-07 Tango 06) 16 Sharivar 1396/15 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/17 Ji Yu 4715

“This ensures a robust response to fluoride toxicity over diverse cellular environments. This ensures survival.”-Qi Zhang, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

In July 2017 researchers published their latest findings (An excited state underlies gene regulation of a transcriptional riboswitch) regarding the recently discovered fact (but not publicized by the main stream ‘real-fake’ news media) that fluoride is actually making deadly bacteria stronger: “It turns out that encoding this ‘hidden’ layer of regulation empowers the fluoride riboswitch with an unexpected capability. This fleeting switch can effectively and efficiently execute ligand-dependent switching across a wide range of speeds of RNA polymerase copying DNA into RNA. This ensures a robust response to fluoride toxicity over diverse cellular environments. This ensures survival.”  

“If fluoride builds up to toxic levels for the bacteria in the cell, a fluoride riboswitch grabs the fluoride and then turns on genes that can overcome its effects.”-Ronald Breaker, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale University

It was in 2011 that Yale University scientists, researching how bacteria become immune to antibiotics, revealed that fluoride activated previously unknown RNA switches in the microbes: “Our findings indicate that most organisms are naturally exposed to toxic levels of fluoride and that many species use fluoride-sensing RNAs to control the expression of proteins that alleviate the deleterious effects of this anion.

Supposedly this discovery was accidental: “Interestingly, fluoride was on this short list of contaminants but none of us thought it was worth testing because we did not know that biology cared much about this ion.”

I say ‘supposedly’ because in 2010 another study (‘accepted’ in 2010, published in 2011) said this about fluoride and microbes: “….NosL tolerated fluorinated L-tryptophan as the substrate, allowing for production of a regiospecifically halogenated thiopeptide that has not been found among the more than 80 members of the naturally occurring thiopeptide family.-Radical-mediated enzymatic carbon chain fragmentation-recombination

In 2014 researchers from Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain published this statement: “…..we show that the Mg2+/F/phosphate/water cluster at the center of the fluoride riboswitch is stable by its own and, once assembled, does not rely on any additional factor from the overall RNA fold………..the cluster in the binding pocket of fluoride-inhibited pyrophosphatase suggest that the peculiarity of fluoride is in its ability to establish much stronger metal-halide bonds.”

Despite this latest research showing a strong connection between fluoride and antibiotic resistance bacteria, many cities in the United States recently decided to continue adding the mind destroying nuclear industry by-product to their water supply.


Operation Jupiter: New Tropical Anthrax hits Africa! Russian CBRN teams deployed! Robots will save us?

23 AUG 2017 (13:17 UTC-07 Tango 06)  01 Sharivar 1396/30 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/02 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“To our surprise, almost 40% of all animal deaths in Taï National Park we investigated were attributable to anthrax.”-Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann, Ivorian Animal Health Institute.

It’s been two years since I wrote about the bacteria anthrax, and guess what?  There’s a new mystery “hybrid” version popping up in tropical Africa.

This is significant because anthrax was never considered a tropical disease.  Reports say a new strain of anthrax is wiping out the chimpanzee population in Ivory Coast.  Other animals are being killed as well.  The new bacteria was actually discovered in 2004, it was considered harmless then, being called Bacillus cereus.  It evolved into a new type of anthrax called Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis (Bcbva) by somehow acquiring anthrax DNA.

In Zambia, hunger is being blamed for 5-hundred human cases of anthrax, five people died.  The outbreak took place in 2011.  Hippos suddenly died-off and starving people ate them.  The hippos died of anthrax, you can’t cook out the anthrax bacteria so the people who ate the meat got sick.  Well fed researchers discovered that if a person is starving they’ll eat infected food even knowing that it could kill them: “For them finding a dead animal when they’re running low on food reserves at home seems like a good thing. This is why a lot of people took the risk even though they might get anthrax. But my feeling is they weren’t thinking about that risk. They were thinking about how nice it would be to feed their family.”– Melissa Marx, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

In 2016 Russia‘s Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Яма́ло-Не́нецкий автоно́мный о́круг) was hit by a massive anthrax outbreak, 115 people infected, one person died.  The Ministry of Defense deployed chemical units to decontaminate the region using 30 tons of ‘biologically active agents’, as well as evacuate humans.  This year about 800-thousand reindeer will be vaccinated against anthrax.  Interestingly the area is one of Russia’s largest oil producers.  Scientist are blaming the 2016 outbreak on a reindeer mass grave: “There are thousands of such cattle graves across Russia and many of them are inside the Arctic Circle.”-Sergey Netesov, Novosibirsk State University

In 2016 a Russian scientist blamed the Yamal-Nenets outbreak on global warming, and it’s just the beginning: “The rock and soil that forms the Yamal Peninsula contain much ice. Melting may loosen the soil rather quickly, so the probability is high old cattle graves may come to the surface.”-Mikhail Grigoriev, Permafrost Studies Institute-Academy of Sciences

In the European country of Romania two people are confirmed sick with anthrax.  Investigators think the husband and wife got infected by animals.

In the Bajaur Agency of Pakistan 26 livestock died of anthrax, vaccination of remaining livestock is underway.  Apparently military forces had to protect the veterinarians sent in to vaccinate the herds.

In Nepal, a pregnant rhino found dead in a forest tested positive for anthrax.  Administrators of Chitwan National Park are concerned about a possible anthrax outbreak because since 2016 at least 25 rhinos suddenly died.

In Saskatchewan, Canada, a woman was charged with 83 counts of sending anthrax in the mail!  Apparently it was some kinda complicated bad joke because a woman from South Carolina, United States, posted a video saying “We made those packages together, with the cookies and rockets and tissue paper. People will think the baking soda is anthrax.”  The woman from South Carolina said she was paid to make the video and that she was told it was  a promotion for a book.  She also contacted police in Saskatchewan, but was told the investigator she needed to talk to was on vacation.  The Saskatchewan woman pled not guilty to the 83 charges.

In United States, so far 13 cows have died in Pennington County, South Dakota.  Increased cases of anthrax killing livestock being blamed on climate change.  News reports say the cows died “rapidly” and people are being told to avoid animals that suddenly died.  Vaccination of herds is underway.

Last week the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) confirmed five cows infected in Crockett County: “Producers are encouraged to remain vigilant and consult with their local veterinary practitioner if they suspect their animals are affected with anthrax or are interested in vaccinating their livestock.”-Susan Rollo, TAHC

In Maryland, the biotech company Altimmune took over biodefense company PharmAthene, both companies specialize in vaccine research for influenza, hepatitis and anthrax.

Remember when the U.S. Army got caught shipping live weaponized anthrax to Republic of Korea (South Korea)?  Scientists at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have combined holographic microscopy with with ‘deep learning’ (artificial intelligence, AI) to create a way to quickly detect weaponized anthrax, within seconds.   This is important because current methods can take a full day or longer.  The downside is that the AI detector is, at this point, only 96% accurate with only one strain of anthrax, and there are dozens of strains.

CBRN=Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear



Using your cutting board as a toilet? Blame soap!

13 JUN 2017 (02:32 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Khordad 1396/18 Ramadan 1438/19 Bing Wu 4715

According to Global Hygiene Council the average kitchen cutting board has more crap, literally, germs on it than does the average toilet seat, by as much as 200%!  (The words crapper, crappping and crap are ligit, they come from the name of a real person.)

Your cutting board is so dirty you might have well been crapping on it!

Your cutting board is so dirty you might have well been crapping on it!

In 2006, in United Kingdom the pretentious Global Hygiene Council was founded to find better ways for us to clean our sorry asses, this after more than a hundred years of governments pushing cleanliness upon the unworthy masses.   Why?   Because after more than a hundred years of ‘washing-up’ the public infectious disease rates are actually skyrocketing!  (caution; these guys are the ones pushing for people to wash their hands at least six times a day!)

Another British empire pro-clean site backs up the claim that your cutting board is nastier than your toilet seat.  Expert Home Tips blames the use of dish-washing soap for the spread of food borne disease, saying it can’t get at the microscopic nooks-n-crannies on your cutting board that the evil bacteria live in.  Instead soak the board in a strong chemical like bleach.

Those European’s are sure a bunch of germophobes.   If you’ve read most of my old Influenza reports you’ll notice that most infections take place in areas where disinfection rates are supposed to be high; like hospitals.

In 日本国 (Nippon-koku, Japan), the most germophobic society on the planet, it seems almost every year there is a new study revealing that the number one cause of increased allergies and disease is precisely the obsessive behavior of over-cleaning yourself and your home.  The studies show such cleaning is actually weakening the immune systems of metro dwelling Nipponese, and the germs are getting stronger as they build resistance to the sanitation onslaught.

When it comes to allergies in Nippon, blame the government for planting forests of hyper-allergenic (super-allergenic) cedar trees after World War Two.   

More down to Earth U.S. based Reader’s Digest says use a ‘natural’ homemade paste made from one tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water.  Vinegar works as well.

Norovirus: Consumer Reports says to leave the soap on your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Wash household surfaces with bleach.




Craving food & sex? Don’t blame yourself, blame those micro parasites in your stomach!

27 April 2017 (01:01 UTC-07 Tango 06) 07 Ordibehest 1396/30 Rajab 1438/02 Jia Chen [4th month] 4715

“….gut bacteria act through a different mechanism to change behavior and reproduction. Thus, eAAs and commensal bacteria are potent modulators of feeding decisions and reproductive output.”Commensal bacteria and essential amino acids control food choice behavior and reproduction

Results from a new study, released by Australia’s Monash University, blames your cravings for food and/or sex on the little microbes that live in your belly!

Specifically hundreds of bacteria live in your gut, and there’s nothing you can do about it (except make things worse by taking antibiotics).  The original purpose of the study was to prove a connection between microbes and amino acids, instead the researchers concluded that the bacteria are actually creating a false signal telling your brain it needs more food, or to procreate.

It might explain those people who seem to be having an orgasm because they’re stuffing their face with food, but hold on, the researchers didn’t study humans, they studied fruit flies.  So more research needs to be done.

Interestingly, another Monash University study involving flies concluded that not eating enough animal protein can damage a person’s ability to procreate healthy offspring.

Operation Jupiter: U.S. Army shuts down Utah anthrax factory! Global update

05 September 2015 (04:33 UTC-07 Tango 01)/14 Shahrivar 1394/21 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1436/23 Yi-You 4713

“These repeated failures are eroding all confidence, and they have got to stop. Our nation’s bioterrorism response efforts are in jeopardy as we continue to uncover problems….”-joint statement from the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee

Secretary of the U.S. Army John McHugh ordered the shutdown of anthrax factories in Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and Utah.  It was also revealed that the United States operates anthrax factories in Africa’s Egypt and South America’s Peru.

Most of the “mistaken” ‘live’ anthrax shipments originated at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.   It was part of a program run by the Critical Reagents Program (CRP), whose symbol is a winged devil (they claim it’s a gargoyle).  

In Texas, the Department of State Health Services issued a warning after a deer and a horse died from anthrax.

A former University of Texas biology professor is suing the university for firing her.  The university revoked her tenure by claiming she was a terrorist and was helping China develop weapons grade anthrax.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated and could not find any evidence to back up the university’s claims.

California based Pfenex got a $143.5-million USD taxpayer funded contract to make anthrax vaccine for humans.

California’s Keck Graduate Institute says a type of quinine discovered in 1944 could be used against anthrax and ebola!

Anthrax deaths continue in Canada.  Four more Bison have died in Alberta, at least three tested positive for anthrax.

In China‘s Shaanxi Province at least 19 people are infected, 18 are hospitalized.  15 mules, cattle and sheep died from anthrax in the village of Yuanzhuang.   50 people have been vaccinated.

In the British empire’s United Kingdom a new book reveals how the Ministry of Defense experimented on military personnel, and the general public, with anthrax and other biological warfare agents. 

In Georgia, an anthrax outbreak is hurting their beef exports.  Neighboring Armenia traced the anthrax infections of two people back to the consumption of beef imported from Georgia.

In Morocco, nine people are infected with anthrax.  The Ministry of Health suspects they got infected after touching infected cows.

The death toll in Kenya is now at 3-hundred!  Cape buffaloes in Lake Nakuru National Park are being killed off by anthrax.

India to vaccinate cows in Manalmedu in Bhavani Sagar range after a dead elephant tested positive for anthrax.  The Forest Service workers say they incinerated the carcass.  Back in May, another elephant died of anthrax near Hasanur, but was buried in a deep pit.

In Australia‘s state of Victoria a little uproar over an anthrax outbreak that began after taxpayer funding for biosecurity was cut.  49% of the budget was cut and 42% of biosecurity employees laid off over the past four years.  This year there’s been an outbreak of anthrax in cattle near the town of Tatura.  The government is now spending $9.4-million AUD to upgrade their degraded biosecurity ops.

Conspiracy involving National Guard?

“a massive institutional failure” as Anthrax spreads

Operation Jupiter: More anthrax drills in the United States! PoD ops began before the Army’s “mistaken” bio-weapons shipments were revealed!

17 July 2015 (02:00 UTC-07 Tango 01)/26 Tir 1394/30 Ramadan 1436/02 Gui-Wie (6th month) 4713

“The scenario given to Public Health was that anthrax had been sent in the mail throughout upstate New York.”-Watertown Daily times

I’ve discovered that New York recently held an mass antibiotic-dispensing drill in Lewis County.

Lewis County Public Health administrators revealed they’ve been warned to be prepared to dispense medication for 27-thousand people within 48 hours.  The drill, held at the end of June, involved 350 people.

The U.S. Army’s “mistaken” shipments of live anthrax was revealed in May, but I’ve discovered that New York conducted mass antibiotic-dispensing drills in April.  Saratoga County Public Health administrators conducted a mass antibiotic-dispensing drill in Saratoga Springs.  Administrators admitted the drill was meant to test their ability to respond to a large scale anthrax attack.

Massachusetts Health and Human Services have made public their Emergency Dispensing Site (EDS) Full Scale Exercise guidelines.

Such mass dispensing exercises have been ongoing since at least 2006 (Alaska conducted mass dispensing exercises in two cities in October 2006).  Now realize that the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground, in Utah, was revealed to be shipping out live biological agents since at least 2005!  Is it any wonder administrators with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security have been expecting a biological attack?

Officially administrators say it’s in response to SARS, the 2001 anthrax letter attacks and bird flu.

I find it interesting that dozens of U.S. counties and cites have been conducting Mass Dispensing Exercises every year since 2006, yet no mention by main stream national news sources!

In March 2006, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched Mass Dispensing/PoD exercises by presenting the video Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: Collecting Point-of-Dispensing Exercise Data.  It was CDC inspectors who recently admitted they questioned the seemingly irresponsible operations taking place at Dugway Proving Ground as far back as 1999!  Their warnings fell on deaf ears when their scathing report was shelved by the high level administrators of CDC!

In 2007, the University of Washington published the results of their evaluation of the effectiveness of what was called back then Point of  Dispensing (PoD) operations.  They concluded it was a success, however they discovered that 27% of ‘victims’ in the PoD drill did not understand how to use the medication.  (Evaluation of a mass dispensing exercise in a Cities Readiness Initiative setting)

FEMA National Training & Education

U.S. hit by new stealth Dog Flu!

U.S. Food Crisis: Washington & Oregon ban fishing after mystery deaths!

17 July 2015 (20:33 UTC-07 Tango 01, 16 July 2015)/26 Tir 1394/30 Ramadan 1436/02 Gui-Wie (6th month) 4713

The states of Washington and Oregon have jointly banned fishing for the prehistoric fish known as sturgeon.  Dozens (at least 80 at last count) of the fish have been found dead in the Columbia River Gorge reservoirs.  Sockeye salmon are also dying in huge numbers.

Fishing for sturgeon is catch & release only (except for Native Americans on their concentration camps, I mean reservations), but that’s been banned until researchers can figure out why the fish are dying.  Some suspect a combination of high temperatures and low oxygen in the water caused by the drought.

The salmon are dying of a bacteria called columnaris, which goes ‘nuts’ in high temperatures and low oxygen environments.

29 sturgeon were autopsied and their bellies were found full of salmon, yet biologists don’t think that killed the sturgeon.  Almost all dead sturgeon were adults of five feet or longer.  Old fish cannot absorb oxygen from the water as effectively as young fish.

Oregon also banned the fishing of salmon, steelhead and trout.

USDA declares Idaho a food production disaster area! 

Operation Jupiter: Anthrax is the zombie disease Lazarus! U.S. supplies North Korea with anthrax making equipment! More secret anthrax drills in the U.S.!

15 July 2015 (01:32 UTC-07 Tango 01)/24 Tir 1394/28 Ramadan 1436/30 Gui-Wie 4713

“Come here right now, with all the 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate as well as the imbecile secretaries and deputy secretaries of the government who have made their voices hoarse screaming for new sanctions!”-DPRK National Defense Commission

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea demanding that the U.S. Congress and even Barack Obama come and visit their so called anthrax lab.  The accusation was made by U.S. operative James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

But now there are new hypocritical accusation against Korea, north; Koreans are being used as guinea pigs for anthrax testing, accusations from a North Korean who defected in the 1990s.

Here’s some interesting revelations, in the same pics that James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies used to accuse North Korea of making anthrax, they admit that there are bottles made by U.S. companies Merck and Sigma-Aldrich, as well as equipment made in other countries but banned from sale to DPRK!  See the report and pics here.

The fact that U.S. companies have been selling banned equipment capable of producing anthrax to North Korea explains why the U.S. Army considered South Korea the most likely place for a military sized anthrax attack, thus justifying their JUPITR ATD program.

In the U.S. state of Montana, lab results are pending for the mysterious deaths of 19 bison on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.  However, health administrators are now saying they do not suspect anthrax simply because they have no evidence.  Another however, as it was discovered one lab result was completed, but administrators refused to comment on the results.

The state of Minnesota has joined the growing list of mid-west states preparing for an anthrax outbreak.  It’s been revealed that at the end of June a massive drill was held at three locations including the Saint Michael-Albertville High School.  Scarce news reports (for some reason pics of the event are not loading on the webpage) said it was meant to simulate biological warfare in which 18-thousand people were infected!  It involved 18 counties, involving 1-hundred volunteers as well as emergency responders from six counties who were designated for mass medications dispensing!

Speaking of drills, many ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been reporting U.S. military drills in which the ‘enemy’ are zombies.  My research indicates the zombie drills and the ‘bungled’ anthrax shipments, along with JUPITR ATD coincide.  The zombie connection comes from a scientist who says he’s discovered anthrax is not only damned hard to kill, but it can comeback to life years after it has been ‘killed’!

Arizona geneticist Paul Keim calls it the Lazarus Effect: “Perhaps in those trillions of spores with their broken DNA, there were a few of them that managed to repair their DNA. Not right away, but perhaps over a matter of storage over weeks, months or even years. Perhaps a very, very small number of those spores resurrect themselves from death and start to grow.”  

Geneticist call the ability of DNA to re-grow after it’s been killed “recombination”.  Read the interview here (you can even listen to the Arizona Public Radio interview).

The Daily Beast uncovers covert bomb making at Dugway in Utah!  

Dozens killed since 4th of July!

Rare dog disease threatening humans in California! Deadly warning from India!

14 July 2015 (23:19 UTC-07 Tango 01, 13 July 2015)/23 Tir 1394/27 Ramadan 1436/29 Gui-Wie 4713

“Initial symptoms include highly coloured urine, fever and muscle ache, which exacerbates into jaundice, drop in platelets and later a possible kidney failure.”-Pratit Samdani,  Bhatia Hospital, India

The Central California SPCA is warning of a bacteria that’s attacking dogs, but can also attack humans and is potentially deadly.

There’s been a sudden spike in cases of dogs getting sick in Fresno.  The culprit is leptospirosis.  Veterinarians say there is no specific symptom to be on the lookout for, but they think the dogs can pick it up by sniffing and licking other dogs: “But you know they lick themselves, so the mouth is certainly a place of contact. You don’t want to come home from work and get a kiss from your dog, and you could be potentially having problems. So in humans it has flu-like symptoms.”-Chris Dobbins, Fresno Pet ER

There is a vaccine for dogs but it’s not included in the normal set of vaccinations given to dogs, you have to ask for the Lepto vaccine.

In India, health administrators are on the alert after 16 people infected with leptospirosis died!  Doctors in Mumbai are concerned that the bacteria has evolved into a anti-biotic resistant killer.

What’s being called the Lepto Deaths in India took place over the past ten days.  So far this year 59 people in Mumbai have been infected.  It’s being blamed on rodents, felines and canines.

It should be pointed out that in 2013 India saw 327 cases of lepto in humans, but only three deaths (a 0.91% kill ratio).  So far this year 59 people have been infected but 16 have died (a 27% kill ratio), indicating this year’s lepto strain has become deadly.