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Marines guilty of endemic violence! Ghosts of my father & grandfather!

11 NOV 2017 (04:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Aban 1396/21 Safar 1439/23 Xin-Hai 4715

Couple of U.S. Marines found guilty of crimes; a Drill Instructor, and a General!

On 10 NOV 2017, a military jury found a Iraq occupation vet, and Drill Instructor (DI), guilty of punching, kicking and choking U.S. Muslim recruits in his charge, one of those U.S. Muslims killed  himself.  The DI was reduced down in rank to private, lost his pay and will spend ten years in a military prison: “Felix was accused in more than three dozen criminal counts of being a central figure in an abusive group of drill instructors at Parris Island that came to light after the March 2016 suicide of one of the three Muslim-American recruits Felix targeted.”-Associated Press

Does anybody remember the U.S. Marines Afghanistan pissing contest, back in 2011?

Now-retired USMC General James Amos found guilty of ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ (UCI) regarding the incident, and as a result the conviction of a Marine sniper involved in the Afghan urinating case has been thrown out.  The court ruled that General Amos used his authority to illegally influence events surrounding the case, and to focus the investigation unfairly on one particular sniper.  Investigations into the UCI by General Amos also included his chief legal adviser, and a Major who resigned from the USMC.

The UCI case against James Amos is considered unprecedented in USMC history.  But USMC violence is not unprecedented, its endemic.

My paternal grandfather is a prime example of a hardcore Marine whose only response to difficult situations, real or imagined, is to fight your way through.

O.G. Hutchins  spent 30+ years in the USMC, serving in World War Two, Korea and Vietnam.  He also served as a DI and recruiter.  He was so hardcore that after his forced retirement he furnished his bedroom in his Jackson, Mississippi, home with wall and foot lockers, a hammock for the bed, and a huge Marine Corps flag covering one wall.

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

I remember one night in a drunken rage he broke a bowl made from walnut shells and began crying about it, saying it was made by one of his buddies in Vietnam.  The next morning he accused me of breaking it, and my father had to intervene to stop hm from beating me.

This wasn’t the first time my father stood up to his father.  In the 1950s, while my grandfather was stationed at Yermo, in California, my father tried to protect his mother from being beaten and got beat himself.  My grandmother could take being beaten by my grandfather, but seeing her son get beat was too much for her. She not only got a divorce but got a California arrest warrant issued for my grandfather.  The Marine Corp protected him from arrest by shipping him outside The Golden State (which was typical back then).

But my father is guilty of being an abuser as well, yes he was a Marine.  My father was a USMC BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) gunner for two years, before transferring to the U.S. Air Force in the early 1960s (you could do that then).  Strangely, after the mid-1970s incident where my grandfather wanted to beat me for his breaking of his Vietnam buddies’ bowl, my father started abusing me whenever he got drunk. This lasted until the early 1980s when he tried to do it in front of some of my high-school friends.  He grabbed me by the neck, made a fist with his free hand, and ordered me to call him ‘sir’.  I looked him in the eyes, then looked at my friends, then back at my father and said “No.” and added “Go ahead.”  Realizing there were witnesses he angrily backed off.

For a few years my mother didn’t believe me about my father’s abuse, until one day he did it in front of her.  I believe that’s what finally lead her to divorce him, she began to fear him and claimed during the divorce trial that he threatened to kill her.  She told me afterwards that she stayed in the marriage for as long as she did because she thought he loved his children, until he tried beating me in front of her.  I have a sister and brother, but for some reason I was the only one he was abusing (as far as I know, I don’t communicate with my siblings), what used to be called a Whipping Boy.

It was after my parents’ divorce that paternal grandmother revealed the abuse at the hands of my grandfather.   While my father and grandfather were both Marines there’s a major difference between them; my grandfather was honest about who he was, my father was a coward.  My grandfather openly told people how he felt about them, how he hated ‘blacks’, how he hated Asians more than blacks, how he hated anybody who wasn’t a Marine (when I told him I joined the Army he cursed me, but later on after I got married and joined the Air Force he forgave me because he was happy at the chance of becoming a great grandfather).

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

My grandfather honestly told me how, during World War Two, they would murder Japanese PoWs (Prisoners of War) and get away with it by claiming the PoWs were trying to escape (its legal to kill PoWs if they’re attempting to escape).  They would unlock the PoW cage at night, and when the first prisoner opened the cage the Marines would open fire, on everybody in the cage.

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

He also told me how they would kill women and children, and then blame the Japanese.  There are plenty of reports of the U.S. military trying to help civilians on the islands they were capturing, one way was to drop leaflets telling civilians to surrender themselves to the U.S. forces.  My grandfather said many times, at night, civilians would approach their front lines and try to cross the barbed wire only to be shot down in a hail of bullets as everybody in the unit would ‘open up’ with everything they had.   He said in the morning all you’d see were the bodies old people, women and children hanging the wire.  But he was unphased because he was tired of pulling the bodies of his dead buddies from burned out tanks (he was a tank commander).  The reason why the civilians approached at night was because the Japanese army had orders to shoot any civilian that tried to surrender (the Japanese army was terrible at night operations), but the Marine Corps reported that the civilians were being used as human shields by the Japanese army to probe U.S. defenses.

My grandfather had similar stories about Korea and Vietnam.  He was brutally honest.  My father was the opposite, a bold faced liar.  He was still a ‘racist’, hated a lot of religions (he was raised Lutheran), would complain about government corruption yet as a civil servant joyously took part in ripping off taxpayers (he would actually brag to me about the latest gadget he acquired from the Air Force, without the Air Force knowing about it, or put in for every taxpayer funded education convention when he was a member of the Hesperia school board).  My ‘black’ hating father could convince ‘blacks’ in church that he was ‘on their side’.  At home my father would yell about corporate executives and politicians ruining the country, but then in public, when confronting them he suddenly became the biggest ass-kisser I ever saw!  I think one reason my father started abusing me was because even as a child I was calling him out on his dishonesty (especially on government corruption and his civil service ‘crimes’, and his lies to black church members).  My grandfather would never do that, instead he would risk getting arrested for assaulting people for being ‘in violation’ of his personal beliefs, he admitted to me that the reason he became a Marine was to get away from what he saw as a ‘corrupt’ civilian world.

While my father and grandfather were polar opposites regarding living an honest life, they were both Marines and both dealt with stressful situations with violence, because that’s how a Marine is made. Or is it?  Is it possible that the United States Marine Corps attracts people who are already violent?  It should be noted that even before O.G. Hutchins joined the Marines in the late 1930s he had a history of violence, even being shunned by the larger Hutchins clan of Mississippi because of it.  Education could be a factor, my grandfather made it through only junior-high, as a result he could never find decent paying work, even back then.   My father was always a high achiever; an Eagle Scout, high scoring high-school graduate and a ‘letterman’, even getting an Associates Degree from Victor Valley College while working at Edwards AFB in the 1970s.  Yet my poorly educated grandfather was the honest one, my high achieving father was a liar.

A couple of years before my grandfather’s death he had been barred from every VFW (Veterans Foreign Wars) post in the Jackson area, for causing fights (and he was in his late 60s/early 70s). He openly hated anybody who “wasn’t a Marine” or wasn’t ‘white’, at least I can respect him for living his brutal life openly and honestly, especially since the highest academic education level he achieved was junior-high.

Unit Citations, O.G. Hutchins:  “The officers and enlisted men of the First Marine Division, Reinforced…..1942…..forced landing assaults….on Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambogo, Florida and Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands….”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces at Peleliu and Ngesebus…September 15 to 29, 1944.”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces…Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Islands…..1945.”

“…for outstanding and heroic performance….  ….September 1950, the First Marine Division…..recaptured Inchon City.”  

“For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea….October 1950.” 

“For extraordinary heroism….against enemy aggressor forces in the Chosin reservoir and Koto-ri area…..December 1950.”

“For extraordinary heroism….in Korea….April…May…June…September 1951.”

“For extraordinary heroism….against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong forces in the Republic of Vietnam from 8 March 1965 to 15 September 1967……   Third Marine Division (Reinforced)…”




2012:  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, U.S. generals and even Obama facing investigation and War Crimes trials by International Criminal Courts 



Bush Jr & Blair found Guilty of War Crimes by International Court!


Operation Jupiter: New Tropical Anthrax hits Africa! Russian CBRN teams deployed! Robots will save us?

23 AUG 2017 (13:17 UTC-07 Tango 06)  01 Sharivar 1396/30 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/02 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“To our surprise, almost 40% of all animal deaths in Taï National Park we investigated were attributable to anthrax.”-Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann, Ivorian Animal Health Institute.

It’s been two years since I wrote about the bacteria anthrax, and guess what?  There’s a new mystery “hybrid” version popping up in tropical Africa.

This is significant because anthrax was never considered a tropical disease.  Reports say a new strain of anthrax is wiping out the chimpanzee population in Ivory Coast.  Other animals are being killed as well.  The new bacteria was actually discovered in 2004, it was considered harmless then, being called Bacillus cereus.  It evolved into a new type of anthrax called Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis (Bcbva) by somehow acquiring anthrax DNA.

In Zambia, hunger is being blamed for 5-hundred human cases of anthrax, five people died.  The outbreak took place in 2011.  Hippos suddenly died-off and starving people ate them.  The hippos died of anthrax, you can’t cook out the anthrax bacteria so the people who ate the meat got sick.  Well fed researchers discovered that if a person is starving they’ll eat infected food even knowing that it could kill them: “For them finding a dead animal when they’re running low on food reserves at home seems like a good thing. This is why a lot of people took the risk even though they might get anthrax. But my feeling is they weren’t thinking about that risk. They were thinking about how nice it would be to feed their family.”– Melissa Marx, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

In 2016 Russia‘s Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Яма́ло-Не́нецкий автоно́мный о́круг) was hit by a massive anthrax outbreak, 115 people infected, one person died.  The Ministry of Defense deployed chemical units to decontaminate the region using 30 tons of ‘biologically active agents’, as well as evacuate humans.  This year about 800-thousand reindeer will be vaccinated against anthrax.  Interestingly the area is one of Russia’s largest oil producers.  Scientist are blaming the 2016 outbreak on a reindeer mass grave: “There are thousands of such cattle graves across Russia and many of them are inside the Arctic Circle.”-Sergey Netesov, Novosibirsk State University

In 2016 a Russian scientist blamed the Yamal-Nenets outbreak on global warming, and it’s just the beginning: “The rock and soil that forms the Yamal Peninsula contain much ice. Melting may loosen the soil rather quickly, so the probability is high old cattle graves may come to the surface.”-Mikhail Grigoriev, Permafrost Studies Institute-Academy of Sciences

In the European country of Romania two people are confirmed sick with anthrax.  Investigators think the husband and wife got infected by animals.

In the Bajaur Agency of Pakistan 26 livestock died of anthrax, vaccination of remaining livestock is underway.  Apparently military forces had to protect the veterinarians sent in to vaccinate the herds.

In Nepal, a pregnant rhino found dead in a forest tested positive for anthrax.  Administrators of Chitwan National Park are concerned about a possible anthrax outbreak because since 2016 at least 25 rhinos suddenly died.

In Saskatchewan, Canada, a woman was charged with 83 counts of sending anthrax in the mail!  Apparently it was some kinda complicated bad joke because a woman from South Carolina, United States, posted a video saying “We made those packages together, with the cookies and rockets and tissue paper. People will think the baking soda is anthrax.”  The woman from South Carolina said she was paid to make the video and that she was told it was  a promotion for a book.  She also contacted police in Saskatchewan, but was told the investigator she needed to talk to was on vacation.  The Saskatchewan woman pled not guilty to the 83 charges.

In United States, so far 13 cows have died in Pennington County, South Dakota.  Increased cases of anthrax killing livestock being blamed on climate change.  News reports say the cows died “rapidly” and people are being told to avoid animals that suddenly died.  Vaccination of herds is underway.

Last week the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) confirmed five cows infected in Crockett County: “Producers are encouraged to remain vigilant and consult with their local veterinary practitioner if they suspect their animals are affected with anthrax or are interested in vaccinating their livestock.”-Susan Rollo, TAHC

In Maryland, the biotech company Altimmune took over biodefense company PharmAthene, both companies specialize in vaccine research for influenza, hepatitis and anthrax.

Remember when the U.S. Army got caught shipping live weaponized anthrax to Republic of Korea (South Korea)?  Scientists at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have combined holographic microscopy with with ‘deep learning’ (artificial intelligence, AI) to create a way to quickly detect weaponized anthrax, within seconds.   This is important because current methods can take a full day or longer.  The downside is that the AI detector is, at this point, only 96% accurate with only one strain of anthrax, and there are dozens of strains.

CBRN=Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear



False Flag: U.S.-NATO puppet Ukraine supplied North Korea with ICBM engines!

17 AUG 2017 (01:46 UTC-07 Tango 06)  26 Mordad 1396/24 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/26 Wu-Shen 4715

“It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine, probably illicitly. The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.”-Michael Elleman, International Institute for Strategic Studies

It’s been revealed that the U.S.-NATO puppet government of Ukraine might have supplied the engines for the latest Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, aka North Korea) ballistic missile design.

Two days after a New York Times story officials with the Ukrainian government run missile company Yuzhmash admitted the engines looked a lot like their own RD-250 design.  Some news reports say Ukrainian space agency director Yurii Radchenko admitted the North Korean Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was powered by the RD-250.

Yuzhmash used to make money selling engines to Russia, but that stopped after the Obama regime led coup in 2014.  It’s suspected the financially struggling state run company is making money on the ‘black market’.

This is not the first time a DPRK ICBM was discovered to have parts made by NATO allies or even the United States.  In 2014, unnamed South Korean government sources revealed that a recovered North Korean missile had electronics that were made in Europe and the United States!  The missile was recovered in 2012.




Sumerian Lament: Trump vs Truman

“If Heaven and Earth by cycles within cycles regulated, what had happened will again occur? Is the Past-the Future?”-Lament and warning from Enki the last ‘god’ on Earth, Lost Book of Enki, 14th Tablet

“If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth.”-Harry Truman, President United States 06 August 1945

“They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”-Donald Trump, President United States  08 August 2017

In 1945 President Truman made his threat after the first atomic bomb was dropped.  Is President Trump about to go ‘ballistic’?



Colorado Air Militia deploys to Japan against Korea!

01 MAY 2017, video of Colorado National Guard F-16s prepping to deploy for Theater Support Package against Korea:

About 250 air-militia personnel and 12 F-16 Fighting Falcons with the 120th Fighter Squadron, Colorado Air National Guard  deploying to Kadena Air Base, Japan, in support of the U.S. Pacific Command (PacCom) Theater Security Package (TSP).

Don’t blame Trump or Obama, TSPs have been an integral part of U.S. PacCom since March 2004.  Colorado’s F-16 air-militia will be based in Japan for about four months.




Provocator Deux Fois: Peace Prize President launches second ICBM in past week!

26 February 2016 (02:28 UTC-07 Tango 01) 07 Esfand 1394/17 Jumada al-Ula 1437/19 Geng Yin 4714

He won the now proven to be illegitimate Nobel Peace Prize partly due to his official plan to reduce nuclear weapons, now in an obvious act of war mongering provocation Barack Obama has ordered the launch of a second ICBM this week, from Vandenberg AFB in California!

Obama’s own minions admitted so: “That’s exactly why we do this. We and the Russians and the Chinese routinely do test shots to prove that the operational missiles that we have are reliable. And that is a signal … that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country if necessary.”-Robert Work, Deputy  Secretary of Defense

On 22 February 2016, North of Lompoc, California, the U.S. Air Force launched a Minuteman 3 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).  However, it was reported as a test of new equipment.  Today’s launch proves it’s actually warmongering by Provocator Deux Fois Obama.

Proven, again: Islamic State uses parts supplied by U.S. & Japan to make their bombs! 

World War 3, 11 December 2015: Mass cell phone purchases sign of attack? Idaho POW accuses U.S. of “leadership failure”! Canada investigates 1980s-2013 genocide of Native American women!

Afghanistan: The death toll from the attack on U.S. led NATO’s Kandahar air base, is now at 50.  It was revealed that only 11 Mujahideen attacked the base.  Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security has resigned citing policy differences with President Ashraf Ghani.  Mujahideen have liberated the Khanashin District of Helmand Province.  14 government forces killed , 11 wounded.  Government forces claim they killed 50 Mujahideen.

Australia: The British empire False Flaggers have arrested a 20 year old man and a 15 years old boy for being terrorists.  Australia’s Federal Police claim their evidence against the two was collected in December 2014!

Canada: British empire False Flaggers have ordered their security forces on alert after somebody claimed False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created terrorists were going to bomb Toronto.  This comes after Canadian administrators finally agreed to investigate the genocide of thousands of Native American women, which took place from 1980 to 2013!

China: People’s Liberation Army Air Force says the U.S. deployment of spy planes to Singapore threatens peace.  The PLAAF will now spy on the U.S. spy planes.

Egypt:  In Cairo, two insurgents riding a motorcycle assassinated an undercover cop.   The policeman was not wearing a uniform, so the insurgents obviously discovered he was a cop.  To prove the current Egyptian government is a puppet regime, they released a convicted Israeli-Arab spy from prison.

Finland:  Police arrested two Iraqis and accused them of being members of False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created Islamic State-ISIS-ISIL-DAIISH (DA for al-DAwla, I for al-Islamiya, I for al-Iraq, SH al-SHam [al-Sham=Syria]), and of killing 11 Iraqi civilians in 2014.

Iraq:  U.S. NATO member Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan is refusing to comply with Iraq’s demands to vacate the premises. As a result Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has ordered “no mercy” to any country that violates Iraq’s sovereignty.   A Iraqi Kurd won $6.4-million USD in the Powerball Megabucks lottery in the U.S.  He bought the ticket, legally, from the state of Oregon through the internet.

Japan: The neo-imperialist government accuses China of sending two warships into Japanese water around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.  China claims the islands.  Tokyo police claim the ‘terrorist’ who blew up a public toilet (at the evil Yasukuni Shrine) is a Korean, based on DNA testing.  The Yasukuni Shrine honors Japan’s convicted war criminals, as far as I know no other country has a shrine that honors convicted war criminals (so who’s the real terrorists?).

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The U.S. ally is approaching a new record for number of people executed.  So far in the Gregorian year 2015, 151 people have had their heads chopped off, many were not even Arabs!  The majority were accused of being drug smugglers, because the drug smuggling Saudi princes don’t like competition.  In 1995 KSA executed a record 192 people!

Kaesong Joint Industrial Zone

Korea:  Republic of Korea (RoK) arrested a labor leader on charges of illegal public demonstrations.  The U.S. ally RoK is under martial law, since the 1970s.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) revealed they now have Hydrogen bombs. The DPRK is demanding a full blown peace treaty to replace the 1950s cease fire, so far the United States refuses, but today the DPRK and Republic of Korea (RoK) began talking peace at the Kaesong Joint Industrial Zone on the DPRK side of the border.  These peace talks come as dip-noodle U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power stated that the U.S. and Japan will work together against DPRK.

Lebanese forces near the town of Arsal, in their ongoing battles with U.S. backed Nusra Front

Lebanon: Lebanese Resistance Forces Hezbollah reports killing nine False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created Nusra Front insurgents near the town of Arsal.

Palestine:  U.S. taxpayers are funding a new Israeli anti-ballistic missile system called Arrow 3.  Israel claims they conducted a successful launch today, the missile is jointly developed by IAI and Boeing.   A known Israeli terrorist, and his wife, were hit by bullets from a drive by shooter.  The member of the Jewish Underground, along with his wife, were only wounded.  Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian in al-Khalil.   Israel’s National Insurance Institute has revealed their Zionist system is a failure; 1.7-million Jews, or 22% of their population, are poverty stricken due to austerity measures!

Switzerland: The once secure, and neutral, country where every adult male is required by law to have a machine gun in their house (unless they claim pacifism) is now pissing themselves over claims that False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created terrorists are going to bomb their precious cities.

Syria: Syrian Arab Army liberated the towns of al-Hamra and Zeitan from the control of the False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created Nusra Front.  At least 50 insurgents killed.  More than 20 “strategic” locations in Latakia Governorate liberated.  More than 150 insurgents killed in Hama Governorate.  In Daraa Governorate, Syria Arab Army liberated 14 city blocks of al-Balad, and eight blocks of al-Mahata.   U.S. led NATO backed insurgents continue to retreat into Turkey.  Kurdish and Arab allies formed the new political party Syrian Democratic Council and the militia Syrian Democratic Forces.  In Hasaka Governorate, Social Affairs began distributing 40-thousand pieces of winter clothing thanks to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), as well as 1,800 food items and 17-thousand non-food items.

According to initial reports at least 15 people killed in Tal Tamer (Til Temir) town after U.S. NATO backed DAIISH insurgents blew up three truck bombs.  Russian news reports say 60 people were killed and more than 80 wounded, and that in typical U.S.-Israeli style the truck bombers targeted a hospital.

Video of Kurdish YPG (male) and YPJ (female) forces repelling attacks by False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created Islamic State-ISIS-ISIL-DAIISH (DA for al-DAwla, I for al-Islamiya, I for al-Iraq, SH al-SHam [al-Sham=Syria]) :

The Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava is condemning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for banning them from taking part in the so called Riyadh Syria Peace Talks.  Iran has revealed that KSA is allowing DAIISH and other ‘western’ insurgent groups to attend the so called peace talks.  It was discovered when one of the insurgent groups, Ahrar al-Sham, walked out of the meeting in protest.  The Riyadh Syria Peace Talks are preliminary to UN brokered talks sometime in January 2016.

Tunisia:  This North African country won yet another Nobel Peace Prize (this time awarded by the Royal Family of Norway themselves) despite the fact that it’s been revealed that more than 7-hundred Tunisian women are members of False Flag U.S., EU, Saudi and Israeli created Islamic State-ISIS-ISIL-DAIISH (DA for al-DAwla, I for al-Islamiya, I for al-Iraq, SH al-SHam [al-Sham=Syria]).

Turkey: Fellow NATO member Germany began landing their Tornado recon planes in Turkey, along with other support planes and even ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ukraine/Novorossia:  The Washington DC based International Monetary Fund (IMF) violated its own rules about debt repayment, they made special changes for the financially broke U.S. Nato backed Ukrainian puppet government.  Russia will counter by taking legal actions that could cost the IMF a lot of money.  The United Nations estimates that 9-thousand people have been killed since the U.S.-EU-NATO instigated ‘revolution’ began in April 2014.

United Kingdom: British empire cops in London say they shot and killed a man during an “intelligence” operation.  Initially they said they wounded him.

United States of America:  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was forced to shutdown their Washington DC office after getting a letter containing white powder.  It also read  “Die a painful death, Muslims!”  Idahoan Bowe Bergahl broke his silence years after being released by Mujahideen in Afghanistan.  He stated unequivocally that he left his U.S. Army post to protest “leadership failure” within the U.S. military! A former Oklahoma cop was found guilty on 18 counts of raping women.  The wimp-ass officer began crying hysterically when the verdicts were read, he could face life in prison (then he’ll know what rape is).  In Arkansas, police say a man showed up at Arkansas State University with a shotgun, gasoline and propane (LPG).  He apparently warned of his planned attacked on facebook. In New Jersey, police locked down a transit bus after a “suspicious” package was found. Witnesses say police took a suitcase from the bus, no other info.  In California, protesters are demanding the San Francisco police boss resign after a man was killed by fat-ass cops who shot him 26 times!  In Missouri, the Sparta police boss resigned after shooting a caged dog!  He admitted he killed the dog because he didn’t want to babysit it, and instead wanted to respond to a car crash!   Also in Missouri, state police are investigating the mass purchase of cell phones, saying 150 cell phones were bought at three Walmarts by the same men using cash only.  Also, and possibly connected to what happened in Arkansas, as many as three dozen propane tanks were stolen. It’s been revealed that propane tanks have been reported stolen starting at the beginning of November.   In New York, the former Suffolk County police chief was arrested on charges of assaulting a detainee and then ordering his personnel to cover it up.  In Boston Weak, Northeastern University Police Department will now issue M4 assault rifles to campus cops.   The New England Police Benevolent Association now endorses Donald Trump for president because of Trump’s anti-Muslim comments.   The Louisiana Attorney General has released damning evidence against two cops accused of killing an unarmed man and his six years old son: “The body camera video is approximately 13 minutes and 47 seconds long. At approximately 26 seconds into the video, the driver, Christopher Few’s empty hands are raised and visible when gunfire becomes audible…”-released documents

U.S. Boeing built KSA operated F-15 Strike Eagles

Yemen: Amnesty International accuses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) of intentionally bombing children: “In some of the attacks….the schools were struck more than once, suggesting the strikes were deliberately targeted.”  Yemen news sources report multiple KSA airstrikes today.  In Hamdan District, Saudis bombed a communications tower.  In Dahmar Province, a Saudi plane bombed a house, then after paramedics arrived they bombed it again, four people killed, 12 wounded.  In Taiz Province, Yemeni forces killed 11 U.S. Academi (Xe, Blackwater) mercenaries.   In Sana’a City, a kamikaze bomber blew himself up, apparently he was the only victim.

CNN straight up lies about Arab nations not fighting Islamic State! 

Destroy U.S. Dollar: U.S. ally ratifies free trade deal with China!

01 December 2015 (01:41 UTC-07 Tango 01)/10 Azar 1394/18 Safar 1437/20 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713

One year after I wrote that the Bank of Korea began using the Chinese yuan the government of Republic of Korea (RoK, aka south Korea) ratified the creation of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China.

The FTA eliminates, within 20 years, 90% of tariffs on products traded between China and RoK.  ‘Lawmakers’ in RoK hope the FTA will create 53-thousand new jobs within ten years.

The ratification of the FTA comes after RoK experienced a 15.9% drop in exports from October 2014 to October 2015.

Destroy U.S. Dollar: IMF welcomes Chinese yuan!

Operation Jupiter: Are you a Super Carrier? MERS kills in Korea & KSA, again! Ebola warnings for Korea!

04 November 2015 (08:04 UTC-07 Tango 01)/13 Aban 1394/21 Muharram 1437/23 Ding-Hai 4713

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) epidemic is not finished!  After three months of no significant cases of MERS a man in the Republic of Korea (RoK, aka south Korea) has died.

The 66 years old man got infected back in June, while at the Samsung Medical Center.  Health administrators declared him cured but he relapsed.  He’s not the only person declared cured and then relapsed, a 35 years old man who got infected in July has also relapsed.

44% of infections occurred in Korean hospitals.  33% of infected people were non-health care workers and 13% were healthcare workers.  Since May, 36 people in RoK have died from MERS.

RoK Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that the majority of the infections in their country were the result of people called Super Carriers.  Five people are identified as causing most of the 186 cases of MERS since May.

Also, on 02 November the Institut Pasteur Korea held a press conference warning of an ebola outbreak in RoK: “It is a question of time for Ebola reaching the Korean peninsula. Global warming [you see, it’s part of the ‘global warming’ conspiracy] significantly expands the territory of the fruit bat, the virus natural host, to the northern hemisphere. In addition, globalization, heavy air travel, will significantly increase the risks of emergent infectious diseases.”-Marc P. Windisch, Hepatitis Research Laboratory

In 2004 France based Institut Pasteur set up in RoK to “discover the biology for infectious diseases”.   But in the past few years has focused on MERS and Ebola, as part of a joint operation with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA, considered ground zero for the MERS epidemic) the end of October saw 12 new cases and two deaths.  The majority of cases are also tied to infections while in hospital, specifically the Almana General Hospital in Hofuf.

In fact, four KSA hospitals have been identified as being spreaders of the disease.  The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy did not name the hospitals but did point out that the first hospital involved with MERS is KSA’s military hospital.   This is important as I’ve stated that Operation Jupiter is “A small part of a larger military operation spreading disease at a hospital near you!”

Back in August I also reported that “…a doctor with KSA’s National Guard says actual cases and deaths are much higher than what the government is reporting.  She should know because she works at the King Fahad National Guard Hospital in Riyadh where, apparently for some odd reason, MERS cases there are not being included in the official reports by the Ministry of Health.”   

The other three infected KSA hospitals involve two directly controlled by the Ministry of Health and one private hospital.

Since 2012, when MERS was first detected, 1,273 people in KSA became infected and 542 died.  So far for 2015 the MERS death rate in KSA is at 55%.

Operation Jupiter: U.S. & Korea sign ‘secret’ Global Health Security Agenda! 

Operation Jupiter: U.S. soldier found dead in Korea 

Operation Jupiter: U.S. & Korea sign ‘secret’ Global Health Security Agenda!

04 November 2015 (18:45 UTC-07 Tango 01, 03 November 2015)/13 Aban 1394/21 Muharram 1437/23 Ding-Hai 4713

Under the guise of studying MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) the U.S. National Institutes for Health and Republic of Korea’s (RoK, aka south Korea) National Institute of Health signed a ‘letter of intent’, two weeks ago!  Only now is the RoK Ministry of Health and Welfare revealing the deal, which is touted to be part of the U.S. Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) and the Global Health Security Agenda.

The signing did not take place in RoK, but was quietly conducted at the U.S. National Institute of Health in Maryland, on 16 October 2015.

The PMI includes creating a DNA map of a country’s population under the guise of creating medication that is specific to each individual.  RoK health administrators say that by 2018 they will have the DNA of at least 100-thousand Koreans mapped.

RoK Health and Welfare minister Chung Chin-youb admitted it was the intent of the United States to make south Korea the leading ‘precision medicine’ operation in Asia.  Chung also revealed that RoK is about to openly support the “Korean medical industry” inside the U.S., which currently has at least 18-thousand Korean-American doctors, 35 hospital/clinics and 120 drugs makers.  RoK ‘lawmakers’ are about to pass a law called Support of Medical Business Expansion in the Global Market.

Operation Jupiter: Russia accuses U.S. of massive increase in bio-weapons, Putin orders increased NBC protection of Russian civilians! 

MERS: Spawn of Operation Jupiter?