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Clandestine Immigration: German boat seized for Human Trafficking! Italy & Libya form united navy to block migrants?

02 AUG 2017 (17:51 UTC-07 Tango 06)  11 Mordad 1396/09 Dhu l-Qa’da 1438/11 Wu-Shen 4715

More proof it’s about destroying your job!

After months of dramatic rescues of ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy (Italia) seized a German (Deutsche) operated fishing boat and accused the crew of human trafficking.

The Italian Guardia Costiera (Coast Guard) says they’ve been monitoring the NGO (non-governmental organization) operated boat, named Inuventa, and witnessed several meetings between the crew and known human traffickers.

Inuventa is one of many privately operated so-called refugee rescue boats in the Mediterranean.  Just last month Inuventa and a second German operated boat (called Sea-Eye) called for help because they had taken on too many migrants.  Inuventa is operated by a group calling itself Jugend Rettet (Youth Rescue), they even have a website.    Some news media reports say the Sea-Eye is also being operated by Jugend Rettet.

German news media revealed that Jugend Rettet is one of six NGO ‘rescue’ groups that refuse to sign onto an Italian regulation establishing rules for so-called rescue operations.

For Months the Italian Marina Militare (navy) and Guardia Costiera have been praised for the thousands of people they’ve rescued, but more and more Italians are convinced the whole refugee crisis is a False Flag operation by corporations and puppet governments to bring-in cheap labor, rendering tens of thousands of Italians jobless.  In fact the Italian officials are using a new term for the False Flag refugee crisis; clandestine immigration.

Using social media Jugend Rettet denied being detained, or that Innuventa was seized, but did admit “…we are not able to operate in the Search and Rescue Zone at the moment.”

As a result of escalating clandestine immigration, the Italian government approved a plan allowing the Marina Militare to help the weak Libyan government shore up its own naval forces, and to stop human trafficking by sending in a couple of Italian ships to patrol Libyan water (however, some Libyan politicians are protesting the Italian plan).








Italeri 1:720 Deutschland, Lutzow, Scheer & Graf Spee

Italeri recently re-issued its old but nice looking Deutschland class heavy cruisers (they are not battleships) in 1:720 scale.

These kits represent the class before the 1939-40 rebuilds (refit).  They were first issued in the late 1970s, and have excellent detail for the scale (which made some of the larger scale ship kits look even worse than they were; 1:600 Airfix, Aurora, 1:570 Revell, etc).  In the 1980s Testors issued them in the United States.  Italeri issued them again in the 1990s.

Deutschland: Parts distinct to the first ship and prior to the 1939 update and name change.  Deutschland originally had ‘exposed’ torpedo tubes, but the Italeri kit comes with the armored tubes.

Scheer: Parts distinct to the second ship of the line, prior to its 1939-40 rebuild.

Graff Spee: Parts distinct to its final year of life, 1939, with one exception; the kit does not come with the ‘mattress/bed spring’ radar that should be mounted on the front of the tower range finder.  Note that prior to 1939 Graf Spee was fitted out similar to Scheer, so if you want to model an earlier Graf Spee just buy the Scheer kit.

Lützow: Parts distinct to the 1939 update to Deutschland (when its name was changed to Lützow), but prior to its 1940 rebuild.

Click the pic to make bigger:

For decades these ships were called battleships by the victors of World War Two, which is ridiculous since battleships ranged in the 30-thousand to 50-thousand tonnes standard displacement range.  It’s the result of official British empire government backed news media propaganda (today called Fake News) coming up with the Fake News term Pocket Battleship. It was an attempt by the British government to rile up their subjects to support war with Nazi Germany.  Nazi and Blitzkrieg were also Fake News terms made up by the British main stream news media, they were not German terms, although the Germans liked the term Blitzkrieg and used it themselves.  What should be noted is that the Deutschland class of ships were not constructed by the ‘Nazis’, but by the western imposed Weimar government in the early 1930s, before the NSDAP (National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei) was democratically elected to power. While these ships violated the Washington Treaty limiting warship sizes, the violation was initiated by the Weimar government, not the NSDAP.

Under the treaty cruisers were limited to 10-thousand tonnes (metric tons) standard displacement.  According to some sources we will never know the true displacement because Weimar bureaucrats altered the official data. Today it’s generally accepted that Deutschland was just over the 10-thousand tonnes limit, Scheer was closer to 13-thousand and Graf Spee closer to 14-thousand tonnes.

The differences in weight between the ‘sister’ ships is due to subtle alterations in the hulls of Scheer and Graf Spee to accommodate extra armor protection.  Official suspect data give the same length and width for all ships, but hull height for Scheer and Graf Spee is 0.2 meter shorter that Deutschland.  I would assume that with the extra armor the hull side thickness was greater than Deutschland’s (naval researcher H.T. Lenton says Spee/Scheer were about 1 meter [3 feet] wider than Deutschland-Lutzow).

Knowing that official data for the ships are suspect it’s no use getting knit-picky about accuracy.  The best thing is to use photographs of the ship you want to depict at the time period your interested in.

Graf Spee was the first to go, sunk by its own crew in South America in 1939, after being damaged by three Royal Navy cruisers.  During its South Atlantic adventure Graf Spee underwent attempts at deception, making itself look like a full fledged battleship with extra gun turret and exhaust funnel, and even painting the name Deutschland on the side of the hull.

Lützow and Scheer lived longer than anybody expected. Not only did the British want them sunk, but, at the protests of the Deutsche KriegsMarine (DKM), Adolph Hitler ordered them scrapped in 1943.

Scheer ended up being used as a training ship and artillery platform against Soviet ground forces.  Scheer was sunk in April 1945 by Royal Air Force bombers, a month before Germany surrendered.

Lützow was disabled and used as an artillery platform against the Soviets, supposedly destroyed by its crew as the Soviets overran the port. Western news sources reported that the Soviets had raised Lützow, for the purpose of scrapping it.  In 2000 it was discovered the Soviets used Lützow for target practice, sinking it in 1947.

The only disappointing thing I find about these Italeri kits is that no decals come with them.  It would be nice to have each ship’s bow shield/crest and the Coronel nameplate on the front of Graf Spee’s tower.



Homestead F-16s join Italy & Israel to invade Greece!

USAFR F-16 Falcons were deployed alongside NATO Italian AMX attack aircraft, and Israeli aircraft, while invading NATO Greece during operation INIOHOS.  The invasion ends on 06 APR 2017.

Vid of Homestead F-16s at Andravida, Greece:

Vid of Italian AMXs at Andravida, Greece:

Aeronautica Militare AMX


Terror attack in Germany, Swiss cops shoot migrants, Russian ambassador killed, U.S. embassy lock-down!

19 December 2016 (14:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Azar 1395/19 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1438/21 Geng Zi 4714

“All U.S. citizens should avoid area near Embassy compound until further notice….avoid travel to southeast Turkey and carefully consider the risks of travel to and throughout the country.”-U.S. Department of State tweet

A series of possibly connected events sweep across Türkiye and European Union.  First the Russian ambassador to Türkiye was assassinated, live on Turkish TV by an off-duty Turkish cop who was protesting Russian support of Syria.

Next, police in Switzerland chased a ‘suspect’ into a Zurich mosque and open fired.  At least three people wounded.  The mosque is used by African migrants. Zurich cops say the suspect caused an ‘incident’ at a train station.

Then in Deutschland, a semi-truck plowed into a Xmas Market in Berlin, killing at least nine people and wounding more than 50.  Cops say there were two people in the truck, they killed the passenger (officially they say the passenger “died at the scene”) and arrested the driver.  No pro-immigrant official is willing to call it terrorism.  The truck is owned by a Polska based company.  The administrators of that trucking company say they lost communications (around 16:00 hours) with the driver and that the truck was off course (apparently the load was going from Italia to Polska).   Many European news media calling the situation a “major crisis for Germany” and its pro-immigrant policy.  Berlin cops ordering millions of city residents to stay at home and stay off social media!

Now the U.S. embassy in Ankara, Türkiye, is under lock-down.

Today’s events took place after some other significant events: Syria retakes Aleppo from U.S.-EU backed rebels. Iran and Russia hold phone meeting to discuss countering further U.S.-EU support for foreign rebels in Syria. European Union then extends sanctions against Russia.



False Flag: Italian cops stop Mormon designed shotguns bound for terrorists! Origin of shotguns from NATO Turkey & Winchester!

26 November 2015, 17:51 UTC-07 Tango 01 (06 Azar 1394/14 Safar 1437/16 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713)

“Today’s SXPs are designed and production is overseen by our R&D team in Morgan, Utah. They are then manufactured in our partner factory in Istanbul, Turkey.Winchester website

Proof the U.S. led NATO has been subverted!  NATO member Italy has intercepted nearly 8-hundred illegal shotguns.  They say the destination for those shotguns was NATO members Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.  But they also claim the origin of those illegal shotguns is NATO member Turkey, from the U.S. owned Winchester factory!

Captured Winchester SXP shotgun from NATO member Turkey

Italian customs police, known as Guards (Police) of Finance (Guardia di Finanza), said the 781 Winchester SXP shotguns were packaged professionally from Winchester factory in Turkey, and had a final address of a known company in Belgium.  However, the truck driver had no legal documentation for the guns and therefore they became contraband.

This capture of illegal U.S. (Utah) designed guns made in NATO member Turkey answers my question posted the day after the terrorist attacks in France: How did so many people get so many guns in anti-gun country?

Mormon managers accused of employing Whipping Boys?

United Police States of America: 4,667% increase in theft by cops! More than thefts by ‘criminals’! 

False Flag: France to implement mass house arrests of citizens/residents!

Gun Security? How can we be secure if even the Israeli Defense Forces can’t stop the theft of their weapons?! 

Hypocrisy 101: Obama uses Pro-Gun argument to justify War on Terror!

False Flag: Somebody in the U.S. stole guns from the U.S. Army! Again? 

Paranoid NSA paying Mormons big bucks to guard data centers! 

Mormon bank caught violating U.S. sanctions against Iran! Money laundering or drug running by Bank of Utah, maybe CIA ops? 

Will new 9-11 attack come from the new money magnet of …the…Mormon Jewish connection? 

‘Christian’ Mormons behind privately run concentration camp in Mississippi? Same company behind Abu Ghraib?

Operation Jupiter: Bison dying of Anthrax! North Korea joins the Game? Canada signs Anthrax deal with United States!

10 July 2015 (19:31 UTC-07 Tango 01, 09 July 2015)/19 Tir 1394/23 Ramadan 1436/25 Gui-Wie 4713

Nine Bison have died in the North American British empire country of Canada.  Health administrators in the province of Saskatchewan have confirmed that two of them died from anthrax, and the other seven are suspected of being infected. It’s being blamed on the weather but NATO member Canada is one of several countries shipped live weaponized bacillus anthracis from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, United States.

Back in December, anthrax attacked a domestic cattle herd in Saskatchewan.  Tests showed the anthrax spores were in the hay the cows were eating, several cows died.

It should be noted that a U.S. NIH biodefense contractor, Immunovaccine Incorporated (formerly Rhino Resources), has signed a deal with Canadian vaccine maker PharmAthene.  The deal, which could be worth as much as $50-million CAD to the Canadian company, is focused on developing a new vaccine against anthrax using the patented DepoVax system.  Apparently the old vaccines are no longer viable.  Immunovaccine Incorporated revealed that they’ve already tested anthrax vaccines on 7-hundred people within the U.S.

The Obama regime’s Department of Defense has revealed yet another NATO member who got live anthrax; Italy.  So far Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea and United kingdom have been shipped live anthrax from Utah via commercial shippers. Note that all are NATO Members or Partners, and are involved in the JUPITR ATD program.

News reports out of east Asia say the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is creating weaponized anthrax inside pesticide factories. The source of the info is actually a U.S. operative known as the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, and the pesticide factory is the Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute: Analysis of the images reveals that the facility can produce regular, military-sized batches of biological weapons, specifically anthrax.”

And we’re supposed to be surprised by this ‘revelation’?  Can you say; No shit, Sherlock!  Isn’t it highly hypocritical for U.S. operatives to accuse another country of possibly being able to make weaponized anthrax, when it’s the U.S. that’s been actively shipping weaponized anthrax around the World since at least 2005?!  This is more likely an attempt by the United States to distract from its on going JUPITR ATD programs, which originally focused on Korea.

Here’s an update on the anthrax outbreak in India.  The Animal Husbandry Department of Chikkaballapur district confirmed animals are dying of anthrax. They’ve ordered all veterinarians to report suspected deaths caused by anthrax. To give you an idea how bad naturally occurring anthrax is: “… the bacteria will kill the animal, but will also leave spores. These spores, if exposed to air, will survive for over 40 years and may cause infection in healthy animals and can be a risk to human health. Hence, after an outbreak is confirmed, animals within a radius of 10 km should be vaccinated.”-P T Sreenivas, Animal Disease Surveillance

“The owners may sell the dead animal without knowing the potential danger it poses; this is wrong. The animal has to be buried at a depth of 15 feet. All equipment used to carry the animal, like rope and logs, should also be buried and covered in lime to stop the spread of infection.”-Dr Gayathri, Animal Disease Surveillance

Back in Canada this is how the news media is warning residents: “Ruminants such as bison, cattle, sheep and goats, are highly susceptible, and horses can also be infected. While swine, birds and carnivores are more resistant to infection, farm dogs and cats should be kept away from carcasses.

The carcass of any animal suspected of having anthrax should not be moved or disturbed and should be protected from scavengers to ensure the spores from spreading.

Officials say anyone who suspects anthrax should contact their veterinarian immediately for diagnosis, which can only be confirmed by a lab test.

Producers should use caution when handling potentially infected animals or carcasses. While animal cases pose minimal risk to humans, people can get infected through direct contact with sick animals or carcasses.”-Global News

FedEx involved! Connecticut preps with “drive thru” ops! 

Need a new head? Doctor claims he can do it, will prove it using monkeys!

15 June 2015 (14:53 UTC-07 Tango 01)/25 Kordad 1394/27 Sha’ban 1436/29 Ren-Wu (4th month) 4713

“It’s very complicated. You have your own head but another’s body, so who are you and who is your family? We don’t know what will happen. But the fact humans ‘can’ do the surgical procedure in the future does not mean they ‘should’ do it.”Wang Yifang,  Institute of Medical Humanities at Peking University

A doctor claims he has successfully transplanted heads on mice, and is preparing to do it with monkeys!

Ren Xiaoping, at Harbin Medical University in China, says he and his team have successfully transplanted 1-thousand mice heads, since 2013.  But he admits they didn’t live very long afterwards.  Basically the real problem lies with the body rejecting the new head: How to reconnect the donor and recipient spinal cords, how to keep the brain alive during the transfer and how to prevent the body from rejecting the head are all technical difficulties we need to overcome.”

The chinese are not the first to try and transplant heads.  In 1970, U.S. doctor Robert J. White tried it on a monkey, and it worked for a few days, until the body rejected it and died.

Then there’s Italian doctor Sergio Canavero who says he will try the first human head transplant in 2017, on a Russian man.  

Jiang Jinsong, with the Institute of Science, Technology and Society of Tsinghua University, blasted the attempts to transplant heads because the experiment “…needs countless head transplants on animals…..it’s unnecessary and cruel.”

World War 3, European Front: 89% support independence for Veneto, in non-binding referendum!

21 March 2014 (15:18 UTC-07 Tango)/19 Jumada l-Ula 1435/01 Farvardin 1393/21 Ding-Mao 4712

The results of a non-binding referendum, calling for the independence of state of Veneto from Italy, was overwhelmingly in favor of independence.

The latest reports say 2-million people voted, and 89% voted for independence.  The referendum was not binding, but was intended to gauge support for an actual binding independence referendum that would create a new Republic of Veneto.

Separatists say their secessionist bill is in response to the massive corruption of the Italian government.

World War 3, European Front: State of Veneto declares independence from Italy?

17 March 2014 (12:04 UTC-07 Tango)/15 Jumada l-Ula 1435/26 Esfand 1392/17 Ding-Mao 4712

We have to fight for it! ………We do strongly believe that when the majority wants to be independent there is nothing they can do.”-Giovanni Dalla Valle, Veneto Independence Movement

Since 16 March 2014, residents of the state of Veneto have been voting in an referendum that could see Veneto declare independence from the U.S. led Trilateral Commission NATO member country of Italy.

The referendum ends 21 March 2014.

International law says “….all peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory, and that, by virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”-UN resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960