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H1N1: Flu causes Diabetes?

20 OCT 2017 /19:59 UTC-07 Tango 06  (29 Mehr 1396/30 Muharram 1439/02 Geng-Xu [9th month] 4715)

There’s already plenty of data showing that people with diabetes (which weakens the immune system) have a higher rate of getting the flu than people who don’t have diabetes.  Now, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health suggests that Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) might  be the result of getting sick with H1N1 ‘swine’ flu.

Researchers identified more than 2-thousand-2-hundred people (in Norway), aged 30 or younger, who got infected with H1N1 (or flu-like-illness) and then became T1D.  Researchers concluded that people who got H1N1 were 18% more likely to develop T1D than people who never got sick with H1N1, and that the younger the person was the more likely they would get T1D.  

The study was presented in September at the 53rd European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Portugal.


Operation Jupiter: CDC study admits Flu Vaccine can kill!

15 SEP 2017 (04:19 UTC-07 Tango 06) 24 Sharivar 1396/23 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/25 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“SAB [spontaneous abortion] was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and SAB, but further research is warranted.”Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010–11 and 2011–12

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (aka CDC) paid for a vaccine study that resulted in shocking results for the pro-vaccine agency; 4-hundred% increase in spontaneous abortions/miscarriages in women who get swine flu shots every year (‘back-to-back’ vaccinations)!

In 2004 the CDC began telling pregnant women they should be vaccinated against influenza, regardless of which trimester they were in. The study, which included CDC researchers, was undertaken with the intent to dispel claims by anti-vaxers but instead backs them up.

Apparently the problem is that a woman’s immune system is actually weakened when she gets pregnant after getting a flu shot the previous flu season, and then gets another flu shot while pregnant.   Specifically the problem seems to be connected to the vaccine for the 2009 H1N1 virus: “One important take-away message from this study is that seasonal vaccine formulations are not all the same.”

Another study revealed that there is resistance among vaccine manufacturers regarding the idea of making vaccines that don’t require refrigeration.  As I’ve written before, for the for-profit vaccine industry it’s all about the money, they claim it would cost them too much money to create ‘heat-stable’ vaccines.

In the past few years there have been dozens of cases around the world of people becoming sick, or dying, because the vaccine they got had spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.  The study, called Economic impact of thermostable vaccines, concluded that it was actually more cost effective, in the long run, to invent heat-stable vaccines.


H1N1 roars back to life: Hundreds killed in the first two months of 2016! Targets vegans?

20 February 2016 /20:28 UTC-07 Tango 01 (02 Esfand 1394/12 Jumada al-Ula 1437/14 Geng Yin 4714)

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control reports half of its 50 member countries are dealing with a sudden increase in flu cases.

Armenia: 18 deaths caused by H1N1, so far.

Canada: In Saskatchewan an H1N1 outbreak was reported at a potash mine.  At least five case at the K+S Potash Legacy Camp, two people hospitalized.

Cyprus: The island country reports a father of two died from H1N1 a week after being admitted to hospital. He was admitted to a privately run hospital, which failed to take X-rays or detect a secondary infection in time to stop his death.  He was the second person to die from H1N1, dozens of people are hospitalized.

Belarus: Despite the UN World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. CDC and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) claiming the eastern European country is hard hit by H1N1, the government says ’tis not so.  President Alexander Lukashenko says the WHO, CDC and ECDC are assuming there’s an epidemic only because Belarus is sandwiched between Russia and Ukraine which are suffering a flu epidemic.  Health administrators report fewer influenza cases than in January 2015, saying so far only 30 people have been confirmed to have the flu!

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Two women killed by H1N1, six people hospitalized.

Finland:  19 people have died from H1N1-pdm09 since the beginning of the Gregorian year 2016. At least 146 people hospitalized.  Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare expects a tripling of influenza cases this year.

Georgia: At least three people dead from H1N1.  292 people confirmed infected with H1N1.

Greece: Five people died from H1N1 in the past 24 hours.  115 people have died from H1N1 since the beginning of the year!  356 people have been hospitalized. Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention says the majority of people who’ve died had other health problems and were not vaccinated, however, they admitted that at least 5% of those who died were vaccinated.

India: Health administrators are reporting fewer cases and deaths by H1N1, compared to the same time last year.    A study by the Civil Hospital concluded that one of the best ways to protect yourself from influenza (besides vaccinations) was a high animal protein diet (makes sense because your anti-bodies are 100% animal protein, they can’t use veggie protien).  Such a diet is even more important for moms who breast feed their children: “These days even mother’s breast feed to infants has to be supplemented with trace nutrients and iron for the well-being of the infant and his increased immunity. The immunity comes from the food, habits and lifestyle of breast-feeding mothers.”-Mona Desai, pediatrician

Iran:  Health administrators report the biggest outbreak of H1N1 in their country, ever.  112 people dead since November 2015.

Ireland:  15 people have died from flu, 11 from H1N1.  460 people hospitalized, at least half with H1N1-pdm09.  Health Protection Surveillance Centre reports 757 cases of flu last month, compared to only 312 cases in January 2015.  The Irish Medical Organization has declared Ireland’s healthcare system in danger of collapse, caused by reduced taxpayer funding and an exodus of doctors from The Emerald Isle: “Five years ago, we moved heaven and earth to rescue failed Irish banks; surely we can now do the same to rescue the Irish health service on which all of us ultimately depend. What we need now is an immediate investment programme, followed by a period of sustained funding so that we can repair the damage done.”-Ray Walley, doctor

Jamaica: The island country reports one person died after getting infected with H1N1, but doctors implied there were other complications.  At least nine people hospitalized with H1N1.

Lebanon: After four people died of H1N1 panic buying of medical supplies resulted, now there is a shortage of Flumivir and Tamilflu treatments.  The Ministry of Health reports a 20% increase in flu cases compared to last flu season.

Libya: In the U.S.-EU-NATO destabilized country health administrators are urging people to get vaccinated, but at the same time say reports of an epidemic are just rumors.

Lithuania: Heath administrators report a fourfold increase in flu cases compared to the same time last year.  22 municipalities have declared epidemics, last year only five municipalities were dealing with epidemics of influenza.  So far three people killed by H1N1.

Malta: The island country reports 97 H1N1 cases in January 2016 (double the number of flu cases for all of 2015), with two prisoners dying.  Health administrators noted that 72,835 people have been vaccinated so far this year. 

Northern Ireland:  In the British colony, seven people died from H1N1 since September 2015.  At least 150 cases of H1N1.

Pakistan:  At least 33 people died from H1N1, since 01 January 2016.  More than 1-thousand people infected.

Palestine: Four people in the West Bank confirmed dead by H1N1.  So far 355 cases. H1N1 first appeared in Palestine in 2010.

Russia: ‘Lawmakers’ are blaming U.S. Operation Jupiter (JUPITR) for an epidemic of H1N1 in their country.  At least 126 people dead since December.  At the end of January, the city of Yekaterinburg shutdown the schools to try and prevent the spread of the virus.

Trinidad & Tobago: Health administrators ordered 50-thousand doses of influenza vaccine.  They say they need at least 116-thousand doses to fight the expected H1N1 outbreak.  46-thousand people have already been vaccinated.  Eight people have died of H1N1.  Health administrators say their battle with Zika virus is making the situation more difficult.

Ukraine: In the U.S.-EU-NATO destabilized country at least 315 people have died since the influenza season officially started, mainly from H1N1.  In January an epidemic was declared.  Schools have been shutdown.  Health administrators claim none of the people who’ve died were vaccinated.

United Kingdom:  Leicester Royal Infirmary reports at least 14 cancer patients are now infected with H1N1. Glenfield Hospital reports three people hospitalized with H1N1.  Royal Berkshire Hospital has four people in isolation with H1N1.

A teenager who was vaccinated for influenza when he was ten was recently awarded $173-thousand USD in damages because the Pandemrix vaccine gave him narcolepsy.  He now falls asleep even when eating, walking and swimming. 

United States:  Fresno County, in California, reports two deaths caused by H1N1.  County health administrators are concerned, calling the deaths “unusual” in that the victims might have been vaccinated for H1N1.  No other details about the victims were released.

San Diego County, California, reports one death by H1N1.  The man did not have any other health problems.  Doctors claim he was not vaccinated.

In the U.S. state of Indiana, the Putnamville prison hit by H1N1.  At least 40 prisoners infected, one died.  Health administrators admitted that at least three of the infected had been vaccinated. They admitted that vaccination rates for prisoners was higher than normal, but those getting sick are young and healthy.  They describe a lethal mix of infection with the H1N1 virus and the MRSA bacteria.  Watch the video of the press conference for more info.

Currently there are no vaccines approved for children less than 6 months old.  The majority of flu vaccines for children are for children three years or older, and usually need more than one shot before they’re considered effective.

Operation Jupiter?: U.S. hit by new stealth Dog Flu!

proof vaccines are overrated & all about the money as British empire takes control of U.S. flu shot supply

H1N1 …..Blame globalization! 

Influenza Update, 17 October 2014: Deadly Flu is spreading fast in the United States, a 4th death! More vaccine shortages! U.S. Army conducts mass vaccinations!

China: A report published in Cell Research says honeysuckle tea can fight influenza, and maybe ebola.

Qatar: For the first time U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Southwest Asia of the 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support) Operational Command Post (Forward) conducted three days of mass influenza vaccinations of U.S. military personnel.

United Kingdom:  London and Middlesex reporting cases of influenza A.

United States: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota and New Hampshire join Idaho, Montana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina in reporting flu cases.

Illinois reporting a four years old boy died from flu, making him the 4th victim of the U.S. 2014-15 flu season.  It happened fast, his mother had given him ibuprofen and he finally fell asleep, but never woke up.  Health officials say the other children in the family are now sick.  Health officials also ordered police who responded to the home to decontaminate themselves!

Iowa reported cases in three counties.   There are no Iowa health laws that require medical care providers to report influenza cases to state or federal officials.

In Florida, a man first thought to have ebola actually has the flu.  He was treated at Holmes Regional Medical Center.

USA Today has tips on how to tell the difference between the symptoms of flu and ebola.

The Michigan Department of Community Health reports cases of H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B.

Health officials in Missouri reporting a shortage of nasal spray vaccines for children.  Forest Park Pediatrics reports they are out of nasal spray vaccines.  New shipments aren’t expected until mid to late November.

And what about all those PSAs and news media reports begging sick workers to stay home?  When I was younger I remember always being screamed at by my bosses, over the phone, whenever I called in sick.  In Tennessee, the yearly Staples Annual Flu Survey reports that 60% of workers go to work sick with flu, and it’s the fault of the employer: “In my experience, employers expect you to be there no matter what. So for a lot of those people, it isn’t an option.”-Karen Milliner, former data management worker

Various state public school officials are asking parents to keep their sick kids home.  However, there’s a Catch 22 if your kid misses too many days; the school loses taxpayer funding, unless you get a doctor’s excuse for your sick kid.

Remember, Idaho was the first U.S. state to report flu deaths, followed by North Carolina.  


Influenza: H1N1 still kickin’, still killin’! “Better than dead!” Thousands of new cases in just a couple of months! Blame globalization!

26 March 2014 (22:04 UTC-07 Tango 25 March 2014)/24 Jumada l-Ula 1435/06 Farvardin 1393/26 Ding-Mao 4712

Australia:  Heath officials are panicking and demanding people get vaccinated.  Queensland reporting double the influenza cases compared to last year.  New South Wales warning residents to protect themselves from H1N1 this coming winter, after an “unusually high” amount of summer time flu.  (Remember: In the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere.)

Canada:  Since 14 March, Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, women’s ward, has been hit with an H1N1 outbreak.

European Union:  In warm and economically destitute (no thanks to the Trilateral Commission) Cyprus, a third person has died from H1N1. At least 26 cases.

In warm and economically destitute (no thanks to the Trilateral Commission) Greece, the European Center for Disease Prevention reports 106 flu deaths, mainly H1N1.

Scotland reporting H1N1 outbreaks, spread from Mexico!  Recently six people tested positive for H1N1 at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Prior to that six kids were H1N1 infected and sent to Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill.  Prior to that a man died of H1N1 at Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary, on 03 February.  Health Protection Scotland says H1N1 was brought in by two people returning from vacation in Mexico.

In warm and economically destitute (no thanks to the Trilateral Commission) Spain, 155 people have died from influenza, mainly H1N1.

Mexico: As of 24 March, 704 people died from influenza.  627 specifically from H1N1.   More than 6-thousand infections, despite a massive vaccination program.  The state of Jalisco is still the place to avoid.

New Zealand:  Health officials say the flu season has started early in the Southern Hemisphere, and H1N1 is leading the way.   An H1N1  patient in Hawke’s Bay Hospital is now in critical condition.

Qatar: The Hamad General Hospital reports two cases.  They say people who travel to other countries are bringing H1N1 into Qatar when they return.

Thailand:  Health officials report 18 deaths caused by H1N1.  Ministry of Public Health’s Bureau of Epidemiology reports 18,290 cases were reported between 01 Jan to 17 March!

United States: In Arkansas, a 48 year old River Valley man died from H1N1.  He died on 24 March, a little more than two weeks after his 5th wedding anniversary.  His wife said it took him down fast: “By Monday he started turning kind of gray and he got really weak. He was hallucinating and I couldn`t figure out what was going on.”-Ashley Cass

In California, more than 302 people have died from H1N1.  In Roseville, doctors are calling a woman’s recovery a “miracle”.  After ten weeks in the hospital the family decided to take the 61 years old woman off life support, and she suddenly recovered!  She said she felt “Better than dead!”

Vietnam: A teenaged girl died after a month of battling H1N1.  She was in the hospital until 23 March, when her parents said it was time to bring her home, where she died.  The National Tropical Diseases Hospital in Hanoi reported that they were seeing three to five people everyday, infected with H1N1.  The majority of cases involve entire families.

There are increasing reports of people coming down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, after being vaccinated with the flu shot.

A new report says unAmerican Corporate America is to blame for spreading diseases, including H1N1. It’s all part of the Trilateral Commission’s globalization plans.

Influenza: H1N1 hits Syria! ObamaCare abandons girl who got sick visiting Disney? Pregnant women killed by H1N1!

03 March 2014 (21:43 UTC-07 Tango 02 March 2014)/01 Jumada l-Ula 1435/12 Esfand 1392/03 Ding-Mao 4712

The UN World Health Organization says most current flus are from United States: “The vaccines for use in the 2014–2015 influenza season (northern hemisphere winter) are to contain: an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus;  an A/Texas/50/2012 (H3N2)-like virus;  a B/Massachusetts/2/2012-like virus (Yamagata lineage)”

Belize:  Health officials report a sudden drop in H1N1 cases after a 29 years old woman died.  So far only 17 confirmed cases.

European Union:  Cyprus reports 20 cases and two deaths from H1N1.

Korea, south:  A 24 years old actor is down with H1N1.  His management says he will not be able to appear on planned TV shows.

Mauritius:  The deputy director of health services reports two children in hospital with H1N1.

Mexico:  As of 27 February 633 influenza deaths, mostly from H1N1.  The majority of deaths are in the state of Jalisco. More than 5850 cases despite massive public health vaccination program.

Oman: Ministry of Health confirms that two people died from H1N1 caused pneumonia.

Syria: The Health Ministry confirms that 19 people have died from H1N1.   Officials have made vaccinations mandatory for health workers, saying the vaccinations are being pushed on them by the Bilderberger UN World Health Organization!

Arizona, U.S.A.:  A man died from H1N1, after being in the hospital for 40 days.  Reports say 76 people have died from H1N1 in Arizona, so far.

California, U.S.A.:  Los Angeles County Department of Public Health confirmed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby died from H1N1.  Los Angeles County reports a total of 52 deaths, so far.   State health officials report  influenza deaths now at 302.

Connecticut, U.S.A.:  A 52 years old woman died from H1N1.

Delaware, U.S.A.: A pregnant woman died from H1N1, her baby was delivered by caesarean section.  The baby is hospitalized.  A 77 years old man also died from H1N1.

Florida, U.S.A.:  A 7 years old girl is not being helped by Obama Care, and her parents are asking for financial help!  The Pennsylvania family was at Disney World when she got hit with severe H1N1 caused pneumonia.  She’s now in a medically induced coma.

New York, U.S.A.:  Jefferson County Public Health Service reports two people dead from H1N1.

Oklahoma, U.S.A.:  Department of Health reports 51 H1N1 deaths, so far.  That’s five more than the total H1N1 deaths in 2009.

Influenza: More proof vaccines are a waste; 60 years old man never had flu shot until 2009 yet never got sick with flu, and the 2009 vaccine had no effect on him!

06 February 2014 (13:09 UTC-07 Tango)/05 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1435/17 Bahman 1392/07 Bing-Yin (1st month) 4712

“The blood donor in this study was born in 1947 and was infected with influenza several times in his childhood (possibly by H1N1 and H2N2) and in 1968 (probably by H3N2). For 41 years afterwards, he did not contract influenza, and he was never vaccinated against influenza………most of them [blood donor’s anti-bodies] neutralize not only H1N1 viruses but also H5N1 virus…..the products of long-lived memory B cells that were established before vaccination…we concluded that the sialic acid-binding pocket and its surrounding region on HA are immunogenically very potent and that virtually all of the B cells whose growth is newly induced and expanded by vaccination produce Abs that recognize these regions. We also concluded that when formalin-treated virus particles that are not alive are used as vaccine……..that the non-neutralizing epitope on HA, even if it exists, is immunologically impotent.”Binding near the Sialic Acid-Binding Pocket and Neutralizing Both H1N1 and H5N1 Viruses

Doctors are mystified by a 60 years old man who swears he has not been sick with flu since he was 21 years old!  Back in 2009, for the first time in his life he decided to get a flu shot, because of all the increased flu cases and the paranoid propaganda by government health officials telling people to get the flu shot.

Doctors at the Fujita Health University, in Japan, decided to take samples of his blood.  They were shocked to find he had full antibody protection from most flus, even the latest H5N1 (bird flu) variant.  Why is this significant?  H5N1 has yet to hit Japan, so how can a Japanese man, who’s never been sick with flu in his adult life, and never gotten a flu shot, develop antibodies to the latest flu variants?

Also, they discovered that the man had no immune system boost when he finally got the flu shot in 2009. They concluded that the so called ‘dead’ influenza viruses in the vaccine failed to trigger (an epitope reaction, with your antibody’s partope) an immune system response (they deemed it “immunologically impotent“), meaning the man wasted his time getting vaccinated!

By the way, the same anti-body that fights off H5N1 can also fight off H1N1.

In a ‘oh snap I could’a had a V8′ moment Japanese doctors are now going to test other people to see if they already, naturally, have the ability to fight off influenza without a vaccine!

Influenza: H1N1 hits Vietnam! Yet another study links vaccine with Narcolepsy! County health officials say Vaccine has 40% failure rate! Over the counter meds spreading the flu?

23 January 2014 (08:08 UTC-07 Tango)/21 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1435/03 Bahman 1392/23 Gui-Chou (12th month) 4711

Ontario, Canada: Researchers at McMaster University have discovered that widespread use of off the shelf/over the counter non-prescription cold medication is actually spreading influenza: “When they have flu, people often take medication that reduces their fever. No one likes to feel miserable, but it turns out that our comfort might be at the cost of infecting others. Because fever can actually help lower the amount of virus in a sick person’s body and reduce the chance of transmitting disease to others, taking drugs that reduce fever can increase transmission.”-David Earn

Seoul, Korea: A former California native died from H1N1.  The 32 years old English teacher died just 24 hours after phoning friends and family in the Golden State, to tell them she was sick.  The Sacramento family needs financial help to bring her body home for burial. 

Stockholm, Sweden: Researchers at the Karolinska Institute say the vaccine specifically for H1N1 causes narcolepsy.

Alabama, U.S.A.: Doctors at University of Alabama are resorting to an extreme treatment to fight H1N1.  It’s known as ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation).  It involves a machine that bypasses your heart and lungs in order to provide oxygen to your body.  It’s considered a last resort treatment.   H1N1 kills by depriving your body of oxygen, if you’re sick and you have trouble breathing and feel tired (caused by lack of oxygen) get to a hospital fast.

Arkansas, U.S.A.: Department of Health reports a total of 24 flu deaths.

Arizona, U.S.A.: State health officials report a 50% increase in flu cases in the past week.  If you have signs of H1N1, shortness of breath and tired from lack of oxygen, there’s a reason you need to get to the hospital fast: “If someone seeks medical attention and gets on an anti-viral medication within the first 48 hours, we can usually truncate the illness and mitigate the symptoms. After 48 hours, the medicine doesn’t usually work.”-Kurt Solem, Scottsdale Healthcare

California, U.S.A.: Sacramento County reports a total of 14 flu deaths. Madera County reports their first H1N1 death.  Santa Barbara County reports a 20 years old woman died of flu, but they’re not sure yet which version of flu.  Officials have confirmed three people sick with H1N1.  Fresno County reports four new deaths. Contra Costa County reports three new deaths.  San Francisco County reports one death. San Mateo County reports one new death.  Sonoma County reports one death. In San Diego, Scripps announced that at all their five hospitals visitors will be screened for flu before they can visit loved ones. Visitors who test positive for flu will be turned away. Many hospitals across California are restricting visitation. Doctors are advising that people start wearing masks.  Flu season now considered worst in past five years.

Connecticut, U.S.A.: Westport Weston Health District out of vaccines.  This contradicts the main streamer news media constantly harping that not not enough people are getting the flu shot.

Florida, U.S.A.: A flu death at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, and a flu death at University Hospital in Tamarac.

Idaho, U.S.A.: Kootenai Health, in Coeur d’Alene, had to turn people away due to overcrowding: “At one point we were short of critical care beds and running short of ventilators for life support.”-Walt Fairfax, Chief Medical Officer

Kansas, U.S.A.: Sedgwick County health officials report continued increase in influenza cases, despite the fact that about 40% of the residents have been vaccinated.  Officials now say the vaccine is only 60% effective.

Kentucky, U.S.A.: Veterinarians from the University of Kentucky are warning that the use of NSAIDs pain killers will interfere with influenza vaccines! The warning concerns horses being given flu shots, and pain killers.  The NSAID could prevent the horse from developing anti-bodies to the flu vaccine.  If this could be a problem for horses, what about humans?

Nevada, U.S.A.:  State health officials report nine flu deaths so far, more than the number of flu deaths at the same time last year.

North Carolina, U.S.A.: Alamance County reports their first flu death, a child.  So far 28 people have died from influenza in the Old North State.

North Dakota, U.S.A.:  Sanford Hospital in Bismark is asking children to stay away: “Since we’re in the peak season we need to protect our patients. It seems to be a little more aggressive in the middle-aged patients than in the past so it’s our responsibility to protect those that we can and those are the patients housed in our institution here.”-Anthony Tello

Ohio, U.S.A.:  A 29 years old man became the 5th person to die from H1N1 in Lucas County.  The father of the man said they took him to an urgent care center, where doctors told him his son did not need to be hospitalized because “he is young, he’ll bounce back”.  He was sent home, only to get worse.  He went to hospital when he could hardly breath.  He died of double pneumonia.  It was only a matter of a few days from the time he got sick to when he died.  H1N1 kills by depriving your body of oxygen, if you’re sick and you have trouble breathing and feel tired (caused by lack of oxygen) get to a hospital fast.

Oregon, U.S.A.: A woman in her 50s is in a medically induced coma at OHSU.  Her boyfriend said it hit her hard, going into pneumonia shortly after going to the hospital. Her breathing was reduced to 10%! Doctors said her only chance for recovery was to be put into a coma.  H1N1 kills by depriving your body of oxygen, if you’re sick and you have trouble breathing and feel tired (caused by lack of oxygen) get to a hospital fast.

Tennessee, U.S.A.: Vanderbilt University Medical Center reports 17 influenza deaths.  Metro Health Department out of vaccines (this shows you that a lot of people are getting the flu shot).

Texas, U.S.A.: Local news reports say many health clinics have run out of vaccine.  Pharmacies are reporting they have plenty of shots, however several people interviewed by local TV news reported that they tried to get a shot at a retail pharmacy a couple of weeks ago and were told they were out of stock.

Washington, U.S.A.: Four Spokane hospitals had to turn people away due to overcrowding.

Hanoi, Vietnam: 41 students from Tri Duc High School were hospitalized with H1N1.  Health officials say most have recovered but a few are still sick with fever.

Influenza H1N1: Suddenly, more people dying, more people on life support! H1N1 killing healthy people! Hundreds flooding ERs! Mass immunizations fail in Canada? Medical incompetence kills boy! Government study says vaccines making people sick!

04 January 2014 (02:44 UTC-07 Tango)/02 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1435/14 Dey 1392/04 Gui-Chou (12th month) 4711

Back in August 2013, a study was released that warned that influenza vaccinations can cause severe infection known as enhanced respiratory disease.  The study was conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.  Basically your immune system turns against you and works with the H1N1 virus: “…..cross-reactive anti-HA2 antibodies enhanced pH1N1 infection of Madin-Darby canine kidney cells by promoting virus membrane fusion activity. The enhanced fusion activity correlated with lung pathology in pigs. This study suggests a role for fusion-enhancing anti-HA2 antibodies….” –Vaccine-Induced Anti-HA2 Antibodies Promote Virus Fusion and Enhance Influenza Virus Respiratory Disease.

Despite the USDA study and the BC, Canada, study (see below) health officials in both Canada and the United States are pushing people to get flu vaccines!

California, U.S.A.:  In Santa Clara County, a 41 years old woman died from H1N1.  She died on 23 December, but only now is it being reported.  State health officials insist the number of flu cases in the Golden State, so far, are considered “normal”.

Georgia, U.S.A.: Department of Health reports four deaths.

Idaho, U.S.A.: Department of Health and Welfare says a man died from H1N1 “related illness”.

Indiana, U.S.A.: At least four people have died.

Michigan, U.S.A.: University of Michigan Health System reporting that a dozen adults and children are on life support in their hospital.  University hospital officials say the people had no prior health problems and have been hit hard by H1N1.  University officials are also reporting that hospital ERs are being flooded with hundreds of people sick with H1N1!   Michigan Department of Community Health reports that three adults and one infant are the latest people to die from H1N1.  Health officials are asking people to start wearing masks! State health official, Matt Davis, warned that “These deaths are among previously healthy individuals. This is not the group that the public usually thinks about as being susceptible to serious illness with influenza.”

Minnesota, U.S.A.:  Department of Health reporting 71 hospitalizations, double the number from the previous week.

Nebraska, U.S.A.: Lab tests say 98% of cases are H1N1.

New Mexico, U.S.A.: UNM Hospital reporting its first H1N1 case of 2014.  The University hospital saw 12 H1N1 cases in December 2013.

Oregon, U.S.A: A five years old boy died from H1N1.  He got sick a few days before Xmas.  The parents first though it was whooping cough because of the sound of his coughs.  Local hospital officials thought the boy was well enough to be sent home.  On Xmas day he collapsed and stopped breathing.  Local hospital officials told the family they could not handle his case, he was transferred to Portland.  He died in Portland because his brain went too long without oxygen.

A Lincoln, Oregon, family also says their 53 years old sister died of H1N1 after being admitted to the Adventist Medical Center.  Officials with the Adventist Medical Center, as well as other Oregon health officials, are reporting skyrocketing H1N1 cases.

Texas, U.S.A.:  Hidalgo County Health and Human Services reports six new deaths. Denton County Health Department reporting 265 confirmed cases by the end of December.  Saint Joseph Hospital reporting that nurses are getting sick.

Utah, U.S.A.: At least 237 people hospitalized, two people died.  One family talked about how their mother kept getting worse even with all the doctor prescribed treatments, until she had to be hospitalized.

Washington, U.S.A.: A Thurston County man died from flu infection. He was the second person in the Evergreen State to die from this season’s flu.

Almost every U.S. state reporting increasing cases of H1N1, the same can be said for Canada.

Alberta, Canada:  Five people are now dead, with 965 confirmed H1N1 cases. 270 people hospitalized, health officials declaring Alberta under an H1N1 outbreak.  This despite their mass immunizations program.  Health clinics in Calgary City are reporting hours long lines of people wanting to get the flu shot!  Health officials claim one in five Albertans have been vaccinated. The Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton closed one ward, due to an outbreak.

British Columbia, Canada:  BC Centre for Disease Control reminding people of a study conducted during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic.  That study concluded that people who got the H1N1 vaccine were almost guaranteed to get sick!  The study was dismissed by Bilderberg (Bill Gates) controlled international vaccination organizations. A second study was done using ferrets, and it backs up the 2009 BC-CDC study. The British Columbia studies concluded the same thing as the USDA study; basically the H1N1 vaccine is adversely affecting your anti-bodies’ ability to fight off the H1N1 virus.

Ontario, Canada: Toronto Public Health reports two deaths.  Three other people are confirmed to have died in the province.  York Region public health confirms 14 cases.  The Regional Municipality of Peel confirms the majority of flu cases are H1N1.  The Middlesex-London Health Unit reporting that a third of infected people being hospitalized.

Saskatchewan, Canada: In the Prairie Province, H1N1 is being blamed for three deaths.  So far, 161 confirmed cases, seven people hospitalized.  Prince Albert Parkland Health Region confirms 18 cases.

Influenza H1N1: Nurse fired for refusing vaccine, and not being religious! Mass vaccinations in Canada! H1N1 a fast killer of 20 year olds! Testosterone counteracts vaccines! Proof it’s too late for flu shots anyway!

31 December 2013 (01:40 UTC-07 Tango)/27 Safar 1435/10 Dey 1392/29 Jia-Zi (11th month) 4711

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says influenza is now widespread in the states of Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Four children have died.

Alabama, U.S.A.: Health officials in Madison County report spiking cases.  They also report lack of Tamiflu anti-viral treatments.  However, they say “…it starts to present itself with just generally not feeling good all over, then the fever will hit. The minute that fever hits, go get treatment….” They also say “…wash your hands, get proper rest, don’t share drinks or towels…..Make sure your body is hydrated.”   Doctors in Huntsville are reporting record number of at least 20 cases per day: “For me it is a record because we have been here 10 years, and my earliest case was December 8th. This year it was December 3rd. Normally influenza is a January/February sort of thing, so it is very early and we are seeing plenty.”– Marshall Plotka, Phoenix Emergency Care

Alaska, U.S.A.: Health officials admit flu cases are spiking, but they don’t have hard-n-fast numbers, due to no laws requiring such info.  Alaskan news media reported that on 29 December 2013 there is supposed to be new laws in effect that require public reporting of adult deaths related to influenza.

Illinois, U.S.A.: Hospitals in Chicago are reporting hundreds of new cases since Xmas day.

Louisiana, U.S.A.: More than 16-hundred cases reported, so far.

Massachusetts, U.S.A.:  State health officials say H1N1 is now the dominate flu strain in the Bay State.

Michigan, U.S.A.: Department of Community Health reports one infant killed by H1N1.  Official flu activity level raised from Local to Regional.

Minnesota, U.S.A.:  More than 100 people are hospitalized with H1N1.  Officials are expecting cases to “increase”.

Missouri, U.S.A.: A 29 years old man with autism, died shortly after being diagnosed with H1N1.  His mother, Alene Porter, said by the flu was fast acting: “He had a cough and a low-grade fever and he came up to me and said, ‘Mom, I don’t feel well.'”  He was taken to the hospital, and died.  Health Department reporting more than 12-hundred cases just in the Northwest Region of the state.  Six times higher than the five year average!

Montana, U.S.A.: Richland County Health Department confirmed the first flu cases of the 2013-14 season.  Yellowstone County reporting that ten people are hospitalized with flu, double the number from the same time last year.

Nevada, U.S.A.: Washoe County Health District reporting a spike in H1N1 cases. Health officials there admit they have no ‘official’ standardized flu testing or reporting guidelines, and that they literally guess at how many people die from flu, by using U.S. CDC estimates.

North Dakota, U.S.A.: Health officials report that 14% of all confirmed flu cases are H1N1.  New confirmed flu cases jumped from 86 on 14 December to 165 on 21 December.

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.: A pregnant nurse lost her job for refusing to get the flu shot.  She stated that it could cause her to miscarry, and that vaccines have unknown proprietary ingredients.  She also pointed to studies that show vaccines do not help pregnant women! Basically she was refusing the flu shot for personal reasons that were based on scientific analysis. But here’s the real outrage, if she had refused for religious reasons she would still have her job: “I have taken care of patients who have become paralyzed after having the shot and if that can happen to a full grown person who knows what can happen to a growing fetus. It is frustrating that someone can say ‘religiously I can’t do this’ but I can say I’m not comfortable about this for serious medical reasons and I lose my job!”-Dreonna Breton

South Dakota, U.S.A.: Health officials report a jump in cases in the cities of Rapid City and Yankton.  They are perplexed as to why there is a spike in cases just in those two locations, and not uniformly throughout the state.

Tennessee, U.S.A.: Doctors are reporting increased cases, 95% being H1N1!  In Willette, a 36 years old pastor died from H1N1.  His wife, who is a physicians assistant, begged him to go to the hospital but he refused.  Doctors point out that some influenzas can take you down within 48 hours of infection.

Texas, U.S.A.: A teenager in Houston is the latest victim.  Health officials are not making public any further info. At least 13 people have died from flu in the city of Houston.  In Beaumont, at least five H1N1 deaths.  A Fox news TV station is reporting that many Texas families are deliberately avoiding this year’s flu vaccine.  In Tatum, a 14 years old girl was taken down fast by H1N1.  She was taken to the hospital after getting sick, but she only got worse and was life flighted to Dallas Children’s Hospital.  She’s in critical condition and needs a lung bypass.  There are at least 22-hundred lab confirmed flu cases in Texas, so far.

Alberta, Canada: Officials with Alberta Health Services report 90% of flu cases are H1N1, two people have died, more than 100 hospitalized.  Health officials are begging people to get the flu shot, and have begun mass vaccinations.  South Calgary Health Centre reporting more than 274 confirmed cases of flu.

Manitoba, Canada: Health officials say 80% of flu cases are H1N1.  But they are not freaking out about flu shots like other health departments.  Manitoba officials say H1N1 is now the “normal” flu strain among their residents.

Ontario, Canada: Thunder Bay District Health reports two people dead from H1N1.  Flu cases have almost doubled in one week.

Saskatchewan, Canada: The Ministry of Health reporting increasing flu cases, and want residents to get vaccinated.

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital says their latest study shows your body’s own PD-1 protein makes you sick.  It’s aka as the Programmed Cell Death Receptor (encoded within the human PDCD1 gene).  It prevents your own T-cells from protecting you from influenza. Scientists blocked PD-1’s associated ligand PDL-1 in mice, and found they could fight off flu infections easily, as a result.  The PDL-1 block was administered in a nose spray.

A new study says the testosterone levels in men prevent vaccines from working: “….we identified a cluster of genes involved in lipid biosynthesis and previously shown to be up-regulated by testosterone that correlated with poor virus-neutralizing activity in men. Moreover, men with elevated serum testosterone levels and associated gene signatures exhibited the lowest antibody responses to TIV. [Trivalent Influenza Vaccine]” 

Why is the main streamer news media continually telling us “It’s not too late to get the flu shot”? Remember that nurse in Pennsylvania who refused on scientific grounds to take the flu shot? Turns out the hospital chain she worked for had set a deadline for all employees to get vaccinated by 15 November!  This implies that you’re too late if you get a flu shot now!