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H7N9 update: Emergencies declared, evolved to human to human flu!

19 September 2013 (21:13 UTC-07 Tango 18 September 2013)/14 Dhu ‘l-Qa’da 1434/28 Shahrivar 1392/15 Xin-You (8th month) 4711

“…..prepare for a possible resurgence of H7N9…identify synergies of the human health, animal health and other sectors…”-Konuma Hiroyuki, UNFAO Assistant Director-General

Scientists with the Erasmus University Medical Center, in Netherlands, say the H7N9 virus has evolved to be passed from human to human.

The virus now clings to human mucous membranes in the nose and throat.  A few days before the announcement that H7N9 is now a human virus, the director of the U.S. CDC, Thomas Frieden, uttered these famous last words: “The only thing protecting us from a global pandemic right now is the fact that it doesn’t yet spread from person to person.”

The Netherlands study also showed that H7N9 replicates easily in pigs.

This news comes as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced two emergency projects in South East Asia, to stop the spread of H7N9 in farm animals.

Another study, published in the 21 August issue of Nature, confirmed that H7N9 originated in ducks and chickens.


World War 3, Gun Control Front: DoJ & CDC Data proves Anti-Gun False Flaggers are full of shit!!!

14 May 2013 (21:39 UTC-07 Tango 13 May 2013)/04 Rajab 1434/24 Ordibehest 1391/05 Ding-Si (4th month) 4711

Going by the U.S. main streamer news media, and our exalted ‘elected’ leaders, you’d think the United States was being hit with record increased levels of gun violence.  Not so, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In fact, the DoJ and CDC says the U.S. is experiencing record low levels of gun violence!!!

According to the Pew Research Center 56% of people living in the U.S. think gun violence is at an all time high.

According to the CDC and the DoJ, across the board gun violence is way down from the peak in 1993.   And the CDC data shows current gun violence rates are even lower than gun violence in 1981.  That includes intentional criminal violence and unintentional accidents!

Depending on which report you look at, the percent of murders by gun dropped 39-49% from 1993 to 2011!

Percent of criminal gun injuries dropped 69%!

And for those anti-gunners who want to go after individual sales at gun shows (like they’ve done in California) the stats prove their arguments fallacious.  Less than 2% of convicted gun using criminals acquired their gun at a gun show, and 40% got their guns from already illegal sources!!!

And for those anti-gunners who want to get rid of military type weapons (which is actually what the 2nd Amendment guarantees our right of access to) the DoJ data (Firearm Violence, 1993-2011) proves them full of shit.   Up to 90% of gun violence is done with a pistola!  Only 2% of state convicts, and 3% of federal convicts used military style weapons!

What’s also amazing is that many anti-gunners have been demanding the CDC study gun violence, well dummies, the CDC (16 states under the National Violent Death Reporting System, and WISQARS) has been studying gun violence!  It’s long been assumed by pro-gunners that the CDC was anti-gun and would skew any data they collected, but surprise, surprise, surprise.  The CDC data actually proves gun violence has been dropping!

The DoJ and CDC refuse to explain why gun violence has dropped. Could it have something to do with the ever increasing (and seemingly corresponding) gun ownership of Constitutional abiding U.S. citizens?


U.S. West Nile Virus update, 01 October 2012: Now being called a ‘disaster’! Humans, horses and now chickens! Medical media calls outbreak over, then suddenly 400 new cases! No insurance, no treatment?

“To judge from past reporting trends, these figures suggest that this year’s West Nile virus outbreak will be among the largest ever recorded!”-Lyle Petersen, CDC

“…disturbingly unpredictable, disagreeable, and difficult to control.”-CDC statement

“At first they said West Nile would remain concentrated along the Eastern Seaboard. Then, as it moved westward, they said it wouldn’t spread beyond the Midwest. In 2006, seven years after the virus was detected in New York, it infected several residents here in Washington. Now it’s been reported in every state except Hawaii and Alaska.”-Terry McElwain, Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

In the last week of September 2012, 400 new cases of West Nile virus were reported throughout the United States.

At least 3,545 cases in 48 states, with 147 deaths, and that’s what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting.  What the CDC reports is at least a week behind what’s happening on the ground.

Incredibly, during the middle of September, some medical media sources reported that the West Nile virus outbreak had peaked out, and was on the decline!

70% of cases are in Texas, South Dakota and Mississippi.

Mississippi: 197 human cases, five deaths: “We are in the middle of the worst epidemic of West Nile virus infection in the state of Mississippi ever and one of the worst in terms of the United States!”-Art Leis, Methodist Rehab Center

Ohio: Clark County Combined Health District confirmed an elderly man died from West Nile virus.  Computer problems prevented the release of details. Ohio Department of Health reports 93 human cases, so far.

Texas: Morris County reports first case of West Nile in horses: “The horse exhibited ataxis, which is lack of muscle coordination, fever, and depression.”-Dennis Seymore, veterinarian

So far this year there have been 39 cases of equine West Nile virus in Texas.   “It should also be noted that vaccination for West Nile Virus does not protect a horse from other mosquito-borne diseases such as Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis.”-Dennis Seymore, veterinarian

A Texas woman is suffering doubly, not only has West Nile left her partially paralyzed, but she has no way to pay for medical care.  The Fort Worth hospital she is in is trying to send her away. She needs 24 hour care, but hospital staff say it ain’t gonna happen without money: “Ideally, we’re usually able to get them transferred to a rehab facility or somewhere they can have impatient care. However, due to her limited funding status, we have to plan for her to go home.”-Melody Argueta, Huguley Memorial Medical Center

Louisiana: 29 more human cases reported.  So far 280 people infected, 11 deaths.

Iowa: Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and Iowa Department of Public Health report large number of horses infected.  More than 20, last year there was only one equine case.

Oklahoma: Nine people have died from West Nile so far. 154 human cases.

California: Reporting 182 human cases, 10 deaths. Health officials warning to stay away from dead birds.  So far 1,273 dead birds, in California, have tested positive for West Nile.  Rodents, like squirrels, also testing positive.

Florida: Alachua County Health Department discovered West Nile virus in several chicken flocks, and one horse.  More than 40 human cases statewide.

Massachusetts: “The Massachusetts Department of Public Health risk assessment level has been raised from ‘Moderate’ to ‘High’ in the towns of Stoneham and Winchester in efforts to raise awareness regarding this arbovirus in the closing weeks of the warm season.”

New York:  An elderly man from New York was diagnosed with West Nile while visiting friends in Canada. He is in critical condition.

Idaho: 11 human cases, at least five equine cases.

Illinois: DuPage County Health Department reports fourth human death.  138 human cases statewide.

Michigan: Department of Community Health reports two more human deaths, 170 cases.

New Jersey:   At least 22 human cases, one death.

Virginia:   First equine case, the horse had to be killed.

Georgia: Two new human cases, one fatal, in Gwinnett County.  At least 43 cases statewide.

Maryland:  30 human cases.

Tennessee: At least 21 human cases. Rap singer, Brabo Gator, fell into a coma after being infected. Doctors say he will probably never sing again because of damage to his lungs.

Rhode Island: Reporting third human case.

Wisconsin: Two confirmed human cases, 23 possible.

Colorado: Three human deaths, 92 cases.



West Nile Virus: Texas declares emergency, 16 dead, 381 infected. New cases across the United States, CDC first reported that cases were lower than last year!

“Texas is on track to have the worst year ever for West Nile virus.”-Christine Mann, Texas Department of State Health Services

“We’re in a fight we can’t win on the ground.”-Zach Thompson, Dallas County Health Department

15 August 2012, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, has just declared a health emergency.  A health emergency has also been declared for Dallas County. Reports say between 14 and 16 people in Texas (10 in Dallas County alone) have now died from West Nile, a type of Japanese encephalitis virus.

As of 13 August 2012, there were 381 reported cases in Texas. In all of 2011 only 27 cases were reported in Texas.  In the city of Houston, officials say that 90% of tested mosquitoes show they are infected with the virus.  The emergency declarations allows local officials to conduct massive aerial spraying operations to kill mosquitoes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at least 24 people, in the United States, have died.  42 states are reporting cases, but 80% are concentrated in Texas, Oklahoma (55 infections and one death) and Louisiana and Mississippi (both with 39 infections and one death).

Massachusetts has just reported their first case: “Today’s announcement is a compelling reminder that people should take simple, common sense steps to protect themselves against mosquito bites and the illnesses they can cause.”-Al DeMaria, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Illinois has reported a new case. DuPage County Health Department says a woman in her 50s is infected. She lives in the Chicago suburb area. So far there are seven confirmed infections in that state.  Officials say the cases are showing up earlier than normal, most people got infected in July.

Minnesota is also reporting cases that are showing up sooner than normal.

California is reporting one death and 18 infections.

On 14 August, North Carolina reported their first West Nile death.

New York has ordered a second round of truck spraying to kill mosquitoes in Nassau County.

Indiana and Ohio are reporting higher than normal amount of cases.

Officials, from many states, are blaming a warm winter and wet spring for the mosquito outbreak.  But here in Idaho we did not have a wet spring, in fact we’re so dry that our wildfire season started months early!  Yet, Idaho now has three case of humans infected with West Nile. Eight Idaho counties are reporting that mosquitoes are testing positive for West Nile.

The CDC is not sure why there’s a sudden increase in West Nile cases: “It is not clear why we are seeing more activity than in recent years.”-Marc Fischer, CDC

But maybe the CDC is out of touch? According to the Guardian Express, as recently as last week the CDC’s own website had posted much lower case numbers than what were being reported by state health officials: “Either they are short on staff and have fallen behind or something more disturbing is at work.”

Now the CDC has declared West Nile an epidemic!


H3N2 Swine Flu spreading through the United States, children main targets, despite 2011-2012 flu season being officially ended

“So as of today, there are 145 confirmed cases of influenza infection with H3N2v virus, since the current outbreaks began in July of this year.  This includes one case in Hawaii, one case in Illinois, 113 cases being reported from Indiana, and 30 cases being reported from Ohio.  This is clearly a significant increase since last week’s total….”-Joseph Bresee, CDC

09 August 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that cases of H3N2v are now at 145 in the U.S.

Most of the current U.S. cases are in the mid west (some cases in Hawaii), with 90% of the infected people being children.  The CDC also believes there is a direct connection with pigs, and are asking people to avoid pigs if possible.

The H3N2v strain is a new version that showed up last year, and has been spreading around the World.

At the end of May 2012, the CDC warned that H3N2v was already the dominant flu, making up 60% of World cases.  But, the end of May is also when the CDC  announced the winding down of an unusually weak 2011-2012 flu season (weak for the U.S. that is): “This is the first time since CDC started this kind of influenza like surveillance (ILI) that the percentage of patient visits for ILI was elevated for only one week of the season.”-Joseph Bresee, CDC, May 2012



Pale Green Horse & H3N2: CDC says H3N2v Pandemic likely, potentially more virulent than H5N1, WHO says Vaccines must be changed

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study says H3N2 swine flu virus is potentially more virulent than H5N1 bird flu.

Unlike the H5N1 flu, in which a U.S. taxpayer funded study showed that humans could manipulate the virus to make an even more deadly version, H3N2 does not need to be manipulated by humans.  The CDC study shows that Mother Earth is already mutating H3N2 rapidly and towards a more deadly version.

At the same time, the UN’s World Heath Organization has issued a warning, saying vaccines need to be adjusted for the rapidly changing H3N2 strains.

The WHO says the influenza A/H3N2 component, along with influenza B component, of vaccines should be changed.  Also, for the 2012-13 flu season, look out for H1N1 California, H3N2 Victoria and influenza B Wisconsin.

Back to the CDC.  The 2011-12 flu season started late, in fact the CDC says it’s the latest start to the U.S. flu season in the past 29 years!  The CDC warns that a late start does not mean it won’t be bad.

“While most indicators of seasonal flu activity are currently low, we expect them to increase in the coming weeks….In addition to starting late, flu season can also peak late. In fact, in the past 35 seasons we have seen peak activity….four times in March and two times in April….nor can we predict how severe the season will ultimately be.”-Joseph Bresee, CDC

I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.  They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Already suffering from H5N1, Vietnam confirms first human case of H3N2 (H3N2v)

Vietnam has already had two people die from H5N1 ‘bird flu’ this year.  Now health officials confirm a two year old girl has H3N2v ‘swine flu’, and she’s had it since April 2011!

Vietnam’s Department of Preventive Health announced on February 15, 2012, that a two year old girl has been sick with H3N2v since April 2011.   The girl had classic flu like symptoms and then appeared to get well.

However, she has been suffering strange symptoms ever since, and the Ho Chi Minh Pasteur Institute sent samples of her infection to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for more testing.

Vietnam’s officials are blaming the epidemic of flu in their country, partly on unusually cold weather.  Tropical Vietnam has recently seen temperatures as cold as minus 39 Fahrenheit, and has seen at least 7,000 water buffalo freeze to death!


Pale Green Horse & H3N2, H1N1: Two children die, the U.S. now officially in Flu season. California leading the pack, Idaho on the list

On February 10, the U.S. CDC reported that people testing positive for flu viruses hit 10.5%.  The flu season officially starts when at least 10% of the population tests positive for flu.

The state of California is reporting the most flu cases at this point.   There is also reports of increased doctor visits, mainly in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Also, two children have died, but the type of flu has not yet been identified.

The CDC says the most common flu being identified is H3N2v, followed by H1N1. These are types of influenza A, but influenza B is also being found.

I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.  They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

U.S. CDC admits current Flu shots might not protect against H3N2v, children at risk

“The seasonal vaccine is not designed to protect against H3N2v. Limited studies show that it may boost immunity against this virus in adults, but will probably not offer protection for children.”-U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The U.S. CDC is concerned after 12 people caught H3N2v (the ‘v’ stands for “variant”) between August and December 2011.

“This virus is related to human flu viruses from the 1990s, so adults should have some immunity, but young children probably do not. Early steps to make a vaccine against H3N2v have been taken, but no decision to mass produce such a vaccine has been made. Public health authorities are watching closely.”-U.S. CDC


2009 Greek study says new strain of H3N2 is drug resistant! U.S. CDC says anti-flu drugs no longer work!

The European Union’s Eurosurveillance published a report in 2009, about Greece’s efforts to combat flu viruses: “Greece is a known crossroads among three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) through which resistant strains can spread.”

From 2004 to 2008, Greek researchers looked at how the various viruses reacted to available anti-viral drugs.  Anti-viral drugs work mainly by attacking protein cells.  In flu viruses the specific proteins are called “M2″.  However, they are only effective in the early stages of infection.

For those of us who don’t like reliance on petroleum products, some anti-virals (like the now ineffective adamantanes) are based on petroleum hydrocarbons.

The Greek study concluded that current flu viruses have become resistant to most anti-viral drugs, precisely because the drugs were being used so much: “Resistance to M2 inhibitors first appeared following extensive drug use in Asia and the U.S. after the SARS epidemic in 2004. The worldwide spread of these resistant strains occurred through replacement of sensitive with resistant viruses, probably because of other selective advantages of the resistant strains connected to other genes than M2.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention backs the Greek study up. After studying the 2009 flu epidemic in the U.S. the CDC concluded that the viruses are now drug resistant!