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Vaccine Fail: Swine Flu shot gives 70 more people narcolepsy!

05 OCT 2017 (14:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 12 Mehr 1396/13 Muharram 1439/16 Geng-Xu 4715

At least 70 people in Ireland are suing the taxpayer funded Health Products Regulatory Authority (Irish Medicines Board), claiming the Pandemrix vaccine gave them sleeping sickness!

That specific swine flu shot, made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was administered in 2009-10.  The lawsuit is the result of the discovery of a vaccine safety report issued by GlaxoSmithKline to the then called Irish Medicines Board.

The safety study compared German made Pandemrix to Canadian made Arepanrix and found that the adverse effects of Pandemrix is as much as ten times worse than Arepanrix, yet the Irish health czars still used Pandemrix.  The lawsuit also claims the Health Products Regulatory Authority (Irish Medicines Board) intentionally hid the vaccine safety problem from government regulators.

It should be noted that the vaccine safety study did not include children.  In 2013, at least 8-hundred European children developed narcolepsy after getting the Pandemrix flu shot!  In March 2017, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged that Pandemrix was being blamed for skyrocketing narcolepsy cases in Europe.   The fact that some countries require vaccine safety studies is proof that vaccines are not ‘safe’.

The U.S. CDC and Food & Drug Administration run a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  It’s not a way of testing a vaccine before approval for use, it’s only for reporting health problems after vaccination and most people don’t even know about VAERS.

The Emerald Isle going Green with Ganja?

22 February 2017 (12:24 UTC-07 Tango 06) 04 Esfand 1395/25 Jumada l-Ula 1438/26 Ren Yin 4715

The Republic of Ireland is one step closer to legalized marijuana use for medical treatments.

The Ministry of Health issued guidelines (Cannabis for Medical Use — a Scientific review) for ganja use, which include eight recommendations by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.  But don’t think just anybody can fake a medical problem to take a toke, the guidelines also state that ganja users must be under direct supervision of a healthcare provider.

But meanwhile, in neighboring United Kingdom a political party that’s been pushing for the legalization of Mary-Jane just got fined; the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol group has to pay the equivalent of $29-thousand USD for failing to report required political party finance reports for two quarters in a row.

“…GIVE US SOME BREATHING ROOM…” as Alaska reports big tax collections from legalized Mary-Jane






World War 3: Ireland deploying troops to Golan Heights! Obama to lead new war on the World through United Nations?

23 September 2014 (16:21 UTC-07 Tango)/28 Dhu l-Qa’da 1435/01 Mehr 1393/30 Gui-You 4712

“We did not provide advance notification to the Syrians at a military level, or give any indication of our timing on specific targets.  Secretary Kerry did not send a letter to the Syrian regime.”-Jen Psaki, U.S. Department of failed State, denying that the Obama regime gave the Syria government any warning

Apparently the U.S. notification to Syria came in the form of one UN official talking to another UN official.  Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, reportedly  told Reuters on that he was personally informed of the U.S. airstrikes by U.S.  Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power.

It should be noted that while the Syrian government, Russia and Iran continue to make warnings about Obama’s almost unilateral decision to launch attacks on Syria, they continue to claim they will cooperate with any War on Terror inside Syria as long as it is done through the United Nations Security Council.

Speaking of the UN Security Council, after reports saying United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (DOF) personnel pulled back from Quneitra, Golan Heights, Irish Minister of Defense Simon Coveney announced his country is deploying 130 more troops to the area next month.

Back at the end of August, Irish and Filipino UN DOF troops were attacked by U.S.-Arabian funded insurgents from Syria.  On 19 September 2014 officials from the Philippines announced they were pulling out their 344 UN DOF troops two weeks earlier than planned due to “the deteriorating security situation”.  (although there were reports that the Filipino DOF troops weren’t getting along with the Indian DOF troops)

Coveney says the UN Security Council mission to Golan Heights has changed: “…very clear to me that the rebel forces and militia in the Golan Heights are not ISIL or Islamic State. They are what’s called the Al-Nusra Front, which is an off-shoot of al-Qaeda. They have very different objectives and we are unlikely to see any bombing happening in that place.  We have seen a structural and dramatic change to the mission…” 

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power has envoked UN Article 51 to justify the Obama regime attacks on Syria, saying The Syrian regime has shown that it cannot and will not confront these safe havens effectively itself.”  Nevermind the fact that the U.S. and its Arabian allies created the civil war in Syria, and have done everything they could to prevent the Syrian government from fighting insurgents!

Speaking of the UN Security Council, remember that in 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as the first U.S. president ever to sit on the  Security Council (possibly in direct violation of U.S. Constitution ‘Title of Nobility Clause’), and now he will preside over a Security Council meeting on 24 September 2014.  Supposedly that meeting is about fighting terrorism, how convenient.  An unnamed U.S. official claims that despite the 13 years of the U.S. led War on Terror, terrorist have become more numerous and powerful (gee, isn’t that a clear sign the War on Terror failed?).

Get ready for a new global anti-terror war lead by Barack Obama through the United Nations!

Russia accuses Obama of violating international law! 

Norovirus / Tummy Bug update, 27 May 2013: Now number 1 cause of gastroenteritis! Meat good! Another misdiagnosis gone wrong!

In Maryland U.S.A., health officials revealed that on 17 May at least 200 kids attending the Pot Spring Elementary school got sick.  Nine employees also got sick.  Preliminary lab tests blame norovirus.

In Washington U.S.A., weeks later an outbreak continues.  Back on 10 May Longview Elementary school was closed.  Grant County Health District officials have confirmed it’s norovirus, and they’re warning that there are still “…pockets of students in other Moses Lake schools with stomach illnesses.”

In Iowa U.S.A., the Siouxland District Health Department concluded their investigating into what caused about three teachers and 80 students to get sick at the Bryant Elementary School.  They blame norovirus.

A study published in the latest edition of the New England Journal of Medicine says norovirus will soon be the number one cause of gastroenteritis in children.  Rotavirus was the number one cause, but that is on the decline since a vaccine was developed.  There is no vaccine for norovirus.

According to the journal Foodborne Pathogens and Disease, norovirus is now the number one cause for gastroenteritis for children and adults in Canada.   The study says one in eight Canadians will get norovirus every year.   In the United States it’s now one in every six people!

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that meat based E.Coli (bacteria) caused gastroenteritis is down, by a lot.  An overall drop of 44% from 2000 to 2010.  It’s even better for ground beef (hamburger), a whopper, I mean a whopping 72% decline in E.Coli cases!  The decline is being credited to better raising of beef cows, cleaner handling of meat at the slaughter houses, and better cooking practices by consumers.

In Southampton, Hampshire U.K., a Celebrity Cruises ship docked after a trip to the Mediterranean.  It was revealed that at least 77 passengers and five crew members were sick with gastroenteritis.  The cruise line says from now on passengers will be asked if they’ve had stomach problems within three days prior to the cruise.  Customers can reschedule their cruises.

Norovirus has hit the Royal Lancaster Infirmary in Lancaster U.K.  Visitation in Ward 37 is now restricted.

In Finland, a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health found that ‘open plan’ office work spaces not only result in less productivity, but they’re the main reason why office workers get sick!   Open space office workers take 62% more sick days than office workers who have their own office.  Studies by several U.S. and U.K. universities had similar conclusions.

In Galway, Ireland, a family recounted the death of their four years old daughter and gave a warning.  At first everyone thought she was suffering a bad case of gastroenteritis, because of the symptoms.  She died hours later in her fathers arms, after a doctor said it was just a tummy bug.  Turned out it was  an aggressive type of pneumococcal meningitis that rapidly progressed to septicemia (blood poisoning).  Meningitis can result in flu like/stomach bug like symptoms, but it’s not the flu.  You can visit the privately funded actformeningitis.ie for more info.

World War 3: War in Africa expands as British Red Coats and Irish troops arrive in Mali! Operations planned by European Union back in December!

27 March 2013/15 Jumada l-Ula 1434/07 Farvardin 1391/16 Yi-Mao (2nd month) 4711

“This will be the first occasion there has been a formal joint deployment under the UN mandate of mission involving our defence forces and the U.K.”-Alan Shatter, Republic of Ireland’s Minister of Defence

Reports that troops from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland have arrived in Mali, to help back up the ongoing French occupation of the West African country.

Irish media reporting that the whole invasion of Mali, by the French in January 2013, was part of European Union (EU) plans made in December 2012, which was called a “training mission” by the EU.  The use of British and Irish troops is also being officially called a UN mandated training mission!

The United States is establishing more drone bases throughout Africa, and France recently sent troops into the Central African country of Central African Republic.

H3N2: First child case in U.S. state of Utah. Old folks home hit in Ireland.

April 12, 2012, a girl in Utah has become the first child in the U.S. to be infected with H3N2v swine flu, this year.  Back at the beginning of March three elderly people died from H3N2 in Maryland.

Utah state officials will not say how old she is.  She reportedly recovered after taking tamiflu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said she became ill after visiting a pig farm.  However, many of the previous H3N2 cases in the U.S. did not involve exposure to pigs.

H3N2v is related to H1N1.

In Fahan, Donegal, Ireland, a nursing home has been hit by the virus.

On April 9 it was reported that 14 people had become infected, with six dying.

Government officials reprimanded the nursing home for not reporting the illnesses sooner: “The lesson to be learned is, where you are dealing with vulnerable people in a private or a public nursing home, keep the Department of Health informed when anything … outside the norm occurs so we can help.”-Kathleen Lynch, Minister of State for the Elderly

The European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control said at least 12 old people throughout Europe have died since February 2012 (not counting the recent Irish cases).  They also say the number of deaths involving old people is surprising, since most studies are saying it’s children that are most vulnerable to H3N2v.





What Economic Recovery? Japanese life insurance companies dump European bonds

As a sign of how bad things are getting for European countries, it’s just been revealed that eight major Japanese life insurance companies are dumping their sovereign debt (bonds) from Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

All together, the Japanese companies sold off 44% of their bonds, by the end of October.  According to Japanese media, two of the eight insurance companies sold off all their Italian bonds!

Riots in Northern Ireland, pro English parade sparks response from those wanting independence

August 14, in Northern Ireland a pro-English Protestant parade sparked a violent response from those who still seek independence (Irish Catholics).

Northern Ireland is controlled by the United Kingdom.  Recently a report revealed that indeed the U.K. government (and thereby the Royal Family) actively supported pro-English terrorists with weapons and money in Northern Ireland, during the time of “The Troubles”.

Sunday’s Londonderry riots quickly moved to targeting police vehicles and other government vehicles.  One person described it as “sustained rioting”.

This year is starting to look like peace has ended in Northern Ireland.  This isn’t the first time a pro-English parade sparked violence, riots also broke out during the pro-English parade in Belfast.


Irish bank bombed as English Queen leaves, Obama greeted by protesters as he arrives

May 22, the day after the Queen of England left Ireland, a Northern Ireland bank was hit by a small bomb.  Three masked men burst into the bank, warning customers they had one hour to leave before the bomb went off. Police say people could have been killed if they were still in the bank when the bomb exploded.

May 23, President Barack Obama arrived in Ireland, where he was greeted by at least one hundred protesters.

“Barack Obama came to power promising change, but in reality he has continued the policies of the Bush era.”-John Molynuex, protester

He is scheduled to visit United Kingdom next, where he will have dinner with the Queen of England (a sure sign that the U.S. is under control of the British Empire).  Thousands of protesters plan to demonstrate outside Buckingham palace while he dines with the Queen.




Irish get violent as enemy Queen of England tours Ireland

May 17, Chinese media reporting that clashes have broken out between Irish protesting Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland, and turncoat Irish police.

Pics show protesters trying to break through police lines with a garbage dumpster set on fire.  Another pic shows a turncoat cop, in full riot gear, squashing an Irish woman to the ground.

Many protesters are throwing rocks at traitor cops, in images that look like something out of Palestine.