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Operation Jupiter: CDC study admits Flu Vaccine can kill!

15 SEP 2017 (04:19 UTC-07 Tango 06) 24 Sharivar 1396/23 Dhu l-Hijja 1438/25 Wu-Shen 7th month 4715

“SAB [spontaneous abortion] was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and SAB, but further research is warranted.”Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010–11 and 2011–12

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (aka CDC) paid for a vaccine study that resulted in shocking results for the pro-vaccine agency; 4-hundred% increase in spontaneous abortions/miscarriages in women who get swine flu shots every year (‘back-to-back’ vaccinations)!

In 2004 the CDC began telling pregnant women they should be vaccinated against influenza, regardless of which trimester they were in. The study, which included CDC researchers, was undertaken with the intent to dispel claims by anti-vaxers but instead backs them up.

Apparently the problem is that a woman’s immune system is actually weakened when she gets pregnant after getting a flu shot the previous flu season, and then gets another flu shot while pregnant.   Specifically the problem seems to be connected to the vaccine for the 2009 H1N1 virus: “One important take-away message from this study is that seasonal vaccine formulations are not all the same.”

Another study revealed that there is resistance among vaccine manufacturers regarding the idea of making vaccines that don’t require refrigeration.  As I’ve written before, for the for-profit vaccine industry it’s all about the money, they claim it would cost them too much money to create ‘heat-stable’ vaccines.

In the past few years there have been dozens of cases around the world of people becoming sick, or dying, because the vaccine they got had spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.  The study, called Economic impact of thermostable vaccines, concluded that it was actually more cost effective, in the long run, to invent heat-stable vaccines.


Food Crisis Japan: Black Swan deaths reveal Bird Flu epidemic

07 December 2016 (03:44 UTC-07 Tango 01) 17 Azar 1395/07 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1438/09 Geng Zi 4714

The deaths of expensive Black Swans at a Japanese zoo has revealed a bird flu epidemic sweeping the island nation.

The Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya confirmed that one Black Swan died from bird flu, and two others died but tested negative.  More testing is being done.  Zoo employees are searching the surrounding area for dead wild birds that might be infected, so far none have been found.   Avian exhibits where people come in direct contact with birds have been shutdown.

Japanese news media has revealed that since November 550-thousand poultry at just one farm (in Niigata Prefecture) have been culled (killed) in an attempt to stop  an epidemic of bird flu!

Just last week a second duck farm in Amori Prefecture tested positive for bird flu.  The prefectural government ordered the culling of more than 4-thousand ducks!

In the city of Yokohama,  administrators of the four city run zoos are forcing zoo patrons to disinfect their shoes before entering the bird refuges.  Some avian exhibits have been shutdown.

The irony is that the upcoming new year in Japan is being called the Year of the Rooster.



H1N1 roars back to life: Hundreds killed in the first two months of 2016! Targets vegans?

20 February 2016 /20:28 UTC-07 Tango 01 (02 Esfand 1394/12 Jumada al-Ula 1437/14 Geng Yin 4714)

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control reports half of its 50 member countries are dealing with a sudden increase in flu cases.

Armenia: 18 deaths caused by H1N1, so far.

Canada: In Saskatchewan an H1N1 outbreak was reported at a potash mine.  At least five case at the K+S Potash Legacy Camp, two people hospitalized.

Cyprus: The island country reports a father of two died from H1N1 a week after being admitted to hospital. He was admitted to a privately run hospital, which failed to take X-rays or detect a secondary infection in time to stop his death.  He was the second person to die from H1N1, dozens of people are hospitalized.

Belarus: Despite the UN World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. CDC and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) claiming the eastern European country is hard hit by H1N1, the government says ’tis not so.  President Alexander Lukashenko says the WHO, CDC and ECDC are assuming there’s an epidemic only because Belarus is sandwiched between Russia and Ukraine which are suffering a flu epidemic.  Health administrators report fewer influenza cases than in January 2015, saying so far only 30 people have been confirmed to have the flu!

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Two women killed by H1N1, six people hospitalized.

Finland:  19 people have died from H1N1-pdm09 since the beginning of the Gregorian year 2016. At least 146 people hospitalized.  Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare expects a tripling of influenza cases this year.

Georgia: At least three people dead from H1N1.  292 people confirmed infected with H1N1.

Greece: Five people died from H1N1 in the past 24 hours.  115 people have died from H1N1 since the beginning of the year!  356 people have been hospitalized. Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention says the majority of people who’ve died had other health problems and were not vaccinated, however, they admitted that at least 5% of those who died were vaccinated.

India: Health administrators are reporting fewer cases and deaths by H1N1, compared to the same time last year.    A study by the Civil Hospital concluded that one of the best ways to protect yourself from influenza (besides vaccinations) was a high animal protein diet (makes sense because your anti-bodies are 100% animal protein, they can’t use veggie protien).  Such a diet is even more important for moms who breast feed their children: “These days even mother’s breast feed to infants has to be supplemented with trace nutrients and iron for the well-being of the infant and his increased immunity. The immunity comes from the food, habits and lifestyle of breast-feeding mothers.”-Mona Desai, pediatrician

Iran:  Health administrators report the biggest outbreak of H1N1 in their country, ever.  112 people dead since November 2015.

Ireland:  15 people have died from flu, 11 from H1N1.  460 people hospitalized, at least half with H1N1-pdm09.  Health Protection Surveillance Centre reports 757 cases of flu last month, compared to only 312 cases in January 2015.  The Irish Medical Organization has declared Ireland’s healthcare system in danger of collapse, caused by reduced taxpayer funding and an exodus of doctors from The Emerald Isle: “Five years ago, we moved heaven and earth to rescue failed Irish banks; surely we can now do the same to rescue the Irish health service on which all of us ultimately depend. What we need now is an immediate investment programme, followed by a period of sustained funding so that we can repair the damage done.”-Ray Walley, doctor

Jamaica: The island country reports one person died after getting infected with H1N1, but doctors implied there were other complications.  At least nine people hospitalized with H1N1.

Lebanon: After four people died of H1N1 panic buying of medical supplies resulted, now there is a shortage of Flumivir and Tamilflu treatments.  The Ministry of Health reports a 20% increase in flu cases compared to last flu season.

Libya: In the U.S.-EU-NATO destabilized country health administrators are urging people to get vaccinated, but at the same time say reports of an epidemic are just rumors.

Lithuania: Heath administrators report a fourfold increase in flu cases compared to the same time last year.  22 municipalities have declared epidemics, last year only five municipalities were dealing with epidemics of influenza.  So far three people killed by H1N1.

Malta: The island country reports 97 H1N1 cases in January 2016 (double the number of flu cases for all of 2015), with two prisoners dying.  Health administrators noted that 72,835 people have been vaccinated so far this year. 

Northern Ireland:  In the British colony, seven people died from H1N1 since September 2015.  At least 150 cases of H1N1.

Pakistan:  At least 33 people died from H1N1, since 01 January 2016.  More than 1-thousand people infected.

Palestine: Four people in the West Bank confirmed dead by H1N1.  So far 355 cases. H1N1 first appeared in Palestine in 2010.

Russia: ‘Lawmakers’ are blaming U.S. Operation Jupiter (JUPITR) for an epidemic of H1N1 in their country.  At least 126 people dead since December.  At the end of January, the city of Yekaterinburg shutdown the schools to try and prevent the spread of the virus.

Trinidad & Tobago: Health administrators ordered 50-thousand doses of influenza vaccine.  They say they need at least 116-thousand doses to fight the expected H1N1 outbreak.  46-thousand people have already been vaccinated.  Eight people have died of H1N1.  Health administrators say their battle with Zika virus is making the situation more difficult.

Ukraine: In the U.S.-EU-NATO destabilized country at least 315 people have died since the influenza season officially started, mainly from H1N1.  In January an epidemic was declared.  Schools have been shutdown.  Health administrators claim none of the people who’ve died were vaccinated.

United Kingdom:  Leicester Royal Infirmary reports at least 14 cancer patients are now infected with H1N1. Glenfield Hospital reports three people hospitalized with H1N1.  Royal Berkshire Hospital has four people in isolation with H1N1.

A teenager who was vaccinated for influenza when he was ten was recently awarded $173-thousand USD in damages because the Pandemrix vaccine gave him narcolepsy.  He now falls asleep even when eating, walking and swimming. 

United States:  Fresno County, in California, reports two deaths caused by H1N1.  County health administrators are concerned, calling the deaths “unusual” in that the victims might have been vaccinated for H1N1.  No other details about the victims were released.

San Diego County, California, reports one death by H1N1.  The man did not have any other health problems.  Doctors claim he was not vaccinated.

In the U.S. state of Indiana, the Putnamville prison hit by H1N1.  At least 40 prisoners infected, one died.  Health administrators admitted that at least three of the infected had been vaccinated. They admitted that vaccination rates for prisoners was higher than normal, but those getting sick are young and healthy.  They describe a lethal mix of infection with the H1N1 virus and the MRSA bacteria.  Watch the video of the press conference for more info.

Currently there are no vaccines approved for children less than 6 months old.  The majority of flu vaccines for children are for children three years or older, and usually need more than one shot before they’re considered effective.

Operation Jupiter?: U.S. hit by new stealth Dog Flu!

proof vaccines are overrated & all about the money as British empire takes control of U.S. flu shot supply

H1N1 …..Blame globalization! 

Operation Jupiter?: U.S. hit by new stealth Dog Flu!

16 July 2015 (03:56 UTC-07 Tango 01)/25 Tir 1394/29 Ramadan 1436/01 Gui-Wie (6th month) 4713

“This flu is much more contagious. It came from Chicago and it’s the same kind of epidemic that they dealt with up there.”– Duffy Jones, Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, Georgia

Canine influenza has hit 30 U.S. states from the mid-west to the southeast.

At least six dogs in Illinois have died, with more than 1-thousand confirmed cases since April!

The University Of Georgia‘s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory confirms 88 cases of dog flu in the Atlanta metro area.  Dog parks and animal shelters around the state are being closed down to prevent more infections.

North Carolina veterinarians report their first cases, and warn pet owners to wash their clothes: “Dog flu germs can stay on your clothes for 24 hours, so if you think you may have come in contact with a dog that has dog flu or you’ve been around coughing animals or animals you don’t know, it may be a good idea to change clothes out, wash your hands, all those things to decontaminate yourself.”-Andy Roark, Cleveland Park Animal Hospital

Veterinarians in Indiana say this dog flu (first seen in Illinois) is a new stealth type of influenza: “The best preventative is complete avoidance of other dogs because the unfortunate thing about this particular virus is it’s most contagious before they actually start showing clinical signs. So they’re most contagious that two-to-four-day window before they start coughing, before their nose starts running.”-Arielle Pechette

A routine health screening in Minnesota confirmed the new stealth virus is a type of H3N2 influenza.  The dog that was tested had no symptoms!  The dog had been recently adopted by a family of humans who had their veterinarian conduct a health screening of their new pooch.  The blood test came back positive for H3N2.  News reports say some animal shelters are now refusing to take in new dogs.

Currently there is only one dog flu vaccine, designed for H3N8, not H3N2.

“…influenza viruses are constantly changing and it is possible for a virus to change so that it could infect humans and spread easily between humans. Human infections with new influenza viruses (against which the human population has little immunity) are concerning when they occur. Such viruses could present pandemic influenza threats. For this reason, CDC and its partners are monitoring the canine influenza H3N8 and H3N2 viruses (as well as other animal influenza viruses) closely. In general, canine influenza viruses are considered to pose a low threat to humans.”-U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rare dog disease….Deadly warning from India! 

Operation Jupiter: Anthrax is the zombie disease Lazarus!

U.S. Food Crisis, June 2015: “…there’s not a light at the end of the tunnel anymore.” Grocery stores & Restaurants playing the Sears Holdings game! Farmers using the internet to spread H5N2!

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of June, 2015: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, and spread of disease.

A recently published study in Mexico says H5N2 has been present in that country for the past 15 years.  One of the conclusions of the controlled study (involving the intentional infection of chickens and ducks with the 2007 strain of H5N2) was that domestic Peking ducks seem to be carriers of the virus, showing no signs of infection.   Also, duck embryos are more susceptible to infection than chicken embryos.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms more than 49-million poultry have been terminated due to infection or exposure to H5N2 influenza virus!  The USDA is now allowing eggs to be shipped in from some European countries, after the American Bakers Association stated they’re being forced “…to shut down lines or shut down production altogether…Or two, find a substitute for eggs.”  The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service admitted that they don’t know how poultry, and now wild birds, are getting sick: “…cannot…associate HPAI transmission with one factor or group of factors in a statistically significant way at this time……a likely cause….sharing of equipment between an infected and noninfected farm, employees moving between infected and noninfected farms, lack of cleaning and disinfection of vehicles moving between farms, and reports of rodents or small wild birds inside poultry houses….” 

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning saying the H5N2 outbreak “may increase the likelihood of human infection in the United States”.

Chinese border administrators reporting that frozen meat as old as 40 years is being smuggled into their country through the new U.S. ally Vietnam.  Chinese administrators did not openly blame the United States, but pointed out that some of the meat was sold by websites claiming that the meat is coming from the U.S.   China banned U.S. beef in 2003 due to mad cow disease outbreaks.  Border agents told news media it was easy to find the illegal meat (including beef, pork & poultry): “It was too smelly. A truck full of it. I almost threw up when the door opened.”– Zhang Tao

Arkansas: Switzerland based Nestlé laid off 75 people at its Gerber Fort Smith baby food factory.  Administrators claim its because they switched to using plastic baby food containers.

Arizona: Five Coco’s Bakery Restaurants shutdown; one in Sun City and four in Phoenix! Coco’s was sold to a competitor.  In Phoenix yet another restaurant shutdown, this time Kincaid’s Classic American Dining closing in July after 14 years. The owners blamed years of city construction work which put their sales into a death spiral by blocking customer access to their establishment.   In Scottsdale, the Bamboo Club shutdown as well as Frasher’s Steakhouse and Lounge (it’s supposedly moving to Phoenix).  Also in Scottsdale, after 19 years restaurant Los Olivos shutdown its Sonora Village Shopping Center, due to the new property owner. The shopping center was sold for $2-million USD, and the new owner signed a new lease with an as yet undisclosed tenant to move into the Los Olivos space.  In Arcadia, the Milagro Grill shutdown.   In Tucson, after 13 years the Chantilly Tea Room and Gift Boutique shutdown. The owner is hoping the sale of the building will get her enough cash to open a new establishment.  State Department of Agriculture investigating reports that chicken, quail and partridge eggs in Pinal, Mohave, Santa Cruz and Yavapai counties tested positive for H5N2. State inspectors blame ignorant farmers and the internet for the spread of H5N2 to The Grand Canyon State: “Bird enthusiasts and breeders who are shopping on the Internet need to take care when ordering. These birds and eggs came from a state where avian influenza is rampant, responsible for the loss of millions of turkeys and hens. If you are importing birds or eggs into the state, check the list of states with avian influenza, and do not bring birds or eggs from them to protect your flock and others.”-Perry Durham, state veterinarian

California: Due to the ongoing drought, the state Water Resources Control Board is drastically cutting access to water for Golden State farmers. The latest water cuts affect 300-thousand acres (121-thousand hectares) of farmland!   Los Angeles County has banned the planting of new grape vineyards, and the expansion of existing vineyards, in the Santa Monica Mountains North Area. County administrators blame the drought.   In Los Angeles, King Meat issued a shutdown WARN for August, 227 jobs lost!  In Harbor City, Flying Food Group issued a layoff WARN for August, 121 jobs lost!  Great Harvest Bread shutdown its 11 years old Folsom store.  In San Francisco, after six years Wexler’s upscale BBQ restaurant shutting down and being sold-off. The owner said the timing is right to get out and spend more time with his family.  Staying in San Francisco, Starbucks announced it is shutting down its recently acquired La Boulange bakery operations, which includes 23 stores! Starbucks also announced it will shutdown its San Francisco Evolution Fresh juice store.  After three years 4505 Meats Butcher Shop shutting down in July, it’s blamed on problems with the company’s commissary kitchen which directly impacts the butcher shop.  Sandwich shop Giordano Brothers shutdown their 11 years old North Beach location. Administrators say the lease expired and the location just isn’t big enough.  In Chatsworth, Warren Buffet owned Heinz food processor announced they’re shutting down in July, 144 jobs lost!   Rio Mesa shutting down two farms in July, one in Santa Paula the other in Somis, 135 jobs lost! In Reedely, fruit packer Ito Packing Company issued a shutdown WARN for July, 197 jobs lost! Kroger announced it will shutdown its Mission Hills Ralph’s grocery store in July, 70 jobs lost.  In Newport Beach, after 25 years restaurant Jackshrimp shutdown.  The owner did not renew the lease and implied he was being pushed out by greedy property developers.  In Costa Mesa, after 18 years restaurant Pinot Provence shutdown.  Recently the city of Fresno learned it would lose at least two Vons grocery stores, now Save Mart announced it to is shutting down.  They will shutdown before the end of the month, and company administrators claim all 62 employees will be moved to other Save Marts (which doesn’t make sense because Save Mart will then have a lot of redundant employees).  Officially administrators blame competition (really, with Vons getting outta town?), but it turns out that Save Mart owns the property, where they’re closing down their Clinton and Blackstone avenues grocery store, and they’ve decided to play the Sears Holdings game and make more money by leasing  it out to their ‘competition’!  In West Sacramento, Raley’s shutdown their Mack Road grocery store saying “We made several operational changes in an effort to help the struggling store. We modified the store hours…and implemented several cost-control measures in order to drive sales. Unfortunately, these efforts have been unsuccessful in increasing the store’s performance.”  Albertsons-Safeway issued yet another WARN saying eight more employees will be let go from Safeway‘s Pleasanton HQ, in August.  In San Diego, after 19 years the Great News Cookware Store and Cooking School shutting down by July.   After 36 years, the owners of popular Lunch Bag Deli say their landlord is forcing them to shutdown. They say they got a 26 day eviction notice with no explanation. An employee of the real estate company that manages the property would only say, to local news media, that the lease was up and they didn’t want to renew.  In Turlock, the owner of Ann’s Fish and Chips reports that the greedy landlord has forced her to go elsewhere, due to jacking up the rent. The restaurant must shutdown by the 4th of July.   Food producer Genreal Mills confirmed their Lodi factory will shutdown by the end of the year, 430 jobs lost! This is not part of General Mills’ recent announcement that they’re culling 7-hundred more jobs, the Lodi shutdown was planned in 2014! Administrators of the city of Lodi say the General Mills shutdown will impact other businesses, netting more than 1-thousand 2-hundred jobs lost for the city!

Colorado: In Denver, the owners of two years old Session Kitchen say they must shutdown in July. Despite rave reviews sales were never high enough to cover costs of operations.

Florida:  Upscale grocer Epicure Gourmet Market & Cafe shutdown its one and a half years old Coral Gables store. Local news said employees reported that maybe 50 customers visit the store per day.  Miami-Dade based Burger King canceled their contract with Irish meat supplier Silvercrest Foods because they were using horse meat instead of cow! Customers in Ireland are now facing a Whopper of a burger shortage, at least until Burger King can find a new Irish meat supplier.  Despite this latest beef scandal taking place in Ireland, the Clearwater Burger King on US19 and Sunset Point Road shutdown for failing health inspections. In Tampa, the Tampa Tap Room shutdown for 30 health code violations. The Paradise Biryani Pointe shutdown for 41 health code violations.   In Fort Walton Beach, after 40 years Mama Rosa’s Pizza shutdown and for sale despite the owners claim that business is good. The owners said they’re moving to Georgia.  In Orlando, award winning Wolfie’s Pizzamia shutting down next month. The landlord signed a new lease with a gourmet dessert restaurant.   In Largo, Thai Basil Westbay restaurant shutdown, yet again, by health inspectors. News reports say the restaurant has been accused of recurring problems with roaches, rodents, ants and improper food temperatures.  After three years Korean restaurant OTC shutdown, the owner says he wants to try something new.   In Fort Lauderdale, after 25 years the pissed-off owners of Thai restaurant Sukhothai announced it will shutdown at a time of their choosing, they blame the lack of economic recovery for not being able to break even: “My heart is broken. Not only will I lose my business, I will miss my customers.”-Susie Komolsane, co-owner

Georgia: After six years the Little Wine Shop shutdown.

Hawaii: After 49 years the owner of two iconic restaurants is shutting them down due to health problems. The restaurant Kenny’s will shutdown by 05 July, and Kenny’s Express will shutdown 04 July.

Idaho:  Twice in one week masses of pollenating bees escaped after the trucks transporting them crashed.  Near Coeur d’Alene about 2-million bees were lost after the trailer tipped over. Apparently those bees were on their way to Montana farms.  On state highway 33, near the nuclear INL site, 20-million bees heading to North Dakota farms were lost when the truck and trailer tipped over while trying to avoid hitting a car.  One news report says firefighters killed the bees with foam.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared Clark and Jefferson counties drought disaster areas.  There are now 15 Idaho counties qualifying for drought disaster loan assistance programs.  Last month the state Department of Agriculture denied H5N2 was in The Gem State (at least since January when the last flock of infected chickens were killed off), but now they’ve banned ducks and other waterbirds from county fairs.  KPVI reports that Franklin County farmers, who rely on irrigation, are struggling with invasive mussels.  The foreign quagga mussels are clogging the irrigation pipes, cutting off precious water for the crops (Idaho is in the grips of a 15 years long drought).  Franklin County, working with state ag administrators, has begun boat inspection at local reservoirs.  In southwestern Idaho, state health and wildlife administrators are warning of the plague as many dead voles and ground squirrels have tested positive for Yersinia pestis bacteria, so far one human and one dog are being treated for the disease.  More trouble for southeast Idaho wheat growers.  The University of Idaho reports that a difficult to diagnose blight called Leaf Spot is reducing wheat yields by 10%.  Leaf Spot prevents the plants from absorbing nutrients. UoI ag experts working in Arbon Valley say most farmers do not know about it, and when they see crop damage they assume it’s a fungus and spray fungicides, instead they should treat the soil with chloride.  In Boise, the Chili’s restaurant on West Franklin Road (near Boise Towne Square mall) shutting down. The Montana based franchise owner says they are getting outta Boise and moving to Nampa.  The Boise Co-Op voluntarily shutdown after 30 people tested positive for salmonella after eating food from the store’s delicatessen.  State inspectors said the grocery store has not violated any health codes.

Illinois: In Pilsen, after six years restaurant Nightwood shutting down in July.  Another food bank going down, this time in Cahokia, and this time it’s purely political. Christina Walker, director of the Cahokia Community Basket, says they’re being shutdown because they opposed the election of the current mayor, but admitted “I’ve not been given a reason. I spoke with Curtis McCall yesterday in his office personally and asked why am I being put on administrative leave and the purpose of us vacating the building and he told me ‘Due to future litigation I cannot comment at this time.’” The food bank feeds 1-thousand 2-hundred people every month!  Local news reports say representatives of other food banks told them that somebody was making threatening phone calls to them, implying they were with the Cahokia Community Basket.   After 65 years the Indiana Harbor Dairy Queen shutdown. City administrators said the Dairy Queen corporation demanded the franchise owners pay to upgrade the restaurant, but the franchise owners didn’t have the money.  The owner of Eric’s Restaurant gave up and shutdown after he lost his booze license: “He is closed and is thinking about keeping it closed and moving to a different location because he’s completely worn out.”-Hal Jennings, attorney

Indiana: Bloomingfoods Co-op is eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs, blaming a 20% crash in sales on “competition”.   But is the real reason because employees tried to unionize?  Proof the economy is only getting worse; Lafayette Transitional Housing Center shutting down their meal service. Operators say they are “overcrowded” and have decided to focus their service only on providing a place to live for people who’re homeless. Operators say they are working to find a charity who can take over their meal service. Over the past few years Lafayette Transitional Housing Center has become the largest food provider in a 16-county region!  The Oliver Winery Downtown, restaurant Max’s Place, and restaurant El Norteño all shutdown in Bloomington’s town square. It’s blamed on massive competition for “entertainment dollars”.

Iowa: The state Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship reports the 75th outbreak of H5N2.  So far 29-million poultry infected, all turkeys and 26.3-million laying chickens have been terminated as a result!  State ‘lawmakers’ say more than 1-thousand 5-hundred jobs will be lost by August if the H5N2 outbreak doesn’t stop, and they’re asking the Obama regime to declare affected counties as FEMA disaster areas!  In Mason City, after 30 years the Bonanza steak restaurant shutdown. The property owner swears another restaurant is moving in.   In Cedar Rapids, Smuggler’s Warf Big Bam Boo Bar shutdown. The owner blames crashing business for causing him to lose his booze license and for preventing him from paying rent, plus health problems: “I am 60 years old, got some health issues, and couldn’t take it anymore.”-Al Zindrick

Williamsburg based Kinze Manufacturing has become the latest farm equipment maker to go down. Months after cutting work hours to 30 hours per week (in-line with avoiding ObamaCare mandated benefits, but of course they didn’t say that) administrators announced they must eliminate 215 jobs across the U.S.! Employees say administrators gave them no warning (which is typical and I’m still amazed how many sheeple workers in the U.S. are shocked that their employers can kill their jobs without warning). As with other farm equipment makers, it’s blamed on crashing sales: “Despite our efforts, the current demand does not support our present staffing level.”-Kinze Manufacturing news release

Kansas: The state Department of Agriculture has banned poultry shows at county fairs, due to H5N2.  In Topeka, after more than 40 years the owners of Grover’s Smokehouse announced they must shutdown in July, due to the landlord kicking them out. It sounds like the property has been sold to some evil property developers.

Kentucky: After eight years the owner of My Old Kentucky Homebrew announced he’s shutting it down in July.  State Health Department is shutting down three Women’s Infant & Children offices, 12 jobs lost. Administrators blame lack of taxpayer funding and lack of people signing up for the measly $40 per month in food assistance.  Price Less IGA shutdown one of their Bowling Green grocery stores. The store was only two years old, and local news reports say administrators refused to explain the shutdown.

Louisiana: In New Orleans, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville shutdown. News reports say it’s being replaced with B.B. King’s Blue Club.  You could say “nothing lost”, but a lot of money is going to be spent on nothing gained either, the new food-night club venue is supposedly going to do the same thing the old venue did.  The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shutdown shrimp harvest in most inshore areas “…to protect these developing shrimp and provide opportunity for growth to larger and more marketable sizes.”

Main: In Bath, after 57 years Gilmore Seafood shutting down at the beginning of July. The owner said he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse by a property developer, allowing him to retire.

Maryland:   US Foods shutting down its Anne Arundel County distribution warehouse, 350 jobs lost! Because of the bad economy US Foods is consolidating ops “serving the Washington DC metropolitan area”.

Massachusetts:  In Springfield, non-profit New England Farm Workers Council laid off 40 people due to loss of state taxpayer funding.

Michigan: The new owner of Hiller’s Market grocery stores, Kroger, announced that Hiller’s stores in Ann Arbor, Plymouth and South Lyon will shutdown immediately! Hiller’s stores in West Bloomfield and Northville have already been shutdown!  In Detroit, three baby wild geese tested positive for H5N2, making Michigan the 21st state to be hit by bird flu.   Recently voted the second best coffee shop in Saginaw County, three years old ThunderBrew Coffee Company shutdown.  Co-owner Dan Propp blamed crashing sales and Too Big to Jail banks who refused to debt finance their operation, his wife Elizabeth would only say “We tried, and if you don’t try, you never know. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t win. Dan and I have poured our heart, soul, and life into building ThunderBrew. We are thankful for all of the support we have received over the last 3 years. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs….”  In Ferndale, restaurant Torino suddenly shutdown. The owners claim that Health Department rules do not allow them to serve the type of food they offer where they are located: “This week we were visited by the Health Department and together we have determined that it is no longer possible to continue serving a menu of our caliber due to the current size of our facility.”

Minnesota:  Like your Cheerios, Yoplait and Progresso? Minneapolis based food maker General Mills announced 725 jobs eliminated globally! Administrators continue to blame crashing sales and say the restructuring, known as Project Catalyst, will continue into 2017 (showing you how little faith in any ‘recovery’ General Mills has). In the past 12+ months General Mills has shutdown two dough factories, and with the latest job culling announcement, eliminated at least 2,125 food producing jobs!   The state Board of Animal Health reported the 40th H5N2 outbreak to hit the same county, which also happens to be the country’s largest turkey producing county of Kandiyohi.   In Bloomington, after more than 30 years the owners of Cub Foods grocery store announced it will shutdown by the end of July.   Owner Niemann Foods stated “This is the last Cub Foods operated by NFI, and with our lease expiring, we decided to retire the format…”, 75 jobs lost.   Minnetonka based food processor Cargill laid off 45 more IT (information technology) employees, blaming the not recovered economy.  In Saint Paul, the Four Inns diner shutdown after 45 years.  The operators blamed crashing sales on fast food joints and lunch trucks.  Also in Saint Paul, iconic Italian American Romolo’s drive in restaurant shutdown.  The owners said “it’s kind of complicated” but they’ve been forced to sell the property.  The Upper Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam shutdown in an effort to stop the spread of invasive carp.  After less than one year beer seller Four Firkins shutdown. The owner blames competition and new anti-beer laws.  The Saint Louis Park Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill shutdown without warning. A now unemployed server who didn’t know her employer shutdown told local news media “They didn’t pay their liquor taxes, we ran out of beer and liquor last weekend, and I was here Monday working and nobody has told me anything.” Across the country Toby Keith’s have been shutting down without warning since 2014.

Mississippi: The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources shutting down shrimp harvest on the Intracoastal Waterway, due to catches being under the legal size minimum of 68 per pound.  Shrimpers agree with the shutdown because they aren’t getting very much money for their catches.  Piccadilly Cafeteria in Edgewater Mall shutdown. The manager of the mall would only say “This is part of a bigger plan.”

Missouri: After only two years the Edwardsville Robust Wine Bar shutdown. The owners said they have plans to expand but their Edwardsville location was actually preventing that.

Montana: In Helena, a kitchen fire has permanently shutdown Louie’s Casa Diego restaurant. The owner says the cost to repair the damage is too high, especially after his insurance provider claimed they never got any of his premium payments: “I’ve put in a lot of money and I’m strapped now. So I can’t get no farther.”-Luis Lopez

Nebraska: H5N2 causing mass layoffs at Michael Foods Egg Products. The food factory is shutting down and more than 1-hundred people will be “temporarily” unemployed!  The Knolls golf, tennis and swimming Country Club & Restaurant shutting down in November. Locals claim a lot of people use the facility, but the owners say otherwise. Membership crashed to only 70 at the beginning of the year.

New Jersey: Stop & Shop announced they’re shutting down their Manalapan grocery store in July, 80 jobs affected. A local grocery store analyst says profits for food stores has become “very, very, tight”. Another analyst blames the grocery store shutdowns on ShopRite, who is now “dominating the supermarket landscape in New Jersey.”  The Route 33 Foodtown grocery store shutting down. Local news reports say company administrators refused to explain, but a local grocery store analyst said there was too much competition. In Long Branch, after 85 years pizza joint Tony’s Tomato Pies shutdown. The owner said they never recovered after Hurricane Sandy: “Basically, times have changed after 85 years….after Sandy a lot of businesses got hit hard.”-Gina Chiafullo

New York: In Buffalo, restaurant Nektar Ambrosia shutdown, the immigrant owner sold the building and is moving back to economically failed Greece rather than stay in the United States!  In Albany, after 35 years the owner of Dean’s Natural Foods announced it will shutdown in July, more than 20 jobs lost.  Nirvana Spring Water now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and shutting down their Oneida County bottling factory, 70 jobs lost by September.  The company owes millions of dollars to the New York Business Development Corporation.  Eight years old bakery Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free shutdown.  The owners blamed “struggles keeping this store open”.  In NYC, restaurant Ouest shutdown due to the greedy landlord jacking up the rent. The New York Times said one loyal customer was so upset she said “I feel there’s no reason to stay in New York anymore.” After almost 50 years the Candle Bar shutting down due to the fact the owner has sold off the building.  In Canandaigua, news reports say Wade’s Market Center will shutdown, 133 grocery jobs lost!  The property was sold-off without warning. Local residents say they will now have to drive 20 miles to shop for food.   Food service company Sodexo issued yet another shutdown WARN, this time they lost their contract with Colgate University, 99 jobs lost by July.  Durso Lefferts Boulevard Foods issued a WARN saying they’re shutting down their Richmond Hill grocery store in September, 83 jobs lost. They blame crashing sales.

North Carolina: In Raleigh, after five years Natty Green’s Pub & Brewing shutting down by August because of its greedy landlord. Apparently the landlord suddenly backed out of a recent lease agreement and jacked up the rent so high that the pub owners can’t pay! The pub owners say on their last day of operations all sales will go to the employees. In Durham, Gregoria’s Cuban Steakhouse being shutdown and replaced.  In Washington, after 24 years The Moss House bed & breakfast shutdown. It has been sold to a buyer that will make it their private residence. In Elkin, Heaven’s Scent Restaurant shutting down, the owners would only say that “…our journey is coming to an end…”. They will continue catering, but only until the end of the year.  In Mount Airy, after 25 years Pandowdy restaurant shutdown and sold-off.  After 58 years restaurant Bonnie Kay Seafood shutdown in Greensboro. The owners blamed the rising cost of food: “Basically it’s economics, trying to maintain a model of a seafood camp which means bringing a lot of people, putting a lot of food on the plate at a reasonable price; with seafood that’s getting harder and harder to do.”-Tina Oliver, co-owner

North Dakota: In the U.S. state of North Dakota bacillus anthracis (anthrax) has hit the cattle industry. The state Department of Agriculture blames unusually abundant rain. In 2005, anthrax killed more than 1-thousand cattle, bison, horses, sheep, llamas and farmed deer and elk.

Ohio: State Fair administrators have banned poultry competitions due to H5N2.   After 17 years Medina Steak & Seafood shutdown. The owner blames competition.  Nightly Business Report stated that Columbus based chain restaurant Bob Evans is now playing the Sears Holdings game; becoming a real estate investment trust (REIT) to sell their restaurants and then rent them back!   In Lyndhurst, after less than four years high priced cookware store Le Creuset announced it is shutting down in July.   In Coshocton, the Cheez-Kake Bake Shop shutdown. The owner is selling his assets and moving to Florida.  Jamboree Foods shutting down their Pierpoint grocery store by the end of the week: “It’s just getting to the point where all the Wal-Marts and drug stores kept nickel and diming us. It finally got to the point where it’s time. It’s hard. I’m not going to be able to retire, I’m just going to close the store. My whole life savings is tied into the store!”-Dan Swift, owner

Oregon: The owner of the 5 years old gluten free Dallas Health & Vitality Center says she’s shutting down by the end of the month. She says for the amount of work she puts into the business, and the amount of time lost with her family, she gets very little out of it. In other words it’s not worth it anymore.  In Portland, after 36 years Martinotti’s Cafe & Deli was killed off by the greedy landlord jacking up the rent: “Rent has raised considerably! It’s more than what’s doable for us which is why we aren’t staying.”– Martina Martinotti, granddaughter of owner

In Hillsboro, after 80 years the Hank’s Thriftway grocery store shutting down, after a surprise announcement: “Starting Monday June 15th, we will be open short hours 10am to 7pm to liquidate the inventory. During this time we will be offering a 25% discount on all items other than lottery, money orders and postage stamps. All sales will be final and we will not be able to accept checks.”

Pennsylvania: In Hazelton, after less than ten years Heritage Fresh Food grocery store shutting down once everything is sold off, administrators saying they can no longer compete.  In Philadelphia, Joe Varalli’s Italian seafood restaurant shutdown by property developers. Perch Pub shutting down in Spring 2016, due to property developers. Mama Angelina’s Pizza also shutting down. The building that houses all those eateries was sold to property developers who want to tear it down. Simply Shabu Chinese hot pot restaurant shutdown, fans blamed its location. The Wawa sandwich joint & fuel station shutdown their 11th and Arch Street store due to “circumstances beyond our control”.   Chiarella’s Ristorante shutdown. The owner said “We’re not closing because we want to close” the greedy landlord was “pushing” them out.  In Garfield, after five years restaurant Salt of the Earth to shutdown in August. The owners are going to focus on their other business, architecture.  In Lower Township, the Mount Hill Tavern shutdown and up for sale. The owners implied it was too much work for what they got in return.   In Kingston, after 24 years the Pizza Mill restaurant shutdown: “We’re moving onto other things. We want to have some time with our families and do some traveling and catch up on lost time.”-Mark Cardone, co-owner

Lancaster based chocolate maker Hershey Company (Hershey’s) announced it will eliminate at least 3-hundred jobs by the end of 2015! Administrators would not give details, but implied they don’t see any economic recovery taking place: “Removing cost and complexity from our business will make us more flexible to quickly react to changing consumer and competitive marketplace trends.”-John Bilbrey, CEO

After 89 years (surviving the Great deflationary Depression and numerous recessions) The Red Rose restaurant shutdown: “Life is too short! We only have so many good years left and by the grace of God, we think we have enough resources to retire and what we want to do is just enjoy whatever years with have left with each other and our family.”-Nick Flouras

South Carolina: The South Carolina State Fair is banning most bird events due to H5N2.

Tennessee: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams joins Blue Bell Creameries in shutting down all their stores due to listeria contamination! Jeni’s has halted the grand opening of their latest store, because their ice cream has tested positive a second time for listeria.

Texas: San Antonio based  Whataburger temporarily reduced its breakfast menu offerings, due to the H5N2 outbreak killing off the egg supply, for about three weeks.  The iconic fast food joint was able to find a new supply of eggs, however I did not read where their new egg supply is coming from.  In San Antonio, Arcade Midtown Kitchen shutdown so the owner could pursue other interests.  In Austin, Freddie’s Place restaurant being shutdown, the property was sold to another restaurant.  Gary Shelton, the owner of the Sack & Save grocery store on Interstate 35E, says “We stuck it out as long as we could, but there’s not a light at the end of the tunnel anymore.” Sack & Save will shutdown on 27 June, due to the landlord-owner selling the property to the University of North Texas for $6.25-million (almost three times the appraised value!).   After ten years Yum Yum Cha Cafe shutdown in Houston because of the greedy landlord.  After 24 years Martin’s Berry Patch shutdown: “It’s just gotten to be too much work and me and my wife’s health hasn’t been too good. I’m really going to miss the people. Berry pickers are the best people out there.”-Jack Martin

Virginia: In Chester, after 27 years the Weekend Brewer shutdown, the owners retired.  In Staunton, a sign on the ABC booze store on Greenville Avenue said it was shutting down, however, when the property managers were approached by news media they said  “They’re negotiating.”   The Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet, on Peters Creek and Brandon in Roanoke, shutdown with no explanation.  The iconic Virginia Beach 66 years old Oceanfront Dairy Queen shutting down due to greedy property developers.  Property developers forced, I mean convinced family owners to sell it to them.  It will be torn down in September to make room for two big hotel developments.  In Norfolk, decades old O’Sullivan’s Wharf restaurant suddenly shutdown.  The owners would only say “Friends, family, customers, neighbors it is with a heavy heart we announce that today will be our final day open for business.”

Washington:  In Seattle, after 39 years restaurant Charlie’s shutdown. The owners have been trying to sell it since 2010.

Wisconsin: Aglio Ristorante in Janesville shutdown. It sounds like the property owner kicked them out in favor of another business.  The state vetrenarian has banned the movement of poultry and pet birds across the state, due to H5N2, the order is in effect until December.  Kodiak Jack’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant bankrupt busted and being evicted!  In Mequon, the Centennial Bar & Grille shutdown, it was sold to Sobelman’s Pub & Grill.  Golden County Foods revealed it went chapter 11 bankrupt busted back in May, and has been sold-off, threatening 432 jobs: “As a condition to the sale to Monogram, the company is required to terminate all employees’ employment with the company immediately prior to the closing of the sale…”-Tina Check, Golden County Foods

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Major insurance company says prepare for World War over Food! 

11 June 2015: Idaho wheat unfit for human consumption?!

10 June 2015: Albertsons Safeway shuts down forgotten Island store! Hospitals take over Safeway stores! 

U.S. Food Crisis May 2015: “they treat you like a piece of trash!”

U.S. Food Crisis, May 2015: “To give everything that you have and…they treat you like a piece of trash!” Higher education killing restaurants! Mother Nature killing off Bees, Chickens & Turkeys!

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of May, 2015: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, and spread of disease.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is alive and well, destroying food for humans, and other animals!   About 5-thousand U.S. beekeepers reported losing 42% of their bees from April 2014 to April 2015!  For the same time period of 2013-14 they lost 34%!   A group of universities and research laboratories (called Bee Informed Partnership) have been keeping track since 2010, this past year has been the worst bee die-off they’ve seen.  As a group, individual and industrial farmers spend almost $15-billion USD per year using honey bees to pollinate the crops they grow.  Without that, not enough fruit will develop.   As I’ve written in the past, the researchers blame lack of food for the bees (the pollen they eat is lacking in nutritional value, which will also affect us humans), pesticide and GMO use (no thanks to companies like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Dow Chemical and many others) and disease carrying parasites.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms more than 38-million birds in 15 states are infected with H5N2 influenza virus!  This number is not up to date, as at the state level various state health administrators are already reporting far more than have already died, or been culled!  USDA also stated that H5 viruses have adapted to wild birds, implying that it originated with domestic poultry not the other-way-round.  Because of that adaption USDA employees expect the devastating H5 epidemic to last until spring 2016.

Arizona: More trouble for Texas based Blue Bell ice cream maker.  Blue Bell Creameries is closing three Grand Canyon State distribution centers, more than 1-hundred jobs lost!   In Phoenix, after 59 years iconic Bill Johnson’s Big Apple restaurant shutdown, 32 jobs lost.  It’s being turned into a parking lot for the worthless taxpayer supported GateWay Community College!  Also in Phoenix, the Downtown Deli shutdown by a greedy landlord jacking up the rent. One of the co-owners, Glenn Schultz, said the bad economy doesn’t make it worth it saying “For 45 minutes a day we’re busy, but I pay rent 24 hours a day. Others are willing to pay more than we are, and good luck to them.”  In Scottsdale, after 60 years the iconic Pinnacle Peak Patio steak restaurant will shutdown in June.  Evil property speculators are tearing it down and replacing it with residential houses.  Also in the same area, the 40 years old Greasewood Flat restaurant and bar being shutdown to make room for housing development.  In Mesa, after 34 years Landmark Restaurant shutdown, the building was sold to a company that specializes in weddings.

California: In Modesto, vegetable processor Olam issued a shutdown WARN for their Spices & Vegetables operation, saying their remaining 65 employees will become jobless in July. That’s on top of the 177 people laid off in December 2014! Olam administrators stated “We’ve had sales diminish and costs continue to rise.”    Fruit distributor Fruit Patch issued a WARN saying they’re shutting down their Dinuba operations in July, 132 jobs lost! Local news reports blame the vulture capitalist owners, American Capital, saying there are unconfirmed reports that Fruit Patch assets are being sold off (American Capital administrators refused to talk to local reporters).  Perhaps the decision to shut it down was pushed by the decades long drought, which has adversely affected fruit production?  The shutdown will affect 10-thousand grocery/retail stores across the U.S.!   T.G.I. Friday’s issued a shutdown WARN for its La Jolla restaurant, 54 jobs lost in June.  In La Mirada, Switzerland based frozen bakery products seller Aryzta issued a shutdown WARN, saying 131 people will become jobless at the beginning of July! Aryzta became the World’s largest bakery after taking over bakeries in Germany and the U.S. in 2014.   In San Bernardino, after 67 years the owners of The Mug restaurant announced it will shutdown in June.  Loyal customers call it  “a huge icon”.  Local news reports said the owner would not explain why it was being shutdown, but employees explained that the area has been losing businesses for several years now, and that’s negatively impacted the number of people that check out the restaurant (in other words, sales have crashed).  In Duarte, Kroger announced they will shutdown their Ralph’s grocery store on Huntington Drive, in July, about 50 jobs lost. Kroger administrators claim the store has “failed to perform” for years.    News reports say Cerberus-AB Acquisition controlled Albertsons-Safeway announced two Vons in Fresno will shutdown in June, 127 jobs lost!  However, I found shutdown WARNs for three, not two, Fresno Vons totaling 2-hundred jobs lost!  Albertsons-Safeway also issued yet another layoff WARN for Safeway’s Pleasanton HQ, saying an additional 28 people will be let go in July.  In San Francisco, New York based restaurant ‘witchcraft issued a shutdown WARN for July, 29 jobs lost. However, I’ve checked their website and they’ve already removed any references to their San Francisco eatery.  In Santa Maria, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant shutdown due to being sold to a competitor.  The employees discovered that management threw all the employee data into a dumpster (instead of destroying the data) on the same day they were laid off: “To give everything that you have and just like that, they treat you like a piece of trash that’s it, go, you know, it feels bad.”-Elvia Calderon

Colorado:  Cerberus-AB Acquisition controlled Albertsons-Safeway announced 10 Safeway stores across Colorado will shutdown, hundreds of jobs lost by June!

Connecticut: In Milford, Uno Pizzeria and Grill shutdown without warning.

Florida: Darden Restaurants laid off 30 people at their Orlando HQ.  They laid off employees last year as well.  Administrators say the economy is forcing them to “streamline”.  Darden operates Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Eddie V’s Prime Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52 and Bahama Breeze.  In Tampa, US Foods issued a shutdown WARN saying 206 people will become jobless by August!  The company is consolidating ops and is trying to merge with rival Sysco. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is challenging the merger.  In Jacksonville, after 30 years Benny’s Sandwich Shop shutdown due to the owner’s health problems.

Georgia: In Augusta, after 35 years Ming Yat Chinese Restaurant shutdown.

Hawaii: The Lawai Menehune Food Mart shutdown.  The owner said he couldn’t renew the lease.

Illinois:  In Quincy, tire maker Titan International announced they must kill 60 jobs due to volatile currency markets and crashing sales to the farmer’s markets: North America large agriculture is down approximately 35 percent, and we believe it will remain that way for the balance of 2015…..Titan’s first quarter sales were below our internal plan, but well over half of the decrease was due to currency impacts from Europe, South America, Russia and Australia.”

Iowa: In Sioux City, after 73 years farm equipment maker Soo Tractor Sweep-Rake is shutting down, 53 jobs lost.  Company administrators blame crashing farm equipment sales.  State health administrators report four more H5N2 outbreaks.  News reports say Iowa’s poultry industry has lost nearly 24-million birds (and that’s just laying hens), so far!

Kansas: In Wichita, after 20 years Garcia’s Tacos shutdown.

Louisiana: In Lafayette, after more than 40 years the owners of Whole Wheatery Eatery announced they will shutdown in June.  Owners Jean Goodman blame the landlord for jacking up the rent and “We’ve had poor sales for the past year. We’ve noticed an exodus of offices, just vacancies of offices and lots of for rent signs in the area.”  In Metairie, a greedy landlord shutdown the 38 years old Tiffin Inn Pancake House.  The property owner signed a new contract with a home decor chain store.

Maryland: In Baltimore, after less than two years the Shoo-Fly Diner is about to shutdown, the owner is trying to work a deal to keep the place open during summer.  Critics have written that the food isn’t that good.    Unilever announced it is moving its vegetable oil and margarine (like Country Crock and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter) ops from Baltimore to Kansas, 137 jobs lost by June! Company administrators blamed it on crashing demand, resulting in too much supply (which they called “over-capacity”).

Massachusetts: In the state of Boston Weak, after nearly 50 years the owner of Taunton’s Benjamin restaurant went chapter 7 bankrupt busted and laid off 1-hundred employees without warning! It sounds like it was caused by a family feud that ended up in court.  The property is now for sale.  In Cambridge, the award winning Hungry Mother restaurant being shutdown in July due to one of the co-owners leaving, and the other co-owners deciding to try something else.

Michigan: In Northville, the owners of Riffle’s Homestyle Kitchen announced it will shutdown in June.  After 31 years they said they’ve finally realized you can’t provided quality food while competing against the low prices of ‘Big Box’ restaurants, so “Rather than cut corners or raise prices, we’ve elected to move on to other endeavors.”  In Flint, after 29 years Salvatore Scallopini restaurant shutdown without warning by the greedy landlord and city administrators, 28 jobs affected.  Unbeknownst to the restaurant operator, the landlord and the city council agreed to replace the Italian restaurant with a shitty IHOP: “I was stunned! It just kind of happened and everyone found out.”-Bill Nivicki, restaurant operator

Minnesota: H5N2 causes Jennie-O Turkey to layoff 233 people at its poultry processing factory in Faribault!  H5N2 causing Rembrandt Enterprises egg farm to layoff 231 employees, due to “quickly declining” production!  At this point 88 poultry farms are affected, 5.76-million birds lost (and not all farms have reported their losses)!  The Minnesota Board of Animal Health wants the state fair, and all county fairs, to ban poultry!  The University of Minnesota reports that H5N2 is possibly airborne!  Air samples collected near four poultry barns turned up positive for the avian flu: “Our results indicated that influenza genetic material can be detected in air samples collected inside and immediately outside of infected poultry facilities. We still don’t know whether virus was viable or not, and those analyses are in progress. So far we have shown that HPAI [highly pathogenic avian influenza] can be aerosolized from infected facilities.”-Montse Torremorell

Montana: In Helena, after 32 years The Donut Hole shutdown once and for all.  Back in January the owner tried to find funding to help him move the store to a new location but nothing panned out, so the donut shop was sold to property speculators from Utah who claim they will turn it into a coffee shop.

Nebraska: USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service confirms 1.7-million egg laying chickens affected by H5N2 in Dixon County!

Nevada: In Reno, Scolari’s Food & Drug announced they will shutdown their Sharlands Avenue East store in June: “We have struggled at this location since it opened because of the downturn…..because of the economics of our lease…..” 

New Jersey: Cereal maker Post is shutting down their Parsippany HQ  in May, and moving it to Minnesota.  Administrators say 2-hundred jobs around the country will be affected!

New York: Empire State based Burger King franchisee Carrols Restaurant Group announced they will shutdown 25 restaurants, as their leases expire.  This is strange because Carrols administrators reported an 11.5% increase in sales at their Burger Kings.  Administrators say the restaurants they’re shutting down just didn’t make enough money to satisfy them.  In Long Island, Krinos Foods issued a WARN saying they are moving to Bronx in August, taking 70 Long Island jobs with them.  In Sullivan County the largest employer in the county, Ideal Snacks, began laying off employees, however, local news reports say most of those employees turned out to be illegal migrant workers! In 2012 administrators swore they were employing U.S. citizens at $13 per hour. They made these statements in an attempt to get tax breaks. Local news reports say Ideal Snacks administrators are ignoring their questions about the “large number” of layoffs.  In Jamaica, milk products distributor Derle Farms issued a shutdown WARN saying they are moving operations to Bathpage by September, 72 employees will be affected.  Lackmann Culinary Services issued a WARN saying they’ve lost their contract with Stony Brook University’s Kelly Dining Center, 386 jobs lost by the end of June!

North Carolina: After 80 years Captain Bill’s Waterfront Restaurant shutdown in Morehead City.  In Winston-Salem, after almost four years District Roof Top Bar & Grille shutdown, the owners blame the un-recovered economy: “It takes time, resources and a bit of luck to establish a restaurant. In our case it was just one winter season too many.”-Mark Skoggard, co-owner

Pennsylvania: In Deptford, the owners of 37 years old Freeway Diner announced it will shutdown on Memorial Day.  The property is being re-purposed as a strip mall.  In Sunbury, 68 years old Pop Snyder’s restaurant shutdown.  The corporate owner (RAS Bar) said the restaurant was not making enough money, even after they spent big bucks remodeling the eatery in 2014.

Ohio: In Mansfield, after 59 years the owners of Weidle’s Meats and Delicatessen announced they will shutdown in June.  It’s been up for sale since October 2014.  In Dayton, after 23 years China Royal restaurant shutdown.  The property owner blamed a grease fire as being the final straw, implying that the old buildings in Dayton need to be updated to prevent such fires.

South Carolina: After 95 years (surviving the Great deflationary Depression and numerous recessions) Pruitt’s Grocery shutdown due to the owner’s poor health.

South Dakota: The National Veterinary Services Laboratory confirms H5N2 affecting 1.3-million poultry in Flandreau!  The area makes up half of all egg laying poultry in The Mount Rushmore State!

Texas: In San Antonio, specialty grocery store Gaucho Gourmet shutdown.  It will continue to sell on the internet.  You knew it had to be, if you recall 100% of your product and shutdown all your food processing factories layoffs are inevitable.  Brenham based ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries is now killing off 1,450 jobs, plus furloughing  another 1,400 employees, plus reducing pay and hours for the 1,050 employees who will remain working, for a grand total of 3,900 jobs affected!  (the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that ice cream made by Blue Bell has contained listeria for at least five years, beginning in 2010!)

Virginia: Artfully Chocolate bistro shutdown. Everything is being sold in an internet auction.  Another Artfully Chocolate was shutdown in 2014.  In Richmond, MARTIN’S Food Markets announced they will shutdown their 42 years old store on Staples Mill Road, in July. They claim “the store has not achieved performance goals.”  MARTIN’s bought the store from Ukrop in 2010.  In Orange, after 19 years the Dairy Korner Restaurant shutdown.

Washington: In Spokane, without warning the 25 years old Olive Garden restaurant shutdown by owner Darden Restaurants, 80 jobs lost overnight.  Local news reports said Darden Restaurants administrators accused the Spokane Olive Garden of failing to perform.

Wisconsin: State health administrators report finding dead owls, which tested positive for H5N2.   Food processor ConAgra announced it is shutting down its Ripon cookie factory by the end of the year, at least 3-hundred jobs lost!  The associated Rippin’ Good Cookie Outlet Store will also be shutdown.  Plover based frozen snack food maker Golden County Foods now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

U.S. Food Crisis 27 May 2015: Starving man steals food using tazer! Albertsons Safeway shuts down Tom Thumb stores!

April 2015: “…cannot afford another two years of substantial losses.”  

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 03 – 05 May 2015: “it has become impossible for us to compete” ObamaCare kills Catholic Charities in New York? Why are Iron Ore mining companies shutting down?

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

Alabama: What automotive industry recovery?  Illinois based automotive parts maker Flex-N-Gate says it must layoff 97 people at their McCalla factory in May.  Local news reports say Flex-N-Gate administrators wouldn’t talk to them.

California:   Is Obama Care forcing the Fireman’s Fund Insurnace Company to kill jobs?  They issued a WARN saying they will layoff employees in July.  Obama Care forcing God’s Hollywood Presbyterian Medical to issue a WARN saying 87 people will be laid off in July.  In Santa Maria, Mitt Romney wunderkind Staples shutdown their Superstore in the Crossroads Shopping Center. Employees said they were given a two weeks notice.  Also in Santa Maria, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant shutdown due to being sold to a competitor. The employees discovered that management threw all the employee data into a dumpster (instead of destroying the data) on the same day they were laid off: “To give everything that you have and just like that, they treat you like a piece of trash that’s it, go, you know, it feels bad.”-Elvia Calderon

Colorado: God refused to stop his Colorado Springs based non-profit poverty fighter Compassion International from laying off 48 Christians.  Despite increased donations, company administrators say volatile currency prices are making it harder to pay for expenses in the various countries they work in.

Florida: In Ormond, Zenith Education Group announced they will layoff 18 people in June.  In Cantonment, Marianna Airmotive announced that 80 people will become jobless in May.  Obama Care forcing The Manors at Hobe Sound to issue a WARN saying 164 healthcare and social workers will become unemployed in August!

Georgia: Atlanta based global payment processing company First Data announced it will eliminate “a few thousand” jobs and shutdown their smaller offices this year!  Some of the U.S. job cuts will be the result of ‘offshoring’ of those jobs to other countries.  Administrators didn’t explain why, but said that despite increased revenues they need to cut $200-million USD in operating costs per year.

Hawaii: The Lawai Menehune Food Mart shutdown. The owner said he couldn’t renew the lease.

Illinois: Chicago based maker of video game devices and electronic slot machines WMS Gaming issued a WARN saying 247 people will become jobless in June!  It’s the result of the merger of Scientific Games and Bally Technologies.  WMS Games was taken over by Scientific Games in 2013.

Massachusetts: In the state of Boston Weak, after nearly 50 years the owner of Taunton’s Benjamin restaurant went chapter 7 bankrupt busted and laid off 1-hundred employees without warning! It sounds like it was caused by a family feud that ended up in court. The property is now for sale.

Michigan: Midland based Dow Chemical announced they will kill-off 1,750 jobs!  Administrators said they need to cut $300-million in costs per year, but also admitted it was all about increasing their profits.  In Kalamazoo, after five years women’s clothing store Cakes Boutique shutdown.  Local news reports said the shop was empty even though signs on the store said they’d remain open for that week.

Minnesota: H5N2 causes Jennie-O Turkey to layoff 233 people at its poultry processing factory in Faribault!  After laying off employees in April, Grand Rapids based iron ore mining and recovery company Magnetation now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Creditors agreed to give Magnetation until 2018 to pay-up.

Nevada: In Reno, Scolari’s Food & Drug announced they will shutdown their Sharlands Avenue East store in June: “We have struggled at this location since it opened because of the downturn…..because of the economics of our lease…..” 

New Jersey: Administrators of failing Atlantic City announced that at least 2-hundred city employees will have to be laid off.  It’s due to the crashing & burning casino industry, which provided the overwhelming majority of tax revenues for the city.  Woodbridge based tech company RCC Consultants now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  The company is so broke they admitted they haven’t paid their employees: “As of the petition date, employees are owed approximately $1.3 million (consisting of 4½ missed payrolls). Officers, performing as employees, are owed approximately $1 million (consisting of 10 missed payrolls), and have not been reimbursed for business expenses totaling approximately $250,000.”-Mike Hunter, CEO

New York: In Buffalo, steel bar maker Niagara LaSalle issued a WARN saying they are shutting down at the end of July, 49 jobs lost.  In Melville, Arrow Electronics announced their exodus from The Empire State by issuing a WARN saying they are moving to Colorado between June 2015 and March 2017, taking 135 jobs with them!  God can’t stop Obama Care from forcing Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services to issue a mass layoff WARN saying they are canceling funding for all Residences and Day Habilitation operations across the state!  At least 719 jobs lost by August!  In Rockaway Beach, Visiting Nurse Service of New York Home Care announced it is forced to hand over their Headstart Program to another operator in July, 48 jobs affected.

North Carolina: In Shelby, Fireside Books shutdown: “… it has become impossible for us to compete with the many shopping choices online as well as the big box stores pricing…” 

Ohio: Iron ore mining company Cliffs Natural Resources announced it is eliminating 1-hundred non-union jobs! News reports said company administrators claim they must cut operating costs, but refused to explain why.

Texas: In Stephenville, FMC Technologies announced a third round of layoffs, this time 46 people are being let go due to “continued decrease in activity from our customers”.  In March 79 people were laid off, and 5% of employees were laid off in January.  FMC administrators say it’s part of their plans to eliminate 2-thousand jobs across the U.S.A.!  San Benito Consolidated Independent School District decided to layoff 37 employees for the upcoming school year.  Administrators say they need to cut $14.5-million over the next three years.

Wyoming:  News reports say about three dozen WyoTech-Laramie employees got laid off by the new owner, Zenith Education Group.  Wyo-Tech is one of many schools formerly owned by failed California based Corinthian Colleges.  Zenith Education Group blamed the layoffs on crashing student enrollment, saying the campus is down to just 5-hundred students.  I call it Disappearing Student Syndrome (DSS).

01 – 02 May 2015: ObamaCare insurance company admits ObamaCare fails, will cancel insurance for 1-million people! 

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

U.S. Food Crisis, April 2015: “…it hit me like a bag of rocks!” McDonald’s crashing & burning! “…cannot afford another two years of substantial losses.” State of emergency declared over food supply! U.S. ice cream can kill you!

Incomplete list of announced United States food supply shutdowns for the month of April, 2015: Many food suppliers/distributors are consolidating operations and killing jobs due to the collapsing grocery store and restaurant industries, as well as rising costs of food production, and spread of disease.

“We will have to develop stricter bio-security measures to eliminate any possible contact between migratory waterfowl…..and our commercial farms.”-Simon Shane, North Carolina State University, interviewed on Nightly Business Report about massive H5N2 outbreak

China, Republic of Korea (aka South Korea), Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda have banned U.S. poultry products.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has banned imports of poultry products from Canada.  The USDA implied the H5N2 outbreak in the U.S. might be linked to Canadian poultry.  Taiwan and Japan have banned Canadian poultry.

U.S. based Albertsons-Safeway announced it will shutdown it’s King Edward Street warehouse in Winnipeg, Canada, by 2016.  At least 172 jobs lost!

Bermuda based booze maker Bacardi announced it will layoff about 80 people in North America, including the United States. It’s blamed on crashing booze sales.

Arkansas: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.

California:  Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  Albertsons-Vons announced it will shutdown its Riverside La Sierra Plaza Vons and two Bakersfield Vons in May, because they are “not meeting company goals.”   In Fresno, Charlotte’s BakerEatery sold to competitor Dusty Buns.  After more than 50 years San Francisco’s iconic Capp’s Italian Dinners Family Style shutdown.  The owners blame the greedy landlord and legalities with insurance for their closure.  In Sherman Oaks, Jerry’s Famous Deli issued a WARN saying they will shutdown in June, 60 jobs lost.  In San Jose, NYC Food and Beverage issued a shutdown WARN for June, 144 jobs lost!  Seafood supplier Prospect Enterprises issued multiple WARNs saying at least 130 people will become jobless in July! The seafood distribution ops of Prospect Enterprises were taken over by rival Santa Monica Seafood.

Colorado: In Denver, Texas based Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group announced they will shutdown the 15 years old Wazee Street Sullivan’s Steakhouse at the end of May.  They do not want to renew the lease.

Connecticut: The Carmen Anthony Restaurant Group shutdown two steak restaurants, one in Waterbury and one in New Haven.  At least 70 jobs lost.  The Carmen Anthony Restaurant Group blames Mother Nature, ongoing road construction and the suck-ass economy: “The challenges of this relentless downturn of our fragile economy, in addition to Phase I of road construction that lasted approx 28 months on Chase Avenue, directly in front of my Waterbury Steakhouse, has caused me a tremendous hardship and substantial unrecoverable financial losses. Phase II of this road widening construction has started up again in April 2015 and is projected to last approximately another two years or more to complete this project. I cannot afford another two years of substantial losses. These challenges alone were very difficult to manage but adding this year’s disastrous winter was the last straw that I could not overcome. January, February and March are normally difficult months but this year’s extremely cold weather and snow storms, most of which fell on weekends where I do 30 to 40% of my sales, was devastating.”

Florida:  Albertsons issued a WARN saying they will shutdown their Clearwater grocery store in May, 86 jobs lost.  After 40 years the Siesta Market shutdown in Sarasota.  In Niceville, food service company Sodexo issued a WARN saying 176 people will become unemployed in June!

Idaho: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  State administrators deny the reports.

Illinois: Oak Brook based McDonald’s crashing & burning in the U.S. of A!  McDonald’s administrators report their profits fell $400-million USD during their 1st quarter of 2015, their biggest profit decline ever!  As a result they will begin shutting down hundreds of U.S. restaurants!   And in Japan McDonald’s is crashing & burning as well. Administrators say the economy is so bad in the east Asian country that they expect to lose between $210-million to $318-million USD by the end of the year (at least triple their losses last year),  so, they will shutdown 131 Japanese stores, more than 1-thousand jobs affected, and they will layoff about 1-hundred jobs at their Tokyo HQ!  They blame logistical problems getting reliable food!  Globally, McDonald’s says they will shutdown a total of 7-hundred stores this year!  In Normal, That’s So Sweet cheesecake shop shutdown, the owner blamed it on her pregnancy which made it difficult to commute to her Normal store.  In East Saint Louis, grocery store Schnucks shutdown on State Street.  Company administrators refused to explain why.  Central Beverage issued a WARN saying 124 employees are now unemployed!  It’s blamed on the company’s takeover by Lakeshore Beverage.   Airline food supplier Flying Food Fare Midway issued a WARN saying 32 people will become jobless in May.   In Old Irving Park, Mirabell German restaurant shutdown after 38 years of operations, apparently due to the death of the chef.

Indiana: Administrators with Marsh Supermarket announced they will shutdown stores in Lafayette, Mooresville, Fishers and Indianapolis!  They claim the grocery stores “do not meet our business requirements regarding sales or future growth potential”.

Iowa: 5.3-million laying hens will be culled due to an outbreak of H5N2, 3.8-million have already died!  Iowa is the largest supplier of chicken eggs to the U.S. food market, gov’na Scott Walker declared a State of Emergency and called up the National Guard: “Anybody that has a poultry operation, whether large or small, whether you’ve got hundreds of birds or one bird, this should be a wake-up call!”-Randy Olson, Iowa Poultry Association

Kansas: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.

Massachusetts: The Look Restaurant shutdown in Leeds.  The owner blamed the bad economy and rising costs of operation.  At one time he had 17 employees, but by the time he decided to shutdown he had only five.

Minnesota: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  As of 17 April, 1.7-million turkeys have died or been culled due to H5N2!   Wild turkey hunters in five counties are being forced to turn in their kills.  In Saint Paul, after five years Bars Bakery shutdown both of its stores.  The owners say they need more family time.

Missouri: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  Grocery store chain Schnucks laid off 52 people, and eliminated eight open jobs, at its Saint Louis HQ.   No explanation given.  This comes weeks after administrators spent $1.69-million buying a property that they’ve rented for years.  Administrators admitted they weren’t using the Saint Louis property for anything, and had no future plans for it!

Montana: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.

New Jersey: Freshcut Produce issued a layoff WARN saying 1-hundred employees will become unemployed in June!  Company administrators blamed “economic reasons”.

New York: In Buffalo, Dug’s Dive shutdown. It might have something to do with the new landlord.  In Wayne County, the Heluva Good! cheese factory and shop joining the exodus from The Empire State and moving to Wisconsin in June, 53 jobs lost.

North Carolina: In Asheville, booze maker Blue Kudzu Sake shutdown, blaming the crashing U.S. market for preventing them to “secure a large enough market share to make our operation profitable”.  In Salisbury, famous Rick’s BBQ shutdown, the owner blamed his bad health.  Raleigh’s last registered bed-and-breakfast, The Oakwood Inn, shutdown after 31 years. The owner blames “illegal” competition from internet company Airbnb saying “If I have to [be licensed], why don’t they have to do it? And if they don’t have to do it, then I shouldn’t have to!”

North Dakota: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.

Ohio: Columbus based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams joined Blue Bell and recalled all their products! The state of Nebraska discovered the bacteria listeria monocytogenes in Jeni’s ice cream.  In Montgomery, after less than one year Verde Salad shutdown  for “personal and financial reasons”!   In Short North, after ten years the Surly Girl Saloon shutdown, the owner indicated that demand for such a bar in Short North is crashing.  New Albany based Bob Evans Farms announced they will shutdown 20 restaurants!  After spending millions of dollars trying to improve their restaurants, administrators decided that at least 20 of them still weren’t “meeting expectations.”  They said most of the failed restaurants were outside Ohio.  Lancaster based EveryWare Global, owner of food preparation products companies Anchor Hocking and Oneida, is now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. They report overall sales crashed 17% in their 4th quarter 2014 (so much for Xmas sales). For the year they lost $4.87-million USD!

Oregon: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.

Pennsylvania: Snack maker Pepsi/Frito-Lay announced they will eliminate 7% of jobs at their Williamsport factory. It’s part of Pepsi’s ongoing plan to slash and burn operating costs (jobs).   After more than 90 years (surviving the Great deflationary Depression) restaurant Cohick’s Trading Post shutdown. One of the co-owners turned evil greedy and actually sued the other co-owner to force them to sell the family business! In Lawrenceville, after six years the owner of restaurant Tamari announced it will shutdown in May, but promised to open a new restaurant in the future. After 65 years Del’s Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo shutdown. The family owners had tried to sell it for the past year, but nobody was interested, the owners say the bad economy sucked them dry: “It’s just time to go, we’ve got nothing left in us.”-Marianne DelPizzo

South Carolina: In Winston-Salem, the owners of New Town Bistro and Bar announced it will shutdown in May.  They said it needs updates and in the current economy “it just didn’t make sense” to spend the money.   The King Street Grille in the Citadel Mall shutdown: “Due to uncontrollable circumstances, we have determined that it is in the best interest of the King Street Grille as a company to close the Citadel Mall location.”

South Dakota: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  In Roberts County, 66-thousand 6-hundred turkeys dead from H5N2!  In Sioux Falls, after 25 years Valentino’s restaurant shutdown.  The owner said the restaurant business ain’t what it used to be: “This is such a demanding industry right now, and right now most people don’t realize we’re still ranked very high in the nation for restaurants per capita. So it’s gotten more challenging over the years, so it takes a lot. It takes a lot out of you.”-John Jones

Texas:  Brenham based ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries recalled all their ice cream across the United States!  Company administrators claim they are being pro-active in fighting a listeria outbreak, however, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that ice cream made by Blue Bell has contained listeria for at least five years, beginning in 2010!  The CDC also blames Blue Bell ice cream for three deaths this past year.   Yet another cupcake shop goes down, this time in San Antonio.  The owner of Kate’s Frosting Events announced she will shutdown her last cupcake shop in May.  She shutdown another shop at the beginning of the year.  Her reason is that she wants at least one day off per week.   San Antonio based Food Management Partners shutting down 70 Carrows and Coco’s Bakery restaurants across Arizona, California and Nevada!  Administrators blame the suck-ass economy: “The current market climate has forced us to make difficult decisions about many of our restaurants that are not performing at a competitive financial level.”

Utah: Cereal maker Kellogg Company (aka Kellogg’s) announced they are shutting down their Clearfield facility, at least 2-hundred jobs lost!  It’s part of the company’s “efficiency and effectiveness program”.  Idiotic and out-o-touch city officials say they’re confident “Another company will come in right behind, and we’ll still continue to have a lot of employment here in Clearfield.”

Virginia: In Arlington, after 28 years Mother’s Macaroons Bakery shutdown.  The owner blames the death of her husband and the crashing economy saying “It was a series of things, and it hit me like a bag of rocks!”

Washington: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.    It was discovered that the Safeway in Spokane Valley shutdown in March, 60 jobs lost. Company administrators said it was not due to the takeover by Cerberus controlled Albertsons, but that the lease expired and it wasn’t worth renewing it.

Wisconsin: Poultry industry hit by H5N2.  In Barron County, 126-thousand 7-hundred turkeys possibly infected with H5N2!  In Milwaukee, restaurant Nourri forced to shutdown after its chef and its general manager walked out.  The owners blame frustrations with ongoing road construction that is killing off sales.  Food service company Sodexo told state employment administrators that 3-hundred people will become unemployed at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, in June! Sodexo lost their contract.

March 2015: “…sales dropped off a cliff…”

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Influenza Update, 03 November 2014: Flu kills 3 Canadians! U.S. CDC blasts ignorant U.S. doctors! 71% of French refuse vaccinations! More proof vaccines are overrated & all about the money as British empire takes control of U.S. flu shot supply?

Australia: The British empire country is about to take partial control of flu vaccine supply in the United States.  Specifically, Aussie pharmaceutical giant CSL has made an offer to take over Novartis’ North Carolina U.S.A. flu vaccine operations.   Novartis is based in Switzerland and is in big trouble primarily because of numerous revelations that they doctored the effects of their vaccines and drugs.   Many revelations came when employees in Japan blew the whistle on Novartis, revealing that many ‘independent’ lab workers ‘testing’ the drugs were actually undercover Novartis employees, or were being paid off by Novartis!

This is just more proof you can’t trust government health officials when they push you to get vaccinated, and you have to wonder why Australian CSL wants to take over a potentially fraudulent vaccine operation in the U.S.?  I’ll give you a couple of reasons why; Novartis’ North Carolina vaccine ops were just given a big contract by the Obama regime to make ebola vaccines!  Also, officials with CSL openly stated that they expect the future of forced inoculations around the World to make the Aussie drug pushing company $1-billion USD annually, within five years!   It’s all about the money.

Canada: In Alberta Province, three people now dead.  At least 30 people hospitalized, 66 cases confirmed by lab work.  The versions of flu being reported are H1N1, H3N2 and flu B.  Alberta Health Services report that nearly 400-thousand residents are vaccinated. Provincial health administrators are now making vaccinations free to everybody (upfront anyway, they’re actually paid for with taxes the British empire government takes from the people. In the United States people are robbed by both their government in the form of taxes, and by insurance companies, and in most cases they still have to pay upfront for vaccinations! So much for Obama Care).

Frightened by the deaths in western Alberta Province, health administrators in eastern Quebec Province say they’re getting aggressive with vaccinations.  No they’re not going to make them free for everybody, they’re just going to spend more taxpayer money on TV PSAs (Public Service Announcements).

Officials in Quebec claim 300 provincial residents die every year from flu, however I could not find any hard-n-fast facts to back that claim up.  I checked my previous flu season reports and didn’t find any reported death toll that high.  In fact, for the 2013-14 flu season the first reported flu death in Quebec was in January 2014.  The actual death toll is more likely in the dozens, not hundreds.  Oh, and that’s with only 25% of Québécois (including English speakers) getting vaccinated!

Remember, in my last posting I pointed out that a Canadian news source called the ‘official’ flu death toll hyperbole, because it was totally based on computer model simulations, not actual cases.

The Canadian Public Health Agency reporting that the flu A strain known as H3N2 is the most common type of infection.

European Union:  French Institute of Health and Medical Research administrators are freaking out because seven out of ten (71%) French citizens refuse to get vaccinated!  46% of French citizens say they will never ever willingly be inoculated!  According to French news reports this attitude towards vaccines has remained unchanged for years, despite the French government spending bookoo taxes on trying to convince people to get the shot.

For the 2013-14 flu season only 1202 people were hospitalized in France, mostly children under five and old people over 65.  I didn’t see any reports of deaths.

In Neuwied District, Germany, local health administrators report that 2014 has been an uneventful flu season for them: “We had only five reported cases in 2014; one in February, three in March and one in October.”-Hilde Hamm vom Neuwieder Gesundheitsamt auf RZ

The doctors in the Rhineland-Palatinate (home to Neuwied) say the warmer temps for 2014 are keeping flu at bay.  But wait, you mean it’s not the increased vaccination rate in the German state?  Doctors expressed amazement at the high rates of infections in 2013, and so far hardly any in 2014.   Surveys by an insurance agency, DAK, seems to link increased vaccinations rates (over the privious ten years) with increased numbers of people getting sick!  Mmmm, was it the vaccine making people sick (as I postulated last year)?

Israel: Vaccine maker BiondVax has now patented their one stop shop flu vaccine in every major country in the World.  They claim it renders all other vaccines inept: “BiondVax’s vaccine was designed to contain small pieces of the flu virus that do not change as they are required for the virus’s life cycle. These small pieces are enough to teach the human immune system to recognize all flu strains, so that the body quickly stops the virus from causing illness. Based on these findings, BiondVax anticipates that the universal vaccine, when the development stage is completed, will be broadly effective against present and future strains in contrast to current vaccines that are strain specific.”-Tamar Ben-Yedidia

Switzerland (is not a member of the European Union): Studies show most Swiss are refusing to get vaccinated. The Swiss Office of Public Health is also adjusting their vaccination program, targeting only ‘at risk groups’ (kids, chronically ill and old people, estimated to make up 36% of the Swiss population) for voluntary inoculation. Many studies show that healthy ‘working age’ adults do not get any benefit from vaccinations.

Swiss Office of Public Health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit, oder BAG) surveys also show a reluctance by healthcare workers to get vaccinated, despite massive taxpayer funded pro-vaccination campaigns.    Government administrators are also toying with the idea of following the United States and allow pharmacists to give flu shots.

United States: Apparently ignorant U.S. doctors are still presribing antibiotics for virus infections!  The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a campaign to get doctors to stop doing that: “Recently I authored a CDC study that examined clinician treatment practices for outpatients with influenza during the 2012-2013 season. Key findings showed that clinicians commonly underprescribed the influenza antiviral drugs oseltamivir and zanamivir, and potentially overprescribed common antibiotics to patients with influenza for whom antiviral therapy would have been most beneficial.

Overall, only 16% of patients with laboratory-confirmed influenza received antiviral treatment, whereas 30% were prescribed one of three common antibiotics. Perhaps even more concerning is that only 19% of patients at high risk for influenza complications and who had respiratory symptoms for fewer than 2 days—a group likely to benefit from antiviral therapy—were prescribed an antiviral medication.”-Fiona Havers, CDC medical officer, read (or watch/listen to) more of her damning report here

In Colorado, reports that the Veterans Affairs medical center in Mesa County has already exceeded the number of flu shots they gave out for all of the 2013-14 flu season!   VA medical administrators blame it on public demand: “We’re doing about 100 to 150 shots a day! Normally this time of year we give 35 to 50 a day.”-Paul Sweeney

The sudden increase in paranoids demanding to be shot up with who knows what this flu season is being blamed on the ebola scare, and the fact that the CDC is now claiming this flu season could the most ‘contagious’ yet!

In Florida, a mom has gone public accusing the flu vaccine of paralyzing her daughter for life.  Her nine years old daughter got vaccinated during the 2013-14 flu season, then four days later developed Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which can be caused by influenza, or influenza vaccines.

Update, 24 October 2014: Canadian flu death toll is BullShit! 99% failure rate of Navy vaccination program! 

Influenza Update, 24 October 2014: Canadian flu death toll is BullShit! 99% failure rate of USN vaccination program! CDC hides report questioning vaccines? Washington study shows vaccines don’t work on middle aged people! Flu shot home delivery?

“…the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in July, 2013, found vaccinated health-care workers had no measurable benefit…”-Carly Weeks, The Globe and Mail

Canada: In Nova Scotia, Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is in trouble for warning people not to get vaccinated!  However, the operators of the center say they are only providing available info, pro and con, so their customers can make an informed decision.

In Ontario, Michael Gardam, the once pro-vaccination director of infection prevention and control at the University Health Network in Toronto, now says mandatory vaccinations are a bad thing: A few years ago, I was also for mandatory flu shots. Then what happened is I started reading and I started going back to the original studies. I don’t feel that I can sugar-coat those any more.” 

The article that reported on Gardam’s reversal on vaccinations also revealed that official influenza death tolls in Canadian are BullShit (fake): “Every year, provincial public-health agencies, health advocacy groups and media organizations tell Canadians that up to 8,000 of us die annually as a direct result of the flu. But that figure is based on a computer model and doesn’t reflect the actual number of influenza deaths….In reality, the total number of flu deaths isn’t tracked across Canada, in part because most flu cases are not tested and confirmed by a lab.”

China: Researchers at Hong Kong University say their research shows that the more generations of influenza subtypes, the more virulent they become.  Basically, with each new generation of flu strain the RNA gains more genetic diversity, which allows it to better overcome all your efforts to kill it off.

Mexico: The North American country has a socialized healthcare system and is big on forcing vaccinations.  I checked my influenza reports for last flu season and found that by February 2014 more than 21-million Mexicans had been vaccinated, yet almost 4-thousand got sick anyway and nearly 400 died!  

Switzerland: Researchers discovered how influenza gets into your cells.  Basically the RNA virus tricks your cells into thinking it’s some kind of junk debris, causing your cleaning cells to dissolve the outer shell of the virus.  Once the outer shell is dissolved the virus can easily invade your own cells.

United States:  Since the 1950s the Department of Defense mandates flu shots for military personnel, now a U.S. Navy study casts doubt on decades old claims that vaccines prevent illness!

25 U.S. Navy sailors onboard the USS Ardent got vaccinated while it was docked in San Diego, California, back in February.  A USN report reveals all but one of those sailors (24 out of 25, that’s 99%. I’ve seen pro-vaccine news reports claiming only 25% of the sailors got sick!) got flu infections (mainly H3N2)!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published the report, but you wont find it searching under the word ‘influenza’.   The report was just published today in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, under the heading  Influenza Outbreak in a Vaccinated Population — USS Ardent, February 2014.

On top of that, a new study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, proves last season’s flu vaccine was a failure, for 30 to 40 years old anyway.  Their research showed that even people who got vaccinated got sick with H1N1: “…there was a higher than normal rate of severe influenza infection which includes people being hospitalized and going to the doctor…. the immune response that the vaccine elicits in middle-aged people is actually less effective than in younger and older people…”-Jesse Bloom, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Washington reporting flu cases, at least 30 at Washington State University: “Usually we don’t start seeing cases until December of January.”-Dennis Garcia, WSU senior associate medical director

In the New England states, some paranoids are getting their flu vaccines delivered right to their doorstep. The company is called Uber, and they deliver not only the vaccine but a nurse to administer it!

Oklahoma reports its first cases of influenza, both toddlers.

Despite the majority of news reports saying there’s plenty of flu shots, Nebraska officials warning that they are running out of vaccines for children and old people.  So far the four known U.S. flu deaths this season involved two old women (Idaho) and two toddlers (North Carolina & Illinois).  News reports out of Nebraska say vaccine maker Sanofi failed to deliver on half its promised vaccines!

Florida reporting a sudden spike in flu cases, one hospital reporting 90 to 100 per week.  Officials say that will go up: “Probably by late December towards January we’ll see about 600-700 cases for any given week.”-Jonathan Schwartzman, Centra Care

Why is there a push to get vaccinated by the end of November?