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AR-15 = God’s ‘Rod of Iron’? : U.S. Christian Rapture, February 2018

Incomplete (tip-o-the iceberg) list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian (western christian calendar) month of February 2018.

Even Christianity Today is jumping on the Black Panther band wagon:  What ‘Black Panther’ Means for Christians

Arizona: In Phoenix, a man arrested and accused of threatening to shoot-up the North Valley Romanian Pentecostal Church.

California: Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Calexico store by mid-May.  Catholic founded Jackson National Life Insurance laid off 161 people in El Segundo, admitting the layoff was planned back in August 2017!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist Health Bakersfield from eliminating 177 jobs by April!  Adventist Health White Memorial eliminating 160 Los Angeles jobs by April!  Marijuana fueled church called Sacred Source Sanctuary suing the city of San Diego after a police raid caused at least $70-thousand USD in damage, arrested several people and even stole the church’s security cameras.  San Diego leaders say the church did not have a marijuana license.

Colorado: Catholic founded Jackson National Life Insurance shutting down its 20 years old tech center in Denver, 370 jobs gone!  A former youth program leader at Crossroads Community Church arrested and accused of sex crimes.

Florida:  Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School, in Miami, fired a teacher for marrying a person of the same sex.   In Saint Petersburg, Catholic founded (by the same guy who founded evil Bank of America) Transamerica Life Insurance eliminating 465 jobs by mid-April!  In Tampa, Catholic founded Jackson National Life Insurance eliminating 41 jobs mid-March.  Somebody shot and killed the driver for the Saint Columbkille Church Thrift Store.  Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office announced they arrested a man suspected of setting fire to several churches.

Georgia:  Methodist co-founded Coca Cola eliminating even more jobs, this time an additional 350 corporate level jobs!  At the same time Coca Cola administrators swear they are hiring.  Somebody shot and killed a young man in the parking lot of the Big Miller Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Illinois:   Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Sandburg Mall location by mid-May.  God ‘allowed’ the steeple of the Salvation and Deliverance Ministries International Church to burn down.

Indiana: Presbyterian founded Walmart issued a shutdown WARN for its store in Rushville, 95 jobs gone by mid-April.

Iowa: God powerless to stop ‘his’ liberal Graceland University from suddenly laying off 19 people, and more layoffs are expected because student enrollment is expected to continue crashing for the next ten years (The Rapture?).  Catholic founded (by the same guy who founded evil Bank of America) Transamerica Life Insurance eliminating 863 Cedar Rapids jobs by mid-April!

Maryland:  In Baltimore, Catholic founded (by the same guy who founded evil Bank of America) Transamerica Life Insurance eliminating 55 jobs by mid-April.

Massachusetts: Church of the Incomparable God-Iglesia El Dios Incomparable in Holyoke shutdown after bad weather (god?) caused a tower to collapse.

Michigan:  In Wayne, god powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 93 years old (surviving The Great Depression and numerous recessions) Saint Mary Catholic School due to $5-million USD of debt caused by crashing enrollments (down 243 students since the 2010-11 school year).  The Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of causing the murder-suicide of a family in Keego Harbor, through the church’s infamous practice of shunning.  In Detroit, god powerless to stop the demolition of ‘his’ more than 1-hundred years old First Latin American Baptist Church, to make way for a bridge.

Minnesota:  Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Viking Plaza location by mid-May.

Missouri: Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Hampton Village Plaza location by mid-May.  A burglar hit the Most Sacred Heart Church in Eureka, he was caught on camera, but not by police.

Montana: Once again, the city of Whitefish denied a request by Fresh Life Church to build a church in the Old Town retail district.  Apparently residents, and even business owners, oppose the church plan.

Nebraska:  Presbyterian-agnostic Warren Buffet’s Omaha based Berkshire Hathaway Gained $29 Billion from the New Tax Law.  Methodist Hospital halting home health and hospice services in March, affecting 40 jobs.

Nevada: In Las Vegas, an LDS official told Mormons that there is no such thing as unconditional love: “…what does the adversary do? He attacks us through our appetites. He tempts us to eat things we should not eat, to drink things we should not drink, and to love as we should not love.-Russell M. Nelson

New Hampshire:  A now former teacher at the Episcopal Saint Paul’s School arrested for interfering with investigations into accusations that he committed sex crimes with students for years.

New Mexico: In Las Cruces, a man walked into the Saint Genevieve Church waving a gun, which turned out to be an orange colored toy gun, police say he was intoxicated.

New Jersey: Presbyterian founded Walmart shutting down its Route 22 Readington (Branchburg) store, 149 jobs gone by mid-April, due to “financial performance”!  Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Garden State Plaza store by mid-May.  

New York:  A funeral at the New Hope Baptist Church, in Niagara Falls, turned into a fist fight requiring the attention of the police.  Presbyterian founded PepsiCo eliminating 2-hundred corporate level InfoTech and finance jobs in Westchester, as part of its global plan to kill jobs. Local news media revealed that PepsiCo (Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade, Quaker) was getting $4-million USD in state taxpayer funded credits and another $7-million from sales-tax breaks in Westchester County!  

North Carolina:  “Like a thief in the night.” In Greenville, Maranatha Church was burgled of almost $2-thousand USD of electronic equipment.  Charlotte based, Presbyterian founded, retailer Belk suddenly laid off 58 managers across the U.S.   Christian founded (denomination not specified) Madison based gun maker Remington now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to crashing sales and a ass-hole lawsuit blaming it for school shootings.  Evangelist Billy Graham finally died, in true violation of the 1st Amendment he was spiritual advisor to every U.S. president from Truman to Obama, regardless of their christian denomination.

Ohio: Members of Saint Sebastian Catholic Church now begging Catholic leaders in Vatican to stop the planned demolition of their 161 years old church.

Oklahoma:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Gregory’s University from going chapter 7 bankrupt dead, after a failed attempt to get a taxpayer funded loan from the USDA, 110 jobs gone, 550 students now looking for a new home!   Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Washington Park Mall store by mid-May.

Oregon: Lutheran founded Nordstrom shutting down its 37 years old store in the Salem Center Mall, 130 jobs gone by April!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist Medical Center from eliminating 157 jobs in Portland!

Pennsylvania:  Quaker founded, Cincinnati based Macy’s issued a shutdown WARN for its Homestead store, 94 jobs gone by mid-April. In Exton, Catholic founded (by the same guy who founded evil Bank of America) Transamerica Life Insurance outsourcing 192 jobs by mid-April!  Administrators claim in-house employees were offered jobs with the contractor at the same pay, having personally experienced outsourcing of some of my past jobs I find that hard to believe.  In Newfoundland, Korean founded World Peace and Unification Sanctuary held a Commitment Ceremony involving assault rifles, and other guns, saying the gun represents god’s ‘Rod of Iron’ against evil .  Maybe they forgot this Bible verse: “But I am saying to you, you shall not rise up against an evil person, but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him also the other.”-Matthew 5:39 Aramaic Bible

Tennessee: In Knoxville, after 42 years Cedar Springs Christian Store shutting down when the inventory is gone, the owners saying “…we don’t get the people in the stores like we used to. If you don’t get ’em in you can’t make it.”   Maybe god meant for the internet to take your customers away from you?   A man was arrested, allegedly for threatening to shoot-up the Emanual Baptist Church in Heron.

Texas: Amarillo police respond to a church shooting, end up shooting the man who disarmed the church shooter!  God ‘allowed’ the Saint Jude Baptist Church in Fort Worth to be destroyed by fire.

Utah:  Russell M. Nelson, the new leader of the world’s largest Mormon organization known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), proved his ignorance of U.S. gun laws when he stated that U.S. gun laws “allow guns to go to people who shouldn’t have them.”  That’s flat wrong!  The problem is that existing laws are not being enforced, which has been proven over and over.  Does this suggest the once pro-gun LDS church is about to go anti-2nd Amendment?

Washington: Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its Cascade Mall store by mid-May.

Wisconsin: Catholic founded Jackson National Life Insurance laid off an additional 23 employees in Appleton.  Baptist co-founded JCPenney shutting down its customer service and distribution center in Wauwatosa, 670 jobs gone by Summer!

U.S. Christian Rapture, January 2018: “GOD’S PLAN -A- FOR REACHING A LOST WORLD.”

“No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“They said…we were sinners!”: U.S. Christian Rapture, October 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian month of October 2017.

The country of Brazil investigating the U.S. based ‘christian’ Word of Faith Fellowship for forcing its Brazilian picture framing employees to pray, and even beat employees who were accused of being possessed by the devil: “They said the business was struggling because we were sinners!”-Liliane Souza, abused in the name of god

Peter J. Leithart explains why he thinks the Protestant Reformation is a failure.

Calvin King says “The true gospel directs church to serve poor, not seek prosperity”

Voice of America: Closed Churches Find Second Life as Breweries

Alabama: After 143 years the iconic Cumberland Presbyterian Church was torn down, to make way for a new church building.  The mega Church of the Highlands announced that the pastor of their Greystone branch was fired for “moral failings”, without giving details.

Arizona: Is there now a civil war between Mormon christians and Catholic christians?  Mormon republican U.S. senator Jeff Flake openly rebelled against Catholic republican U.S. president Donald Trump, and resigned.

California: “Everyone is entitled to their religious view. But when you enter the public space, when you are running an institution, you are in a workplace, you are in a civil setting, and you have to follow the law.”-senator Scott Wiener commenting on the new LGBT Senior Bill Of Rights.     God powerless to stop ‘his’ Adventist Health Simi Valley-Simi Valley Hospital from suddenly laying off 31 people, blaming ObamaCare-ACA for forcing more customers to use outpatient services.  God powerless to stop wildfire from destroying ‘his’ Redwood Adventist Academy.  About 80% of Catholic Cardinal Newman High School burned by wildfire.   In Palmdale, an apparent gang fight took place in the Berean Church parking lot, one man stabbed ten times, two people who supposedly confessed arrested.

My Catholic mother wearing her then required headscarf, in 1966 Bütthard, Deutschland. I'm in the photo too, can you guess which one I am?

My Catholic mother wearing her then required headscarf, in 1966 Bütthard, Deutschland. I’m in the photo too, can you guess which one I am?

new study shows that Muslim students are the most likely to be bullied at school, by so called California christians.  The most common incident are Muslim girls being attacked by ‘christians’ for wearing a scarf.  Hey, you dumb-ass ‘christians’!  There was a time in ‘America’ (as well as around the world) when Christian women covered their hair with a scarf as well, damn-it, cause I remember my Catholic mother used to do that up until the mid-1970s when it fell-out-of fashion with ‘christians’!

Colorado:  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder is now an unAmerican Sanctuary Church.

Florida:  Christian civil war as anti-homosexual Westboro Baptist Church began openly protesting four pro-homosexual churches (Wekiva Presbyterian Church, Annunciation Catholic Church, PSD Church of Christ, Palm Springs Drive Baptist Church)!

Georgia: The accountant of Bethlehem First United Methodist Church was arrested for writing $80-thousand USD worth of church-checks to herself, apparently using the excuse that she is an unmarried mother.

Illinois:  God sent ten members of the Bethel Apostolic Church to a Chicago area hospital by poisoning them with carbon monoxide, however, unbelieving firefighters blamed it on a defective boiler.    The false christians of Logan Street Baptist Church reportedly settled their disputes over money with a former pastor.  The former pastor says he caught the church accountant paying people for work never completed, and then failed to pay him!

Indiana: Saint John the Evangelist Catholic school refused First Communion to a girl because she likes to wear boy’s clothing, in violation of their official dress code!   Hypocritical church leaders, who espouse forgiveness yet don’t want registered sex offenders in their congregation, have been slapped by the state Court of Appeals which ruled that prohibiting a sex offender from going to church violates their U.S. 1st Amendment Right, as well as violates the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Iowa: The 117 years old Maple Grove United Methodist Church forced to move to a new location so the road can be widened.  In Red Oak, firefighters spent two and a half hours trying to extinguish a fire in a vacated church.   The church was forcefully abandoned because it was not handicap compliant.  The church was sold, but the owner recently died and the city condemned the building.  Was this church cursed?

Kentucky:  A year after being accused of sexually abusing a boy, and a year after the former minister pled guilty to five counts of sexual crimes, the leaders of Vanceburg Christian Church made an undisclosed settlement with the victim.   A now former assistant pastor with Saint Luke United Methodist Church, in Lexington, charged with sex crimes.

Louisiana:  After stealing two trucks and using them to smash-up cars in the Caldwell Parish High School, a juvenile delinquent set the Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Richland Parish on fire.  Central Congregational United Church of Christ for sale since Hurricane Katrina, yet the Mid-CIty Planning Commission denied the latest offering because it doesn’t jive with the city’s “master plan”.

Maryland:  God not powerful enough to stop the state from canceling taxpayer funded vouchers for Trinity Lutheran Christian School, because the school refuses to enroll homosexual students.

Massachusetts: Catholic leaders are selling off their 88 years old Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, saying the high costs of modernizing the church are not justified.

Michigan:   God cursed the 67 years old Saunders Memorial AME Church with mold, forcing the congregation to move elsewhere.   In Lansing, the 125 years old, and decades vacant, German Methodist Episcopal Church is now owned by marketing company M3 Group.

Mississippi: The former pastor of the Broadmoor Baptist Church denies he stole $332-thousand USD from the church, but agreed to an undisclosed settlement with the church.

Missouri: The congregation of Stranger’s Home Missionary Baptist Church-New Life Evangelistic Center split over allowing homeless people to camp-out on church property, some say it’s what God would want, while others (who revealed their true god is money) are concerned about lawsuits and property insurance problems.

Montana: Pinesdale members of the Utah based Latter Day Saints fundamentalist Apostolic United Brethren church are rebelling after years of reports of sexual abuse.  Members refusing to support leadership are being denied the Mormon ‘temple recommend’.

Nebraska: After 75 years Grace University shutting down due to Raptured students, I mean lack of Freshman enrollments (they didn’t get even half what they were expecting).

Nevada: In Las Vegas, a member of the Iglesia La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World Church) found murdered in the church parking lot,  his Bible was ten feet away from his body.

New Jersey: Police used social media to capture the suspect who vandalized the Free Union United Methodist Church, the suspect is not a immigrant, yet an arrogant immigrant from India posted on the New Jersey State Police Facebook page “As more Indian families settle new jersey this behavior will decrease.”

New York:  The Lower Eastside Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church canceled an art exhibition after it learned it would include a homosexual comedy play.  In Brooklyn-NYC, the vacant Our Lady of Loreto Church torn down by the Catholic Church, which has plans to build money making apartments on the property.  In Syracuse, the Catholic leaders shutdown their Our Lady of Lourdes Church, the associated school was already sold-off and now the church is for sale.

North Carolina:  Hunger has become such a problem in this so called recovered economy that Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church is serving free lunch every Thursday!  A man was convicted of killing a United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church usher by running him over.  According to court documents the driver lost consciousness after using illegal opiods (heroin).

Ohio: The accountant for Faith Fellowship Church found guilty of stealing church money and using it to take her family to Disney World and sporting events.  She was also the local school PTA president, and those funds are now being investigated.  Homelessness such a problem that Serving Homeless Alternate Lodging Of Middletown is asking for more churches to provide shelters.

Pennsylvania: In Tremont, a man says he is being threatened by the new priest of Most Blessed Trinity Parish.  For more than 30 years the man has had to cross church property to get to his property, it’s the way things worked out with how the properties are developed.  But now the new priest is threatening a lawsuit to stop the man from essentially accessing his own property.   After 171 years ‘god’ finally got ‘his’ shutdown message across to the congregation of Mount Harmony United Methodist Church, by repeatedly ramming tractor-trailers into the building, the latest truck-vs-church accident financially ‘totaled’ the church!  The Harvest Community Church in Armstrong County proved its lack of faith that their god will protect them by holding an Active Shooter training session. Local news media said the church has about 9-hundred people attend church services, but only a little more than 1-hundred took part in the Active Shooter training.

South Carolina: Leaders of Columbia’s First Baptist Church upset over a new lawsuit that accuses the church of sex crimes, apparently a police investigation resulted in no criminal charges being filed.  But this is not the first time the church has been accused of sex crimes, a former deacon is serving a 36 years sentence for such crimes.  Five people now accuse the leader of Overcomer Ministry of sexually abusing children.   Three people charged with trespassing on the 250 years old Salem Black River Presbyterian Church, just days after four U.S. Air Force personnel were arrested for vandalizing the same church!

Tennessee:  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Presbyterian founded King University from eliminating more than a dozen jobs due to The Rapture, I mean what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.  The Burnette Chapel Church of Christ claims it is being harassed by ‘white-power’ people ever since a ‘black christian’ immigrant Dreamer shot-up ‘white’ U.S. citizen members of the church.  By the way, the ‘black christian’ Dreamer now claims he was told by god, in visions and voices, to do it.  Murfreesboro’s First United Methodist Church being turned into a shopping center, the church is now owned by city taxpayers (costing them $1.55-million USD) and the redevelopment will cost dumb taxpayers even more money.

Texas:  A woman charged with burning a U.S. flag in the Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic Church.  The Satanic Church (just the flip-side of ‘christianity’) has condemned ‘christian’ leaders of Three Rivers Independent School District for reinstating corporal punishment in schools!   Lone Star State Students are suing schools because they don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, saying it’s their constitutional right!   The Pledge was actually approved by Congress in 1942 and originally made no mention of ‘god’.  It’s title, The Pledge of Allegiance, was named in 1945, ‘god’ was added in 1954 (in direct violation of the 1st Amendment).  The original Pledge salute was what many people now call a Nazi salute.   I don’t remember anything in the Constitution about the Pledge of Allegiance, however, the federal Supreme Court has ruled several times that people cannot be forced to say the Pledge“….no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.”-Justice Robert H. Jackson

By the way, several anti-Pledge lawsuits were filed by ‘christian’ denominations.

Utah:   wrote concerning forcing your children to accept your religion, saying “Lots of church folk believe the Mold Testament (a term I coined shortly after being baptized) where it says, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’…..

…..Ironically, the LDS Church counts on people departing from the way they were trained. That’s why they send out missionaries. Hey, somebody has to depart from something.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (just the biggest and most powerful of dozens of ‘LDS’ churches) has reduced its bi-annual general conference to once per year, saying leaders are being overwhelmed by “demands”, this as the church began construction of a new temple in the impoverished country of Haiti.  Also, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (CJCLDS) apparently does not approve of, yet also doesn’t seem to oppose, the Boy Scouts’ plan to accept girls, even though there is already a Girl Scouts. The CJCLDS is the biggest religious supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.

Vermont: The West Dover Congregational Church United-Church of Christ says their ‘rainbow’ flag was vandalized.

Virginia: The Episcopal Christ Church removing plaques honoring Robert E. Lee and George Washington.  Remember what atheist George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair) said “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”   A search warrant issued against the former pastor of the now dead Friendship Baptist Church says he was overpaid by at least $145-thousand USD.

Washington:  According to local news reports, residents living near the Laurelwood Baptist Church are fearing for their lives because the church leaders want to help the homeless by letting them camp-out on church property!  God struck the Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church with fire on Sunday, the church is now a “total loss”, nobody was hurt, the cause is being investigated.


“No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“Making someone feel uncomfortable is not coercion.”: U.S. Christian Rapture, September 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns, layoffs and Rapture oddities for the Gregorian month of September 2017.

Religion News Service: American Christianity’s divisions go all the way down

Voice of America: Record Low Numbers of White, Christian Americans

ChristianityToday: “An estimated 30,000 congregations shut their doors in the United States from 2006 to 2012.”

It’s been revealed that for-profit (not for-prophet) Cinemark movie theaters rents-out(?) its theaters for local church events in the ‘Bible Belt’ of the United States, enticing people to attend with coffee, soda and popcorn (apparently at a price), and asking people to make donations via social media: “Cinemark actually does this across the Bible Belt.”-Ross Jackson, Cinemark manager in Abilene, Texas

Alabama: Welcome Springs Baptist Church almost burned down, a man arrested and charged with arson.

Alaska: The main stream real-fake news media likes to complain about catholic Donald Trump’s ‘Russia connection’, and then you have evangelical Alaskan (originally born, and partially educated, in Idaho) Sarah Palin’s “I can see the Soviet Union from my house” statement (never-mind that the Soviet Union died in 1991), but in Old Town Kenai the local Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church just got about $12-thousand USD from a U.S. based Russian Orthodox organization, to restore the 111 years old church.  Uh oh, ‘Russian’!!!

Arkansas: The Immanuel Baptist Church trying to fight skyrocketing crime with a Bible Truck, which hands out things like light bulbs and backpacks to low income families.   Bentonville based, ‘christian’ founded, Walmart-Sam’s Club announced 7-hundred layoffs planned for ‘back-office’ jobs at Sam’s Clubs across the country!

California: ‘Christian’ owned Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center eliminating 55 jobs in October, due to the ‘exit’ of California Laboratory Associates from The Golden State.  ‘Muslim’ Zaytuna College is now the proud owner of the 65 years old Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, in Berkeley.  In contrast to ‘christian’ colleges, Muslim colleges are experiencing rapid growth in enrollment.

Colorado: In Lakewood, the owner of Masterpiece Cake asking the U.S. Supreme Court to honor his 1st Amendment religious right to refuse service to homosexuals. This is because the state government forbid Masterpiece Cake from making anymore wedding cakes for anybody until the owner accepts state law that forces businesses to serve homosexuals.   A former honor student is accusing Delta High School of violating the U.S. 1st Amendment by deliberately dumbing down students’ grades based on their religious beliefs, thereby preventing those students from qualifying for college scholarships: “Not only did they change her grades, they took away her recommendations and they ostracized her!”-Jeffrey Springer, attorney

Apparently administrators with Delta High School, which is a public school not private, claimed they could impose their ‘christian’ beliefs on students because the school did not receive federal tax dollars.

Florida: In Fort Lauderdale, Holy Cross Hospital suddenly laid off 23 people due to crashing admissions since ObamaCare-ACA went into effect.

Idaho: Tennessee based RCCH HealthCare Partners suddenly laid off 62 people at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, as a result of the ‘christian’ Lewiston hospital being taken over by for-profit (not for-prophet) RCCH in May.   Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHiLD) claims that in this overwhelmingly christian state More children die because of faith-based medical neglect in Idaho than in any other state.”

In Mormon dominated Jefferson School District 251 parents demanded George Orwell’s 1984 be banned for its sexual content. After an even bigger outcry from those who objected to such a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment, school administrators stated “…it is simply not true that 1984 has been banned at Rigby High School.”  

Illinois:  After more than 90 years South Chicago Young Men’s Christians Association (YMCA) shutdown due to crashing membership, which is being blamed on massive unemployment which is causing the local population to disappear.  Springfield taxpayers are being stuck with at least an $8.6-million USD bill to rebuild the First United Methodist Church, at Fifth Street and Capitol Avenue, into a residential-commercial project.  In Moline, after 111 years the First Christian Church shutdown due to financial problems caused by Raptured(?) members, the property was sold.

Kansas:  What was that about separation of church and state? The state taxpayer funded Topeka Correctional Facility being sued by female prisoners for blasting them with ‘christian’ propaganda on a daily basis, which would be a violation of the U.S. 1st Amendment.  The lawsuit describes the prison as being decorated as if it were a church, with giant crucifixes, constantly playing ‘christian’ movies and with ‘christian’ slogans posted on walls everywhere.  Prisoners are punished for removing the slogans.

Massachusetts: The city of Boston facing a lawsuit after forbidding a Christian group from flying a Christian flag at city hall.  The city allows non-religious groups to fly their flags during certain events, but refuses religious flags on the grounds of the U.S. 1st Amendment.  A ‘christian’ legal group says by not allowing religious flags while allowing non-religious flags during public events the city is discriminating, which is also a violation of federal law.

Minnesota:  Christian founded Walmart shutting down its 30 years old store in Blue Earth by the beginning of October, apparently due to lack of profits (prophets?).   Peace United Church of Christ, in Duluth, joined the growing Sanctuary Church movement protecting illegal immigrants.

Missouri: The Mormon alternative Community of Christ (aka Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) sold its supposedly 187 years old first edition Book of Mormon to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah, for a whopping $35-million USD! LDS leaders say it’s the most complete early edition of the Book of Mormon (78% complete), which should cause doubt as to the what’s in the current Book of Mormon.

Nebraska:  Food insecurity is such a problem in Grand Island that Food Bank for the Heartland and Trinity United Methodist Church began running a mobile pantry to deliver food directly to families.

New Jersey: Saint Joseph’s Medical Center ending its DSS Program, eight people unemployed in time for Halloween.

New York:  A man broke into the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, and then suddenly died!  Church officials say he was acting violent, he was sliced up by the broken glass, police sent him to the hospital were he was pronounced dead.   15 women now accuse Catholic Holy Cross school of sexually abusing students between 1973 and 1994, “in unimaginable ways”.

North Carolina:   In Lynn, after 17 years Tryon Mountain Hardware shutdown, the property was sold, the Christian hardware owners saying “God has a plan” in reference to their sudden ‘retirement’.    A missing teenager was found dead, buried on the property of the East Stonewall AME Zion Church in Charlotte.  The teenager went missing two weeks prior after failing to show up for work on a military base in Virginia.  A man mowing the church’s lawn made the discovery, police will not release anymore info.   The battle over local governments openly taking part in ‘christian’ prayer escalating to the U.S. Supreme Court after an appeals court ruled in favor of the ACLU.  Arrogant Rowan County vice-chairman Jim Greene swore that they were not promoting a single religion or ‘coercing’ anybody towards Christianity saying “Making someone feel uncomfortable is not coercion.”  However, a supportive county resident slipped up by adding “Thank god we’ve got commissioners who still believe in Christian values.”

Ohio: In Bellaire, after 54 years Rigas Restaurant shutdown, apparently because the ‘christian’ matriarch of the family owners simply decided “I think it’s time to close.”  The family told local news they didn’t want to argue with her since she’s the one who started the restaurant.

Pennsylvania: Lehigh County guilty of violating the Constitution.  A U.S. federal judge ruled that the 73 years old county seal is unconstitutional because it has a ‘christian’ crucifix and the ‘old courthouse’ (which doubled as a church) as its central images.  It should be noted that Christians were among those who filed the complaint against the county.  Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the legalization of homosexuality starting in October.  The protests will be held at both public-taxpayer funded and christian schools.

South Carolina:  The steeple of the Cumberland AME Church caught fire, the cause is under investigation.  Another church was set on fire, the Bible Baptist Church, cause yet to be determined.  A building on the Saint Joseph Catholic Church property, in West Ashley, was also set on fire.  Local news media reported a shootout between a man and a security guard started at the Grand Strand Baptist Church and ended up at a nearby restaurant, at least one person hospitalized, no other info available.   Salem Black River Presbyterian Church defaced with ‘satanic’ symbols.

Tennessee:  A disgruntled ‘dreamer’ from Sudan shot-up a “multi-ethnic” church, wounding six people (including himself) and killing one.   What was that about separation of church and state?  The congregations of Temple Church of God in Christ and Church of God in Christ have been at odds over who should become the new pastor of a church in Fayette County, so much so that the state Supreme Court had to make the decision!  Lower courts had refused on the grounds their involvement would violate the U.S. 1st Amendment.  The state Supreme Court focused solely on the property dispute, which ultimately settles the dispute over who should be the boss of the Fayette County church.  In Cool Springs, after less than five years the Puffy Muffin shutdown, the ‘christian’ owner blamed lack of employees saying “…the Lord directs all of our steps……   And we’re spread too thin, honestly….    You can teach cooking and you can teach baking, but really you need people who are skilled….” 

Texas:  Mormon Glenn Beck’s Irving based The Blaze network laid off “…just over 20 percent of the combined workforce of Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.”  In Austin, First United Methodist Church refusing to conduct heterosexual marriages until its national leadership accepts and allows homosexual marriages.   In Tyler, after 64 years the local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) shutdown, explaining on Facebook that its was “due to lack of resources”.    Mega-money-making-church operator Joel Olsteen called out for being a hypocrite for not allowing his 16-thousand-8-hundred-seat Lakewood Church, in Houston, to be used as a shelter for Hurricane Harvey victims.  He finally relented, but apparently banned anybody who was not ‘christian’ from using his church as a shelter, because weeks later, in September, he finally allowed the congregation of a nearby flooded synagogue to use his church.   “No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.”-Matthew 6:24, Aramaic Bible

Utah: Former nurses of Salt Lake City based Mormon Intermountain Healthcare (formerly called The Health Services Corporation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) accuse their former ‘christian’ employer of deducting 30 minutes of pay for lunch breaks, even though most nurses never get an actual meal break. The U.S. Department of Labor is investigating.   Mormon leaders again renege on yet another church policy, this time they’ve lifted a 60 years old ban on caffeinated soda-pop at their exalted Brigham Young University (is it because the LDS church is heavily involved in the soda-pop industry, which has been losing money?).  Social media posts revealed how excited those deprived (depraved?) young Mormons are now that they’re officially allowed to drink caffeinated pop.

Virginia:  In Lexington, history denying Robert E. Lee Memorial Church  got rid of its namesake statue, and also went back to its older name Grace Episcopal Church.  Robert E. Lee was an elder in the church.

Washington: Law enforcers now offering a $20-thousand USD reward for info concerning the 2016 arsons of three churches in Clark County.  Despite a year of investigating, and pics & video of the suspect made public, police still haven’t caught ‘him’.


“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“no longer feasible”: U.S. Christian Rapture (?) 2nd Q 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Christian shutdowns and layoffs for the Gregorian months of April, May and June 2017.

Crosier Fathers and Brothers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to more than 40 sexual harassment lawsuits.

Arkansas: Christian founded Bentonville based Walmart laid off hundreds more corporate employees, including 3-hundred Information System Division employees!  It’s part of Walmart’s plan to improve its lagging e-commerce sales.   God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’  Ambassadors for Christ Academy in Bentonville.  Local news media said no official reason was made public, but that enrollment at the K thru 12 school had crashed from hundreds of students to just 95 students!

Alabama: God’s Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School warning of shutdown due to funding problems caused by The Rapture, I mean declining enrollments.  British empire based Salvation Army shutting down its Family Thrift Store in Anniston, due to lack of sales.

California:   Christian agnostic Warren Buffett owned Meadowbrook Meat Company shutting down its operations in Pleasanton and Tracy, 147 jobs gone between July and October, as well as the shutdown of its Ontario ops, 171 jobs lost in May!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 66 years old Saint John’s Episcopal School, due to The Rapture, I mean what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ elementary and secondary school services op Roman Catholic Welfare Corporation from halting operations at three locations, 126 jobs gone by June!  In San Francisco, god powerless to stop ‘his’ Sutter Health-Saint Luke’s Hospital from laying off 72 nurses. Several hospital ‘units’ will be shutdown as well, affecting 44 sub-acute patients.   Donald Trump hating, Seventh Day Adventist founded Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) issued shutdown WARNs for its warehouse ops, 510 jobs gone by August!  British empire based Salvation Army issued a shutdown WARN for a Los Angeles location, 45 jobs gone by the end of July.    ‘Born Again’ christian founded JCPenney announced it is shutting down stores in Richmond and Orange, 177 jobs lost by the end of July!

Colorado: Christian founded Walmart shutting down its four years old Neighborhood Market in Boulder, 70 jobs affected.  In Craig, apparently god told the pastor who operates Loyal Outreach Voluntary Evangelistic Ministries International Thrift Store, Yvette Williams Davis, to shut it down and “…. take a break, to travel and perform ministerial duties….”

Connecticut:   ‘Born Again’ christian founded JCPenney notified the state it is shutting down its store in Milford, 89 jobs gone by the end of July.  Christian founded Walmart shutting down its operations in Bristol, 114 jobs gone by mid-July! The Hartford Archdiocese shutting down 26 churches and merging 59, as a result of a two year survey which revealed The Rapture, I mean massive losses of church members!

Florida: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Weston food distribution center, killing 246 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!

Georgia: Christian Methodist founded Atlanta based Coca-Cola announced it will kill 1-thousand-2-hundred jobs in the second half of 2017!

Idaho: Despite mormon dominated Pocatello City Council, and the Bonneville Neighborhood Association, denying her request to open a homeless shelter Pastor Jacqualine ‘Big Momma’ Thomas is still at it!  Thomas claims the new undisclosed property she’s considering is zoned residential/commercial, so there shouldn’t be a problem from mormon dominated organizations who don’t think homelessness is a problem in Pocatello.  Also, she just won Ms Idaho Senior Citizen!     A Mormon Rexburg woman had her insurance license revoked by state officials after she filed false medical claims.   God was completely powerless to stop ‘his’ LDS-mormon ‘elected’ U.S. congressman Raúl Rafael Labrador (now running for govna of Idaho) from stating “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”  I personally know somebody (the mother of my children) who died because she was refused access to healthcare, and she had insurance!

Illinois:    Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Batavia food distribution center, killing 278 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K (Project K, started in 2013)!  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 55 years old sexist ‘girls only’ Queen of Peace High School in Burbank.   ‘Born Again’ christian founded JCPenney issued shutdown WARN for its Centerpointe Mall and Peru Mall stores, 174 jobs lost by the end of July!

Indiana:  After 62 years Indianapolis based, and christian founded in 1955 (and you can stop your ‘bitchin’ because on top of that one of the christian co-founders was a woman!), electronics retailer hhgregg suddenly died, all 220 stores and 14 distribution centers shutting down and hundreds of jobs lost by the end of May!   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Vincent Frankfort Hospital from laying off 124 people due to not renewing its lease with Clinton County!   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s College from renouncing its accreditation, suspending campus activities and eliminating 416 jobs in June! Administrators said they hope to be re-accredited once they get some money to operate the school.

Kentucky: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Methodist Hospital from suddenly laying off 61 people, admitting that ObamaCare is more powerful than god saying “Our hospital admissions and outpatient volumes are not meeting expectations, while uncompensated care expenses are up significantly. This imbalance mirrors what healthcare organizations across our state are experiencing.”

Maryland:  In New Windsor, international christian ministry-school operation Brethren Service Center shutdown its upper campus because it was “no longer feasible”.  The ‘upper campus’ has a history of being operated by various christian groups and supposedly will soon be under new management.

Massachusetts:    God powerless to stop ‘his’ 66 years old Saint Anthony School from total shutdown due to The Rapture: “The numbers of enrolled students simply cannot support the financial responsibilities that would be necessary to operate and provide a quality education…”-Reverend Leo-Paul LeBlanc

Minnesota:  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its ‘Twin Cities’ food distribution center, killing 216 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  Despite TV and internet sales, My Pillow (founded and run by a man who is a rabid Donald Trump supporter, and claims to be a devout Christian who supports christian charities with his profits) suddenly laid off 140 people in Chaska, due to the loss of its Better Business Bureau accreditation over complaints of false advertising! In Mankato, after 40 years Lighthouse Christian Book & Gift Shop shutting down, the patriotic christian owners revealed that their profits have been going to other countries, like Cuba.

Mississippi:   In Pearl, god powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ British empire based Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.

 Missouri: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown its Kansas City food distribution center, killing 185 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!

Montana: Christian agnostic Warren Buffet owned BNSF eliminating 55 jobs in Glendive.

Nebraska:  Christian agnostic Warren Buffet owned BH Media Group suddenly laid off 289 people and closed 108 vacant newspaper jobs!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Creighton University from laying off 60 people.  Administrators blamed competition with other universities for The Rapture of students.   Anybody who’s been following my Dumbing Down reports knows that’s a bogus reason because most U.S. universities are dealing with crashing enrollments.   God powerless to stop ‘his’ Boys Town based Boys Town from shutting down after-school ops in the states of California, New York and Texas: “California, New York and Texas are attempting to reform their child welfare system and are doing so in ways that makes it difficult to provide quality, family-style care of the type Boys Town has built a long history of providing.”

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ObamaCare from forcing Saint Mary’s General Hospital to layoff 20 people.  Administrators blamed ObamaCare saying “Our hospital never denies care to the poor or uninsured, and this major loss of government reimbursement negatively affected our finances.”   Known for Home of the Friars basketball, god powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Anthony High School from shutting down due to The Rapture (not enough students or money): “Our seats had not gotten warm and we were done!”-Bob Hurley, basketball coach

God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 24 years old Saint Michael Shop: “Over the past eight years, business has been gravely declining and we have no choice but to close.”-Charlie Gordon, co-owner of the christian store

New York:   ‘Born Again’ christian founded JCPenney shutting down its West Nyack store, 89 jobs lost by the end of July.  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) shutting down six food distribution centers to its Empire State shutdown list (from the two in April), killing about 318 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!    God powerless to stop Catholic Charities from shutting down its Fidelis Parenting/Fatherhood Program by July.  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 133 years old Immaculate Conception School saying “Enrollment is at a historic low and the increased financial strain on both the school and parish is insurmountable.”  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Nebraska based Boys Town from shutting down six Father Flanagan’s Boys Homes, 92 jobs gone by September.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ College of New Rochelle from suddenly laying off 32 people, in an attempt “to achieve financial stability.”  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Joseph’s School in Kingston due to The Rapture, I mean what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome: “St. Joseph’s has seen a decline in enrollment in recent years which has presented considerable operational challenges to maintaining the school.”-Archdiocese Superintendent of Schools Timothy McNiff

North Carolina: Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 5-hundred jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!

 North Dakota: God powerless to stop ‘his’ CHI Saint Alexius from laying off an additional 25 people, for a total so far of 119 in the past year!  In Grand Forks, after 45 years Amazing Grains Natural Foods Market shutdown blaming internet and ‘big box’ competition: “Sales were dropping slowly for a year or so, and then Natural Grocers opened and sales dropped over 30%, and it’s hard for any business to recover from that.”-Betsy Perkins, manager

Ohio:  Mormon Mitt Romney co-founded wunderkind Staples shutting down its store in Boardman, by July, blaming crashing sales (Staples sells online). 

Pennsylvania:  Christian Methodist founded Coca-Cola blaming new city taxes on sodas for crashing sales, forcing them to layoff 40 people.  Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 503 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  God powerless to stop the consolidation of ‘his’ North Hills Catholic schools, which will result in at least 36 teachers becoming unemployed.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Bartholomew School from shutting down.  It’s blamed on The Rapture, I mean crashing enrollment, and skyrocketing debts incurred to operate the school.

Texas:  In San Antonio, 60 years old Saint Stephen Catholic Church shutting down in August due to crashing membership (The Rapture?) and skyrocketing building maintenance costs.   Christian Seventh Day Adventist founded (and openly anti-Trump) Kellogg’s (Kellogg Company) announced it will shutdown two food distribution centers, killing 421 jobs by mid-August, as part of Kellogg’s ongoing operation Special K!  In El Paso, god powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ 60 years old Our Lady of Assumption school: “Those associated with the school have been aware of the decline in enrollment the school has experienced in recent years, going from 134 in the 2012-13 school year to the present 83. There simply are not as many children in that part of the city as there once was.”-Bishop Mark J. Seitz

Virginia:   In Lynchburg, god powerless to stop the sudden shutdown of ‘his’ almost 60 years old Quaker Memorial Preschool due to The Rapture, I mean lack of students.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ 45 years old Alliance Christian Academy from sudden shutdown: “The reality is that the church is defining its mission and strategy for the future. Moving forward, the church is simply going to be focusing on its role as a church and not staffing and supporting a school.”-Glenn Reynolds, attorney

Washington:  God powerless to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Lakewood Christian Gift Center & Bookstore, no reason given.

1st Quarter 2017 U.S. Christian Rapture: “A MASSIVE APOSTASY”

“But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.”-1 Timothy 6:10 Aramaic Bible

“And Yeshua entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them, It is written: ‘My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.’ “-Matthew 21:12-13 Aramaic Bible

“Yeshua said to them, ‘Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God.’ And they marveled at him.”-Mark 12:17 Aramaic Bible

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.-1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Former employees of religious non-profits might not qualify for unemployment assistance (or even be counted as unemployed): “If the non-profit organization is a church, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment. It all depends upon state regulations for church employers. In many cases, churches are allowed to set their own rules regarding unemployment benefits, meaning the church can choose whether to offer benefits to former employees.”

“This agency has run amok!” Nebraska shuts down 160 restaurants! No more University of Phoenix! The Rapture shutters 100 Chicago churches! : U.S. Job Losses & Closings 07 – 08 February 2016

Incomplete list of job loss announcements and shutdowns.

Alabama: What real estate market recovery? Birmingham continues to crash & burn as news reports say an additional 6-thousand 5-hundred square feet of retail space is now available for rent or sale.  That’s because Cosi Restaurant and advertising agency Centigrade are refusing to renew their leases.

Arizona: In Tucson, after 38 years Navajo Rug Repair shutting down so the owners can retire.  They tried to sell the successful business but there were no buyers.  Phoenix based Apollo Education Group selling off its failing University of Phoenix after losing more than 50-thousand students in 2015!  The loss of students was the result of the U.S. Department of Education investigating claims of false promises of finding jobs after graduation, and the U.S. Department of Defense banning military personnel from taking University of Phoenix courses!

Florida:  Forever 21 issued a shutdown WARN for their Jacksonville store number 6002, about 63 jobs lost by mid-March.

Idaho: After jacking up the state fuel tax in 2015 (claiming there wasn’t enough money for never ending road work) state ‘lawmakers’ revealed the federal government increased 2016 federal funding for Idaho road repairs by $16-million USD!  Watchdog group Boise Guardian has revealed that the state Department of Corrections is short-changing county jails for housing state level prisoners.  The state pays counties about $45 per inmate per day, less than the cost of a cheap hotel/motel.  The result is that county level taxpayers are picking up the slack, on top of paying for their own county level prisoners!

Illinois:   Reports say Alliance Partners notified about 235 coal miners that they’ll be losing their jobs due to “Prolonged weak market conditions…”!   God seems oblivious as ‘his’ Archdiocese of Chicago threatens to shutdown at least 1-hundred churches (parishes) due to lack of money, lack of priests and The Rapture, I mean lack of church goers.

Indiana: In South Bend, after 20 years Top Notch Restaurant & Bakery shutdown.  News reports say it will be replaced with a grocery store.  But don’t get excited, the new grocery store is actually an old grocery store moving to a new location, so it’s a net loss of jobs.

Kansas: In Topeka, the Dillions grocery store on Huntoon Street shutting down this week.  City administrators are fearful of increased food insecurity based on U.S. Department of Agriculture data that says residents in the area around the Dillions are now living in a “food desert”.

Kentucky:  Reports say Alliance Partners notified at least 40 coal miners that they’ll be losing their jobs due to “Prolonged weak market conditions…”.

Massachusetts: Federally created ISO New England is warning of huge electricity rate increases for the ‘New England’ states; $3-billion USD in 2017 and $4-billion in 2018, due to shutdowns of outdated power plants.  In Lee, Wave Systems now chapter 7 bankrupt busted.  Administrators said they even tried to sell the data protection software company but nobody wanted to buy.  Chapter 7 usually means the company is officially dead.

Michigan:  In Kalamazoo,  after 40 years Van Sweden Jewelers shutting down in May.  The owner lost two primary employees at the end of last year and tried to sell the store, but nobody wants it.

Montana:  Washington based Puget Sound Energy (PSE) estimates that shutting down its coal fired Colstrip power plant will cost $200-million USD (of course the cost will be passed onto utility customers).  Reports say PSE want it shutdown by 2022, as well as wanting to sell off its newer power plants.  Environmentalists think the clean-up costs will hit $500-million.  There was no mention of the economic-employment impact to the small city of Colstrip.

Nebraska:  Douglas County must have an economic suicide wish as they’re shutting down 160 food joints, for operating without a license!  Administrators with the county Health Department claim they do it every year as licenses lapse, however, the interim prosecutor for the city of Omaha says as far as he knows such an operation has never been “enforced”.  Chris Janicek, the owner of Cupcake Omaha and Cake Box, exclaimed “This agency has run amok!”

New Jersey: Moonachie based bankrupt clothier Joyce Leslie announced it will shutdown all 42 stores: “Unfortunately, our efforts to find a strategic partner to help save the business were not successful. We are saddened to say that we now have to close our doors after 65 years.”-Celia Clancy, ceo

New York:  Professional Transportation Incorporated (PTI) issued a WARN, however, at this point the state Department of Labor has failed to publish the details of the WARN.

Ohio: In West Chester, after 68 years bakery supplies maker Bakery Crafts shutting down, 119 jobs lost starting in April!

Virginia: In Richmond, Pier 1 Imports shutting down their store on West Broad Street, by March.  In Lynchburg, after less than three years locally made handicrafts store Pastiche shutting down.

West Virginia: For the third time in the past month bankrupt coal miner Alpha Natural Resources conducting more mass layoffs.  This time 230 people will loss their jobs!  Last week 93 people lost their jobs and last month 831 people were laid off!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

05-06 February 2016: 74 restaurants shutdown without warning! Another company admits it “over-hired” in 2015!

Former employees who receive severance are not counted as unemployed

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

“Why are we killing ourselves…?” “There has certainly been a seismic shift…” “It just makes you sick.” : U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 22 August 2015

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

“The management of employment is a great human and social responsibility, that cannot be left in the hands of the few…To cause job losses means to cause serious social damage…”-Pope Francis, hypocritically criticizing layoffs despite the fact the Catholic Church is shutting down church and charity operations all over the United States

“Our real unemployment rate…..because you have ninety million people that aren’t working. Ninety-three million to be exact. If you start adding it up, our real unemployment rate is 42%.”-Donald Trump, interview with Time

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says Illinois, Missouri and Rhode Island are all tied for 15th worst unemployment rate in the U.S., for July.

Alaska: In Anchorage a second Alaska Club handball-racquetball center will shutdown this year.  The property is for sale. It’s blamed on crashing memberships: “There has certainly been a seismic shift in the number of people playing racquetball and handball.”-Robert Brewster, president

Arkansas: The sale of the vacant Majestic Hotel has been suspended indefinitely.  Apparently the Missouri based ‘corporate’ buyer is facing legal problems with his own creditors.  If the sale had gone through it would have been a big loss for the people of Hot Springs as their own Board of Directors had agreed to sell the $2-million USD property for only $680-thousand!

Connecticut: Laser maker Lumentum shutting down their Bloomfield factory.  No details about when or how many jobs will be lost.  As with most U.S. corporations they are consolidating manufacturing in anticipation of a worsening economy: “…in order to meet our customers’ future cost expectations...”

Illinois: At least three camps leased by the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois being shutdown due to crashing membership and increasing maintenance costs.  The camps in Salem, Makanda and Worden will shutdown by the middle of 2017: “We just have too many camps for the size of our council.”-Villie Apoo, Girl Scouts ceo

Kansas: In Topeka, Aussie themed Florida based Outback Steakhouse shutdown with little notice, 60 jobs lost.  The manager hinted that profits have crashed, but refused to give a specific ‘official’ reason to local news media.

Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology says cell phones can be used to more accurately count the number of unemployed people.  Researchers noted that in European cities where big layoffs took place there was a 51% drop in cell phone usage.  Even the number of cell towers needed to handle the calls dropped by 20%.

Michigan: In Grand Haven, after 36 years RK Jewelers shutting down in September.  In Niles, God refuses to help ‘his’ British empire founded Salvation Army Food Pantry stay open.  The local Salvation Army Major blames a decrease in donations and a steady increase in poor people: “We have been seeing for the last three or four years a lot of new folks that we’ve never seen before.”-Major William Walters

Minnesota: ObamaCare forcing North Memorial Medical Center to shutdown its Home Care operations, at least 1-hundred jobs lost!  4-hundred patients affected!

New Jersey: The state Department of Labor and Workforce Development says 13-thousand 6-hundred people lost their jobs in July! 

New York: In Greenport, after 15 years Cuvee Bistro and Bar shutting down in September.  Family health problems are blamed.

North Carolina: A-hole ‘lawmakers’ are trying to pass a new bill that would make it harder for unemployed people to qualify for unemployment assistance (stop calling it a ‘benefit’!)!

Ohio:  God refuses to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Good Shepherd Parish in East Toledo, and ‘his’ Advent Lutheran Church in Sylvania.  It’s blamed on decreasing members (The Rapture? or maybe people have woken up to The Lie) and increasing costs of operations.  The Lodge restaurant in Lancaster shutdown.  The property owner, who bought the Lodge from the Elks Club in 2010 and then shelled out more money for major renovations, revealed he’s been trying to sell the building for some time, but for various reasons the deals fall through.  The United Way, Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs lamented the loss of their favorite meeting place.

Oregon: In Saint John’s Bar, The Central Hotel restaurant and bar shutting down by the end of the month, 11 jobs lost.  The property owner is selling it to a property developer.   The restaurant operator also admitted they never had any intention of running a restaurant anyway: “…we ended up taking over the restaurant, which is never something that we planned on doing. We just kind of said, ‘Why are we killing ourselves to do this financially?’….it has been a huge financial strain.”-Risa Davis, co-owner

Tennessee: In Nashville, reports say the Granny White Market (aka Purple Cow) is being forced to shutdown by the greedy property owner who suddenly told the store owner he had six weeks to vacate: “After 19 years he tells me we need to close the doors. It just makes you sick.”-Dan Smith, Purple Cow owner

Washington: The evil city administrators of Bellingham forced local taxpayers to buy homeless shelter Aloha Motel for $1.5-million, and now they’ll shut it down for demolition in September!  A homeless man who’s lived their since 2014 asked “We’re told we have ’til August 31 to get out, but where else am I supposed to go?”     Linds Pharmacy in Coupeville shutting down next week.  The owner says he put Linds Pharmacy up for sale more than a year ago and Rite Aid was the only interested buyer.  The pissed owner blames his forced sale on ObamaCare insurance companies: “Our main financial challenge has been the pharmacy insurance companies and their continual lowering of fees and insistence on patients using their mail-order houses. Lowered prescription volumes, coupled with lowered fees, equals financial problems.”-flyer distributed to loyal customers

West Virginia: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says The Mountain State has the worst ‘official’ unemployment rate (7.5%) in the United States, for July.

Wisconsin: After 64 years God refuses to stop the shutdown and sell-off of ‘his’ Redeemer Lutheran Church in Caledonia.  Church leaders would rather blame it on people being sinful, but maybe it’s something called The Rapture: “Churches across the board are having this kind of problem….It’s hard to have them when you don’t have a lot of people.”-Doris Kidd, church secretary

21 August 2015: Federal Reserve confirms no recovery!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) no longer issues mass layoff reports: “On March 1, 2013, President Obama ordered into effect the across-the- board spending cuts (commonly referred to as sequestration) required by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, as amended. Under the order, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) must cut its current budget by more than $30 million, 5 percent of the current 2013 appropriation, by September 30, 2013. In order to help achieve these savings and protect core programs, the BLS will eliminate two programs, including Mass Layoff Statistics, and all ‘measuring green jobs’ products. This news release is the final publication of monthly mass layoff survey data.”

The Dumbing Down of the United States: Into the New Dark Ages as students ‘disappear’ and Obamacare ‘kills’, 1st six months of 2014!

Incomplete list of publicly announced education layoffs & school shutdowns from January to June 2014:

Alabama: Hoover City Schools laid off nine employees. School officials said that despite a growing student population, local taxes began declining suddenly in 2009-10 (isn’t that when the ‘recession’ officially ended?) and it doesn’t help that Obama Care has drastically increased the costs of employee benefits.  In Birmingham, God refused to stop the Parkway Christian Academy from shutting down. This time it’s blamed on church members not paying their dues, as a result the church has to sell the school!  The John Essex School shutting down before the 2014-15 school year. Student population has dropped to less than 100. School officials say families are getting the hell out of the country: “The enrollment just kept dwindling. This is the trend….Families are moving away and the families aren’t as big as they used to be.”-Luke Hallmark

Alaska: University of Fairbanks warned of 100 job cuts! It’s blamed on crashing taxpayer funding and increasing healthcare costs for employees due to Obama Care.

Arizona: The Blue Ridge Unified School District warned of layoffs.  Sunnyside Unified School District eliminated seven full time librarians. Six librarians now forced to work at two different school libraries.  Coconino Community College District killed 15 jobs. This leaves only two full time positions for the college.  University of Phoenix (Apollo Education Group) laid off less than 50 employees. Company officials say it’s part of their restructuring.

California:  Coachella Valley Unified School District killed 96 positions, on top of the previous 51 employees let go. School district officials admitted they are trying to avoid bankruptcy, however, employees and taxpayers are confused because the district was able to give students 18-thousand iPads last year. On top of that the Golden State government is supposed to be giving schools extra money for the school year. Local news reports said district officials made the layoff decision without public discussion.   Galt Joint Union High School District says it must layoff five employees, due to what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS).  BEST (Barstow Employment Specialized Training) Opportunities killed 98 jobs, guess their job training wasn’t good enough.  CDIHS/OMI Head Start laying off 76 people in July.

Colorado: Colorado State University-Pueblo laid off 22 employees. 19 vacant positions have been eliminated.  Durango School District laid off 24 people. School officials say that despite increasing student enrollment the state has drastically cut funding.

Connecticut: God refusing to stop the Christian Ledyard Center Nursery School from shutting down. It’s blamed on a steady but snowballing decline in students. This school year they have only 40 students, after years of having hundreds! I asked this before, where are all the grade school and college students going? Is there some kind-o-cover up regarding a massive population decline in the U.S.? In Lemont, God refused to stop the all Christian girls (hey isn’t that discrimination against boys?) Mount Assisi Academy from shutting down. Same reason, what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS).  Is it the rapture?

Florida: Manatee County Schools laid off 12 employees. God refused to stop the shutdown of Wellington Christian School, 50 jobs lost. The Christian parents are pissed saying “Terrible. Out of the blue. Nothing. Just an e-mail to everybody. It was very upsetting.” Another parent says they just busted their butts raising donations to save the school, and now they want that money back, saying “Sure, well, I don’t know about that honestly in terms of the last few days, but if the money was designated to save our high school that money should be returned to our families!”  However, greedy church officials now say that money is staying with the church! The ‘interim’ pastor says he wants to sell off the school property!  Broward County School District shutting down three charter schools (including The Obama Academy for Boys). This is on top of the 12 charter schools the district has already killed! This time school officials say the charter schools being closed broke their contracts, by not operating at the locations stipulated in the contracts, and, they failed to get permits (they were apparently permitted as day care centers, not schools).  Duval County Head Start more than 300 jobs affected due to loss of funding! The education program is now forced to rely on cheap contractors.

Georgia: Jackson County School District wants to kill 42 jobs. District officials say reduced taxpayer funding and increased Obama Care insurance costs have created a $4.6-million USD shortfall!  Muscogee County School District eliminated 113 jobs (69 occupied positions and 44 vacant positions)! It’s due to funding problems, but 19 teachers were fired specifically for poor performance.

Illinois:  Bushnell-Prairie City School District laid at least 16 employees, ended two sports programs and ended elementary summer school for the 2014-15 school year. It’s blamed on massive funding cuts at the states level.   Dunlap School District laid off 17 employees. It was revealed the district is in the hole $2.1-million. Employees are pissed because last year the district led everybody to believe the district was in good shape.  The Prairie State Superintendent of Schools warned 13-thousand 4-hundred teachers could become unemployed!  In Galeberg, after 35 years the Carl Sandburg College Children’s School shutdown in June: “…the college simply no longer offers the accompanying programs and no longer has the resources available to continue to support it financially given the reduced funding we’ve received from the state in recent years.”

Chicago Public Schools laid off 1150 employees! School administrators claim the number of layoffs are the lowest in the past five years! The job killing is blamed on the ever increasing  Disappearing Students Syndrome and a new per-pupil funding formula.  Belleville School District laid off 12 teachers, as a “precaution”. School administrators say the state and federal governments have not been paying what they are supposed to pay under school funding laws. As an example; the state of Illinois still owes the school district $2.1-million! Taxpayers need to get pissed and ask their elected officials “why?”   Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210 laid off four of their ten art teachers.  Peoria School District 150 killing 200 jobs! District officials blamed crashing funding from federal and state tax revenues, and even crashing local property tax revenues. In other words, the economy sucks ass!  Rockford School District shutting down nine schools, and tearing them down to created “green space”! It’s not clear why, even a local news source stated “parents expressed extreme curiosity in the district’s plans”.

Iowa: Wesleyan College warned of layoffs. At least 45 people will lose their jobs. 16 programs are being shutdown, affecting at least 50 students who thought they were close to graduating. College administrators blame what I call DSS and lack of money!  In Galesburg, Cooke Elementary school being shutdown. School district officials say student enrollment is so low the school can barley maintain 15 students per class, making it a waste of money to keep the school open. It also doesn’t help that the district is in the hole by $4.4-million!  Iowa City Community School District eliminated 36 teacher and administrator positions. 47 teachers are expected to retire and those positions will not be filled, but school district officials said some layoffs might still be necessary. It’s blamed on state mandated education spending cuts.  West Des Moines’ Johnston Community School District voted to shutdown an elementary school and possibly kill 14 jobs. Administrators say they must shutdown an elementary school, then turn a Junior High into an elementary school, plus raise property taxes/fees in order to build a new High School. (Hey they pulled that crap here in Chubbuck/Pocatello, Idaho, and it was nothing but a big mess and a scam for local taxpayers!)  West Des Moines says they must shutdown the Phenix Early Childhood Center in order to deal with education funding cuts. 180 students and 12 teachers affected!

Kansas: God can’t stop Christian non-profit Ottawa University from laying off 18 employees. School officials say the layoffs are “a preventive measure” against the growing number of disappearing (raptured?) students.

Kentucky: University of Louisville warned of massive layoffs. It’s blamed on what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS). School officials revealed that due to declining enrollments they’ve cut $114-million out of their operating budget over the past ten years! Now the Governor wants to slash state funding of higher education by 2.5%.  Fort Knox to shutdown four schools; Kingsolver Elementary, Mudge Elementary, Pierce Elementary and Walker Intermediate School. That’s half their schools! 130 jobs will be lost! It’s blamed on the de-activation of the U.S. Army’s 3rd Brigade.  Georgetown College laying off an undisclosed number of employees and eliminating French, German, Computer Science, and Music majors. They say it’s part of their two year “strategic” plan to adjust to Obama Care, which drastically increases the cost of employee retirement and health insurance benefits.  In Louisville, Jefferson County Public Schools officials blames disappointing student performance for why Myers Middle School (Junior High) must be closed. Students consistently rank in the bottom 1% for the whole state!  Northern Kentucky University laid off 20 employees, blaming “financial challenges”.

Louisiana: The University of New Orleans announced they will kill an undisclosed number of their 84 degree programs, which will result in layoffs. The university laid off 28 people back in February. Since 2012 more than 110 employees have been laid off, and they shutdown their child daycare! It’s blamed on what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome, for example; in 2003 the university had more than 17-thousand students, in 2013 they had only 9323, an almost 50% reduction over ten years! Louisiana Delta Community College wants to layoff 28 employees. The college has been forced to cut its operating budget by millions of dollars for the past several school years.    Loyola University killed more than 24 jobs.  In Baton Rouge, The Career Academy charter school forced to shutdown, despite their five year contract with East Baton Rouge Parish School System. The East Baton Rouge Parish School System claims they need the property.

Maine: The York School District killed nine jobs. The University of Maine wants to kill 165 to 255 jobs! Administrators say it will have to be, if the state government goes through with draconian budget cuts.  University of Southern Maine shutdown Dickey Wood Hall. It’s blamed on DSS. The Hall was designed to accommodate 360 students, but this past spring there were only 40 living in the dorm!

Maryland:  University of Maryland University College warned of 70 layoffs. It’s blamed on what I call Disappearing Student Syndrome (DSS) and increased Obama Care costs for employees.  Loyola University eliminated 37 jobs.

Massachusetts: Wareham School District warned of massive restructuring and layoffs. The District is short $2.4-million!  In Worchester, God refused to stop the killing of 15 jobs at the Catholic Assumption College. School officials said the layoffs were the only way they could keep from raising tuition. Parents have told school officials the number one reason why student enrollment is declining is because of the skyrocketing costs of higher education (or is it the Rapture?).   Amherst Regional School Committee eliminated 12 jobs, blamed “mainly to declining enrollment”.   After only 11 years, Center for Digital Imaging Arts now chapter 7 bankrupt busted. Chapter 7 bankruptcy indicates they are toast and will be liqudated.  In Norwood, That Which Cannot Be Named refused to stop the shutdown of the Jewish elementary school Kehillah Schechter Academy. It’s blamed on disappearing Jewish students (it also doesn’t help that the school is millions of dollars in debt).

Michigan: Lansing Public School District warned it might have to shutdown Eastern High School. It’s blamed on decreasing students and increasing employee costs caused by Obama Care health insurance and retirement increases. To add to that, The Lansing Public School District privatizing their school bus system, trying to cut more than $700-thousand from their budget. School bus drivers make about $12 per hour, part time, so just imagine what kind of contracted drivers they’re going to get for minimum wage. School bus driver Keisha Boose is pissed, saying  “I feel like I have been a loyal employee and the Lansing School District does not have my back!”   After first announcing (in March) they would not privatize their school bus system, Battle Creek Public Schools privatized their school bus system! 41 jobs affected.  The Charlotte Public Schools could shutdown the Charlotte Performing Arts Center. Administrators revealed the taxpayer funded Arts Center has been losing tens of thousands of dollars since 2010. Detroit Public Schools (DPS) warned they might shutdown 26 schools! Apparently DPS is in the hole by $120-million!  Eastern Michigan University is laying off 10 of its 11 full time lecturers! It’s blamed on what I call DSS, which is making budget problems even worse.  The troubled and possibly thieving Saginaw School District warned of school shutdowns in order to save money. The District is already being sued by one of its own board members, is already in the hole by $6.1-million, and last year it was forced by state officials to take over and shutdown the Buena Vista School District. And even though Buena Vista School District is dead, the local residents are still forking over local school taxes to pay off $6-million in district debt!  Flint School District is considering getting rid of all 41 administrators!  It all depends on the actual student population, Flint has been hemorrhaging students. So far four school have been closed and hundreds of jobs lost!  Pontiac Education Association laid off 63 teachers. It’s being blamed on the disappearance of 300 students for the 2014-15 school year! (and don’t forget the increased benefit costs caused by Obama Care). Pontiac schools are in so much financial trouble they are now being overseen by Oakland Intermediate School District.  The Ferndale Public Schools warned they must eliminate 30 jobs.  Administrators say they will go into the 2014-15 school year missing 300 students!

Minnesota:  The Minnesota School of Business shutdown their Shakopee branch, blaming disappearing students: “…in the past few years the number of students taking classes at the Shakopee campus has decreased dramatically.”-note taped to door at the Shakopee branch

The Willmar School District laid off 87 teachers and administrators. They hope it will be temporary. Minnesota State University Moorhead laid off 20 employees, and forced 21 employees to retire early, due to being short $5-million! University officials warned that if things don’t get better they will be short $8-million by 2016!  The Elmore Academy and the Wildcat Cafe shutdown to assess “programmatic needs”.   After only nine years the only two Christian Camden Music Schools shutdown. God didn’t stop the ‘great recession’ from killing off the schools: “The revenues were not sufficient for me to sustain it.”-Janet Zahn, founder

Mississippi: In McComb, God refused to stop the shutdown of Saint Alphonsus Catholic School, 22 jobs lost. It’s blamed on a the steady disappearance of students over the past seven years (Rapture?).

Missouri: In Ozora, God refuses to stop 115 years old Sacred Heart Catholic School from shutting down. Only 15 students enrolled for the 2014-15 school year!  Blame their DSS on the Rapture?  Troubled Saint Joseph School District killed more jobs, this time six employees were laid off.  School board officials blame it on disappearing students. However, the school district is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI wants to know why the administrators secretly gave themselves $200-thousand in bonuses!

New Hampshire: In Goffstown, after 96 years (and surviving the Great Depression) God refused to stop the shutdown of Villa Augustina School. It’s blamed on disappearing Catholic students. In 2008-09 the Catholic parents tried to save the school by buying it from the Catholic church. However, the students just wouldn’t show up (maybe they’re all in heaven now. Oh no, the rapture?): “A community embracing Christian Values, Academic Excellence, and Loving Service consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church and the charism of St. Claudine Thevenet.”-school mission statement

New Jersey:  Port Jervis School District warned of job cuts for the 2014-15 school year, blaming state and federal funding cuts and Obama Care insurance increases for district employees.   In Pennsauken Township, God can’t stop Saint Steven’s Christian school from shutting down. Church leaders blame it on what I call DSS (is it the Rapture?).  The Newark School system warned it will kill 30% of their 32-hundred teaching jobs over the next three years!  Administrators blame crashing revenues which are caused by what I call Disappearing Students Syndrome.  It turns out the Salem County One-Stop Career Center is a dead end for six employees who got laid off. It’s blamed on the loss of a community college grant.

New Mexico: Western New Mexico University warned of layoffs and tuition increases, due to what I call DSS.

New York:  Rochester City School District warned of massive layoffs due to the loss of 900 students for the 2014-15 school year!  The Hempstead School District killed 59 education jobs, in a secret vote. The teachers union went to local news media to report that 47 teachers, 10 teacher assistants and two administrators had received layoff notices. In May school officials declared many teaching positions were going to be “excessed”, which basically means there’s not enough money to cover them all.  Wilson Central School District laid off two employees. Rome City School District warned 60 teachers of layoff, and is asking another 40 to retire early. Lockport City School District laid off five employees and eliminated six vacant positions.  Glens Falls City School District killing 25 jobs, and reducing the hours for ten employees. The district blames it on declining tax revenues from the state and federal level, and will now push local school taxes/fees to their legal limit. Trumansburg Central School District might layoff seven employees.  Utica City School District killing 94 jobs. The district is in the hole by $6.4-million, and this is despite the fact that the district is one of the rare few that actually has increasing student enrollment!  Canisius College warned it will layoff an undisclosed number of employees, blaming years of what I call Disappearing Student Syndrome (DSS) and increasing benefit costs caused by Obama Care.   After spending $23-thousand dollars to find out why the Guilderland schools are losing students, the shutdown of Altamont Elementary School is now being discussed. The study blamed “Declining community population”, “Declining job market” and “underemployment”, “44% less growth in property values”, as well as blaming the federal government for “Unfunded mandates” and Obama Care for “Increasing health insurance and employee pension costs”!  South Colonie Central Schools jacking up property taxes and eliminating 35 jobs. Upset parents don’t understand that Obama Care is jacking up insurance costs astronomically for schools. Administrators are hoping the federal and state government will kick in some extra money to help pay for their financial rape.  Queensbury Union Free School District warned of job cuts, blaming continued reduction in funding, and of course they want the cash strapped local property owners to fork over more money. Saranac Lake Central School District wants to layoff at least 20 employees.  Trenton School District to layoff 77 employees. Administrators blamed part of their $10.5-million shortfall on charter schools. Buffalo School District warned of layoffs for the 2014-15 school year, as many as 390 jobs could be culled! They’re short nearly $50-million. Teachers in the district are pissed because in the past they’ve taken huge pay cuts, by as much as $15-thousand per teacher! Utica City School District wants to kill 90 jobs, due to a shortfall of $6.4-million, and that’s with an increase in student population and taxes. Local property owners are pissed because the district (along with the city) has been jacking up their taxes, and apparently it’s still not enough! However, one district official revealed that 61% of elitist property owners are exempted from paying taxes! The other 39% are burdened with funding local government. Sounds like a f*cked up place to live.   For the first time ever, Cazenovia School District had to kill jobs. 16 positions eliminated due to disappearing students (20% decline over the past 10 years). In Getzville, bus service First Student shutdown, killing 80 jobs. In Brooklyn, after 52 years God refused to stop the shutdown of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. Administrators blamed it on a 75% drop in student enrollment (is it the Christian Rapture?)!  After 151 years (and surviving the Great Depression as well as dozens of recessions) snooty upscale prep school Adelphi Academy now chapter 11 bankrupt busted. Administrators blame it on disappearing students. Court documents show current K through 12 enrollment at only 100!  Tufaro Transit laid off 46 school bus employees due to loss of contract. School Days also warned of 45 school bus employee layoffs due to loss of contract.  In Long Island, All American School Bus shutdown, 990 jobs lost! The Schenectady City School District chief, Larry Spring, warned “We’re going to have staff layoffs, we’re going to have program cuts, absolutely.” The district is short $10-million! Employees were also laid off last school year.  In Amherst, Medaille College shutdown: “The market environment has changed so much that the most obvious thing to do is return to the mother campus and adjust accordingly.”-Richard Jurasek , president

North Carolina: Elizabeth City State University laid off 34 employees. The interim chancellor says the university must cut costs by $3.7-million per year!  ECSU eliminated 46 positions last school year. School officials say disappearing students caused the university to lose $4.2-million in the 2013-14 school year!  In Wilmington, after 32 years Teacher’s Aid shutdown. The owner of the education supply store blamed the past five years of declining sales.  North Carolina Central University eliminated 55 positions. University of North Carolina at Greensboro warns it might have to destroy 120 jobs and 600 classes in July! It already killed 390 classes for the 2013-14 school year! It’s blamed on increasing disappearing students, 2014-15 school year enrollment is already down by 2.6%. It’s also blamed on decreasing taxpayer funding and increased costs, like increased employee health insurance cost due to Obama Care.

Ohio: Mansfield School Committee eliminated 149 positions and raised up front school fees for parents! It’s blamed on declining tax revenues and increased insurance costs caused by Obama Care.  The Columbus City School District warned it will have to close seven schools, in order to cut $50-million from next school year’s budget!  Central State University laid off 17 employees, and plans on reducing pay for everybody else.  Marietta College killed 20 jobs.  Parma City School District warned of layoffs as they and the teachers union battle it out in arbitration. If U.S. teachers are so important why is the United States now among the dumbest countries in the world?  After only two years in operations, Believe to Achieve Academy shutdown two schools, 63 jobs lost.  Ohio State University eliminated 13 jobs. Administrators said it’s either the layoffs or jacking up tuition.  In Toledo, Community Development Institute-Head Start killing 280 jobs in July! The 2014-15 Head Start contract went to another contractor.

Oregon: Southern Oregon University eliminating 80 jobs by 2018. It’s blamed on what I call DSS: “We have to be as lean as possible. We’re trying to save enough so we can reinvest.”-Mary Cullinan, SOU president

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia School District warned of 1-thousand layoffs in September! It’s blamed on massive funding cuts and massive insurance cost increases caused by Obama Care. Administrators said the combination causes them to be short $440-million for 2014-15 school year! They begged city, county and state officials to raise taxes in order to fund the district’s budget shortfall: “We cannot have another year where we’re cutting. We have to get stable…so we can fight for the future instead of worrying about every single year….We can’t go any further! We’ll be in the mud at the bottom of the hill, and it’s a very steep hill!”-Bill Green, School Reform Commission Chairman

Pittsburgh based Education Management Corporation (EDMC) laid off 80 HQ employees, and more are expected. The for-profit higher education system (half owned by Goldman-Sachs) operates in the U.S. and Canada through Argosy University, The Art Institutes (200 employees laid off earlier this year!), Brown Mackie College and South University. EMDC has been losing money for the past three years due to disappearing students (enrollment dropped almost 10% just from last year). EMDC is also facing U.S. federal charges for paying recruiters based on student headcount, which is a violation of U.S. education laws. The Allentown School District laid off 101 employees, including teachers! The district has already killed 350 jobs over the past four years! It’s blamed on what I call DSS, and Obama Care increases insurance and retirement costs for the school district by $4.3-million! Chartiers-Houston School District warned of layoffs, and they blamed the state for withholding payments on recent construction and renovations, and the federal government for increasing health care and retirement costs (Obama Care). Administrators say the result is that they are now $1-million in the hole!  The Easton Area School District to layoff 56 employees. Officials need to make up a $5-million shortfall in the 2014-15 budget!  West York Area School District killed 29 jobs, on top of the 40 positions eliminated through attrition. Taxpayers question the job cuts because the school district is spending money on building renovations.   The Southern Lehigh School Board tearing down the Lower Milford Elementary School. Lower Milford parents are pissed, saying the K-5 school is not only the only school in the area, but doubles as a community center! School board officials say they cannot afford the $15-million needed to renovate the school.   Bethlehem Area School District eliminating 22 teacher positions, despite local tax increases. Apparently Pennsylvania school districts cannot layoff employees due to economic reasons, so the district is blaming the ongoing trend of disappearing students. Administrators also pointed out that even at maximum local taxes they still won’t have enough money to pay all the bills! Camden City School District eliminating 575 jobs! Administrators blamed it on disappearing students and on prior administrators “overspending” taxpayer funding.  In Bridgeville, God refused to stop the closing of Holy Child Catholic School, church officials blame it on disappearing (Raptured?) Christians!  The Correy Area School District shut down two elementary schools. Superintendent William Nichols blames it on what I call the mysterious DSS: “The board built two buildings here in the past six or seven years that house all of the elementary students and that becomes possible because we have a declining enrollment of 35%…”

Tennessee: God refused to stop for profit Christian Victory University (Crichton College) from shutting down! A wealthy California Christian investor says his family has lost millions trying to float the university for the past five years! The problem is declining enrollment due to Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS), and the fact that the majority of enrolled students are there on scholarships.

Texas: Rio Hondo School District killed 23 jobs. It’s blamed on funding cuts which are blamed on what I call DSS.  Copperas Cove Independent School District killing 75 jobs. The district no longer qualifies for the federal Heavy Impact Aid, which equates to a $12-million loss. The aid is for schools located near federal installations like military bases. However, 35% of the student population must meet certain qualifications, and apparently declining enrollment has resulted in not enough students to meet that 35% requirement.  The El Paso Independent School District warned it could be killing 172 teaching positions! It’s blamed on rising insurance and retirement costs caused by Obama Care, and the DSS of 33-hundred students over the past four years!

Vermont: The Vermont Technical College eliminating six positions due to increased costs caused by Obama Care, and three years of DSS.   Norwich University announced it will kill an undisclosed number of jobs, blaming DSS.  Burlington School District plans to layoff 23 employees for the 2014-15 school year.

Virginia: Patrick Henry Community College laid off 22 employees. Since 2013 the college has experienced declining enrollment, lower tuition revenues, increased costs and decreases in taxpayer funding.

Washington DC: Howard University laid off 200 employees! The jobs are being outsourced. University employees protested, but of course they were ignored.

Wisconsin: Delavan-Darien School District eliminated 18 positions, mainly teachers.   God refuses to stop Marquette University from killing 25 jobs. The Catholic university says it’s necessary to keep tuition affordable, but never mind that they raised the tuition the month prior (you see you can’t trust Christians)!  Blackhawk Technical College laid off 11 employees. It’s blamed on reduced tax funding.  In De Pere, Wisconsin International School shutdown without notice! Local news reports stated that teachers had not been paid! Administrators with the privately run grade school stated “The Wisconsin International School has closed due to declining enrollment and mounting financial pressures.” 

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 01 – 03 September 2014: High school drop-outs see 46% decline in wages! School district turns to used car sales? More state & city government ass-holes killing off jobs! “Most of these churches, if you go into them, you see very small congregations…” God’s rapture kills another church?

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

California: Corporate executive security company, Security Industry Specialist, warned they will kill off 335 jobs in October!  San Francisco based legal drugs pusher Exelixis warned it will kill 160 jobs!  The company’s drug for a specific type of thyroid cancer failed to work on prostate cancer.   More proof the internet is not killing brick-n-mortar stores; Los Angeles based internet women’s clothing company Nasty Gal laid off at least 28 employees.  Company officials said it was part of their “vision of the future”.  In Burbank, Warner Brothers movie maker trying to kill hundreds of jobs through buyouts!  It’s blamed on Aussie Rupert Murdock backing out of his takeover offer, and parent company Time Warner’s (Turner Broadcasting) ordering of massive job culling across all its operations.  In Simi Valley, Too Big to Jail Bank of America warned it will kill 36 jobs in October.

Colorado: What housing market recovery?  West Metro Fire Rescue is recommending job killing and a 3% pay cut due to voters rejecting a levy that would have increased local tax funding.  Fire administrators blame their lack of funding on crashing home values.   The ignorant firefighters don’t seem to realize that you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, in other words the taxpayers are maxed out due to their own crashing revenues and even unemployment!  “It’s the economy, stupid!”-attributed to Bill Clinton

Florida: In Myrtle Beach, after only a few years the Celtic themed Tilted Kilt pub shutdown, despite having 17 years to go on their lease!  According to local reports the franchisee owner sold out to somebody else, and company administrators refuse comment.

Georgia: Fort Valley University laid off 14 employees due to a 38% crash in enrollment ( what I call Disappearing Student Syndrome, DSS).  School administrators said more “tough measures” will follow.

Louisiana: A company connected to the 2010 Gulf (why do so many Canucks and New Englanders pronounce it Golf?) of Mexico oil spill is now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  Matagorda Island Gas Operations was one of four companies accused last year by federal regulators of refusing to comply with an order to hand over documents relating to the 2010 disaster.  This bankruptcy might be a way the company is trying to get out of paying fines, because its assets far out way its debts.

Maryland: More proof the internet is not killing brick-n-mortar stores; Zenimax Online Studios killed an undisclosed number of jobs, despite claiming to “invest heavily” in its new online game.  In the Port of Baltimore, state administrators killed off plans by CSX Transportation railroad company to use double stacked container cars.  CSX has promoted the plan for five years, saying it’s needed to deal with demands for increased freight shipments, which would have created more jobs.

Michigan: Detroit based Compuware was sold off, company administrators warn massive layoffs to follow. Compuware is now owned by California based Thoma Bravo.  Detroit Public Schools are so desperate they’re now in the business of selling used cars!  Specifically, the school system auctioned off 18 surplus police cars.  I couldn’t find any reports on how the school district got a hold of the former cop cars.  More proof Michigan is a failed state; the Michigan League for Public Policy reports that overall wages have crashed 10% since 1979.  When you break it down by sex and education, low wage earning men saw a whopping 31.2% decline in pay, while adults with no high school diploma saw a 46.3% crash in earnings!  God refuses to stop the shutdown of the Saint Louis the King Church in Detroit.  Catholic administrators blame crashing membership (rapture?): “Most of these churches, if you go into them, you see very small congregations….The contributions, even when merged with all three churches, are very low, so, you can’t maintain everything.”-John Karpiej, 38 year church goer who was apparently ‘left behind’

Missouri:  Noranda Aluminum is killing 200 jobs and halting its expansion of a smelter!  Company administrators blame skyrocketing utility costs.  They even asked the state utility commission to grant a 25% reduction in their electricity bill, which was denied: “The long-term future of this plant depends on our ability to secure an affordable and competitive power rate.”-Kip Smith, CEO

New Mexico: After 35 years Cottonwood Printing shutdown by the city of Albuquerque, 12 jobs lost.  Albuquerque city A-Holes are seizing the property under their Imminent Domain law, so they can build a road.

New York: It was revealed that Obama Care killed jobs with Rural/Metro Medical Services, last month.  Company administrators finally notified the state that they were forced to consolidate their medical billing services, killing off at least 68 jobs.  In Endicott, Jim’s Formal Wear warned it will shutdown in November, 61 jobs to be lost between December and January.   In Bronx, SCO Family of Services’ warned it is shutting down their homeless shelter in November, 27 jobs lost.

North Carolina: I warned back in February that iconic cereal maker Kelloggs was about to launch its job killing operation Project K.  Local news reports say Project K has begun with the first victims, numbering 161, to be made unemployed in January!  The job killing under Project K is said to last until 2018!   Company officials say they’re hopeful they can cut their costs by $475-million over the next four years, meaning they are not optimistic about any economic recovery!  North Carolina’s tax breaks for the TV-Movie industry are proving to be a big fail.  Producers of the series Banshee are moving to Louisiana, blaming it on the high cost of doing business in the Old North State.  State administrators claim they will lose $40-million as a result!

Oregon: In Portland, Produce Row Cafe beer bar shutdown: “It is with a heavy heart that we close Produce Row today for an indefinite hiatus. We understand this is a surprise for many and know that we could not be more grateful for all of your support over the last 40 years.” 

Pennsylvania: In Lemoyne, after 18 years Bob’s Bagels & Philly Style Hoagies shutdown.

Rhode Island: Providence Newspaper Guild killed 22 jobs, it’s the result of being taken over by New Media Investment Group.  Local news reports said non-Guild positions were killed off as well.  After 31 years French restaurant Basil’s of Narragansett shutdown because the greedy property owner refused to reduce the rent.  Local news reports say the owners of the restaurant were active in supporting the community.

South Carolina: In Eutaw, after 29 years Chef’s Choice Steakhouse shutdown: “These are difficult times. Financially, steak prices are really high. It is hard to make ends meet. It was a tough decision for us to make.”-Dareen Bell Connor, co-owner

Utah: In Saint George, Iowa based Blue Bunny shutdown an ice cream factory, 100 jobs lost!   company administrators claim they must consolidate operations back to Iowa to “remain competitive” in this suck-ass economy.

Virginia: Tysons Corner based newspaper USA Today killed more jobs.  This time as many as 70 people rendered unemployed.  Company administrators said they are shifting to “self sufficient reporters producing publication ready copy”, which probably means reporters who can handle all aspects of news gathering like being their own assignment editors, camera operators, writers, copy editors, etc.  (hey, I’ve done that for almost two decades, working for small market NBC TV affiliates, and now BBN!) In Troutville, after 32 years the Waffle House shutdown.  The restaurant owners claim they are moving to a new location that can increase profits, in other words the old property owner wants more rent.

30-31 August 2014

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) doesn’t count the hundreds of layoffs involving less than 50 people each, in its mass layoff reports. It also doesn’t count all the little ‘mom & pop’ businesses that shutdown. It doesn’t count people who get a severance for being laid off.

“Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security…That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional.”-Barack Obama, 10 September 2013