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In one weekend dying RadioShack secretly shutdown 1000 stores!

01 JUN 2017 (15:08 UTC-07 Tango 06) 11 Khordad 1396/06 Ramadan 1438/07 Bing Wu 4715

“Go say goodbye to the RadioShack in your neighborhood.”-official RadioShack press release

It’s been revealed that in one amazing weekend 96 years old and dying RadioShack shutdown 1-thousand additional stores, now there are only 70 stores left in the United States!

This Chubbuck, Idaho, RadioShack shutdown in 2015.

Two months ago General Wireless Operations owned RadioShack went bankrupt (for the second time in the past two years) and said it would shutdown an additional 2-hundred stores.  But after a month the shutdowns grew to more than 5-hundred.   As of the weekend bloodbath there are now only 70 corporate owned stores operating, and 425 stores operated by franchise owners.

When RadioShack was a happening thing it had more than 7-thousand-3-hundred stores across the U.S.!

August 2016: Texas news media blames death of RadioShack on United Nations!




Idaho RadioShacks make the closure hit list! 1784 stores across the U.S. to close!

07 February 2015 (00:00 UTC-07 Tango 01)/17 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1436/18 Bahman 1393/19 Bing Yin (12th month) 4712

It’s official, six (of approximately 24) Gem State RadioShack stores will be shutdown, pending a bankruptcy sale to cell phone service company Sprint.

Idaho shutdown list:

152 Bullock #4, Chubbuck
Elm Tree Plaza Suite 101, Meridian
Nampa Business Center, Nampa
733 Yellowstone Ave, Pocatello
3134 E Mullan Ave Ste A, Post Falls
Valley River Center, Rexburg

RadioShack has made public a massive list of 1784 stores across the United States that will be shutdown, called Radio Shack Exhibit 1A, B & C  First, Second & Third Tranche Stores. 

Radio Shack bankrupt busted & dying!

Radio Shack bankrupt busted & dying! Sprint taking over?

04 February 2015 (14:50 UTC-07 Tango 01)/14 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1436/15 Bahman 1393/16 Bing Yin (12th month) 4712

Reports that 94 years old RadioShack is selling at least half its existing stores, and the most likely buyer is cell phone company Sprint (Amazon is another potential buyer).  It’s part of RadioShack’s bankruptcy which could see the rest of the iconic (but always struggling, I know I worked for them from mid 1989-90 and they were struggling then) electronics stores shutdown.  1-thousand 1-hundred remaining stores and thousands of jobs affected!

On 02 February 2015, the New York Stock Exchange began delisting procedures, basically rendering all stocks in RadioShack worthless.  The delisting might have been the result of RadioShack administrators officially defaulting on a massive multi-million dollar loan from Salus Capital.

There are reports that some store employees were told to drastically cut prices and sell everything, while employees at other stores are reporting they’ve been told nothing.

Radio Shack ups the store closure ante!

Radio Shack will continue closing stores, because it makes them money! 

Sears, Best Buy, RadioShack, JCPenny all going down? 


One Year Later: Cell Phones proved useless in Tsunami hit areas, news media critical for getting information out

An international telecommunication symposium was held in the quake/tsunami hit Japanese city of Sendai. The goal was to discover which form of telecommunications works best in a tsunami disaster.

Cells phones proved to be useless, as there was no way to charge the batteries.  Use of pay phones was limited because of tsunami damage.

It turns out that the best way to communicate with disaster victims is still the tried and true Radio!  A study found that most survivors, who knew what was going on, were listening to portable radios.

The boss of Japan’s NHK broadcaster (NHK actually won awards for their reporting on the disaster), said in the next disaster they will focus even more on getting useful information out for those survivors who might be listening on portable radios.


Conservative Reganomics Economist says Republican supporters are Stupid when it comes to Taxes and the Economy

Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan and Bush Sr official, has published a new book called The Benefit and the Burden: Tax Reform – Why We Need It and What It Will Take.  But guess what? He says the wealthy have been getting huge tax cuts for decades, and that’s part of what put the federal government into record debt!

He also says, in an interview with Bill Moyers, that right wing Republicans are stupid when it comes to understanding how much taxes they really pay, and how taxes really work:  “Back when the Tea Party first came into existence, back in 2009 they had a big demonstration in Washington. And we went around and we surveyed…You know, questions of just straight factual knowledge, not opinion. And it turned out that these people all thought taxes were vastly higher than they really are, and that they were paying exorbitantly high tax rates that would be impossible for them to pay.”

Bartlett also says the right wingers are stupid religious nuts: “…it’s very much like religion. And I think that it’s not a surprise that so many very, you know, devout Christians are a part of the Republican Party and accept a lot of this. Because the nature of deep religious belief is faith, which means you accept things for which there is no proof. And so, I think it’s not that hard to shift that faith over to believe …That if you cut taxes, revenues will go up…That all tax cuts are good and all spending cuts are good, and all government is bad.”

He blames Right Wing radio and Fox News: “You hear the same idea over and over again. Or you can call it propaganda if you like. It’s broadly believed and people just keep saying these things all the time, that ‘Rich people create jobs.’ ‘Yes, rich people create jobs.’ ‘They’re motivated primarily by taxation.’ ‘Yes, they’re motivated by taxation.’ ‘We must cut their taxes.’ ‘Yes, we must cut their taxes.’”

“Year after year after year of people watching Fox News and listening to talk radio, had conditioned them in advance to believe that the government is responsible for all of our problems.”

Bartlett says once enough stupid Tea Party members realize it’s their own Republican officials who are doing them in, they’ll Join the Occupy Movement: “…once they start to realize that the Republicans really do want to not just cut Medicare, but essentially abolish it, you know, I just think those people are not going to be part of the Tea Party. They’re going to be over with the Occupy Wall Street.”