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Destroy U.S. Dollar: Japan recognizes Bitcoin as official money! Charities accept it for donations!

20 April 2017 (15:42 UTC-07 Tango 06) 31 Farvardin 1396/23 Rajab 1438/24 Jia Chen 4715

At the beginning of April, Nippon (Japan) legalized the use of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, and immediately two major retailers announced they would accept customer’s Bitcoins.  Now the city of Hirosaki announced it would accept Bitcoins for their Save the Cherry Blossoms charity.

The value of Bitcoins has skyrocketed since Nippon legalized its use.  Nippon is the first country to legally, officially, recognize cryptocurrencies as money.

The next big move to watch in the cyrptocurrency revolution is Россия (Rossiya aka Russia).  In 2014 Rossiya banned the use of such money, but towards the end of last year the Федеральная налоговая служба, ФНС России (Rossiya Federal Tax Service) reversed the ban, saying bitcoins are not illegal.  Rossiya  Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev even said cryptocurrencies could become legally (officially) recognized by 2018.

What is money? Money is not a real tangible thing, it’s whatever a government accepts as money based on a value system.  In ancient times the first money systems used shells then grain crops and even salt as ‘money’.  Then came coins minted by the first empires, and thousands of years later paper money and something called credit. For a long time governments (which includes religions) tied the value of their money to the value of a precious metal like gold, but between 1971-73 U.S. President Richard Nixon changed that.  Nixon and his cohorts United Kingdom (British empire) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (also connected to the British empire) conspired to create a new money system tied to petroleum oil called the PetroDollar system. 

Destroy U.S. Dollar: China, India, Japan switch to Bitcoins


Martial Law U.S.A.: Government tracking your credit card purchases! Is there a government connection to increasing credit card scams!

08 June 2013 (22:29 UTC-07 Tango 07 June 2013)/29 Rajab 1434/18 Khordad 1391/01 Wu-Wu (5th month) 4711

“…[It’s] like giving someone the keys to your expensive car, letting them drive it around the block in a potentially dangerous neighborhood and saying please don’t get carjacked!”-Kumar McMillan, Mozilla developer on using credit cards on the internet

The Wall Street Journal reporting that it’s not just Verizon turning over phone records, but AT&T and Sprint Nextel.   The WSJ also reporting that the government seizure of your phone and internet data includes your credit card purchases.

A Democrat tried to downplay the whole thing, but inadvertently revealed this has been going on for a long time: “Everyone should just calm down and understand this isn’t anything that is brand new.”-Harry Reid, U.S. Senator from Nevada

The WSJ says credit card companies are refusing to comment.

The revelation that credit card transactions are being tracked causes me to question why there have been so many credit card scams, that are not stopped until after hundreds of millions of dollars are stolen.

Here are the most recent cases of massive credit card fraud, just from the past week:

The Too Big to Jail banks (like Bank of America, JP Morgan) have been ‘robo-signing’ credit card collections.  In other words just like some mortgage foreclosures made against people who had actually paid off their home loans, some credit card holders with good credit had their accounts falsely frozen or canceled (like me).

Another case involves the alternative money system, Bitcoin.  Apparently a credit card scam has managed to run $200 million USD through Bitcoin.  So far 11 people have been arrested.

In Ohio, it took two years to bust a credit card fraud ring.  At least 19 people have been arrested.  Eight suspects on the loose. The investigation involved a federal agency, known as the U. S. Marshals of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitives Task Force.  An investigator said massive credit card fraud is going on now, and involves big construction companies: This is happening all over, it’s everywhere. Think about just about every retailer it has been occurring at. Primarily at the construction, home-improvement businesses because some of this was being funneled back into construction trades.”-Jim Gross, Perrysburg Township police

In Alabama, two men have been arrested for making $1 million per year by ripping off credit cards.  Other people were involved.  Investigators say the ringleaders ripped off credit cards by attaching ‘skimmers’ to card machines in stores.

In San Fransisco, California, a bail bonds company discovered people using fraudulent credit card info to post bail for people recently arrested.

If the federales have been tracking credit card transactions, in the name of law enforcement, then why have the numbers of credit card fraud been going up?