All possibilities explored, still don’t know where radiation leak is coming from

Japanese Cabinet Secretary, Edano Yukio, says they have “…explored all possibilities…” regarding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.  So far officials are at a loss as to where the radiation leak is coming from.

At this point they can’t tell if the leaking radiation is coming from spent fuel pools, or reactor cores.  This is […] Continue Reading…

World’s Biggest Anime event cancelled due to Japan disaster

Thousands of anime (Japanese animation) fans hoping to hit one of the world’s biggest anime conventions will have to wait another year.  The event in Tokyo, Japan, was canceled after the 9.0 quake/tsunami.  The event center is now being used to house survivors of the disaster.

Convention officials are now working to refund money to […] Continue Reading…

Tokyo Electric admits they are not sure how to “proceed” at this time

In response to a reporter’s question, of how they are going to proceed with reactor 3 (with possible core damage), the TEPCo official said they do not know at this time.

This might be another reason why voluntary evacuation has been announced.

Tokyo Electric speculates that reactor core is leaking

TEPCo officials speculate that the contaminated water in the basement of reactor 3, might have come from the reactor core.

It might have been caused by high pressure inside the reactor core.  It could have been caused by valves, or the core was “compromised”.

Pregnant & Breast feeding woman do NOT drink contaminated water

Reporters doing “man on the street” reactions about the radioactive water warnings for infants in Japan, got hit with a common question from mothers, “If I’m breast feeding should I stop drinking the water?”

In an NHK interview a medical expert said that pregnant and breast feeding woman should not drink the contaminated water, even […] Continue Reading…

Tokyo Electric joins with Government calling for evacuation preparations

TEPCo officials are echoing the Japanese government’s calls for people to prepare to evacuate.  TEPCo officials now say there is no short term chance that they can stop the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant from emitting radiation.

Also, some media are reporting that work on reactor’s 1 & 2 has been stopped because of highly contaminated […] Continue Reading…

Reactor 3 severe damage, people need to voluntarily evacuate

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, that were rushed to the hospital after being exposed to 10,000 times the normal radiation levels, might have been exposed due to previously unknown damage in reactor 3.

The workers were in the basement of reactor 3’s turbine building, trying to reconnect electricity.  The basement was flooded with […] Continue Reading…

Japanese companies say main reason for shutdown is damage to buildings

A survey of Japanese businesses that shut down, or reduced production, because of the 9.0 quake/tsunami, shows that at least half blame it on damage to their buildings.

The next biggest reason is destroyed infrastructure: Lack of electricity, destroyed roads/rails.

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