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“…..we are mismanaging money.”: U.S. Government Shenanigans, April 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for April 2017:

California: At Vandenberg Air Force Base, tax-sucking United Launch Alliance-Space X (Lockheed & Boeing) issued a layoff WARN, 48 jobs gone by June.  Tax-sucking Aerojet Rocketdyne shutting down ops in Sacramento, 1-thousand-1-hundred jobs lost to consolidation operations initiated in 2015!

Connecticut: The state employees’ union warning of mass layoffs due to the new state budget, which also shifts responsibility for teacher retirement pay to cities and towns.

Florida: L-3 Crestview Aerospace laid off 130 people!  The builder of aircraft interiors has been losing taxpayer funded military contracts since 2007.

Illinois:  In Hinsdale, wine seller Village Cellar shutting down when the inventory is gone because the local government nabobs refused a new expanded booze license.

Minnesota:  In Duluth, the Lake Superior Bottle Shop shutting down in May due to the property being sold for a partially taxpayer funded re-development project.

New Jersey: Privately run prison operator Community Education Centers (aka CEC, note how they try to make it sound like their prisons are schools) laid off 166 people at Delaney Hall due to low prisoner volume!  Florida based for-profit prison operator GEO issued a WARN saying 84 people will become unemployed by June.

Pennsylvania: New taxes being blamed for crashing soda sales, causing Coca-Cola to layoff 40 people in Philadelphia.  

City of Hazleton warning of 20 layoffs in May due to disputes between the Mayor and the City Council, local news media implied the ‘elected’ officials were using jobs as a political football.

Virginia: Mall developer Core Property Capital is demanding taxpayers pay-up to fund the redevelopment of the vacant Christiansburg Kmart property!  They want Montgomery County to declare a special property tax district to raise taxes to pay for the redevelopment of privately owned commercial property!   In Lynchburg, after four years Hill City House Grill suddenly shutdown due to government plans to use the property as part of a new connector road to Route 501.  Public transportation contractor Hampton Roads Transit suddenly laid off 33 people due to an unexplained shortage of money: “There’s no evidence that we are mismanaging money. The region needs to figure out how the transit system is to be funded.”-Tom Holden

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans March 2017:  “it just economically didn’t make sense”



Exceptional Failed State: British empire controls United States, and Idaho, through evil Christian G4S? South Africa accuses Christian G4S of torturing prisoners!

09 November 2013 (19:20 UTC-07 Tango 08 November 2013)/05 Muharram 1434/18 Aban 1391/07 Gui-Hai (10th month) 4711

“We stripped them naked and you throw water so the electricity can work nicely….you want them to be afraid of you.”-‘Mpho’, former G4S prison guard interviewed by BBC

Ever hear of G4S?  They claim to be the “leading security company” in the United States, but the private prison concentration camp/private police state operator G4S is based out of the British empire’s United Kingdom.

G4S started out in the 1980s when four British private security companies merged.  Then they merged with a security company in Denmark, becoming Group 4 Falck in 2000.  In 2004 the name changed to G4S.   They took over the U.S. private prison concentration camp operator GEO (which used to be known as Wackenhut).

Their U.S. operation is also known as G4S Secure Solutions USA.

G4S has offices all over the U.S., including Boise, Idaho (aka Idaho Security Services).  Interestingly, GEO still operates as GEO even though they are now part of the G4S family.

GEO/G4S were planning to offer a bid to take over the operations of the evil Idaho Gladiator School (Idaho Correctional Center).  The latest news reports say GEO/G4S suddenly backed out, and even the current concentration camp operator, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), is jumping ship.  MTC is apparently the new operator of the Idaho Gladiator School.

Idaho has been hit with lawsuits concerning mistreatment of prisoners, including claims of outright torture at the Gladiator School.  Don’t think the accusation of torture is far fetched.  South Africa (a member of the British empire, aka The Commonwealth) recently kicked out G4S, directly accusing G4S of torturing prisoners!  Not only that, but G4S mistreated 300 of their South African prison guards as well!

BBC interviewed one of the prison guards turned whistleblower, who said it is G4S (and possibly all private prison companies’) policy to torture prisoners who complain about mistreatment. The BBC report also says prisoners were forced to take drugs, similar kinds of drugs that the perpetrators of recent mass shootings in the U.S. were on.  Watch the disturbing BBC report here, it includes video shot by prison guards.

GEO (owned by G4S) runs concentration camps in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington state.

CCA runs concentration camps in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho (soon to go to MTC), Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington DC.

Utah based Mormon/Christian MTC (Management & Training Corporation, by the way the LDS church also uses the acronym MTC for their Missionary Training Center) runs prions ops in Arizona, California, Idaho, Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio and Texas.   Read Mormons behind privately run concentration camp in Mississippi 

According to New Jersey media reports, Catholic Christian governor Chris Christie (a closet Anglophile giving British companies tax breaks even though they destroy jobs in his state) is directly involved in CEC (Community Education Centers, aka Education and Health Centers of America). Don’t let the company’s name fool you, they are totally a prison operation.  The New York Times investigated the company and discovered rampant drug dealing inside CEC’s New Jersey prison ops.  CEC operates in Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming.  CEC also conducts prison ops in the U.K. territory of Bermuda.

G4S (remember, it is a British empire corporation) runs police state operations in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Washington DC, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Note that is almost all of the United States, and G4S is being paid with your tax money! Isn’t this proof enough that the British empire has regained control of the U.S.?

Most of the executives of GEO, CCA, CEC, MTC and G4S consider themselves to be Christians.  In the United Kingdom, where G4S originates, Christianity is the official government religion controlled directly by the queen (she’s called the Supreme Governor).

G4S has also been hired by Christian universities, in Illinois, to provide campus security.

G4S has also been hired to provide security for U.S. nuclear plants!

G4S is behind “real-time event monitoring and situational management, and ever-expanding business intelligence” within the U.S.

“At G4S, we have a single focus: to provide expert investigation solutions and corporate governance services to our clients in the insurance, commercial and government sectors.”

G4S dominates U.S. electronic security and communications through AMAG and OneFacility (aka 1F): “When we say we offer a total solution, we are saying that we are capable of handling every facet of every project from fruition through maintenance, including design, engineering, project management, technology, and service.”-Sam Belbina, Executive Vice President, G4S Technology

“Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security……..That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional.”-Barack Obama, 10 September 2013

Wake up people, where are the Patriots! The British are here, the British are here!

Government Evil: Racist NAZI Zionist Israel to build World’s largest prison, intended to hold Black people!

“We all wish we didn’t have to build such a facility. But we’re in a certain situation due to certain circumstances, and we need a facility to address these needs.”-unnamed Israeli Defense official

According to an article in The Independent, Israel is about to build the World’s largest “detention center”, designed to hold 8,000 Black African “migrants”!

[it was time]…to stop this growing influx that threatens Israelis’ jobs and changes the character of the state.”-Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Most of the migrants are actually fleeing the wars in Sudan and Eritrea.  Israel has a policy of not returning refugees fleeing wars, so now they’ve decided to put them all in prison!

“People fleeing for their lives… will not stop coming because they face three years in detention.”-Reut Michaeli, Hotline for Migrant Workers

I wounder how many U.S. tax dollars are going to be used to build this World’s largest immigrant detention center?



United Police States of America: New Mexico prison keeps man in solitary for 22 months, man was never convicted of a crime! Same prison has history of Staph infections. Story updated!

Dona Ana County officials have some ‘splaining to do, after they kept a mentally ill man in solitary for 22 months, even though he was never convicted of a crime! The same prison, in New Mexico, also has a history of untreatable Staph infections, and it houses child prisoners as well as adults.

On January 24, 2012, a jury in a federal court decided the county owed the man $1 million for every month he was held in prison, for a total of $22 million.

County officials tried to defend their actions, in court, by saying the mentally ill man had a criminal history, and that he was a danger to society.  However, that violates our constitutional rights regarding a fair trial.  Just because you have a criminal history, and you might be a danger to society, doesn’t mean you can be held without trial (unless you’re considered a terrorist under the new law sign by Obama).

After 22 months, the man finally got his trial, and it was a New Mexico District Court Judge, Douglas Driggers, that determined that while he was mentally “incompetent”, he was “not dangerous”!  Judge Driggers threw out all charges and freed the illegally held man.  Apparently Dona Ana County law enforcement, and prison officials, took it upon themselves to act as judge and jury when they locked up the mentally ill man.

County officials also tried to claim, in court, that the man never asked to be released from solitary.  However, evidence presented in the federal trial showed that the prison psychologist kept the man sedated with powerful drugs!  Other evidence showed the prison psychologist is not certified to administer drugs!

County officials still have not given an official explanation as to why they locked him up without ever going to trial, but they say they will appeal the federal court’s decision.

The Dona Ana County prison, which also houses child prisoners, has a history of recurring untreatable Staph infections, called MRSA.  It’s not just that county prison, but all New Mexico prisons, as admitted by an epidemiologist for the New Mexico Department of Health.   Doctor Mack Sewell said state health officials see MRSA infections in prisons “several times a year.”

07 March 2013 update: Dona Ana County appealed the $22 million dollar judgement against them. The county now claims the man was arrested for intoxicated driving, and driving a stolen car.  They could not prove their claim, but the judgement against them was reduced to $15 million.  The victim now lives outside New Mexico and is dying of lung cancer.

Occupy Corporate Prisons, United Police States of Corporate America! Protestors shut down Wells Fargo, because of direct links to corporate prisons, Idaho politicians in the pockets of corporate prisons

On December 2, protestors in Washington DC temporarily shut down the Wells Fargo office.  The reason is that Wells Fargo is a major player in financing corporate prisons.

The OWS protesters say banks like Wells Fargo are profiting from the contracted management of state ‘correctional’ institutes, such as GEO Group managing the Rivers Correctional Institution in North Carolina.

Wells Fargo also supports Corrections Corporation of America, which runs a prison in Idaho known as Gladiator School.

Wells Fargo is also the biggest bank in Idaho.  Reports say Wells Fargo owns 4 million shares in Geo Group, the second largest U.S. private prison corporation, and 50,000 shares in the number one private prison operator, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

Also of interest, Idaho politicians, most of them republicans, receive donations from CCA (supported by Wells Fargo).

Here’s a long list:

Eric Anderson (R): $250.00 in 2008

Steven R. Bair (R): $750.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Clifford R. “Cliff” Bayer (R):  $1,550 combined 2006 & 2008

Scott Bedke (R):  $500.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Maxine T. Bell (R):  $1,050 combined 2006 & 2008

Carlos Bilbao (R): $250.00 in 2008

Dianne Bilyeu (D): $250.00 in 2008

Max C. Black (R): $250.00 in 2008

Darrel Bolz (R):  $1,300 combined 2006 & 2008

Bert Brackett (R): $250.00 in 2008

Joyce M. Broadsword (R): $1,050 in 2008

Mike Burkett (D):  $500.00 in 2006

Dean L. Cameron (R): $750.00 in 2008

Marge Chadderdon (R): $250.00 in 2008

James W. Clark (R): $500.00 in 2008

Denton Darrington (R):  $800.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Bart M. Davis (R): $550.00 in 2006

W.W. “Bill” Deal (R):  $750.00 in 2006

Lawerence E. Denney (R): $750.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Julie Ellsworth (R): $250.00 in 2008

George E. Eskridge (R): $500.00 in 2008

Debbie Field (R): $250.00 in 2006

Russell M. Fulcher (R): $1,300 combined 2006 & 2008

Robert L. Geddes (R): $250.00 in 2006

John W. Goedde (R): $500.00 in 2008

Jim Guthrie (R): $500.00 in 2006

Jim Hammond (R): $500.00 in 2008

Phil Hart (R): $250.00 in 2008

R.J. “Dick” Harwood (R): $1,300 combined 2006 & 2008

Margaret Henbest (D): $300.00 in 2006

Frank N. Henderson (R): $750.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Brent Hill (R):  $300.00 in 2006

Mike Jorenson (R): $750.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Kate Kelly (D): $250.00 in 2008

Dirk Kempthorne (R):   $2,500 in 2006

Shawn A. Keough (R):  $1,500 combined 2006 & 2008

Richard D. Kirkham (R): $500.00 in 2006

Steven A. Kren (R): $500.00 in 2008

Raul R. Labrador (R): $250.00 in 2006

Dennis M. Lake (R): $250.00 in 2008

Brad Little (R): $750.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Patti Anne Lodge (R): $1,500 combined 2006 & 2008

Janice McGeachin (R): $500.00 in 2008

John McGee (R): $1,300 combined 2006 & 2008

Shirley McKague (R): $250.00 in 2008

Mike Moyle (R): $1,000 combined 2006 & 2008

Pete Nielsen (R): $300.00 in 2006

C.L. “Butch” Otter (R): $10,000 in 2006

Monty J. Pearce (R): $550.00 in 2006

Ken A. Roberts (R): $250.00 in 2008

John Rusche (R): $250.00 in 2008

Mack G. Shirley (R): $250.00 in 2008

Kathy Skippen (R): $800.00 in 2006

Elaine Smith (D): $250.00 in 2008

Dean E. Sorensen (R): $250.00 in 2008

Joe Stegner (R): $500.00 combined 2006 & 2008

Gerry Sweet (R):  $1,000 in 2006

Richard Wills (R): $250.00 in 2008

Chuck Winder (R): $250.00 in 2008

Fred Wood (R): $500.00 in 2008

Joan E. Wood (R): $250.00 in 2008

Becky Young (R): $250.00 in 2008

Not one Idaho third party candidate took money from CCA!


United Police Kingdom: Privatization plans, disgused as austerity measures, backfires. Prison Guards threaten to join protestors, after government cuts pension plan, and prisons fill with record number of people

Thousands of British prison officers say they might join the planned nationwide strikes on November 30.

The Prison Officers Association has 35,000 members, and at least 15,000 will go on strike.  That’s enough to shut down the operations of British prisons.  To make matters worse, the number of people now in British prisons hit a record 87,945 last week.  The prisons are nearly maxed out.

The U.K. government wants to cut retirement plans, and that seems to be the straw that is breaking the prison guards’ back: “We are hoping that we can come to a settlement on pensions, but if we can’t, then we will support the November 30 day of action.”-Steve Gillan, Prison Officers Association

United Police States of America: More proof that Uncle Sam is THE terrorist Mastermind; FBI behind most “terrorist” plots, it’s another way to round up poor black men for slave labor prisons

“The target, the motive, the ideology and the plot were all led by the FBI.”-Karen Greenberg, FBI tactics specialist, Fordham University

More and more evidence is coming forth, showing that for the past 10 years most “foiled terrorist plots” actually were masterminded by the FBI!  It’s a case of taking entrapment to a whole new level.

“Most of these suspect terrorists had no access to weapons unless the government provided them. I would say that showed they were not the biggest threat to the U.S.”-Mike German, American Civil Liberties Union and former FBI counter terrorism agent

Most of those arrested and convicted of recent terrorist plots were illegal drug users and/or sellers, or illegal immigrants.  Most of them say what happened was they were in dire straights financially and the undercover FBI agents (who’re posing as big time drug dealers) would offer them huge amounts of money to blow something up.  Sometimes they were promised that their debts would be cleared.  Illegal immigrants would be promised legal status.

“Most terrorists have links to foreign terrorist groups and have trained in terrorism training camps. Perhaps FBI resources should be spent finding those guys.”-Mike German, American Civil Liberties Union and former FBI counter terrorism agent

Most recently the FBI tried their drug dealer turned terrorist sting on some Iranians living in Mexico.  The Iranians smelled a rat and tried to get out.  One made it back to Iran, the other was arrested.  The U.S. government tried to present the failed ‘sting’ operation as a sinister plot to assassinate a Saudi Arabian official.  Never mind that it was the FBI who masterminded the sinister assassination plot.

But that’s not the only case the FBI bungled.  For some reason the FBI likes to use former convicted felons as their undercover agents.  In one case the potential ‘terrorists’ became so afraid of the FBI undercover agent that they succeed in getting a court to issue a restraining order against him.  They did not know the guy was an FBI undercover agent, or a former felon.

Bottom line, most of these cases involve poor men, mainly black and mainly Muslim.  There have been cases where they appeal their convictions, yet, even when the judge admits the FBI screwed up, their convictions are upheld.

It sounds to me like this is just another way our Corporate America controlled government is filling up slave labor prisons, especially the for profit Corporate America controlled prisons.  It has nothing to do with terrorists out to get us!




Occupy California! United Police States of America: California cuts $600 million from social programs, but adds $600 million for new prisons! More proof that the United States will become a giant prison planet

“It’s appalling that while the state is poised to cut another $600 million from already suffering essential programs, including In Home Supportive Services, Medi-Cal, child care, and universities and community colleges, they are forcing forward $600 million to build unnecessary jails. In order to make California a place where everyone can thrive, we need to raise revenues and reduce prison spending immediately!”Nancy Berlin, the California Partnership

“Whether we’re talking about revenue or spending, it comes down to priorities. If decision makers in California continue to prioritize imprisonment over education, over healthcare, over the things that make our communities healthy and sustainable, then social and economic crisis will continue to deepen and the forecasts are going to get much more bleak!”-Emily Harris, Californians United for a Responsible Budget

United Police States of America: Idaho bars media from executions, violating Federal rules

“To determine whether lethal injection executions are fairly and humanely administered, or whether they ever can be, citizens must have reliable information about the ‘initial procedures’ which are invasive, possibly painful and may give rise to serious complications.”-9th U.S. Circuit Court,  2002 ruling

On November 18, Idaho will execute a man using lethal injection, for the first time.

Attorney’s have protested saying lethal injection has been proven to be inhumane.

Now, the Idaho Department of Correction is barring all the media, in full violation of the Federal court’s ruling, from witnessing the execution: “The procedures were developed so that we would preserve the dignity of the offender.”-Jeff Ray, Idaho Department of Correction

Can you say: Bull Crap on that?   “Preserve the dignity” of a guy convicted of killing three people in three separate incidents, my ass!  Prison officials don’t give a rat’s ass about prisoners’ dignity, there’s plenty of evidence of that!  More like keep the fact that lethal injection has turned out to be a highly painful way to die (it’s described as similar to people who are undergoing operations, and are fully conscious, and can feel everything yet can’t move or talk, even though the doctors think they’re under the effects of anesthesia).  Some witnesses to lethal injection executions say they could see the convict crying after the injections had taken effect.

Several other groups have been barred as well.  The American Civil Liberties Union is also protesting.  The Associated Press is joining almost all of Idaho’s major media organizations in official protest.  Idaho officials claim the Federal Court ruling applies only to California.

I still say a bullet to the head is the fastest most humane way to execute someone.

United Police States of America: Doing time in California prisons will now cost you $142 per day

“We believe that 25% of the people who go through our jail systems can afford to pay for their jail stay.  If we just grab 25% of those, that would save the county or the city $6.7 million.”-Jeff Stone, County Supervisor

Riverside County, in California, has decided to charge prisoners $142.42 per day. The county says it’s an effort to “save” money, but it looks more like a way for the county to make a profit. When they say they could save $6.7 million, that’s actually how much money they’d take in from prisoners.

The problem is that once they start making big money from charging prisoners, the county government will get addicted to that form of revenue and start making up reasons to put people in prison. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before, and is going on right now with Corporate America operated for profit prisons.

The ACLU is concerned: “Programs like this certainly do raise very serious Constitutional questions.  We’re seeing it increasingly in jurisdictions around the country.”-Will Matthews, American Civil Liberties Union

Attorney’s for the county said there is nothing illegal about charging prisoners for their stay.  But they warned officials that not all prisoners can afford to pay for their keep: “In order to be reimbursed, the court must determine that the defendant has the ability to pay all or a portion of these costs. Many defendants who are incarcerated lack the financial means, after the payments of fines and penalties, to reimburse these costs.”-Pamela Walls, county attorney