Bank of Japan Floods Economy with Cash, U.S. Bonds could Suffer

Bank of Japan officials are issuing millions in cash, into the Japanese economy.  This is due to the earthquake and tsunami destroying a major part of Japan’s infrastructure.

Major Japanese manufacturers have closed, mainly because employees and supplies can not get to the factories.  Farm lands have been destroyed by the tsunami.

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Reactor 3 Explodes New Tsunami Approaches

Russia Today is reporting that massive smoke is pouring from reactor 3 at the Fukushima nuclear plant 1, Monday morning Japan time.  People living on Russian territory near Japan have received warnings from Japan about a second melt down.

Video on YouTube shows the reactor 3 explosion is bigger than the reactor 1 blast.

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Japanese Car Makers Shutting Down, forget economic recovery

Japan’s NHK is reporting that Japanese car maker Toyota is extending its plant closers.  Other auto manufactures are joining Toyota in closing down operation. These include, Honda and Nissan.

It is not damage to their factories that caused them to shut down, it is the near total destruction of Japans infrastructure.  There is no power, […] Continue Reading…

Idaho INL Official statements ominously similar to statements made by Japanese Nuclear Officials

A local East Idaho TV news reporter interviewed an official at the Idaho National Laboratory, regarding the safety of the INL’s nuclear reactor during a seismic event.  INL’s emergency director Riley Chase made almost the same statements that Japanese officials made right before their nuclear disaster.

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Japan Nuclear Disaster Update, it’s Bad Bad Bad

As of 1600 Mountain Time, March 13, here is what Japan’s NHK is reporting on the status of Fukushima nuclear plants.

Plant 1:

Reactor 2 coolant levels low. Pressure and gas build up. Use of external generators failed.

Reactor 3 possible explosion imminent. Pressure and gas build up. Relief valves malfunctioning. Coolant levels dropping. Sea water having […] Continue Reading…

Iodide Not Iodine

Once again the U.S. media has been getting it wrong; saying that people in Japan are being issued “Iodine” pills. No, it’s “Iodide” pills!

Iodine and Iodide are related, but are different. Both can be good for you, and bad for you. It depends on the form, dosage and how they are used.

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