Japan disaster adds to Global Food Supply woes

Not only have the agriculture industry, in north east Honshu, been hit by a natural disaster, they are suffering from the nuclear disaster as well.

Many farm fields were wiped out by the tsunami.  Because sea walls are destroyed, and land has actually sunk, the coastal areas could be under water for a time, especially […] Continue Reading…

JSDF NBC unit monitoring personnel at Fukushima Daiichi

Japanese Self Defense Forces Combat Nuclear Biological Chemical monitoring teams have been monitoring radiation levels to help protect workers fighting the nuclear disaster.

The military NBC units have been using lead suits, that weigh 48 pounds, and special armored cars that are equipped with NBC monitoring gear.  They are trying to make sure workers are […] Continue Reading…

Routine nuclear plant maintenance made things worse when Tsunami hit

Workers evacuated from Fukushima Daiichi immediately after the 9.0 quake/tsunami, say the reactors were already in trouble.

One worker said Reactor 1 suffered a hydrogen explosion the day after the tsunami.  He saw white smoke coming from reactor 1 while the tsunami swept by.  He also said because reactors were undergoing maintenance they were more […] Continue Reading…

NBC Tanks to be used against nulcear plant

Officials dealing with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, said they will use military battle tanks as bulldozers, to clear away debris from around the reactors.

Japan’s military tanks have NBC protection. In the western militaries NBC stands for Nuclear Biological Chemical.  They have filtration and sealing systems to help prevent crews from contamination on the […] Continue Reading…

Another example of being ripped off by Insurance Companies

The 9.0 quake that struck Japan could very easily cost more than $100 billion in damages. Don’t expect that insurance policy to cover it.

Insurance companies might cover as little as $12 billion of losses.

Eqecat, a catastrophe-modeling firm, estimated that the quake may trigger only $12 billion to $25 billion of insured losses.

And […] Continue Reading…

Sushi Bars don’t like the smell of the nuclear fish

Fears of radiation contamination in fish supplies has Sushi restaurants   dropping fresh fish from their menus.

So far, the prevailing winds have been blowing radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, out over the Pacific Ocean, prompting concerns by those who rely on fish from the ocean.

Those concerns are also being expressed by […] Continue Reading…

People still can’t get their money out of Japanese banks

A week after the 9.0 quake, computer system problems continue for Japanese banks.

Mizuho Bank is unable to process salary payments for more than half a million people.

Also, Internet banking and ATMs would be offline over Japan’s upcoming three-day weekend.

On Thursday, Mizuho bank’s nationwide ATM network of more than 5,600 machines went offline until midday, […] Continue Reading…

General Motors continues to get hit by Japan disaster

As a result of the ongoing disaster in Japan, General Motors suspended all nonessential spending and global travel, a GM spokesman announced.

In addition, GM will suspend production in Spain, and cancel two shifts in Germany.

Even a small supplier of products that are fed to a bigger supplier that feeds the automaker’s assembly plants can […] Continue Reading…

Japanese public television better prepared than nuclear plant?

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation in English) has covered hundreds of natural disasters in Japan.   NHK has eight broadcasting centers, 46 local stations, 14 helicopters on permanent standby all over the country, and 460 remote-controlled cameras at ports and other key locations from which it can beam live footage at any moment.  (wow, I […] Continue Reading…

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