No tap water for Babies

Japanese officials have asked people to not give infants tap water.

This is based on government limits on radiation levels that are considered harmful to infants. Radioactive iodine is one of the contaminants found in the water. Radioactive iodine causes thyroid cancer.

The official says the source of the radiation is not clear.  Can you say, […] Continue Reading…

IAEA finds more problems in Fukushima

“We continue to see radiation coming from the site … and the question is where exactly is that coming from?” -James Lyons,  IAEA 

International Atomic Energy Agency said that some reports given to them by TEPCO, are missing data for spent fuel pools.

Also, the amount of radiation coming from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, is […] Continue Reading…

Do not eat the spinach, or anything eles from Fukushima

The Japanese government is telling people not to eat any leafy vegetables, not just spinach, from Fukushima prefecture.  They also say turnips area no go as well.  One leafy vegetable has 150 times the safe limit of radiation.

Also, shipments of parsley and milk from Ibaraki prefecture, have been halted.

The ban on shipment applies to […] Continue Reading…

Tokyo Electric says power outages will continue into summer

TEPCo said that Japan needs to prepare for rolling blackouts well into summer 2011.

The power shortage is a direct result of the nuclear disaster.

TEPCo is warning Japanese industries to make plans for the power shortage, such as reducing production.

Quakes shotgun Japan, rail lines shut down

Several Prefectures reporting aftershocks of 3 to 6 on the Japanese quake scale.

At least 5 prefectures were mentioned, including Fukushima, Miyagi, Ibaraki and Tokai.

People in Fukushima say two quakes hit, and they were sharp upward jolts.  In another prefecture they reported an upward jolt. In yet another prefecture a sideways jolt followed by an […] Continue Reading…

Obama wants NATO to take lead in Libyan War, Turkey is Wild Card

President Obama is trying hard to convince France and the United kingdom to give NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) the command and control role for the war against Libya.

Obama is up against the wall after he insisted to Congress that direct U.S. involvement would be over in days.  It’s been several days.

The British and […] Continue Reading…

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