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“we have too many people”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, August 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in August 2017:

Moody’s Investor Service revealed what I’ve been saying for years; internet retail is highly overrated.  In fact, so called retail giant Amazon is not a giant at all, accounting for only 10% of all U.S. retail sales!  Walmart and Costco are still the retail kings.

Alaska:  The trustee of chapter 11 bankrupt busted Alaska Dispatch News wants to kill it off by declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Arizona:  California based Paypal eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs at its office in Chandler.

California:  Los Angeles Times reporting that Disney-ABC Television Group is prepping for mass layoffs, targeting mainly its west coast operations due to continued declining profits.  Miramax laid off another 20 people, after laying off 20 back in May as part of a plan to make the movie studio more efficient.  Broad Green Pictures laid off 15 people and cancelled most of its current movie projects.   Video game maker Glu Mobile suddenly laid off 46 people, shutdown its Long Beach operations and canceled its game Car Town Racing.  Mountain View based Intel warned of yet more mass layoffs saying “we have too many people”.  In 2016, Intel laid off 15-thousand people! Chemring Energetic Devices issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Torrance, 52 jobs gone by November.   San Francisco based Uber eliminating as many as 5-hundred vehicle leasing jobs, due to losing an average of $9-thousand USD on every car leased! BOO!!! In San Jose, data storage company Brocade Communications Systems eliminating 96 jobs by Halloween.  In Van Nuys, print tech company MSE Technologies eliminating 155 jobs by Halloween!  In Roseville, Tesla and SolarCity issued layoff WARNs, 204 jobs gone by Halloween!  Computer company Oracle America issued a layoff WARN, 1-thousand-18 jobs in San Diego and Santa Clara gone by Halloween!

Connecticut: California based ebay issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in East Granby, 197 jobs gone by Xmas!  In Norwalk, after only two years of operations video game ‘summer camp’ center Game Haven begging locals for financial support, the owner says he’ll have to shutdown if he can’t raise at least $100-thousand USD.

Illinois:  Comcast eliminating 211 jobs at its call center in Oak Brook, in time for Halloween!  Chicago based Groupon made more job cuts, this time 130 people got the axe!  Back in April Groupon killed at least 1-hundred jobs!  Too Big to Jail Capital One eliminating 4-hundred call center jobs, blaming it on customers who don’t call-in!

Kansas:  Siemens Wind Energy (aka Gamesa Renewable Energy) eliminating 140 jobs due to lack of sales!

Kentucky:  Lexington based Lexmark eliminating 7-hundred jobs globally, by the end of 2018!

Maryland:  In Baltimore, OrderUp! laid off 70 HQ employees due to being taken over by GrubHub/Groupon.

Michigan: Lithium Ion battery maker XALT Energy eliminating 37 jobs due to crashing orders from a Chinese electric bus maker.

Missouri: Frontier Communications shutting a call center, 141 jobs in Welden Spring gone by Halloween!

New Jersey:  Internet based meal service company Blue Apron issued a shutdown WARN for its Jersey City ops, 1-thousand-270 people jobless by October!

New Mexico:  California based Info-Tech company PCM suddenly laid off 50 people in Rio Rancho.  Local news media pointed out that PCM is still advertising that it’s hiring.

New York: NYC based ‘millennial-news site’ Mic.com laid off 25 people in an attempt “to make Mic the leader in visual journalism”.

North Carolina: State taxpayers screwed as industrial hi-tech battery maker Alevo now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and dead, saying “This decision was driven by the formidable challenges of bringing a new technology into commercial production and lacking the financial wherewithal to continue on through repeated manufacturing delays.”  It must be noted the company got $163-thousand taxpayer dollars for the express purpose of training up new employees.  

Ohio:  In Dayton, Krush Technologies suddenly laid off 40 people, apparently because the new Krush Digital doesn’t need as many employees.

Oregon: In Hillsboro, SureID made an additional 79 job cuts.  According to local news media SureID has killed 376 jobs since May!   Portland based online bank Simple suddenly laid off 33 people  as part of a plan to “refocus” the company.

Tennessee:  Newspaper company Gannett shutting down its Nashville design studio, 88 jobs lost to outsourcing.

Texas: Southlake based hotel/airline reservation tech company Sabre eliminating more than 9-hundred jobs due to a 2nd quarter loss of $6.5-million USD loss!

Vermont:  Cox Automotive-Dealer.com suddenly laid off 45 people in order to “position the company for greater long-term growth, stability and profitability”, which will see a total of 950 jobs across the U.S. eliminated!  

Virginia:  Telvista issued a layoff WARN for its Danville call center, 222 jobs gone due to “an unexpected reduction in one of our customer’s business needs”!

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, July 2017: “EVERYONE IS SHELL-SHOCKED!” 61% CRASH IN PROFITS!





Government & Corporate Criminals and Investor Incompetence: JRJ Group connected to Marex connected to MF Global connected to Lehman Brothers connected to Enron. The investment shell game scam goes on & on, and your government won’t do anything to stop it. So why do you keep investing your hard earned money!?! How to finance the New World Order

There’s a new investment firm in town, it’s called Marex Spectron, and they already have 250 accounts, all formerly MF Global accounts!

That’s because at least 12 brokers who used to work for MF Global helped form the new London based investment firm Marex Spectron.  The company was formed rather recently; May 2011, just five months before the demise of MF Global.

Marex is controlled by a company called JRJ Group.  JRJ Group holds 74% of Marex shares, and employs many former officials of Lehman Brothers.  Not only does JRJ Group employ former Lehman Brothers’ officials, it was actually founded by two Lehman Brothers executives: Jeremy Isaacs and Roger Nagioff!!!

Several Reuters articles say MF Global was using the same accounting methods as Lehman Brothers and Enron (and don’t forget that Japanese media are reporting that Olympus officials basically did the same thing there, which also resulted in billions of dollars being conveniently ‘lost’).

A December 5 Bloomberg article says the new Marex Spectron couldn’t wait to get their hands on former MF Global employees, and their accounts: “This is a very high quality staff we have competed with and locked horns with. The opportunity in the financial futures world to increase our footprint in London and New York has been significant.”-Gavin Prentice, Marex Spectron

Some questions: If MF Global was such a failure, and ‘lost’ more than a billion dollars of investor money, how can the executives of the newly created Marex Spectron think these guys are such “high quality”?  Also, in a round a bout way the Bloomberg article points out that Marex Spectron has gone from a start up company to the “largest privately owned broker” in the world in just a matter of months!  How does that happen?

Recently former CEO of MF Global, Jon Corzine, testified that he didn’t know where the money went.  Now realize that in the months before MF Global’s demise a dozen of MF Global’s brokers jumped ship to the newly created Marex Spectron, taking at least 250 MF Global accounts with them! I have a suspicion where some of that money went.

Should we blame Jon Corzine? He was CEO of MF Global for only a year and a half.  He’s also been heralded as the smartest guy on Wall Street: “…first of all, he’s the smartest guy that I know in terms of the economy and on finance, I really mean this.”Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States

If he’s so smart why did Corzine ignore MF Global’s Chief Risk Officer, Michael Roseman, who repeatedly warned of the companies impending doom?

People in Washington DC think Corzine is so great that he’s being considered to run the Department of the Treasury: “There was speculation in the financial press at the time that Corzine might be a candidate to replace Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury.”MSNBC

President Barack Obama even said Corzine is “our Wall Street guy“!

Oh, don’t think because Obama wants Corzine to run the U.S. Treasury that the Democrats are stupid.  Back in 2000, Republican President George Bush Jr was considering Kenneth Lay, of Enron, for Treasury Secretary!  Isn’t that interesting, two men considered the ‘smartest guys in the room’ being considered for U.S. Treasury Secretary, right before their companies collapse!

Who is Jon Stevens Corzine? He’s a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, former Governor of New Jersey, and a former U.S. Senator. Regarding Goldman Sachs, Corzine worked his way up until he became a co-CEO.  Who was the other co-CEO? John Paulson (Paulson Gave to Both Parties).  So, you don’t think that what’s going on in our government or economy isn’t connected? Corzine is the major contributor to Obama’s re-election campaign, and Paulson is the major contributor to Mitt Romeny’s election campaign!  Just more proof that our Democrat and Republican leaders are just opposite sides of the same coin!

Here’s something more sinister: Corzine has attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group! (Officially no one is a ‘member’ of the Bilderberg Group, they’re just ‘invited’ to attend closed meetings)

The Bilderberg Group is part of several groups, including Club of Rome and Trilateral Commission, which fall under the direction of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  The goal is to create, as the Russians recently said, “…a polycentric world…”

The Bilderberg Group has an official website.  They actually published a list of names of attendees from their latest meeting.  Here’s some interesting who’s who of attendees from the United States: Keith Alexander, Commander USCYBERCOM; National Security Agency.  Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com.  Chris Hughes, Facebook. Henry Kissinger (as expected). David Rockefeller (as expected). Craig Mundie,  Microsoft Corporation. Peter Orszag, Citigroup. Charlie Rose, PBS interviewer. Robert Rubin, Council on Foreign Relations (umbrella organization over Bilderberg, Club of Rome and Trilateral Commission); and former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Eric Schmidt, Google Inc.  James Steinberg, current U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.

These are just a few of the attendees, from the United States, of the 2011 Bilderberg meeting.  There are more, you can see for yourself.  Another interesting thing is that the 2011 meeting was the first meeting to include an official from China, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ying Fu. In the past, attendees came from only Europe and North America.

By the way, regarding the Council on Foreign Relations, you can see a graphic showing the interconnectedness of the CFR to U.S. individuals and corporations here.

Somewhere I remember reading an article that said one of the impediments to the implementation of a “polycentric world” order, was financing.  Could all these big U.S. (and Japanese) corporate failures, that involve billions of dollars that go ‘missing’ have something to do with ‘financing’ the New World Order?

Global Economic War: Start calling it Amazon China

“The Chinese e-commerce market will have a lot of winners, and Amazon China will be one of them.”-Wang Hanhua, president of Amazon China

In 2004 U.S. based Amazon entered the Chinese market, by taking over Joyo.com, a Chinese online book store.  They now have a new name: Amazon China.

The new name is a result of explosive growth thanks to the domestic Chinese economy.  Amazon China just opened the largest operations center outside of the United States, in Kunshan, Jiangsu province.  According to Chinese media it covers 120,000 square meters (1,291,669 square feet)!

“We are fully aware of the potential of this business, but we need to be prepared in logistics, packing center and operation systems.”-Wang Hanhua, president of Amazon China

Amazon China accounts for one third of all of Amazon’s global sales!

Wang Hanhua says one of the secrets to Amazon’s success in China is continued investment into marketing innovations: “Amazon China’s strategy is to invest continuously and focus on the long term market; that’s the reason why Amazon didn’t question its investment into China when it didn’t produce high returns.”

Now why can’t more Corporate America companies do that here in the United States?

What Economic Recovery? Netflix says 2012 will be so bad they will not make any profits. Looking to investors to float them. Blame competition & inflation

Netflix announced on November 21, that they do not expect to make a profit in 2012.  The on demand movie service went from having $366 million in cash, to almost nothing predicted for 2012.

Netflix officials blame it on several things; a huge subscriber loss, increased competition and a huge jump in licensing fees (inflation).

Like most of Corporate America, Netflix thought it could trick its customers into paying more for less. It backfired, company officials now estimate they will lose one million subscribers as a result.

Netflix says it’s seeing a jump in competition, not just from Hulu and Redbox, but from Amazon and Google.

Now comes the licensing fees.  In 2010 Netflix paid $180 million, now that’s jumped to $2 billion for 2012!!!  Company officials say they can not pay the fee upfront and will have to spread payments out over several years.

Under text book economic rules Netflix should pass on the increased licensing fees to its customers, but they already tried that and lost a huge amount of customers.  Netflix will try to ride out 2012 by issuing a crap load of stocks and bonds.  They hope they can get investors to buy at least $400 million worth of stocks and bonds, even though they admit they’re not going to make any profit for 2012.