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“tough challenges that we can no longer ignore”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, January 2018

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in January 2018:

Maybe the new Whore of Babylon is the Digital Bitch?:

California:  Who said sex sells? A little more than a year after being sold to a Florida based company, Chatsworth based adult magazine Penthouse now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, for the third time in its 52 year history.  World of Tanks maker Wargaming America issued a shutdown shutdown WARN for its Emeryville location, 117 jobs gone by the end of March!  San Francisco based women’s lifestyle online-zine Brit + Co suddenly eliminated 14 jobs, despite a 50% increase in revenues.  Wi-fi startup Eero suddenly laid off 30 people in order to “focus on our core business.”  San Jose based ebay reported a massive loss of $2.6-billion USD (not counting losses caused by the new U.S. tax laws), and that’s just for its 4th quarter of 2017!  Ebay also announced it will ditch paypal and offshore payments processing to a company based in Netherlands. Santa Clara based security-tech company Gigamon issued a layoff WARN, 74 people in Santa Clara jobless in March. Xerox eliminating 47 jobs in Cerritos, in March.  San Mateo based GoPro suddenly laid off 140 people due to major problems with its Karma drone, that’s according to the official WARN, but news media reports say it could end up being as many as 3-hundred!  Act-On Software issued a shutdown WARN for its Roseville location, 96 jobs gone in March.  E-commerce packaging service Smurfit Kappa North America suddenly eliminated 155 jobs in City of Industry!  It was revealed that British empire Canada based Creation Technologies suddenly shutdown ops in Milpitas, 177 jobs killed before Xmas 2017!   Mellanox Technologies Silicon Photonics issued a shutdown WARN for its Monterey Park ops, 98 jobs gone in March.  Iconic video game maker Activision suddenly laid off 194 people in Ventura!  David William Bell, the owner of UST Development-US Telecom, sentenced to nine years in federal prison after being convicted of $1-million USD in fraud schemes involving tricking third party payroll companies to issue paychecks to his employees using their money, plus sending out fake billing statements to ignorant ‘anies are not making customers’ who actually paid them!  VMware eliminating 169 jobs at its Palo Alto HQ!   Mountain View based non-profit Mozilla suddenly laid off more than 12 people in Republic of China (Taiwan) blaming “emerging markets across Asia”.   The Bay Area News Group warning of “significant” layoffs if employees don’t voluntarily quit (buyouts) in the next few months, and yes you can read their newspapers online.   Los Angeles based internet comedy site Funny or Die obviously isn’t funny because it’s dying. An undisclosed number of employees were suddenly laid off, reports say Funny or Die has been laying off employees since 2016.  CEO Mike Farah admitted most online companies are not making money, saying “Like a lot of other digital media companies, we’re facing tough challenges that we can no longer ignore, and so we must adapt.”

Connecticut: Norwalk based Xerox is in merger talks with Nippon’s (Japan) Fujifilm, which could result in 10-thousand jobs being killed globally!

Illinois:  Restaurant owners now joining customers in accusing Arlington Heights based restaurant.com of fraud.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave the website an F grade.  In Chicago, predictive analytics startup Uptake suddenly laid off 51 people, despite raising approximately $260-million USD in funding.

Indiana: Nippon (Japan) based Sony DADC issued a shutdown WARN for its Terre Haute factory, 375 people jobless due to outsourcing to France based Technicolor Home Entertainment Services!

Iowa: Convergys shutting down its call center in Sergeant Bluff, 178 jobs gone in April!  Germany based Siemens issued a shutdown WARN for its 11 years old Gamesa Renewable Energy factory in Fort madison, 202 jobs gone by the end of March!

Kansas: Police body camera maker Digital Ally suddenly laid off 63 people due to a sudden 31% crash in revenue.

Kentucky:  In Louisville, online retailer of on-demand customized products CafePress laid off 12 people due to a sudden 32% crash in revenues.

Minnesota: Energy-tech company SheerWind now chapter 7 bankrupt dead with zero assets and $3.7-million USD in debts.  In Wadena, after 18 years Cyber Cafe shutdown.  It was revealed that only subsidies (funding) from the local community, and government, kept it in operation, sales alone are not enough to cover operating cost. The owner also revealed competition from ever advancing social media technology played a major role in killing them off.

New York: Florida based JPay supposedly giving prisoners of Department of Corrections and Community Supervision electronic tablets at no cost to taxpayers.  JPay is so desperate for sales they think prisoners who don’t have much, if any, money will make online purchases through their JPay system (prisoners aren’t normally allowed access to the internet).  Hearst Magazines issued shutdown WARN for its Rodale Payroll, between 55 and 2-hundred jobs affected due to the sale/relocation of the business!  Info-Tech solutions company ASM Research issued a shutdown WARN for its Batavia location, 36 jobs gone due to the loss of a taxpayer funded VA contract.

North Carolina: Singapore based Flex (formerly known as Flextronics) eliminating 138 jobs at its Morrisville electronics factory, in May!

North Dakota: After 50 years FM News shutdown, ignorantly blaming low sales of magazines and newspapers on internet competition.

Ohio: California based Rambus issued a shutdown WARN for its Brecksville light factory, 52 jobs gone as Rambus gets the hell outta the lighting business.

Oregon: Convergys issued a shutdown WARN for its Wilsonville call center, 208 jobs gone by the end of March!

Pennsylvania: France based Technicolor Home Entertainment Services issued a shutdown WARN for its CD factory in Olyphant, 160 jobs gone starting in March!   California based Autodesk vacating its Bakery Square 2.0 office, 40 jobs lost as the space is being subleased.   Hearst Magazines issued shutdown WARNs for its Rodale Payroll/Photo Studio/Test Kitchen/Iron Run Distribution Center, 145 jobs gone in March!   Convergys issued a shutdown WARN for its Coraopolis location, 52 jobs gone in March.  It was revealed that Philadelphia based Comcast secretly eliminated more than 5-hundred sales jobs two weeks before Xmas 2017!   Best Buy shutting down its Pittsburgh Mills store, 23 jobs gone in March.  New York based, but British empire Canada owned, department store Lord & Taylor suddenly killed 202 e-commerce fulfillment jobs in Wilkes Barre, due to e-commerce ops being moved elsewhere!

Texas: DISH Network suddenly laid off 90 people at its refurbishing factory in El Paso.  Austin based advertising agency GSD&M suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of people, saying “we are changing our operating rhythm and aligning to a new method”.

Virginia: Telvista shutting down its call center in Danville, 3-hundred jobs gone in March!  Local news media reported that some employees had just been hired.

Washington DC:  The Current Newspapers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted as part of a master plan to expand online services.

West Virginia: Gazette-Mail now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and laying off at least 50 people.

Wisconsin: New York based e-commerce company F+W Media eliminating 41 jobs in Iola, via outsourcing.

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, December 2017:“IN THE INTERESTS OF SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY”

“we have too many people”: U.S. Hi-Tech/Communications breakdown, August 2017

More proof you brick-n-mortar store owners can’t directly blame the internet/high-tech competition for your demise. Incomplete list of U.S. internet/high-tech/communications job destruction announcements in August 2017:

Moody’s Investor Service revealed what I’ve been saying for years; internet retail is highly overrated.  In fact, so called retail giant Amazon is not a giant at all, accounting for only 10% of all U.S. retail sales!  Walmart and Costco are still the retail kings.

Alaska:  The trustee of chapter 11 bankrupt busted Alaska Dispatch News wants to kill it off by declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Arizona:  California based Paypal eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs at its office in Chandler.

California:  Los Angeles Times reporting that Disney-ABC Television Group is prepping for mass layoffs, targeting mainly its west coast operations due to continued declining profits.  Miramax laid off another 20 people, after laying off 20 back in May as part of a plan to make the movie studio more efficient.  Broad Green Pictures laid off 15 people and cancelled most of its current movie projects.   Video game maker Glu Mobile suddenly laid off 46 people, shutdown its Long Beach operations and canceled its game Car Town Racing.  Mountain View based Intel warned of yet more mass layoffs saying “we have too many people”.  In 2016, Intel laid off 15-thousand people! Chemring Energetic Devices issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Torrance, 52 jobs gone by November.   San Francisco based Uber eliminating as many as 5-hundred vehicle leasing jobs, due to losing an average of $9-thousand USD on every car leased! BOO!!! In San Jose, data storage company Brocade Communications Systems eliminating 96 jobs by Halloween.  In Van Nuys, print tech company MSE Technologies eliminating 155 jobs by Halloween!  In Roseville, Tesla and SolarCity issued layoff WARNs, 204 jobs gone by Halloween!  Computer company Oracle America issued a layoff WARN, 1-thousand-18 jobs in San Diego and Santa Clara gone by Halloween!

Connecticut: California based ebay issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in East Granby, 197 jobs gone by Xmas!  In Norwalk, after only two years of operations video game ‘summer camp’ center Game Haven begging locals for financial support, the owner says he’ll have to shutdown if he can’t raise at least $100-thousand USD.

Illinois:  Comcast eliminating 211 jobs at its call center in Oak Brook, in time for Halloween!  Chicago based Groupon made more job cuts, this time 130 people got the axe!  Back in April Groupon killed at least 1-hundred jobs!  Too Big to Jail Capital One eliminating 4-hundred call center jobs, blaming it on customers who don’t call-in!

Kansas:  Siemens Wind Energy (aka Gamesa Renewable Energy) eliminating 140 jobs due to lack of sales!

Kentucky:  Lexington based Lexmark eliminating 7-hundred jobs globally, by the end of 2018!

Maryland:  In Baltimore, OrderUp! laid off 70 HQ employees due to being taken over by GrubHub/Groupon.

Michigan: Lithium Ion battery maker XALT Energy eliminating 37 jobs due to crashing orders from a Chinese electric bus maker.

Missouri: Frontier Communications shutting a call center, 141 jobs in Welden Spring gone by Halloween!

New Jersey:  Internet based meal service company Blue Apron issued a shutdown WARN for its Jersey City ops, 1-thousand-270 people jobless by October!

New Mexico:  California based Info-Tech company PCM suddenly laid off 50 people in Rio Rancho.  Local news media pointed out that PCM is still advertising that it’s hiring.

New York: NYC based ‘millennial-news site’ Mic.com laid off 25 people in an attempt “to make Mic the leader in visual journalism”.

North Carolina: State taxpayers screwed as industrial hi-tech battery maker Alevo now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and dead, saying “This decision was driven by the formidable challenges of bringing a new technology into commercial production and lacking the financial wherewithal to continue on through repeated manufacturing delays.”  It must be noted the company got $163-thousand taxpayer dollars for the express purpose of training up new employees.  

Ohio:  In Dayton, Krush Technologies suddenly laid off 40 people, apparently because the new Krush Digital doesn’t need as many employees.

Oregon: In Hillsboro, SureID made an additional 79 job cuts.  According to local news media SureID has killed 376 jobs since May!   Portland based online bank Simple suddenly laid off 33 people  as part of a plan to “refocus” the company.

Tennessee:  Newspaper company Gannett shutting down its Nashville design studio, 88 jobs lost to outsourcing.

Texas: Southlake based hotel/airline reservation tech company Sabre eliminating more than 9-hundred jobs due to a 2nd quarter loss of $6.5-million USD loss!

Vermont:  Cox Automotive-Dealer.com suddenly laid off 45 people in order to “position the company for greater long-term growth, stability and profitability”, which will see a total of 950 jobs across the U.S. eliminated!  

Virginia:  Telvista issued a layoff WARN for its Danville call center, 222 jobs gone due to “an unexpected reduction in one of our customer’s business needs”!

U.S. Tech/Communications breakdown, July 2017: “EVERYONE IS SHELL-SHOCKED!” 61% CRASH IN PROFITS!