World War 3, West Asian Front: U.S. rebels try to shoot down Russian airliner over Syria!

29 April 2013 (13:19 UTC-07 Tango)/18 Jumada t-Tania 1434/09 Ordibehest 1391/20 Bing-Chen (3rd month) 4711

The Russian Foreign Ministry says a Russian Nordwind Airlines airliner was fired at with two missiles, as it flew over Syria.

The Syrian government reported to Russian officials that U.S. backed al-Qaeda insurgents launched two ground to air missiles at the airliner.  The crew of the airliner confirmed they noticed battle action on the ground“.  There were 159 people on the plane.

The plane was enrout from Egypt to Russia’s republic of Tatarstan.  The aircrew performed evasive maneuvers and the missiles exploded near the aircraft.