H7N9 update: 124 cases! Another human to human case?

29 April 2013 (00:33 UTC-07 Tango)/18 Jumada t-Tania 1434/09 Ordibehest 1391/20 Bing-Chen (3rd month) 4711

A 38 years old man tested positive for the ‘bird’ flu in Zhejiang Province.

In Shandong Province, a four years old boy is hospitalized with H7N9.  He is the son of the first person to become infected in the province.  At this point, local health officials are reluctant to call it a human to human case.  This is the second time someone who is connected to an infected person got sick.  The first one is in Beijing, a four years old boy in quarantine because he is considered a carrier.  A seven years old girl, who lives in the same neighborhood as the boy, got sick, but she has recovered.

An 80 years old man and a 31 years old woman tested positive in Jiangxi Province.

In Fujian Province, a man suspected of being the province’s second case, has tested positive. He is in critical condition.

In Henan Province, a 38 years old man became the third person to be considered recovered, in that province.  He is a live poultry seller.

So far 23 people across China have died from H7N9, since the end of March.